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The Plaindealer
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Job Printing ... . I
Hf AL-.. BILL UFA 03 ;
No better field thaa Southern Or.
faa: ao better medium through ahich
to Advertise.
Executed mi kort awtlcc at arkca
coaabtcat with .Md work. ' ;
Vol. XXX.
Mrst Reunion Being Held at Las
Came to Oregon 54 Years Ago A
Veteran of the Early Indian
Lis, N. M., June 24. The first
annual reaoioa of the Kongh Riders'
Regimental Association opened here to
day. Colonel Roosevelt arrived here at
1 :0.this afternoon, and was greeted as
lie stepped off tbe platform of the rear
car, with tremendous cheering from
oOiX) people me?eJ aronnd the depot.
Tbe noted New Yorker was clad in bis
rough riJrr uniform, and was easily rec
ognized by tbe crowd.
He was almort lifted .boiily from his
leet by tbe press of person anxious to
grasp his hand, acd as be and bis party
made their way e!oIy to the Castanoda
hotel, the crouds surged after him. He
looked in excellent bealtb, and seemed
to appreciate the beany enthusiasm of
the people who greeted him. As he
walked down tbe depo: sidewalk, a line
of toogh rider veterans saluted and
joined 10 the general ovation. Tbe re
union aill continue two or three days'
and a tine program will be carried oat
each day.
Cokselrs, Or., June 24. Colonel
Thomas IL Cornelius died of organic
beart trouble at 9&) tonight. His con
dition had been critical for many
montbr. and his death was not unexpect
ed. Tbe luneral will take place at 10
o'clock Monday morning.
wuuci tuuuin ak. vsorneuus was a
pioneer of IS 15. He was born in How
am county, Missouri, November 13,
1837, snd came with bis parents to Ore
gon when 13 years old. Colonel Cornel
ius was the oldest of 10 children. He
lived with his father on a donation claim
lour miles north of Cornelius for three
years. Then be took up a donation land
claim adjoining his father'e, and was its
owner for over 30 years.
When tbe news of tbe massacre of Dr.
Whitman and others became known.
Colonel Cornelius enlieted as a private
in a company then organized, and fur
nished bis own horse and equipments.
He was in five bittles with the Indians,
who were well armed and numerous.
He was promoted to first sergeant.
Finally the Indians were compelled to
come to terms. Soon after his return
the discovery of sold in California took
him to that state.
A lew yeare afterwards he returned to
Oregon and engaged in the later Indian
wars, and in 1SC1, raised a regiment vol
onteer cavalry wbicb, during the rebel
lion was assigned to service on this
coast. Deceased was also prominent in
early Oregon politics. A wife and many
relatives survive him.
Thirty Steamers Filled With 10,000
People Win Greet the Oregon
Few people realiza the magnitude of
the programme now being prepared for
tbe entertainment ot tbe volunteers. A
few of tbe general outlines diecasaed at. a
meeting of the executive committee in
the Hotel Portland parlors Friday gave a
faint glimmer of tbe dazzling display
that is being arranged for that occasion.
Tbe excursion feature alone is on an
immense scale larger than ever before
attempted. There will be at least 30
steamers in line and an army of from
7000 to 10,000 people. These will escort
the 'raneports to Portland. Probably a
guard will tben surround the transports
and only immediate relatives will he ad
mitted. Afterwards the soldiers, escorted by
the populace, will march to Park school,
where a fins programme will be ren
dered. There will also be a ehort par
ade, in which orders and societies of tbe
cit and stale and tbe entire National
Guard of tbe state will participate.
Tben, accompanied by tbe National
Guard, tbe soldiers will be escorted to
the boats again and taken to Vancouver.
On tbe second day tbe women ol the
city will give the boys a banquet. It is
thought best to give it on tbe secoud day,
as there will be so many features during
the first day of arrival. Besides, tbe
boys will have had time to shake tbe
dust of travel from themselves snd be in
better spirits to enjoy the bantpet. The
women intend to get op (he feast entirely
at their own expense.
It has not been decided yet whether to
bold the parade as the boys march from
tbe boats on tbe first day or a'tar tbe
concert to be given in Park schoal
grounds. Whichever the time, it mill be
a memorable event for all concerned.
