The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, January 02, 1899, Image 2

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rul lldird MomU nl Tbundi
V.. tl. HI RATFORD ....
Kill tor.
One Yr
ii Month!
1 litre Month
.11 so
ee. He who Kill ininta tl luisi
nesi of the county ia n t more rv pp rom
Dow thn two ) -us a) H cither i(u i
able ot perceiving t tie (t ct or is two cyni
cal to Admit it.
Brymi, come down oil' your ltijli perch
end Hop crowing over free coinage 1 to
I. Th "Tmet", Kichenl Crocker,
swya I hi t ieone in ilid, AudwhntKuh
Rvd'e y goes
l-'or four hundred yeare .vpin nile.l
thin unfortunate inland at with a rod of
iron, proverbial with her eyatem of tyr
any throtiuhont her hialorv. Cajtella-
iioe, the laat cAptingeiieral, iMiricn-
iliMtxl Kpaniah authority to lien, .lohu
I. Ilruoke, Sunday noon, .Unuary 1,
The Oregon legiaUt ure convenes to-
day and the neinl mnmit ot log ni'.ltt K
tvirina. Willi clerks enoiuh to record nl
proceedinK, including Ohm payr-'lW
The commission id the
canal has reported tluit the
(eaKAlile, and nt a cost of nhont 12."00.,
000. lh oueetion now is, will ivncess
(tirnith t tie nunev and auiln r .'.. it
governnieiit now adopt a doll ii c .
inaneiil and uniform prlueiplo in a r td
with the epirit of the t'nttcd Slates co
t it ti t i m for advancing education Among
the ludiAun cn. the baaia ot tlu Aniori
Ciu frcocjtnuiou school system, in order
that there ehall he no deptrtuto from
(he American principle of keeping sep
arate and distinct Cio hiuc ions id
cluin.h and elate.' '
nit- vui:.i 1:1.1. mim:s.
The Lsrgc.Hl M.imp-niilb In
(icncral Miller Will Lend.
l,io ,li,i,Oiirii f.t, !, linivn in I
Spain. Captain Oenoral CMellanoe
Nk Youk, dan. (. A dispatch to the
Tribune from Washington aye: The
gunti ats Concord and retrcl, sent to llo
Ilo hy Admiral lHjwey 'to
Willi the cruiser lialtimoiv in soppoit cf
Nicar IVIia I the armv ix unlit ion. are t lit lielitest
route is I dr:iucht YO8jla iu his tiel. hut have
powerful batteries of six i illes ivtivi rapid
tiro guns, which nuke them aincni: the
most useful vessels in the :lcct. Af'er
they are no longer needed nt llo llo they
will coiiliniie to cruise among the Sjnt'i
tru islands if the archipcl:ig, wheie
The Sulem Mates'a New Year edi
yielded to the inevitable and as he left I tion is a enpberb publication, rejecting I American jurisdiction lus not yet I n
CaU-lloria w harf iu a licat to board the I a combination of talent an, I c ip.tal in I established.
liilml for Spain he wept with grief, re-1 in production. It illuptratius are nnel Confidence is expressed at I ho war de
minding ua of the "Last sigh ol the I and lots of them. Kvcry l usitics man 1 partment that Orneral Miller will laud
Moor," Boabdil, when ho wae leaving I in the state ought to possosa a nuuiber I all the troops from his tianspoits l y tin
rpain, A.I), M'.i.', when toe .pinien as a souvenir.
under King Ferdinand expelled the
.nooi alter wiey na i occupieo mepen-i Paii Hum, lii M.'xi.-tu owb.-v, is
insula for near SOOteara, dining which J jtely to be elected I'niti d i'es B?na
time they had built up a hig'i stale ol I tor from California. Wed thai'.-" viitty
t ivihrttion, "far better, eays the h.c I rKxi - a Cowtov (or ton it )r and u polv
torian than their own." I garaisi from Utah to c mures, is v
Spain then rejiiced over the dowuiall I much like the Irisii ct reral who ad-
ofMootiali rule, but they covered them I vnce-l hie command backward.
selves with lusting infamy Ly their cruel
treatment of the conquered Moors.
