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Three Monlhi - - x
.1 ANT Alt Y 2it. 18W.
Congressman Towney, tot Minnesota,
liat fr. nut sled a pln to Increaso tlie
efficiency ol the public ecrvie. ami for
that pnrpoo has introduced a lull in
concrete. Il la proviled In his hill for
Hit tetiremr-nt of superannuated nl
disabled government officials ami the
ereatluttot a fund for the retirement of
tucb employees. That the governnunt
withhold thre per cent ot their salaries
t- lie deposited as a "civil service re
tirement fund," nnd to be expended for
the benefit of (he employes who shall he
retired under the art, the government to
pay four percent interest semi-annn illy
on all moneys thus withheld. I'pnn re
tirement from serviie or hy death the
money is to bo restored to the emplojee
or his legal representatives with aocra-
nir interest.
This a paternalism that tu many eases
would bt for the benefit of the employee,
na it In a well known fact that many em
ployes can not, or rather will not, cave a
dollar of their earnings while in neaiiii
and vigor of life. Too many employes
art deficient in a knowledge ot economy
or knowing will not practice economy
and save his earnings by foregoing pres
ent luxuries that he may enjoy bis earn
ings in old age when unable to labor.
. If tht act be properly guided by cau
tious nroviaiona it will doubtless be a
good thing.
A friend on the U. S. s. retrel has
ten' us a copy of "Ihe Bounding Billow"
a paper "published at intervals" on
board the C. S Flagship Oljmpia. Tht
number before us was published just af
ter ths great naval battle of Manila, and
gives the best description of that battle
we hare yet teen. Toe first page is dec
orated with a beautiful colored engrav
ing, with the inscription: "We Came!
Wt Saw ! Wo Conquered '."
"Twas for Cuba and her honor,
To avenge our heroes elaio,
That victory wreathed our banner,
When we fouebt the ships of
It gives a history of the fleet front the
time it left Mirs Bay, China, until after
the battle, which is described from the
Bailors' point of view, by one who took
part in that greatest of modern naval
battles. Some pointed translations are
made from the Diari ode Manila, a Span
iah paper published at that time iu Ma
nila. Here is a earn pie :
"A soldier of the first U it'll ion
Caradorea gazed at the American equad
ron sweeping over the waters out of reach
of the fire of our batteries, looked out at
the ships and then toward heaven, say
ing, 'If Holy Mary would turn that wa
ter to land, the Yankees wouid find out
how wo can charge in double time
And a 'crouching native staring out at
the ships, said, 'Just let them come
ashore and give us a whack at them."
Again, 'In majestic crder, why
should we deny this? the nice Yankee
sliiis advanced in battle array. The
Olympia, bearing the .Admiral's flag,
led the column, followed by the other
ships, steering at full speed toward Ca
vite." "The Bounding Billow is edited by L
S. Young and is quoted at "50 een per
copy," and the fact that it.ii piinted on
paper captured from the Staoiards after
the battle makes it of greater value as a
souvenir of the battle of Manila.
The bill allowing $15,000 to the noima
school at Ashland has pass:d the
C. If. FlioD, Union county attorney,
who was suspecdad by the Supreme
court April 11 1338, for unprofessional
conduct, has been readmits 1 to prac
tice in the courts of Oregon.
Aguinaldo and William Jennings
Bryan are the champion long distance
fighters of the age. Blanco is not "in
it" with them, and their etore of ammu
nition seems to be inexhaustible.
Aguinaldo has the thirl time pro
claimed the Philippine Republic, but
his proclamations like vaccination some
times appear to fail to take. He doubt
lees believes in the old phrare, "The
third time is the charm."
Hon. Thos. II. Tongue is making
earnest ell'orts to get tin hill pens'oning
tht Indian War veterans of the Tacific
northwest through the house. Speaker
Iteed baring withdrawn his opposition,
there is every reason to Lclieye that he
will succeed. The bill has twice been
passed by the senate.
The situation at Manila is portentous
of trouble. Germany and. Spain, it is
feared, will acknowledge belligerent
rights to the so-called Filipino republic.
If they do it will greatly complicate our
situation there. The warlike attitude of
Aguinaldo excites alarm and it is feared
ha will foice the issue and bring on a
conflict with Amorican forces. The situ
ation is a grave one.