Captain W. H. Patterson, the star
river pilot, has been notified by the
quartermaster at Vancouver to bs in
readiness to take tbe transport carrying
the Second Oregon from Astoria to Port
land upan its arrival at the former place.
The transport will remain in San Fran
cisco only long enough to put on shore a
number of sick snd disabled soldiers be
longing to other regiments, when it wil
proceed to Astoria.
The plans for holding a National
Guard encampment at Salem have been
abandoned for tbe present, owing to tbe
return of the volunteers, Tbe Guard of
the state unanimously desires to be on
hand to welcome their comrades in
n i n r n r i .
nlULKd "--..-......
Medfurd has a new bank with J. II.!
Mewart as president. j
Gold receipts from Klondike for the !
year thus far are fSOO.OOO.
Santa Fe railroad will be built to the j
Oram! Canyon of the Colorado. '
AiDany will donate a site and sets a
-jO,000 sawmill, employ in? 500 men.
Eugene city council Las passed an 01-
d.naocs re.,niriUt: ladies to remove their
uats at alt licensed shows or entertain -
The troopship
-tieruiHii, iich sailed
from .San Francisco May 24th. with ISO)
men and Drigadi r-iieueral Fred.raar,
has arrived at Manila.
me corner-stone of Mount
monastery was laid N'eduesdav b
bishop Christie. The buildiog
-,000,0o). Telegram.
The great laodeide at Tillamook icn
tinues to move toward the sea, the
ground has been throwu up in eciue
places as high as 20 feet.
Hot waves are the order of the day in
the East, and most ot tbe people can't get
into any coal waves tj relieve them
selves. It is different here, in both par
ticulars. Abraham Gjuld, brother of Jay
Gould, who for many years was purchas
ing agent for ttis Missouri Pacific and
Iron Mountain lailroide, died at Salem,
N. Y., Us: FriJay.
The Niuthem iregou district fair will
be held at Central Point this year. The
business men of Jacluon county have
raised a guarantee of $500 to cover any
deficiency in expenses or purses.
James V. Stewart, a veteran of the
Mexican and civil wars, died suddenly in
a barber's chair, while teing shaved, in
Medford, last Friday, death teing due to
heart failure. Te deceased was 74
years of a,
wv.tuicuL nun iw. ai LUCM
lurougn tne elUrle ot tbe omen Ke
publicau Patriotic League t. erect a
lonntain to thn memory of the
county boys wh jdieJin tlie service of
their country.
The war department has received a
telegram signed by United States .Sena
tors George C. Perkins and Stephen M.
White, offerinn for immediate service in
tbe Philippines a fall regiment of infan
try from Southern California.
The farmers around the village of I.e
Grand, near Stockton Cal., having failed
to obtain an extension of the Sunset Tel
ephone line, proposes to have a line of
their own. They will utilue the barled
wire fence in the vicinity for this pur
We are reliably informed that a tele
phone line will bs e'.arteJ to liihemia
within the next thirty days. The Com
pany of responsible parties have organ
ized and the funds have been subscribed
to insure its euccees. Cottage jrove
The Foesil, Wheeler county Journal
says: The rr-port comes from Salmon
Fork that five men sheared iXW sheep
one day laet week, which is an average
of 120 sheep for one man." Shearing
machines are not needed where men
can do that kind of work.
Tbe reports of tbe wheat eitua.iou at
borne and abroad justify the recent ad
vance in that cereal. Tney also indicate
that tbe American farmer will find a
good demand for bis crop, while the
American consumer is not likely to have
to pay exorbitant prices for his food.
It is reported upon good authority that
the Grizzly group of mines, owned by
KlophenBtien, Johnson & Co., has been
purchased by London capital. Tbe
price paid is private but it is understood
that a good price was obtained. This is
said to be one of tbe richest groups in
the Bohemia camps. Bohemia Xuyget.
The S. P. company are rebuilding the
"Brimstone" trestle at Leland, which
was destroyed by fire recently, instead of
grading around it as whs at first intend
ed. The work is beinz Duebed with all
speed, and it is estimated that it will be
completed in about six or eight days.
Another bridge in the same vicinity is
called "Hades" trestle.
A general committee of five was ap
pointed by Mayor Eaetbam to make ar
rangements for a monster reception to
the Oregon volunteers opon their arrival
at Vancouver for muster out. Tbe com
mittee will confer with tbe Portland
committee baving the Portland reception
la charge and endeavor to securo their
co operation for a joint demonstration.
