The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 12, 1898, Image 4

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    Want to Come Home.
. ' Trfrato L. M. Travis, ol Lugeue wbo
recently return I Irom Manila, cam
down to IVtland Saturday to wltoeaa
football Ram, and have lila furlough
citfndod. It It Lit lulooiiou to apply
for u (ll.liarko when thin extrusion tx
I 'I run, if be Iuk nut lullv trcoveiod Li
hitaltli, at lie he no deeire to try Manila
- aoy more.
"Nearly all ol tiio bo a want to come
lion. i'," In- mM in oonvere.itlou with
oiuv I. ifii, Ih )! rday, "aud I aui euro I
liavp 11 mind K.-veral w lis will li i ol
nnlbiuft but 'lioiiKakkueaa' if they l.ava
to rtnuain Ibrre much longer.
"It Is unncctwaaiy for nie to tfll
about tlio life Ilia boy a lead .there I
bave ulivaJy lol l ol it, aud it baa tren
told Ly othrn who have returned, but
. it in not a picnic, ami that', one reason
..why it pora Hi Imrd with many of the
. "Wbtn tbvy U ft btuie the pieity giria
. .Vre aiiaing and tbecrlrg Ibrm, and
ahowf rinjr bouqneta ou tbcru, and many
ofthrin concluded lint a soldier's lite
wna about tbo o(teel' thiug tbry had
ever tried. Over in Mauila there are no
prvttv gill coming round it!i kiwa
and llotvi're, and seldier life in entlrcN a
ilifferenl thing.
"I aiucerely hopa tho volunteers will
t all soon be eeiit Lome, and aa regulars
rre now being eeot tbeio it looks as 11
l bey would. Telegram.
Weekly L'trcuraloo to the Eaat.
A tourist alee plot will leave Fort
land ovary Toaaday at 9 p. m.Tta tba O,
R. & N. without change to Boat on, and
onder the saperWsloo of experienced
conductort. No change of cere to the
cities of Omaha, Chicago, Buflalo or
Boaton. Tbe ideal trip to tbt east is
now before you. Keuaamber this amice
whon going East, aud cooautt O. B. A N.
agent, or addreae,
W. II. Ucaietar,
t.eoeral rassenger Agent.
t:t. Portland. Or.
the I iliplno Press.
Mamla, Oct:. 7. ILe native prees
cbutmuea to advocate the independence
aud reinibuiseuieul (o the Toiled Slates
government of tbe awouat to Le paid
t-paiu for the lbilii'innee. The Inde
peudeucia Ibinks Ibis course the only
jusl one. It iusista that tbe Filipinos
have aided tbe Americans aolely because
they believed they were fighting for in
dependence. Tbe paper quotes liberally
from President McKinley'a Uet speech
in Chicago to support its contention
that tbe Americana are pledged to give
the Filipinos independence.
. Tba United States trtusport Newport,
beariog General Miller and staff and tie
First battalion, Twentieth Kansas regi
ment, with the 'Wyomiug light battery,
which lift ."-aa Francisco November S,
arrived toJay, c.osely following tbe City
of Tuebla, which arrived yesterday with
Lientenaut-Colonel CUilJers, j officers
and COO men, including five companies
of the First Tennessee, troop A, of the
Nevada volunieer cavalry, a detachment
of recruits for the Tenty-tbir,i infantry
and a detach toeut for the California
heavy artillery.
ShaaU Limited
la the name of the only perfect train
in tbe world, now running every night
botweeuSt. Taul md Chicago, Tia tbe
Chicajro, Milwaukee A H. rant Railway
the pioneer road of the west In adopt
iog all improved facilities for the safety
and enjoyment of passengers. An illus
trated pamphlet, showing views ol beau
tilul scenery along tbe ronte of the Tio
neer Limited, will be sent free to aoy
person upon receipt of two-cent postage
stamp. Address Geo. II. Heafford, Gen
eral Pasaeugor Agent, Cnicago, III.