The death of many ot our hoys at
Manila will lie at the door of the senator
la Washington, who are retarding, by
their useless speech-nuking, the ratifi
cation of the treaty if peace. Because
of the:r action Aguinaldo and his follow
a aie assuming a hcl'ierent attitude
Kaput, ili-il-lve work, such m Pews)
Hare Ultra a aample ol, it always necw
sary in til emergency, ami tucb tn
emergent bow eilsta. Willi Hit en
coursitement tley art receiving from
Wellington, Ilia Filipinos will toon
make open warfare npon onr troops.
Further delay by our senators it crimi
nal. Thoj. Uibson, of the weather bureau
here, has handed us a partial report
from .lames Berry, Chief of Mvision of
Department of Agriculture, at Washing
ton D. C, showing in part tht condition
of the crops in Puerto Rico to .Ian. 1 3Jl.
From this report we glean a few facta ol
interest to our readers. Tht coffee crop
harvested in leceraber it an average of
four quintals per cnerela (400 lbs. per
acte). iMigar cane. The cutting tea
son is approaching and it it believed tht
yield will be much less than tbeaveragt.
Tobaoo. The plants art developing
favorably on account of frequent show-
... l . I I
ers. itio crops will i gauierru in
W. J.Shiplev, the new commaudant
of the Soldiers' Home at Koeeburg, has
been for manv rears a resident of this
city, and it well known tn urami Army
circles. Ho was for aome years em
ployed as bookkeeper by the Willamette
Lutatfing Company, and has tht repu
tation of a careful aeco-intant and an
honest, capable busiuess man. Judging
from the charges and counter-charges
that hart been made, the troth of which
it NiiLi impossible to ascertain, tne
Soldiers' Homt is in need ol a com
mandant possessing thtie qualities, and
not only the friends ot Mr. Shipley, but
the people of the entire state, may well
hone that in his selection the services ol
such a man art assureil. Oregonian.
General Kagan, who has just beeu i!
clared guilty of conduct unbecoming an
officer, bv a Court martial, participated
in the Modoc war as First Lieutenant of
tht Twentieth Infantry. He was never
acccaed of being guilty of cowardice. In
one of the battles in the lava beds he
went into action in full uniform, as a re
sult of a dispute with his brother officers
about the proper costume for an officer
to wear when goiug into battle, F.agan
claimicg that cowardice prevented them
from wearing all the gu Jy trappings of
war. His rash act made him a special
mark for the Indians and he was soon
carried back on a stretcher with a bul
let hele through his leg. For this wound
he was raised to the rank of captain.
Once I was a young mn, now I am
old, and I've never rcen a girl uufaith-
ful to hermother that ever amounted
to a one-eye button to her husband. It
is the law of God. It isn't exactly in
the bible, but it is written large and aw.
ful in the miserable life of many a misfit
home. I'm speaking for ths boys this
time. If ever you come across a girl
with a face full of roses who says as you
come to the door, "I cannot go for thirty
minutes, for the dishes are not washed"
you sit right down on the door step and
wait for her. Cause some other leilow
may come along aud carry her off, and
right there you have lost an angel.
Wait for Lhat sirl and stick to I?r like a
burr to a mule's tail. McMinnyille
We are in receipt of a copy of the con
stitution and bylaws of the Oregon His
torical Sxiety, an orgmizatiou which
was formed on the 17th day of Decem
ber, 189S, and its object being "to gath
er up and preserve what yet remains of
a once ich store of historical matter."
The officers are: 1'reeident, H. W.
Scott, vice preside!. , Judge C. B. Del
linger; secretary, I'rof. F. G. Young;
treasurer, L. B. Cox : the directors are
Governor T. T. Geer, State Superintend
antJ. II. Ackerman, Mrs. Harriet Mc
Arthur, Mre. Maria L Myrick, Trof.
J. R. Robertson and Prof. J. R. Wilson.
This organization has long been needed
and we are glad it has been effected.
There is a rich store of material for his
tory still remaining if it could only be
preserved. This is a move in the right
direction, and every old pioneer and
every person interested in. the history of
our state should help it along.
