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Settle I p,
AH ' r)iiH iiil !iic I i tliu uinlffulii
nl rue hoteby n .tille I ,.j I rcqucHtiil In
coti.o forward itinl nuiko pimnpl M't'ln
mini, All nu'es inn! -') ii tM tml piiid
I in in ttl i h t rl y tut phiivd
ul u:i attnney ir ciUci-tlnn.
tiient.s like. It tci'l tV urn gnlm
tlf (ill illtrfK, nil I lull at lillVI
December r. im.h
For a good 6-icnt clgnr mil on Mrn.N,
Hug In llilluit" variety at Alexander
A Strong'.
MMCltrulll ill Oli I'MIII'I . .il'll 'llS St
Zlglrf'f grocery.
Zephyr 15 cm l I n I rkeiu pickage
t the Novelty Stoic.
Key West, lot pot let mill d'uniKtlr
.-1 g A r lit Ilia Uoeelcnf
A Ihiely bred Jney mate call t i sale.
Address I'. Ho.t,
Tho Slme i selling out ill saitl
(Icing ptli'ei. full Mill I'O i otivilli c l.
IK y'i rinokp? II . get H'c Aitle.
ilgar at Kruno . m k, i-ole aget-1.
No iniM alt a will I iiiKitt by hating
your tlenitil work dot. n bv Dr. Mrjiiu.
J. D. Mann at'll tlm livl th ur In town
snd prices are ail tight, ij'ialnv cuimid-
BUck hiocalc ill ; cIiM'i rtlmli
formeily ot) at l.!0 to ''' now ' " j
1.15 to '.'.75 ut the .Vitelty Mmo.
Cash paid lorgiaiii, in ) n'l kind if
farm products, at Abraham' iKii h"wm
I:. A I wn.u
E. DuGua. M . J '., W":iii 'f I".. mil! ol
Penal ju Examiner. Oiiiie, M.ns'iia
building residing mi nor M.iiu und Cam
For prices ami quality iall nl the old
original stuiiJ, Fieati and dncl Ii .iit.
candy and nuts, ign mi l tobacco at
prices to uit all. Mm. H. Evmos.
Economy will prompt y.iii to buy
children's I'lntldnx id s 'l, I ""'
4tollall..'5 and in pi ice,
many marked below coat. Nuviltv
V. R. Ooflman, pliyniiiiin and eiitgenn
Office In Taylor V Wibou block, rc-i-dence,
McI'1kIIii iltmrc. rndi'fi'
calla in town or country promptly n
wvrad ulght or day.
Hiiwliig m.u liimin, a.'iiu ni ir!iinfH,
owing iiiacliiuca at Alexander t Stioi
nd the tx'itt of ihrm ul tli.t', rai ding
price from K-i to :I7M. r.nuro to pen
t hem beforo you buy.
Klmpr V. JIoovi r, pli.mii ian mi l Mir
gvon, Olllcu next to city bull on Main
ttret, KonHbitrg, r. spiu-lul uUcnliou
given to diacafcea of tbo cjs;i and throat.
I'allB promptly nnawcrc I.
Km Ulco A Uiuc, Hju?u 1 uriu-h:io,
for every tlilnu iu tbo furnil'iiu line,
UrgoBt Block and loweiit prii ci", juHt rc
oeivod car loil of J) iHf-ii :i i I o
furnitaro. Ke ua for barKainn.
Keniombar that I'r. Mraiio ii n por
mDut reaidunt of KnuuMut;, mid ia not
bra temporarily, tlmt no fully warranta
II bli work and is bi ro at nil times to
make good bit guurunt cut of nil dentin
try. 1'. .1. lliMid, nriictical
wutcliinukur. Minn in
yi'l cxprt'HH ollice, next to
tliu Jlaraa uuiiiting, KoHtiMtr.;, lln'tjoi).
Watohea, cl'M'k mid jnwclry rcpuirod
in a (killful nimnmr ut icanoiiablo piiccH.
A ahaio of tbo public palrona-o vo
Morris' Toultry Cure. Tlii iufulllble
remedy ubnllungon tbo world to product
It ecpnal ui an producer, l'rovcnt
Ive aud corn fur all dioeitHcs of fowlu
Uaarantued and for ualo bv II. M. Mar
tin, Kofleburg, Or.
Huila of clotbiD, ul I wool, bcuvy
welgbta, ftl.OO; rouulur pruo fit. l'-oja
dothea from 0 tc 13 yeurn for 1.60 und
2. Hate all fctylea and coloid for 8iJ
regular price 1 160. All Hu bo n"odt uro
only to bo found at tbo Ujhh Htcro.
