The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, June 22, 1899, Image 3

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The famous W. L. DOUGLAS shoe for Men,
Exclusive Agency.
....1 Have for Inspection....
Elegant up-to-date Silk waists. Percale waists of the latest
patterns. All kinds of wash dress goods at extremely low
prices. Iu Children's Men's and Boys suits you ill rind the
best assortment ever brought to this town.
The People's Store.
I. ABRAHAn, Prop.
W hite uicjue ekirta at Joeephton'e
Attorney Dexter luce made Yoncalla
a profetsional visit Wednetday.
Band, the matchmaker sells spectacles
at lowctt pncs ami ran bt them cor
rectiT. lvov. J. T. Cotton will till his regular
appointment iu this city next Sunday
morning and evening.
Frank Calkins made the 1'i.AiM'tvLt a
pieasani cau veunesuay auo nia uur
thacke tor a kind favor.
...... :
E. DaGas. M. D., uieuiber Loard of '
Tensian Exaiuineia. Office. Marebsrs
building residins corner Main and Cass
Judge J.W. HaaiUtou went to Ea-
geoe tlia tnornins to attend circuit j
conn, wdicu convenes in mat cuy nexi ;
P. T. Mcee, an old Mteeiued citizen , tQ office dJ tt ' d!y w ednes-1 .y after a .uuntl.'s ( rctei
nd businefa man of Myrtle Creek was ' sioaa! virit t nhe toons cf fie not: ! and
in this city Thursday enroote to W.ibor 'forg bageu. a :u ine- jf
, Stock, of Koeebari. registered at the
OU3'UOT' "'
Mrs. J. L. Stratford returned home I
from Coaistock Wednesday evening i,
where she has been visiting with her
daughter. Mrs. Henry Stewart.
Men, we have all kinds ol bats, straw, j
crash, wool and fur, the common for
.vary Jay, and tbe dress, sort, all al
ngbt prices. ovelty fctore. i
AU bicycle people men, women anJ .
children are cordially invited lo join in a j
arand bicycle parade July 4tli. For dec- j
orations and arrangements eee T. K.
Richardson, Eoseburg, Or.
Gravel is again being dumped ito ibe
S. P. Cos. yards at this place, and with
tue completion 01 toe ewiicnes ana
epreadlngof granite on the yards the
improvement work will be finished.
It makes no difference how bad the
wound if you use De Witt's Witch Hael
tjalve ; it will quickly heal and leave do
TheXadies' Aid Societj of the Chris
tian Church will conduct a restaurant on
tbe grounds on the 1th. The public are
respectfully invited lo patronize Ibeir
tables. idj'4;
Don't think yon can cure that slight
attack cf Dyspepsia by dieting, or that it
will care itself. Kodol Dyspepsia Cora
will core if: it "digests what you eat"
and restores the digestive organs to
A. C. 51 AKSIEKS & CO.
Freight agent K. V. Houston, moved
into the new freight depot Tuesday and
now has better and more commodious
quarters in which to handle Hamburg's
large freight traffic. The V. com
pany's improvements at this place are
rery creditable and add much "to tbeiaeiDf the bile ducts to open and flow t
appearance of their dejx)t grounds.
Work is now progressing rapidly on j
iT ,.- ronrt house. The brick work
of the towei is completed up U the top!
of the second story, and the interior j
i,.m-nrt- in.-Jiidmudnnr and window !
frames is about completed aud will soon i
be ready for the lathe, plaster and floor-1 " keai ueiay is tauseu in rauroau
in. This nocture when mplcted j t" bv the deeUuction ol the Leland
will be one of the most creditable of its'trestje. I be "verland leached the ,
kind io the BUte south of Salem. , trestle lae night about 9 o clock and the
Lggs l or ctuns.
L?gs from pure bred White Leghorn
fowls, par setting of 15 eggs, 00 cts.
(j24; J. R. Wiusos,
Camas Valley, Or.
i L
My Big Spring stock is now complete. There's brightness of
spring reflected in ever- department of my store now. All
the different stocks have their complement of new spring mer
chandise fresh from the looms aud workrooms of American
and foreign manufacturers. .The display is worthy attention
for the pleasure there is in looking at pretty things and for the
money-saving there is in buying oi" me.
Don't forget the next time you are down town to
come in and see the many new styles we are
showing. Our Prices will make you happy and
the fit make your feet feel glad.
L'ocJ for barxaiu, au I your watch re
pairio -.
Dr. Cbeadle, den'ist, at I'r. strange
old stand.
