The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, March 27, 1899, Image 1

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    Vol. XXX.
No. 24.
Tnt Cliura-liea.
MlTlloilTOMiiln"ir-HiMiiri)l Mln and bans
itraata. Sunday Horvlnai Praaobltig, II . m
anrl 7 HO d. in. I Kabballl SeUool, 10 m.l L.
A. Walker. Hui.ir1nliii1ont! Wasa Moollng at
Ium ol morning surxroel Upwoilfc lnii
Mi., in. r. II, nmrchlll, I'rualdcnl. I'rarer
Moatliil. Wodneada)r,al7 SO !'
II, II, Atui.ii, I'a.tor,
l'aroiagn, oornar Malii and lane.
Sunday tmy. al II .in. ami 7;!Wp, in. 1'isy
ar mnotlim, 'I liuraday eve-lilng.
Mr.. I.ucv it. Cnuir, Tailor.
fir, iiiiiii r I'iu'mi ii. Jriin (' and
Main ttnuU. Heryleea uii aeeuud aul (mirth
Sunday mnnilng id eaeli mniilli and every nun
day evening. h' IkI aervleea annniini'ed (rout
lima In lime. Kv. t"un IUwhom,
M. K. I'llim' II, Hilirif.-H'ilwiVfijr Htlllday
nooning ami availing.
Uav. 1. T. :ui ion, I'wlur
rUrnai I aca -curio r ol I aim ami Unas
IriMil.. Sunday wrtli'v: Preaching at 1 1 a. in.
ml 7,. p. 111. Halilialli Hi mol at ID a. in . , I'.
I'natiiiw, ,fUirliilri.1i'Ol. I'rayer meeting al
: Vrliiradar ) I"B
H, A. lhifi.l... I'Mlnf.
riK.r i iihimns nit ii-'iiitiHi i'l line
ill Woodward,. trvi.. Hiinday ..rvlt
Proai'lilng holti mnnilng ami evening, Holiday at loa m. y.l'.H.:. K.aio w p.
Prajtr iikkiIiiii i'H it Wednesday evening at
.;, A cordial wHiwi and gnullng snit
,U 1 ' v, a. W.j.jn,
Fiat pna.avfraiArJ rneam rutin r l '
liad Hoar lret. Holiday iiiIh Public
w,.l,i., II a. in., ant 7 :m p. in ; Hl.baili
athool, II a. in. V. I". M. '. P.. al 7 , '.
Prayer rawtlng, vlnvlay riming 7..W !
J. A, 'lowjo-aKI'i
Mortals .flovtlnga.
HIM). KI.K. llOnF-llt'lUI I.OI11.K, Ml. IMS.
hold ihelr regular toniniunleailom al llit-
1 II. (I l halt mi wound ami luiirlU murauay
.. I... I. All iniiuilxini reullelol lit al
lend regularly, aiid all vl.llllig
lirollirra cur-
J..II. i..v,.dlo.i.l. ,AlJl,KViK
IKA H1MI K, rWr.tary.
Ta17hk7, 1XIHK, A. V. A. M .UKlltia
-t DiMUnta lha i.t au.l lili Wctiiwdari In
..cb month. ,ukkjo11nsmS, w.M.
N.T. Jawart, H wjr.
tlllll-KTAKlAM UK, NO.
i ii ti. r.
ntorla iMInntar
ar rvruliil ol tva
Ihnlr hall 111 (li YMum Inill.lo at ll'iMiri.
Mamhrra ol h imli'l lu mI aiamtlnf ar Invll
d taallnint. H. VV. hllKiM', N. l.
N. T. Jarr, :'y.
NO. IB. A. O. I', w.
mm U the t.mii1 ami tnurlli Muuitara ol
rb ronnlh al7.) . ro. al O-IJ rillwa nan.
Mottnf tbonrtlur In fixl alaiulliii are lu
Tiled iauio4.
i h. Hnl,
f. W. Hoarh, Miiain h r.