Coleman Bros, have purchased a lot
from Mis. M. E. Emery upon which
tbey will build tbeir combined cannery
and evaporator, on Factorv street.
bandy to the Gilroy spor of the P.
railroad company. They wi 1 j ut up a
building 03x130, and propose to equip
their cannery for a capacity of 2000 cans
per day and their evaporator for band-
ling 1G.003 lbs. of green fruit per day.
The cost of tbd building will be about
$1500. Ashland Tidings. Koeeburg is
greatly in need of just such an institu
tion. Last Wednesday's train from tbe bay
brought Sheriff Gags and tbe Marshfield
city marshal, Carter, baving m charge
Tom Drew and Ed White, the parties
arrested a few days before the former
at Albany and the latter at Portland as
having robbed Lorenz's store in this ci'y
last fall. Thursday afternoon a prelimi
nary bearing was held in tbe circuit
court room, presided over by Justice J.
U. Cecil, the prosecution conducted by
Deputy Circuit Attorney W. Sinclair and
the defense by Attorney T. 8. Minot.
Several witnesses were sxamirjtJ. in
cluding Mr. Lorenz and members of his
family, who identified nuggels, chains,
peculiar coins, etc., among the articles
recovered from the arrested parties.
Late in the evening the trial was ad
journed till Friday morning, (o await the
arrival of other witnesses. The case
tben proceeded till4:30 p. m., when tbe
court announced White's discharge and
ordered Drew to be held for circuit court,
fixing the bond at $2000. Coouille Her
Pilars Brass Band Captured by
the Americans.
. .
Press of the Country Urges the Presi
dent to Send a Cirent Army to
' giveu point.
j "a l lie null Ih-l I1.1J Ueu rcclud,
Manila, Juuc -3. The'l liavuiMrs. A. N. Martin blood as Ciiuaioia.
learned that the Auiericau vclur.tvcra are j Light email childreu, appropriately
returning to the I'nited States and Fili- i diets I. dro,p.-d iliwcrs ou the old soU
pino neaspapers show that t'jiy con-j diera as tl.ey l awed uuder tl.e aich.
truo this to mean that the Auieruats I There wan a great etraiuble aiuou iLe
are abandoiiiug tte war and arc encour-j "ol 1" to net lli'hs email tokens,
aged thereby. ; At the c : ut'iouse thoe was ban-l ujUmc,
The outposts cl the Washington rei- a eoio Sny.ler, mi 1 au ad
ment yesterday captured General Pio del i dr,PS l.v enator U. F. .Iuii , of I'o'k
Pilar 's brass Oaod of 32 pieces, the mem- j CMUi.ty. I: ia ettiaiaUd I:. at j-JJO p.-oyle
bcra of which somehow became eiarat-1 from al prta of tLe etote I lie
ed from the rebel army, and came i.cur eiu u.- u;.
tue aojcncan lines witlaout liavmg
the n:eiUt of reeietauce. oiue '
Chiuamn of Manila have tiled a claim j
against the instruments, wuich, it .)':
pears, were leaded by the Uiiiir:an of
General P.o del Pilar. -
Fourcf the woundeJ of the Fo.i"!.
fantry in the rcc-nt ti!.t Willi tlm rel..-!e
have died in hospital.
Wamiisi.ton, June 22. Au laij.romiou
is getting abroad in the couulry that t!ie
people hive uot receiveJ all tbe facta re
girding the situation iu the Philippine.
! It is believe 1 that .he censor is tcrutinii-
' ins lTeA il.siiftii.i v.rv f-i'n:!.' it.. I
II...I ,i .1 .I.Sj,
j the exact conditions to the deprt;i.eui
: 1.14 l av Tl.lf Im....i uv.. f.k
. .,v...
ih !,;,.
t - - -
The riajvjn for this belief uiy se sciu
iu what the public no know-, that, al
though ei:ciai Otis gave out plowing
picta-es of success and the ear. r l rck
up cf the rebel iun, the icfiurtuts fete
reailv in a stronger position thin iwj
months ago. ft is piobable that wb.-u
the voiuotee-s return aud ere ai linger
1 ubject to the crder of ctlictis euj-erior to
themseives some of the real tacts cot-,
nectel with the Philippines will be
brought out
lue political ergniticance if I reudeut
McKicli' trip into Massachusetts at
this time is sjiJ :o Ii i' ,L;a 1 . nrar.
