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The Plaindealer
Of A T vRT?! A T l?i
FJU Alii UhjALiftj.
111 Hi
Job Printing ...
I. itemed oa bort nMicc at pric
i Kifiitcnt with jocd work.
I' f
No better field Una Southern Ore
gon; nu better medium through liklt
to Advertise.
Vol. XXX.
No. 49.
Slate and General New.
Will b.yitl
Rebels Will Regain Possession of
the Philippines.
100,000 !KN ARfc ECLSSRV
To .Subdue the Filipinos. Sas Dr.
ricQuestcn His Hclancliolly Mews
the Result of III Health. No
Tiic Salem fruit caci.crv
operations ihia week.
Spokane hss had 32 cs8 of ttun Ipox,
nduD Meatus have resulted. j $ Of ficidlly Recognized by Gen.
Lunelle w ill erect a nioouaient to the'
memory of Gregon volunteer?. ; OtlS
Tbe Gorvailis wheelmen challenge !
boieeuiau to a race lor $100 a side. i
i Prospects
Tor (ioud Crops (irow
J rsew btore !
a ;
ivjioods! 5 MM,
j.ietr lli.l- lf
i 1
,;, iry v.i ailicr baa
t i a I vi-.-t t;,t i jti .
in Jiii iti ..ii ! rariJ
Southern t li-egoa asserts bhe w ii! make nni DC n.
op f r tbi illntneito va ley crop shortage. Do-H J -MC
A turtle weighing over K00 pouuds I
was caught recently near Llberon, '
The Oregon covoto sciiii Imtintv- !j
has cost the Mate .3511 thus fir this
A ."mIp n U'v lias tent bjtue ircui !
Mauila as a tro: liv n .ir tbu in l , f
i dead 1 ibpirif.
i The Conquest of the l r.iii-.vaal
Idle I'ndertaking l or
(treat Britain.
1 1.- i -lull, i: I i ii
I been t.: : e i' i ii -tit
! Tin- s-,i. !- i.i i r i:i i- i
I gtowth i.i all c.up.!d, 1 aii-toan
i in -.11 t in: - ,uid rpiiiij.' 8 ;i t;r;tin
DlfirDC , iai;ri. i: rati '.:. t'iowr h t.-mW to;
niiLn J. f
! CUt :i n: i' iii l.ti The ie,iui a ;T
i in Iilm:-! i!i i" i! !. i he lie .P
1 best tha'. ii i Mi i ; i T. (jr i:i.n:iv 'iMid.,
Ilopa :ire iink :m r.pi 1 ar' ('r '.v".S
ZAUicrs jroeery
an Ti;vNio, June L'l.
, ttaker (,'iiy arcliUllte.i hive a uiiliiou
. .. j poaaua of mool iu them. 1: ;s fWiir.z at
Vr. t. has. i n t j i .,.. "
t M.jk.. 1. .... ...!!
-i. .'itvjrc.i-u, sasyil l lie bull Ul 1 i. i... , . .
. uiuu atiui is a;-.i hi a' propTiDi? 1 i'-4'.. in uiii, lour uai
to Uo;lJ u line fioui S:ui Kratu i-co
.nUUII. X-VI.I . !m. .. ... I Cf - I
.-v - M.l'l . .Till 1 Ll
J W a-ii:m.i..-n, .luue Jih l ",!s
; fjrard.4 the follow :Ui: :
""""i "nuc .iujuui-'iruifn.t jjjj j ovU ffjfuj,
, W asliin'ua : Wl.ntia t, I'a- ret ji'.c i t j !..
in ii i . ti:' !)' ! iti ;. i i? tl tl.c I u'.it r
tlji.'. !.;: !. ii r 'htce i Kiakin isyil
cTavt,i. Lilly i'j'a'yf art' il Llo:u
a:.d ilia -p; pj!u'-! liivu I-pJ ;i
the urouu !. t t ;t
trjw'!.. .- ii : t.if i i i , c' l itid
o)d '
Staple and Fancy
(ieceral Oiis, sad who was health offi
cer at Manila, hm returnt-d home, in
valided by the ciiruate.
Captain Meiaf6teu wade acloe MuJy
of the conditions ot the Philippine situa
tion. He is of the opinion that it will
take froat 100.000 to ljO,0W soldiers to
properly eabJue and hold the iolande.
lie also saya tha. the peace coxailesion
was au ubs-loie liilure, and that its
work from ilie ttt t was w i'.b jut eiTeot.
lie strongly supports the .uiiitary gov
ernment uf the is'iauds, except that Lc
tuiukg more men will be necevsiry than
baa been eetimated.
"Dr. cuuruian knows tliat the cni
tnission is a failure, and is coining borne
ia July," alJcJ Captain McieMen.
