The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, January 30, 1899, Image 3

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    - - - . & m. m. . . & & A A. A v A. A A at a. A at A at A & ak & & Ok & m at at & at & & & A A A M
trM Air a i u t in
r Mi VI 1 1 V l- I i jL a . n
Cr JUL JUI fJL V I (. rWJ-
. Settle Up.
All persons ludobled I 'i lliu undersign
ed ate hereby untitled and re"iiclod Io
eoino forward end make rom t aelile
uuml. Al nulM mill accounts mil paid
Immediately will lis placed In Mitt hands
of n attorney fur collodion. Thia
iiiom.b Ilka it reads. We era going out
ol business, at ri J in tint liuvt a lolllouient.
' I'am'i H.vm.
I Closing Out
i At Prices
Regardless j
Of Cost j
Fur a good ft-cenl cigar call on Mrs.N.
Itti'tCH In liillnllo variety at Alesander
A Strong's.
Seo SaUuian'a lino ol watches ami
Macaroni In otiu pound cartoons at
Z gler's grocery.
Zephyr 10 cent lor l-akeio package
at Ilia Novelty Stun.
Key West, Imported ami JuiiibmIIc
cigar at tlia Koseloaf.
A finely bred Jersey male call lur sale.
Add reus 1'. U. Box, 103.
Tlia lineal display of lanpaol every
description at Churchill A. Woolley'a.
The Bosa Store la aelllng out at sacri
Being prices. Call and bo convinced.
iHjyou suioko? II so, get the Artie
cigar at Kruso A Sl.aiubrooks, solo agents
No mistake ill bo made by baying
your dental work dona by lr. Strange.
J. I). Manu aolle the beet Hour In town
ami prices are all right, ijualily consid
ered. T A .iI,Ith ml '." cents and lint
quality at 40 ccnla per pair. Novelty
Black brocado diem akiila, which
formerly Bold at II. :( to :l.50, now lor
11.15 !o 12.75 at Iho Novelty Ktoio.
Cosh paid lorgiain, and all kludi ol
larm product, at Abrahaui'a warehouse.
It. A. Do.IKII
K Duties. M. I'.. momlior Hoard A
Peuaiou F.iaiuincia. Office. Marstera
building reaidlug curlier Main and Cass
at reel.
F.conomy will prompt you to buy
ciiildrou'a t lothlug o( tin. Suits liom
4lullattl.25 and upward in price,
many maiked below coot. Novelty
Hawing machine, " machinea,
eewlng machines at Alcaauder A Strong,
and the tt ol them at that, ranging in
.,.;, rmm i.Mto :i;.:.o. iw-Mnro to fco
them lieloreyoii buy.
Illmer V. Hoover, phyaician and aur
aeon. Ofllco nel to city hall on Main
.ir.u.t Uminlmrir. Or. Special attention
iven to diaeaaei ol the none and throat.
(.'alia promptly aimworod.
Koe Kico t Hice, lloiieo I'nruiehcra,
r..r everv thlnic I" the lumlturo line,
largeat atock and lowoat pricea, jiml re
ceivod a car lod ol I. iileru an i
(urnltare. Seo ua lor barguiiis.
Koinoinber that lr. Hrango ia u per
manent resident ol Koaeburg, und ia not
hero temporarily, that ho fully warrant
.ii i.u .ml ,! In lioro at all timca to
an mo " -----
wake good hit gunrantues of ull dentia
Morria' Poultry Dure. Thia Infalllblo
temedy clmllengea the world to produce
itaaotialaaaii egg producer, ireveiu
Ivo ami euro lor all dlwaaea of low la
i.,.rni.iu.l and lor Hftlo bv II. M. Mar
tin. ltoseburg. Or.
Kuita ol clolhea, all oo, heavy
welghta, LOO; regulur price Hoya
clothes from 0 to 13 yeara for fl.frtl ind
Haiaall atv ea und colora lor
(lold pena In all dralgna at Halxman't.
Ilond, the WMlchmaknr, dMia ftngray
lUm roll creaiiimy butler at Mr. N.
(iel your ailver ware ami ailvor novel
Ilea at Hal.timii'a.
New atock ol elegant cuvin tela at
I'hunhill A Woolley'a.
At the reboot meollng Huturday,
live mill tux ana loviad.
Vriotia i!i nitii in totivenlur rpoona at
hal'.iiuli'c. H o Ibriu.
Tliomnn 11. r-herldan made a buninea
trip to IVrllaud latt week.
