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The Plaindealer
Job Printing
I - . hilt fir ADS
... H OPES. fcTC
N better field thaa Southern Ore
Ken; a better medium through which
la Advertise.
l.iuul hurt HOIK at prca
con.-teat ita (.d rk.
Vol. XXX.
1131 A I TTW A 1
I -I
Paid the Orcgan Volunteers by a
Manila Paper
No Veterans of Wellington, Napoleon
or Grant could have done
Homesteaders Lined Up to Fil on
Ule Lands. !
IVbanuo, Colo.. May 3. Ab ut 100
hoiuestea'ieis were line.l np nt the land
office lie'e today prepared to make fil
ing on c aims in the Ute reservation,
which will t. f-pened (or settlement at
noon tomorrow. M.-uiv .-.tool in lint all
night, an 1 tin- numier is slowly aug
mented. Settlers are divided in cpini&u
as to the medio! of Sling.
San fernando Occupied by Mac
Arthur's Division
State News.
In the bitt'e of Malaboa on Saturday,
March 23th the S.-coud Oregon regimeut
LT. S. V. took an ao:iva and leading part
and displayed courage, valor and endur
ance if the higliest order. Fi r years t ) i
coma ths work of tl ii regiment latt Sat
urday will be pointed out as an example
of whit caa be achiiveJ by volunteer?.
No veterans of Weliiagtoa or Napoleon
or Grant couM haw doue better. No
one can po eib'y conceive the heroic
Tue Jefferson bicycle club annonncte
that it will test the constitutionality of
the Lirye'.e tax. An Albanv lawyer lias
been employed 1 1 !egin a test ce.
Superintendent J. 11. Lee, of the Ore-!
Five Hundred Troops are at the Scene
of the Recent W'ardner
Populists Bent on Nominating Bryan :
Second-Hand Candidate i
Tor the Democrats.
New Store !
r.-t .a t n! I ! Wa-h
iIik S"'i!h mi l
liigtou :!!r .1 lnu i.I III" J"'i!ii ' j
WiV, uti l ..., l'it no pow er h i ear li i i
van hii j- U lion iiihti'in uf Iir an. Ti-1
New Goods!
Manila, May 3. t :5" p. n:. M.ijor-
i .eneral MarArthtir , dm-io-i advanced
j to San Fernando today and f .nr..l that
tlwt r.liifo h:i! te,t hv 4iMir..'t hv ihp
gon peniientiarv, hai betrnn the work of i . , , , ,. ...
, .. . relw;., w ho left a d. tat hn:ci.t to i- ver
, ., ' , , their trail bv tram, .ent ral ..lac Arthur i
h.ici.iu. .initio I'H vil ii.v.- . . -.1 . .
lj j. cecipie 1 he burning ton n wiihout loss.
I The reb-ls Fontli of Manila utt.'i.:;.vd to
K?pte;entative Tonje lm K.vepted j rllf j, thronjh ;..n-r v'wnshiriH'e l;ne
i aa invitation todtliver t!ie addr.-s- a; ; (a1 nij.llt r.. 8tI.ipt faded, bnt the
bravery of the Sjeoad O.-e-oa on thU:'" ' - - 'ene; maii.;aina a ot n.ueiry
i over tii! " - v..... ". on trie iiirt:i in'antrr reum-ni I t. v-
! erl !iour?. Th deiiioi-firati in wa"ii.-
rffeetiiid beyond (.ariii( tt.e inhal itinls
jofMaliV. the cntuwtsof the IShi.i
? i i. i . .-.i I i
occasion unless ue uaa j.tcj oci wit,
battle field ; over the insurgent j r
one after another; t iroaj i the thicset Mr Hermann of the general Un.I cf
i : u. . .t,.i,u. ' tice. "ransxitte l a sra'eaient of aj
foroOOyardi ths bjys face I a eteady
rain of bnlleta; aii up tjtae fiaal iasur
est lin?a nh'ch consisted really ol a
fort with etona Ioj? h jits. This ij not
exaggeration. It is nol half the truth.
'JThe who'.e trn hcoDo rn'mj the work of
Ibifl regim?nt will not be written. No
one saw it ali. aad descriptions of those
counts bTteeu the United States and land California regiments U'yond ati
popii ih'b w:ii hold a i en: ion lira', he j
!. (, ! r.i !ni:i it- hi :., a:;d the d.-nio- j
rr.i(Hll in. lo ?- the roiiiina'i-tu, and
lh- -i, i.-i.u'.liriin will fall in'o hue
an I ni' port i'..-yan as ihev did i i 15. .