"Tnless tro j;3, thousands of theai, am
ant to the aid of o ir itea there, they
will be dr.Vin hack into Man, la in the
tours 3 of the cest frw months, during
the rainy seawc. Ujr men eiaiplv can
Dot Bland the c'ioa:e. Filty per cent of
nij i'-wii.i.e. wi.ii i'iui iuu., luur uai- e.crvv
:m hiaiu iM-o u ta.: v:s c.l tue 1 ourth uii l Liftli iiiliuiri-
Ti, i.. i ... i . i. ,. . . tieivi.
"u'i"u i ivkiui taciory uassiupjiea i tiiiou sautii on a reoooooimance iu the , ,
der; ry tlX
, morniui:, where the eneiuv was reported!, , , , , .
inJH0? vUj ,h-irlyVW buUV l- coacentnting ttieir t cattete I fores. ''- . '
tng p? rraile Lave been iss:id in I . . . the :.: r;i-' v . , v
- . ... i. . 1 1. . . ... ... . ...i
i wiiatiuu eucuuuieieu mu ri.euiv o
Tne K!-i'i
' iliti c
.ii -.'-f !verfe
.! i. '.ii ,k ' Low Prices !
C:rry .ot
Country Produce liouht and 5o!d
I Ul n,i v, utt i;.,'CK
Free Dei i very
j-tat or oio.
;i ..... ,
. l;:; i uii-. Trim
. '..-. r:n,;
! -t r-'fcrr
; r-.j.t. i-,. i:iV;r',,t.;v(;;
I ciU: l'rn;-r-
.,.W. UcBruto
iTb'f. H. Tooroe
lit. A. MowlT
T. T.Oct
V. I. ln.aaar
f . i. Moore
..W. u. Lec4'l.i--
i:.:il,'-. 1
aiv,m. j i.k. s. latabrs
i . it. A. Moot
I a ip!u3tj-i.:j..f. V. K. WoiTert
'E.I-. Bsn
j a'.oi jctxiAl, dictuct.
- I. . Ha!it-
; r-.'T-i-.cj A-.u,mtx. M. Brt,
! c. . ujs cri a, a asca.
i f- .-: :-r
j iS-4.'jLr
... . HeiirT ht.jih
1. 1. htuigtm
r. . mimn iriuc.
e. j 0',w..-,. , Thn. IaM.
rit4LA corxTT.
' ! - A. W. Eetd
-'.-p:-.v..-U'.;Tt Jw. W.'WSiwa
O. w. Conn -:.:-ri
-.- J. F.Gir
K. L. gpbo-
'j. W. Lrunsick
. H. E. Giettc
J'j. Lrooa
M. b- TVmp-oa
Ja- Byroo
jlv ILfcl
lit. i. V. Hoorr
Taoa. SaUtk
It u .rvr
I A.w,r
--j Coast j J-i.;
'.tiit tLe , tcriiaL ...
I rrr-Tor
; iii;-t.ujr..
biuco .ie tears Oav. ure t!i.n
double iasl year's saa.c incntbs. ; force it .n), u.arciiiuit to attatt I-iiu;,
Tbe Tnion Pacific robbera got -JOoO ! 6afcful!T l'" P'ogtes.
new pennies tn tbu recent liold-up. I "ntatou, with lo guua and to bat
Tuey were dinned for a bank ia Len-! ta'.toc?, Lurried forward and tei.uleed
itUit.m t.i.l . .n I . . I. a . .i ...
i 7. ititie ttB4 ! tbe nemy witlt heavy Jo-, the
Klcctiocs wiiJ Ln; held ia let: su:(! m
Novtuiber as follows . lja
leaving uver dead o.t ihe lie?! j. ' ir
io.-a is rive killed.
a !k
them will be incapacitated bv eickne.?. ' i : . . .
Manila will ue ia a Mate of ajraiu. . ,
, , , i priva e cemetery on t
'One of tbe great daubers mat or.r
uiea have to feci is the ciiaia'.e. Tbe
AOUUtL'J i l at-
Keatueky 1 .... - . rinfr.-u.l l .i.i k. .
Maryland Massachusetts, Miis-ipft; ! i:, ,.f , N,ti, ialautrv. ..;! i-: .!::.;
Mon!.Da..VwJereey. .ewY,ri, 'iio' lije lueBjV bctond , Marina-, .1..L
and lennsjiv.nia. . u rj(f i3 c,u;,it,
i i.. i i. ... i . . i ? . . .
.cwaic uaua.i ne; i up au .vluona , i;;:y t,ol e,njitrd. .t
fctae aud made ti..- i-af setups shei! cut f-.-r a t-M tn i nicco-to! mtaik .-i
to the tone of iSjO u ccia and a l urn her
of valuable?. Iu aiV-jlrcuaistaccea tf iifc
bnth lovely wcaien her i:.oij way.
w I t. . - .
aieelf i:,: LJ!"J"tr' alter a tay in :,:
his home i;i .-uajn
near La':iu3, Toik ujoty. UUo; cut
'Urpasft' J.'"
Cii:."...j. .i i
ii--' Coit.l t.i-
Linc.ttcr, a!!r a
Jj-L.-i O.