RjMimlrr. .
TjliflhT. NttW. O. A. .. SI KKTH Till
inl ali.1 Ihlrtl T6itlaa ol each ninmb,
I !JJ"
TirOMlillfRltl.IKr I'OKM NO.
VV Oral and Ihlia FrMaya In o
TJ OHKBU k(l I'll AITKIl. NO. a. O. K. H.. h
lb bt.l auJ tliiM TburtJajra ol
140 Ih.
.nurHl)kii UlVDilOS NO 7S, B. OF UI.,
IV maaUavwi avcoud and lourlb HuuOay.
A UHA ixUXl. NO. 47. K. OF f t MKri
HallT VlitttiiK nlalita lu uv.l ttaudliia w
aurtj rtivini w atuud.
: -
VOoiMK-OK " WOKI.Ii. Jink 1'ami;
W Nn lit m-' ll' O-ld fvilowj Hall
,n ft.t!r. ". rr'l.l. ar.l and Mb "
rtuolngi VI.UIHK ,u'l,'Nlr"1wlT,"(,''"'
. I -
I'rwfeaMloital Citrda).
raiu. rtui TVkTiH.
Attorucy s-at-Law ,
Roomt 7 and
Ttllur A Wllauu UIik a.
vy r. wiLua.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
win .i. i. .11 tha ninrta of tht HUta. Ol-
aoa In MaraWra lUildiun, Uulaa eunlr. Or.
T A. 11VCIIAN AN, Noluty
U a
Collections a Specialty.
Hihiiii a
aialvta lltilldliiK.
Koviow llulldtnx,
Tvlvnhnnu N. 4.
Attorney at Law,
llonltl H,
Taylor A Wllnoii 11 Ik
llniima I ami 'J
Huvluw llilllcllim
Attorney at Law,
n,,m. 1AJ. Uaratort Bld RO8KU0KU, OB
r"Bu.liK' bxlnro Iba U.U. Laud Office and
mluiuB oaaoa a aiouiauy.
Lato Booolvur U. B. Und Oflloo.
Northern Pacific Railroad Company
Aie eullliitf tickets to all poinla Hast at
ball Hie rcsuliir rateB.
lit n tt ui'iibi
Lw Auut No. 'i, Maroterg biilUllng,
OFFIOK, 6UU Jiiuknou btrout, at rva
lil'i'Acu u( Mr. J. Ulrvr.
jQK.ih). 10. 110UCK,
Physcian & Surgeon.
omoo liooiim uitW ii,
'Javlor ii llann,
i'limit', Main VI,
l New Store !
Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Bought und Sold
Low Prices!
Judge us
Judc us by what we arc doing. Judge us by the
continued increase of buyers. Judge us by the
DRY GOODS your friends have purchased of us.
Judge us by our Prices Get your friends to tell
you how much they paid. That is al) we ask.
New Spring Goods
The People's Store
A complete, line of
Dry Goods. Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Capes, Jackets,
and a tine line of Millinery Goods.
vvcrythiug New, purchased for Cash direct from Eastern
manufacturers, especially for the Eall Trade.
Call and cxaiminc Goods and Prices.
ompZc6c and
Excellent Quality.
We give prompt attention
Will soon be here and we have a fine line of NEW
CARPETS arriviug, also
In Latest Designs
all gootis are as encap as cousistaut witn good
No trouble to show
Alexander & Strong.
New Goods!
Free Delivery
Arriving Daily,
rushes and
to all Mail Orders.
and Coloriugs and the Price on
Battle Which Is txpected to Mark
the Turning Point in the War
Oregon Volunteer and Hie Twenty,
aecond Infantry Were the Hrst
Kejlmenfe fo Oo to the f ront.
