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rublUbii) Monday .ml Thunnlay
K. t, rUHAtTORD ..
. T. BENJAMIN,...-
ohu Vwr -
ni Month
Tlir.-a Month! -
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tl 60
ii:ci;muku si. isos.
i gu.ii-.-XTa:
Mia San I'ramtiteo l'aatntiiora torre
tpomltiit it authority lor tlm lolloping :
Archtililipp In'lmul mill r-prrent I he
Vulw 1 S'ntc itt itm'n rnes con
urpM. Ami, riituiiiPiiling iiimhi the auli
iect the correspondent aat: "Die
itreldeut I ma fi. auiloua Id Uallfy
lilt appreciation of Archbishop Ireland's
republicanism shown ly srtcvhffl
tluriugtho campaign t-f JSOO." Further
on the corrcttiK)n.-nt svs: "Tii r to
Ilia ar tiili Spain the archbhunp as
of irrfit pfrvic tolhs ailruiiiittra'i'.n in
acling at the unofficial Intermediary -
tween the Roman pontiff ami the prtti
This Is doubtless ontrut, for e bttlievs
Hie preeitleul hits not been'lsg the
Koruau pontiff through ati intermediary
for government aid. If the president
haa done each an uncalleJ for act it in
dtcates that he courtder the K.roao
pontiff bus more temporal power than
all the other power of Korope; fur the
preeident never Dialled at asking for the
jjood offices of any of the crowned lundt
of Kurope. The United States it able to
padJIe it own canoe and atlt no faroi
of the Kutir, or any other ecclesiastical
magnate. If there are true follower of
the founder of their faith who declarod
His kingdom it not of the world. They
will wisely keep their haadi off the helm
of et.tte and attend to the bnainoss of the
spiritual kingdom they are to zealous in
supporting. If McKinley goet into
Pirtnerehip with the pontiff bis name
will soon be Pannis. The power of tlie
states la niaiuUiued l-y bullets and not
by papal bulla.
Tiouble is brewiug. A Mr. Cody uf
the Christ iau Alliance, ci Cievelaod, Or.
proposes to couiuieuco mission work in
Cuba. This religious organisation w ould
do well to wait a while nntil the secular
power has established law and order
uuioug the Cuba us before throwing a tire braud anung the iguorant
religious zealots of that ialaud. Tboe
people are wed to their idols aud until
the stroug arm of the law is recognized
and its ameliorating power is felt the
preaching of adverse doctriues. however
truthful they may be, will tend it tilt
np ill feeliog and lead to trouble.
Catholicism and proteatisin ure t an
tagonistic as oil aud water, wiiero the
strong arm of the eocalar pjwer has aoi
obtained full force. Such id the leach
ing of history. We bclievo in the right
of American citizenship, that his re
ligious opinion should bo prolectei at
II times; but there is a proprieity to be
observed at all times in all things; and
nutil the people of Cuba bave become a
costomed to the aecular order Incident to
the change that is tilting, there
should be no irritating movements
thrown amongst a people to stir lUea
op, save what is absolutely necessary to
the cbauge in the mode of administra
tion of government. "Lat there be
peace," let the United States quietly but
determinedly extend its authority with
out any nnuecceesiry exasperation of
old opinions regardiug religion, for an
ignorant people are more easily dis
turbs! on
that subjde. than on .any
Americans Hold Peurto Priucipe.
jsw Yoiik, Dec. 27. correspondent
at 'aevitaa, Cuba, who writes to the
New York Times says: The list of the
Spanish forces in this, the province of
1'uerto Frincipe, has left and the Fif
teenth United Stales infantry hasanived.
ur Hag has been raised w ith much
ceremony by two daughters of the al
calde, a Cuban, formerly of the autono
mist, who wits reappointed by Ueueral
Carpenter, governor of the province.
Yellow fever and typhoid are said not
to exist here, tnougb severe malarii pre
vails. The soldiers are provided with
large hospital tents and Cola. The tents
are being floored. The extremely dense,
impenetrable undergrowth on the hills
where the camp if situated was cut
down by ex-Cubau soldiers with their
machetes, the great quantities of Ruano,
poisonous plant closely resembling in
appearanco the holly, rendering it dan
gerous for our men to do the work. The
Cubans, however, are foaileee, although
showing the effects of terrible sores on
hands and legs. A plant usually found
growing near the guauo is claimed to Le
an antidote for the poisou.