Up to date donlialiy by Jr. Mraugn
which means the bcut und laioet kindti
ol work sUilfully carefully mid piopiuly
nnorted with no utter tioublu, but per
foul BatUfrtcliou. Try Ir. Htvuiigo'e
eoauiloaa ciowua, the beat, I. .teat mid
moat perfect mudo,
lof talu or exchange for lunda iu Ore
gon 117 acroa limber bind iu Santa
Crua county, Califuruia, ubjut Ihrco
oil lea from railroud bUtiou, en county
road, part good fruit laud ui d probubly
10,000 corda of. wooil ou tbo placo neur a
good market. I'rico t',0U0, Addiuwi
I'. O, box t'8 UoHebuirf, Ort'Kon.
A few doiou uf tliouo Kentucky made
t'unlH. BuliBlauliil und well mudc, no
ehoddy. Aluo a few duieu wouiou'h,
uieu'B, boye' und cbildruu'a ubei, rcgu
lar woaiera. Hutu (oi muiehliio und
bade, uudenveai (or hot and cold
weather, aud vaiimiH other urticleu ut
living' privet, t W.C. rituutuu'u.
In I'm liamlit
mum e
I i. in T
(ii. t T
It l-lllllll I'lll, II; :a.
ill prin In all ibflgnii nt Hil.irian't.
Hi'innnbi'i' I'c. '.t)ili and Apron
Sen Salr.'iiati'a linn of wat.'be and
fir. II. I.ilib', d ikl uid, wan In the
l it y I ti-t I i Ma .
A (.run MrlnM, din, wit ami laughter.
I'n i in I or '.Mill.
l'r il .l. It. Cxcbran, of Wil'nur, wat
Hie city bipt week.
.1. i. li.V. i f ll.i Olalln ndnra, wat In
ll.O ci'y laat l riday.
Mr. iiiil Mm J. Ilmiry llxilli went to
lVrilMul .'al'irduy nlt.t to apend a lew
dai f.
Mm. S.irjh Hi.un't.rot'k and daughter,
Min-t Ani ti, are up lioui Kellogg on a
Mi-a IHliel It iddlo viailed (rlfnda and
ii-!'lv-s nt l.iat Saturdjy and
l.oiiii ChhwuII, id 1, leuhower, bat re
In' nr. I f" hi n vril u( vend luontbt in
(dloia In.
Mii l; Inn llnnok-, of Ojkland, came
ovt'r f t 1 1 I y i-itlit t) remain oyer
a day in i n n,
l'rif. .jlvni'ir Kii'i'. and Miaeea
Mntiii-and Una 'iiibiuii, who in '.tie
city !-. ii'day.
.1. VS . i '.iiti i , I'm wcllkno in n'iiHe
ui.iu, l.i the newly elected city uiamhal
o! M.irahlie'd
.1. S. Wi :' , ii! Myrtle Cieck, uwdo
the I'lais'iiu u btlnintaa call
whil ) iu t jW'n I it 1 1 week .
tii't ic.i ly jr a K in I l.mgh (aud civ)
at Apiou Mringa on I'jc 'JO.h. Boat en
tertainment ever glveu iu Uonubuig.
A linlrri m only !5 ci-nta.
l'epcty Mieriff le'.ey and 1.. Mc
Cr.m ii t n , k tliu thren convicted prison
era, (leu. Ii. Itranr, Juhn llackint and
Ailhilr .lu'iiliH, to Nil I 'in last lUkht.
Mm. Tied l eriicriliid child urrived in
tie eit Iijui It'ipu-nrj;, Tueaday morn
ing to j ilu her buniinud and make bei
lutiiiii borne in thi.i city. Aihlaud Tid
I lir it Miner l wiiliii, w hit b baa junt
arrived ul Vielorin, from thu towua on
the I.) mi I'Hiitil, reporta that a tbouaand
men fmui IUwhoii .ire making their way
t'J till) Cl'lltlt.
'1'ivo Miiniod Men" may bo Been on
the Blage at the Opi ra HoUde, Ddc. K'tb,
with Iao hundred (nr more) maniid
men in tho uudieuco hxikiug ou and en
joy in l lie lun,
I;. A. tir.ih.iiii wiib a passenger ou the
All unee for Nan 1'iancisoo. It ia prob
ahi tliut ho will nuke urrauementa
wlulo iu tho city to eccure a suitable
ctttauior to run in connection with the
Klondike mine. Marsbtleld News.
Tho O. A V. II. H. Co. aro now readv
to uccept deoda for additional depot
KroundH aud proceed w ith contemplated
Improvement. Subscribers to the fund
mo therefore rniUBtod to pa? the
amount of their roipHclive aubBcriptions
to the b iidt Natiouul lUuk, that the
liuini'H3 may bo promptly closed up.