L KOHLHAQEN, Proprietor,
Otiuta in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Notice Tor Publication.
t'Mtrrnii" l.M trn a,
Kin'tliiH. ti ' ( r St. lv
Null,., i. hitvl'V alMu lint tho lolltmilii:
nainrd millet lia in. J iintlif ol liin liiieiiiiuii In
make final mvf m miiuxti ii nt eiami, mm
intil ritlit lr-l m ' inane I'l'tnin t no hi sla
ter ml Kv,'iir, 1 i !-( mate linul timer, al
Kml'inx, Oivc.'ii on 1'o.Yimvr v, ivm, vi;
' iuN-.-n vi u i: oMIHi,
on ll.iui-ii-.i,l I nltv No i-.U'O, lor thi Mt '
o I fci'. I, Tt'."' I fVtt'M. Hi' liim Ilio
IoIIdwIiik muiii1"!!" l'f"'' "I" ""onlhliloii"
M'lilt'iiv uounn.; calm llon ol lit IhiiiI,
Me milium II ll ii'l'Vii. .'mi'. a. nrin
Joint l Wil.v.u Ai silmni I. I lituuli, all ol
1 Kill It nil.' . I'lVSi'll.
.'. I. UUII'l.KN,
n:i0 Kt'HMvr,
is the lime to save money bv buying
your goods at the Koeeburg Novelty
Cash Store. In buving three pairs of
shoes you can save enough to bay anoth
er pair. On clothing we can save you
from 3 to fl on a snit. Kail millinery,
cloaks and capes, all sold at dosing out
prices. Absolutely closing out. Call
and be convinced.
To the Public.
Ou and after this date, I wish it under
stood that my terms for ail undertaker's
goods are cash with the order. I find ft
impossible to do business on credit
basis, and belire that I cam do better by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
lor caaii. r. Bxxuacr. Undertaker.
Roeeburg, Ore., April 12, 1895.
Notice is hereby given to tbe public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roeeburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or esnd or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for tbe
right to do so.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. Aaeon Koe,
Roeeburg, Oregon, March 17tb. 1SS5.
AH our goods are new and ol tbe latest
styles. No shopworn goods on hand at
the Boss Store.
Roy alty In the Saddle.
The recent faila from horseback of
Emperor William of Gtrmany acd of the
. Dake of Coanaugbt, serve tD cill attea-
tiou to tbe fact that whataver equestrian
'sia there Is amoDg tho reigning families
. of Europe seems to be restricted to the
. ladies. All the sons of Queea Victoria
. , ride ungracefully and are indebted to a
Heesian of tho name of Meyer, of Darin
Btadt, for their German seat in tba sad
, King Humbert has been thrown off
.- his horse more often than any other
royal pereonag-j iu Christendom. Tbe
. late czar was a bid rider, and it wbb
some uncomplimentary comment in re
lation to his riding made by Emperor
William, and carefully repeated at the
court af St. latere burg, which was the
origin of no end of bitterness between
the two monarcbs. The obesiiy of the
Jiiok at Fortugal renders him awkward
on horseback. The king of Sweden and
his sons aru all indLfTdrtiut horeemen, as
is also the preeent czir, while King
George of Greece and Lis father, King
Christian of Denmark, prefer walking to
. every kind of exercise.
1 Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria is un-
ablo to remain in the saddle for more
. ibau half an hour at a time. The Duke
of OrleanB, as well as Frince Victor Bon
aparte, have recently damaged their
. pretensionB to the French throne by
"..their ridiculous falls from horseback
and King Alexander of fceryia is so
frightfully short sighted that it is Impos
sible for him to ride any save the inuat
carefully trained horses.
In fact, the only male royal ridera in
Europe who havu rcilly hue euata in the
saddle, and who are tine riders in every
Bsusu ol the word, are the old emperor
ot Austria and King Liup.d of Belgium
the latter o"ing his clevernsas as a
horseman to tbe fact that he w as taught
bp Englishmen.
Positively no hnnting, fishing or other
wise trespassing on tbe fair grounds.
S. C. Baktbw.
Toe Cborchct.
Want Your
Notice Por Publication.
f v;t stiio I xuOt i ..
UM'lini-' Iiv . Nov. I. l.VAH.
Notiitf li li. ik'I-y i.lM'ii llml Ilio lotiottlng
II It 1 1 1 I Mill, t I l IU'lliT 't lilt Illll'QIinU
to imiko Html )':.'.'t In nn port ol ln t'Wtm inl
that -m l iinv; "ill lv nut Ivloiv W. f. iKutg
lS I'lnioA in t . i iiv'ii'itfr, Hi i.inrlnii r,
ln "11. lt I IIUL1M ', IM ;
jt.i i ii r w Hi i AKKi;,
on lioim -I ii I K ilt tr, So. t:m. lor tho K'.
Mi,,.l.'1M '..Nt. ".i w i, N w i
iv. :. I ,.. K. It Wi-t. Ilo iiiiiiii On-
follow lug wiin. -T- to roo lu I'oiitintiotia
riilomv ui ' it hi. 'I i iiliivitiioii o( ni.l n,t
vi.: Htnr , n . Jolm Ch.IiIx-, Witt, litt'tcr.