M. C. Lord of ba eat, ar a Kofebtirg
visitor yesterday.
New line of tents and outing xods at
Strong- furniture s'ore.
Wiu. lions ui C-jo bay, a registered
at tbe Mel lellao huute Wfdne?da .
Ibe place tu buy I'Uiw, backs and
ws'od. Slc-arns Clieuoweth, 'ak
lanJ. T M lU.lm. ..r I "....l- ....
iv;.. ,f., ,-J I
IMVMllk " ' . " ,WCIIKN 1KB r3 IU IUIO ktM I
Our immense Lie of ehirinais'o aud
, sammer dfes good at rtd-ued
, at Joeephson's.
;.iin Cm .n.l l.U,. i'.n;.n,:n I
an , M;. . m .,,. , on , - . ,. .
liriaoi. returned on las', nxhi's lo-1
m I'nrf'j.l !
U ..iVi , t:. !
' f Ta Wn 1-una.l t..H R.tnri.
IWvM- -T.:.,,. . w-ln-!.T
Tiano Chain drive mower tull
ueauB loe PWB- 'provta ior
ChorcLiU A Vv'co.ley tel. theiu
"7- w "
ladge A. I . btearns, of Oakland u in
auer ouemeas m.ue. s.
ofl rkuuw' Very i
r ,
J-1. Chapman, ieo. l'ctrequiu and
S. C. Bart rum, forest rangers, left for
their resistive reserves Wednesday to
enter open their oihml duties.
The celebration committee contem
pl'e inaugurating a voting contest for
the election of a gentleman to represent
1 wc -ui uu mj lustuuuu.
J. II. Whitectt of Deer creek made (
this office a pleasant call this morning. ,
Mr. Whitsett reports that Kev. Cotton t
has closed bis meeting at the Lvgges .
school bonse, anJ that Lis labors were
crowned with great success in that viun
Stearns V Cbenuwe'h at Oakland have
now on band hardware of all kinds pur-
chased before the raise and will sell at..
less Ihrn former prices while iu stock. 1. , . ,
,, . - 1 , . lt!lro33 a business visit lo l'orrand anJ
Also bnggies, hacks and wagons (j to flO J c , ,. , . . ., , ,.
, , , r . t 1 Salem, brother Lute reports tnal ibe
less than can be Dough t elsewhere.! ... .....
Warranted sewing machine, 3tf. Best ! wpW"n P'oeperity
six hole 20 inch oven Steele range with j b" 6trUt k Marsbfied aud the Com Day
high closet and reservoir, W. Car load country.
of choice cedar shingles. The Cioddees oi Liberty voting con lest
If you suffer from tenderness or full- j
neee on the right side, pains under
shoulder blade, conelipstion, bilioosneas,
eick headache and feel dull, heavy and
sleepy your liver is torpid aodcongested.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers will enre
you promptly, pleasantly and pcrma-1
nently by removing tbe corgestion and !
j naturally
A . C. 51 A RftTERS & CO.
t . 1 1 1 . jl
r- 9J, wno is inieresieu in
JwopW" county mining prorties
a'J " we'1
county, made
known throughout this
tbe I'lalxubalkr, a pleas-
flrt nil
anl '' lUiB mommg. lie iniarmea us
which is made by only seven teams was
not completed until two o'clock this
morning, lhe train arriving here
after four o'clKk, a. tu. juis li'tle
time jet will be required to replace the
It will do you good. It will interest you as it touches your pocket
book, contributes to your prosperity aud saviu'gs. Owing to the
backwardness of the Spring scasou we make this sale to force out
goods that should have beeu gone long ago and to lqiuidatc our
Spring indebtedness. Iu order to do so we commence with today to
single out various specials from the various departments that arc
sure to bring you to our house again and again. Hot weather will
come suddenly and with a vengeance. Then you will need the
goods. Why not make them up now and have them ready. Look
for the Red Tag which will give the former price and the new price
Today and all next week the RED TAG SALE.
Take a lvaDtaie of that s.tli at .toeeph-sjn.
tor hr-t-i laeb
Littlt uf Oakland
leu'iatrv :j i-j lr
liuefou!eat for !adi and w-rlii'-!
men, Josepbeon'e.
V. 13. Jenningacf Wilbur nms luKia
aller bne.oeiw matter iu th;s !tr W el-
nesdav .
l'ale, euiaaaled, thin, weak men and
women. Hadyan cure. Ai! !ri:g;;i!-t,
hd veolr.
