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fobiuhcl Monday aud Thuraday.
ttf Tut fUlUDKALItR rUBI.lMllINU CO.
V.. T. BKNJAMIM,..,.
. ..Manager.
NulMicrlplloN Rated.
On Vear.. .. -
Hit Month! - -
.... 7
... SC
I'ure Moolh
KKttUrAUY i.'0.
WANTLD: A fint-oli for uinn and
Job i-rintor can lluil employment In llils
oflico. Will either y wanes or arrant
that Lb take in interest in the business.
A good position Ijr ilia rUht kiaJ of a
man. Ltettor wri'e Wore you coma.
Address, Editor, Uosc
burg, Oregon.
Hotter not "i-cak too harshly ut the
Filipinos. Tbey nuy he voters boi u.
Why id populiot ktaU'Siniu Uka
whale? llecaute he no soutur stiikes the
surface, tli.m li Ileitis to s,out aud
Most women ara happy il I hey have
plenty ol new cloth a and some place to
go to show l hem. A uiao is ah riht as
ioiitf aa be has plenty I o eat, cl"Uies or
no clothes.
lid you ever no'ioe that aheu you are
iu a duriy so:uo 1. 1 io t iuMsis on telling
youajike, and I h at tha greater your
hurry the moro aatei,ut:i! an.l threai
bare the joke?
A number of bills have passed the
legislature, which are ol general inter
est to the people of the county which we
will publish in full as soon as they can
be secured from the state printer.
It u reported that A well knoau mem
ber of the lowei house of the Oregon leg
islator met with a serious accident at
Salem last week, Ha was couibiag bis
hair and got his lingeni caught in the
Hereafter real supervisors will be
elected by the people iasiead of bring ap
pointed as heretofore. This is a move in
the right direction as the supervisors will
now be responsible to the peop'e whom
they represent and 'not to the county
livery country has its advantages, but
we never struck a ountry in which a
man can g-.t to inuoii solid c.mfort as be
can in Alaska, whe.e ha can go to bed
tit 8 p. m., after four hours if darkness,
and get up at 1) a. in., and eat his
breakfast by lamplight.
The Ashland Tow n Talk has changed
hands, Oeo. C. Stanley having disposed
of his interest iu the aper to T. F. Ker
shaw and O 13. Allen, who will continue
its publication. Town Talk is a bright,
newsy and interesting country paper
and the new publishers will no doubt
see that it grows brighter nod better as
it grows olde. '
The members of the Oregon legislature
receive three djlhrs crdiy and the
members ct tue YYaahiugtoa bjJy are
paid fj.A member of the present legisla
lure in this state says that the extra two
dollars is ior living in O.'ympia, and adds
that it i the hardest came 1 uijuey that
he ever got hold of iu his his. ea'.tle
The people of Douglas county vj!uJ in
favor of the union ticket by a g'jod work
ing majority, aud so far as iKjgribia all
the appointive offices ehoulj be tilled
with men in harmony with ths p.tity in
power. We notice, however, that in
most place?, like the principal road su
per visors hips, the republican strikers
who have held these ollices for years to
the exclusion of good men of other par
ties, have bad the sublime "cheek" to
attempt to bold their jobs and have peti
tioned, begged and fawned iu some cases
for a continuance of their installment of
the public pap. We are only sorry that
a few of them have been retained, so pa
thetic were their mournful pleadings.
KoEeborg Review.
The above is a fair sample of the pop
ocratiu idea oft the disposition of th3 pub
lic patronage which goes with party sue
cess. On the whole we are inclined to
think that the Keview is absut right,
and if two or three republicans have
"had the sublime cheek" ti attempt to
bold on to the very honorable and re
munerative job ol real supervisor, we
re in favor of their being firid at once
as advocate 3 by the Ileview and we are
only surprised that even one or two road
supervisors have been left In office in
view of tbe hoard of hungry reformers
who are tramping on each other' toes in
their frantic efforts to reach the "pie
counter." But while we are on the
Bub'ectletm IjoV at the other tide of
the question. It can Lordly be expected
that a democrat or populism wou'db.e
the "sublime cheek" to attempt to hold
on lo job under a republican adminis
tration, much lest to "petition, beg and
fawp" for such a position. Let us see.