Olio . rViv . uli .'! imnllto r. Oivcon.
J I'. lllitlHlKJ.
ii"ti; Ki'tiUtvr.
t U'Ktlbo thova uiollti I will illl loiiilutio to
rvioiMt' tt 1 uiy ork u tin t hi
a Notury VohUt.
A'IiIivm nu Dt Olcu'lmiJ, lunii!
iH'ilitor or urvrvor.
n.v inrall I'HtiU. tltnlrltn niv tuintuo
My fiimiitu " in i
ilml, Am a MO
i l'otl!l I tl,, Hi,
Wll.l, . UltVlKIN.
Tor I
Tivn 5ciirin i.i:!
From IVrt!uil
Kl Mull SM tjikr. I'rim r. Kl.
Wottlt, OinnU.Kiiii.
K I' in. mot V'lly, HI. toiiln,
I ItU ivHo mut Kn(.
It p in.
a i.ut.
i Mliimpolu,-i I'mit
I I'lllttlh, MllwHitktv,
1 tilruito mitl KhkI. I
l:or Publication.
r t : t . I iSii (n h i:,
l. ,nr-:, iijOLott, Not ., I. Is'W
Notit'O lv !' t.'!t llml tin. lullmvlti...
iinmcl olll.'r : i- ..I n. Ih v of lu lulrtilioii
lo ltmlto Hhk! I :.''! In hut irt ol ltl claim, mi, I
mat nut iroot " i fo niri'ii' re rou o I . IHttig.
tns. t'niliil M il, i t ointnlv.loiir. al iliuiliiii'r.
in'K'till. on J;':':.;r t., 1-:'.'. t.
Will I A M (.1 t KU.
fin IO. 1! .. i I ...... V.. . .t v &
W W 1 t ... . w L I V I u t. t v i. t .. '
ivi i , i (, .-.ii , r. cn'i,
IS. T. .v, f l ! '. Ilo tiiitii,.. ih,. following
niimiiis it j u; ooilllliuttl ri'Mii.100
t))oit an.l t niit miMi of Mtl.t intt'l, ir 1'rank
VV h i lukir. I Ion t a;. Ion. Joint ta.mtlt.
iiaiTit .. aa til ii.-itMiiuT tiri'oii.
.1. I. HKIlHil .i.
11 "' Krimur.
(Vhh 5lrmahlp
! All aalllUK ttaloa atttH
Jivl o olmliRo. I
' Kor nan riiiu'lHtt
Hall ll-8, , 1.1, i, .i,
; at.
I Til .Molt - i
Hail Hol IT,
rim I
:..v a. in.
10 l' a in.
i . in.
S . 111.
S II. 1M. i t!nluitiKla lTu.
r. i .uiuiav
Haiti rvlar
Itl p.m.
To Avtorla ami 1 ay-IaiiiIUik.
Wlltamrlta Klvr.
4 . in
t u inlay
4 :t i m.
m in, . wroioti t 1IT, iMiwporK, I
KvMmitta Halora A Way 1 ami g i
7 a m.
Ttira.1 htir.
anil Hal.
i a tit.
Tuva. I'll nr.
ml Hal.
Wlllamrtt and Vam- ; S M m.
i hill kitr. ' Mon ,v,sl
lirviron l ltv, lavtiiu, I anil I'll
. and Way 1 atnlitui
rortlaiul in v'orvallla
ami ay Lamlltut
5nakt Khfr.
. in.
ami Hal.
t.v Htnarla
Kxtviii i Kiparla to U-wlslon
tartiMiiv. 1
; i
mf i it k hi a it
"I loiis'ln
ol Olivon l.v
.M. II Miou';li,
I'U.II . ! Htm Itl K'Ulllv
V lur a LLViro.