I. S. liraut mill leada lor United
Mate ariutor (or California.
Tom Churchill, tl Ten Mile, waa tloing
buainena in ltreburg today.
A. C.
c J
reaular di Ico 150. All theao gooiia ure
only to be found at the Hons Store.
ITn to data deutlalry by Dr. H range
...Mna dm beat and latest kinds
ol work skilfully carefully mid properly
rtad with no after troublo, but per-
it aatlafaclion. Try Dr. Htrange's
Iambi nrrMaTnl lha beat, latest and
most perfect mado.
i'o aalo or exchange for lauds In Ore-
on147 seres timber laud lu Santa
Orus' county, California, nbuut three
miles from railroad sUtlou, on county
mad. nart good Irult land and probably
in nOO cords ol wood on the place near
J.,t .rWnt. Trice 12.000. Address
1. O. box 08 UoBoburg, Oregon.
A lewdonenof tUoao Kentucky made
pants, substantial and well mado, no
shoddy. Also ft few uosen women ,
men's, boys' ud children's shoes, regu
lar wearers. Hats for .sunshine aud
hade, underwear (or hot and cold
weather, snd various other articles at
g prices, at U. 0. Klsnton's.
v,, a hluh urado niftuo, don't ovor-
wa wm sat--- ,
look the Haines Bros, ludoraed t.y an
leading musicians In Itoseumg. They
are used and Indorsed by Dr. r.hmo,
Mrs. Aprelhoff and others. Mine. Pattl
has a 11 alnea upright in hor boudoir in
her beautiful home at Craig) noa Castle,
Wales, and UKtid tho Haines piano dur
ing her last lour of tho United StaloH.
JlAisuii Daub,, New Yoik, N. Y,
Highest Kfa le Uimblers, (10
Maritetx A Co., Koaeburg, Or.
Kdi:or Stratford in espectvd to le
home ubout the Hilt of February.
KdwurJ Huotoii of Kotebiirg ia au ar
rival at the Imperial. Telegram.
Mia. J. C. Twitchell of Keburg ia
Vli-iting 1'uillaud frirnda Telegram.
Walter Km. ( iho firm of Bridges A
Kent, d Drain, was in the city today.
K. I'Atineiibcrg, ol Co'iuill- City, lias
been api-iiiie l in tunkrupicy
lor Com county.
1'iivate 1". A. Doty ol battery C.
heavy artilliry. lalilorni Nuluntccrt,
was drowned at l oit Canby labt I bun-
(ii o. 1.. Miile, iiio gramie-cuuer ai
the IVople'a Marble and (irauite Works,
rutiirmd Iruiu a trip to the Hound coun
try, today.
II. M. Wea l ha rold Ida hardware
atoio to II. .1. WUaiu. Mr. vveaa goes
to Waihinittou, where he ia interested in
limber land.
Mint D-iiny 1-reeuiau baa gtuelo l'oit
laud to attend St. Helena Hall, aud not
to tho Uoya A (iirla Aid Society aa has
been repoi led.
1, mlioa iniialin and cambric gowus,
chemine and tliwcra beauliiuiiy em
broidered and exceptional values, at the
i;osi;ilUKtl NOYKI.TY Sl'OKK.
Hon. Sol. Abraham, the voteran re
publican, ol Douglas county, was in the
city ycelerJay, and passed ou to Tort-
laud thia moruiug.-Capital Journal.
lion, .lames Conn's family, ol Melroae,
confuting ol a wifo and eight children,
are all down w ith the measles, he, him
sell ii jnut iccoveiing from the name disease.
Wo think there muat havti been a mis
take made in the action of the aoldiera
homo board, taming oul Hon. W. H.
Ilyiirs and putting in W. J. Shipley, of
Uorlland. Statesman.
John Matthews, ol Siskiyou county,
Cal., an old acquaintance ol Mayor
Maratera, baa bought tho John W riglil
place in l reuch Settlement, nudwill
move his lamily onto tho place at once.
Judge II. I.. Kensoii hns rendered a
decision iu tho caso ol A. M. Crawford
va. K. O. Connell et nl iu favor of the
pluinlitr for $1 100 and coit. It ia said
the case will bo appealed. Maruhllold
Outiut Flauuel,
Ticking, staples ol all kiuds at tho
Wiuullold 8. Yanderburg, the well-
known politician, ol Manmtiem, looa
county, who was a candidate lor con
gress iu IS'M on Iho populist ticket, Mon
day tiled u petition. In voluntory uann
ruptcy 'lu the Uiiileu SlateB district
The Oregon Telephone Co. have let a
contract to Cioorgo Slater, of Kemote,
lor the supply aud placing in position
the poles for U0 miles of tho tolephoue
line between Myrtle Point und Koao
burg, commencing at Iho tlrat named
point. Coiiuillo City Bulletin.