The cruel tortures of the inquitition
were meicileeely enforced. But in tbe
expulsion of tbe Spanish power from
Cuba we are assured no persecution for
llie laiuuiit countv Upj :er e.yi
"The year l!KK) wi!l be a leap year, and
llobson will have to love the lountry
ine Reporter lias cvi:te!itiv lorgot'.en
that nil PrtnlPnniiit ve:4r a -a
optnious will be tolerated, even o a un,eM u divisibu, bv 400
mild lorm. A new era in Cuba s 1W0 wi not be a
lory iias oawnea upon me "onion oi i , .
t 1 - J.l. I fl l !
uer nopes. ineuarK iionre ui tier u
yri-iij4io uu-iuur-s .ri lb) president has sent to the sonata
proaching century, it is fondly believed, I Ul8 trelllv o( i,tte.Mi the Fnited
will hnd Cuba bounding a long the hi8h. g!ate9 anJ Sprtin a, t-otot ulea at 1'aris
way of prosperity. Her soil, climate and DecemW 10, IMS. Tbe dx-iiruent con
e .uer naiurai aavaniages wnicu are ai uirj, 1: artioei,. It j., vcrv Me
moet unsurpassed, will enable her to document which seen to be sj caiefullv
rapidly emerge from the wretched con-1 ,-orded as to meet even- pjsib le con
dilion in which 400 years of Spanish I iin,,pn,.v or vni,i anv ,,,, ,;,.,.,,), r,
end of thU week.
It ha been decided tint clo. couTIn -meut
cf the troops on ihi bj.ud, for
over week would have a damaging ef
fect on their health and epirit.. wiiii-h
canuot be permitted, and tliercfote d."i
eral lUis will set n limit on the pacitlc
negotiations with the insurnents there.
With the display of force that the
army a ad navy will be able to make in
the ne'ghbarhoid of lloilo by the end of
this ia thought that the n.iriws
Will abaudoi'i their sIkiw of reistan e
and welcomt- the soldiers. In any event,
howvver, acctirdin,: to the present under
standing the troop? will be l.indcd with
out further delny.
Sacred Soil of Uethsemane
tyrauy had eubiuergeil her. The poesi
bilities of the future greatntes of this un
fortunate island are big with happy re
suits. All depends upon wise couueels a
liberal form of government aud tolera
tion of a free expression of public senti
uient guided by an education of the
Ou time again. The I laixdhallk rt
8ectfully asks its readers to accept our
excuse for the failure to appear last
Thursday, aud for the bad condition for
a pjrtion of last Monday's issue on ac
count of an accidant to the press. After
Moudav's issue was about one-third oil
the press broke, and after temporary re
pairs tbe remainder was run off, but
poorly printed Wednesday. It took
the balance of last week to repair the
OwiugtJ th absence r,i the editor,
aad the disability of the manager, ou
account of sickness, to act, the under
signed has undertaken, for a while the
task of publishing the I'i aixde vi kk,
trusting that its readers wiil endure me
for a season with that wonderful pa
tience wnicu ctiarac:erizM them in
times past. W. F. I!
'The wend does move." Kichaid
Crocker, the tammany kiug, haa got his
eyes open to the fact that the frcL-siler
lad is dead witiiout a soul to resumct,
lie also eays: '1 believe in expansion.