M.tMkA, Mattli "3. N'Mio. I lie
eooiuy Ufitremrly ectiv in the fiduily
0 llalubou, pre jiarlnrf i)(ciimh, tvicletit
ly aiiiiclcaiinic an mtaik. Tlmj keep
well under cover. A email LoJy of
refwlc, however, inertd from the
jiiuglo on I he extreme led mnl tired on
Ibe Kan can lrom in Die, fatal
ly woutidioK I'rivtet Coln-o and
Ill- Ori'Kon Vuliinleufi) aiJ the
Twriil) inlaiit'y lua'i'ln d to the
fron. luday. Tfco T!;ird atd .Seven
te' nl.'i rPKiiiiutila liavo liuuiut tike d
frjn Hie therm an. dfiu rj! 11. (i. Otis'
bdgn.i airock tlieir t-tits ilna uioriiicg,
and an L-arly move la rotjlile.
Hixlcni Kaxlieli relngets artivtd here
yesterday from lJ.tgupan, tlie railroad
terminus, on bojrd i tie steamer 8atur
D'lr, Tiiey n porl I list the uutivea are
gunerahy friendly, and the ollii-cra id
VhiUIiI) courteo'iH. Mr. Iliniiin, malia
gvr ol t'li ruilrjjd, and lout a doztn
uuiunrifil inuii in iharge of varioJa
l)U(iiaes luicicttH, ducline to t ku aJ
van ta0 ' the c'jwi t'ini'.v to Imic.
Nothing line lueii lieaid f:um l!i.; Iw j
Aoiericau ilnter- ut Caluiiiiit
hostilitKa bewail.
AcvorJinit to Filipino aiconuts KOO
Auieiicai.s have heen killed, the faiali
ilitt heing eaiH'ciauy heavy ut Calocan,
where Vtu Unimd Hah s troojis "Kutihed
like niuitmcii Hg.tioet a storm of hu'.le'.r."
(:l.'.r p. in. Two iSHiiith r aj; era
huve eicipe-l from I'o'o.
The linen of the KanHS reuimcut re
po't liiat the Filipinos liave concenlrat
ed their forces at Malabon ond I'olo.
Thej add that only Auinaldo's body
guard is at M!o'o, and that the rebel
leaders apparently intend to t! Ae the'r
fortuueaoii a tik'ht at Malabon, where it
was eipecud a.i onnneiueu1 would
take place yesieida) . If defeated, it is
further are rttd, the reliuls ioteud to
diepurMi to the surauips end luoaDta'rcs.
The lobele were polling their bo!o
men in front, believing tint their charms
will avert the hulleti.
. The boioe of the Fi ipiuoa vreaily out
number the rifles in their hauds. The
rebels are further said io have admitted
that they cannot withstand the Ameri
can shells and bayonet chaiges.
The eerapei hpauUh prisoners corrob
orated thoetories lol l ol a focd thortage
amuDg the rebeU, and they adJed that
the hoepitals sre short of suprlie.
To Make a Final Stand.
Ntw York, M aril i 21. A diapatch lo
the World from Matila eavs: Tne reb
els are heavily uiaeted in the trenches
opposite our liucs on tho north. This
evideutly comes from a telief on the
part of Aguinaldo iLut a blow is to be
struck very fcon at Maio'os, their capi
Prisonora who have Ltcn brought in
within the last -4 hours say that the
rebels have the "last-ditch" fueling, and
will make the moet diciuive ttand they
have yet taken.
Tho second line of defence occupied
by the rebel forces is lielween au Ma
teo and Mannaliches. There are rows
of trenches Ibere, and the advance of
our troops can only be step by step,
iili a resihtance to le expected at every
The weather now is unet favorable,
nd Ihoro are only 80 uuu reported in
tlie hospital.
The troops under Cieueial Mc.Vrthur,
holding the strong lines to the north,
are provided with shelter to keep clfthe
sun, and us they have no marching to do
ahd are not expeeed, they sre generally
very healthy.