The 1, ailleu of (he Maccubeea ol Koae
burg Hive No. 11, elected tho following
oflicera: 1'. L. U , Sara Stroud; h. C,
l).ra K'Mifro; L. L. C, Elbe, l inhei ; L.
K. K., Kmiua Hichard ; L. V. K., Mag-
wio Ktark ; 1-. C, Nancy Dixon; L. 6.,
Funny Morris; L. M. A., F.'.va Laugh;
I., i-., Ann !.ivit).
Married, Monday cveuiug, Nov. 27lb,
ul tho borne uf the bride' parents at
I, indue, I. ane county, Mr. Vm, Baiui
bridge, ol Oakland, and Miea El ma
Crow, of tbid place, Ksv. M. O. Brink,
ofliciutiug. Ouly rclutiyes aud u few
friutulH were preauut. Wednesday the
happy ciiupld left (or their home at Oak
land. Cottage tirove I.Kiler.
It ia reported that u well kuown luin-
iug mn n und cupiUlidt of Kpokaue baa
purcbaicd the Helena uiiuo iu tho Ho
bemlii iliHtrict. The atuted price 1b given
ua if'.UI.OOO, und ii ttuid to be a bona tide
Halo, not a bonding of tbu mine. It will
bn lemeiubered that u rich strike waa
umdo in thiu mine during the eummor,
the ore ueaying f 10,000 to tbo ton
through an eight-Inch vein.
A man who reprcaoute a large house
In Hun 1'iuiiciaco hi rived iu Anbland a
few days ugo, uuya the TidingH, nnd baa
beet.' eui;iu;ed eincu iu trying to tecuru u
large iimouut of the root of the wild Ore
yon m alio, that in oivb no profuuoly ou
tbo hillu and mountain eidee of tblu
vicinity of Southern Oregon. The gun
tluiuuu waute eeycral carluadu of the
Btuu", which will bo iu tbo luanu
fiicture of u now patent ruediciue that
Mill be placed on Ibu luuiket.
sat ran
Closing Out
At Prices
Of Cost
C. M. Mintor of Kellogg It in tbe city.
I. II. O'Hhea U down from Canyon
Villa today.
Capt. J. T. C. Nath or Med ford ia at
tbe McClallen.
A. K. Croocb of Catnat Valley ia in
the city today.
Oct your silver ware and nil rer ootoI
tlua at HalKinan't.
W. L. ioodman. of Looking Glaat.
waa iu the city Friday.
New etock of elegant carting aeU at
Churchill & Wool ley '.
Varioua dttlgna in touvenier tpoona at
BaUjiau'f. Hee tbem.
It. A. Djxler. at Abraham'e ware
lionae, buya hay, grain and all kinda ol
farm product.
Commlaaioner M. V. Tbompa-Ju ia np
from Hcottsburg, to inspect the ruins of
the court bouse.
If you want to ape "Two Married
Men," go to tbe Opera House tonight.
They wi'l be there.
A amall army of workman are eagag ed
n removing and cleariog up the debris
about the court bona.
Jesse Ilobwn rtpreaontiuf Ciaa.
Scrlbner & Hon it ia the city to lay.
W'o ackuoeledgn a plnaaant call.
Noveuilier ia usually a prc'.'y cold
mootb, but we grrtlly doulit tbo pub
linhed a'a'ement that tbe I'leiuiometer
baa ever registered as lw a 21 .lj,rees
below zero.
Uncle Tom'a Cabiu waa playod at the
Opera Housk tbe other nulit, and as
usual in H eburg, to a crowded In iso.
Fmm thoee who attended we learn that
tbe bloodhound a:te I their parta ad
uiirahly. II. !-. Fink, a Enjene barber baa
skipped out southward with some of bia
employ ae' vbublo j-jwrlrv, uud leaving
a n Din be r of credit ra to mourn bis un
timely depaitare for amounts from f 1.50
to ?2Q, money borrowed, board and
wearing apparel.
A tramp printer in tbe city today sya
tbe bya in California used to tell the
joke on John Talt, the printer, that his
wife ouce naked him to set a ben ou
some rgga, whou bo a-ked: "How,
solid or lead.'d?" l'drbapa it will take a
printer to appreciate tbe joke. Albany
J. H. .McNeill and tbe Poriis ranch
vaiiueros returned Friday trout tbe reser
vation with 2100 head of cattle, says the
Klamath Falls Kxpress. This makes 3000
bead in all of the Dorris cattle brought
bark from tbe reservation to the Miller
ranch. Tboy report two feet of snow
around tbe marsh at Stony ford.