I believe in holding whatever possess
ions we have teamed by annexation,
DUrchast! or war. This nnlirr ii nnf nn.
press for effective work ; and by dint of ,v pa,riotic but h i ho od1v m tj e
ll.r,t tttirl rurniat.iit. pffnrt. tliA tlMTPRJlirv 1 - .
hard aud persisteut effort, the necessary
uccuuiBuo tuu-e irun.i lSome antj.p0Tgi
iuv luc i uiAiiuuu mil uo auie wiR.uti, ,!,
make its accustomed twice-a-week visits
lygafmist v
wants 13.. H
from Utah,
I not ontv ilanipil a . sst in if n pioai
to its old stand-by patrons Kememberlth,t he honId .eeJeJ .i9t fQf
tneaoage: ".vccmeniB win nappen 10 bi(?llmv .ntl nnilli1Pl, ,,.,, hv ,,
!,. foil, Sl ' "J
"i ,n, 111, ..-l,,' M,o
wonld h ton liuht npnalfv Inat cm. I
expect an exemption from each trials. him ha,.k , ,-.,, ... t.nm. 7. .
It has been a sore trial lull of yexa- .itb ,h , .
uons mai uas isxea our pauence more bii m abd rt them in Utnt
our rrsuen j ueaiueu a uig eipDEe 10 i t
pair tbe damage.
But 111 is tor tune never comes singly
la addition to the breakage of the hauls in its
, , 0., . j 1 icouree. Likewise 'lie lisnuan nat ers
now prostrated upon his bed by sick- find that the aoverullieut in pIadn aD
nees. So a double calamity has befallen embargo on American meat, has run
i -un me euiwr, i,. y. ,gl,ll1 a snag. So she hauls in her
fttratiord is absent in lar away Alaska, horns. She find now tl,Pr i nn
isowotner Hands must tafce bold and thinosis in American meat,. Sh sav 1UI . - uiic, ,u puunwuuu w me -itiere will be no prohibition against
paper, xue rj.aiosALE, Willi mis any class of American meata."
issue, win resume its twic9-aweek yisits
.1 -u i . . .i . i
. , . ln n interview with
will kindly overlook the failure for its w. l:eed Saturday he
nnappearaoce last inursday lor tbe i,H
lust from the''iiden of Oethsemane
will be sprinkled on the colline if all the
members oi Aplh Coirnundery,
Knights, of Chicago, who die
hereafter. In a safe deposit vault ;n
Chicago is :t Urge cue" tilled with the
dust from the sacred r.feii. It was re
ceivtd a few days ano, liaving been or
dered ly Pxst Kminent tiraml Coiuinan I
er James A. Hitchcock, who is one tf
the most popu'ar Knights: 'he cit.
The dust weighed 'iQ pounds, aud was
passed free though the ci wtom houstsk
It was Er. Ilitchcocfci o.n i lea that
brought the dust to Chica go, and he
prejented it to the famoua' ixnunanil-
TI.o first of the sacred soil .n c" "d a
few davj aio. l'e Witt C. legicr. for
merly mayor of Chicago and. .1 M.;-uii id
higt degree, had been hut'tad in Ko-i
Ililt cemeiery. Mr. lli'ichco"k had
p'ao ned to have the i iethesrna.K' 1um!
for use at Mr. Cregier'a Iiuiaral, but it
cam a too late, aud sj the Kaiguts nia.lo
a special piUtiuiag to Mr,. Cn-gier'a
grave and on it sprinkled ac tue o' the
haX'owed earth.
IXnly a teaspoon ful of tbe di mt will he
H1 at each fuunral. Tbii iiiaiitity,
Verj dry and very line, will be put iu
an hour glass, and the latter placed on
the co!!in lid. At the urave, when the
words "dust to dust" are pre uouueed,
a Kiugbt will release a spring1 i" 'he
hour g!;'-E and the dust will eiftr lightly
down on the collin.
To Sail For Manila..
Watjiini. r..s , .lan. 0. General .-um-
ner, ComraanJer at 'maha, Ii jh informed
Germany ia like the erui1, uLen it I the war Jenartment that he Ih n-c.-ived
finds its feelers strike au impediment, I notice thf ,t the Scandia will oe read v to
hoin.a and changes its I aall frnm Kin fun!-!, for Mmili ,,n
the loth ins:,, an 1 h3 has aci ordinglv
ordered t he Twentieth infantry -it
hatoleai e on tie 11th ir.nt., for .-in
I'rancisc; .