1 ..w..
come the oppeitiou that has been devel- j
opiog to his policy in the Philippinef.
t - v 1 . . . .
1 ruuauiy iu un oilier tiaie ir etcticu te 1
there as much real opposition to the ex-
panaion iJca as in Massachusetts. It is
expecteJ tLat Um president' vhit will
I... . it . t l- r t
hav the euect of making irieuds for the
administration and da oJ work to
wards brcakiri; don ttje o(J)h'm;ilq to
the reientiou ol the Puiii ;:ma.
WLile Ihe presideLt ii away the press
of the c-juairy U growing very uuani
moss iu expressing the hope that he will
return with the determination of sending
a sufficient army to crush the rebellion
and uphold the national honor of the
I'nited Slates in the Pacific.
agunauw m vsixo ins akkv. 4Browuof Albany j'jnior vie prsiJcnt;
Manila, June 23. 11:25 A. M. AguiJ Mr8' E' 1 Cll0l-,u,:n uf Eugene tress
naldo does cot seem to be satisfied with!0''1 Mre' A'Jie "f"'1" of Sonny side
theatteuintotths insurant i r.i.L. ! chiplain ; Mr-. H .rtmc 2 lim'cy vf AI-
San Fernando, and he has tiken cjru
manl of eQe:alsLuna's army and has
massed the largest rebel force yt mobi
lized, bringing 2000 men from the Anti
polo region. He is exeeediy trouble
soxe. Last night bis men wounded two
members of the Seventeenth reKiment.
(ieneral MacArthur's men are con
stantly on the alert to repel any attacks
by the rebels, sleeping upon tbeir arms.
The general tincerely hopes that tbe
Filipinos will give biru another chance
for a battle, for the foldiers really enj?y
an opportunity to tuht them when they
can do so without wading through
swamps to catch them.
Railway trains helweeu Manila and
San Fernando have been stopped for
several days, while permanent repairs
were being made to the bridges along the
route, but today traffic was reeumed.
Tbe transport Centennial, which has
arrived here had an exciting experience
while rounding Point Engano, 00 the
northern cjwt of Lnzm, on her way to
this port. .She struck a rock Wednesday
and remained fart for several hour, dur
ing which time sl.e was eurrouodel by
swarms of natives iu canoes, who be
came menacing. Captain Eigle, who
commanded the transport, was com
pelled to throw overboard 100 tons of
supplies in order to lighten tbe ship suf
ficiently to get her afloat. Before this
was effected the Filipinos had towed the
cases aithore, and were fighting over the
The croiser Baltimore recently ground
ed at the same point, but tbo native?
feared fo approach her.
flilk. Butter and Eggs.
Wahuingtox, Juue 21. Commissary-
ieneral A. L. Weston today issued an
order directing that upon tbe return of
the volunteer troops from the Philip
pines, either at San Francisco or at
Portland, there shall be issued to them
the following, in addition to the regular
rations :
With each 100 rations, 12'2 gallons of
milk, 10 pounds of butter and 10 dozen
eggs. These additions are of a aind
that could not be obtained tf on board
ship, and will no doubt bo appreciated
by the men.
Wm. Abernothy and K. A. EaBlon,
of tbo Dora community, were down to
tbe county seat last Saturday. Tbey
came to Coiuille from Myrtle Point,
having disposed of some wool aud mo
hair there at good figures. They got 15 cfs
a pound for their wool, aud 25 cents
lor mohair. This latter netted them an
average of $1 per fleece. Coquille City
M. V.
Gates Llected Department Com.