A farmer, Mr. LeRoy Oow, living U,'J
niilea from Etskineville, has a little
boy not yet 0 years old, who ia good
reader in tbe Fourth reader, writes
hand that would do credit to many a
grown man, and la equally good in
figures. lie attenda the Kraklnerille
school, and goes to and from school all
tbat distance alone.
A movement is being started bv Linn
couutv council to have Benton join that
county in holding bi-county (air. A
communication to that effect has been
received by tbe representatives of tbe
farmers1 congress, and tie plan ia to
hold a (air on the preiniaea of tbe ogrl
cultural college some time after (rait
and grain harvest next October,
ti. L. Moras deputy U. 8. mtrthal, came
up Thursday evening, last, to aubpotna
witnesses In the case sgainat the china
tuau charged with violating tbe revenue
laws by having in bia poaeeeion large
number of unstamped cigars, supposed
to have been stolen from Hand's cigar
store. City Martha! Dillard and Wra
Van Buren will appear as witnesses (or
prosecution before the UuiUd Sutei
court which couveuoi iu I'ortlaud next
Fish Cummiaeiouer McGuire has ap
pointed as deputy Jauios Ilutchluaon,
ot Gardiner. Douglas county, for tbe
Southern Oregon district. Mr. Ilutch
luaon has beeu jubtlue of tbe peaco at
Gardiner, aud is entirely familiar with
tbe Uabing industry of the Southern Ore
coast and streams. This id tbe only
deputy Mr. McOnire has appoiuted, aud
bo Bays he will not appoint others until
there ehull be ucod of tbem. He Las re
ceived mauy uppllcatloua for appoint
uieuts, but will be careful to make se
lections of uieu w bo aro acquainted with
tbe lino of duly and qualified to reuder
tbe service required. Tbe tlsU comuils
aioucr ia authorised to appoint throe
deputies, who luuy each receive not
wore than $3 per day tor 100 days iu a
year, aud not uioio tbau the sauio
uniouut as oupeuaei. He may eppolut
others to ton e without poy, Oregoui-au.
In the Circuit Court.
The iJ'camber term rf the Circuit
Court closed this morning fcr a wi tka'
lisalon. The urond J'iry made lt r'irt
Friday nnd was disebarg-d. Folio ing
is the
' niML aerou r :
To Hon. J W. Hamlltm, J ilgi;
Tbe undersigned grand Jun ra In thir
final report sty ;
Tint we hv iMiuirol InV, ttin dill ,.--
nt crimes commlt'ed and irinbln wiiliin
this county no far as tbe same have come
to our knowledge, and have dixaud of
the same In accordance with our iiiidi r
standing of tbe facts and law.
We have not viaited tbe offices of the
diUerent county official on account of
tho Unfortunate burning of the court'
We desire l comullment tbe llon.J
W, Haniillou judge (or the reason that
be lias expedited tbe buincss of tlm
Court coming before Mm.
We desire to com pi I men t and 'bank
the district attorney and bia il-pnty for
their prompt attention to business l.e
fore us.
Having completed our labors we ark
to bs discharged.
O. II. Fuiok, foreman,
K. K. ICmmitt,
K. L. Maktinuai.b,
J. V Mahti.x,
Jma Ci r.Mt.Ms,
Wm. liRtMKKB.
Tbe following orders have been made
since our last report:
John Ksst vs U W Unnger ; actiod to
recover money. I ontlnned lor service.
Huaana Hmlth vs A. J. Shtpley t al ;
suit iu equity to foreclose a mortgaje.
Contmuud tor service.
(i. V. f itiroey vs M. (iurccy et al ;
suit in equity to foreclose mechanic's
lien. Referred to Geo. liyrou.
James II. Batty vs M. Sohrs et al ;
order for deed. Oder mrade.
Henry Stegman r. M. 1'. Gilmcre;
order to make deeJ.
C. A. McCluie vs. J. T. Cook ; order
to make deed.
F. E. Highland vk. II
Dyer; ordijr to
make deed.
Sarah K CUrk vs. J.
Clark, suit
in equity to dissolve tbe marriage Mat us
Referred t F. W. Heneon and con
tinued for the term.
Asbcr Mai k as adtuitiiairtttor of the
parlnerhbip estate ol S. Mark and
Asber Marks, partner, as S. M'ka &
Co., vs. L. K. Minard el al ; suit iu
equity to declare a deed to be a mir.-
gage. Referred.
Southern 1'acilic com puny, I'ilT. in
error, va. Oiivor V. Itiornton hdJ Al
bert Abraham, Dft., in error; review.
Writ i sustained.