Ordered to Manila.
reaBDus above stated.
The hospital ship Solace
goes I o
igresBman Diogley, tbe father
' tariff act, is dangerously ill.
view holiday number is a very
paper, an improvement over
'ay editions.
s concluded to keep her
Philippines. She does
tie Dewey,
ia legislature has iu
.legation in congress to
itiucation ot tue peace
siouirits are, figurative
ting their brains out
'titiiucnt. Expansion
11 harping against
last Friday he
" (liar i at the
the delight of
lay's paper
reetiug ac
nding the
' Cuba to
Senator A.
Saturday be assu el us
would do all iu his lower
iu cuai;i mio law me measures set out jd
the resolutions of tbe republican party
in nougias county, Apnl, lSWi, regard
ing a reduction of countv cill ir r8 pai
aries; which eay in substance,., to allow
officers no more than siaiilar services in
non-official business. That would he
fair and just. What that should be
must be determined by the legislature
cvcjt aa iu ui? veto tan
say the majority muet ruie. Doubt
Ieesbenitor Iteed will devote his time
and talents to secure such a law; as is
indicated by the resolutions nameij.
Josephites Censure Roberts.
1.AMO.M, lowa, Jaa. 4 The Lamoni
l 1. f . . . T ...
uinutu oi me josepuite church ni l.a'ter
Day Saints, iu its regular annual eesfiion.
adopted a resolution ceiisuriug Congress'
luau-oicui iioueris, oi t, tau, "as a viola
tor of law and a practical polym mitt."
and objecting to his being seated in con
gress. The resolution carried by a voto
of 17 to 11, regarding! of the advice of
Apostle Wight, of the Utah loiaitkiii, ou
the ground that no evidence hwl teen
submitted that Koberta U a violator of
A Petition to Congress.
Cim aiiO , Jan." 0. Telegraphic in
structions were received today from
Alger, gi1i ig ti rial, orders lor tho ru ove
mentoftlie Fourth United .States inian-
try to M nila. The IM0 men ari l .'d-
Ecerj wiJl Ion ve Fort Sheridaji ou thrt
special trains .January I:. The regi
ment 'ffill reach New York Januaiy lo,
and a.'ill that evening for .Varjla on tho
transport Moiiawk by way of the w.
M&il For the Yukon.
Wa-jii.m,i vn, Jan. 0. In vier of iIk
fact that co oamunication between iiie
Ktttes and th e Yukon distiic in mi1
aarily slow an i Irregular, tha m triui' t-er-general ordered that all letAera d
dreased to part ks in tho Yukon, db-tri'.t
held for postage where mail sd, shall lo
held at the mai Ibg ollice for 'JO days be
fore being forw irded to the- deadlotttr
oilice. This wi li give addrewe es an op
portunity to if ir ward deficit pottage.
The steamboat ' railway pontofl ice" ser
vice between .Set, ttle, Wash., ai id Dyea,
Alaska, a distana ) of I KJ'1 mil ee, here
tofore temporary, has been est nblished
is a peruianetit r oute.
Armour i : Co. Coming.
WiiVM.M,, Aiar.,1, l'e . L', lSvS.
l'he gieateat induMrtal mid liuancial
institution in Ala-ka, ia wuhuui ! ubt,
the great Treadwrll Mines, situated on
Pouglaa Island, opposite the town ii
.Iiiueuu, iu Smith e.'i'tei n Ala-ka. I
know almost luthim; ahout mines and
milling, -o thai "' dec"ipt 101 whi.h
I may to ulle i. give ( thee Kt eat
mines, the lartiil 1 1 their kind ui the
world, will be vt-iy r.i.i'ifl.n'toiy i
ex)i'i ii'nced iniuei
1 have made to to the m:u
and bine tbi'.mgh ibfervatiou and m
iiiiiy gaii.ed . i general i.lea v I their s
tout and value. I ill Im-t " ,;'
s -rib..' H e h i .Hi' ii 'l tt" mii.i " l.'!