The United Slates wants no colonial
system. Our Washington fought against
it. Let us if wj love our country oppose
The above from the Albany Daily
Democrat is simply nonsense. We pre
sume that the Democrat man is not
authorized to eay w hether or not the
United States wants a colonial system,
and the statement that our Washington
fought against it is untrue. A colonial
system for ths United States at that
time had never been advocated, nor
even thought of. Washington's rcllcy
was, that we should keep ourselves free
from entaugliug European alliances,
and there was great need for that policy
at that time, for an unfortunate alliance
might have meant the death knell of the
republic. Conditions have changed and
the United States bat no need ol allianc
es. We are able to say to the world,
"This is our buHinees bands off." Tbe
policy that was necessary for the pre
servation of our institutions and our lib
erty in our infancy should not necessar
ily be followed by us since we have at
tained national manhood. Tbe reasons
for the policy no longer exist. How
ever, we have followed that policy, and
probably will continue to do so, not
trout fear as of yore, but from a feeling
of independence. We will let other
nations alone, but if they get entangled
iu our affairs we will give them a taste
of the same medicine that Dewey gave
the dons at Manila and Shatter at San
tiago. Washington did not fight against
a colonial system. He was a wise man,
and a brave man, as well as a lover of
liberty, and by lhat sign, if be were alive
today doubtless he would support the
president in tb policy t which the
Americans nation hiii been committed.
Oregon Legislators Very
In Proposing Laus.
What Lach Has Accomplished Ways
and Means Commltet Prepar
ing to Report.
Salic, Jan. 33. The clow ot the
third week ot the legislative session
shows what good reason the people had
to bs grateful to the special session last
fall for its economy in the introduction
of bills. This session has now continued as
long as that one lasted an 1 while there are
many reasons why the work accomplish
ed in the two similar periods is not sub
ject to comparative nualysie, there are
several features that cau tie compared,
or contracted, with much lutereet.
In the threo week last fall, 70 bills
were introduced in the senate, and S.I iu
the house, a total of Kit); iu the three
weeks of this session VX bills have ap
peared In the senate, aud 330 in the
house; a total ot 5.'. The senate last
fall passed 32 or its own bills and '
that came to it from the house; the
house passed 4" of its bills and :U of
those originating in the senate, though
the nutnocr that wen t to the governor is
not represented by these figures, becaoco
of amendments frequently made iu the
, , . , ., ,,.
measure passed back to the first house
for concurrence. So far this session, the
senate has finally ' passed 34 of its bills,
and nine of those originating in the
bouse, and the bouse has passed 41 of
itiown bills, aud six from the senate.
Iu the eenate last fall but one hill was
lost on a (quro rote, and that was sub
sequently amended and passed.
The house killed off 10 of its own
This month the senafe
nitely killed any but the
add two judges t
has not deli
house bill to
the supreme
court beuch, though
provide that expert
Ji'S?phi' I'iil to
witnesses should
practically be a part of tho trial court
was indefinitely postponed on motion of
its author.
Four house bills and ono eon.ito bill
have failed to pass the house, and two
mora hous? bills have been indefinitely
postponed there.
The usual number of resolutions have
appeared, consideration of some of
which, notably thoso tombing tho
matters of committee clerkships aud the
segregation of appropriations, consumed
a good deal of time.
By far tho most important mu&sure
acted npon at this session is tho apior
tionment bill, which has passed both
branches aud awaits only tho siguaturos
of the presiding otlicerj before going to
tbe governor.
Josephi's bill to reform iho ay .item ol
managing the insano aayluiu is another
important measure, nnd it has jusscd
the senate and been referred in the
A great deal of intlueuce from bene
ficiariee of an I sympathizers with the
present system is being brought to bear
against the bill iu the house, and it ii
said they are reaching the executive of
fice in the hope ot inducing the governor
to veto the bill, if it shall reach him.
Hill's bill to regulate pilotage on the
on the Columbia aad Willamette rivers
was one of the more important measures
to pass the house.
S H 1 by Dufur of Wasco To author
ize the town of Antelope to borrow f'jOOO
to build water works.
S B 100 by Daly of Benton To incor
porate town of Tillamook.
S B 125 by Fulton of Clatsop To con
stitute beach of Clatsop ounty a public
S IJ 133 by Harmon of Joeephine To
amend charter of Grant's Pass.
S B 152 by Looney of Marion To auth
orize Jeffersou institute to sell o it to tho
school district.
S B 15'J by Brownell of Clackamas
To amend charter of Oregen City.
II B 109 by McQueen of Linn To in
corporate Cottage Grove.
PAbHKD li'lll HOlHtS.
II B 74 by Maxwell of Tillamook To
incorporate Nelialem.