Sjutbero Pacific Cj., Fill iu error s
. E. D'.air et al ; Dft. iu error, review.
Writ sustained.
N. K. Fuckett vs. W. F. Ht-njamin, in
equity. Disroieeed.
H. WollenlnTg vs. Oiiiit I.tviup, to
recover mouey. Argued and taken un
der advisemeut.
N. LaKaut, as
David Grenot,
Buabey ot nl ;
adn'.r. of be estate of
decearoJ, vs. George
foreclosure. Decree of
N, Laltaut, as admr of tbe es'ate of
David Greoot, deceaeed, vs Edward
Busuey ut al ; foreclosure. D-cree of
X. LaRaut, as admr. of the estato of
David Grenot, deceased, va. Kjbo B-ad-ley,
et al ; forecleeure. I)ec?eo of f are
cloe ure.
Asher Maika, as administrator of the
partnership estate of S. Marks aud
Asber Marks, partners, as S. Marks &
Co., vr. L. R. Minard et al; suit iu
equity to declare a deed li be a mort
gage. Referred to J. B. Riddle.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in the Rose
burg poetoilce:
Bradley, Mrs. Mary Aon Lacd, Mac
barklow, Miss Allace Levericb, Turl
Chapel, O. A. Relbv, Abbny
DaTenport, C. I'. Whisman, John
Hefner, Adam Wright, Frank
Persons calling for these letters will
please state the date on which they were
advertised, December 12th. Tbe letters
will be charged for at the rate of one
cent each.
W.m. A. Fuatkb, P. M.
A petty thief has been robbing tbe
farmers south of Lebanon for 3orue time.
The thief seems to like honey better than
auytbing elee, and has taken a number
of hives of bees.
Alex Mauela, living in Milton, waa as
saulted by a couple of villians near the
O. R. A N. depot just after dark, Satur
day night. Mauela was knocked down
bv blow on the bead delivered by tbe
miscreants and rendered unconcious, but
bis assailants became frightened at some
thing and made oil without going
through bia pockets.
George W. McGowan, of Monmouth, a
(ew days ago received a check from
Alaska in settlement of sn old bill,
amounting to $175, wbicb had been due
sou,e 12 years. What distinguishes this
bill more widely from tho general run
of accounts is tbat it waa contracted at
Burns, Harney county, Or., by Jack
Miller, who murdered a man there aud
skipped out. Whou tuxt beard from
be was in Alaaks, going under tbe
uunieof "Jack Dalton," who bus become
rich and celebrated.
Thirty-five men wuru kepi locked in a
room in Peudleton (or hours ou election
day, in charge of a grafter, uftirms tbe
East Oregontau, walliug for some oue to
buy tbeir votes. Tbe uuuics of mauy
uf these uieu are kuown, aud it la ulto
kuown who bad coiumuulcaliou with
tbem. They had been educated iu
funnel' campaigns in Peudletou to ex
pect money for tboir vo'.ea, aud they
were dleapoiutcd iu uot receiving it this
lime, aflar belugled to expect eouio
through implied prolines of a prom
iusnt taxpayer aud local cupitallut.
Civil Service Pension Dill j
j 11. H. l'agiH !ia4 rix eived a lid 'ib-r rf i
j copies of i inn lotM.luced In . ii.r.Mj
MM i 'i 'i, p. iiHj ,,r mm i rm'l rfi!
o( a Inn I w (i ly i will r pip .H I., I
i'ire iiiin in n,., civil n-rvln on ,im
p i In", Iht-y rarh a rcrlMn Mgu Mr.
I'g'.e it rioar iliairi'-uiiiig i!se-e c..pii
among civil service men on the upper
roaat, who are expected to cnver
tbeir reapm:li representatives in coo
litH-m their visas on tbe ul.j'Ct.
The bill provides f ir tbe creation of i
funl by aeaeasing all .employ tf tbe
govern mi nt coming undrr civil service
regulations .1 pr cent ol tbeir salaries
tbe sum so realized Is kept by lbs gov
eminent, and as soon as a sufficient
smonnt is accumulated the retirement of
all civil service men reacbiog the ags
of TO, 50 and CO years will bein. The
term of retirement depends not only on
the age of I be man, but aleo upon the
if mo be baa been in the a -rvice, and (or
this reason the three different age limits
are named.
Tbe length ot tbe time sorted aa well
as the character ol the eervice also belp
to do'ermine tbe amount the person re
1 1 red shall receive stter retirement. The
schedule rnns bO, 60 nd 75 per cent of
the average salary tbo person bas re
ceived while in active eervice.
iiivii service men think this measure
will be a great blessing t? the entire
service, as it will uot only provide i
cheap safe and permanent means of In
e-irsDce, bnt will also msko promotions
more frequent.