There is Dr. l'ao, of Oakland, one of
the most rabbid, unreasonable, unscrup
ulous, partisan democrats in the state of
Oregon, has for yoarshold and still holds
the position of peusion examiner. There
il no man in Douglas ciunty, nor in the
state of Oregon, who Is more bitter in
his opposition to republican principals
than is Dr. 1'sg. Then there ii Dr.
Walter Hamilton, ol Rjsoburg, who uUo
holds the position of pension examiner.
Dr. llamilt n is also an uncompromising
democrat, a member of a prominent
democratic family, whose members are
bow, and have always been bitter, dem
ocratic partisans alw.tys contributing lib
erally of their lime, money and influence
agaiujt every thing which savored of re
publloaniuru. Dr. Hamilton not only
holds the position of penslou examiner
under the national adoiiaU tralion but he
HOlJ me important position oi pnysician
at the Oregon HoMiora' JI-mo under (he
state adiiiininlratiou. Then there II Mr.
Thackrah, another "dyed In the wool"
democrat, who holds down a clerkship in
the United States land office at lloeeburg
at I00 per month. All these men are
good cltir.ens an I so far as we know, are
competent to peifeirm their duties, but
they are not one whit more honest or
competent, than are those republican
road supervisors who were promptly fired
from ollice In this county, and wo agree
with the Keview, that if they had cue
particle of relf respect they would
promptly resign in order that thilr
places could le filled "with meu in har
mony with the party in power," and
that it is an exhibition ot "sublime
check to attempt to hold their J-ibe by
tiotitioning, Iwgitiug andliwning for a
continuance of their installment of the
public pap." The Pimshkaiar will
cheerfully co-operate with the Keview in
an effort to leaiove every republican who
holds a iob under the present fusion
county administration, provided he will
join us In an attempt to fire every demo
crat and populist who holds a job under
the republican state or national adminis
tration, notwithstanding their "motivn
ful tdeadinu" to bj a'lowe.l to hold
their jibs. ''Turn the rascals out."
Southwestern Oregon is the Italy of
America. Last week the thermometer reg
istered from 24 to S decrees lielow ero in
the Eastern and Central statvs. Ctt!
had their hoofs froeii off in Texar The
snow was 0 fct deep in Colorado A
A Kansas man's s'ock of whiskey froie
solid in bis boo', leg, and skating was
good in New Orleans. At the same time
in the great I'mpqia valley io Southern
Oregon tbo wild strawberries are in bloom
the children gather wild (lowers t?y the
road side. The bine birds are bnildihg
their ues's. Stock which wis wintered
on the range is becomicg fat and frisky
and the populist statesman is taking on
a 'jsg" of spring fever while his wife
gathers "greens" for dinner. Surely
Southern Oregon i the Italy of America.
The Salem Statesman and all other
journals of the l'ir-t congressional dis
trict whicl laliorcd so hard to defeat
Hon. Dinger Hermann for a nomination
for congress, will please noto the
amount Oregon haa received for tho im
provement of her rivers and harbors in
the present appropriation bill. Where,
oh, where, are your appropriations foi
the improvement of the Willamette river
which you boasted so lustily you would
get, it Hermann did not stand in the
way? As predictel by u, the people of
the Willamette valley are paying dear
for their wbift'.le, and they are fast find
ing out that Oregon has no member on
the rivers and harbors committee. It
will take forty yearj to bring Oregon
baca to the position she occupied in re
ceiving government aid tor improving
her excellent harbors on the Tacific
coast, which was gained by Hon. Dinger
A mere bagatelle, a measly pittance
for the Columbia river, is all that is left
of tha grand work done by Mr. Hermann
for our water highways of this state.
Mr. Hermann's enemie3 should be
proud of their work ! Biker City Ke
(OaklanJ Gucttv.)