H B 97 by Whitney of Linn To
amend the charter of Albany.
JI B 159 by Maxwell of Tillamock To
incorpoarte Port ot Tillamook and pro
ride for the improvement of Haqiiarton
II B 161 by Wilson of Djuglas To in
corporate Drain.
HB185by Curtis of Clatsop To in
corporate New Astoria, adjoining iort
H B 211 by Max-veil of Tillamook To
incorporate Biy City.
H B 281 by Fordney of Wollowa To
incorporate city of Wallowa.
II B 309 by Williamson of Crook To
re K trict the date tor senators aud rep
r t-. iitativea,
S B 00 by Used of Douglas To reduce
salaries of Douglas county ollicerd.
Recommendation For Clemency
Hade By the Court.
Washington, Jan. 2S. General Kagan
commissary-general of subsidence, has
been found guilty of charges of conduct
unbecoming an officer and a gentleman,
and of conduct to the prejudice of good
order and discipline, and of the specifi
cation thereto, and has been sentenced
lo dioinirsil from tho 1'nitrd MuIch
army, bu'. with a recommendation from
the tourt for the eiercleo of eaecullte
clemency. Under the regulation, tht
court, having reached tht conclusion
that the accused was guilty, had no
choice In selecting tho penalty, tht re
gulations prescribing absolutely that ont
punialiinei.' dismissal lor tho offence.
Therefore, tht only hope for General
F.agan is In the direction ol commuta
tion, mitigation or disapproval. Colo
nel Uavla, judge ad vocatt of tht court
martial, finished his revision of tht rec
ord of tht court's proAiediug this after
noon, aud at once placed tht papers in
the hands ot Secretary Alger.
Tills action settled at onct any doubt
that may hare existed as to Ihe routine
to bo pursued iu the treatment ol the
case. As for Secretary Alger, as soon as
ho has read the record, he will place it
at once with tht president, who, under
the law, is tht final rtviawing authority.
It is his privilege to add to or takt from
it the strength of the court's recommen
dation that clemency l shown. Tht
imlicitioni aro that the papera will he
in tlui president's hand early next
They Were Made One.
Not more than a thousand utiles from
Uosetmrg there is a justice ol the peace
who i becoming a formidable rival to
Ui pivaclu ra iu the mutter ot solemni
sing immune.
Too other day when his court was
dceo in the intricacies of a law suit and
the lawyers wero getting Ihe honest
justice somewhat muddled up, the door
owned and in came a young man and
his best girl. One glance at the anx
ious pair was enough to convince the
practical justice what was wanted, so he
dismissed court for a fe minutes,
c eared a space in the center of the room
I w . . . '. .
and asked the parties to stand op.
"Hold up your right hands," said tbe
justice, and the parties obeyed, appear
ing ready aud auxious to take the oath
of allegiance, or receive the seutcuce, or
whatever the learned justice had In
store for them.
"Wilt thou.' said ho addressing the
young man, "take this woman to be thy
huW wife, and love her and protect her
uutil you die?"
' I will," sai I tho young man heroc
"Wilt thou ia'c Ihi mau lo bu thy
holv husband, lovj and ober hnu as
loiig as yi'U live'.'"
No answer horn ihe ivluctaul bride.
"Wilt thou'.'" demauled the justue in
Btcin tones, and she wilted.
"Yes." came tho response iu an almost
inaudible whisper.
" Then" coniinued the justice, "iu the
name of tho father, s .in, ami holy ghost
1 ronounce you huiband aud wile, for
ever uk re, world wittiout end, "amen. So
bo it."
Tno ceremony was over, and tho
happy bride and groom departed, con
scions of haviug the knot well tied
The justice resumed his seat aud
c.llod the court to order with a self satis
fied ljok upon hiit face, and tho trial pro
let dud without further interruption.
New Commandant At Soldlers,llome. .1. Shipley, the newly-ap-
xjiiitcl commandant of the Oregon Sol
diers' Italic, camo to Oregon with his
father from Missouri iu 1S53, and has
been u resident of Portland since 1H75
During the civil war ho was first lieuten
ant of the First Oregon infantry, under
command of Colonel George B. Currey
His regiment was divided up, and
some of the companies were engaged in
subduing tho Indians in Fsetern Oregon,
whii'- others were aligned tohtations
west of the Cascades. Lieutenant Ship'
Iry rt.ts htaiioned at Fort Yamhill, in
the Grand Roode Indian agency, now
Polk county for over a year, and was in
command of the post during that time
He also served as acting assistant
quartermahter and acting commissary of
substances at the same point. Since the
war he served two years as adjutant-general
ol hiigade, with rauk of major, up
to M iy, 1 SS7, when the present National
Guard law went into effect.