Several of the men have teeti hi: It'll
by scorpiuae, but the insects here dj net
seem to be as dacgerous us elsew here,
A few drops of ammonia applied to the
strings prevent further trouble.
This province is especially valuable as
pasturage laud for cattle. Most of tue
auimals were killed off during the war.
There are ruauy large sugar plaota
lions sadly mjured by hostilities. The
owners, however, are now busy rebuild
ing machinery and the rich soil, with
American money, farm implements and
industry, will very soon show the rich
set sort of cjuulry. Lands aid cheap,
135 beiog the pries for i)3-acre lots, bat
experience U necessary to cultivate
theni, and the ways of the country must
be learned.
Toe town d Natvius is oJd and quaint
and dirty, the Spanish garrison giving
no attention to sanitation, or, indeed,
any uleaulug of the ttreets or barracks.
This will bo attended to hereafter by the
army 'tfrlrnrn, in .o npoialinn wi'h lh
tdClde, tlOOOlu go J fr m ctntomt r.
calptt havioit brou allotted by Usiwi.1
Carpenter for the ueeded w ci k. As the
American dollar i worth from 3 trt f
percent r;iulum In Ppnuiah silver, and
labor IsoMaJuable at tfl jnr day in the
latter cumnry, much may be accom
plished wheu there it no wttte allowed.
Llring expsnstS are high. Kggs cott o
to 10 teuta each; meat, principally goat,
30 cents per poun I ; kero.vno oil per
gallon; ruui, C3 ceutt a qturt. Oranges
and limei are rhejp end tananat very
cheap, but dangerous to our people.
The ouly ilylo of carriage in tow n is
the o ctrt, au I a bicyv! cou'd iiU t
ridden 10 feel.
There is very much nntlVri cirf nmoiiu
the people of the province from want it
We aro completely nil oil' frmu itu
munlcalion with (he United S'a-e.
There it no regular mail and t no eo'dicrt
have receiyed no lelUta tioce leatit g
Stvauuab lcembtr 7. Thm -t ni
telegraph except ta Puerto rriiu lp.', t'
tulles distant .
Military Government.
CatCAwo, Iee. Mj ir O 'tisrai
Merrill, retiiieg milittry f-orernor of the
Philippine?, accompanied by Lis biide,
Miss Laura Williami, and hit chief aid,
Major Strother, hat arrived in this city
from New York. Uereral and Mte,
Merritt will remain at tho recidf uce of
Korman Williamj, Mi t. Merritt father,
until after the lulidrv, when thry will
return to New Yoik city, where the gen
eral will resuuie hit positiou at com
mander of the department of the Fast,
which he left to go to Manila.
In regard to the inhabitant! of the
Philippine iilands, lieuertl Merritt said:
"The leet we can do it to give them a
good military government, give them
what civilians are neevstary to adminis
ter the liril functions of govrrcineut,
and when the? are ready to form a j.ov
erument of their own, give them our
blessing and let them do to."
Wbea eeked what l.e thought of the
proposed increase in the e'auding army
to 100,000 mcu, the genetal declared he
bad alwayt beleived turli an iucreaee
was nec?s;ary.
"We need a standing atniy oi at least
o.OOt' men, lure in the Uui'.ed .Vato","
ha declare-J. '"No tha we have ac
quired these new territories we slitll
need a few more. Hut in my Lttiif,
23,000 men are ample an I sutlicient for
all oiibl emergencies iii Cubj, For o
Ilico and the Fhilippinee together.
The rest are needed in the United States
for garrison duty. If a larger force is
wanted iu the I'hilippiotjs it can i-aeiiy
be had from among the natives.''
General Merritt continueJ : "Ily
officering the native sjljiera with Aaer-
cans, a most effective armv for duty in
the islands could be formed. In time,
perhaps, it would come to rcte ruble the
British armv in India, where the
grea'er pari of the men are natives.
The Filipinos are anxious to enlist in
such Eervice, and tbev could be made
Into effective soldiers."
General Merritt was cartful cot to
vouchsafe, any opinion as to what con
gress might Jo, or as to w hat he had
learned of its action during his short
stay iq Washington He decIareJrw-.
would arsume his former post as com
mander of the department of the Fact
Immediately after January 1.
Two New Steel Plants.
Chicago, Dec. ". The Record Eayg:
Two new steel plautr, olio at South Chi
cago for the manufacture of steel tLe'ls
and prcjactiles by a new proceee, and the
other at Kensington for the production
of patent hollow steel axlee, will short
ly be built by a ; -idicate of Kuropianu,
represented by Curl and Adolph Mannes
man, in exjunction with the Federal
ttel Company at Ssuth Chicago and Ibe
Pullman Company at Kensington.