Me.MivMii.u., tire., Juno 2J, IS'J'J. 'ilmrniay was the main day of
ll.c ran J Army elate c ucnmpmenl. At
'J u'c'iH k a TL'trtsioi! was formed. It
at compo-ed uf the baud, four women
oil horseltack, livo canities coulaiuiog
j tlio uili -erj 'f th ti. A. It., Woman's
! Relief Cur. .a, It list of thu G. A. K , In-
ili 111 War Vtu tuiii, Manila Guards, ca-1
I del?, iib:i- c!.uoi chlldrcu and the Mc
j Muiuviile lire lejurimeut. It was a
1 :ojt :-i in, lakii' 2J minutes to pies a
Tl. , ,(,,, ;,. ,
The I'" i ii. olliora werec
t l.e eiu in' g year :
II. V. 'ialesif Hii.t-ojru toa. LaLd.r
vvj jl'. Hums ! .Ml- ln.Dvi. e ren'.or
it .'i l itii.uvii.r reuiorj
I Ort'cM Cltr J JIiiwrlj
' '' 'is Pnt-r
.. : .. 1
j V1 -'""'""ii'ler.
Ki v. ('. li. Ciir.e i'.r laud cl. a;. ;hi.
lr. i;
II. IWml.hsH
t Salem uedical
1 dire. tor.
Next year's
e'lCt'iipaieri'. wi 1 l.c he'd
! at l. rau ic
The Woaiau'i) lieiief
Com ele te. 'lie
i f niiiia ir.t r ft'irf -
Mr. II. V.liattscf II I' dejait
:i;eLt 1 rei lett.
Mr J'jh.t iault of M.-M;!iuviiie sen
ior vicc-preMdetit.
Mr-. l.'iark, I j n ior vice-prcsi-i!eu:.
Floury of Furi-rt lirove treat-
Vrs. P .!e Uln.
Tii ca njiiir.' i' i.- ! i
in. C.ifta'n J. A :a iea
TLe Man i jar J
a:i 1 : ii ti hovi
dels vve a io:i;j eli.uv d t.i -t
! Ti.e National l.tdies c: t:ie i.
7 o'cl'xk.
A. U. are
j forging t a ihe from from the Atlantic to
j the Pc".:i -. Mrs. Agn s Wioslow, ol
n . . ...1. . i t
. VIMU.J, , u.uvudi 1 . t : 1 t . , au-j jura.
i-iora Luiey, cl I'a.uth, n itioia! coun
sel.. r. whocaruetu the coaet tcrgeiae
cirLleP. have '.ltvJfJ in nfi-Atiirinff
j eight circles iu t t.-e.oo.
Ti er or,;aniird a departmeul ul this
place j!eiJy, and recjived a ttplica-
tiou from an Kv'.ern Oreitou ou for a
cbai er. The McMinnv'.lle circle etaits
Witii 2J charter ic.Tilr.. l-s name is
Puil IieriJau vi'de. Tua ireideat is
Mr. JtGLie Galleiiliue, aiid the Nfi-re-tarj
M.saliii.h ei'tere.
Tlie oflira of Iho drpirtmeut of Ore
gon who were elected and inetjlled are:
Mrs. Axj Livingston" of Lugne presi
dtot; Mr.'. Elizabeth Wanda of alm
seuir vice-presiJeut ; Mrs. Jer.nie
Laty eccretary ; Mi. Lu:e M. Wnodin
of Portland nalijcul prcm ccrrrf pjLleut
Mrs. Woolin ws elected ddrgale to the
national cuveu'.ion a'. Philadelphia,
September 1. 1 :.
The repvrt cl the departm-nt adjutant
shows oJ poets in the dopa-trnv-i. t with
a membership ol 1 S27 isgnt stalling
on l'ecembei 3!, lv.'-i. The amount ex
pended for relief during the year by
pceta was 12513 21, and by the Woman's
Relief Corps $1205.'.'2. Tho p r capita
tax for JSj'j was CxeJ at JO cents against
W cents in lS'.'S.
II. V. Gates, of Ililleboro, the new de
partment commander of the G. A. R. of
Oregon, was born in Liwcll, Mass., in
1SH. At an eaily sge ho studied
civil engineering, and wai in I In mil way
service 20 year-. He eeived three years
with tho Sixth Iowa cavalry in tho civil
nar. He came to Oregon in ISsl.aud
for several years residod at Hillsboro,
where he is largely interested in electric
light aud water plants. Commander
(iates was a mtml vr of the l ouee in the
legislature of L5.
Skagway Bank Failure.
News is uiven of the failure of the
First B.tnk of Skaguay. The baiik,
which opened in December, 1 S'.'T, is in
tbe hands of a receiver with liabilities
fixed at $ 10,000 and a;seetg, such as they
are, at $18,000.