Otis' Next Movement.
Washington, March 24. It is tinder
stood here thiit Otis has so far matured
his plans ol campalgu that ithin a week
or ten days ho will bo able to begin a
movement which is expected to mark
the destruction of Aguiualdoa army,
Although stragglers and fugitives may
Infest the inland of Luzon lor rotne time,
it is believed tht before O is has deliv
ered his uext blow, the insurgent army
aaau organisation will have ccoaol to
The uew movement, it is understood
will be by laud and water, although it is
nut expected tht navy's part iu the pro
gromie will lo paiticulaily prominent, i
ft,!.. l.ia .ir,,.ilra,l Mil id
the gunboats I
vua ..... .
formerly owuod by the Spauish govern
ment. and theau are lo play an iiuportaut
nart in the development of the cam
Many oi the troops which have beeu
amused ou the outer lines up to the date
dlUeuonil Lawlou'a arrival at Manila
1tir.k It. lull U'illtllrsllV n to thu wfttor fnnit.l sound, ripened fruit.. The chickens
....i ..miinhde reorganization ia In imu
Poultry and Small Frulta.
(O. A. I'.rown, In fSsltiinora 8un.)
With proper maosgemeiit poultry and
BUjnII fruils will make a grand combina
tion. Without both ar tnanagd prop
erly the ponliry will become a destruct
ive riuinr.;. JJauy contider that poul
try are alwoft enemies of small fruits
and they sr-j, where they are allowed 'o
ran without limit among small fruits at
certiln aeaaoi.s. The average small boy,
at eeriain sesaona, is alao quite a tsking
depredator among sinail fruits.
An orchard is a splendid place for a
poultry yard. There Is ample shade,
id Vet in, that rne.e that causes
If poultry and small fruits are to be
the combination the poultry house
hou!d lie located in ihe center of the
oichaid or Ixrrv grounds. On most
farms it will Irs t keep only one
breed tin ugh; where pouHry raising will
have intelligent attention on a rtiictly
biieinfM basis, (wo hrte Is ma bo profit
ably kept. On of three hre ?s should
beeiiher I'iymoulb Kocks, WysoJotlee,
Lii gihans or L'ght B ah mar, for the
purports of fuini'liing rhicte'is ard
fowla for market and for hens to do the
incubation. The second selection should
ho in.t( from the noted gjc laying
hree-'.s, Ieghorns or Minorca.
The poultry boure should be one etory
h'gh, and no tpsce should m wasted
over tlie neceeesiy height, afTordiDg a
chamu: for ih-i attendant to movn aSont,
In oilier words the roof need be j 1st
high enough to all the keeper to a'k
aro'inJ. A hen houee of this kind is
much narmer in ninter, and if locaUd
in an orchard of good S'xed trees will be
contloitabU in hot wei'her. The house
thonld lie of gxidsz as it is a good
fault lu have it loo largo instead of tco
Muail lor the number of fowls kept.
Ti.e center sbouhl lMmado int-i a
room lor selling the bens anil keeping
the Kraiu lecd. It need no: ix-eupy all
I lie epace clear through the building,
hut Mioiiid bi built on the eiie facing
the h ul h , hi as to have Ihe benefit of
tlie eun Kariy in the )- in, i t that the
hei s ran tie sl early, i'arl of the cen'-
ei I'nC' ol II. e building the lortionio
the re ir of the rotm devoted toeaily
set'er?- -should be iu de into a room for
nests. Thete nests should all
tered through openings
from tha main
building. The interior should be di-
vided into four apartments, besides the
two already specified. Let each one of
theae four rooms be alike in all their
arrangements, snd doors lo en'er them
from Ihe egg room.
The fruit orchards or small fruits can
be set out a conveuienco and location
sugges'. The only real thing to observe
will be the necessity of having all the
strawberry plants in one location and
the raspberry bushea iu another. . Tbere
inutt be division fences of poultry wire
uetticg pat up so as lo control the fowls
and prevent their having access to the
grounds only at such times as it Is pru
dent they should. From four to six
yards around tlie bouse can be arranged.