Tiio Koicburg Review again thrusts
its stileto deep into the personel of tbe
S. 1. railroad company, and not this
alone, but t'.abs at every business and
every holder of property in Roieburg.
Only a few short mouths ago, the S
I'. company was alout to move its
division away from Koeeburg, and tbe
fact that it is now i r.stiucting u small
depot is evidence tht tbe company has
not altogether abandoned this idea.
Although Koseburg is tbe county seat,
tbe country surrounding it will not sus
tain its present number of lue.nees
houses, and without tbe division many
branches will close and every foot
of Koseburg property will depreciate in
If the diviBoiu is moved its departure
from Koseburg will be wholly due to the policy which tbe Keview bat
ever maintained toward the S. I. com
Every riiun in Douglas county has
both a pride and in interest in Koee
burg. It should become the principal
town in Central Western Oregon, but
we read iu the actions of the companv
that the realization of this dream bangs
upon a slender thread, a thread we
wool 1 net be surprised to see brok'-n at
any lime.
When it was thought that tho divinion
was al.o'Jt, to be moved, the Keview was
greatly alarmed tn 1 urged that a com
mittee of citizens call upon the com'
pacy and labor for its retention, an 1 for
a time its batterius were turned not
upon the company, lut now, believing
that the company baa fully determined
to let tho division r main at Koseburg,
after it hat Its work of improvment well
under way, the Review a.aia shows its
hydra head and strikes at tbe company
with its old-time venom. We believe
that long ago K jseburg would have had
a new depot but for the attacks of the
Keview, and while the fc. I'. company
uity give little attention to its utterances
yet the Keview is supposed to be the
mouthpiece of every business man in
Koseburg who supports it, and the S. 1.
company, iu view of this statement, will
do little to advance tho interests of
Kcsebuiv. A railroad tan do much for
a town. The H. I', company can do
much for Koseburg or it can check its
growth, depreciate its property and de
stroy much of itu buBiucsH, To this cud
tho Kavicw becmi to be Industriously
laboring, und it bhoul I be patronized
and tubtaiued by thote only who desire
this ojiibuiiiiiialion.
Washington, Feb. 17, The senate
committee on commerce decided today
to put the Morgan Nicaragua canal bill
od tho liveand hadnr 1 1US
rrcsldcnt ot trance a Mctim of
Measures Taken to Suppress Divi
ders When Public Should Leant
New-Prance's Danger.
Pakis, lei. Id. l'lei-idt-nt 1 .Hire d.ed
from apop'cxy tonight.
It Ima been known tcr sumo li re that
hie health was weak, but tho first ii.ti
mition that he was rick was given ut
half past C thm afternoon, w lien i men-
tag was dispatched to the prem er, M
Dupuy, announcing that tho president
was id. M. Dupuy immediately re
paired to th Hl see. All medical etlorts
tirovpd lu'il an I the lrcidort died on
the stroke of 10.
The tlsg on tho Hlysei was immedi
ate! v bwcied to half mast, and the
news was iMspatcbtd to ail the ollicor
aud members id the cabinet, tleneral
ZuriiuJen. military governor of Paris,
tbe Krandchauctllcr of tho Legion of
Honor, the prefect cf the Seine, the pre
fect of the police of Paris, aud the presi
dents of I tie senate and chamber of dep
uties promptly arrived at the Klvsee.
The report spread lapiJly throughout
the city, and lare crowds assembled in
the vicinity uf the pa'aiw
M. D'.ipny commuuicated tho sua iu
teiligence to M. I.vubet, president of the
senate; M. Paul do Sehane!, president of
the chamber of e'epu ios, the aiembcrs of
the cabinet an I othrr high fumtio i
aries, afttr which li9 uddros6cd the fol
lowing diap.itch to a'l prcfeo'j and sub
prefects in Franc :
"I hate i he tad t:ik t) anuounco to
you the death f the resident, which
occurred at 10 o'clock thin tvening, as
the result of ati apoplectic troke. lake
the i.i-ivssarp metscii-s to infoim the
population immediately ci the mourning
that hai fallcu upon the icpu'.dic. The
government depends up.u jour active
vigilance at this painful juncture."