Tt . r: I ... t .1 .J. .... I -r
t il i.-.i i. il' VI . J . ' j.
:oi:i.!.. r ..! li i-'ern deinocrits to take j
i!.-y..:i a i'-r the ! p'.liisls !i.- Vs 1:1 id e l.UU
tln ir . l.i'e. Many ' f the-u thought
it vi.;.s "ua-I i r.-;ij! t have hi.n rnnniug
0:1 lie p ;!:!!'; In k-t '.tire- tarai',
alt-T t'.:e de:.i .. 1.1I '. liad put h'ai pi hat
to i.t .i: liii: 1- mote ;!i .:i rn iny iau j
ttand. J
An ?.r.y pu.t imnitnatioa 1 1 r.ryan
111 y n-'-r,: .e lern"Ci's a y
ont. i W i ll i hive n'J exi'iife to
1. : ' - ";u-'; 1 i v 1 ' if 1 hey C. iuid
c. i-.e.. ir inn.
flr.iih Captain Awarded fur Services
the 6:ae of Oregon, giving to the latter
1470, being 3 er cent oi the net pro
ceeds of government pu'l;c 'and f a'e? :n
Oregon in 1S.S
Very Rev. F. X. Blanche' , adminis
trator if Oregon, has been otScially in
foraoeJ by the iuo.-t Btt. Endiop
rashes through fii'di whera the air was , Cbrtstie, tnt. b:shop LSn-'-ie, his ti-en
Uirly cha-fei widi paleicg lead woulJ j appointed srch'ii?h--p of Oregon. B'u-h-,
rdly be brlieved. Why was ihe regi- i op t'nritie will take h i'cs i f the an h
aot antiihilatei? tiod onlv know?. ! dioce of Oregon on June 15th.
rnerew''t'1J fying that U uie8a! Ed. E. lVaiovk.of Grve creek, says
ton of lea-' ki l 8'dier- Toe natives ! tbe Minio4 joaraa)i brought to t iwo this
, v'j poor mar Ksmtn. xuis
are phenoue . .
, . . , rf providence savtd the
fact and a favor..
. 4. plhsr regiments
Oregons, is it d.
from deetroc'.icn. r
, ... -wiurig Mans
The insurgents with
era threw torrents of leaden ou'
lines at random jo.-ne bu SJU6.
find a victim.
Cnl Snmmers ehoald ba proud
. "rue
regiment; taa ttga'.a -vrmy aa. a an coaimiaioner, so! iiers home, pen
ehonld be proad of tlis record an. t-.:. T!Qm. rer.rm. blind
the good people of the great state of ,'r nd dnrab are entitled
week a big nnet of g l l that was
picked up on hi placer claim four miles
above Flacjr. It -vas a beauty and
weighed lT.'j oaice, anl was valued at
f3. But such diecoveries sre not .on
common io cur section.
Attorney Genera! Blackburn has given
kjs j his opinion that the fool and dairy com
missioners, game and forestry warden,
Oregon :an words expresi ho- they
feel? People of Oregon, yanr sons have
this day proved that their blood is like
that ehei at and Banker
Hill. Freedom, Manila, P. I.
Latest News Brought Out by tbe Last
Party From Dawson.
to prt.
Ming at the expense of tbe state.
and that
tbe eta'e toi'd of dental exam-
Se attle. May 2. II. J. Cameron and
Fred Hall arrived from Dawson this
morning nith news to April 13th. They
bad a terrible trip oyer the fast-breaking
ice on tbe Yukon and lakes. They will
probably be the last arrivals before tbe
river opens. They were compelled to
abandon their sled at White Horse rap
ids after pulling it through many miles
ol sloeh. They waded through a foot
or more of water to the foot of Bennett.
They claim to be tbe last party that will
leave Dawson before the break-op. !
Tbe miners at Circle City Lave formed
t combine to keep Mp wages. Taey
chum that owners threatened to cut
wages', but the onion established a scale
of (1 an .'ionr, and appears to be etrong
enough to ecfoice it. Tbe loading or
unloading of boats is iccluded in the
wage scale.
Ferdinand Anderson died at the Daw
eon police barracks April i!b, after enS
erinir terribly from a wound inflicted
with suicidal intent a year before when
minicg on Qoai tz creek.
Ronald Morrison reported on arrival
at Dawson, April 9th, that a strike bad
been made on Talare creek. The
stream flows into the Yokon, 100 miles
eootb of Dawson. He saw a fo0 nugget
taken from the discovery claim.
iners. med.-5 "amsnere, barters com
mission and b cf P-armicy are cot.