.iU l.r. t-ii
!' r;i-t".e v ..'y .u I I i ! ti.-j'L', '
iii -.1 in it . ud t i'.M.v' n.Ul. it" in I
th- p r :. I .i r ii j:.t .- ri in nil
the tree'. Hail. leaf ta I.eally,
bare. !' a ..ei .i-.- r av .-. Ci. rri s
Co&tiu.ic to d v . .) .
a; pics Wi.l le a iu!. i ; ; , j i.i :.- a p.vr ',
out. l eaih trc-ia Ji kj;i at. I .'oie-
piiitc Co'JtitleS a-c full if -tut that!
hat. 1 pr iu uz -I I ii -.- -.- ir t- to pie-
vent ticca -:j;i Me -.ta !.-'ri:ei t
have ii:' ii I r.i;. .i . h r:i-.'9 ae
ilp?ni . n 'r-g i t.o i rotu- i
iv. i Si.' i iit i . pi sa Sruit f
&OC' ta ::i - d 1 'u l n; J tl;.' p'e--tit
p.o.-, , ii s vie efjl )cf. i
A lew t'.o e f.b n h? n-l wv. k i
wl i !. tie i . 1 - : : .i-.i ug '.ho !
blr'l.- i I .a e ' b d-J t i cut.
MTfil! i
U. W. JlOier
'I i M
r' ' V
u. U. 0
- VIA -
I - r .
Ut WfcT'l
i-: :
i.- i a.-J.
lit arl.
' t....: !ir
; I r-v . :tr
A. c. Xaoteta
w. a. travel
Ot K1UU.
iF P Brow
..- c w. iarfc
r. . ivratoa
- iW. E. Wua.
A. fiaudi
.J. La 4c r
F. W. W"ooUc7
' f H. C. Sjcsus
I.t Wo
-I . . Inri
L .. :m:.
Sauthes-ii i'acilic r.
'. 1 1 T ' ;t tiTlK..
x. i; o'.ae-.i ol tbr eitr ol KiMe
new comers will l at a disadvantage '
because tbe rolunieera who are return- j
ing borne are inured to tbe climate. Ae
a matter of belief, tbe Filipinos think
tbey have the Americans licked already.
Oae solution o: tbe s.:ui'.ica uiiibt
i blueetone. The wa:'.s
to leet
j aw lofr-9 ara iu J-uaj,l -al C'ojj - .
i Mill men are exertiis tuea: reive- t .
ueir utmost to get to keep tueir
i au.13 go;uj, and if they had a larger!
! iif. lor th; V.i-.l lat nih: r. i:h
I. I 1 Coxpfvi rerved i:i -'..m'
for live ear-.
He N. k- -f lh' Tia: ati p.i. ie:u
ei.iiri !. a i i;i..;-.s-y rii-u. il- F1;- :
' ii.ere are nutiv-; far;.iv :i i
liiiUiini'y w;i:.!i unl.e !ir.:a c e-
cee imsiy reitii-tiut t ? ateitere ia u'.h
Africa by Jurci". Uj-. V. ii o-.Ie csn Ld to
, Pay that coiisidetations i f a !:::;;:a:y
Cult, vc.e." B.S'J 'Jtlrtll til n ; -i. ; .If
race qu-eUona cf that ect:on. These j lne people t Icrtiand have raed nbjat :ldu- in:Ja cau.p.a wKh
men would be better able to stand the j 'm for ,L P"Ase of a handsome 1 ua. p.., ,be u,: Jfa.iJV vbs-.acleg
climatic cjtditiosa arennJ Manila, anj sword to be preaei.te.1 to fltnei Sam- ' au.j 1IiV,.u-e n 1Kf,Xw,ns t.j trat. or;, t .j-
ai, uus wen piyvcu mai iuy are g0 1 j - 4 -a ; an j .;-titpv i :ix
lighters. oHura .ruuj lue peopss oi a.s uu city
mill IkA arrtKr in.... a ,.t
w ! uiaao ui.o uicii 1 icdti ml
.aoauiers wi.i n.uniy peixe. ami wlucti , Tr ,...,;.
U9 nas iainy won on ttie be. I.
be to enlist cjloredtro-jpsfroJ, the G.j;f -il t rua their ..til's
blatee, and tlr.s oiieut settle eiae oi tbe i
on bre fourths time.
e u; jer r.v. - ;.r.- r .-::., ia
J- l;L:i'--. ..:ct!,itt .i- ' ;'.. i-9t water J
i a rn'i i aL l trib ,
t', next i
P.v;l. it
it', indale ii. de U.e city,
.'ay. If
K:dJ'e Item
pReasjit'e Price.
Petit i'.a;
a i :t V.'e in
i re l t -i
bpislnc;s :ti
I'm!, i i,'
icrf e; es ' a
eei, .
.. ii: i a
i . . V .
Vf e-criptl LLf Ci. II.
j -n: tided l! sy r : .':
i ' , 'a a- ijii-
.er.u d.i'f this!