Eirly iu the spring the poultry can te
allowed to tun at wit in any of them
and tt.ey will destroy mjiiadsof insects
thst are detrimental to Iruit growiog. In
fact the value of the poultry as in Beet
destroyers cannot well be estimated. It
is more than certain, however, that the
good cervices they do will more than pay
for their keeping. Whenever any cf the
email fruit are being cultivated the hens
should he allowed access to such ground.
Tbey will follow the cultivator cr plow
and destroy the cut worms, belt les and
many other insects.
When the strawberries are done
blooming the fowls must be removed,
for the temptation to pick the newly set
fruit is too Adam and Evish for them to
Alter the raspberries have done
blooming tbe Hock must be removed to
one ol tbe other ysrds for the same rea
6oa mentioned in relation lo tbe straw
berry patch.
If there are orchards of cherries snd
plums, the Leghorns must be kept out of
ihem. Tlie other breeds specified will
not tiy high enough to do any damage.
A fruit orchard managed in this way
can be made to greatly increase its yield,
as the poultry, while they lesson the iu
sect depredations, their droppings a-e
a great source of enriching the soil.
Iu fact, judicious I mansgemt n. of
poultry raising and fruit growing will
soou prove, lustead oi ineir being, as tue
general impression is, they are a practi
cat learn to work together.
Que of the finest orange crchards snd
the handsomest flock of Black SpaoUh
fowls the writer ever saw was in Pass
dena, California. Theonerof the or
chard remarked he found fowls iu his
orange and prune orchards of great value
and that if his Hock was largo enough lo
go all through his extensive orchards he
did not think it would be ufceesary to
spray at all. Some years sgo the writer
had a number of plum trees ol good size I
which annually bloomed, fruit set, audi
nf n nm treea of wind size
yet none matured.
The curculio made such rsyages that
.. ..... II ,r ....I .,...
- 1 1119 ,rim u ,T " i i T 7
' u "
- i The oichard was finally turned iuto
I run for hens with their broods. The
( very first year there were quite a quauti-
i ty ol plums ripened, me lonowiug sea-
sons Ihe trees bore liberally ol Hue,
were fast mastorlng the curculio annoy-
auce. With the orchard and poultry
combination iMtf.inmendr d it i n!d be
an excelk-nt pi in i r row crimson d iver
In Auguft among the small f nitf . The
poultry six uld, of ore, then Irs kept
out of such rd. The crimson tlover
will gt a g od elan all I ill afford ele
gant uiier pame lr tl. fhx;, a' d
what is lelt of it rl Iwncellnit to torn
under as a fertilizer.
It is so generally un.Urs 'xl iha
open ahe ls faeiin ihe s nthjar- ol en
groat an advantage to ti e poultry tha'
It was hardly neiesaary touientioii it in
connection wiih.lhe description A tha
ben house. As there mey leginnerf
that do nr-t understand this, it is well to
say no poultry house should le con
sidered complete ?hst hss not got a
roomy shed ojn to the sooth. It is also
a good plan lo have the shed so ar-range-tlthat.lhe'saah
can eaally be pot
in place. Arranged in this way, in in
clement and severe cold -vealher ihe
sash rosy t'0 adjusted, and then the
fl.x.'k may have a scratching feseniee)
In this sge of rnliulitmeiit the owner
who does not derive profit from a ll'ick
of poultry is to blame not the pooluy
while the farmer.who takes mlvantaire
of the combination we advocate will
never want to go bsek again to the ante
dilnvisn method.
Hints on the
Management of Young
Win. Couk, Id Poultry, England.