I. I . Mini'. ,.
U. I t: l
To II. .'. t-iioin:'!. ms'ttf ti Mitnl tH'ft'tntaiil
in lllli lltllnt' i ii,i .ni.tto ol ll.t'cott. tnu Mm
iii rooy nMiiirw 1 a,'tn ttr an I a n. r llioi'oiil
Inltil II ill acaiii.'. m h In i: iiloi i
ni'i on iir ot uno t a-.' I rl tlav of 1:10 next rt-ju
Itr term oi tin iIvk i iiiitlt.l t nitl. lo-ivil
Motltlay. IKtviitttT .ill, I".'-, un.l li on unto
upptnr i i awn. r - i t .'ot.ttiliii williln alil
liini' lor want t:. rv. f. I !n tnnl will apply to
mi- i. mi. i it'r it;;' . . .:.-i in ii'Hllilt'.l III lu-r filttl
lnnini a io :,i- r ritiiivm'n ! vnnv .1
nnvint flu' luiii... :! imioiiy rlilin Ih'
.'."ii ri-iuiii ;i::,t i-i 11 li.iuii . lor ino i'r.i
nil 1 ".l:iuiv ol I.:o ' Ull'-ri- il . Art inr Hli.mif li
ail t for f .n .1 lit' , r ro u 1 ut 1,1 ilio l onrl tnav
0111 I'li ct niiii :..'f". r
This 'i;ii:ii'r, i. ti-il, :.,:,.. I i.i-
llou. .1. , liiml.loll. 'ml -i-of ,1 l onrl.
. j wy. r .mu .1 1 -loluT -l l-'i,-!.
IU.V 11 KlliLiLk-.
'7 Ailvnuy for l'lalutiir.
1 I I itttl.toll
! i:i-.'j.i
r 1 ion)
Si. Ill MUlil HT,
licurrul I'awngcr Agcnl.
(. M. t N. Co.,
ortliit, Ori'iou.
QregohShort L iBI Rl-
Wulikctl and miM Ulrci t rntta to
Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Kan
sas, Missouri Klver and all
Points Hast and .Southeast.
01 .
Rivet your eyes on us...
roll out of our establishment.
Take a squint nt the Clark Cutaway Orchard Cultivft
I or We sell theiu.
Churchill & Wool ley.
: i .1 aji jr -rC CN 1n -T OOO
I'muo M.vir. I..M turn c.
K,'vli;lr. i';.i; mi, Nov oi.ilur, 10, 1 v.i s
or:i'o 1- lii-n ' y lith thar the f..lnn lnj-.
naiiu I s-ii.iT fc...i... t of lm inii-mion
to i:iak'.' titia: pro .' :u mi;.j.,.ii of in, olaiui, ami
lam ut'i ! mi i.. 1, uin io I'l loro Ilio Kinm
lttr ami lUvt;;'..-. I :i : . I M ,i u-i Inn. I uw,
io.fUi:is. I.-,''.,.!. I'll I'r.vtnt'.'r J-i, I"'. ll
t li VK1 K-( iu
on lu lio'.u'it'' 1 1 iiitiv Si. 7'.. 1, for Ihr F 1
Nt- V --w '. NK .0 i. I: , w. ul
' l-'.o '' i:ri!'i. 10 limvi' ttla
: ' 1 I. v 'lliliv. mi. K l!.... !. '"'". !l U T .MrvM
i viii. ii'ii'r .:: .. i' 1 ,1 i.:viii., ol ram
auv , i.T'. -ron
: LKIlKil -,
Hi Ki-tvr.
i.ook t tin. tin e -
Portland to
New Yoik -I'm tlayw
Cliicao 3.' J tlaya
rt. Louis 3l j ilaya
Ienver -' u ilayo
Salt Lake P.. iUh
Free MccIIuIiik tlialr enrt, 1 p.
tiolHlrrecl Toarl.l Mlccpluu
Cam, uIIiiimh lnlacc Klirp
t"U Car.
Korlull parllcujan roirjji ; rat.
his is the Place
to Buy
A full aud. complete assortment
of all goods usually kejt in a firm
class grocery.
KvcrythiiiK offered lor sale is fresh;
aud sold at very reasonable prices.
We have a very choice 6tock of
cauued goods, including both fruits
aud vegetables, to which .vc invite
your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkin;, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
We carry the largest stock of to
baccos in Southern Oregou.
C. W. PARKS & CO., Grocers.
Mtraowji CHtacH corner of Mala n4 Laae
rtreets. Eandaj Service: PreacWnf, U a. m
and 7.30 p. m.; BabbaUi acbool, 10 a. m.! T.
W. Woolley. Superlntenaent; CUaa MeeUca at
close ol the morning terriee; Ipworth Leagne
6:60 p. m. f. H. Cborchlll, Prertdent. Prayer
Meeting, Wednesday, at 7:30 p. m.
G. K. AavoLD, putor,, corner Main and Lane.
I'KtTao BRirasK.v CBUBcH-on Foirler itreet.
Sunday ervlce, at 11 a. m. and 7. SO p. m. Pray
er meeting, Thursday evening.
Mrs. Leer M. Ci fiir, Pastor.
fcr. ou8'j Chcrch. Corner Cm and
Main streets, berrlces on second and fourth
6nnday morning o! each month and every Bun
day evening, fpeclal services announced Irom
time to time. Bav, Job Oawsoy.
