The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 19, 1898, Image 1

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    ft 1
Vol. XXIX.
No. 80.
Mttrlatf llmllug.
Bp, o. ki Ki, luiMKiirim, m. aw,
hiM Ihxlr ii'Hila iiiiiiiiitiiili ailiiii. m iliu
I. O. (. f . hull mi -lijiiil ami luurili 'I Inuxlajr
f eauli imiulli, All til" u l" 1 fi-'in l 'I In l.
I rmulnrl)', aii'l all vl-lllnii lirntlici, rnr
dUllr luvltod io u 11I
( MAS. I. II AM.KY, I'.. II
I n 4 11. Rllllil.K, Mecrvlary.
OOI'UI.AS (HUM II., NO. i J II. (I. I'. A. M 1
niMH rvmy . .In. 'ly evililliK hi II
o'elorS In lti "II M In Hull. VlMllu
trainer, ate onr.llall) Invlluil lo miuml.
I.'. II. IKM'IN,
fl-rt, W I'ounrlliir.
Ileiirllii Kin ri'Ui) .
f A (! R f L I.UIHIK, A. K. A A. M , IlKliri.AH
i mwiluM ll J I mil 4iu w i.W'lya In
rh mmith. ..,
N. T. Jn, H'rey. AKUH U).(.K. Mr. , I. O. O. t.
m-t HnturiU 't .'HI ol i n ""'" l
their iiall I" OiM Frllinr l in.Ui l Uuwlmu.
Memtmr. ill lis lifter In '"hI i-.iiIIiis f' Invli.
t In aun.t J. W. hlUAMiK. N.U.
S, T. Jawntr, Hrc'y.
ROHMltU'i I.OlKiK. NO In. A O. . W
mxrla Iho mm-oiiiI iit Imiilli Miiiiilajra "I
tvh tannin ul 7 i. in. l O-M K.'ilm. ball.
Mml.-.r-.r.Miio older III hkI imi'llin aio Hi
tlod la allonil.
Bnl aud llilril i iimn'iara i
i 4 . m.
Ort aud llilid riliUj lu eacli luoiilii.
ROSKBTHO l.'ll A lTKK, No . l K. H.MKgT
III IH.I ml lliii-l lliuril)
""l,b' MOM.IK hllAMIIKoOK, S M.
K kuiuiI and lunU -UI..UJF.
iriiA i.oniir., no. . k ''.t ,K"!
A ."Jr. Ui.lnri.Uy vri,l.. at O.tii Krll..-,. vuii'n kmsnta lu e-- M.n.i. in: ""
Stall- IutIUxI u nucuil.
lrolritil CtrtlK.
ioita m. in
rl. I " TfTlK
R.xiin. 7 ml
T A WUkiu illuik.
'.il,-.KIIl It'i. I'll
Attorney ami Ouunhclor at Law,
Will prH I" n :"'u ' ,h" ,lV.uo.("'
Mia M.i.Uii lialMUm. lol- couuly.l'i.
Tlphotir N
lio EH I li". Oiil.i.oN-
Attorney at Law,
'r.ylO' "Tlu Hlk. RO.IKUl'IKI. OKKUON.
Y W. DBN80N,
rimiMn U.)IMKi.,OKIii..N
Attorney at Law,
Boom. I A I. MiIit lIMr, lUi.Elll' KO, OU
jWRulnt'M bcluro lh V. H. l.nml UHIcc mul
mUiTIjg cc iiociHy.
I,tc RtcoUvc I'. S. !- J OlBtc.
Northern Pacific KailroaJ Company.
Aie aulliiix tiikutH to till pointti Wml at
halt tbe rfu!ir ruled.
p. H. K. i:i u k,
J,ocal Agoot No. MaiHtiTii tiuililiutf.
OFKICK, IW JttikMHi blii-fl, l
, l.trntc ol Mr. 3. Hi::vr.
KO.-KH I'ltii, I'll.