Tho Skaguay Alatkau says: "The
hank was trgan'x:d in lS'.IT us a etock
company with a capital stock of $25,000
of which nut uioro than $2,500 was ever
paid in. Among the incorporators are
C. S. Moody, who was president und
manacer of the back; Charles Pmllen,
George Bullen, Thomas Aldrich, Nor
man S. Smith, George T. Williams, of
Victoria, Thomas Ward, Fred Le Pen
noticr and three others from Portland,
Ore. The bank was incorporated uu
der the laws of Oregon which, makes
every one ol the etockholJers responsi
ble for the liabilities of the concern.
Tbe bank has been losing credit
for nearly a year past binco the bauk was
accused of harboring the sack contain
ing $3,000 woitb ofgo!d duet stolen
by members of tho Soapy Smith gang
from a miner last July, and which led
to Smith's dculb. While the charge was
denied aud never proven, the loportof
it affected tho credit of Ihe bank aud
reached tbe Seattle bankers, and from
thence forward refimtd all further credit.
The Skaguay bank was affected by it,
and the advent of the Canadian Bank o
Commerce at once changed the bueiuees
'ron tho American fo the Canadian
'MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1899.
New btore !
ftv v
Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Nought and Sold
Low Prices!
ami Druggist Sundries.
Complete Line of Goods at
Reasonable Priee.
TaaaasaattsfMaaa sat si an n.- -m
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his is the
to Buy
il- . . - ,MC
Speaking of High Grade Wheels!
W hilo we Lave Imperials at acd $50 our $& whel is just aa
liici! (irade as oar $30 oue. the difference being simply ia tbo finish
The above uiantione! wheels ito just as high gradaas any wheel
in the market and NONE is superior ia niaterisl or mechanism.
The ol Jest wheels now ia use in the city'are Imperials. C 1
wheels have been ia conslsat nso since l&2
T. K.
SHE 1 Fill!
1 hi:i: nici.ivKKv.
Any Job Work done at
t Reasonable Rates,.
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Stationery, Cigars,
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class grocery.
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your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
We carry the largest stock of to
baccos in Southern Oregon.
& CO., Grocers, j
One LKwr South ul I. O.
Undertaker1 end Embalmer. t
A Complete Jine of
now on han'1.
Ladies Dress Uoodn, HibboD", Trim
uiiniff, Laces, Etc., Etc.,
Also a fine line of
of lie Lest quality and latent biyle.
Staple and TaLcy
Wood, Willow, stiil Glassware.
Crockery, Corda, Lie., also oa
band arid at pricea fo bait the
Aa op-to-date hue of
Southern Pstciilc Co.
JUinn m Itmwt r4 ailr-
' ir. m. Lt. - ParUaad Ar. 1 -
7i r. . 1 L. - Roacbora - Lv. 10 M r. m
T I'll. 1Ar. Ma Fntriw Lf I :mr.m
. V.. 1
ii. r. M.
i tr A. V. 1
li I'. M. i
-i'lA. M. I
l.P. V
t 1: P. M. :
OT"5n Ar.
Ixratrr Ii.
Omaha Ar.
Cbk-sfa Lr.
I Alif'.-Mr
tl l"ao Ar.
I W P. M.
i P. M
A. M
t V. M
J P. M
i : P. W.
. A M.
) f. II
Ar. Fott on Ar.
;.V A, At. 1 Ar. Sew Orlcasi A 1
EH n In at caira Obaci-aUon Car a. Crt: -'. anl tosr'l cart a:ta th4
lo all lraila.
HMtkiri IaUt Davilr.
I X A M. I
Poruaxv d Ar. 1 I A r.
Rwrirw - L. i 1 30 a. a i
'JO a. m.
3M T.M
1J r.
II Ma. .
At Albaar acd CorralLia connerl wilh traia.
I Cort ai A Lulcra railra d.
Ind piadt-Dt ! nyrr L-tUj (.-xcrt on.t)
Ar. : a- a. a.
r. a. I Ar.
- McMiari Lr. j i.t a. a
w r. Ij-
I wryTfirvr Lt. 4-V . a
Maaacer. u. I. A Paaa. A( t.
cwno.'iion a: n Ftai I-. a US
!ratbip iuw- l--t H'L. Jipan, China, tin
rnuiitajw aa-A au.ira. a-
rr TarooxL licke-taaa! rUr ca:l "a rr ai
lrv l B. HoVEE Aciot or V. C. LOSIKS.