M. E. CaiaCH, Kot7TB.-6ciTlcesevtry Eunday
uomlng and evening.
Ke v. J. T. COTloy, Pator
BAriiiTCBeacu-corn. r of Lane and Bote
street;. Sunday service : Prtachlna at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. 111. SaLibath tichool at 10 a. m.. O. P.
Cotho.v, superintendent. r"raycr mectlug at
7 ?j vt cdnesdsy evening.
tf. A. Dovtie, Pestur.
riEii tnaisiuy CniBcn-Corncr of Pine
auj woodward streets, eunday unices:
Preaching both morning and evening, eunday 1
ecnooi at u a m. Y. P. B. C. . at6:S0 n. m.
Prarer meeting each Wednesday evening at
J", a cordial welcome so l greeting awaits
aii. w. a. Wu-jd.
i Notice For Publication.
On the 5. P. R. R.
Douglas County, Oregon
HOTEL constant
ly open for recep
tion of guests.
Water cures Rheu
matism, Dyspepsia,
Kidney and Skin
I'm 1 ti- r : 1:. I.a.n u 1 1 1 i n t.
!. Vlii t'.'.'K -i;i. ..i.' J. 1-.".
i:v I- l.t'l 1.'.' ;'h'ii i'jftl tii- !.u..iiviii!f.
uk:.iv1 ..-.Hi r !.n- n.t i n:..v 1,1 1.1, iu..mtim
'.' Ti::kc t.:i!tl r.-. l ill .'.lilt .irt ul 111. 1)1 anil
iba; ? i:.l prvt w::l,l- in iv In; tore tlio K-Klter
Rii'l tr 1: ,-r. t ui;vl Ma.. 1 Littl-I f .TI:
Ko.'. Vx- ""ll. I'll IH'".;,:Iyi I? i
H SKY .I II vti.i:v.
mi II 1: v. ; i (. r V:-: V, M 1 , ,. i.i, 1, :,
G.IS.V. .1. i '.-U.K. . v., ..1. Ui; tniiiu'-i tlie
"""15 "HI UK in IM"'- i.' lHHMIlltlUU'lli rifii-
1 01;! lit a:!, :i ,11 l.imi,
i'f Mi l .;, I r.-.-i. i ir. mi, J, H
- Crrrlt Or cull, I A. fnrti.'li-i':.i-,
();, Murk II, Si:iltii.
. n-i;ii:i.
' I l!I:Ilii..K.-,
Mflli'i' itinill n
llt'lirv ll(i:;.,
HnrrW. Mi
nil, ul Mvr:;.
ol Mvr'. t ii.
J. F. 0IVAN5. Aft., ICobeburu.
L. O. Terrv. V. C. Coman.
1 lv. fn-s. Aui li. 11 ..-t.
- VIA -
Southern Paclilc Co.
i. ivi: I S A 1HIAI..
i hi;i: ! .... n
On Loor Hoath ol P. O.
?IPatratna Ifavo PurtUnit (Ully.
South '
0:00r. . I . piirtlamt Ar.'i
LV. Kiin'hlin - l.v.
Notice Por Publication.
Ar. Han Frnnrlnco l.v.
I Norm
. u
i.':..Vr. m
if) r. m.
I'm r KU i-
S .ti..-.' i, h. :
miuif 'i t'.'.. r !
i i inuki.- tinul J :
thm ni'l ;ir-j..i
t-ra:i-l lU-.;;.
K' st'ljiiM. 'r- .
viavl, Vlavi.
Mre. J. II. fcbups ia local reprteenta
Uvefor thu ipular Viavi reuiediee.
Any one desiring any of tlieee remedies
will pluaee call oo ber at ber bome or ad
dress bcr at Itoeebui, Oregon.
Oold Watch.
A gold watch and embroidered bureau
Bet will be given away for December
tnootb at tbe Noyeity Store, tvery ooe
dollar purcbase will entitle customer to
a gauss. Thin is special to December
purchaser?, block must go, no culls,
but good clean good.
New stock of ladies and misses' tine
Bboes, - nil tho latest styles, just received
at ParrottBros.
Has jut received a new and eatsaslva stock
To The Unfortunate.