"I want to say a word for the Western
volunteers. Tbey make the fiaest so!'
diersin the world, and their fiibtiaj:
qaalitiea are won Jerfal. tat the volun
teers all want to reurn borne, and I
bardlj think that tbe plan to ealiet three
skeleton regiments iroai tbe volunteers
nor in the Philippines will be a success.
Tbe men CDlisied to Cgbt f ;r their coun
try, and tbey are not the kind cf men
who want to slay and fight an insurrec
tion for money or ihe f on of lighting."
About tbe Filipino Leaders.
i i:
ll.l3 C !
the Uoera Iroai the ea-t..-:
lied ti
. :t
1 at
mere in Li retiuti frm. M.ri'
I . 'pivan i t-;-a:;v i;i.i'. -iii- : s i;.mi
mi.itary experteuee
"In the hrtt placo
tit g jerrina Sjl- As the d r tea-:i a ivans i
dicra. Ttieir history baa pr .-.vel it, an J ..,., .,.. , .. , ,
r i .... ... ... . . i . ... . . . . . o ' " " ... - - r. - i
ijeea mi. reuie-.i in ine i tiify are laiiy up to tiieir standsrJ toiay
courtnoue at Heppntr a year ago bave '
I art ee
o lifa in
i be-
been induced to take up their resKlence
in a new hive, and are to be removed ta :
I'eputy Sheriff Florence's bou?e. They
greatly added to the gayety of lite in the
cojrthousi", and tbe county officers feel
nlitved that their caotore and removal
has been tHectid.
Tbe preseut outlook of the peach crop
They are expert uisrksuien, bjrn rcuh
riders, such as your oao cowt-oyf, and
their c-jnrare on 1 tenaci'y are undeni
able. Iu h i hlill they ara at goj-I
military fciutl as tne world po'i-v.e.
"They tlo :tre liii.roa;!iiv cjriv-imd
if the justice t t'.eir cu'iv, an ! vuid
die to a man at t.'.e mu d cl ' nu Paul .
I'T, aside front their moraU and their
on "it'di;. t.
' V. L. Ni-.h'.ls to
, s in? ieii
i he LaJ prtvi . n,' !.
Kid lie w i.' ! ii;r weil
itttiS a lew !
ait!, w liit'b ,
e leti-I.ttd i
; ul ih tvk
;vnc Ki-ne
fv- '
A tew days ago it was announced that
Aguinaldo. "the Washington of tbe
Philippines," naving failed to coerce
bis so-called congress, had declared him
self dictator. Liter it was reported that
many leading Filipinos, who bad hoped
for independence under a republican
form of government, bad loet confidence
in Aguinaldo and baJ come into tbe
American lines. Now it ia announced
tha. General Luna and bia chief of stall
Lave been afs-ssinaiel by Aguinaldo'e
body gnarj.
Genera i Luna, previous to the insur
rection ofl5'3i, was one of the test
known of all tbe Filipino leaders. His
brother, the artbt, was one of tbe inner
circle of tbe first rebellion, and was ar
rested with Dr. Kizil before the rebels
bad struck their first blow. The Lonaa
bad been regarded as one of tbe uiott
distinguished native families in Luzon,
and tbeir came was associated with tbe
greatest triumphs of the natives in lit
erature and art.
Agtunaldo came to the front in li'J".
Ail wbo have met bim eay be is no the
trong man of tbe rebellion. It baa
merely suited tbe purpose of stronger
men like Luna, Kiego, Kicati, and San
dico to keep bim ia the foreground.
When General Merritt was in tbe Philip
plnes General Luna wae regarded ae tbe
real bead of tbe Filipino army, and when
General MacArthur advanced against
Malolos Luna was in command of tbe
army that opposed the Americans.
It was clear weeks ego thit Luna an'
Aguinaldo bad quarreled. Peace com
missioners appointed by Aguinaldo were
arrested by Luna, ana orders niven by
Luna were revoked by Aguinaldo. Tbe
aseatsination of the fighting General of
tbe rebel army may lead to tbe disinteg
ration of bta division, but it ia likely also
to pave tbe way for the "modem Wash
ington" to make a virtue of necessity
and surrender.
44 A Gentle Wind
of Western Birth
Tells no stuecter story to humanity Vurn
Vvc Announcement that the hcslth-ghjer
And hcalth-bringcr. Hood' s Sj.rsapa.rilU,
tells of the birlh of An en of good health.
is the one re!tib!e specific for the cure
of aE blood, stomach and liver troubles.
Achievement- of A'Juiiml l;v.ey, : tbe vorM i
frtaus't naval Uero. II y Murat iln'.i t'l. tne
ile-l'inc friend and ulinirer i (tie riHiioii d
Idol. Jil?;et and ltl ifik : over !r ie,
hKld Inchen; ncnrly imi puirca lialftonu IllunrK
liiiUK. Hiily l,VJ. l.noriiKi'in ilcuintld. Bifr
V)iiimIwiolit. Outlit frw. C.Uhuw iI a llh--tim-x
Wrlla iulek. Tin Iioiuliiioii O.iiipmiy,
rrd Moor Caxlon Uldir., liicai;j.