When turkeys are bat. l ed and bc
Cime r-trong enough to take anjlhiig,
they should hsvesrm milk iven them
todriok. One plan is to vive hard
bii'ed egg, but a better way ii lo toil
an egg that is not quite set, then mix it
with coarse oatmeal and a little groond
mustard. Alter they are to days eld
they may have a little bempseed and
gioata, and should also lie nven ecme
green mustard and oniono, chopped up
very finely and mixed ai'-h oatmeal
and rkiru milk, but the lifer nuat te
eweel. That 18 lor ttie Bis'. !! or teven
Young green mnstard and onioos
should be given until (bey are five or
six weeks old. Alter tbey ate a week
old, those who haye plenty of milk
should turn it into curds for the birds,
with joet a sprinkling oi sar, or, iutr
lati 1. nut the salt iuto the nr. Ik before it
i ' -
lis turned into curd1. If a yoocg turkey
gets hold of any tiling too salty, such as
a small piece if salt bacon or
is almost sure lo die in lees than tet.ty
four hours afttr. Too much salt slso
causes the birds ti drink a great deal,
with the reiuK that diarrhoea ensues;
and unlike chickens, it is not so eaey to
tell when they are not well, and they
will often die in a few hours without
perhaps Ihe attendant noticing anything
I do no think there is any variety
of tho feathered tube pays better lor
rearing for market than tuikcys, pso-
vided Ibey are properly managed. All
the early birds should have a little
covered run attached to the coop, so
that they cannot i un out ou.tbe deaey
grass first thing in the morning, from
which tbey should be kept for the first
five or six weekr.
It is a wise plan, where convenient, to
rear tbein where the grass is shott, lor
which purpoee.sheep cr other auirosls
anawar remarkably wen. aiauy rear
i . ...
their young turkeys on.lawcs in a ebauy
The great secret of success is to keep
the birds sheltered from tbe cald winds
and tbe hottno.
During tbe first three weeks the hen,
or turkey hen, should not be allowed all
out with the young birds all day, as she
will tire them ; but after tbey gel about
three weeks old she may be liberated at
about 10:30 or 11 o'clock, eccordiog to
whether the dew is off the grass or not
If a person has a sheltered spot upon
which to rear turkeys, it is well to have
bottoms to tbe coops athe ground does
not then become stale. The ytuugsters
should r.ot he shut ia too warm a coop
at night, but, cf course, they require
alaltnrii. from B1IV il)J tit fritt that
nnv come. It is, however, neiessary
ii, at Hv Rhniild have plenty of vet til
I a-w v-r " - - "
L. KOHLHAQEN, Proprietor,
Fresh and Salted Meats
Administrator's Notice.
Notli'O U hereby Riven tlmflhi) nudci'sUm-1
was on the 10iU "ay oi February, l.-'.M, iluly
,lnt. , I iiJiuuiit.tnU'ir of llio ealuti; ol C .
u..,iIkmiIii. ileoeawil. All i-ersmia lim inn
,.i..i, u,itiist .uiil r.luto iuo liereliy rciuirc
iinueut the wtno iiroiu'rly verlMed, In t'i
i.l inUtiiLlin-ul Hit) I'lnluileiiler oiliee In
K.iaebuiv. DoUKlaa I'ciinly, Wivn"li, n iililu nix
in, uillis Iroiu lle date hereon
Dat'd tliU'.Mili itny of February. A. I. IkO,
"Durability is
Better Than Show'9
The wealth of the multi
millionaires is not equal tc
good health. Riches without
health are a curse, and vet the
rich, the middle classes and
the poor alike have, in Hood's
Sarsaparilia, a valuable as
sistant in getting and main
taining perfect health. It
never disappoints.
Scrofula- Three years sgo our son.
cow eleven, had a serious case of scrofula
andrystpelas with dreadful soses.dlscharg.
Insr and Itching constantly. Ho could not
walk. Several physicians did not help for
sixteen months. Three months' treatment
with Hood's aranarllla made him re-
fertly well. We sre glad to tell others of It."