On Suiulay evening ut the Presbyter
ian church, tho program arrauged by
Miss Flossie Shstubrook, for the chorus
service, was well rendered and retlocts
much crodit on Miss Shambrook. It
was attractive and full of elevating
thoughts. Tho mueio was above the ordinary.
Ueorgo Uyron, a young attorney of
Kosoburg, was in the city Yesterday
having a csbo before the supreme court.
Mr. Byron was a member of the June,
18.H, graduating class of Willamette
University law school and ia enjoying a
growinu li'l'.sl lra'li'o lloselmrg.
11. W. Strong is oo the sick Hal.
Chas. K. l-ano of Klkhead, 1 rpending
a couple of weeks In Itoseburg.
Mlas (iraoe K. Carroll and Miss S. Ora
Terry spent Sunday in Oakland.
C. T. Totlen of Olondale ia in tho city
today and like a sensible man did not for
get tho printer.
Mr. Benjamin Jaggar aud wife of Ore
gon City, are visiting their daughter,
Mrs. Gei. W. Day of this city.
100 Towskia apple trees for sale.
They are line, large, rod apples and gocd
keepers. Kmprtre ol O. W. Kepp
Dr. Du Has made a quick trip to liar
riaburg, yesterday, on professional buai-
neaa, going down on the overland and
coming back on the local.
J. V. Thomason has moved fr m ilide
to Koaeburg. He carries the mail to
(ilide and l'el, and has been a resident
ol that vicinjty for twenty year.
Senator Heed's tall to reduce the sal
aries ol the ofliers of Diuglas County baa
passed both houses and wiit probably be
approved by the governor.
The deadlocks in the etato that are
trying ti elect a U. S. senator, are the
greatest arguments that could bo made
(or the proKaiiton to elect U. S. riiator
by the people.
Mies Klixa Harvey commences echool
at the Kdenbower school house Mouday,
Feb. (i. lSW. Miaa Harvrv ia ono of
Doiiiilae couutv's excellent edmators
and is doing good work.
Hon. Jas. II. Slater, ex-Uuited State
aenatrr, died at his home In Uaande,
last Saturday. Jan. Senator Slater
has been a prominent figure iu Oregon
politics since pioneer days.
Jas. l' Campbeli died at the Soldiera'
Home Saturday and was buried Sunday
He was a native of New Yoik and had
been for a great many yeara in Ihe U. S.
Saw. At the time ol death he was 01
yeais old, the immediate cause of death
being pneumonia.
It ii elated by a N-w lork Journal
that a lake of pure water has been die-
coveiod under the tity cl London. The
area of the subterranean lake ia said to
be "')00 square miles in extent in
chalk basin, one huudreJ feet below the
surface of tho ground.
Comrade W. J Shipley is a member
ol Lincoln-tiarfield Tost, and wo can
unrerervedly uy that no better appoint
ment could have been mado as he is
perfect gent'euiau and zealous aud un
tiring in hie efforts in behalf of tbo vet
eranc Corvallia (iaxette.
Miss Metta Kapp entertained the
nina ical "Silent Thirty" and their
friends at her home Saturday evening.
After au hour spent in playing and sing
ing, an elegant lunch was served, which
wss enjoyed very much by all, and ea
pec'ally by tho gentlemen present.
S. Buell, au old pioneer ol Douglas
county, residing at Looking Glass, died
Friday, Jan. i!7, was given sepulchre
Saturday. Ilia funeral was largely at
tended by neighbors and citizens from
other paits of the county, so general wag
the esteem in wheh he was held. He
was an esteemed member of Mirror
lodge, of the I, O. O. F., which conduct
ed the lust sad riles over his remains.
Father Buoll, as ho was famlliary called,
waa an exemplar? man, a kind hus
band, indulgent father and a good citi
xen, and lived to the ripe ago
score and lour years.