L. MILLEIl, M. V.,
: Surgeon and Honiooopatliio
aT'Obruulo IIhum k tpwiUltr.
MRB. I). C. MiCI.AIXK.S, fr.'l'.
. kaii.h ui;ah.naiii.i:.
riT 'llut to iLi'l Fichu TralUK.
Crockery and
i ' XH;
l.omiit n"'1 Klm st AbMUllIX III
e ilifoudlit In Itohi'luirii . ..
Alio a cuuiiltlu lilicnf lii'ii'-o
lUflAU'OM ANU i KiAltH
All kinds of Country Produce
llalm of f igs.
Ap one wmbiun to iun:huto " Huliu ul
Ji.'s ' con do no liy i'uMiuu on or uJ
liBini! Mini. A.NNit iWuKi ia,
00r' C'uuu fl., Uuttliuik'. t'l.
t New Store I
Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Bought and 5old
i Low Prices!
Fall and
Winter Goods
Just Received
and More
Call and Examine our Mammoth stock.
The People's Store
A coin pick- line of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Eurnishiu Goods, Hats, Caps, Capes, Jackets,
and a line line oi Alillinery Goods.
Kvcry thing Ni-w, purtliaM-il
lu.innfaituri-rs, ivspei iall
Call and exainiine
Health is
Pure' Fresh Drugs
Pilled Accurately
And With Dispatch.
A Full Line of Patent fledicines and
Toilet Preparations
Special Sale
0reat l!l.?r Fu r n itu re
$75 lied Room
A l'ine J.ine of Chairs, loinuily $t.,su, now i.oo.
Now is the time lo get J 5 1 v ; ';ilne.s.
Call, examine and be convinced.
Alexander 4 Strong.
New Goods! i
I-ret? Delivery
. --
for Cah i!in.ct from ICasteru
y for tin- Fall Trade.
Goods and Trices.
Wealth !
Suit for $35
to Vt Property In
Poaaesilons Not Clear.
Wahiiinotu.i, J':. 13. At a umetiuu
of I liii National Cliristiju Cit r.uunltip
C iiVHtilioii, loitr w real from Wil-
lUm Henry It jln i lo, a prominent Vrt-n
byterlan anJ accretur of the Alliancs of
Kofoiiiiod Churchea, on llo aulij4(;l ul
cliurch (irojicrty in our newly ac'iirnl
iMiraiiona. The lelluf In
"la all theau terrilorini, acjuircl aa'a
rti uit ol ilm war witu fium, tiiera are
'ar(j tliurtli (iioportiM whU:U llV ji-r;l
1111 lor the control liltbert m of tint I loin in
Cullioiin cliurcti oa tin enubli-ili'iJ
eliur. li of Hpain and her coloni -p.
I'lii-su church prOiTtlm are tlnliiied bf
Ilm H jiiiao CAtlioiis aiUti jr iai, biK r
'aie esterit with iki tUor of riatltt .
Tliere douiitlem are irowriiea given by
will or direct iietaonal donation undur
lhc conlrol of Kjinio Catholic church
aiith'jritit-s iu l'orto Kico and the l'hilij
(i ties, hut in addition to eiich proiK'itieB
( Lore are other roertiuF, crtwrinlly
cli in.;i ciliflcc, whiill wre pnid (or out
ol the ublie fuoi.B3d muitit lined at
thu expense of the Spariih goveroment.
Tue ltt r proptrtiea are not the proper-
tio of tiie i hurch, but of the pooplc.
TiiiM la the fact in all countiirs nht-re
llicii) a a ealabllahed hi:iche. Suc!i
chnrrhet In Hpln, 1'iaure, Kngland and
(irrniuny are brarichee of the ntuto, an J
Ihiir cdillcca are (riCfl and eipciiFin
paid, thu ealarica of bishops and rii'St
ini-liiiji.'cl, out nf the public taxee. It was
hri'iuibu of thin Net that whin the jiith
Viiiiricaii republic bvi aiuu in IrpL-ndri.t
tif Spuin ti n new rulem took pofevHrijn
cf a very loneiclerahl-i pit o( the ihurch
propt-rly. They took the ground tiji
tl.i' owneiPliip of the p'opoity .i iu
ll.u (ta'.e and nut iu the t!iur.:li. The-
B j 11,0 violin. J wasiakrii in l.igai..J ut
Iho tiinu of 1 Liu ri formation.