A tine hue of geutf J'juiiner ciothite: '
iu tbe U'e-t Mylee v)r;,'s ut '
A. J. 'iiiibauau, .l Moccou, I lab ;, ar-
I rived iu Kjeebnrg yett-.rhiy, to v;si: a
Jew necki it!i his brotU,, A i.i,ry .1.
A. Lacbanan.
-'iss I-aura I'.. Jnee, ot III? Ir.n
Watchman. i a gul c( Ur fter. Mm. ,
W. C. Coauer. Laiiu arrive 1
in U'y
, l .... tl.ta ....... .-. .
D". J. V. S. rtlg t - !1 111C J t ; t.,1!!
J- "J Mis- -V- 51. lVwcis e.c
. , j . i...,i. r l ... .-.i, ...
omjtis v.i . ..ii. iii,iit '"igrjjui :! a f;;-kuju io?n:.i
Albany, an I TharaJay they wnl go
to '
j their hoa.e in Drain Salem Journal.
Jadgo llauiillou will arrive belt- to-,
morrow to hoi 1 au adjourned term cf
, ,k(S tbe is(UCs (urj
the regular term which ice:. Mood..
'iaard, Wtdneelay.
Tbe xtM bines cf I'. 1. Davi, about.
i one mil eat ol Loraue caught Arc Taee-
reDo011, ..i ,;v rM1 , Je.
!i 1 i...,.i .., ,.1 1
! fective Use, and LurueJ to t e groJ::dJ J
i Most of tbi boUeho'.J good were re-
moved. The
buiidiuc was insured. ;
. If vou have oiles. iikl Ibex. No nse
onjer(t,jiDg terrible op;raUons that
timp,y remoy9 refcu!u 0, tLe (Ii9eMe
wilLoul otarL.iDg lne JlBC4M iUeIf.
p,tce your u&etic io DeWitf, Wjtcf
Uale! galve It LM never uileJ CUII
' i 01 nets , it will not fail to enre vol .
Editor J. A. Luee, of Ibe .Marthiibidl
cn . .. . nt...n .tt. . tt.;. ...r,...!
T : , ,, .... . 1
at Eugene is growing equally as Interest-
ing as the one recently held at this
place. The three young ladies having
the highest number of votes are: Misses
Addie Bangs, 333; Jlay ganders, 230;
Lu'.u Renshaw, 124. Votes are sold con-
siderable higher tbn they ere at this
Tlie .. ba8iue3i v, the poctol-
I ;. -!! tliH iKltitai driuartiiieut
to increase the salary of Poatoubli-r
Kroter from lO'X) lo 170O a year. Tbe
salary of the Ashland postmaster has
beeD tui:rc from !o00 to f 1000. j
llonhuTt t;i .u.mtains its jwsition as
I.. . . . .. l
lhe Urg)J8t , j Iuuet ilMwUnt t 0f
SouVbcrn o.egon.
j L ,trdlforj, the lYviNi.tALEirs
mu g)J EoUd
Le wk jn Liktoa
1 and vicinity aud In been doing fine
! work for this piper, liy the time Mr.
Stratford makes bis rounds of tbe couuty
' there will be but a few homes in which
' the rLAiNHLALi.ii will not boa regular
semi-weekly visitor.
I i 1.
""". " u....n. . h1
I- t
HU'htill is t u hoid it t oil .;r
I pat kuo liy nil drugg m(h. .e t Mil I' hii.
! .CialiLu. iirspotiJi'iicy, locuiiii.t'if aUx
' ia. iiumivei". It(i tan iiinv All dr - i..
I pstH. .V) cc-nls.
Lacking hfaditchc. Olt-iiry i-vm. weak
j new, noise iu head. Ilulw.n rure.
All druggit!i, C'O cents.
' W .1. ,vhipl !-, f the. o;iirr?' ihrnc
, ', ut Kofeburg, in a recent uriivnl ut Hip
! Imperial. Tuesday's Telegram.
ieorge Johusou, who haa bueu alteud
I iug Echoal at Forest (.'rove, i vieit-
j log his mcther, Mrs. 1". H. Appelboii.
" 'lis worth u bag of gold." This up
I plies with spti-iai force lo Hood' Sar
! esparilla, Auifiiv.i'ti ireatePt 5Ielicine.
I The .luno term of circuit couil (or
Lane county convenes a'. Eagene uet
Mutday. The Jacket is not an unumul
I Umg one.