Promoter Wal.''- representative ol
the colonv, made payment of 1 10.000. at
Monroe Mondav, toTardi purchasing-
lands and mills spct:. orui -ai
agreement. Tois U the pivment in
fall. Toenew owcrs Ue cnar-e im
mediately, and the invoicing wid begin
Saturday. Jones. no:s bactmg tbe
scheme financially, is ill at his home in
Cottage Orove, but this did not hinder
the fulfillment of a'l asreeicents. Ea
gene Register.
Toeflay night, burglars entered the
merchandise store of L. Lurch, in thie
city throogh a side window. They
broke open one money drawer, bat only
secured a few cents in small change,
which bad not been put in the safe.
Two gold watches,. 4 pocket knives and
some tobacco was al taken. A chisel
and a saw were left tihich Lai been
taken fram Stocrfcr's planner. Thcra is
no clue. At 3 o'clock the same night
Miss Ileicrica wj awakened by some
one trying to get in to her Jlilhneiy
store. Miss Heinrich says they ttrack
match an l bold it np to the window,
and ibat she coul I eee their bands,
but was afraid to get op. Cottage
Grove Leader.
Pedro Macati were also attacked durii g
ttie ui;:li'. liereral I. in ton is i-iill
ij'iarierel at Balii.air.
l the
. M .v 1 A r in
. i j.4it:tt.i.g'o ta):
actut'llaa w;:h the leipest o! Ad-
Cabinet Satisfied.
W, Mv 5 Three tn-m
of the cai', linge, Alrr an.l Griggs, j
were a-s-iit fr irxt tclay's meeting. The!
prei lent ar.d riliirjet regarded the fi!u- i
tion in th l'hilitn.ine a ii '
uui ti I' n-i, .- iieijiv L r.g ha? ( re i i-i A V.". i; i S::.r, cir:r ol ihe
I'r ;.-i t.atili ii. ., a il u ih'ono.
u. r .a ie-'V'.i'i- i f Lis eev:ce to
ll.r" A -i.i'iv ; , i..i:.-i ii ;na.e iulciv af r
I hi? !m ll-- ol May 1, In c.jii tun i:a'ii
w.:!. th .:.; ; -. r.n r g i- rii at
Ma:. :la fir A la.iiai i'. aey. Cuptain
II ' ' i i i.i i t Ii .it t: e 'L I" tl if
i.vitir. l'-arv i i ::v-v ki ig- i'
noti h?t.:i:..g th fiibttii. ?,lUf spirisrds ia Mat.iU. The admiril
eirlvsir.-nl-rnf.he inirgmifm-t.,..,. t, Jr., ,., .,.,.::, , uvmir.
anticipated. r.j , , v Rl; jAr , . n f t caUe
PoMmaveM.eneral S nith tea i to -In;!,,, Mj8j . , ,, K.,D(tf
Cibm.t a lefer fr jm Kdward A' in-.)i. , ,
rir m n. i i I I le r. .j , tl a t.O. C K-
pres:deat or the Au't-IwperiaSi-t ic I , : i .: ', . ,i i ti. c
r r ii i-l i.j,!oC'H mi 1 ne. 1 lie .-pn-
L.guf. asaios rwi-wi it to.:,., r,.? .... , i .... r.,u .
fe 'eveijl ,-n i:ters aiiirb the
al u .!"-i.'cl t.i r."--r,t ! j ths rtpn-
i -r. ol t:.e . i' -!, a-i j'i-i, . an 1 1 aj .-.
g--:i. i y lu- icIi ioj
a': :r.
Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Bought and 5old
Low Prices! Free Delivery j
' loil.r
the officers rervirg in the T, . ,
Philippine! cjp:ei of the interdic'.iil
litera'are of the leago?. The le'.ter aa
j . . i i . . I :. . . .1.. .
uaieJ ptr.rrai uai s ago, aiei u a me i ( j. ;
receipt cf this le'.ter whic-h in la"e I t: e , t 3n,lna;
poetofBce departru-nt to take ae'i .
No reply i- to' made t i;.
Taught a Lesson
Vaxcoi'ita, B. C. fay 1 Kerei.t
Hong Kong advices say Ad i.irul i'eafj
gave a French cruder a leeson in naval
courtesy recently. Wh?n t ie cruiser
Jian Bart arrived al Manila, th? gave a
rear-admiral salute. AdoiiraJ lee
ordered the salase to be returned exactly
as given, lie then sent an officer to the
Jean Birt to call a'tentjin to lsadn-.i-ral's
ppnant, whicii they ha S up) areUlt
not noticed.