Tt.ore are more than 4000 persons now
ander civil service roles that aro past
tbe age ot 60. If these men were re
tired it would make room (or several
thousand promotions, snd would at tbe
same time greatly improve the aervice,
for many old men are kept on tbe list
after tbey become incompetent simply
because tbey bave served the govern
ment so long that it seems cruel to tnrn
tbem out, especially In view of the fact
that tbeir service to tbe govern
ment has unfitted tbem to enter other
businecs snd compels with those who
have loog been in such lines.
While in or.e sense thia will be a pen
sion, it will not cost anyone a cect out
aide of those wbo are beneficiaries. Tbe
favor with which tbo measure is meet
ing, Mr. Pague thinks, clearly indicates
that it will soon become a law, and that
within three years the retirements can
tegiu. Telegram.
Christmas Presents to Oregon Boys.
Waouinoto.t, Dec. 8. Representative
Tongue today interviewed the assistant
secretary of war and tbe adjulnr.-genei-
al witti reference to p-oenring the dis
charge of teveral memoers of the Second
Or.-gin volunteer, now in Mauila. Mr.
Tongue bas been asked on rorueroos oc
casions to secure the discharge of d.ffer
ent meuiberaot the regiment, some on
account of poor health and others who
are ueeded at home to support depend
ent families. Both officials with whom
be conversed assured biro tbat tbe Ore
gon regiment w ill soon be ordered home,
and, ef'er being furlooghed for CO dair.
as was tbe case wiib all volont'trj who
saw service ontside the United States,
will then be discharged. Before dis
charges could be forwarded to Manila,
the troops will probably be on their way
home, and it will, therefore be useless to
lake further (t-ps in this direction The
secretary stated that th friends of Ore
gon volunteers should be patient, for it
would be much better tbat tbe regiment
return as a body than that the membnis
come home individually. Coming as a
regiment, tbe men will have their trans
portation and rations furnished by the
government, whereas individually some
trouble might be experienced in this re
spect. Tbe secretary of war bas tele
graphed ti headquarters at Manila,
stating that the volunteers stationed at
that station are to be mustered out in
tbe same order in which tbey reached
tho Philippines. According to this, the
Oregon men will be among tbe first to
couie home.
School Notes.
George Norman entered school last
Mrs. J. C. Fullerlon visited school
Zadack Brown entered the fifth grade
lost Mouday.
Arthur and Eihel Alexander entered
tbe third grade last Monday.
Misa Schumaker and Mrs. Frank
Clements visited school Friday.
We submit tne following questions
which any be answered through the col
umns cf this paper by requesting tbem
publiebei in tbo school column:
What waa the original element of
Woat was the original element of
linear measure?
Of how many men did the Maine
board of Inquiry consist, and what were
tb-ir names?
Whut man rained the Unittd States
Aug in Honolulu?
Who waa president when tbe Vir
gioiua was captured bv tbo Spanish, and
who was ber captain?
It A ST. At bis home in this city, Dec.
Bib, John Rast, aged 00 yr,0 mo, 28 da
Deceaeed was oue of the early pioneers
of Oregon, and for many years conducted
au extensive business in Ibis city, being
one of the proprietors of tbe Roseburg
Flouring Mills. He waa a native of'ariiinil. Ha leaves a wife and sev
eral children to mourn bis loss. Tbe
funeral took place at tne tain
ily residence yesterday afteruoou, under
he auspices ct tbe Masonic iraiernuy,
uf w hich o'der be was au honored mem
ber. "Two Married Men at the opera
house toulgbt, Gj aud use them.
aaastssWawBw a
usvr ur fovjB2Q
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
From the Rural Northwest
Tbe old-fashioned method of planting
fruit trees two, three or four eam old
which it practically oheelebt on thn Pa'
ciflc Coast, appears to be less in favor
eleewhers than formerly. In the West
orn Fruit Grower, Major Hollsinger, of
Kansas, says bo naually plar.ts one-year
old trees. He has found that the one-year-old
trees come into bearing just as
quick as older tres planted at the same
As to Major llolaina-r'a arlicle, w bile
I am fn favor cf planting yonna trees
yet there is alsa a wheel within a
Wheel. I believe as a rule less pains is
taksn in taking op and re-rettina hrire
trees than small ones. Generally no
more length of roots are left on the old
ones Ibsn on the young ones, and never
tbe length in proportion to age. Tbu,
when two or thrse years growth cf ths
best (-art of the roots are left in tbe
ground they have to be regained before
tho bottom is sgain equal to tbat above
Tbe live working fiber roots are mostly
on the email brace roots and rootlets,
and as they are the main feeders tbe
tree bas to wait until tbe roots first
grow, and then tbe fiber roots form on
tbem before tbe tree is sgain in full
growing order. Then as the tree is us
ually re set with tbs large stabs of roots
in tbeir mangled condition without tbe
mangled ends being cut off with a smooth
slant with a shsrp knife so tbe new roots
will start ont from the ends, (ss tbey
never start from mangled ends) the tree
is retarded from one to three years in
coming into full bearing. Also more or
less time is lost in the tap root being cut
too sbort.