All tinkers tie rtn'ieatcil la cuuiu to
II It l t I . r 'III
. 1 ..iii!
vatuidav fcvcniiitr. 'ne LuudreJ voices
. , ,
,,,e,-ttJW;J" Nwiy w
iuui.,1. wia uivea anai en iue tuuicn
! law 11, this rburtJuv
! Cleam and cakr, I t c-ntn
, cordially
I. Tiiuiuton cl l'juUi county paaacJ
Ithrough Al.i:ud. this uufticg, with a
drove of head ft i;oaU purchased iu
j luiaic couuiy, wblOi Lo is l.ikii by tire on Apnl S is rapidl lin ie
j to Ltaua!a. Tidine, lune!'-.!i : biil!. M'. L-iudy infjrine . anJ the
I Mr. '. II. eirs ili eay to t!iu UJirii
I of Kusub
vicinity, (!: i !os
linciithir Ku.k 1! luiilibt-ry jjde re-,
! gardies ut cjt1. Ail cjrdial'y inv.tpd to,
. get tii ' t iieat o( bavaius . j"
. .vjc,ne..ey s ui;e Kuviie.y iu
jure 1 at the fe'.ock yards iu (Lia city Mon
day aflei noon by a v;ciou tc.r. It
struck Li.u it!i thruwing
to the ground, L:a,iio Lis hcaider a.-. I
cutting Lis Leaa. He i rec. vrii' g
nicely lru:u ie irjr.rie
Ira CjUip'jo.l, . t t!m Luei-e VrUarJ,
has j-t- . on; ,;ii.i . ile a row f"vk
irg to n renca the credit for lLo u 't 4
i tuu ol tLi? pap?r Iroin u acil it
I ...
Upon the eider Louder at U-.ltage l-rove.
lotejaj sujard.a.d. Ira tYi,rr. of
tie IWbur l' ... I. -
gn.'e !-Jay I .r an hour oi t ."
rhe l'l -i'i.iLi.: i I h.reaitvi run
g I, re.iabie up-to di'e I'o-tl
kc-: r-;-j.-' hi- h : 1 b. f "jn
e: t 1 1 ccr 'luntry u-i:cf5 1
I ,
im 6 ailed : I a(rr Item '
llu.H Ilttic. nu'.ii it Iw j ktl lor
'r '
'irg-Hi. it i fecund lo nc:.e i;u .
I". H . Jcn-j!iip- ol l'oitijtiJ. a-.d
u;.i V 1 in .i iiru.- f M
i dav in jr: .i a'
'.' at tl".' r. :' Mr. sn ! Mf
Wt i.r. ;:! M ! l:.. t,;J
: th.- r.Iy ds-Ji'ilt r ol J!: : ! '.Ir
i lieaaies. of K'a-iiatu I M". Ic
. k-eifcg o:i? oi the u.c-nil'i!" il '
hankie ii'.n a". kuMi li l'.i
,, . ....
brini s o.eajU'r cf t
t.e ir:n
Kaua .V
Jenniug Company
Haviug Jeci.leJ t !itn
Il'jvvbprj; aboi.t Ja.'y 1st
I will.eoinuciiciDijtoJay
o:Ter my entire tc-ck at
CousUiiiil; LaJieb
'ieuls. aud Cbildreus
furuitLmi. tinware,
htatiouery and notions.
No Humbug: AbsolutH
ly at t'obt: Or will bell
as a whole to any one de
Hiring a good paying bus
iuess, the above includ
iug, lixturcri at a grubl
f lv liilt KO A CASH
I Jacket store
N".tOo..r to first National Earik"
9 e e o)
Code Noah Carnutt retu-n d to his
Lome at Kid lie t"day, to remain un il
alter tbe Fourth.
Everybody vote for I'nele i:a:n. TbJ
palls open today at Ibe postottice and
will close one week from today. Tick
els on sale at all of the business bouses
at one cent each.
If. Hazird, of Empire Coos
couuty, one of the old-time attorneys
of that section, was iu Salem yesterday,
t :..
business before the supreme
Married, at the reu leiue of tbe bride'
parents, Mr. und .Mrs. N. Day, at
tiranls lUes, by l;v. X. 1". Jot: tins.
June 11, lb'.M, Kenneth C. Root to Miss
Florence 1'. Pay. 51 r. Root is a youug
Ludiuces man cf Gi auts I'a:, whilo the bchojl teacher of
Josephine county aud a graduate of Ibe
Drain Normal school.
We inadvertently ucglejted lo au
uouuev. the ucddiug of Frank 1'. Wells
and .Miss l-is:e L. Hefty iu our last beue.
The ceremou was performed by Rev. J.