Kosebuig irpiesi'iit the t w It ol dm.i an,
Situated OU the ma m land i t Al.rd. i.
Widen and dee pen lb" ' n I "I" ' "'
until ii ia a mile wide uiil h''d a mile
deep, m.d let ll 1 1 i -en; one el the Mil: Widei ihaiitiiie wbirh
erparite main laud and it-Uno . .n
Soulli-e fieiu !.tbka. I'm. I I u towi ,n
pet hilly '.''.I'.' poi'til.i:. it, i vet en U-e
tioniid in v i:M i ' li'dltrv's ,u. d 1 r. e
.Mu.H, n'e I" t: lanes, t te i -M-td :'.e
minit, i r ta 'ie I'tot i lie i pea.ii,
III n,il a. t in i
an i I n ad a
tvm u : iit
uiat '.lfaetu: i
j t,. el I'
1 , '!iii"i .11.
l. i- le.i i
p:mi! i"
.III lliM'.n ll: e
maiuiiiU'.i'.ied It. ':n ii ii.,Mi':.i;n
Fru'i iimiu'i..'.' t-.u'i..-. i;h
uiaeliinei v , in t he le wa an. I It .
the wjt-r. Kitti tiani'.v cage
tra.-Ws up and i'ow n '; ;
the b.iek if m 'It ;'V
son's crchar.'s, w hich 'he l
Nebo, r.pte.-i u' d ur!- levl;
to the n.ivi.-e appea-: be, n.i
Sieve i, a mo nt'.'i a I
ipaart.:. Km' mttt r
the r UI ii- n e.i' the : (
upon the s;d ' I
way tile t";. ,
pit abi-u: ,.t'v !e. :
t: t
t , ;.;,.
I i'H erlnl
'til nit! etl
m I
:i Mi.
the top nt 1
W 1th tl'.e hi
no la bc!o.
have the he
we'.! mute :
I e.n g t .
All !;,) .1 :
per men ur ;
of the I oi'!. e. I
ing tip it ii -i
low it to ; a--i
pi: i til the e.l
t i.
i vale
e and ii' !
r , .1 (e i 1
.i:p- l: iut'i
i i'te n hi'ivei
'. I 1 l l Ml el 1
) . ! , -e I' eill .
Illtll.l i.- .
el t a l' .
e.e, ill' " I
an iiiiine
1 !
: re
. ! if.e p.!
i Ii g'at
i r men ar
t'i;ii r i i ;
' .tie
I i.t
, t
It id
fa pat it '
t.iid tu l'i
h: nr.-, i i.
pie ion w h: ' tW !!
i ','.i.l 1 1 1 1 .-:. it: i - a' it
W e li a i : ;; l.n fip.
n.'tic-1 'i d ttii.i.c'- ;.r-- if.
ity .ir.d t .e ;rt.litig i .! d
pri tSi d a.r , hit h .ii o tii
par! of the i.ia i it;er .
1 lie:e are lei ,v abjul
ployed about l'.' mines
y 1 '
perliups -HM ur r ' are
glririnn tiiit ai.'.iti
uie id 1 j grrtd--, t ut.
f'J.V.) to e0 pr ton
l nip
e I in
h.e live, in ll. y.
lit ' i i value I
bill I.V the h.-:
l lv.
i me
y . I h
I. . I
count '.
l)a!i C'n
ye i: i . ii i '.'
IV ll'l" itlt
pel I. I 'lote;
the ev i i -; :
Vel hi, i .'
te ni.'i t :l
line n ', l,i
I eeie , :
in K yell'
llll-d hi'' II
I lary li:,-,
a le.'.t el t.
I lie h .' I u
a i .: iv
tut .1 l'i
(iili n .
Mi. e., ril.