While tbe limited amount of ground
occupied by tbe sborteoed roots mat
produce moist ore and olbei constituent
neceararr for the growth of the wood.
Yet the roots have ti reach out far
enough to take up a sufficient amount ol
ibe chemical constituents of the fruit to
enable tbe tree to hear. Some trpee sre
s year or two h- hind other of tb same
age set side by s:dn at th- name lime,
only bearing one, two, or ball a doz-n,
and if a fcw more sets so .tie of them will
not mature. There is, nt couree, a cauee
and if ibe ' birtory uf the tree irom
the nursery np was knoan. tue fau.t
would he .found in tbe above.
In young trees tbe roots are naually
ahead of tbe top, but ia older one-i the
reverse is the role, hence the nec-!d.ty
of taking extra pains in taking up aud
re setting old treee.
Wilson Hildkeiu.
Oakland News. .
ir'rum tbe Uaette.)
Tbe new city board, elected Mouday,
qualified -Tuesday night, aud are now
harnessed for actiou.
Mid. Joha Tynao, -Uo b.s been on
an extduJed trip tbruugu tbe eat( re
turned Thursday eveuing.
Born Nov. 30ib. to Mr. and Mrs T.
R. llowaid, a girl. AU is well al l0
Howard borne, und Turn "smiles."
Mr. Jeff Singleton, of Roieburg, made
Oakland short visit ou bis way home
from Idaho, the firet of bis week.
We regret to announce tbat the
health of Professor Russell has not keep
very good during the past few days.
On Monday, Oakland elected C. L.
Cbenoweth mayor, J. H. Batty, P. C
Patker, C. II. Medley and P. B. Beck-
ley couucilmsn, Z. L. Dimmick treasurer
and Geo. T. Russell city recotder.
Haas Johnson, empljyed in tbe rail
road quarry, bad the toes on bis left toot
crushed beueath a rock Tuesday. Mr.
Johnson is at tbe Churchill, where be
will eojoy "Dai's" comfortable log fire
or a few days.
A portiou of the oil town dam weut
out during the recent freshet, and many
of tbe planks are now lodged sgaiust tbe
bridge in 6uch a uiauuer as to endanger
the structure in caae of another rise.
The protracted meeting! at the Baptist
church bave been well attended during
the week. The Rev. Mr Mullen,
evangelist, is preaching very effective
Mark B. Katy, representing J. II.
Newbaur, comuiiaiou uierctiunt t San
Francb-co, waa iu Oakland tins week
negotiating for hoi hi ay tbipmei.ti of
dreiaed turkey.
The shipments thia week havoberu:
Miller A Akin, car of ou'B to Redding,
Cat., A. F. Stearn, two can of nuy to
San Jos, A F. B owu, ear of bay to
San Francisco, T. N. Segar, car of prunes
to Cleveland, Ohio, snd E. G. Young ii
Co., car of dried prunes eusi for Califor
nia buyers.
Mr. Train Was Generally Indorsed
Albany, Or., Dec. 8 The uppoiut
msnt of S. S. Train to tbe ponitiun of
postmsiter at Albany is no surprise to
tbe' republicans of this city, as it bas
been generally conceded that he would
be appointed. There were eix applicants
for the position. Mr. Train bad ttie in
dorsement of tbe county central commit
tal), tbe congre38ioul coin mitten nnd
mauy prominent repntilicaus. Ho was
uuaniinuuslyrecoai mended by tho Ore
gou deleg Uba. He is a li'o'oug repub
licau, a veteran ot tbu clyil war, and bus
beeu eugugod iu tho newspaper business
iu Linn county for nearly 2J yens.
Tonight, at tha opera Louso, tbe
biggest laughter and Dent comedy of tbe
isubou, entitled "Two Married Meu."
fffmmm , mm,
Go lo tlo Roseleaf for tbo boot c'gtrta
Caro Bros, are the bono merchants).
(io to Palxruan'o for your botioat
For first class dentistry go to tr.
Little of Oakland.
The fin-t display of lanpsel orer
description at Cbnrchlll A Woolley'o.