'StxaK LlM at Ibc VtarM"
Favorite TrauscvoliiifbLal Koolc
leten the Nerthaot ami alt
t'oints iAtt.
Choice of Two Koines
Through the Kauionp
Rocky Mountain Scenery
And Foar Kootes Fast
of Tueblo acd IVnver.
All I'asseuKcrs granted a day s'op-over
ia tbe Mormon Capital or aovaherere
taeen OiJen and IVnver. rersonally
cond acted Tourist Eicarsions three days
a area to
Omaha, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Chicago
and the East.
For Tu-Vets snd aoy lohrmaiioo Ke
gardiog Kales, Routes, etc.. or (cr 1V
t-riptive Adverttsinjt Matter, call on
A gent si J Oregon Railway & Navigation
Co.. Oregou 5?hort or Southern
Pacific Companiee.
S. K. HOOi'L U.
General Pass A 1'u.kel Aiient,
Deover, Col
General A tent,
251 Wash. St. rottiand Or
Roseburx P. O. Hours.
Week days. t:50 a. m. to S p. m.
days and holidays, j ;o0 to 9 :00 i
and 5 :30 to 7 :30 p. m.
srxoa Koi'Tss.
Koeehurir, to MarahfielJ Departs ev
ery day at 0 a. m.; arrives every morn'
Kosehnrg to Myrtle Point. IV parts
every day at t) a. m ; arrives every
Roeeburif to MillwooJ Departs every
day except bondays at i a. m.; arrives
every day except Sundays at 4:45 p. ni
RosehorK to Peel Departs IJaily, (ex
cept Sunday) at 7 a.m.; arrives daily,
(swept Suoday at 3 p. ni.
Rosbur( to Lorley Departs Tues
days and Fridays at 1 p. m.;arriyes
TuesvU) s and Fridays at 11 :U0 a. tu.
City Treasurer's Notice
Notice is hcrchy given to all persons
holdi-H Rosehurit city warrants indorsed
prior to July 15, l&M, to present
the same at the city treasurer's o35os in
the city hall for payment, as interest aill
cessn thereon alter the date ot this
Dated at Rosermrx, Or., this 30 th day
ol March , 1 S). G so. 0. rpy ,
City Treasnier,
j arara or tiUoi.
)i.W. XcHrUto
' iiMrp'n KiaMa
; otiKrrttaxfn
J -tt-rmrjr ol male
j ,-'r 1 rvaj.iir.-r
I tnpi. Hub. Inaunctlaa.
Tho. H Tf u
lH. A. MitnAj
T. T
V. 1. 1urU.r
C . Don
J. H. Arkrraaa
. H.Lr
AlUirO'ry iitoiml
D a. X. Blaeibora
t.A. Koor.
eurreuje J'ile
t. olTc-ji.a
'a. a. Bcaai
acoD icniuaa itmxim.
twt 1, w. Hami'tna
rnwulti Auornry m o. M. Urvmm
p. uxi. urtHi, a.jaaca.
Benrr Bcb
' 1. T. BrfcHCCT
". iitkii acacair.
Ui. rv.
.Taa. Uiaaa
bociLaa cocrrv.
A. W. KcH
,. W. Vnaentt
1 Jw. w. ltana
U. W. una
1 F CtilCT
a l tuaacaa
rtwlt .
abenff..... .. .
0. w. inaaaicS
iWMUf .. .
two;j 1 wlir. ,
H. b. Oillette
Juv I71M
im. Bmum
In. r V. Hio-t
Taea. Mrtta
Con uuwodki.
s-erp laapetnr
raciT rncaa.
-II. Vt HiIt
.1. r. ti-h
. C Hafauna
ciTt or auaaat aa.
A. Eratf
Ut War-J
tiMl War I..
Jr. Warl
P Biwwa
a. l.l-i
1 a. rie-t.
(W.J. laadrT
ip.w. Wool-ry
( H. C Sl'iraa
F. w. fniLarl
41b WarL.
Rcr vr-lrr
irv ' ot . it auTij-,.
TV- f '..zBt ja ouanl of lb clt- at Kmcta-r
o ! tm j ia rL- moat a at S
cjt ar aaanosa.