L. Straiord, at the homo of .Mrs. Nor
man iu this c ty laet b'unday. Tbe brido
il a pupu'ar and accomplished school
teacher of Drain, wbila the gruam is a
prosperous youug farmer of Iho Elkton
precinct. Iho I'lmvokallii joins a host
ol (riends in wishing tbo happy couple a
long, happy proepuruus life-.
Tbo icecream festival given ou Tuesday
cvuuiog laet by Abraham Lincoln Circle,
No. 2, Ladies of tho CI. A. R., was a very
pleasant alfair. The Icecream, cake and
cotl'eo wero epleudiJ. Tho drawing for
tbe quilt came clT about 10 o'clock and
5Iis. Will 1'earce of DecrCieek, held tbe
lucky ticket. Tbe decorations of the
hull were quite elaborate; flags, bunting
and llowers were everywhere. Tbe dis
play of flowers was very, very pretty and
artistically anauged, All present en
joyed a tiulitbtid evening, as they always
do who ultcuJ the outer:aiumstils givvu
by the Laiiei of the O. A. K.
DOHS At Orten's Station, Tuesday,
Juno 20, 1800, to tbe wife of 11. F.
laH, a niiic-iiind Viy.
.SaM i win the Klondike.
, i. l.iiirv, lueuitwr
.lwl; luiii Ar.. fl, f
' & I'lliily, M-iivH.I in (iM rilv
Irom I1H1.111 1 1 r i-U, u u 'mil lmi:i
- '""M"" - ""'"Ho lu his burnt, at
- ' Mit . I'oi-i', .tn.i u a un-: of the ntWvif
; of this pajier. Mr. Lumly !. i Jwton ;
- ! Clty. .uuo ' UUtl ""J remarkable j
good time i.n IjU I.
,. ' ' J''
lie ha spent the pit uuutbs iu tbe
Klondike, 4. llltl Aj , 1-l).j,,rabV
,'siicits in hi uiiiiii.g operation. At
: thti office iiiorniug ,f I'xliitillttil
.'beautiful fi.t) v; nir of Lunar. mck iu j
I the 8hp- ,f a mli.t cold r.-iKKet -.Vrigb- '
j ion j'l-t i M. Mr. I.mii.I) ray i( . mau !
. U B'lccc;sful in HfiMring a Ul.u in the '
I Klondike hp U alright. hov..r. th
country I a.1 lu-en bicated mile i
around au l il-uir-i'ila cUitm ar -, rce. i
W'Ueu ii'i.-s:i Jtif,I rarJii,i Iho pro" mbl
output for thio reason Mr. LynJy con-
fir:"8 ,U' rel''t ,1"5 'Ju,i' iH
j b liioiv than U ice the aiuouut ui Ja't '
eat' yield. Ti iucrea;e lie caya it I
Ana !. It... f.. !.. '
J - IQM ViJlli t'JUlililUU. uiuuur
1 a"J I'uker crttk?, hit h trc practl-
,, ... !."
,tHy uDWcrkeJUt m-aeoo, have bfen
(eveloied to a coiiwoeiable utent with
favors: .emit, and the bench cUioia !
: ,. Kl.lo It n.A.r ..,.1 11...
f j that their output wiil greatly increaae
, the t j'al prcductioo. jo1J Kjo. which
j ie practically the only oem crw in lue!
' diit'ici, Lua alj ebowa up ::. Tbe '
puriio.i of b.twaon ibicb as .'.K.ojed S
; tuu is vr live'r. Alt- i 1
!lh baie lolka Sir. I.jnJ - 'ttnp!atef
lrturniO t th Klondike, p- .hjl.i
w .. 11. 1. t. i-
hcoit. -;l Lid Jle, aud Miu ICna
I. L.
. ,,, , , , .
Aferburv, of iak Crerk, arriv-J 10 this
. , , ...
. ciM Mouoa--, and cit I uc-n'ay drove
, , , ,., , , ,, , '
tj the liome of Krlerr. . Leonard at
, ,
. Did. rJ, where 111 the eteningof that
1 . . , . . , .
day, June -'J, le.V, luv r. ere pined 10
. ' , ,
I the hoy bon It of ita!i 1 -none, the above
s UJILIiVirf IUC Bru'i
:. . I .. ......
. 1
"'r' " lem - witg rntm.