U ise'Ttr ii.e fr.
era! J . ir ct' l-
Mr a'. 1 Mr;. L Uamvul
C'ek came over -';urda !o I e ;a at- i
tecdance at the urteily ..n-stin of'
the M. V. . Chaiwb, at..! al-i ! visit withij
Pays: 9
at Asbiand indicates that there will be utcees, the Tranevaal cojutrv it cue a 1-
from 5O,0iXt to 00,000 hoses tor export. wiraoiy adapted for the purples c f de
TLia is the estimate of Drominent jtow- ! tense. It is a Un-i i:!i larie utiin-
r and i' i nr.iSaM .r,o.., 1 habited snace. An rmv invalin.' it .-friends tiei e.
- f . wmmvi j w . V t J . .1 ; . - J --
tive one. Tnre ia very little dropping j most have a distant base and its supplies ; Ti.e regrar ijaarti-r.y t:. .t.n of liie
of the Irait reported and everything lb i tnut be brought Ibroogb a eemt-tropica! M. 11. C:i it- h was In Id a', thii place
favorable at tne present time, not oly 'cjuutir under tne mojt diaadvantig-oua ..I'.ir.Iay 1 .in lay. 1:,- prf siding i
for a good crop ia iualitr as weil as ! conditions. Caps Town ia 1'JOJ miles ' eliei, wr.h a ri-u'vr of cthrr renereiidjg
HUiDtity. jfrom the Vaal river, and if au attack ! ceo'!' lun, w,-rt-in a' t-. n Jatu r. i
Work ia the beet lieida baa tow com- wef e to n,'!e ,rom Nul there wouM! j.j l.. ..ud .! a.a M. J .. k--t, '
his is the Place
to Buv
A lull .tr.d ciKipIetc .t-r;
of ali goods usuaHy kcj-t in
.ui j ill .'.t
Yc have :
vjry i
Hi cut
l rc.; : i ;
menced and will be constant uotil the
laet beet ia manufactured into sugar sev
eral months hence. In a few weeks bay
harvest will rejoirw more men than
U6Ual from the fact of an uneuall heavy
yield, by the time that ia through our
grain harvest wiif be here. To eay
nothing of the lumbering, wood or fruit
interest, neither of the building that ia
going os in thl part of the country.
We may Lave bad a late spring but
everything will be on the move from
now until enow coiuew. La Grande Ob
eeryer. When tbe mklnight train arrived at
Aatoria Monday night a carload of cattle
was unloaded. When tbe animals saw
the headlight on tbe platform they
stampeded, aud three jumped over
board. Larly this morning one oft
3ooth'9 cannerymen, mho wae drifting
near Sand island, nioe miles below
where Ibe eteers jaaiped overboard,
found his net in trouble. He thought
that a sea lion was in it, and let it drift
on the beach of Sand ieiand. He was
then surprised to liod tha'. in the dark
ness be had caught a live steer. 11? un
tangled it from the net. The o'eur is
alive and in good condition.
A special to tbe Chronicle from
Omaha says : Paul Vandervoort re
ceived a letter from President McKiniey
acknowledge the receipt of his letter of
fering to take to Cuba a great colony of
old soldiers cf both lbs bhie and the
gray, whose presence fbal! lie a guaran
tee against the outlawry practiced t y
ame of the Cuban bands. Mr. Vandt-r-voort
ia receiving hundreds of letters
daily from veterans ia all parts of the
country, wbo are anxious to acootnpauy
tbe expedition. Mr. Vandervoort was
formerly commander-in-cliief of tie
Grand Army ot Ihe Kepublic. Hosaya
the colonists will go in the fall, whether
the movement baa been sanctioned by
the government or not merely as a i'
vate affair. Tbe West and South eeeoi (o
bo tbe largest contributor to tJie
tticrihant-, have f-'i rati I heir
in t y i-recttag to re lliii p. -Sea resr-ecltvv i' T -e i I I.U-. tiers.
vi.ii;.i 1.- i!;a-s
bo mountains to work through and math ilU.ti
tropical growth. ; j,i4.f :
ibe conipjest ot tbt iiausvaai w,u:d j ai t;
ue one oi itie meet arduous undertakings ftu j t .., 0( t,
wo ever entered upon. Ia my opinion, j t)le -Jf3
no lc6 than OJ.'XHi men would l-e re- ' , . , .
. .-lit. C: . ie ola-.itu netit up ia tne
r i .vn1, iii. 1 .v i r ii.i. I i i .: i: ri
htr hU3iat.d, win f c-itting ii1 fr
the ri!i oi I luuipa'iy. of ej-ir-j they
itt'ifc' til r,.'llrn l-ir 1!. I' 1:1. 'Ii .if .l.ili-
from th? material character of the pop-: . , . ..