The Circuit Court tor Doot;!- Couty
tt m jrr follows: Taa Sd
uj in jtAxrn. ia Jlooaar 11
LM Moo-la La Proata. J. '
avcaeooTw Ota. vw,o
coant-Ktnn aria the lat WeiaeaT afl-r
! L ktoa-aj of Jaary. Marrh, Mj. Inly,
-To-r aJ ' ores ocr, Jo. Ltoaa. mi
Vmn. joitr: X. Ii. llorain of aoatiabir
an Iu. a. ma. of OUC'a. rnaiia at-axi a
pRitete loon ia ia mm coaaaaooaiT. Jo
Ljot. isdxe.
acetf "Icwtijaffa.
noeEBcaa urviaos no r. . or u ,
-v Bca crerj troood and fcamk tiaiij
j tyOMEX a EF COaPS 5a M. Mini
. j t asd :irl rndara ia aara aiaaia.
; T3EX0 PO:T, NO. 3, (i. A MEXTB TBI
iv Aim a-d jd ISorfdaua at cacA awata.
A LP HA LODGE, so. 7, t OF P, MET
tmrr Aabtaiir k!h .1 rA
o-t Ka .iura-i ia
(aod aiaaiHaa; eav
a-wj isTiied 10 1
mee-u-ca tAe d mad Ua WaaaaadaTs ia
?acb E30B1.
N . T. JcvarrT, o'ecy.
v ta tni aad 12urd ThantaT af aaefe
MAI I E RAaT. see r.
o trti aad Uiiid Tacaar af rwcfe awaib
;a tc aid Ma-ooic aaL
IX. X. c
I1-.H..DJJEX OF THE ORU. Oat laaxa
" v l:-- -t .1 tb Odd FeOawV BaJ
ia H-clKira. t ut. Sri od ai Moaoaa
KK P.Coao, UU
V. C L..5Sos.Crrk
4 awria Sauiriar ittoiaf af cacb vera at
ibrtr ha ia CMd Feow Teainia at Iilwiii
--mbcrtoi lie order la rood auadiac a-etariv
. el KONG. 5.G
N. T. Jawan, scc'f.
.S. aT.
J P. c. KL-..-S KOcEBCEU LODGE. NO. Eja.
t k! U' ,z n-cuiar -ootmunKatxica at taa
t O. 0. 1, hail oa Mxvod aitd foartb 1 aaradar
A eaili rnoptn. Ail aratrn iruord ( at
l u l rvTiirly. aa-l aii vLmubc arotbera car
latilcd loattm.l
CiiAi I UADLCT. X. ft
1XA B. ElUULE. beaetarr. '
pOeESCKi; LOIX.E. XO. 1. A. O. V W
bmvU Uw arroDd aad loanb Mwaara al
f-fc b Boa;a a7 jp, . at UiM Frilaaa bait,
acmben cf ib order la rood siaadinc are la.
D & Wat,
F. W. K-Mcb.
-Toroaalaiial catrd.
OFFICE, 3e Jackaoa SUeat, al rra-
Ideac ot Jtra. 1. BUaer.
ftOeZBOS. Oft
Q.illf KiE M. BKOWX,
Eooiat T and I
rjlvr A Wuaoa Block.
ftOeXBCftS. Oft.
Sac HAJtuy,
. a
RevK-a BulidiDC,
telephone No. 4.
Attorney at Law,
Rooai S,
rajlot A M livw Ulk.
Roii I and i
Kevicw Uu I
Vy R. WIII3,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
WUJ pruUw ia all tba asaita af lb Btala. OS.
to. ia Maur, Bldin. DolMSrot.
Attorney at Law,
Rooms 1 j, MarMcra Bld, KOoXBCftQ, Oft.
W B ui tc tore Ui TJ. S. Land OSAra aad
-nuiuA-oaKaaspceialt-. ttoiaaa
Lau BjxeiTar D. a. Land Oatoa.
Physciau & Surgeon.
Office P'l Oilirv BM.
i nouv, Miuuai.
JA lU CHAS.VN, Notary Public,
Collections a Soccialtv.
j. -
Rtvm J
MarMvn Buil.tmc
To Loas : From ,(ioo to 13,1)00. oi
t,. ,.!as sernrity Address,
C. U. Bkistoi,, noa-J.tujj, Or