Affairs at Wardner.
nTiKm:m. Mav 4. There is a be-
Hief a"10nS members of congress that the
,nrnu;ni win can coogresa io mc i
.Sa;i tb probably in Oct
4 to
ThraMity is
Better Show
Tt ni 'the jnuUi
xuc wcauu is
millionaires is not ...
good health. Riches iviti
health are a curse, and yet the
rich, the middle classes and
the poor alike have, inHoof s
Sarsaparilla, a valuable as
sistant in getting and main
taining perfect health. It
never disappoints.
Scrofula-" Three years ago onr son,
now eleven, had a serious case of scrofula
andryslpelas with dreadful sores, discharg
ing "and itching constantly. He could not
walk. Several physicians did not help lor
ixtm months. Three months' treatment
with Hood's Sarsaparilla made him per-
: fectly well. We are glad W ten oiners oi
Mas. Davib Laibd, Ottawa, Kansas.
Nausea -"Vomiting spells, dizziness
i and prostration troubled me for years.
. Had neuralgia, jrrew weak and could not
. .iT M pi was airainst me. but Hood S
: Sarsaparilla cured me thoroughly. My inrrpauvl from 125 to 143 Iiounds. I
am tbe mother of nine children. Never felt
so well and strong since I was married as I
do now." Mas. M. A. Waiebs, 1029 Jd St.,
Washington, V. C.
Eczema--" We bad to tie the han'"
our two yea. old son on acco
on face axd limb -helped
wi-'-' BOO-
Ashland Notes.
(Ashland Tiding! )
Geo. G. Gillette, who went down to
Rosebnrg, Tueeday eyening, to see .the
Gillette-P.owley wedding knot properly
tied, is visiting in Portland f or a few
It is reported that a 1100 brick was
the result of the last run of ore from the
Ashland mine, amouutiog to about 40
tons. It is said that better ore than
ever is being opened np at this valuable
An order goes into effect over .the en
tire Southern Pacific system, June 1st
closing barrooms located at stations on
vroreity tn.ne4 by the company and
,.w..t ondtr leae from them. Tbe
order will close Lftrroom m the De
pot hotel at Ashland
J. Dereloam, proprietor of the county
poar ?arni, near Jacksonville, was in
Ashland je&lerduy. trying to get traces
fiye Lead of fiorees, s fad.lie and
Vrfi.beloncin8 which tuacd up
other. .4 farm ar,.l it in amiDosed
misiing aw pj,hu Jbe horses,
were stolen Tow .... . nt nn th-
i w&ra kpnt on the
which were all in. the
farm, were in the pa. ,.
house. No trace of me tiuei o.
had been secured at last report.
Large Amount of Provisions Capt
WaEUNta llUii. May 3 'f t.r-e .'.in-
dred a'l fifty miarj arcast of p-t:ci-paticg
in A'urliy' riot era noT ton
fined here un ler guir 1 of Cnitrr l StaVa
troops, urh to-lay a aruvais ol L .
troops are now ia the Coe ir d'AIene
d:st'ic', and all fear id fa'ther oo'breiks
is pasted.
There U tfi three chargrs aaintt
the prioters, na-ua y, noting, destroy
iaz pro;erty and stopping fie I'oitel
States mai's. Ii is uo'.;k!y t'lat all of Ihe
pri-onera will le trie I, hot th-y will t-e
held nntil evidence :s c.IiiC.d aair.ft
the leadtrs.
General Merrimau has his ha '-4 iait-
ers here, but a special train U l.e'd in
readine3 to carry him to any part of the
lietrLt whenever he U needed. A ma
jority of ;lia trcops are bel J in ILe yicir.-
ity of Wallace, Bark-, Gim and Malian,
owing to tha fact that most of the alleged
rioters are in tb .t d strnt
The itq'tefct over the bodies of Soilih
and Cheyne will probaMy last for st
least a week, as ahoit 103 w itnesses are
to be en:uin?J. Coroner France,
speaking of the inquitt ttjday, Biid :
"The iui'ie.-t is ia the natsre of a gran 1
jury investigation. I have been au'lnr
ized by Attorney-Genera! lU'e-.of I L
ho, to make tbe investigation as search
ing as ro-eible. We deaire to punif-h
tbe guilty and rsleae (be innocent as
soon as possible."
TUB I.SabEKS lliVt til.U'EU.