9i as. imvid laisd. Ottawa, kansaa.
Nausea -"Vomltlrur unclla. dlzxlnesa
and prostration troubled me for years.
Had netiralRta, (rrew weak and could not
sleep. My age was me, but Hood's
Sarsaparilia cured me thoronirhly. My
welRht increaaed from J2 to 143 pounds. I
am ihe mother of nine children. Never felt
so well snd strom; since I was married as I
do now." Mas. M. . WaTEsa, l&JU 31 St.,
Wahlnifton, V. C.
Eczema-" We Lad to f U hands cf
our two year old son on account of eczema
on face and llmbf. So medicine even
helped until we used Hood's' Sarsaparilia.
whleh soon cured." Mas. A. Va Wtcx. 123
Montgomery Street, Paterson, N. J.
am. . ,'J J I V
nxi4' rilU rura Htt lilt ; tha non-trrltatlna ad
niy'cathartlr in lake with flood's Hmmspartila
Shasta Limited
If tiie name jf the only perfect train
tiio worl I , low running every night
between ft. I'aul nd Chicago, via the
Chicart, Milwaukco A. St. Taul Railway
the pioneer road of the west in adopt
ing ail improved facilities for the saiety
nd enjoyment of pAFengers. An illus
trated pamphlet, showing views of beau
tifnl rcenery alonu the route of the Pio
neer l.'mired. will he pent free to any
persM'i upon rectip'. of two-cent poetan
stamp. A.Mrcss G-hj. II. Heafford, (Jen
eral I'ansener Agent, Cnicago, III.
Southern racllic Co.
Expreaatraln Imii PurtlaUiS tlHlty.
eoulb I Ktmh
:t)r. M. I Lv.
I'orUand - Ar.
Rnspourt, - Lv.
twn Francisco Lv.
8:80 A.
ViAit. .
s oor. .
IM r.H. l .
1 1 . a. Ar.
A bore trains nlou at all iiriuclnal ataUnua
rHMwrecn l'ur..a.! u.uw, I'trner. .' .
JttU'eraon. Albauy, Tauanl, Stiedoa, Ualaoy,
Harrlxburr. Juneiiou CUT. tuneue. coltaaa
Grove, tiraln, Oakland, arid ali aUUona from
Roaenuin in Asniana mciualve.
lteburg .Hail Daily.
20A. II .
20 r. .
t-i r.
7 ) A.
iimi; caiis o-mim;if.. uutrisu
Pullman Buffet Sleepers
Ailauhei to all Through TralUK
West Side Division.
Between Portlaitd and Corrallla
Mail train daily (except Sunday).
7:80 a. X.
Porllaad -Cnrvallis
b:N r. M
I M) P. M
11 ro A. M.
At AlbanT and L'orvallla counecl with tralua
ol Oregon Central & Kamru railroad.
Expreaa train dally (except Sunday).
1:60 1. at. I Lr. Fonland Ar. o.iSA. a.
7.jsr. M. Ar. McHinvllle Lv. 5:f .
S 0e. M. l.r. Indein-ii'leiictf Lv. 4 .') A. M.
Direct conueetlon at fan Franeiara with Oc
cidental aud Oriental aud l'acitie Mall ateam-
stilp lines lor JAPAN AND Llil.NA. eaiuug
dates on uppllcatiou.
a. a.utttiL,B.K, i. ii- ji.tu&iiA,
Manager. u. r. a eaa. a op .
Kales aud tickets to Klern tMilnla ami Eti-
Alril KAI-IA. i:au bo oblaluel from L. B.
MUUKE, Ticket Agent, or V. U. LONIJOS, Koae
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keep there.
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era sre smiling leuaus Woodward -
loots to their interest.
Full Trimmed (
Thuae are all Leather and Warranted.
At Reduoed Prices,
Consult your purse and bs sure and
Woodward before buying.