The new commandant is (X) years of
ae, aad n bookkeeper by profession.
His only daughter is now Mrs. Gaorge
Breck of San Francisco. Dr.'.Shipley, a
wail-known physician of Morrow county,
recently deceased, was his brother.
The appointment takes effect the 1st of
Mr. and Mrs. Shipleyjwill .leave.for
Uoseburg early next week. Thursday's
From Every Clime.
Tweuty-iiiiio nationalities uro rprt
sontod in a Now York public grammar
school. There aro in the primary and
j.fammiir departments of this school
l.IiOO children, and at tho lant cenKus
theni were represented anions them He
brew, lUiliaiiH, Germans, Irinh, Greeks,
RushiaiiH, Poles, French, Scotch, Fug, WeMi, Swiss, Cliinose, Silesians,
Assyrians, Tunisians (North Africa),
Javanese, Kongo West Indians, Cubans,
Norwegians, Swedes, Austrians, Hun
garians, Herzegoviniuus, Wallachiana,
Moldavians, Egyptians, Danes aud Ar
menians. Not over 10 per cent of thest
children speak English In their homes,
tho proportion in tho primary being un
der aM t.l:t.t in tho grammar department
over tins fo:.:r
O.ltured Boston.
A morning local contemporary gives
(his valtiallu information to iU readers:
"Candles aro nsed for lighting dinner
tables chiefly because the light Is sup
posed to bo softer and more beooming.
1'hci.o nro placed eitner in singlo candlo1
sticks or iu low candelabra." Tbe prac
tice of sticking them iu applos or pota
toes is no longer observed in tbe moal
refmed soei'jtv. liohton Journal.
Don't Leave It to I.iirk.
People sometimes talk ubout good or
l ad hi' k in advertising, just as though
the ii: 'i it printern' ink were a game of
chat.. , Apropos of thia nti advertising
phdo'ophi-r hit.-i tho uuil on the head
wl, ii hi; t-ays: "I-ave nothing to what
i : : called lur!,-. nnd you will always tt
luil')." I :.m liane.
Koaehurgera In tht Klondike.
C. l!ghloi) writing to his home paper,
tht Froemont, Iowa, Gaxelte, from Sul
phur Creek, a tributary id the Klondike
under date of Oct. 'J I, lmS, makes tht
following rsforcuce to two well known
Hosoburgtra, who stem lo be enjoying
themselvst Immensely In tho lar off
Iroien North :
"1 htvl jn-t put away my supper
things, and settled myself for a quiet
eveuing alont, when Iwdlaui broke
loott outside, aud oolnii to Iho door 1
found two (riendt with their seven hunt
lug dogs aud they declared they had
walked ton miles through the deep snow,
out ot their way to bring mo eouie.tuoott
meat. Tho men were W. W, Cardwell,
attorney, aud l r. Bradley, both ol Koeo
burg, Oregou. They had been liuullng
about forty miles southeast ot here on
Indian river, and had four moose car
casset cached awaiting their return with
sleds with which to draw their game lo
I prevailed upon them to stay oyer
day with me and the account they gave
ot thoir three weeks' hunt would make
au lutereetlmr. chapter for Forest and
Stream, or any other spotting periodical
They proved that iiioomi would bay for
dogs, which some wtileia claim they
will not. Three of tho moose they killed
were shot at short range, while lighting
off the dog pack.
Their mode of caching ia to build
platform of poles eight loot abovo ground
betweon treoe larorably located. Upon
this platform they place tho meat, cut
into such siie as can be handled, then
cover with boughs to keep the ravens off
One morning they visited their cache
and found it lorn down and Ihe carcase
of a "yearling past" almost entirely de
voured. Huge bear tracks iu the snow
told the storv. Titer nave Ihe dogs the
trail aud in an hour they had the hour at
bay and wheu the men came up the
leader dog was already stretched out on
the snow dead. At the appearance of
the men Ihe bear uuickly turned luto
the thick brush and two random shots
were tent oftbr him and though they ful
lowed his bloody trail several miles they
were compelled to abandon it cr cut
their wav through with axes
Mr. Cardae'l is Oregon old
hunter, and once killed a whic
weiuhed eiithteen hundred iniuuds. He
declares this bear with tho largo appe
tite for von moose, the largest lie ever
taw. It was of the cinnamon species.
i iovernor Culbcrtson has been elected
United States senator from Texas, and
Senator Stewart has beoti reelected iu
The onlv colored man in tho national
house of lepieseutatives is Hon. Geo. H
White or North Carolina.