' xe.'li, ',t
eat i la ion e ,
i i in h.'i ..I
hi'. ' II h
I t i
'I I'
i i '
v e
O. i
he ,,i
I'ii i' Ian
e i.i ni, died
ll!" 1 1 II II ' (Ill
:i, ii," d eV
I I eeil fliulit-
'. I h Mll.ll Nt ill
.1 mil i,' ' until
I, h he i e, ai,e
lb. no. I.t, elil.l
: i a' I 'ii in the
I a u ii at
I. I.
I'.i t ! i in.
a in
i i"i
en le
e; ll
1 1 e
1 1'
I hi-
I I el
ll I
tl ll
I'oi- lint to'io mid Ii Ik It guide I'himi
get a Nenlhani, Thev epetil, h i thi tii
seises. It does net tal.e a naikei jack
nt a big nilaiy in-a pai l itiuiielaii "el
them. Alt we auk Is In look id the in
atrillnetit", Irv the Info inei lf. m I ' "
will be I'Oliviiin d that ,ei" me
the hint piatii'S mi the lunlUet, i ' ,!
Chli'kei ing or M,inuy, I 'i lei i ii ''
sen . I'. li.i.Kivv, A C. Mniki. m I I'"
Ixidd'e. whn I lia )il t reei ived i: hiti
linliie a In uiil tlul one In tii'.il'id in h !
Illiy i',l"n llie pileeii id lben i i ine"
lire th" ll 'iel leasnn ihle !m I lin ipl.'I'U
i ' I ioi id i i'ii I' 1 1 tie I I'd In 1 1 1 i i I i . I I "ll
aleo I'jve Mel linnde pi icea mi any make
nt 1'iein' l ' ill utid m"i
I". U ltd n tun- 'N.
li'icel'iiM , I 'r
N. :. We ei'il have III Steeli tone
new . ii"l heeiuii! hand plain
ha' .1 1 1.. to m;.i. New :i ii to
."'nm Siiiall'.i Chnplnbuy.
Lev. jut .Souli, 1 1 ,i . I nn i I the i limine i a I . .'s. , i.m: Anmiig
other !.illi;i ilteee t the ill-tein nt
ai'i'i.'.ntiii; eh ' phiuie to niiiilu y "in
Itiaiel', when I ei I on! I inn t; ue h
Hiiv'Kfit tluii ll.i'V i!n with lne
fhaplain r ' lien e , I ! "t n
tiil'ul',1, I'llw.i.vr unite n! the tneti
ttniild lather atinel n e ., I. nb1 " a
bull i ji.' tlmti t" at'end leltiee-i In
tell the lilt:., I me 1 e, in I ; ' ' li i I,
thrl ' in a he.t;' nt leild. I, lath i' i ul
tt li d i'ii' e'l a ui I: d ai'. nm plt"h . ' '
lain t -i-aving iiiiichiutiy mil nvt.i: to
ttiu i otivetiit tie of the ore iur Wor.
llie l.ital cujt per toll cf iiiiiiiti ,i ii.! i n!
lli'g the ore IS ea:u to he hut ! i '' er
ton, and it is espvete-l that I y addi'ion-
al improvemerrs the nut per t 1 1 I e
reduced to ! r ten.
There H pi i ..ib!y lei i ther pi. l 'e in
the in lid where r'ii.!i ele a-. !hi ' i .' lt
hi' u i acd 8 cheap' v a" le ie.
lit the li.'it I : !. ii.I'.i-h ,.it.j i:
are .-it '.ate J on mi at m i.r cliatitn : i : ' ' "
re l, f. here t l.e l.u ;d ureal! ,.''-t:' - e
in. I ' ' : ll J i w :i ii i ll .i I '.'tt .'ie t o! : , , '. r .
J," ..i tl e it.:! ...
I he tit ill . HI' ' ; ii. e.
cut U t.iit.' d "t. I re.liie't l
tiruiy i y maeh in-jry wurkiiig
ally, aud l.Miy here i.-i h..'te
tivo iiiil.i iPS id dollars inve
path if: oin: cut of tax r
any kind. v
I b'-li'-ve l'e; a'ii jirit n: V.ii gr i i ; of
ore in ti.iJ, and o'ht r e.','i..iiy ace b.-fit-io
parts u! Ala-k ;, i-i jirant u'.iil y d, ! .