On Friday evening last, the chorus ol
the First Presbyterian church met at the
home ol Mrs. 8. O. Flint for practice,
aud we believe lor lun too. Alter sing
ing for an hour and a half, the remainder
ol the evening was given up to a jolly
good time, and a royally pleasant even
iug was spent; an elegant lunch was
served, games were played, jokes were
told and many topics were discucBod,
among whicU we note politics, expaueiou
and dress-making. When weBtarted for
home at a late hour, we left with an oar-
neat desire that Mrs. Flint would toon
invite us to her hospitable homo again.
Drain News.
Jfrorn Tho WaU:liMn )
Judge Ljun went to Kowburg yMr.
Mi. Kli'. of North Yamhill, has
Urn vlcltiig wl'h !' V, Ci.ffey and
Senator A I I led h'" ''' 1'rcnmlcd
with a curhnndy caived pipe by admir
ing friend.
ml. ii rtardmr. wl.o haa b en
teaching near Oaidimr, cbmid her
school last Friday.
The vlalllngOdd rellowe from Uuse
burgand other polute last Balurday,
gave our streets quite a gala appoarnm e.
Mrs. T. J. Bond, of Koaeburg, paaied
tbrouuh hers Saturday anmnl for l.a-
Grande, to visit nor daughter, Airs. J.
A. Terry.
Miss Laura K. .loner), proprietor ol Ihe
Watchman, Is making a bualoers trip to
Willamette valley towns. While abtcnt
,.. aill vUlt the lcinUlive balls ut Sa
lem, from which place sho goes to
land to purchase new material
The Drain iiierchanla report trade
lairly good and all seem cotileoted ami
proemuH. Farmers tf proiqn-Hs
were never belter, and the Watch rnai.
well e've leeii billing the high pli cis
only, f.,r so long now that we can't thlok
ol an) thing Ii;hs than au eight pA.e
paer aula new drcr-s-jor the pajt r, ol
On Saturday evening, Jan. 21, 1WJ,
ox urrfd one ol the social events of the
season. At eight o'clock the Misses Hy
land and Toill servo 1 a dainty ted ti a
few of their itiiiiuntu friendn. The table
waa beautiful nud daintily
served. Some time wa iipinl io Pi
likinrf of tbo refreshments, afier which
the remaining part of the evening was
devoted to games aud roclal onverBC.
Tho.'u present wce, Min.ei Mary J.
Jones, ol Tcrlland, Trial Anderson,
Carrio HylMid, Litir Myers, L'rlu Tiill,
Eatella Dylan I and D.ra Mytrs.
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Ilia Version of the
Hems Troubles.
for Ihe
Information Wanted.
Religious Liberty.
Kmroit Pleaa.' allow
mo u little epaiM in your c-iiumns io
nt no Kev. Mr. Ilke' viei ol
e situation in ibu Pnilippiocs.
Thia kev. Mr. lit ke. who was ai nt
to ttio Philippines to trxtmc.u llf) lu Id
ith tl.O vif d aendioi; Proie-talit
miaKionarieS theie to convert ihe people
to Protestantism, reporis Hut "ilie maea
ot the Hople are inoiaut in the ex
tremo aud they are no. prepaid and
..,.( u. ii'hi.a'.-.I (or iii.ii-V vetirs lor
sell Bui'irniiii'Ul.
In my judgment." bo aid.-, "the iiulil Ihinu lrt lor the l lilted .- ales
governiueiil io ke-p li whole aniii
pjlago and ive the wopio Bood v.vecii-
ruent and rfligious liberty. l:in i .;!.-
h fi inr nwiht to It hnnitli'-'l mm tin
I( no. thee will bo eiu.iees
l'hat woiill Ins lelirfimii lilot- with
.... ............ n .... .1
l.nj.amv. 11 1 r 'IM-Kt.ll.t lll"u
to to there wiih hi.l bililo and to tench
his peculiar ideas td iHlip;ii.i protected
bv Ihe itjveruiiienl, u J the government
then banish tho Catholic friara tlio Uev
Mr. Hvkes would have a jft thiug iurc
ly; and tuch a cciiree wou'.d, in mi
opinion, bo rcligioaa lilierly, a aort of
liberty that Protestantism will no, mciy
reiliM at tho hauda of A-uencan statesmen.