Caro Bros, inlorm their patrons tha
they are iu receipt again of Clark's Spool
Cotton. Same old price.
Notice For Publication.
I'mTiui KtATKN I.amj Orrn r,
KoM-t'uri:. J mi. r, . lv.r.
Notice i hrrvliy thin tlitl tho lullon tin;
nttnol rltlcr hu tllvl Uiillio ol lil intention
1. 1 make flnitl Drool In MiniKtrt ol hl i Imui. ami
that ail proof n 111 In! oiaile lt-fore tin KrtclA
tor an. I KnmiT, I' into.! Mali's mice at
KoMtmrx. Hrv., on March II, Ivj, U.
V. II. 1. 1 AM K. III! AMI.
on II. K. So. tVvC. ..r the W. N. . hvv
1 1.. Ti 6.. K. 4 W . Uv naini'i the following nit
new to proic hi continuous realilem upon
ami culm m mil ol nam lana. lr rcrrr pun. an
ol KOM'ljlirn, Orinou. John Itarki r.of ak Crr. k
OrvKon. A. V Harkcr, ol dak Click, uri'Kon
John -lia-lvr, ol Oak I re k (lit ton
! KenntiT
TN TUK lIKll'II Ii if KT y 111 K
.1 nf Un'L'nll. lor Dotlclftft lolllilv.
.1 1 A I U
rfu-au Hmitli. l'iallitill.
. J Shipley, W. V. hhlpley,
Manrari't !.. Ilobert., an.l J. I.. I
Robert, her (unhand, I). i. I
Mi4:amibell. Viola lone, ami ml
in K'i ii 1 1
H. stone, her nimnaii'i. Mia i
lo Korei
Smith, ainlt;. A. Sintin, lo r a Mori
hiuhaU'l, Ada Mi'l ainptiell, I
Jamm Arthur Mi-i'emiiix-ll, j
William Mel'amiibell. Hoy i
MoCamjitx II. ami H.K. A'lain '
the ailiiilnlntrator ol ihe t-v
late ol Davhl H. Mc('auiilX-ll, I, lie lemlanU. j
ToO. (i. McC'auipticlI and Jamta Arthur Mc
Uauinrivii ;
In the Name ol the Htatoof Up Run oil kit
hereby riiilrel to appear ami anotver the eoui
nlnlnt filed iiKahmt you lu the aloto eulltlr
mill en or before the flrit day ol the uext pku
lar term nf the above entitled court, ton It
On or iMiIora Moudny, March -, iwn, and II
you tail lo kptiear or
umvc'1 planum a
iilaint againm y
aforesaid, ullhln nati!
line, for want thereof, I ' lav 1 11 1 1 II will apply lo
Ihe court tor the rener ueinanni n iu m r eom
plaint an folio" , towlt: for the foreeloauri'
ol a certain mortsjaije exn-uiwl by the. .aid de
fondant, A. J. Hhlpley aud W. W. Hlilpley, In
lavor ol piniiiiiir, on me mi nay oi "(Honor
li'JS, to wi urc (he payment of a certain prom
laaory note lor the ruin ol Sit, nilli liiteroal
thereon at the rate ol 111 per cent per annum
from aald date, upon which there la now due
tho uim of f.'i'.:n, with Intercut from Oct. 'her
ill, Wjb, said iiiortgaKO eonvejiUK to oaid plain
tiff for that puriioM. the foil"" Inn dctcrlbed
real prnicrty, to wlt: !t lu lu liluek 1, In
hhutrum.a addition to Voncalla, In Imunlioi
l.'ounly, Htatu of Oregon. AIo for a JudKinuiit
lor the mini ol tl '.ai, which plaliillu" ha been
compelled lo pay lor taiea aaiil axaiunl raid
mortgaged prcnilaca, for mien aUorn.y fco aa
Ihe court ahall adjudxe reasonable for plain
tifl" coxli and iliabiiraeuieiita herein and lor
audi other lullet aa la prayed lor lu aald com
plaint aud si) the court may adjudge meet ami
Thla umiiiona la inibllhed by order ol Hon.