Wt t tuiiuibtt-r Ablcy, LluJou, was
oMc u lionim Citholic plutu of wort-Lip
uud ih tiow a l'li'lcetaLt i:pir-;o
church, bi-caueo the 'ttuui tuie pai I
ir by lliu money if ti.e Ku;ii9h iutio:i
'1,1 Uia iiwnemhip ae and in in the
auda of Iho Koglieh Jiejple,
" 1 1 1 0 eccleniablical eilualiiu iheroior
a it lies in many, ia this:
lhc church property in I'oito Mko
and thy l'hilippinee Imiug tu a large t-x-
tcnt lliu property of thu atato. in tut
lightfully the prnnity of iho Kjiuau
tholk iliunli. Tie United Siutej
Ko ei urneut, therefore ahould l.iko poi
(CfBiou of all churcp property, ehuuld
carefully dftcruuiuu what in jioiy of tae
property actually Li'longs lo the Hainan
Cdtholi'j churtb m-mioIi, and rttiio the
reuiaiuder under i'.a own control for the
benetlt of the people ol the new terri
tories. "I would not advocate thut the L'uited
Stutee goveiutuctit should take poeaes
bion of church property iu the new ler
ritoriee, tt-ll i ng the fane a' puthc enle
and placing the money in its own Irjaa
in y ; but I do say that the people of this
new territory iu each of their cities and
lowua should have an opportunity to de
termine what uio should ie made of
theie church editices. Tuey were buih
by luonoya, forced from them by oppres
sive uictbodi of the Spanish government
and they aie nioraby, and they think
legally, the property of the inhabitant,
oftheso leir:toriee. Let thirebuavote
for instance, iu?eacti ot .the towns and
peiithes of l'oit j Kirv, as to the disposal
of the church edifice;.
Gold in Oregon.
From tbe Ulue river oppositu tlie Me, part of the C'isJade range in
Oregon, 1 have touud golJ iniuio being
doue all aloug ou what seems to be a
continuous mineral belt, extending lo
the (iulf of California.
From tbe gulf or eouth it seems to
change to silver. Ou top of the Cascade
ou the part there is uu im
meiuo lava bed three miles across i.
Sigus of other craters, chimneys und
blowouts aro occasionally seeu ou this
exleueivs belt vuryicg eomewhnt iu dis
tance from thaoceau.
Abrupt changes of formation iu ditl'er
eut places show that at so mo former
period of time, there has been great up
heavels chaiiRing the surface formation
ol the earth, und iu eomu places to con
siderable depth. No doubt some ijuailz
leads have bieu covered up. Others by
disiutergration of rock by atmospherical
intlueuce, that has been (or ages wash
iugdowu causing what is called blind
lends which can only bo traced by oc
casional bin of float or iuaiU or
associatiug couulry rocks.
t ho disintegration process has aleo
worn off some shallow leads thus account
ing (or Homo of the placers whore t o
ipjurU leads are found. In several of
the milling stales where I have asouted
iu the i-oiirtructiou of ijii.uU mills I
have iu I'mh, put in a few
mouths iiiBpccliii)j and studying the
geological and uiiueral formation of thu
country. Facu locality bus its own
claus of ipiarU and associating rocks aud
foruialioii. From all indications, wheu
prospuctiug cau bo douii on a thorougU
scale by practical aud well informed
prospective, uianv good mines will yol
be fouud iu Oregon.
l)ut the prospector usually hat little
or no uieaus to gocui ; ueldom I'eiug able
to cany out bl i woik Buccihifully,
1 have fouud plenty ol iu:m but as
I wi aU ya I'ukifig for a I'iiiim, I
have lc' thrri no It p.irtina wi'li plenty
ol patiiin'-u, time and in ny 1 1 develop
a lo irrade mini). Home of Ihrm have
pr jvo 1 1 j bs paying tninea.