!. 1R'0'-""""-'oi's
' oel kboan anil uic-st UcveIii: buei
t ovs urn, liavxg l-i. inarj m wer
: chaa li?in at C .ty , !.'J J.eud
rante l'.?, bj hav itig vjiui ie -ruprr-
y intent Iku "f 'h.- la'li-r named
. i VI, . ... ... .... :.i
wb-.Ir-juud fe'loa -,u r aia u!J
; to inM:t, and cor "j iei.tlJ count hu
i . . ., . . . ,
i L n. j a ii .
1 he b: ide M a v-.rt at iijm t:id ac
c j.npii!iei 0'jn lady i-jwii tb'f '
: e'.eincxti of character l.. cit :n i .t her
: the frieu Uhip and et! e.n uf !i
Mr. anl 5lr. ..: to -k the
; lTiiefdT night's oveiiaa l f .-r liw. Ie
'Jue, 1... !... ,t.
! pieafant viail wiib M r . -cotl' ac-d
i ..... i .... . . i . ....
i o.v'.jti iujuiiici ir,unt ami i u-uut.
Attbecloflhe scasva Ibey c ..utcm-
Pi.te returning M N,u:Urn Oregon aud
W1.1 to doubt rants I'atstluirfu -
tare mm, me nappy caapie nave me :
bct wie!.t-s if a hotl cf almiring friends
an J tue l'l viM't 1101 joins In extending
cotgralaiatiojis and withes Ihem a s.vle
and pleaeant ;:an.ry East an.' a i -Oi,
harry. proiro-j wel le-J L.'e.
Rose f estival
It.; tire', annua
; r je festival i:i Le
I Ho-Jic, 1 riday even-
heiJ at tho 'pcra
in. JaueI. Th rru-a mil rwr 11
as follows: fry out any obligations made by their
1st pike f j: test U(-Jel of roees. either J uio.
collected cr siugl. 2ud and ,d priws for : West A Traav. Wbolei- IhnggisU,
seooad and third Utt bc-tUeU of same. J Toledo, O
The bluets may bo mad up of one or! Wilding, Kinnan 4 51io. Whole
more varietie to suit tLe taste of lhe ! wle lngits, Toledo, Ohio,
competitor, and iLe piues wi:l not te! Hall's Catarrh Cure is takes 10tert1.1l
awardeJ for variely, but f the tuietfjly. acting directly upon the bl-iod and
sp-.cimcos of any variety or any number m neons surface of tbe syatem. Price 75c
ofvarittiee. Auy person nav enter any per bottle. Kl l hy ail druggist. Tes.
number of bc-juet. Kulr:i s must be at I monialj fr.
tbe 0ra Hout-e iy 7 .30 p. w. 10 suit-j
.V'a . . d ....... . . 1 ;......i:.i 1
jadga n-,1, be appoine I anard the!
ft ine ;
I Hi.. RAM.
.. . .
Iublrumentai so'.o, Luc
a iagtuaie.
Inslrumsntal duet, 51:. Ma Ige Rag
dale and Jlias 5Ietta liipp.
RcciUtioo, "Abraham Snooks," Mias
Amata Smith.
Vocal solo, "Li Veparsnooe," Mrs.
Chas. Minkler.
BeciUtion, "'s Role," Miss Ethel
Ins'rumenUl co'.o, felei ted, 5Iits Slab
el VanBuren.
Reading, "Toor Little Joe,'' Miss Clara j
Vccal solo, "Roll On, ISjep Ocean," i
Prof. L. R. Traver. i
Recitation, selected, .Miss Lntie bcry.
Vocal duet, telected, Mrs. f. C. Flint
and Mrs. L. A. Walker.
II. II. i.iduey has !eeii appointed
pofitmas'tr al Lay creek, vice F.leauor
Haul, removed. At Keston, this
county, .Mary K. Wilson, succeeds E. E.
Weekly in the j ontollice, be having re
signed. Remember the annual Uo.c lair al
the oiM'.ra bouae net,.. I
The following piuaj i I ie .awarded for
tue ucBi uispiay cl cut rote; I. Abra -
ham, silk jarasol; J. F. llarker A Co.,
parlor lamp; M. F. Rupp, cut gUs p - r -
fume decanter with pi fume,
Among the novel features of ltaker
City's glorious Fourth of July celebia-i
tion w ilt l u an uicorl of about CO ladies,
mounted ou burses, who will be in the!
parade as a patriotic guard of honor to
tho liberty car. The ladies w ill be co:
tuxud iu national colors, of led, white
and blue. Each tlate iu the l ulon will
be lepreeeutcd, aud, in addition, there
will lu liviug Ugures in houor of our uew
poeeeeeione, as Cuba, l'orto Kico, Hawaii
and the Philippine.-.