It is announced positively (bat ar
rangements between the Titan Steel
Company, represented by the Mannes
man! and backed by four strong concerns
in Europe one of which is in Berlin,
another in Swau-ea, Wales, one in Aue-
tria, one iu Austria and ouo in Italy
and the Federal Steel Company, of
which the Illinois Steel Company ie the
main factor, have beeu perfected and
that a tract of land has been purchased
at Kouth Chicago, wnere the two con
cerns wiil nnite ou a gigantic scale to
produce armor-plate and shells under the
secret process of the Mannesmans.
It is announced a'eo that 13,000,000
worth of projectiles for the ftderal gov
ernment will be manufactured by the
Mannesmans and the Federal Stetl Com
pany jointly. The Federal Steel Com
pany, in addition to the Chicago lant
at Couth Chicago, has plants at -f oiler
and Milwaukee. Armor-plate will con
stitute one of the main products of the
combine at South Chicago.
LltlTT-CONMM-: At the residence
"of the bnue s parents on Kock creek,
JJouglas county, Oregon, De?. '.'.', ISfJS,
Mr. Simuel M. Ilrltt and Mi is Cora
Connine, FUtr W, E. Thornton, ofli-
'.NEIL-BKIGGS At the home of the
bride's parents on Mill street, Wednes
day evening, Dec, 23, lt'JS, Albert
O'Niel and Miss Addie Bridge, two of
Roecburg's moit popular young pe
pie, were united in marriage, Itev. G.
It. Arnold officiating.
This worthy vouog couple have a
large host of friends who jolu with as in
wishing theai u long and happy married
"Coin" Harvey not only demands U
a head from (he friends of free silver
throughout the United States, but
specially requests that the money be
rent to the home office and not intrusted
to agents. There ate tome features con
nected with the financial operations of
the country whi;h Harvey understands
as well an anybody. i
Closing of Spanish Rule
Marked With Disorder
Cubans heap Indignities on the an
qulhrd I'oe -Scleral Fatal
Citu l.'0. lV A ictisouv! sperlsl
cable l the Tribune lrin Havana
says :
Rioting begin at Mentecriat toirght.
A battalion ol Spariieh troopi hurried
from the barracks on the l'l id ) to Gall-
auo etreft, the dividing line between
Cuban and Spanish territory.
Order was reek-red, but iu the tiring
which occurred before the tr.Mps arrived
an 8-tear old Cuban child was killed by
a stray bullet.
Spauish territiiy iu the Now World is
now limited to a inirow Miip of land
between Havana barber and Calinni
itreet. The fljt of Cullv libie und the
United States aie waving within two
blocks of the Paid-, a oju'ev.ird
whxli runs through the center of Ha
vaua. Monterrat having heeti evacuated,
the place was alive today with Cubans
and people from the United States. The
scene enacted at Cerro aud Ye.lado last
week and .testis del Monte yesterday,
w ai repeated at Moutwrrat. There was
even a greater demonstration for Merit
eei rat ccuifs almost t the city. Some
of the lUgs leaped uii'jn the dividing
line and waved ou the Spanish elile.
The eel el ration which was legun ou
Ciiri6t.i:a-! ulit today leached its
height. CioA'U uf cea ;tnd women
wayiug Cu'oao unJ Auieiican IHd and
carrying brai-chee of Ireet. paradexl the
streets ft outing tin I urging. Many
Americans went over to eue the deaiou
(tratioit. Tl-.ey did m.t remain long.
Owing to the intense enthusiasm, the
populace insisted i n kiffiu the "brave
Auiei icauos," they wv.ntel to
te kissed or no-.
Several affrays took place betwee'i the
Spanish residents aud the Cubanx. A
greet ry-keeper on Ouenio street re
fused to put out the Cuban colors, and
waa almoa. beaten with sticks. A? eve
ning came on, the uemonetraiion becaiue
noisier than ever, as ininy ofth norcej
parading were drunk ar.d greatly excit
ed. The Americans became cf
another claeli with the Spiuisli troops
like that w hich uehcred in Christiuaa
day. Frar.ei?ce Luinteao. a Spanish
volunteer patrolling tbo street near
Prade, was tired at from a house t
killed, A Cuban was killed in a
part of the city. IUU a doien
and Spaniards were shot or ft:
affrays about the city. l.