If the government bauib iho Spanieh
friai iand prohibit Protest )ut mi-sion-ariea
from the islands also, it might b. a
gol thiuir. Put the buiier way, in my
judgment, would be lor the government
to give the people g i d laws ami eee
that everv one, friar, priest, preacher,
or anv others, wiem. or oiu.-..-..,
the law in letter and in ipiiit, and pun
iab. without regard to hrs religion, every
.,., who should daro violate the
Send amongt-t theae isnmavit people
f ,r,nra In teaell them how to till the
soil and raise itock : Baud to them me
chanicato instruct them how to bu ld
comfortable homes, mako fjrnituie,
build barns and aheds for their grain and
Stock ; send to them engineers to build
roads and bridges, dyk j their overflowed
lands, draiu ih'irmarsbei, make canals
' . .... - . . :
and railroad. Let them sto oy pracu
tlm result a of our boaelful
rUtitati riv.liza.tioi). IMt tuo BCllCO
teachers go amongst them in their o,uie
way and vnlighton their undoratandiug
bv iustilling into their miuds lessons oi
practical u?elulne8s, and above all, teach
theui to tolerate tho opiuiono oi tneir ioi
low mortals. Dj this ond tho people
will soon ie iu a condition f jr sell gov
A Kkii'iii icas.
ol (our
Statement from the County Clerk,
Fire in Edenbower.
Tim realdunce ol It. M. Armitage of
Fdonbower, burned to the ground Sat
urday morning about 4 o'clock.
It caught from a chunk ol wood (ore
log open the stove door, and Is almost a
total loss. Insurance On building, f 500
on contents 100. Total loss 1000.
The building was insured ia the Peun
avlvani Insurance Company, John
oienna nl this cilv. agent. Mr, Arm it
age says he will rebuild at once.
i.,roi,n,t niv to iToiniBO made au
. .
ubliehed in the Plainokaiku on tho
PJth day ol September, 1SUS, to Ihe cit
izens of our comity, I have this 2Sth day
ol Jauuary, 1SW, mado the noeeteary ar
rangements with the First .National twua
ol RoBeburg for the payment of o00 to
iho couutv. pending ti e remit ol the
action of the present legislature relative
let the salary bill now betoro that body.
Mv alarv reiuaining uuchanged tiunug
uiy term of oflice, Iho bank ia requested
to turn over the money to the county.
otherwise 1 reserve the lull right to can
cel the foregoing agreement.
J. I'. Ua.lhy,
Comity Clerk
I i.oroby fortify that this arraugemcnt
was duly mado as above (dated on Katur
day, Jauuary 28, lS'.M.
T, K. Sboiidau,
Tree, let Nut. Dank.
KmroM I'lainiikai.kb ; I observe that
the resolution paired by the board of
trustees of the Oregon Soldiers' Home,
for the purr ore of ''ousting" me from
the position of commandant, of said In
stitution, has been furnished you for
publication. I have no objection to that
part of Ihe program and am perfectly will
ing that all the facto connected with tay
administration of the Home tie publish
ed, and let ctnsore fall where it proper
ly belongs.
All t'.e fails c moot be poblished from
the fact that the hoard, to cover op some
of their work, ordered a portion of the
records bnmed. In justice to Messrs.
Abraham and Sheridan, I will aay that
neither of ttiese gentlemen were present,
nor participated, nor gave countenance
to such preccdures.
I wirh you would poblisb my last re
port to the board upon which they bvd
banod the cause for my removal.
It is as follows:
KoHSBumi, Oregon, Jan. 23, 18W.
The Honorable Board nl Trustees of ihe
Oregon Soldiers' Homo.
Gentlemen : December the 27lh 18'J8
I had tbs honor of reporting Io yonr hon
orable body that I bad, on Iec. 8th,
ISItS. fuppended Miss Viola Mann from
duty, as matron ol the hospital, at the
Oregon Soldiers Home, lor cause or
cauaes, which were ar follows:
1st. Kocauae 1 coneidere-l her physi
cally unable to perform the duties re
tailed ol her in that capacity.
nd. liecause her treatment of the
patients heretolore under her charge or'
not 1 eon proper or light.
3rd. liecause she bar frequently ab
sented herself from the Home and bos-
piul without leave to the detriment of
the sick io the hospital and the disci
pline of the Home.
-T.h. B.-caus eh frepi ntly inter-j
(erred with the help in the Home snd
hoppital to the injury of the management
ami good government
I proposed to fnrui-h evidence in sup
port ol these cau?, but your honorable
hoard taw Gt to tako ri'hei action and
rc-inttated Mite Mann, on the date
above referred to, without further inves
tigation. Miss Mann being present and
fully a J vised as to the action of the
Notwithstanding all I a eee facts she
absented herself from the Home and hos-
Dital for eiaht successive days, ix. Irom
Dec. '.'8, IS',18 to Jan. 4, 18W, inclusive,
without leave aud in violation cf ber
duties us eaid Matrbn.