1, W. Hamilton, Judge ol aald Court, which aald
order Is dated Dec. .11,
V. W. IIKNrioN,
J1U7 Attorney lor I'lnlutlll.
01), How Thankful
Pain Was Maddening and Hopo
Had Been Abanclonod - Wondor
ful Results of Purifying tho Blood.
"A very itvere julti camo In my left
knee, which grew worse nnd worno, and
Anally a sore brot.u ont abovo tho knee.
It dlcliari;cil a jrnrit dial and thu pain
from my thlKh down wua niuddetilng.
Large, hard, purple h)k)Ih uppcared on my
leg. I suffered in thl.i way for years,
and gavo up oil hopo of ever bolrig cured.
My wife was reading of a cuso liko initio
cured by Hood's Karsaparilla, and alio
advised me to try it. I bej;an taking It
and wheii I had used a few bottles I
found relief . from my suffering. Oh,
bow thankful I am for this relief I I am
stronger than I have ever been in my Ufa.
I am in the bent ot health, bavo a good
tppetlte aud am a new man altogether. '
). P. Moors, Lisbon Falls, Maine.
Hood's spaa?i?.a
is the bent-Ill fact tlm One True lllonil Purifier,
lood'a Pills line all liver UN. v ufMiT"
Probate Co
Jan, a. Win. It. Wells was app ihttrtl
administrator of tho ! f Ihomaa
Coats, dicraed
In the matter of Ihe valuta of liador
Hellg, a liiluor, Chaa. I llaitill'mi was
appointed guardl in, ad U'imii,
In the miilter id tho tlatn ol I'.'Ua-
belli Joi e, itectMMod, order appointing
Georgd lUtou rtlmliila'rntor. J, V,
Mably, K O Itiow it and John Konlro,
In Iho matter of tint cr-t tin td l''annle
1. I.evoiiH, doceamid, a l uliuslralor llleil
final account. Monday, March II, sot for
hearing td samr.
lit the matter of the estate of Jtsse
lUveupori, deceased, order made lo pub
llsh citation to heirs aud others lo ap
pear Matvh 0, I',)'.', and show cause why
real properly should not be sold.
In the matter nf the c'titn of WaMIe
Nichols. iloreaVil, iidmlnUlralur filed
llnal account and M uch ll, U a. in., let
(or henrieg.
In the mailer ol the estate ol I. II.
Nichols, deceased, llnal aucouul tiled aud
Match (, at t a. in., st t for heating.
Iu the matter of (tie gtiaidianshlp of
Josephsoti holts, uider of citation to heirs
lo appear at 10 o'll.nk, a. m., March II,
show cause why real prterly should
not Ihi sold.
l ist of Letters
Remaining uncalled lor iu the Knee
burg postollice:
OiHikhait, L. I'rvutisa, K. H. t;i)
lluith, V. 51. Stenote, Mrs. M.'
Hopkins, I.. P. Scott, Mjs. Kthel
I'urdy, M. W. Smith, W, A.
Watkitis, Harry
Persons calling for ths lottors will
please slate tho date on which they were
advertised, January The letters
will be charged lor at the rate of one
cent each.
Wm. A. Fit 1 aK, I'. M.
All our gooils aro new and of the latest
styles. No shopworn goods on hand at
the Hoes Store,
Admlnbtrator'. Notice.
utidrrslKniHt as aduilnlstralora ol th
oslate ol I. H Nichols, doooaM-d. have riled Ihri
nual aii on ut mill Ihe County (. Irrk ol ItoiiKlaa
lonniv, (miioii. ami me lion. I oiintr Judee
haahliil Monday the i.tli day ol Marrh. lavil. at
VocIim k a. in, as tne time for heart ugohjimtlou
to Mid account aud lor Iho aetllemrut ol lln
a inc.
HoacbuiK, tre , Jan. ., Xs.'i.
U M. N. hoi..
I II. Nlchola, Jr.
Administrator's Notice.