There was a Gvjht bvlneeu CJ
and Spaniards in .'rout cf tha UnUs
States Club at midnight. Several of t
Participants were bally iJt with ir.t
chete. Many American soldiers w'-
were in town behaved eo boieter
that General Ludlow eajs l.o is
that they were rmitte l to t03'J
Havana, and in f Uure none will'
milted except on etrietlv military
Folio Taken by the Insurgents.
Wa-mNoioN, I'ec. -5. lluilo, one of
the most impoiiaut seaport? of the Phil
ippine islands, has fallen into the Lands
of the insurgeute. The
paniards have
Wa-jiiiMiioN, I'ec. is. There is a
good deal of anxiety in odicial circles
here over recent evsuts at Iloilo. Two
official dispatches Lave beeu received by
the ftato and war departments, but it is
impossible to gather from them accurate
knowledge as to the conditions there.
It is not t vcti poeeible to learn whether
the insurgents or the American forces
have taken the place.
This morning United States Consul
Pratt, at Singapore, cabled the eta'.e de
partment: "Iloilo tuken 2jtb. Span
ish fled to Porceo." Tbia threw the
officials iuto deeper doubt than before.
The American expedition which left Ma
nila to gotj floilo, consisting ol L'000
troops and the warships Laltirnorc arid
Callao, would scarcely have had tiu-e to
reach Iloilo by the -'.h. i-itls infer
ence is that the innurgents are in pus
session. Color is lent to this belief by the fact
reported in one telegram that the Span
iards had retreated to a strongly forti
fied tow nun the ihlaud of Miudao.
This does not agree with Pratt's Hate
inent that they had fled to fioruuo.
The fact that the Spaniard.- have re
treated at all in construed as indicating
that the town was abandoned to the in
surgents. Official) at the war department etil
cline to make publh Otis' ttlegam of
yesterday, hut there is no doubt he it
meeting with great dufficulty in his ef
fort to e:cura rcleaee of tbo Bpauibb
..M;.AnnH. l.M V... 1.m ITiUvtt.irtfl 1lU,.;n. I
JTIDOUCIO MD'ti vj jg ikjiiuubi b L.t;gjua
' j appear clearly that a considcrablo ele
ment among Filipino leaders, probably
the majority, are diepjetd to usi these
uu'ortuna e prisoners as a basis for ne
gotiations with the Unitid fitatei govern
ment, naming their release conditional
upon certain more or lets imrortaut
concessions demanded by them.
Just before noon a cablegram wa? re
ceived from OtiH which confirmed the
fears of the officials as to happenings at
Iloilo. Gtis stated that the American
expedition reached that place too late,
the iusurgeiitH having taken potteufci'jii
of the city on tho 20th, '.') horns prior to
Captain Potter's srrivnl. Aguinaldo's
flag floats over lh eily.
Uliu tiiyu the i' p.iiiiai'hi h:ivc ov.ii iiiil-
e l ail tli' 1 iitien in the southern it--
lands except tfmbimug., Mindanan, by
order, tlx y say from Madrid. Otis ex
pect no further woid from Iloilo for
fom days, owing l lurk if cable com
munlention. It is piesumed Olis will
demand the surrender of Iloilo Inbi
his bandaatid thia domind may at. once
ralao lh( iiio Ict-veeu lie iiisurionH
and ouv ovi r.oveinment ol the p.-wo a
slon o' the itlaeda.
Tin' piovnee of Iloilo w rotthov.iiu dl eotorita as I nvit n a pil.
lion of 4.,K.lil, Hint H l!m ne-'mtd aeor'
citV i Imp iit.m.e in lb I'hilippl n f
Tll iuva ch.'.ci o ..(i
u r.MitviM r.r I ni i i
' U
be tow n t'l Zini'iH
ult f ii t iliod ninl !
i? ikiiui ill i : tt n.-lN Ii -
of ori.ii
n i
.: ii
,at nl lew U n not ibi
ed that
will be utile hi main
I ii an
indefinite li-it'
pri : nmi ri! I ! ev
agaiint ih- i.imii.
are not cut oil Ir
from tlio a ii.
The town I i It
in iiblituilu Hl 'i 1 1 i
bat a pi p-ilaimi.