Upon the last date above referred to,
ehe prc6ented herrclf for eeiyice, I, hav
ing tccured other belp, informed ber
that there was oo place for ber aod that
she was discharged.
She, apparency, not comprehen ling
the situation oo Jan. tb. presented a
copy of the hoard resolution of the re-ic-
tatii'ir ber. to which I eave ber this
reply :
KosBiii'KO, Oregon, Jan. tu, 18'J9.
Miss Viola Mann.
Dear M its: Toat there my be no
inuuuJera'.audiug as to the reason why
ou are discharged by me, I will state
that you were discharged for having ab
sented yourself, after haviug been re-in-Btated
without leave of absence from the
28th day of December 1S'.)8, to the 4th
day of January lS'JJ. While tbie, under
the circumstances, was eo plainly in
defiance of my authority in the control
of the Hoiuj, that I was compelled to do
as I have. Respectfully,
W. II. Bvabs, Commandant.
Believing that I was fully warranted io
this action, I trust your honorable board
will approve of Bame. Ii'Bp'ctfully,
W. II. By ars, Commandant.
At the late meeting of the board, when
the investigation was in progress as io
why I discharged Miss Mann, H. II.
Northup stated before the board that he
bad given Miss Mann a leave ol absence
without my knowledge and consent
This state of facts so thoroughly vim
dicatcd me, tl at to make my actions in
regard thereto the grounds (or my dis
charge w as so untenable that it became
necessary (or him to substitute a licuoUi
charge, at a variance with the facte, for
mv removal.
I never presumed to re-ins'ate Mies
Mann. I had no authority to do so. Ihe
h,ar.l did that and I discharged ber
afterward (or cause, plainly stated.
Very ReBpecKully
W. H. Bvabh, Commandant.
Ilridiimn K. Davis, son of Maty Aon
Heeler Davla, daughter ol John Heeler,
also one John Heeler Dayie, I wonld like
to correspond with any o( the said family
of John fleeter. My address is
Bi-dmo K. Davih,
602 2nd. Ave..
Beaver Falls, Fa.
flow's Thia?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Keward
foraoy case of Catarrh that eannotbe
cared by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props. Toledo, O.
Vie the nndersigned have known F. J.
Chaney for the last 15 vears, and believe
bin perfectly honorable in all business
Iramactiona and financially able to car
r out anv obligations made by their
West A Truss, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo. O.
Waldinir. Rinnan & Marvin, Whole-
i eale Droggiels, Toledo, Ohio.
, Hall's Catarrh Core is taken internal
fly, acting directly npon the blood and
mocoos surface of the system. I rice sue
nr hoUle. Hold bv all druggists. Test-
aaonialj free.
Go Io the Rose.
Caro Broa. are Ihe '1.
Bond fcr bargain and your waic. ,
pairing. ' -
For first claas dentistry so to Dr.
Little J Oakland.
10,000 men wanted at the Boss Store
to select great bargains Ireforo It Is loo
Facts not fakes Is what our adver
tising columns reprcsont. The uoea
Babys "Cry for Cactoria" tut their
papas cry for Oliver Plows thsy must
bsvo them.
Smoke the "Artie," the best 6c
cigar of the year. Kruae A Shambrook,
sole agents. :
New stock of ladies and misses' fine
shoes, all the latest styles, Just received
A large and fine assortment of chil
dren's shoes just received at rarrott
Bros. Call and see them.
Money to loan on city and country
property. D. a. K. Bute,
Maxsters' Building, Koaeburg, or.
The W. C. T. U. will hold Us tegular
meetings on the second and lourtn
Monday of every month nt 7 :30 p. in.
In the Epworth League room of the u.
E. charch.
Mail For rianila.
Tbo postoffice officials hsve announced
itbo following departures of Hong Kong
nail steamers lor February, ou which
letters for Manila will be taken : City
of Itio de Janeiro leaves Sjo Francisco
February 2 ; Kiojun leavea Seattle Feb-
roarr 8; Caoadian Pacific learner leaves
Vsncouver, B.C., February 9; Glenogle
leaves Tacoma February 11; Garonne
leavea Seattle February 15; Olymjla
lea ea Tacoma February 21, and Cana
dian Pacific steamer leaves Vanconve-,
B. (!., February 27. A letter prop-riy
aljrekaed, stamped witii E- ent r-larxp
and mailed here iu time to reach tbe
Bailing poiut before any one ol ihe da'es
naoied, will be more thaw likely to reach
ita ilehtination at Maoiht in due course
ol time.