A. F. ( Jiuutt -vveiii ti Kjni1 it- a leu
and vegetables, to -.v:;;.-!
voiir hpcc::i! attcullou.
Our !:r.c of Olives. Gherkins
1 ,
', .f.t.'cs, etc.. is 1;.::;
Yc i-iirry tl:e biuck
luiccu.t iu Sou l bcrn Ore.-"'.:.
MOa. V.
", iV..-;
,e invite
of to-
'A 1
' ' : : . Ir ' j, r
. '. . r ' V
- -.... '
. :. ' . . - - ; . I- :
- .-.. - . A
' - 1 - --i.i;
loi.i.n liii.ervation tar.
i "' j :'.;' ii.-i
tt:..-; fJ-iil-lait.
. - At. u, r.
-1 -r - it ' " - a
' ' . - . . ..
" 1 v 1. ' - ! . J.t r'.m
'i 1 y A ' , . L- '. . . r.
A A., i'.j : ;' ..,-. . ... : -a.'.i T.:..?
j. y .... 4. r.-
i . - .1 u : i '..-lit.; . 1 1 1 i
' i-t - r-.- u.-t .Cz. - A. M
r r. x. xz. a.
'- w - ' V : - - ' i a m
a s..osn! .' : -:-.h iM.
PiSTtA-::? ..t-.N.
- -- . . i ;-..' .-.a. 'i :.e
:-. i ; 1.--N 1...S
cviaT axa&iua.
Ti. err...; Cvi.-. U,r tKni-ma Cooatf rcO
r" r'" " Ta m la
.M i Hj..-. a. . 1:a jios.iay In June, aad u
K-.-i.-j iro. Jf. roa,ol aaMctan.
r i'-'-i;'t.u.r.r-ati lt oiiif-daT a0-f
i r ' t u "t -'taaarr. ICartrh. May, Jaly
, '-- a-J . ntrier, L)vn. it
"'t --'- i-. ; . ut i.u; a. (osutwan
i'r"-'t r-r: u in Kia.09 mausmu.;,
Z3 &zL22.ii IitVlilOS NO 7i B. OF L. aC,
att tverj tnau-i asd loonai daaday.
ti-ostrN iztLitr coups xa m. vzrra
' ' tm ui; J Fila-ra ia eaea umia
X iSj K ?-, SO. a. A. E XCXTB TBI
5 ai --1 l&scwUr uf each M:l.
A Li HA LOu-sZ SO. C. K. CF F JfriT
. ..r5.I '4--.i:ay ereaiii at Odd fcum
fea. - '::.-f iia.v. ta ta food "trn ea-
- I-3Tiit ai-Cid.
u -x: asHi tin wed&eadajm tm
En 15 E L. FAEROTT W. W.
Jiam. s ecy.
pCrOrCHAfTEaLNO.S.0. E. i.MAjTT9
v I He i-i aad :.mS TaarMUTS td cae
-IA: i-ii KacT. j.
S v. ..-tJt E cr AKI'EJcV. MEET
rt ; a.l iftifi Ta-tday J rack awata
1 j aaciair bci.
K. W. M-jjjja, T. C.
.i.S VF Hit ttoELIo. Omk Cam
:c . 11 ii OH Tci'xm- Ba.1
: -Tt.-y 1.1, arf ,a4 a Mnxyimt
Vu.uii; a taboi aivat velroaa
"- F-1 c. C
LliSIiS LOuuE. NO. a. L a O. F.
-1 1 :-dT ereli.c f ark mwr mM
ja 11J rr.iviw Ic2i at I ii Ii m
r - ro: : iKlv-r la ciiod fUaodiac aremnt
T. . ittn. Sf r. I) 11 tti.t
! f
so diflicolt. Indeed, it ia folly to under
estimate the military ttreng'.b cf the,'
Trausvaal, which proceeds not alone'?
C. W. PARKS cS: CO., Grocers.
' .-.esii t tne 01 ;k.e VVprij
; Ct ii s :.f N . r ; .. t ar.l
i' j ii'? i j.:".
4 I
lk- r.a-EB7u! Loin.r. xc. x,
::;5ar ix:iuaaittca:FC aa ta
' 11. ". -v:i-t au-1 iofir.a Taumiaj
-. T . ; .v.: t. t.-r- rr)ii--lU W al-
l..fii . . . l- ..... imucnraw
"v.i. , A.11.; i.i to a;3n-i.
,-. v, r CHAS. L. HAJlLEY, E.B,
p- bi R,; loi-jE. no. it. a. o. r. w.