The Trade of the Pacific.
llie Tie:itit 1'iireau of stntie'.ica In1
prepared alibln which ahowt the
Uool :h i trede of I ':ekn t otii.trn s ;cl
ja'ent in the Plubppiii Itlaiid.-', The
table thows that the trade ( Chin.',
Japan. I'ri'isli In In mi I lln.i.ili .In
tralla aim utita ti u nit like a bil
lion d I'lua a year. The ugu-col U.e
I'Uieau - StatisttfH me doubth f m coi
reit, buJhire maybe un enor in its
asuiuptT5. with H e I'l i ippiue
Ielar.da a." a life if eper.ii"in the
United Slated can leach the bulk id
tbit trade. Puriiig many veaia the door
has lei-n wide open into the m:ti Wi ts cl
China a'ld I'u'icli In lit. I m a1 the
pre.'ent tune Great 1'itit.uii contioln
abjilt per c lit i f t'illli'U'. Tiie ic-dueti-ja
in thecal ot iron ard '.'. in
thu United .vaita i:l n.i'.'l" n'loin
create our -aiea of thui pi'Jtlu. t m I .:tli
Chiuaiiii l li.tli.i , but ll.e I'.tiiirli ba-.o a
to'er.b:y lirui icld o! t!.n n.are'a for
textib''. i'akiiu el.-ven leading i.)
duels a 3 an t sample, e tin. I iuii'i-its in
1S'.7 ii'o the fctir ii nt't r ii h tnt m innl
atnoi'.n i:: to t.'J-'.COO.'.MO, ol whicn t e
United S ate- forniobed ?.N,t O.i.U. 0.
in Hi
ts tin:
! W U V
a t".iilt' r f tr
( cspar.Moii.
At p
lac. .'. Mri.
sou .11 '1 l : :Mt.
Her leni.vtin tu-re ;
Al .unci i.
Fiii-line Ii
.a:. I-
ro'ir! t
'1 ..: .'t 1. 1 I'
daughter. Mi.-. iiu,cr, lor b'irial be
sides hir h ij'ean J., I'.. P. Kit liai.lHjtj, ,,,
h J t Id Fj'1 5 ivj cemetery, i'ite (an.
riles were cutiuc'.e.l I I lev. ti Ii.
Ai Jo'.d, of tbo M. il. Ciiirjh, i f which
Mre Uichard .on h.n 'le.'ii uii e.einpl..iy
'iber frjm her vo'ilb.
"-'-Claiii th.! ot .Mr. aiel
C ucl al.oul two
,tir H c lues i.iy
tl'a'.icu ol oilic r
'3, A. F. .v A M. wan
"g, at their ha'l in
'louies ii'tr;
lllett'jn and tL'e
duly iinti-.lled:
.. , .1. G. I "ay, .Ii., S.
cnberg, .1 V.: 1 M.
. Pall J'.t
Iaudore Voll
Jeard, Trea. : N. T. Jcwe't, .-
Tohnfou, S. 1'.; Simon Car i,
J. loud, S. S. ; J. .1. Caw ;iii 1 I
SaU, Tyler. After tlu i:
ceiemouien a Lami'it't aa in
ft l t'i is oi der of b Uii in s i is nit
. I ut
H p
r di
'Mi d I
Iii- 11 .c nt hcri t, I he finti'i
i'y, ;
ti- p'e
-,.. , . ,,, f . , .
lli:i-i 1.-!
a htppy and j iviui bj'ad of
the result.
The Hi Henry Miustreli
tcrday moruiug, gave a grand ban I j
rade ut noon, and at niht liih I ihe
Opera House, and delighted an cn ii iv
SlUc audience wi'h Ibe lv."t mm ,'rel
(how lien iu lioitburg h.i yearn.
Not many years ag j u ceilain lie,;.
Weaver waa tiding about tl.u cj'in'i.
wtlh an elaborate array of litn pur
polling to show bow the rcpur liran
party had bankrupted Iho I wa ti.i'a
treasury. At present the H ale ,. :,t
amount to exactly J-jhhj-J, a;i of
which will be pai l within nix n.'.ii'iis,
to Uul intense dimwit of th: Weavi li'i.c.
K 1
i i
t t
BOTH One Year for $1.75.
it rcj.osf hil-le ctlitorial, Intc-ri-slJiiK i-lioit lorb, Mil
trute-d fi Ion article", tin murium pii-lurc, niel in In-tiu'ti
f vwrtf. mily.
elvi-M you "ll tin
cl'iio luucli tulli
the vllliit"-.
II WAN is nxcinii).
1 he City ina State of Uiuv.t, With
Crime Iturcnslitg.