Washington, May 5. The war de
partmect has received the following dis
patch from Genera! Merriam :
"Wardoer, Idaho, May 3. Adjutant-
General, Washington: The ir.ijuest is
still In provttit f ith closed doors. One
hundred and twenty-eight arrests Lave
been made by state officers under mili
tary snpport. No signs of reels acce are
visible, but indications re that most of
tbe leaders of the mob have escaped by
going East and Test into Montana
and Washington, Others are hiding in
tbe mountains. The sheriff at Thomp
son Falls, Mont., reports many arriving
on foot over tbe mountain trails. The
governors of Idaho and Montana are cor
responding to f fleet arrcets in Montana
The' trooP are in a position to do all
thatlsposslt:!?: Tbere Is now no ap
pearance of organized resistance.
i.-jr A tu.iril Bra li .-i l hi c:.tu;.!rtej
arrn.- n.eii's i wli:. h ti.e United
--tatt' have cvul.t.g stations we'ldis
tr.ti :'. i e:r:eg a it an 1 to
the A:. i rlein ! v i-: ese cf a'. r.--ce-
U: g- t, c jr. !i-.nii M.;.-io 1; ,
Ca'.. arc exi-r te i to b- c 'Uipletel i ,
an J a oa'irji-i:.'ioo .!! w it'aj'a-t
there. Coa:aiaa ! r J. F. M'r.,4i0
hat t-ceu a-i-uv.ed to command IIh T"
sta'-.on at !! nolulu, it) ia confeyia:
U lay with B-ar-Adalirtl Bradf rJ, -c
gr.tir:i l!ie c .: i-tr-.c i n of cxolitg h y'.r,
lip! ar.d v.!irves nt IIj.J ilu, wlre
1'iere w ;i. h a r-oal pile of tM' y O I n f .
Te o'.li-T. B.i is, nib has pro'-a-b!y
arrived a'. Apt, has 4"0 !on if coal
oa boar J. anl the Abiren la. ea route 'o
the taow p'.ai e, cariies SXO tors.
Fpoa the r.rrivai of the Yc; snit- at
Guaii, Captain I.-ary wi.l deteraine Ihe
best t-.l:- for a oiling s'ati n, and lO.tXS)
or 13 '"-'J tons ni'l U- k-pt at ilut point.
.Vlxiira! IiWi y r.o h..? tons of
Cjal nt Cavlte. IT,'.! to.) ialhewa,
a:. I -j.J tons . II! leave this country to
day for Ma:, ill.
Ia the At'an io a toal pil-f t-l 3A) tors
i-5 malr.'a ne I at .Sin .1 laa. a coal bu'k
with 73,1 ".'O tot.s n ta'i j:i-.! .it Guaota
caaioatid TiKx) I al Kev West.
Current News.
An Aaieriean packii.g (irr.i will thip at
ojcu 1,'A'O.iX'O poinds of dressed ttel to
the aroiy 13 tU 1 nMppmei and ttie sol
dier" are eaer tj gc; it. Tt-ey know
from cipeii-nce that lti- nartnadenn
American tfe. cnnr.l or otliT. ia HO
pjrta in 1'AtJ mera fraai and talsehood.
Tii- So Them Paeiflc cvi let.tly expects
to d nonie t.u.iuejis this vea, as it has
ordered ll.e consiruclion of three thous
and tew freight cars and thirty-six loco
ni"tiv. g. a cumber rf which ore slrea ty
coivpie'eJ It is exiec!eil that Un re
will le u e lor ail o! tlietn in moving
California's big crop which from prefent
apptaran' e wiil be the Urg-st in its li
At are:, nt ekci:a ii Hays Ci'-,
Kan., a ticket conipise.l of b i s v--is run
agatnst the 1 1 1 u'.en, and the bojs won
oat io a canter. Fred HalTamitr, the
major, ia barejy twet.'y-one, ar.d only
one of the coancitaien is older than
twenty-three, if. If inner was hern in
the ton ie. Tw j of the connciln.en
were privatei in the Twenty Hrtt Kan
Colonel Fanston ii t'ie Rw-H Velt of
the Philippine campaign. II p'ace is
always at thp front, wbere he takes more
oppoitunities than any one el- finds to
win personal ditinc:i jp. If ho lives,
Colonel Fur.s'on wiil .r i' -1 v he able
to make his choice letacen a cmnii.
sion in the regular Army a:: I a great
political career ia his honi-.? Btute. lie
is already a republican favorite for gv
ernor ol U ns.m,
s Complete and c
Excellent (SjuaHtvr
BMv(irif(4( a tatol f.,-1 C. i.sDatr. ...
iTirt or
. Jfjirph Ma.ora
in. A. MlT
1 T. (i
f. I. tmobar
M'Ji.l. Fif. I ritru-ilrc.
i slate rr.tilr
9 -r alor...