-:r I kcii ;2ee.wtd aad toarU Moodara al
. - - - v,-, e.wa aau-
K"kkv Mountain bcenerv riio"a-L
1 11
ii e
I..? !
u'atiou, but also from tLe nature o! the j
countrv iteelf.
i:.n4lJ.i,.lt. ., i t-r tne purpose .( bujiug
... ... - ,, . r.. .. i thiei-hing Iiii(liii;e. II;
the Tranava.l and Great Kritain. would 1 "L,ke' a,,J ,e u,ufJ LuB"! "'turJay. ;
march oa Kimberiy, the diamond min- ";l ' 'J 'rt' r "r j
t , i i (, ;. i puriuuM'd a 111 ar'.i -I e.
tag center oi Cape colony, and alter v.a'.y j
caoture be farther calcul'atee that be will : 'i'ti e -i l..fe i ' tr of the Da.
be the maater of Cape Town a fortnight
after the declaration of war, and (hat he
Creek people; ete in tow ti S.ilu d iy, j
tudii.g rr tusthng ui3tcf:ati a.
Kid ile ia I'tvoiiiiiig known far uinl w:de,
and j isily, iio, fir it'.t Lu'ur e-i activity.
It's the pUca io Bectire bargains.
Juo. M. Jackson has completed a aat- '
Sas FuASueto, June k'0. Four trans
ports will sail for Manila within a week,
and a fifth will eocn leave. The etxamer
Zealattdia is now si'beduled to aail ou
Tburaday. Tha fjberman and Pennsyl
vania, w ill depart together on Saturday,
and the Valencia will lollow oil Sunday.
The Wyelield, carrying only friegbt, will
depart early next week.
T(ie Zealandia will take part of tbe
Twanty-fourtb infantry aud tbo A'aleocia
wilt take tbe remainder. Tbe troops
that have been Assigned to tbe Sherman
and Pennsylvania will arrive late in tbe
will then be able to dictate terms
ieueral Joubert'e forte, it heeui", will
cousist of -.'0,000 men, armed with
Mauser rifles, in a Milton to -JO ipick-tir- : er svsic:n t.ear li - e'ore that will be very
ing guna and 100 artillerymen, tuost of neeful durittg the dry weather, ami alo
them drawn from the German and the j in cite of fire. II- hai recent ty had a
Dutch armies. With these troops he also laig we I dug nt;d by ineaus o' a fon-e
expects to receive assistance fintn the I pump an 1 a long Iitii ot hose, he can
id F
. ur Ksutis i art
Lio au ' I 't r.ver.
i.vvrvi r.
I s. Weal.
: j'.;:. ' : a viy . i-ier
l a- er :uva tn-re i e
lid Ivr.ver. I'eK.itiaiir
-t Ilxi .;i.-ioi;s thrfi davs
range Free S'ate.
Now in Session at McMinnville.
Large Uelegation Present.
McMi.nnvili.e, June 21, The city ia
laatefully decorated in honor ol the G.
A. U. eucampmeiit. The large camping
grounds ia already welt tilied with camp
ers, and many delegations are here.
The programme for the encampment ia
as follows :
Tuesday Forenoon Receiving aud
locating delegates and visitors. After
noon Convention work, livening
Wednesday Foreuoou grand parade ;
session work. Afternoon Session work
and drill ot echool cadets. Evening
Camp fire at the coui thoueo lawn ; toast
master. Captain J. A. Madcn, presiding.
Thursday Forenoon Drill by Manila
Guards, rossion work. Afternoon
Tbe procession for (lie parade today
will be formed as follows :
Custer post bant' ; four lady guards,
mounted; olHccra of G. A. K. in car
riages; G. A. II. ; W. It. C. ; Kona of Vet
erans; Union Veterans' t'uion; Ladies
of G. A. It.; Indian war veteraos; Ma
nila Guards; school cadetn; school child
ren; fraternal orders; fire department ;
citizens; bicycles. The procession will
i Stan 1 in (rout of his store inn tl,i. the
! water across the s'reet, thus kjepti g the
duM laid and the atr cool.
A i.l"U0l I l.Llilt-liAIION.
if energy and activity coutit for any
thing, Kiddlo will have a greit calebra
tiou cu tin Fourth of July, or "bint" a
tiying : atul it it an assured tact that we
will just i-iuipiy cihpto uii) thing ever
ut tempted in Sitith Several
drilla will he on exhibition, among II. em
allagdri l. Music will bo furnished by
tin) famoua Mjrlle Cietk band, aud
sporis of various kinds will make lively
the hearts of youni; and old. Mits Aud
rey Kiddle will be the God.lesjof Lilier
ty. A splendid oration I y lhat ''ptiuce
of good fellows," O. P. Coshow, will bo
a feature Hint tiiutt not escape uieulion.
It ia expected that 2000 pooj ! or more
will bo present, and tola of goui
things to eat, may be depended
on to supply the want of all.
At night a grand display of lirewcrke
will make the hcavciiu bright with
beauty, and illume the darkened atmca
phere with a imliaiKit rare oi.d dazzling.
Kllil l.'.K.
Speaking of High Grade Wheels!