II wan v, Fee. !V Fianelico tjnin
ti'io, a Si'uniiili ituoi ill i,, n hile walking
along GeuliM street t' d.n, wn tired at
fioni the roil of a Inrue nnd Hfi'mnaly
wounded, I'tiiini: tht hint SI Ik'U'H one
mail has been kilh.l ninl i luive I ton
nttitn!etl in nlfra'M in ititl.ten! pitl-t of
i h" t il y, mill II I iin.!.i i. " bine b.-en
i J IP lllll It'll. Ili;' i Hi' l-t ill 'it't' i 1 ll'i"
li V . I'llK lli 'l v .l .
ev.i 'ii.iU'd 1'i.t.i .
I I I. i .IMIII I .11,
e n. i
i v,i ii i e ei e
,"t',, 1. 1 1
t . it, C'il a
i i .i u it '.'I
i i' ... I
III I III pH I l l UU! M
if th.'V el ' '
; CiiI..m I! i .'.
I 'ie i-' r. i
j mil..- 1 .
i,i I
" in 't
tv r ' ei.
i i ti,
:ll V t Hull
A i i'ii iimi . :
Nl.tiitti.', u !
.1 C. '
, r the
111! V I
111' M ' i
' t V
i ,1 Cut
f r
. -till I
e r nil
f '
,1 , t'lii i! !
I I ir.,; '!!. i. ! '
Il m ' I i t, .
. u cn e a'.i
i . i . , ii it i.t d
I:; l..n t, I
! I Iu . p'.n;
Ii hi n
I, -
t .Mi
ti i a M ttii,
M ki-' 'he
, W b.'lrilp in
an I i i ,!-r. il s
Cuban tl-u: i
like'' ll-it
i tie el ll.e Cn!
w r h a nmi lu t
I'e.l n a Cn'
it I'M
. .1
t ,,!.,'
I ! I
I l'
ii .'t. , h i Mli't't'd 1''
lie I. I in
tclo i '
ton "i i
ho iMi i
lUo city
Icr heir
it:.!vi .v of Martpit.' -- M-n-1
1 ny t I llie :u a t.iv In tli" 'U
e il'inet, 'lid a incnber ei the
i vacii.tii n iiiui'i ! i n. The
I'.'.l Neplni.e tttei t, in a pail t"t
ilri .;,! i It'U'l'i -I. I ' he mat
; bi.ieht I j the attention ef the
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Send all substriptions to llie
Roseburiu:, Ore.
They Are
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A intil of tin- stall" ..I ll:.' I'li-li.-h .Mi'i nil. iii Mvin'tt
Specialists am! lr. Mivus -iii ''.-'l-" tlit-ir
ii -pitl. if tiiotitlih '.i'l' 1
R 0 S E B li C .
Thursday, Decern he. :)tl?, i8t8.
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Cl! I 011 I 111- 1 1 01 lot 1 lit 11 l',ir 1
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ell' e.-t ut:.. : .!. ,i ', 1 1 .. ; ,
l' rin .1 ittl I'tlri , witiiin i
VJI Mml.ct St.. ..1:1 r,;i:iu i '. .;;i
Old Szinm Ckms
has Icli v. it i: ii . -ilay
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i'.uhIv .-.lit' :..:.. ,
steatn t r.-.i::-. f-.-. ',
vc-u aw ay i t
ii.h-i: and wi !k :-
' 'He, riillli' !mth ;.',1'..
.1 call, aiitl ' i.( i.iti !. -
...Demi's Variety Store
1 H a,
1 m
rrt 0 t t
ine Lin norm
uality ul thu woi k
r.uiii.sliip in our
clothing is one. of
i Lii strong points.
Kadi garment is as
carefully cut and
tailored throughout
as though made to
order. See our new
Kail Suits.
Something HiitireSy New
dkvtl mmwM. --'"'I a-..
9 4
Coi nt r
, , I. . . w ,
Doll C. -
rirvl? Streets
1 n III M,
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. '
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1 1. 1. "l 1. 'ii-M-
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; :.i v.-ti! In-
t . ;
.1 M , .'
. .i ." ll.-'
. e..i. ii
ii "iw tis
;;:'''' .til. at
I i 'f
Qhmc ,hat
UUi5 nako Friciuls
arc the only kind we
wish to f ell. ' They are
the only laud we do sell,
and with each pair we
'ell we malic a new
friend. They are. not
only stylish " but good
clear through. See our
Shoe line.
.... . .
ii ii.j :. t'c I .imy Albums