V'oril'K Is HKKKHV I.IVKN I HA I 111 K
nn.hT.ik'nl as a.liiilnl.lialor ol tlio ratale
ol UnlH-lla Nichols, dceaa.'d. baa tiled his nual
acrouiil with thu County Clerk ol lKiiR'aa
l ouiiii , Un lion, and the lion, t ouuly Judgv haa
nxco -iiiiuuar tne iiui ury oi aian'ii, iirjo, ai :
o i lin k a. in. aa the time lor hrarliia otilnllnii
loaaid account acd lor the a tlli)iucul ol tin
KiMK'l.nip, iiriKoti, January I), sn
I. II Nichols. Jr
Adiulii latralor
Tin; orkat
and your favorite tiome )aer,
i mum,
BOTH One Year for $1.75.
Mil J llrriIV TDinillir l,n,ArleulturaltJe.artiiirolollhahli!k
II I nilM I InlmlNr '"''"l- all Imimruul news el the Natlnu
lit It II LL11L I I III UUIIL and World, coini.rolit'liilve ami reliable mark
et reports, able editorials, interesting abort atorlca, acleiiilllu end iim tiaulcal Information, lllua
traU'd fashion article, humorous picture., and Is Instructive and enter laluln( lit everv mttnbai
of c cry fx tn 11 y.
The Uniform
quality of the work
manship in our
clothing is one of
its strong points.
Kach garment is as
carefully cut and
tailored throughout
as though made to
order. See our new
Fall Suits.
Newt Note. of the Ashland
school- Is V1.
The senate will ole oil the rallfltiatlon
of the Itsaty with Hpaln on Kb. fl.
riioaiHh IT. H. Infantry lalt Han Kuan-
el.i lor Manila on Ihe transports rtrsri.
die and Morgan Ulty leal Thttradar, Jan.
8lr Henry Imng, (lis Ki.gllsh actor,
Is coming to AiikuIcm again.
The county t'Osirl ol I'imii counly has
levied a S4 mill las.
Uml children In Japan do not long re
main astray. Ills Ihe custom lor par
ents loUlml their children th their
addrei-Bts, so lhat In owe Ihey wander
any wayfarer may send lliein home,
Kx-Atlornsy tliiieral (iarland, ol Ar
kansas died ut apoplsty In the supreme
court room al Washington, Jan. SO, He
was Btrlt'k"ii dowu while making ao
argument before the coiiit. lie has
been a Irading lawyer of Ihe Hotttb and
was altoruo) general under Cleveland.
(leorgo Johnson and Oharles William
son, committed to Ihe elate penllsotlary
at Salem lu IHD7 for holillug op the O.
H. iV N. train, near Portland, attempted
to recaps last Wednesday night, Jan. SO
Hot It were confined In one cell. The
out Ihe bars on the door and succeeded
In reaching the uppnr tier ol cells nsit
to the ceiling, where they began lo bora
through the ceiling with a brace and bit.
The outside watchman heard the noise,
and sounded the alarm. The convicts
were ordered down at the point of a gun,
and said, "lon't shoot and we will
comedown." Ihey had their bedding
and a pair of tinner's nippers with
them. They were tird up to posts and
given the regulation Hogging. The sen
tences sre thirty years and reven months
If a mau were to give another an or
ange, hs would simply say, "1 give yon
this orange," but when the transaction
la entrusted to the hands of a lawyer to
put It In writing he adopts this form:
"I hereby give, grant and convey to yon
all aud singular my estate and Interest,
title and claim and advantages In and ol
said orange, together with all its rind,
skin, jtuee, pulps and ple, and all
rights and advantages therein, with fall
power to bite, cut, suck end otherwise
eat Ihe same orange, or give the aame
away without the rind, skin, juice, palp
or pips anything herein, before or here
Inalter, or iu any other deeds, Instru
ment or instruments of what nature or
soever to the contrary In any wire, not
withstanding. '' Ki .
Marriage License.
Ssturday, Jan. '.'S, Couuty Clmk lias
ley I nailed a tnarri.tgt license to Kroei
Dutav hkey an I Atullia Klioa. Tbi
ceremony was prrlormed Ihe same after
noon by Justice II. W. Miller.
Klvea you all llio local uena, iHilllkal aud social, keei you lu
lu touch ivllh jour neighbors and frli uda, on the farm and a
the vlllaiie.
Send all subscriptions to the
Roseburg, Ore.
Hake Friends
are the only kind we
wish to sell. They are
the only kind we do sell,
and with each pair we
sell we make a new
friend. They are not
only stylish but good
clear through. S ee our
Vi ; U 11