Attention Wheelmen!
Feeling that tbe cash piize offered by
the Fourth ol July committee for the
bicycle race is very iusignifkaut, we
hereby add a puree of to the amount
subscribed by thu committee making a
total of $10.
3oi"33 Jackson St.
Soldier Home Supplies.
" lil e rccU'eJ at
Ibe office uf tue coinruandaot of tbe
I'reou Idirs IfjtDe at Koeburg,
Oregon. iotil 12 o'clock noon, July l'J. '
lor the following uppl;ea lo be.
. f'iiniabe-l at rraired fo ue at tbe '
1 -1'irinc ' !i year ending June 30, (
Or crriw and kindred a ipp't, as j
i (r lii-t on hie at tbe Home. i
I)g'o-lt, men'a f jrtishins gxls, ;
, . .. . . "
!. a. 11 ju, auee-iogf, luaeuuz.
. , ... 1 ; . i
t'lanket, ali-j an 1 suppers as ter int.!
,. . . 1 . -
Drug, and u.e-l;ciuee. Lias to ivc-A
1 , , "
the charge ir peracriplloo : and a.o
lf l uaoa 00 oprtaiu line of drugs as
, , . .,
per lial uj &!e al tbe lloine.
' ,, , . , . .
; njlll faJ.
AH gujJ uiii-l b gua-'an'eed first
claaa In Ihcir line
Th riht 1 rtferveJ 10 rveu y and
all bi St. Wj(. J. r-miiv,
hc-fcnrg. Ore.. Juue 3i.', 15T'.
A govd ape'ie
U rsettial t ) g jod bewlth.
ILjot'a -arjajxni'a reat an
Appetite, tunes and
Sirer.gtlo the ttoma b.
And b-.ildf up the whole vlu;.
It reiiev" (hat lireJ ftchag. anl !
purirving anl enrkhiuf ibe I'lo'J, it
pfituply and iwrxati-n:iy -ir all
rv-otai -rap"l jc. 'juils, Inuicr,
piaplef and sore, fctreigthens the;
rtuji", aol yivi tett. rrlrrfhing
sleep. No other luriicitiC ha taken ,
vkh hold upja the coeUdeoce of the'
tiei-i!.1 at liol' Sarsjtbatilia. and i'a
1 reClMj of ig bj
! lre,,r4Uon. Yoo may Uke
juj., tt,iiU tb,
'cooC lence that it will lu yoo gL
Mow'a TnlsV
e ofiei One. Hundred Uoilau Iwiward i
for any cas ut Catarrh that raunot be i
corcJ by Ha.i'a Catarrh Care.
F. J. CHKSEV A CO.. Trot. ToieJo.O.
We the aaJr'.gBe i have known t. J. '
Cheney for the 'as'- 15 veais, and believe
: a- prfecl';y uonarabts in ail bacinoss
' traotacUits anl nnacctaby able to ear-
petsous iu tbe pcMeasiou of aoyj
plpertv within lbs limits of said
city of Ro9burg whether as owceror-
otherwise are hereby required tj cat ,
and remove from said premises and tbe j
street or streets aJjacent thereto to the !
extent ol tenty feet in width, immedi-'
ately aJj jining said premise, all stand-'
iog grass and weeds which may be ig- -
cited by fire and thereby renders un
safe adj lining property.
dj:; City MrhI.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby giveo to all parties
holding Douglas county warrants in-
dorsed on or before February 15, l)9t to
; present the rame at tbe treas iter's office
iu the DdUglas County bank for payment, :
al inlertst willceaie thfrron after the
oato of this ooli-e.
Dated ibis Uie I'.'lU day uf Joue, IJ ;
at lhe City of Roeeourg, Oreiroa. '
(.iko. W. Dlhmick.
Uouuly Treasurer, lVjugtae Jounty. Or.
I'neumouia. I
lirii.i. roughs.
J croup and whooping o-jugh readily vield
" r r a
1 to Hue Jlumie Coug'i Cur. I sc Ibis
' rnedy in time aud save a .hviur'a
'. r th m .leitnker's.
! ....
Vsgon For Sale.
Fou rpr'rg, two seated hack in good
rhspe low pi ice. Apply to Cailon
Dro.' stable. tjlp)
For 5ale Cheap,
a black b. r five year old. 'broke to 1
, mork, j;0l,in. ,t Mr. Scr.' miliinny '
Achieviui.ul.i ot Admiral I Hatty, Iho norlit't
grvateet uaval litin. llv Mural UaUlvaJ, luv
llte-Uilitr IrlfUJ Hint aOmirtr ol tlio naliou
Mol. UtxKvt ami iH'Jt liwk: ov.t !hO ikv.
a.xl'1 lucli.ii; ueartv H nv-a bal(tuu lUukira.