It was not until I J o'clock that the
news bewail to become knou t the gen
eral public in lui. From this lime be
gan a continuous arrival of public meu.
Strict orders, however, were issued, ami
only n:embeiscf the cabinet e.-e ad
mitted to the Kiyste.
The, president of the council and min
ister of tbe, M. Dupuy,
ed all prefects and cubprefects not to
leave tbeir pos's, and directed all these
who are absent to return immedia'.ely.
oth:n3 coull have given the idea of
pproacbioj death. L'p t) the very last
M. Fauro icda'gid in his customary hab
its of work, and tv.n in hi equestrian
rides. He ate we 1 and slept regularly.
Nevertheless, reverul times recently he
had been heard to exclaim: "How
weak my legs are I" and "I cau scarcely
Stand !" or to make some bm h remark.
He left h:a study about the usual
hour at 7 o'clock last cvtninj; i Wedues
dsy, tolling Ontjairet, chief of Lis
stables, that ho would ride on honeback
from 7 to 7:3J in the following morn'j'g
(Thursday!, ll-i then retired to hispil
ate apartments, diced with his family,
went to bed at 10 o'cicck, got up this
morning at 0, und iufo'uicd bis v.ilet
that ho would not ride.
M. Legall, cu learning of tht.J, hurried
to tbe president, whom he found in hia
dressing-room about tl:li a. in. M.
Fauro said :
'I do not feel i.l, but I prefer to ab
stain from fatiguing exerciso tuday."
Otherwise tho president wo ke 1 us
usual ar.d real the official documer.ts
and dispatchee, with the newspapers, as
was bis custom, in order to prepaid him
self to preside at the coutcil whiih bi
seaabled at 0 a. m.
M. Faure presided with h's usuil abil
ity, and on taking leave the ministers
could not have imagined that thty were
pressing bis hand for the lis' time. Ho
took luncheon as usual at noon, returned
to bis study a. 2, an J spent the after
noon seated in a favorits arm chair by
the fire, onverbimr wi.h M. Lsgall, who,
about 5 o'clock, asked ptrmis'i .u to de
part. At o p. in. M. Legall rulurne I, report
ing himself to the president, who was
then signing decrees presented by ' ien
eral Baillu J, according to his daii" cus
tom. The work of signing v;aa then
about oyer, and souu ended.
General liadloud had gone but a few
minutes when tho preoideut culled M.
Legall, eajiug, "Coa;e quickly. 1 letl
When Si. Legall reached him, the
president was rubbing his forehead and
saying, "I do not feel well."
M. Legall asked if he felt paiu, and
the president replied : ' I Itel a general
weakness. I am fuiuting."
Dr. Humbert, on urrivifcg, gave ether
inhalation. He did not consider the
case seriuuH, but, on uiiuing miu nis
patient jlid not revive, he decided to in
ject caflein. Tho prtbident was appar
ently aware of the seriousness of the at
trv v, for be murmured :
erne hens partir. do euis perdu,
perdu," ("I feel my Betises failing
me. I am gone, all gone ;, arm nu ex
pressed a desire to fte his wife and child
When Mine. Fauio and Mile. Lucie
Fauro entered the room, the prchi b.nt
exclaimed :
' Je sui bin bo'ill'orant, j buis punlu."
(I am suffering greiitly ; I am lost.;
At 8 o'clock, when the doctor had ac
quainted M, Legall with bin worat fears,
the latter informed .V. Dupuy, "K '"'
nounct d his intention to coum lo tho
Klyste, hut on M. Deguli ot.Hi I yin that
hia prtbiuice miht iieedleHly iil.irm
Mm). Fame, who was not awiiic of the
g ,l y ( ti e ilMittn, ilia premier aald
h would remain al th ndnisHy id the
liter lor, in readiness t com at any
iitoiuent. At the tame time lie sum
mon I the members of the cabinet.