Weekly Excursions to the Et.
A tourist eieeping car will leave Port
land every Taesday at 9 p. ra. via the O
K. A N. without change to Boston, and
umier the supervision ol experienceu
conductors. So change of cars to the
Citire o( Omaha, Chicago, Buflalo or
Boston. The ideal trip to the east is
nov before vou. . Kemember this service
whim going East, and consult O. B. A N.
agoiita, or address,
General Pameoger Agent,
(24. Portland, Or.
Sulecribs lor the Twice-a-week Plain-
lea lfr. It ia the cldeBt, most reliable
ami fail deaiire Daor in the county.
Republican in politics it treats all per
soc s of ad verso opinions wiih courtesy,
nei er decending to ecurrilous abuse for
the DorDOSe of gaining political advant
age. It criticises, approyea or condemns
mnaiuree, not men, and is np t j da'e in
i: sews department.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to sll putiea
holding Douglas county warrant in
dorsed prior to Dec. 1, 11S95, to
present the ssme at the treasurei'a office
in tbe Douglas Uounty nana ior p
manr ma interest will cease thereon
after the date oi this notice.
Dated this tho Uth day of Jan. IS'.iy,
at the City of Itoseburg, Oregon.
Gko. W. Dim mick
Djuizlaa County. Or
V J UM a. -- w -
Attention Farmers.
Briug in your poultry to Doxier a
Martio. while they are high, we want
100 doxen young rooster, 50 dozen hrns
and 50 doxen broilers right off, highest
cash price paid.
Balm of Figs.
Any one wishing to purchase "Balm of
Fir.s" can do so bv calling cn or
dn saing Mrs. Anni Bkcklkv,
002 Csbs St., Koeeburg, Or
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice Is hereby given to all partite-
holding Douglas county warrants Jn
dorsed prior to May I, 1890, to present
the same at the same at the treasurer's
oflice in tbe Douglas County bank for
payment, as interest will cease thereon
after the date cf this notice.
Dated this the 19th day ol January,
1899, at the City of Roseborj?, Oregon.
Gko. W. Dimmick,
County Treasurer, Douglas County, Or.
lha Trade fiadlr Affected by the lacreaac
Wear or Bhoea.
Tho diminished nsoof boots is a mat
ter of concern to the manufacturers ox
them and to the producers of heavy
leather mid heavy calfskins. Twenty
years ngo tho calf boot industry waa a
leading one in New England.
Whole towns were studded with fao
iorics which produced calf boots excltt
tively. For a decade the sale has been
gradually falling off, and today it Is of
hardly any importance.
A few manufacturers of shoes include
boots as a specialty, but tho demand is
too light to amount to much. When
calf boots wcro moro In vogue, mnnn
facturers consulted tho partialities ol
the cowboys, to whom price was a sec
ondary cotihideration.
The legs were frequently corded wttn
silk ttitching. Tho star aud crescent
aad other fanciful ornamentations were
inlaid on the legs of the boots. The
soles were inlaid with copper, eino and
brass nails. Tbe cowboys no longer pay
$15 or $20 for a pair of boots. They
want substanco instead of show. Bi
they were not tho only wearers of call
boots. They were extensively worn.
Many men prefer them today, thongb
tbe number is growing lens. Tbe old
fashioned Btoga boots were formerly
aold in largo quantities. They are well
nigh obsolete. There followed a demand
for a lighter and more stylish article.
A kip boot of lighter texture was pro
duced, about equal in appearance to the
best calf boot, bnt this, too. has fallen
somewhat into disuse. Where there
were 20 factories producing boots ex
clnsively, there fs now bnt one. Even
the farmers are using heavy Bhoes in
stead of boots, and if it becomes a ne
cessity to wear long legged boots they
buy rubbers.
Twenty years ngo the entire product
of Salem and Peabody was heavy boots
and brogan leather. Today thero are
less than half a dozen tanners making
it Brogans and plowshares are indis-
oensable in many sections of country,
but thero aro comparatively few exclu
sive manufacturers of these now.