If pari if lrterrtel In thi, line of
hiininfM will orxanbis a prop-cling
and mining company, a'rong rnougfi lo
do thorough work, 1 will put my time
and experience sgainat capital
Life it too rbi rt to camp out and climb
mountain lot a weak and hilf-y trial.
By an earl start in the fpring there
would be a fair ahuw of acoroplinhing:
some thing before Ml, Troopec-ting It
jufct aa legitimate bus.nen as fruit rait
ing, but to go into either w ltd a hope of
auccee, one eh juld have aoroe knowledge
ol tbe bournes. I will be glad to corre
spond with any who have faith in Ore
gon's mineral poaMibiUliea.
Addreta me at Myrtle Creek or call on
me at Mr. U. Weavers two miles soujh
ol town
Wilson fin.ijitmi.
New Note
'Ibe largest volume of bmineis ever
reccr led" is .uentieued iu the mesiage
as a prool ol prosperity, that this
should come to pass in a year of war is a
remarkaole circumstance.
A bitter partisan has tigii'ed it out
that a change of 00 J votes would have
given the democrats the next coogrecs.
If the people cou.l l have realized this
w Leu they vted tbe republicans would
have bten much greater.
Col. Rtyau claims lo be restrained by
military environment from giving free
expression to his throM:i:g sentiments.
If the war depirtmint understands i'a
bubioe.'i, the 3 I Nebraska will nolle
mustered out for some time ye'.
In pursuance to the czar's peace plans
;esii is going to torn Ihf harUr of
I.ihau, on the Caltic near K a, into a
tirst-cliss naval staiiou and torlrees.
The iiit will be closed to merchantmen
aud fo.-eigucri, jt wtiom the harbor of
Winil.ri U now heing li tjd up.
It i-i uot often that wo have a chance
lo repay iirtecc fjr the deM wu owe to
Aechtioim, Sophocles, Koripeoes, etal.,
but "I'aarlie's Aunt" has j ist been
translated (or the benefit of the Athen
ian public, wbith perhaps u gelling a
little tired of I'romebeua Vinittre, Oedi
pus Tjiaouus, The Wasp, Antigone, etc.
ne of Ibe high otlk-iali ul the French
roreign Office ventures the suggeeiicu
that tue American peace coinmiFBiontjs
lack "diploiuatte manners." This may
or may not bs true, but there is some
thing about the geueral Jetjle ol Judge
Day, the lit of bis clothes or the cut of
bis hair, that seems to win admiration
here at home.
1 he Thirteen hufsars cf Ivigland have
just lost their "old tolJiei" probably
the oldest soldier in the British army
"Setgeant Major Trump, who died ex
actly 4'J years to tbe day after enlist
ment. He was 23 years of age when he
enlisted a9 a saddler, aud therefore
would be 77 years old He was in active
service to the end.
Less oppos'tion l tba peace treaty
has been developed in Mi lriitlua was
generally anticipated. Two weeks ago,
when the terms of the treaty were first
indicated, a revolution i thieateued in
all parts oi Spain, but up to the present
timo it has not assumed a violent form.
The truth is. the Spaniard-) have had
such poor success in lighting outsiders
that they were afraid to tackU each
The Retreat From Moscow.
It was on November "j, a' about 7
o'clock iu the muriiing, when we saw
tbe bead ol the column. The first we
6a w wuro geuerals, a few of whom were
ou horseback, but tbe maj rri'y on foot.