Hons, duly II W. Kanriiiuiii Oi iuauJ. Bl
ciimuil.liPiis. cliil'.t Irc-e. llinv o( a lllc
Uiik. Wrlle n i i -k . Tin' I). 'ii .In lull Cotupauy,
nl H.iort axluu D!Jt;.,t li!cmi.
Eugene will erect a mouumeut to tbe
memory i4 Oregon roltintMiH.
To make our summer Dress Goods ana
Shirt Waists move more rapidly, we will
make a reduction in price on all our Shirt
Waists and summer Dress Goods. Our line
1R atill TTGfXT OAmvilrtfrt n 1 -1 1 i
vwuicic, mi WflQ xaKe ad
vantage of this sale will have a large va
riety of Styles and Patterns to select from.!
This is a bona-fide offer, and we invite!
all to come and take advantage of it.
iMy Hotto I
. . . Quality and Price . . .
Anylhiug from
jI rjeans to tin-
Coffee is one of
carry a hae line of Dishes. Crockery and
Trade Checks As a special induce
ment. I am giving Tram: Checks to all
cash purchasers, redeemable iu ?2o
amounts. tJeaut:;ul iot of j.rize
holder of creeks. Entirely free
Orders by mail
tended to.
iRoseburg Pharmacy
M. F. RAPP. Prfc,cil:,i;.;;5
Irri--. L-iUt Arti.-'.M-. rft;i.i
r;u. C:;ar. stit;. nvrv.
Si.p- I'aiiit.'. v, 1 hi-
photographic nppliei
Tltc celvhrated Mai,';izinc Cyclone Plate
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
-Call anl Lianiue thorn.
Kl ill '....
lEtabliskei in 177.)
The leading varieties of thorough
bred fowl?.
Eggs from the finest strains sent
on short notice. Send for Cata
logue. Address
i or. j.
silt)sf ff t)4e)se)iaiaavaai f 'tt ttttf tUff smse)
. .
. LlS O
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parlies
:bJin8 iHwglae cunty marranls in-
donMKl ,rior ,! l'b- .. to present
the earnw at lhe treasurer's o.Sce
in tbe Djug'.i Couu'y batik for
pKymeut, a intrrl will c;ie thereon
al'r the data vt this i.ctve.
L'ate.t thm 1;. Is c?j f J'int,
1, a the I'.ty c-f l;oelurg, Oregon.
W. IhM'lK'K,
Coiiniy TieaCi'er, DjnUs County, Or.
Ibe above warrants dale Irom Octob-
er I lib, A. P , to February 1'.,
jjirj, Dd holder of the same will uke
notice that th-y
are not subject to re-
Youhk Sam
I't.'i r.i-ivr ul
.lapmcsc Rnzar.
Fire CracWr. l-irtworks, Taney
Chinas art, and Novelties
, . ,, . ..
t;. I v tVrtp . k.y .- : I-.
a bide of bacou or a .ack
unf-u -,t
nnesl tabic del:c;tcie;
iuv succialtics. I
or "phone
promptly at-
....MRS. N. BOYD.
m. garrison.
mm wm
The best
and cheapest
V -- vLlic in towu u pot
y -r tenai id at
ti.KI wniting ro-.i.ns for laJieu anil
i;'l,?ltMieti- w-ii w;:r:i ecl J.U.1 lighted
(i.K.l Htv.ui.nio Ki:oat fcr keeping
: tmtii.-t l-.i!:is e ver uibt.
r Palri.-.t;;T R -fs.vtflly fvliatol '
; l:r.::i CASK, froprietor
i CVr. Wabl.ii. uu in.l Main Sts.
County licasurei's Notice.
No::ce it hereby given to all parties
holding Doug'ae ccuaty warrauts io
dcrstd prior to .ctoVior U- H'-'. lo
i present lhe ssm at U.o treasnret'e ctbee
iu - ku.m-. onm-is' tor pay
- meiit. as interest will evae iherecm
! rtt r the .Lite i this uoln.
! 1jU J u,u s:i J-T uf M'r-1 SK
! at the City of Koeebnrg, Ore-oo.
I ;f- W. Dimjikk.
'County Treasurvr, Douglas CoontT.
- i
f - 4