10,000 men wanted at tho Boot Clot
to select greet bargain! beforo It to tot)
Ladies robbers at 25 cento Mai ftrti
quality at 40 cents per pair. KeveHf
Facts not fakes Is what oar advsv
Using columns represent. The Boot
Store. '
Bahrs "Cry (or Ceatoria" bet tbsif
papas cry for Oliver Plowo they aaesl
bave tbem.
Smoke the "Artie," tbo best 6e
cigar of the year. Kroso A Shassbrewb,
sole agentc.
Gents yon will find some sttra good
bargains in oversblrts. at tbo Neveley
Store closing out sale.
A Urge and fine assortment ( ekle
drcn's shoes just recnired at FarroM
Bros. Call and seo tbem.
Call at tbe Boeo Store and price t&err
goods, and yon will be surprised to fad
tbem at such low figures.
Money to loan on city and eewatr
property. D8.L Brie-,
Marstere' Building, Roseburg, Or.
What everyone says most bo true,
Ibe choicest of teas and coffeoo la leva'
t Mks. H. Eabioh's.
Ladies jackets must bo closed oat al
orcc, in order to do this wo will Offer
tbeio st less than cost Noyelty Store.
Our shelves are setting empty, still wo
bave a line of drees go ids that it Ui
rav too to price at the Novelty 8Vire
c oding out sale.
II us-h' 1 1 j y, Bridge A Beech
btov W-'it-s -ii a- mi hin- Cbnr-
c iil A W-'iev -1 ihn., Wr-y no
n iy n i-fj' X ni pre-ranM Ibm year.
The fine', and best ael"Cted lino el
i. jli lav go mIs evtr brought to this coast
from New Yoik i-ity, will bo shown ia
eaou Watch for tbem at tho Novell?
Tbe W. C. T. U. will bold its regular
meetings no the eecond and (aorta
Mi.jiluy (.(every month at 7:30 p. sa.
in the Epwortu League room ol tbo M.
E. church. n "
The Ceo'.ra! butt 1 under tbo manage
mentofG. W. Petti', lease and tnaaa
g-r. is fast gaining in favor with tbt
traveling public, ami is a good place to
stop. Try i'. Reasonable prices.
To all whom i mav concern:. Not lea
in her!y tiven, that I will not bo re
ipon-it le fur any obligations or debt
ivntrected ty sen, Na bsciel Cnrry. .
Mrs. I. J. Ccbby,
Roseburg, Nov. 30, 1898.
Dr. W. S. Hamilton io tbe Secretary ol
(he Board of U . S. Examining Surgoant
I t Pensions at Roeeburg, and all eoea
innovations should be addressed io bias.
W. S. Hamilton. Secretary, .
K. L. MiLLKit, President,
E. Du Gas, Treasurer.
By tbo Board.
$ioo Reward, $ioo.
The reader of this pat er will bo pteaa-
ed to learn tbat there is at lsaat
dreaded disease that science baa
able to cure in all its stages, and tbat to
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Caro io ttt
only posi'ivo cure known to tho medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a coostila
tiooul disease, requires a conttitntrona)
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Caro Is takta
internally, acting directly on tbo blood
and mucous surfaces ol tbo system,
thereby destroying tbe foundation of tbo
disease, and giving tbe patient strsngtb
by building up tbe constitution and as-
eistiLg nature in doiag its work. Tbo
proprietors have so much faith is it
curative powers, that tbey offer Oaa
Hun tred Dodars for any cote tbat it
fails to cure. Send (or list of teMimes)
i nl.
Address, F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo,
S dd bv Di-miitists, 75c.
T. K. Richardson
Wi 1 tlx 'be floor at the armory sad
i u it in ti'H clues condition (or dancing,
and will give instructions for ten wsekl
commencing Sit irday, I)e'3rd at S p.
m. Lf ss ms 50 cent". The ba I will be
open to all dinon. Tbe -dml-tiot) will
i'e 25 cents for gentlemen, ladies free.
l or over Fifty Vcaia.
an Old amo WiLL-Taiio HsaSDT. Mm
wiu&low'a Soothing Syrup bas been used Mr
nver fltty years by millions ot mothers tor their
etillilreu while teelhiug, with perfect suoesas.
It aooihea the child, aoltous tha gum., alleys aO
pul ii. curva wlud colli), aud is ths beat remedy
(or Dlarrhtea. Ia ploiuaul to Ilia taste. Bold by
lni(fKtica lu every part ot ths world. Twaafy
Bve ceula a boltla. Its value Is lucaloulabla,
Hn surd and auk (ur Ura. W lnalow's Bootklsg
yru(i, aud lake no olbcr kind.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Havs Always Bought
Dears the
fe'tguttture of