'1 V ASA I UlUkUlJ
.3 This old reliable and
) 1 tbe most succensful
bDeclalUt in fcan Frau-
JVT, r3 cfaco. still continues to
j g in . nawi IUU
Aemlnal blacaac Much
m mn uiiiiiiviiiiii., .IICCI
Stricture, Syph Mis In
aaji iia lormi, sinin Vi
.Jscascf, Nervous Oebil
Hltv. ImDotencv. Kcml
toal Weakness and Lois
3U1 I mngw, ion conm;
Itl." l.'.Mi OH ii K
nil?, ret;i :i, Xnv. 1
1 .' nr.iii tint f-i-
i.n li.e'l 1 1 . . ; n ui ha iiiii-uti
101 in .u;....:". ,, in,, !;Um. ,it
.1.1 l l..,r- tin- Kt-
r, cniu-'i -ia:.'-i. mi i i in:
in lh-.-."l:il.,.," !7, 1- , , j..
AUK It -Mi I il,
. Iut i Mil 1 I. i- I T Jl
r. O I. . II- II K : U Uli' I'llll...,!!. t Itll.'K-I.H tl
irn-.e rii- i;imi:i..ii,ui n.-i.;.K!;- iii"ii mm 1 c-nlti
a-.n-n li mi. il .iill.l. l ' lli-tur Hurltiv
Mjrt'c fr.-'-k. iiMi.ii. It. nr.- .1. ni..
Mrl!.; ( r.- . ' rt .n . Jui.i.i II. Uuiicv, ,
M:-rtle ( r..' k. O.-.-pui, 1 h'-::iai rtr-J-K-.o! Mvrl
tr-.-'.-k, Or.'i-.n.
I. T. URirn.KH,
"I'1"' It.KlMir.
Aboro trains mon at nil i.r iiii'IiimI
tivtwe. n l'orllauil ami naluin. Turner, Start. in,
JuRcnnti, Albany. TaiiK.-ul. rlliucMa. IImIm-v.
Itarrlnburu. Juiii tlnn i Itr Vnunn.. i ,,i.- ...
full.jttinir-I'jrove, lirmu, Haslaml, uuil all atallnia (ruin
noatotirg io AMilana luchnlvc
fi;i II. E N" 'j-
ouence ol sell abuse and excesses producing the
uiiuwiug symptoms: sauow cotinicnauct', omk
spots under tbe eyea, pain in tbe head. rinKing
iu uiDtim, tura ox uuunaencs. nimaence in ap
Liaim l)ren Gaain. Rihhnaa Trtmnil.i proacblna stranuers. cslDltatlon oi tbe beart
I weakness ot the limbs ana back, loss ol memory
Laces, iv., lie,
Of tba best qoatltj sail flalsb;
Caro Bros, iuforms their patrous that
they are in receipt airaia of Clark's r-pool
Cotton. Karoo old price.
Wood, Willow tod Glass Ware,
Crockery, Cordage, Etc,
Alas oa baud In Urf s qaaatltias sad at pries to
suit lbs tinea. Alto a Urge stock of
Custom-Made Clothing
For Choice
pimples on the (ace, coughs, connumptlon. etc.
DB. OIBBON has nraciloed In Han FrancUrn
orer tomy years ana tbose troubled should not
fail to consult blm and receive the nenetii oi
bis (Treat skill and experience. The doctor cures
wnen omers lau. irynim. cures guaranteep.
Persons Cured at home. Chanrcs reason!,!..
Call or write.
DB. J. F. GIBBON. 625 Keainr Bt. Han Frun
t'MTtD 6TATB0 tlKD OfTKl,
Rosebura. Oreson. December 5. lriA.
To whom It may concern:
Notice Is hereby aiven that thn It.ianl r,l
Bcbool Land Commissioners oi the Htate o( Or.;
gon. has fliad in tbts office a list of lauds Htu
aien in ine townsmp as loiiows:
MW i of VE U of Uec ti, To. ifl 8., H. S W ent
ua oas appucq lor ana neiociwi ihu tumn:
that tbe list Is open to the public for inspection
Call at Stanton's for "L. P. M"
aoa a copy tbereoi by descriptive subulvlilona,
bss been noatrd In a convenient tiWo In n,u
ofbee for the inspection of all persons Interested
and the public generally.
Wltbln tbe next sixty dsva fnllnwlno. rim oiu
of this notice, protests or contests against the
olstm of tbe said CommUalnners to any tract or
sutx. , ision within any section or part of he.;-ti"-i
l-scribed in the list, on the ground that
11.-. v II le Is moro Valuabla for mlnaial than (,.r
skr.cuuurai purposes, wia do received and
noi' d for report to the General J.aud Oince at
Traamugioii, is. v.