The Creedmore, Dom Pedro, English
ties find Creole congress nre supplanting
thorn. The decline in tho consumption
of calf boots affects the tanners of calf
skins. It is a question what is to be
done with heavy skins. The tanners
must necessarily buy more or less of
them. They cannot select light and me
dium weights cxlusivcly, and if they
tan them they foel no oertaiuty or be
ing able to dipposo of them in the fin
ished state, Thero is nevertheless a use
in thia world for whatever is good for
anything, and there will be some way
of disposing of heavy calfskins, though
for tho moment it appears difficult to
point out tho direction into which they
will bo moved. Siioo una Lioatuer ii
a certain
Notice to Contractors.
Surprise Party.
Tlio Williamson reapportiontumnt bill
which was printed in Ihe Plain nn ai.kk
last week , bus passed both houses and
will become a law.
II. F.nglco, postimiMer ol Peel, win i n
our Blreels today.
a vrv nleaaant eurnrise party waa
tendered Mies S. Ora Perry last Friday
evening at her home ou Short street, by
a number ol her young Inends. music
and -allies were indulged in until a late
hour wheu an elegant lunch was serveu,
which was enjoyed by all. Among those
niLceut were;
Misses Ktta K. r look, ti race arrou,
.Inuio Gi viu, Dolly buyuer, niaiue r.
ivrrv. Messrs. Will 11. Carroll, Paul
Zlgler, Tom J. Brown, Kaymond Jack
sou. We have a copy of the Plaino-alkb,
published at Koaeburg Oregon, ol which
Mr. V.. D. Stratford, who Is temporarily
with us as a townsito Commissioner, is
u.iitnr Tho lcadin. article is an obitu
ary ol the manager, wr. i . iwujaiuiu,
.. i.r. .H...1 nn Hie llth inst. Mr. Bonis-
utn was a practical puuw u -
l nnwanaiier man. He was much
reBpected and will no doubt be Beriously
1 bv Mr. Stratford, who by reason
of these uutoward circumstances, will be
compelled to liaHteii to Koaeburg to look
directly after his business InlereHls there.
Stickeon Kivor Journal.
Sealed proposals will be received at
Ihe office ol tho board ol trustees, ol the 1
Oreiion Soldiers' Home at Uoseburg,
Orecon. until 12 m. Jan. 28, 1899, for ihr
construction of a chapel and laundry for
aaid Home, and in accordanco with the
ir- and wrltlo-s of Lionel l
Deane. architect 430 Chamber ol Com-
merce, rortiaoa, wregou. i-iU6--
view at tbe office ol Mr. Sol Aorauam,
Rnwharir. Oregon, and the et
above named.
All tenders to be accompanied ny
certified check for five (5) per cent of the
ri n. hoir.l of trustees, as an ev
donee of good f-ilb.
Bwrd reserves the right to reject any
aud all tenders.
i.,. nr.rr iinurd of trustees.
il. 11. Northup, Fitsidtnl.
liirth stones ore having
. i .. i ; . .
vcue. rney aro mouuiuu ,wuius -
thl desires of the wearer, na etickpin,
ring or cboru-
County Treasurer's Notice.
W Ta 7. -A -V-r -
& CO.
Specialists for Hen
Notice is hereby ttiveu Io all partite
holidng Douglue cennty warrants In
dorsed prior to July 15, 18.!0, to present
the ramo at iho treasurer s ( lilce In tbe
Douglas County hank for payment, as
interest will eeme (hereon afier the date
of this notice.
Dated this Ihe 2 1th d .y of Jan. 1809,
at the City of Koseburg, Gregon.
Gko. W. Dimmick.
Co n.iy Treatiurer, Do.iglas T)Unt,Or.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
holding Roseburg city warranta indoreed
prior to April 15, 18JI, to present
the same at tbe city treasurer's office In
tho city hall for payment, as interest will
ceise thereon utter the date of thia
Daied at Itoseburg, Or., this 0th day
of Jamury, IS'J'J. Guo. Cabi-v,
j'.M City Tieasurer.
Tli.w hra't k.v Iwfll
curing wemura miMX rt.
lnctl iluirDl. .III.'. 1WI.
fbvy tv Ilia UrK.,1 aiiU
bi-a tMuliiml mlu'al lu
.ttliitioo, tni tn nu,
Uual IWIM n llit U. a.
MO fr I "!
ITntbrtuuAtc ro.M wlio rmi
un .l.i.nlil wril In,
iaTatisHCB ir vtana. Thou,lJ. ufw,
aillttUntunaiciiUUi Morhars for Coaiultalioa,
731 SSWuS )""
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of