8'i my iii-'iid ii yu'l hav a lev tu le i,,
oi d illait', t. hieli you 'A ih I t i :i v,"; ii. a .
sine ti.iu.', bring it to Ai.'.sl.a, i.t. 1 ! I
aouht ri d you cm tind ;;h g.;od a j.r" t-.i- r
t;0.'i ui the grca. Ire.tdsviul mini;.-'.
Ii. I). Si ii in oi;i
le l
:tia' ii,.'
.1.1..'. !
g ail'on.,
-n fjnr
ted v.
trii u'.t
Caio liio.', iu'orint t .eir pitroii
they arc in receipt m.Mii; of '.'lark's
Cotton. Saa.e old price.
Washipuion. Jan., ti. A petition
haa been laid before congress by the
llev. Jas. II. Komi, jfJ behalf of :be
Home Missionary Societies of thu Kvan
gelical l'rotestants of the I'nited States
opposing the reopening of the Indian
contract school question m urged by
Cardinal (iibbons and tho aachhishopj
of the Catholic church. Tho petition
asks congress to adhere to its announced
iiousecretarian appropriation police UM,
cji.chiileH :
"We uot only aiiiht rojiun
ingtheiiuestioii of sectarian approjiri
ations, now closed hv fiiiriMainnal net
ion, but w.t p iiiii in nrif, u,,, ,,,.,..,.
riaour a Co., of Chicago, prob.ibly
the greatest mctir, 'ng concorn in the
world, will soon est iblish I'ncUio
le hjuartera in f, irlland. Tho torn
' iv has secured tin ) huildinir at t ilth
iioh streets, forma -ly occupied by the
f pencer-Clarke Co., i md expect to ur. ove
in within tho ( o weeks. Portland
will ho thu only bran :h west of tha Mis
souri river, with tho exception o t oje at
Uutte, Mont., und tl id preference bLowh
I'ortland is a tributi t o her con luiefcial
greatnefs, which in gr, tdually b MOJuing
Mow To i (let Rich.
'MllIlO IllfclJ,"
"wouldn't huh no
tin' rich ef dey he
money dey earfiH
ir,oii(iy dey itftrro'
said Cncle V.lion,
''trouble- 'tall 'b ovitgot
Id on an tight to de
lis dey tdhcic, to do
Vol AS
6 IVIttL. i
3ii t Mil a mi
'4 B hm Urn H V tm 1 W -
BOTH One Year for $1
Ncwa NoU'.t.
'thu "iiiilt itlr, I'iMim IoIi aiidNoik-
tint 11 ltd' I", a Id"-! to I'-WPl'a llrti'l,
an I will n' bv llie ttnv id thu Nile
,. nt id.
II, ,., .ni,,'. 1 1 I I hi 1 I'M lliflllutu
l ',,, 1,. I li p. nl I I' d 'I ' I MllUlK ll
, . in I 't . h i Hi" let " ! 1,1 lb nnkiilds -1
1 , , . , . ,,i It , . 1 a lei ii hut" 11 I ipMtnl Into id ! ha' it 1 ; ii l ' i .,lnn IliUld,
i , 1 ., I 1 h hate 1 lete I pi imaiii'lit.
The 1111111.U.1 1 U'pl 1 1 "'ii l:'" inln-
,:, im nl I', nl md 1 1 m l v iMUng hi
I'dal hfliuii u' "11 v i!. lee nillillrtra
hate v Kited lb' ii'-iimite, Hm only
p a. i al iel " tin-i km ' 1 ll'i" clans o(
I n pi,; I'.liiiie ' " uli eh hna been tha
lie;, ml ol 11." l'i 11 eei hillfn it W
,,, I h e . H e Itll'i l. 1 I the ililimido,
all 1 r lb" u. 11 in d ill 11 o loi ti'ia'n ll t t,
1,1 1111 ' HV, '' 'I thl'te I n gmwillg HUf
piiiiiuthat it .ta' a put nl the I'lianka-
v inn mi I'i'il I 1 I I." 1 I Ultii'l .