. r, , - T IlItlUOEH,
J. B. BOOTU, Kegister.
Kecelver. dstio
Notice For Publication
t'.MTtii t i tiKs I.imi ni rii r,
K.i-' biu. Or i,'. Mi. .Nil-.-. . !'". : l-h.ii tl.ut tnu f.iliuu iu;
Uame'l settler Iiim lili-'l not ee of Ids intention
to mukc tiiiul iM...if in -iiin ort of bin t luim, and
that sal'l proof " ill be inii'le U-fon; tl.c K.'ifiiiur
au i ie. ..i..r, i linen -tann Luml (since at
li'j'i.'ii'jr", isr.-L'.,!!. tin IJceeintH-r 17. vis
on ii. r.. .o Mr tin; in'., ,i, i,, , an.
. 1 I. 1 "V It. .'I Welt. IK- IIMIIH'!
tlie lo. :i:; VVII IH..-, to prove 111 I'OllllllltoUH
reMne.-i.'.- .i.:i . n'l i"itnni;..:i ol luml
vis M.;:k li, .-i:iitli, of Mi tie ( .reck. Ori-eou.
Hen.-;, J li..lii ; , oi .M yrl.e ( 1. 1 k, Sreoii .lumen
11. Ija.i.. . o: M.rllo Cieck. 'r..oii, 'ihoinui , . i .i. i ,,c i. reen, uii koji.
J. 1. UUIUI..I.S,
nI"'ir' Iteglnter.
Notice for Publication.
1 '.' in.;- i t :!-. 1 im Oi i ii.K,
It" .-'OJi'. Oregon, Not. II, lj.
li'Msy tflvtu that tli following
i ia ui, -i -.- . j- . 1,1 II .1 I 11, , I , ' ul li l u lriiAiilli.ii
to muke l.uii! proof in mipp .rt of his claini, and
iuiii i.nri pri.'.i "ii be uncle b. loro tin; i(eniler
........I... i, u. -j i.ann isij.t.1.-, al 1,'ni lililg. Ore
i'ou, o:i Ju:ii..rv :. i-.i-,tu-
IIK.MlV if. il ( kl I;
(Sll if. K. 'll I..1! t,.r till -V ' Will' H'l LL-l '
sv ;:, i;, I,.. hit. i, ii
inn, i ci t.-ii! io.ioh am w itiie." -en to tirovu bin enu
tllliloi;. re-. J'li n. . nnriii u ni i "ilrunii .ui,i
IhiiiJ.M., rigr Vaiker, If ( A'liniii, M.
IsiiIh' I hi, ! U . v. Walk, r, all of iJilUr.l. Ore.
J '1'. ItllllM.I-W
h-'tj Keuliiler
F. M. Beard
309 Jackson Street
Has added to his stock of Hardware, a W lit,,, of IWCXttttVlffiZ
Coffee, Ten, Baking Powder and all kinds of Spices, Cocoa 'SS"'"'" " "
art M 4 a la - . 1 A n . 1 . at I ' 111 m. . .
uu v,xru,atc, louacco and Uigars; Sugar and Salt. New Adm.ui,.,.to,oitbecSt
ooas. xcw i'nees. ftmB
dIM Attorney f ir tstittc.
Notice of Final Settlement.
a County. Ores-on.
In re-estate of John Kuyktudall. ileceanci.
Notlca Is berebv given that tht uuduisigned
has died bis final account Iu nald matter aud au
orae nas been mane ami eutered, of record 111
Notice For Publication.
1 ; nn. ' iaiki f.tMi (si r 1 v.,
I'.o-eburi', Or if hi, November 0. ln'.ia.
.SotJC ' I- l.i-ri li V Clvell thu! tlm iilloulni
naineil t,. i.ii. r hn. filed notice of lili Inteniion
tp mail'; iiuui proof iu silppon of bin claim, aud
Hint fui.l t.root ,.: 1,1, nol le l for,, ,,, 11..,,,.....
and It' 1. i ,i r I nil. il stutes I.tnd Ollice tit Hone-
urg. Oregon, Junuitrv liili, W.t, vi;
on his lioinn'cii 1 Kntry o. few 1, for the lots
J. J, a iiml piKJJ NK!J ec. 4 twp. 1 rt., it. 0 west.
He name the fol'owlmf wltiicraca toorove bin
contliiiio u re'.iili nre upon an. I cult vatlon oi
'" li"" I. vis; John Itliodea, Junic Hunch, M
11. hlnctiH't, H. li. hiiiton, hi! ol fclkton, Ore
J. T. JiltlDGKrl.
o'ti KegUter.