Whiln wo bbve Ituperiala ht $lio nt.d S.'ii) our SHo wl.ei 1 i- j i.-t a-
ifii.ii uuACt: as our ot) oue. thf itiftWo nee l?itiisitup!y in tb tini-li
I'll' ahov inentiotieil wboeli nr just as hie;U fjru a-. :nv vh
ta the market anJ NONE ia tsuperiur in tuftterial or uiwh;
Tbe olJest wbeels uow iu us in thecity aio Imperials. Fu
wbeeU Lave been io coaslaut nsi sines lS'.'lI
Omaha, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Chicago
and the Last.
i I:? u's su ! aty Ii.form.uion Ke-a'-
1 . g Ktt"s, K''iiies. etc., or for IVs
? i '. Advertising M&tter. call oa
A;eut!il t' Kailay vt Navigation
Co.. rej;.'ti !lort line or Southern
Pacific Comr-"ie?.
S. K. I.OOi f::,
Generni Pass Agent,
Denver, Col.
K. C. Mi 110L,
Oeneral Atent,
2.M !i. St. iVftland Or
rroIclonal Cards.
OH li K, o Jact-oc Sirwl, at rca
i Jcace of Jtra. J. Bitacr.
tJOctBCRli. OS
KCiKaCiQ. Oft.
Kxa T and S
r'. ..- Av Wfjoa Btoik.
CilVE I'd A TRIAL. lino pm,, m!UII f.o.
m:i: iit:i.tvi Hv. uomtitt itu, tti t.o.
ia. HAM BV.
K- iv a Cit'-iic.:,
Ie'.ii'tioiie No. 4.
-Vttorney at Law,
rj!or Jt Wilson Ult.
ROilBCRG. UUliOji.
I P. Benedick
Roscburg P. O. Hours.
Week days. ti.UO a. m. to S p. ta. Sua
djvs and hoiidaic, ti:-J tol'tOO a. m.
sti.l 'ioO to 7:oJ p. tu.
srvi.i: tri lls.
lv s;'ti :-g to MaisM'u. l Ivparta ev
ery day nt o a. m. ; strives every morn
ti g
Iivel ii'g to Myitl-t Flint. Dei-a'ts
ev: rr day ! a. m ; ariives every
.i.i't ting
ll i c' tit i MiliAv.c.1 IV. ar.s every
day ec. p: s-.i.iilays at 7 a.m.; arrives
-ciy d.'.v aiv;'! Sv.iid.iya si 4: -5 p.m.
II m ' nrg to 1 e.' I'cp.-.its ;d..i y, ex
cept: s tu in at 7 a. m.; arrive dally,
'V. cp' Sutid.ll lit j p. III.
Ko.-eintrg to Ltultfj IVputa 'iiica
il.iii a:.d Fridtyr at I p. in. ; arriy ,
Tue !.! ii ! l-i'ij!";! 11: to a. m.
Koim 1 a:.l i
ciiy Trea-uicr's Notice
There are runiots of auspicious circtim-
Btatice) coiiiicclcd ivhh the burning (if j f
tbe big railroad tri-jt'o ut Leland, S.itur- j
day night, wliieh indica o that the fi"l.
was of incendiary origin. The fire w hen I w
Undertake? mid Embnlmei1.
Any Job Work t!
march to the courthouse, where Senator i discovered seemed to luvo caught near j f Reasonable Rate
Mulkey will deliver he main a-ldrcsa of ltl0 bottom. The liro ia ipiity an expnn- f
the encampment
sive one to tho company.
Nut e i:' lii r. I y tiveti to a'l pftaone
Kl nc Kim !".!; i';.i v warrant! tndotreJ
r j pri- r ',1 .1 tii l', 1VI, t. pre.-kMit
j ? the -mi'' .t !' i i liiMnui r'j or..e t;i
d ' the l it li.U! l-ir payment, a.- interest will tlieic'.i-i niier ihe date, if this
31 n.t:.v
t Dated a! Kiv biire. ( ir.. lliii ttiiil. div
'nf Match, I .;.. lii.i. Cua v,
'ity Tr.ii-iiirr,
y R. Vi?lIXI3,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Wdl pt :ie ia all tA eoarU ot lk 8UU. M
S la txater Baiidius, Oaaclaa waaty, Oa.
Attorney at Law,
Koeuti 1 A i, Martrr Bid.; lvOsKBCKU. OaU
aFBusin-.-r-. ix'fi-re tha U.S. Lalld OSSe aa4
miuiuj cai-s a iixiaity.
Lu RCx-civcr C. a. Land Oatco.
Q'i.t.FO. K. HCUCK,
IMiyscian : Surgeon.
P.-m e;t:iv k'.l.
I'li.iiH-, Mil .0.
1UYIIASAN, Notary Public,
. t toi u cy-at-Law.
Collections a Specialty.
Mrlcm fu;l! i . KOEBCKU,OS
To I . an:-Fro a -AX) to (o.tOJ. op
first class nii'ity. A-Mreis,
r II. Pitf-rrii., Koflphnr, thi