Meanwhile M. Faure remained on the
a.da, rppiM'im that ho had no illusions
as to the isn'io of the attack. His wife
camo to him and he bade her an allVc
tieiisL fureivel'. It a tombing
scene He tlmiiked her for tbe affection
and devotion shu bad coimtanvly shown
him, ai d then b 1mIo famaell to Ida
daughter, the and hia potS'inal
atton dan's, thinking all for their car
and devotion, and afkii g them lo par
don any hasty he uilghl ever have
I'ntd a late hour the crowds re
mniuod in front of the Elvcee. tn the
boulevards the greatest emotion was dis
played. AH sin et vendors ceased their
sales and l.uiried off to await tho special
edition ol ilu papers itlvnm details.
Many of tho papers ri already out at
this Imiir tl o'clock Friday n orning.)
with btief details of the death.
l'..i;. heatd tho news they were
leaving the pi ee c( auiuseinenl, but
wiio ii't 'tly In iidii!ous at first, so sud
den and unexpected was tbo calamity.
All the st'ecta in tho vicinity of the
lHygee- have beei tl luig up for several
Injurs with priat cariiages), whose oc
cupants wait anxiously lor further In
foruvaiiop. At lulf past I- an older was
issue I IIhi! i. o one should l e admitted
to the pal ice. M. Fauro'a body has not
been removed Irotu the study, where he
sigued so many decrees and law. Thus
it may be said he liti rally died in the
harness. In the little room kcon to
all who ever ic.vived an audie ot
him, luuiislud und d.H-orated in the
style of Louis XVII, be now sleeps his
last sleep ou a brass bedstead in tho
circular end of th room, lacing the
win low .
Kay llursb ol Comjuy C, First Cali
fornia volunteer, who in reixirttd as
wounded in au eutageui-?nt with Fill
piuos, is ti e o:i ot E. O. llursb, a spe
cial examiner of tho t'nited States IVn
sion Hnre.i'i, w iih head i'iarlcrs m this
City ;it hOJ Oak street, who served during
the Civil war in a Wisconsin regiu ent
an 1 h si l i" hf! ami at Petersburg Va ,
April ISO'1. U iy finish aa bum iu
Ko-e't uu1, Or., h years ego, on the very
day of the month that the rews ot his
mishap wa received here, lie enlisted
among tlij Firt California iu this war
u lii! hi alii r w.H
t' sent from the
ci:v, ai.d whenaskel why ho had notllMllWW
waited until
. i .. t r . ; i
his father' return he te
n't u isli lo I o a hack
l er." Iles sn k and m the hospital
some time i.g . an I was ti l l lhi he Caro.
could get hi ilibc.'ia'g.-, Although, like Lole Junes, w ho has been at Keswick,
all Lis comrades, very anxious to return j (jaif., f,)r tho past Uo months-, bus te
hou.e, ha i:e:liued the oiler, refusing to turned bon e.
leave while there was work to do in Ma
-San l'latuircj Chronicle.
da v.
i:i'ij brock was in tho city S.itur
Poor ant; W
r.c! tj.-3icnii irouo.o
Appetite - Now Cotter In
Every V.' 3y -
t . l'l I .
a!!(! co :!d iv; :
t'j eula.: ii imi
territ.l;-. I ! t
poor a id n i';
v. or ;. I ' n
A Del c.ito Child.
i . : '. ' .'. k n r.uddi V, col.l
i -:i i'l p.. P.ei:i, "Hi j. ct
::ch"( 1 iroui.h ! .)ur'oe'l
:" apjx.'tit? n:ut r;riw
.i ft I lib! not feel 1:1. c
ti'.i.iJt H'jo.t'u S.ifKipa-
rilla. I: a
piared, I elc
rt lime tbe eougli uisap
vi.ll, had a good appetilo
and I was l;e;ter in every way. Itt
spring I was not f elin well. I had no ap
petite and no itrirn-th. I r-sorted to
like ivor!;. Jlv little neplicv n.i n deli-
catc child and lint a hurvor which trou
bled him fj he j .!d io I ret at night,
lie has tos' ii : f a Ii it: Its of Hood's t'ar
saparilla and n .v. h. na.s a sroud oppetito
and ii aldo to !.- o." Mi. Adhie J.