The latter painfully dragged themselvei
along, almost all having their feet frozen
aud bound up iu rags and pisces of
shceskia aud dying of hunger. We
theu saw what was left of the cava ry of
thetiuard. The emperor cauie uext on
loot, with a stick iu his baud. He was
muflled up in a large capo!o lined with
(ur and wore ou his bead an amarau
tbiue velvet cap, edged with black fox
skiu. Ou his right marched, aleo on
foot, Kiug Murat;on his left, I'rince
Kugene, viceroy of Italy ; then Marshals
Herthier, I'rince of Neufchatel; Hay,
Mortier, I'dfe-n aud other marshals
and generals whese cor pi had been
partly destroyed. '""
They wero followed by 700 to M)J olh
cerB aud subollicers, marching in order
aud beaiiug in the greatest sileuce the
eaelesoithe regiments to which they
had belonged, an 1 lint had eo often ied
them lo victory. They were the rem
naut of over 00,000 men. My pojr I'l
cart, who had not seeu the army for a
month, ga.ed ou nK ntly, but his tuu
vuUivo movements showed ouly too
well what he felt. I saw big tears roll
dowu the cheeks and fall ou his mus
tacbe, from which icicles wore haugiug.
Thou, turning tome: "Keally, compa
triot, I do uot kuo whether I am
asleep or awake. I waep because I have
aueu our emperor uiurchiiig ou foot, a
stick iu his baud; he that was so gi eat
aud wboinr-Jo us so proud!"--from
Memoirs of S? rgeaut Uurgogue.
lu receiving an engugumout liig some
ycuug women man's devotion
by (ha carat.
He Is a Hungarian and Ha Been on
Earth in Yean.
The oldest mao io the world Uvea to
Vienna. He ia 111 years old, but Is bala
and bearty. Ily no meant decrepit, ha
dispense the hospitality of bit comfort
able home with tbe pleasant, cheery
maocer of an Old-World gentleman.
Think what it means to be lit years
o'1l It mans ttiat I77 waa the yaar
-iu..!. A.r.i.!..MMi.t. w .
v. uia.u ai v yi. . i 1 1 mum ua
fearfal ttorie about Looit XVI harlot
LI bead chopped off. At 18 b waa stirred
by tba battle of Trafalgar. Well doe h
remember when Queen Victoria ascend
ta tbe throne; be was then 10 yeara
old. He had atmoet reached CO year
when the reroluiion ebaoaaxl iba lstt !
his Fatherland. Dynastiea have risen
and been overthrown, science baa trans
formed tlu worll, bo t here is tba old
man, still alert and interested. Ha ia a
living history of Ibe greatest epoch tba
world baa ever known.
His wife is Id, bat she ia bala and
sprightly, and coddles the old gentleman
to his heart's content.
Of Jewish faith be it a regular attend
ant at daily prayera. Ha spends bit
bis days chafing with bit friends and
reading, frequently dropping into a nap.
On beicg asked how ba lived in bia
young dart be replied :
"I worked hard and felt hungry after
my labor. I always bad two pound of
meat at a meal and a pint of light Hun
garian wine. Twice io my Ufa I waa
drunk, and I waa so dreadfully ill after
ward that it waa do task to keep sober.
I've always liked girl, 1 liked them
when I was young and when I waa mid-dte'-agfd,
and I like them still, now that
I am o'd. All the mischief that I waa
aver in had a pretty girl at the bottom
of it.
"What do I think ia Ihe causa of my
happy old age? Oh, I know exactly, I
never worried and I never grieved. I
worked nniil weary, and then eiept in
unbroken rest until it wu time to work
again. It is those who tit brooding over
mi.'fortunea who grow old before their
time. Awhil) night' sorrowing ba
never put a copper in any mau'a pocket
or made a misfortune lighter to bear."
Looking Olass Items.
James Denning has gone it do
J. Newland visited Roseburg on
ily latt.
I. II. Browu and family ol Flournoy
valley attended church here last Sun
Henry liushnell ol Olalla waa with n
on Tuesday.
I!. F. Goodman of Flotrnoy valley was
here on business Monday.
Mi-s Eva Howard of Ten Mile entered
our school Monday, aa tbe school was
closed at that place.
Hiram Thrush of Camas Valley passed
thioogh here the first of tbe week.