CObL8TI50 Ol"
Lsdiea' Drws Gk.1s. Kibbous, Trimmiirs
Laces, lie, lie
-also a risi sTocr or-
hoots ii iioi
Of th4 bMt qaalitT ul lalsh.
Wood, WUIow aad Glasa VTare,
Crockery, Cordage, Etc.
aUao c hand ta Urri saiatittw md at prtcat t
wit laa ttaav, Al a ktrg atack af
Custom-Made ClotMng
For Choice
Call at Stanton's for 44 L. P. M"
or tha-
Southern Paclilc Co.
Lv. - PoniaiMl - At"
I Lr. Roab-t Lt.
i At. - fcaa Fraaritro Lt.
i r.
t 4.
sot r. a
J. H. irttriiia
. H. LaMM
.UK. . Bta'abor-f
. a
iuitm Jod?i It;. K. WotTeroQ
'E 8. Beaa
aacojrD ictticiaA biaraaci.
i'te i. W. Kami'tor
r-rM?r-tiuuf Atfrrut- Ga. M. is row
c. a. Laso orncs, acasaraM..
BeeaHrer H.nrjr Boll
i"tCT ;. T. brief
s. wiTaB scaaac.
Ke- reaeolaUrea
i Gla-
A. W. Kead
Jw. W. WII
J. W . Cra
I r. G,iW
.at L. PtofiawBa
l. lAmmiCM.
arhool a peri ute ruiest,
Coaaij J u4(r
ihaey Iair tar
H. B. Htltrt'
)M U. T bom tow
rjm. Bjin"
utr Tatrl
Dr. E. V. ifoarrr
raxciacr omens.
.H. VtCer
..Ii a. raber
Maor .. .
citt or tctKinrn.
A C Maratctw
W. M. Inter
Lat Warl
tul Warf
ata War!
T ia'r
iF Br
- w. ir.rk
if W.finMW
iw. K. iU-
tA. fietcm
f.J. Lcuilrr
I r . W. W n jrr
H. CftO-BB.
- U. B. W
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F. - Imiaod
at. I Ar.
i re. f. M. i Ar.
( A. V. I Ar.
IS Y. M. ! A.'.
J A. H. I Ar.
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We give prompt attention
to all Mail Orders.
Oa-ien Ar. t W P. M .
IjTr Lr. I .!. M.
raaia Ar. I A. 't
CLi j Lt. : Y. M
Urn I A Y. H
Ea J aw Ar 2 ii P. M.
I UP. M. ; Ar. Fort Worth A.-. I A. M.
iiA, M Ar. Sew Orteasa Ar I ) Y. M
Daaains: Catrai OoKrratloa Catrai.
PaU-oan Crt ctaw aad tor. can aiiarl
to an trola.
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IK ol te city of Bawfcwrf
n.r'.t tear r. ri jiitt'i Ib aeh atsctstlk at
o cork p. ta.
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la ia Ji-nvh. ir- t:a Kotxlaj ia Jtaac. aa4 Um
Ut MutvU; Imxmtxr i. a). Bataiiioaot
BV,-cti3.- -,. at Brows, at B twin
I OSU' T yr.r: ulM the 1st W) mtl
't- Im Ji-t.L .-i Jaatury. ILarca, May. Jvtj,
la! OTT91BT. ioa. Lim ii
Draui, jii-lj; JL D T!mbum cat reo-iabaus
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DOeESCiitj 11VISI05 SO C,LOrkl
aas verT Moatdaad loon null)
lVC'H.V - tiLitr foaPS NO. H. UakT -
trvi asM u.ird Fuoara ia ata. im
A. C. MAR5TERS t5c CO.
T j a. i Lt
H i a ' Ar
Pwtu-ui -rrrai;
At. I r.
Lt. ! I -.OP. a
At Aibani aad IXmrrmla concert wild tni
it I !.; A Eaaaera rilrowia.
In -K.cil.ocs raeca-r tialty (curp; ualiv)
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fjENOJo-I, No. , G.
rl aal inu-ii ltiira
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ror-aod -?e-.aieace
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Lr. a-1 a.
A HV HA UjiA.L XC. 4T. or P.. Mt.T
CTery eilj;ay ere; aa fce - -HaiL
Vltt-j" k ..z.-tta ia -
ltau.jianM '. attM.
his is the Place
to Buy
b KOKHLEtC C.U MltiHia.
Masater. O. F. A i'aM. f '
poaTLAvn oxEt-os.