Notice of f:inul Settlement.
V'sticc in lii.reb ,;l .cli tlmt tbe uniJernigned,
tbe udiiiiiil'trMtrU of the entatii ol John H.
Lynter. il (' iineil. I,u. filed her liual in .1 111 1. 1 .1
tiich adiutii.iratrU iu Die County Court nf
Isoufslas (J.suiitv. htutu til Ortfon. kllil Unit .mil
court has het i uesility, tlie 'ird ilny ul Juniiarv,
H's'J, at ihe hour of 10 o'clock a. 111. of snid day,
lit the eo'i't lioun' 111 HonebiuK, (srefruu, an the
tl'nti iirni l.Iuee f.,r tint ennklleratloii of Ml.l
finul ii'i omit un.l lor heiinii! objei.Uonn (licielo
nun inr tiic nuiil u tilemmil ol 1 a.J 1 Hate.
Isutcd ul Hiv-churg. Oicgoli, till" lllli v of
.'sseuibi r, 1- .1
l r.iz tliern t '. W'.viii
A'luiiiilMrairiA ol Hie eflulc of .toliu i-, LiMcr,
I-'. W. Hi.SMiN,
"I' Is Atloiiicy lor AJuiiulstrutiU,
::. If .
i:M r. at.
Ar. I
l.v. I
1 m r. m
7 t. k
niMi c'Aics o o;ik not th
Pullman Buffet Sleepers
8ttO.D.tIV1 steepIm; t-ll"
Attached to all Tbruugb Trains.
West Side Division.
Ilcttvcea 1'ortland and 'orvallls
Mall train daily (except Kunday).
7:80 a. at.
12:1ft f. M.
Ar. I
Ly. I
; U) T. M
I n.'i r. a
At Albany and (Joryallia iiihiiiifi .iik ,.Hi...
of Oregon Central At Kastern railroad.
Express train dally (except HuuJuy).
Real Estate Bought and Sold
mx ': jaaaaa arjw m
Parms, large and small, to Rent,
Stock Ranges, Timber Lauds aud Miuing Properties,
Prune and How Lauds of best quality, in choice locations,
iu quantities to suit intending purchasers, at reasonable
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
ID. S.
a& aa Ji
at as'a saav.(a.i:
I AO' t. M.
':! r. at.
: J) I-. !
Portland .
Ar. I a:'i a. at.
l.v. 5 : l a. n.
I.v. I 4 !ii) a. sr.
ooks and Toys
Below Cost
Direet rontlel-tloll nt Han Knineliten with 11,
ei'ieiital and Oriental aud I'selllc Mall meatn
nii lines lor JAI'A.N ANlS CHINA, r-ullliiir Hilliellllll.
naie ana i;i kelst to r. intern point mi l K11
rope. Ainu JAPAN, ( IIINA, lfy.soi.Ui.U ami
n U n 1 n 1.1 A. .IU Iih rilllHlril'd lrm f:i.ii
1.0 inn, iicaet Agent, iiosuburg.
Manager. O. K. a i'as. Agent
Does Up
Wear always in the Lead, and mean to
keep there.
The Oolden Harvest ia upon us, and farm.
era aro smiling because Woodward
looaa to their futcreat.
-Full Trlmmod
These are all Leather and Warrautod.
At Koduoed l'rlcus,
(ousult your imrse and Le sure aud see
Woodward beore buying.
As I will nut keep in stock books and toys here
aftoi, I am offering my large stock at prices that
will command your attention. Conic and sc
them. I will coutiuue to keep everything thi. I
have heretofore in the grocery and crockery line
and am better prepared than ever before to satisfy
twt- nt. maims 01 my pairous. i nave just received
a part of my new Holiday stock of dishes. They
are truly elegant.
....MRS. N. BOYD.
iducevstor to (I. V. NOAUJ
General Blacksmithing
tjja.ssj aKJiJWU.
Miusis 011 comer WasHiiiiHtou aud Kaue at.., Ho.cburK.
Hudson Mills & Lumber Co.
1 ..jii 1 ut'J 11 .New Miiulier VatO mi I be gnitiiidfi fnrwerly orcuMCd lit
Ilio Mailt Wiiii'lioiiHe, in I bo- fool of Oak hlrett.
li b I AKKY A rciX biO( K OF
We me in.'.iir(J to give you Better lumber ami tnttrr rrieis
tUnn uny lumber ileulei lu tlie cliy.
Wo kiurlly luvno jtu to tall uud tec our Luuikr uuil VrKcs.
ituHi.ui itu, on.