Kev. l'ope delivered an interesting
discourse to a large congregation here
George Marsh has commenced plow
ing his prune orchard. He is having
some grubbing done on one of bit placea.
His prune trees have made a good
growth this year.
, David Morgan, Ihe Mountain House
A: Fair view mail carrier, came op last
Iu spite of tbe cold freezing weather
aud a cold disagreeable house, our school
continue to go with unflagging interest.
Some of our public spirited men should
take the matter in hand and see that
Dine very much needed repairs are
made before tbe beginning of another
Mrs. 1. B Howard has returned from
Koeeburg where she has been on a
week's visit .
When a woman hat bad dyspepsia for
t o week i she call it a broken heart.
As soon aa a man get an idea that ba
wauts a girl to love bim, ha begiot
hiowing out hints about other girlt that
are ctUtduu him.
Tbe average girl spends half her time
uot seeing jokea aud lbs other half going
arouud aeeiug subtle meanings in tbingt
where there aren't any.
No matter bow good people are and
how much they count ou heaven, tbey
are most alwaya anxious to worry along
on earth just as loug aa tbey can.
Dr. timothy D wight, president of
Vale, must have known what was com
ing ia the football line when be resigned
the presidency of Ibe university.
"Ihataretwo horse on you, Colonel
Kaintuck." "Yes, eah, aud you kin
lead them horses to the water, but you
kaiu't make 'em driuk that is, water,
Au euterprisiog vetcriuariau uf Ilrls
tol, Fa-, has successfully grafted an ar
titicial tar on a horse. It exactly
matches tbe ear on the other tide of tba
euluur head and ia equally under con
trol. A pessimist it a uiau who dare not
ook happy lor fear someone will tell
bim his troubles, and au optimitt it a
mau who dare n-it Ink miserable for
tear sou) woman (will hy to cheer him
him up.
Odd and End.
W bow bar chain' wheala, bore
aa earriaie, eowlss milk, baottaa agga
and braloltt dad ; bn ala I no tonoka
le cigarette. Ei .
Actora teem to think, aayt tba Urow
Ur, that wbaa a man opant a Utter or
telegram in tba parlor ha always throw
tha envelop on lha floor.
In Qnn Eliaabatb'a reign tba i
panaa ot th British navy wr about
I .. y . .., ....v.
WrO0Oayr,a contrast to tba prr.t
hag torn of 1128,000,000 tpeot anoaally
on tbo fleet.
The reason why woman cry after tbey
have qoamllad with their hoebanda la
bacanaa they alwaya thlok ol aomatblng
hatafnl tby ought to bar laid and Uft
ontaid. iJu M.; . -
It to baliarad ia Norway that wofvaa
ar frightened away by telegraph line.
On one occasion a village voted money
to help in tba construction of a Una pat,
ing near them for tbi reason alone.
Ex-President Harrieon't prompt de
nial that ba ia in bad health ia taken by
eorae Indiana politician to mean foil
appreciation of tbo fact that lb KooaUr
legislature will aoon be called nuon to
elect a United Btate senator.
Among tba dtiea la tba United 6ttaa
San Francisco baa tba leaat and Phila
delphia th greatest debt. Tba dbt ei
Han Francisco ia $133.017 01, and that of
Philadelphia 5,872,796 22. In tba
bonded debt per capita Boston ia tba
highest, with 107.38, while San Francla-
co U tba low eat, being 38 cent.
Physician are now somewhat puttied
to determine just what ia tha nature of
tba disease that ia causing so much tick.
oeaa at Athena and Adam. Tht achoola
bava been closed at both placea, and
some ot tb physician give it as their
opinion that tha diaeae to diptherla. It
resemble that malady, being accom
panied by aore throat, and, in one caa,
death baa resulted.