IM with
Lhiaa. Ti.
fK tarxrt. :i.-aeu aoa ra" rati a -r a-t-
ilraLB OiMVfcE Jlnti vr V. 4". L- S1X5,
I I.r-t c-.t.ixion at MQ Fratu I
y ,t.'-.i.ij, ;im S--r H.i. 0,-n, Iti
J AC'iiL Lui.-a, A. t A A V . KZ.'Trij40
S.T. Jawirr, S-eey.
p CVLBra., CHArTEJt. SO. LO. L 8-MaoTTf
ia ir-t a4 uinl
A fall and complete assortment
of all goods usually kept in a first
class grocery.
Everything offered ior sale is fresh;
and sold at very reasonable prices.
We have a very choice stock of
canned goods, including both fruits
and vegetables, to which we invite
your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
We carry the largest stock of to
baccos iu Southern Oregon.
0 I "Straic U
il-v'SlEX OF THE WORLD. Oak Caara
V Xa. 1 -' . rr.t'm ml th 1 j! FIm I...1
Ltsr. eTTTT ut. Sri .ad jta kfoaxUiT
fnot- aitlna; ne-ataor. htii a cicada.
O. f. lC-OT, ut
V.C Lf-M.?. CVlk-
b-tr in Old FeJov TceDi aa li aan
V-c-U-rl it order la n4 a.ljo anriavw.
k io aFco. B. w . si kOM,, 3. 4.
S. I. JiaiTT, Sec-y. I. 3. W T.
I la. m.
Rj p. o. r lr
I L' . I.ta.i
I -i ow-a mocia.
at the World"
The Favcrite Tranc-onlirf nlal Itco'e
LWtween the N-rthwrt and all
Points EaeT.
t'hoice of Two Kou'.es
Through tbe Famous
waar cotcmcBojrauoB. aa ta
toswokod aoa aucnA TkandaF
l Aa iKBbrtj "reqaeaaeat aai aa-
.-flrur.T. aad a-i Ttaiuaa bmam m.
; itiT:tl utauend
iHH L nmi rr a
tiA B. EU'DLX, scr.t.
K " - wwift, .1 j. im. a a, i'. w.
'v DRrta ihe acaoad aad fcna MoadaTa ad
soota a:7.A a. au al odd Feiioaa aaia.
M.c-.t.-aoi lae order la foorl i-r ala tar
rittJ to aUead.
C. W. PARKS c5c CO., Grocers.
g Rocky Mountain Scenery
F. W. R -arii.
Profeawlooavl Caaa-alav,
And Four Routes Fast
o! Pueblo and iVnver.
A'l Passengers tranted a day s op-over
in the Mormon Capital or anv where re
it ween Osden and lenver. lersonaliy
conducted Tourist Excursions three days
la week to
Omaha, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Chicago
and the East.
1 TTRA. BROWN, it. D.
OFFICE. x3 Jaclaoa Slreei, at ra.
ldccca o( Utk J. Uun.
BoosuT aud S
riv.r - tfiock.
EOaiKBrRa. Ola.
Washington, May 5. The war depart
ment bag ret eived the following:
"Manila, May 5. Tbe following cas
ualties occurred at San Tomae yesterday :
One officer, Lieutenant Toggart, ol the
Twentieth Kansaf, and four enlisted men
wpra Bliebtly wounded. Among the
wounded were General Fucston, in the
baud, slight.
"General Lawtou reports the capture
-'ver 150,000 bushels of rice and 250
f sugar at Baluagu. The value
ietence captured at Malolos ie
Much rice and corn belong
V were also captured at
insurgents destroyed
' nn of San Tomas,
'ie city of Han
England Confirms the Decision.
" Washington, May 3, It is learned
here that England lias mailed the reply
to the American communication on the
Alabka boundary question, and that it
has decided lo confirm the decision of
the Canadian officials who accepted the
United States provisional boundary,
with a few modifications. It is believed
America will accspt these, and the
boundary question will be bettled for the
time being. This applies to tha Daltou
trail from Chilkoot paas to Pyramid bsr-bor.
It may turi, out that some shrewd
American merchant in Hong Kong has
beou supplytog the Filipinos with shootr
Tot Travels Seven Thousand fliles
Vamoi vbh, 15. C, May 2. Mies Ida
Chamberlain, aged 5 veais arrived in the
City ti'lay from Lmdjit, England. Ma
has a history peculiarly her own. tier
ticket tells that the came from London to
Yaueouair, 8"d lit r dettination is fcauta
Monica or L'tg tleach ta!., a trip Of
about 7000 mile-', ma le entirely olono
Sb.o made boats ol good friends in her
iona- Inn. not one of whom she rouU tell
however, whero her tioaio yas or wjipre
she was going to
She rei.iembereJ traveling three days
to London, and a kind old man telling
her that aha would uicot friends all the
way o California, and so she did.