FKKKMA.v, South Dcxbure, Mass.
OOd'S barilla
Ii tie-1 in Tru l;i 'Mi Purifier. Ah drtij.'ibsts. tl.
Hood's Pib
.ir" tho If-t litter 'hiiiii r
i.illi. :vid li!iest!o:i. Vio.
Administrator's Notice.
O'llrt: IS' HllltKiiV I V r.N , III A I IIIK
i:.i l in (i':iiiiiimtrior or me erie
( Im,).i '..n N:i li:, ! eeukeJ, has tiled Inn Mini
le .-omit with the l oiit.iT Clerk ol DoiiK'ao
(, uii-i.mii. and Ihe Ho"- I'omity Jiiil h
-I M'.h'Uv the litli ilry of Mareh, lsw, t V
ii i : m k b. i.i. m llic time lor hearing objections
t'i cii'l i-oiiiit uril ir the aeltlenietit ul th
K'j i,'iik-. in .in. Jan'ury :W, IHW.
1. II NichoU. Jr.
Fitted with special heavy tread G & J tires, are
TheUest RAHHLERS and IDEALS evr Built,
The Best Wheels ever Built,
New '99 pop
ular list
1 'i-j-i 107-109-1 1 j
Closing Dy ol the Legislature a
Ddy ol Recesses.
Special Law on Which the Ivvo
Mouses J.irred.W aa Passed No.
1 Died of Neglect
JiSAi rx.Or, Fel. IS "I ho Icgli I nine
ac joniiiod sun dio ut 7 till, i k ('Vci
iig, necordiog lo,thn record; ieally
was neaily Imlf nn hour later when ll nil
ali mi ninent cniue.Tltoth honsea Lhii I
tH-en dwadling .tlirmiuh thu afternoon
being iu i ecu inoul oCi he It line, wait
lug for the t iirolltui'iit anil Jelgidng ol
bills. It an di e ned ojfer to be iu re
cesn than to pi em rve tho form of a con
tin U ma session.
Aside f i oiii the formalities ol finishing
up necessary matleia in hand, the par
fug of the special appropriation bill a as
the (eaturo of tho do .
Tne house cn'ly tin iiioriiintf,bt fore
adj.jUiiiii g yesli rdny'e sersi ui,
refused lo eorcur iu the seusto'e
reductions In ihn bill, except in tho
of the appropriation for the. slate school
land I'epmimeiit, which ha 1 Peen put
lutl e general approprialiou bill pro
vioueiy passed and concerning which
there was supposed to be'no iiiestlon.
This morning, however, it grew;ubslre
l roils aud refused 'to concur in even
those emendation, 'and the bill was
sent back to the senate, which refused
to recede from its amendments, and
asked for a conference. The hous ac
ceded to the ropiest, and Senators Mac
Kay aud Keed and Representative
Heach and Flagg wore named as the con
ferees. Il was noon before they got al
work, 'and 3 oMock ttforn they were
able 1 1 repoit to the tao houxer.
Tho fee Mid special 'appropriation lull
containing the claim of John Hail ai d a
few ther not deemed of sutliciei.t mer
it to eiititlo'ltieui lo.havo a place in
either the r.gular or special appropria
tion bills, died of neglect in the nim'e,
f!ir Hall' $Mi.)l) claim had teen nit
Joseph of lVrtlund is
; visiting her uncles
Simon and Is.olcre
Notice of Lstray.
One roun steer about live year old,
with large horns, mark, smooth crop off
left ear and two split iu riitht.
j Owner will please call for same and
: settle damage.
Camas Vulley, Or.
Administrator's Notice.