A party of explorer from th FUld
Colombian museum, Chicago, beaded
by Professor D. G. Elliott, ba just found
new specie of elk In tb Olympic
mountain, wbicb tbey bava named tba
Booevelt elk. They are entirely differ
ant from the vlk found in tbe Rockioa or
in Alaska. Their antler aro of enorm-
oua size, several Doing louna wnicn
measured nearly 60 inches between tba
outer proofs.
When the British forces were march
ing on Pekiog in 1860, altar tha capture
of tha Takn fort, one ol tbe rivere be
eameeoewolUn with the heavy rain
that it waa rendered impassable. Being
aware that tba Chinese generally order
their coffina yeara in advance and keep
them on tbe p remixes, orders were given
to search a. I the- boo see of the vUlag
and collect every coffin. With tbo aid'
of a few empty cask Ibe aoldiera con
structed a pontoon bridge of coffins snf
ficienilj atrong to bear tba artillery, and
tbe river waa ihua passed ia safety.
The value of import into Cbee Foo in
1897, tpecitled aa American, were almost
10 time greater than tboaa (pecifled a
from Great Britain. Tbe consul point
to tbe interesting fact that tbe value of
American imports into tbe tingle Chin
ese port of Cbee Foo exceeds tbe entire
value of oar import to any one of 14
separate countnea wblch be name, in
cluding in the lint each nations as Guate
mala, Peru, Dutch East Indies, Portugal
and SwitzerUnd. and in Ibe consul'a
opinion not more than 20 of the 86 polit
ical divisions ol tbe world a commerce
would ahow a greater value of oar ex-,
ports than this Chinese port of Cbee".
Foo. Ue said it ia also true that tbe
value of American ex porta to three
North China ports, Tien Tain, New
Chwang and Chee Foo, last year ex
ceeded our combined falea to all tbe
Central American state, while w sold
more cotton good! in Cbee roa than we
told in all Europe.
When an innocent man ia condemned tat
any crime ht doesn't I owe hope. His lev
vera appeal rrom on
court to another.
They are bound to
save aim, if be can
be saved. It is tbe
same way with a
good doctor when
bis patieat Qems
condemned to death
bv disease.
But doctor make
mistakes some
times; tbey lose
heart too soon.
After they have
tried everything
they know an9
th patieat it
ao better, tbey
think there is
nothing more to
be done. They
don't always
get at the root
of the disease.
Tbey frequently
give a patient
up to die of con
aumntion. and
are afterwards surprised to sea bim
strong and well acia.
Mr v, . pua-an. of Arlto-jfra, Patios Co ,
Mo., writes: " My bnbaa4 ton, four botfla of
Pr. Fitrec'a Golden Medical PiKorery when at
was (a be thou(h(al-o Utocaaturapiioe. and
wt were Tery invnKjui id., mth niroicinvr
be found, t wlib all peraeat troubled with ro
would Ukt It. Long may tht ' Golden Med
Di-covery' and 'rarotile rrwrtptlop '
rcrerytnanuuiioai turn a mroiuntcrxua
KB raugtt
I Mediul
ry" ana Tarotiie rrtacnpiioa
made. I (hall always recommtad asd praiaa
utac mtaicioei. -
AU lung tnd bronchial diaeasei ar eured
by Dr. Pierce' Goldta Mtdlral Pieo-er,
because it supplies the system with healthy
blood. It pnts ths vital frices into actio
and Alls tbe circulation with tbe life giving
red corpuscles wbirb bollda up solid, mus
cular fleah and healthy nerve-force.
Aa a medical author, Pr. Piere holds as
eminent plaoe ia bis profession. H(a neat
thousand page illuaUated book, "ThsPto.
pie's Common 6nw Medical Adviaer" 1
orie of tbe standard mediral works of th
English languacc. Kaarly 700,000 cepia
weia sold at i 50 earb. A paper boned
copy whU Vie aeot &hjelHy ft for ths cost
of rnaihnr onj', i oi,-cent atao-ps; or,
cloth bpiind (or 11 s V- Wnr,l P4-peasai-y
Msdital AuwJlsa, Buffkl, K.Y-
yfcr- osa..' s