In Vancouver tho o:ing Wo-nens
Christian Aaiocialioii took care of tho lit
tle traveler, and will see her safely ou
tho next steamer for San Francisco.
Ida says alio has had lots of fun tinea tha
left Lnglaud, and is ready to tako the
trip over again. She has $100 in a grip.
Kothirig like having the right wheel at
the ceieb-a'.ed Clevilin.l bicye'e, and
he lia'it plate and at th ? right price
Impeiial high grade bicycles are selling
from f 55 to V0, with U. & J. Morgan &
Wriiiht or any other tire that a ruatonur
mict.t denire. We abo havi teveral standing the late rainy season w
i I i.;. ...:.... . ,.,,.!..,. have il'.- .lv b 1 1 eijht Impcials and
peeoii'i ii.&ij'i u.j i-ivj-, .'bi.. j ----- -.
from 12 to t-0. We are also agents foi have o-.b-ra to-- mor.. ite,n.tiui y,
carrv b full line of bicycle
lamp1, I andie bars, t;r p, im I rims,
tires, inner and ou'rr cuioits, cemepts
oils. eh-. Kinclea repaired. Nolwilh-
For Tickets and anv Information Re-
sardins Kate. Routes, etc.. or for la
scriptive Advertising Matter call on
Agentslol Oregon Railway A arigauoo
lo.. Orea-ou bbort Line or Southern
Pacinc Companiee.
General Pass. A Ticket Agent,
Denver, Col.
General Agent,
251 Wash. M. Tortland Or.
Roseburg P.
Wetk davt.i.30a
I Ecviea Boi'.disc.
rciepb)Qe No. a.
Attorney at Law,
Taylor A '.Vioa Bik.
. O. tloan.
. m. io S p. m.
one Door souin un.v.
Kosrini-iiu, oF.UN,
At torn ey-at-Law. 1 and 2
Krview Bu.lnne. ROSEBCEG. OBtnx
dajs and boii ia.s, :30 to 9:00 a. m. Uttorney and Counselor at Law
and 5:30 to 7 :30 p.m. I WT11 prUo. u aU ta. om of ta, ub. oa!
Rosebnrg to Marshfield Pepatta ev-l Jt. CRAMSTOBD.
av aa t (i am W EFpivM at IfifV mAm. I
. " a ii . t
icg. .vuoraey ai law,
Roseburg to Myrtle Point. IVpartsI Eoom. lAI. Manters Bids;, ROeEBCas OE.
evtry day at 6 a. m ; arrives every
Roseburg to Millwood Departs eyery
day except Sundays at a. m.; arrives
every day except Sundays at 4:45 p.m.
Roseburg to Peel Departs rdaily, (ex-
cept SunJavi at 7 a.m.; arrives daily,
(evcept Suudayl at 3 p. m.
Roacburg to Lorley Departs Tues
days and Fridays at 1 p. m.; arrives
Tuesdays and V iidays at 11:30 a. ra.
Businoai before tha TJ. S. Land maw
auuuif caaea a apecialty.
Late RacaiTat C. 8. Lao4 OAtea,
Physcian cc Surgeon.
Oltca P't Otln-e BM.
1'Qene, Maiu -it.
P. Benedicl
. . . Undertaker' Bud Enibalmei.
Any Job Work Jone at
abV -w .. . a. ba...
t KeasonaDie Kaica, m, u
has been good to her en i a-wvrv'fVir
City Treasurer's Notice
Notice ia hereby given to all persons
holding Roseburg city warrants indorsed
prior to July 15, l&H, to present
tbe same at the city treasurer's office in
the city hall for payment, as iuterest will
coase thereon after tbe date ol this
Dated at Roseburg, Or., this 30th day
of March, IS99. Geo. Oaept,
City Treairot r
JA Dl CH ASAX, Notary rnblic,
Collections a Specialty.
Mars.'er Bu Miup
f nJerthe above motto I will ti'J eooHoac a
a'lrveT ha-aU partly I'eairinic bit aa-iataaea aa
aou;:iieer or nnnnr. Uj rharwea mux ba
reaaoua'o! and bit work (uaraatevd. Aaa al
Notary Publk.
Addr tia it at t Vn , Doc ft at Cav, Or.
Vril.1. I HFTDflN
I Ing material, and that it is of a 7ery poor
Every one
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