, , !!, 1,0 ' to ' .n ne I-i inning
t,,u, ;. ,, I ,t -e 1; . .et.oig Nutelly
'(,,. it, .-' I. i.r, ,11,; Ihiee piiilii of
I ieee y ":,te min'l ;ll to I .lit iHli'lb-
,. ,,.,r i 1 ; 1 'nni; e i an "ate tint
; 1 ! .,11, to ' ', 1 1. I all till 1 1 1 1 I y ,
1 , btii . t. , t ' '' I a' Inning o"l
1 - . . , '. -me "ill . t all
, I'M
d . 1 1 -t. Ml led.
All uur gno ll aie uti'V au I ul tlte lute! j irl 1
htyliv. No t hupw ul tl j;ii"ih mi hai.t at Viidtud"
the It'wa Mt,.. j it'liri'i'". b '
..1,111 o' the in unit
tl.i ,'l' ili.ui 'till Im Ill
to 1 i' J p. 111 .
Let's talk
A liltli- i-a'ly
II11V, i:, till.' titlH' tu
tin- ;.-ihh1 piiint-,
mill iK a iilr
ulircl In buy. Wi
ll, i c ilu- .itH-iuy lor
C rest v.-nl
.nut i .t 11 1 ' i 1 rutiH iul
il .1 :.. t it tl V
lit;. 1 ;.; : .lib- bir cb"
in I be li ur hosiM 'l
l!a l.ict-
ui -.nil, Till-; PRICK
is uicirr.
,' 1 : I f Il.tVi-
cict.iiit Itcvcl, Cliainlo, fir Crescent Chain
."Indcls. .t,-;. trcscciit ,i and , i-i.;. tall and l.';iiiinc '))
Old Santa Glaus
ii.!:. K'ft with IIS nlH' i.f l!u !.l ,';.;' .t ..liu'l.:. id'
i!.i ; '.. in! s c cr 1 K-b 1) a- i-i it if. ibis , it. Toys,
i.tmly;iiitl ttut.s, t n b i tt ;. lint-; 1 ,, ili'll ., ii rums,
.-hum train., fur buy--. Y.iiti;.b!v i.i-:.t'itls u ill be
;',ii 11 away to tin- bi.y ; aifl lo tl,.- -.ills, also the
ti'.iu and wonun lure mi Chi i..t m.i.; Ke. Comt
'die, eonie all, both ;.M'eat ,i:nl Mitall, ;-.inl ;.mt its
a call, ami see our present'., ami see lbiu;.;s all, at
...Demi's Variety Store...
' V'Y y-X rv
The Uniform
quality of the work
manship in our
clothing is one of
its strong points.
Ivich garment is as
carefully cut and
tailored throughout
as though made to
order. See our new
1'all Suits.
C-i A
si' ' "
ShoeS nai-e rrieiuLs
are the only kind we
wish to sell. They are
the only kind we do sell,
and with each pair we
sell we make a new
friend. They arc not
only .stylish but good
dear through. See "our
Shoe line.
I t re-pollK, aliie naitnrittU, Interu-tillg hluile..
tiiileil fii.liiun ilfl!l:!i"i, ItiliiiiiliiilN pii.-lnri.-, inul ii i
ol ct 1 u fiiiinly.
iivi- you a.
I tifv touch i
the 1 ill. ii'. .
Ill' iel III 1 1 ' v '. .-
.Ih j.iiir in.l,;li
..1 M 111 llll-.l
1 .. el lie Hill
' I'll. I leliulile 111111'k
III , 1 1IM1 11 1 10II, i 1 1 1 1 '
1., 1 . ' r 1.1I-111I,, 1
Line un. I ill
Send all Miliscripi'.ons to tiie
Till: PLAINIIM!J;!v, .
I-o.c:hiir.";, Oie.
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luloitl (iootls
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