Niiltro t hereby ifiveii thnt the uii'l. r -mn. .I
wtut nil the li'lh Cv oi Kclruiir . ilnljf
n.xinl'l n ImliiMrntor ol the mie l t".
Heiijnmiri, Ueeex"l. All p. r-mi lilni
llms mjiilmt fiml cslnte re lur lir rviuln 'l
to prrfviil the i-me r"-rly verlllel, 0 lie'
id .nilnltiioriit lite PUlinli mI. r oilne, m
ttusebiirv, lOntiRla l ouiity, Oretoii, w liiini li
miiiuh Iroin lholte hen ot.
l)Uil Itiis '.Utti liny ol Krt.nmry, A l.
Administrator's Notice.
Unit the uii'li'rl-mc
i aN mi on the sun ilnjr
nut on the 'J"th iIht "1 JiniHr , iw, iui
nlilxtllltt'il liltltmiKiraior in mu i-iwiv; ... jn...-
k. Mitchell. lc-ed. All IikUiij;
. IhIiik n-4Mlnt nahl rsiKte nn- h.-rvhy ie.iilr.-l
lo ul Ihe 'uo prl" rlr verllleil, lo Ihe
ail tilmiuMrator ill Ihu luw ultii-e ( A. M.
I rtnfiinl, In Koelniru, liouslM foiinly, Ore
gon, within ix monlln from the tit lureol.
loatci thU.,thd.yof .WJs.i
A.lmlililrntur ol the Kiitnlcol Junie K. Mileh
til, LiecviM.'J.
t'si nn ; it i Las u orm K,
KoxebniK, Oreg.m, Kth. 10, i'J.
v .... .. I. 1,.,,, I.v glv.n Ihat the 01'ITIHi.ll
nlat'ol min. y )( the (ullouliig t. iihl. liae
nceii rei . lv el fMlu the hurvejur liein riil Inr
Oregon, to wit:
I on iikhip ! , Itunge W et.
'I'owuiliip '-' Kanao cut
T. .11 ...l,ii, T. H.. KaliKe M Went.
.. iv ..,!,.... ,lv. Murih .. 1". !.'.. nt
., V.-l.-U a. m. ,aiil Iilatn will h tiled In till"
,.m.... .n.i ih,, Un.l rnilirueeil therein will 1a;
.en loentry on uu.i on-
1 .I..., .1..!..
J II. IIOOIH. Migmler
$40. $30. $25. $20.
Fred T. Merrill Cycle Co.
(20 year pioneers.)
Sixth St., Portland, Oregon.
A. C. MARSTERS & CO. Acjcnts
koKeburtf, - - - Oregon.
They Are
r: (r
r 00
at - jr ' ivi v ...: .,-- -tsr
flu' I'lii.ieimi. mi. I fiiirieoiia, all lirmtuntoa from Ilia tt Metlieal Cntlegri III Hi Worlil,
luvorpiiratvil niittrr I lie I.nvra uf I'Mlllomlti for (ta 000,
ICMtfibllMlicU Tvruly-riv Vrara,
A part of the stall of the Knglish and German Kxptrt
Specialists and Dr. Meyers & Co., will make their
regular monthly visit to
Thursday, February 23rd, 1899.
They will he at the McCLALUiN HOUSE.
A iu u iik llic Atliiitiila Curril by llic i:iullali aud Ociiiiaii ICapcrl
npviiaiiata are lite 'oIiowIiiki
llrlKhl. Hnee ami all nthea lleae n( Hie K i.tne) a : )l.eei n Ihe Bla lJer, I'rinar Or
Kin. 1 lier, .--iiteen. Spine, ll.meN, llenrt, Hloruaeli, Kye, Kar, rk III all, I NrrtM. Alan laiover'
I.1..-.I 111. si t, lll.N'.l l',il...i ami Senilula. 4'alarrli, Teiuilllla Ilnirieltllla, Atlhoia,
an. I i.iher ThiMal ami l ung 1 rtiul.l. . Tuirnra, Ivl.irniltlr., Iniomtila, lieUiiehuljf, rralfH,
Riiiture. 1 u uterjr. In-H'l'"l. Neuralgia,, Hllrt mil Mitotlrn Julnli; Kainala trw
liauin, liicliiillng OMirian Ti..iil.'.-. l'llea, ritlula, Otir.lly. King Worm and Uoltar. Tot acao,
I'l'liiui. l iKaiiie an I l..inir ItnLll. Itra.laelie, I rj ilpelaJ. llout, 1 a Wurtn, llllloiunr.., Vtvff,
Hall SI. me. Keema. Kret kl,., Illai klieait., Caueer, ete., ati.l t liMnlc lieaae gent rally.
1K MKVKK-tAtu Hire .Vni.u. UeLillly, Ut MaiititHal an.) all IVIralti Mafatra. luelag
ill); e Hila.;l,,iu IiUhkI ki,hiii, .(Hi, kl) and peraiaiietitljr, and al rei.oual.le ralaa.
1 he Kiml!li au.t (..Tinnii Kxjm rl HH'lallli and lr. Mexcn li l'o. ar Hot only enmiHfleiil aa 4
n llnt.le, hut nierv. .11, !e, l aing Ihu ked r aniile eavltal aii'l ahly managed.
Iil.tuM.- iiliitli liae tultled the .kill of olln r ,iyl, lain ati.l . I ul.lxiruly ralund to y laid la
oidliiary tm , im thiHln and a.iiaurea, are .julikly .utxlued and uiaatarad l y lhf uo
eisnlul.liH tor.. The) hai e the larw-- and tx'.t r.iulipcl medical liinlltullou la Anirrka.
Call on llic llotTorn wliru lliry coiuc-All ailing in-onle tlmuld at th ng
lull and ikriuan Kx il A frlvDdly talk, wlileti aUoluIely nutliliig, la bouod la
result In a meal al ol UiKt, h.Tlier In altaelil II taken or lint.
IIMi: CI'MI:M -V title II l i-relerahle III many lualaiieea lox a llrul, t tie kugllab
and Hen, iu K ert .- tlnll-ta liave cured of eroiii whom lliry have nerrr artn. If
)ou laiiuot arc Ihe dm Ion, ntlio ll.e home office fur 'Uiatlnn Hal. A.lrlcaj In regard to
our ailmeiil, tKiok ler men and uoiiirii ami In atlar oil any dlaraar- All I'rce. Cormpoad
l nee and olh. nlealliiKa Willi pallenta or ,fo.eclic pallelita aaerrdly eoundentlal.
Tcriuniiutl 1-rlccH wiililu Krach of All.
7Ji Market St., 5an Francisco, anil
BOTH One Year for $1.75.
et rr,.nl, itl'li e lit.iilala, luleiei.iiig nluirl alorlea, aeleulilie all. I m liauleal llitiiriiiatlnn, lllui
(rated fio.lil.iu uilu.l.'i, hiiuuiroiia 'ililurua, and II llitriietlo and riiteilaiiiiug to fiery monibei
of every fmiiily.
Li tl
The Uniform
(uality of the work
manship in our
clothing is one of
its strong points.
Kach garment is as
carefully cut and
tailored throughout
as though made to
order. Sec our new
I'all .Suits.
Coming !
and jour lavorllo lioma iair.
an Agricultural Drfanmoul of Ilia high
I f eat 111
IL and '
nieilt. all liniorlaul hewa the Nation
orld, iinii.relieiilvp and rellaolr mark
Klvea you nil Ihe l.icnl lien a, H,lukl Kid am'ial, kcrpa you Iu
i'l touch tilth jour rielghtMinran.l Irieinta, on the farm and n
the village.
Send all subscriptions to the
Roseburg, Ore.
Hake Friends
arc the only kind we
wish to .sell. They are
the only kiudvc do sell,
and with each pair we
sell wc make a new
friend. Thev arc not
niy stylish but good
Llcar through. See our
Shoe line.