The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 12, 1898, Image 2

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f f'UiM I SHHtAaf J H..r7
i i r n.tJJu tut ' n -m; o "
. 'Itl !' Ok
rt r fir.
at --
r. ... .
rrer-lri,' V. y ti '
'. I ar be!, or (
ue4 is Jy.
' lyy? " "
4& J is fL L't-i-tii U llvt.f
, &It u.l tt ;.-,' vabi4 v( lit
LiS t; c-.:. It t for ti.fc-
lea t j
' ' out tA U. ( i u . t -U ; if.
evj f .r tUi
i-i ot,rr ',t t, iti . l: ti.e A ajrf
ti.,'H vj.'.t fp-ta t It fact.
, tij fc", t-it ;t (.Dtsfvjt'.iii, mji
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Sr A' wo
tp.i4 b'X 'A. V.". I, jt V..l, ocl
Jsr'.tiy, (!.'. tv; Lai i '.'J j ;;e
Ixrit tf.O Ivr vs.'.ie..iLi Uiec . M tte
bvi ctii of tb tj tlleti, nyi
' liktu f, Ce fix u A.-j; mi
tLy cao is s.ui H j'j.di'e J. bor
irtt'i fcttt iitei to be t'it uiiir t!i
M trios cucty osrt tod W.' an.
if Ibeir e'.it'-i r biact. hLeruiaa f;t:r.,; fi-.iu f'orto
, Jicj, iv: "I'tr'.o Li-yj tt a ttiLoiie
rMbtry ULwt r!ii'u-:bt ii to y,
iboie ia Jiult t-r7l;l C.L'jc;iy Lere,
o i fc-v oiber pftUt J I i,'.,i'iiju nbt'to
r." TLU i parti'.ula.'ijr f,uj!j on th
Cb'ittit mlir.U ) t a cLtit2a
lioo, "cot b tiw 1 a Cyfp.rai' jjuird
m LiLop Jo 'j-ji&tet tc.iet.aat
itkl t'lifti ttid ui'At Mt.tra1 uilMion-
ry btr4 officiate. "
Ao act: t!'a-t,tt orliuarjc i bfcicj
'iftwn op ljr too Att'ria city t'jri.ey,
nJ iU t tifAuu az.'l probably
lMftJ at tl.t text tueetinic oi ti.e city
couacil. 'lci ueuur mil bt obiy re-
"(tilre all oiod to rexove tU:r Ui
wbii tt tL thaler, t.ut iJl t make
it oblij(atory oo tL laar.agcr of
' tb tbeater t toal tbo protMLi of
Vtit ordibtb'4 re trictiy tufottd.
' Now, if CLty nouM til an tLti-peaaut
ett!o tltuwj for t!. UoeJit of youn
Afuerka, uwi a c'au prohibiting iLe
mala portion of lb a j lieoc xoiug out to
"aosatuao" betbu c'., tb-i tbra'er
KOn of Aitoria uiihl bf bp.
Kaiaer ilU'ui'a trip to lb Loly Uui
4.01 li'WJ.W, i 1 .1 i LOt fct JciJfcJ
U il to f ai: tU bi 1. Tb Voaicu
'aiHIdh, coiiii;iei,lifj ou M.'j 'j ieetioo,
"If lb etiijjr-;!, akm4 of l'runa.a, ex
pacta tti diet t r:!ui'.ur4 bun, b will
. uMt itb 'l'r(i.iu'i oppoe.tou, a it ia
u tliiiiK to itu a lot of your own
iiioutr on a plta jre trip, un i 'jit ao-
' otber fo t!k tim liixpa-er to fA tlia
A an oub;oiii oi Uiee iJtHpiikr at'
lack, llin Kovroiiitrit aoKiua lj btvc
lMudoiiei ii iiitfcu'.iou of ankicg tba
iiit to pay llio bill, u l a tcfniotkial
ktatme(it to tbi clivel U iMUe-J.
Aa a chronic kicker tho Ukeo
tbo cakti. it lu j'jt di:overel that
(he couftlioum-, iletliuytd by lire Wed -
. iieaduy night, rauinlia-.-klo a-rt ol
ImiMlug any ,), "bu.J u!u buJ a
raiublnjjj, buinliiu appearance inoiJu;
lhatlliu u!l trfctt"l uinl Hid piaster
'ell oil in giuat pulchtM , that there Mat
a great duartlj ol tooin In llnj baeuiuonl;
that llnj lifaler huh tiuiply utuck iu the
luuJ, etc;" that il uut built under Judge
KidJlu't udniiniHlraliuii ; thai it iheu
rairiud a much heavier iijuorauto, etc.
Having tkhauutud Itii niiii inu of the
noiiuty tepublicau; uimiulotrutioun, it
(urut lUflf loote ou the city mJiulujetra
tlou, and tayt; "I', ouKbt lobe the
buaiueat of tomcbuJy looptui the by
Jrantt occabioually un i Ut Ibu mud tnj
tudiuiool ruu out. The ill advised
economy of the city kovi unbent -sat uU
to painfully upparout m nut providiutr,
the Urfiucii with goodlioiuaud enough
of It," At kluUd bufoic, the Keviuw l
tbe tbauj'loij khkor. It uhuNct the
former county Kovvruinuiil for ita reck
lura watte of public tnuiuy in builijing a
tourt liouto auliu kw plug il well In-
t,fJ. r.-1 rt a W ry ertewcw-
nl U r Ml-Vaf a1
tar avrt -g lb ters-bAe tLii.g
t!,al "eravyUri M eajT-jiX)lNl" r,
Iryte W r r-Uv. T.r'irtf twaat f
Ttt . fartr-t tL Mur
I i.1 , ijt girtt of N-i M ti,
LfjfiJj Wt I:r t f ;Vjry t,
tLa A.f Kae crjt iri. Tt I
a i, c rw Tk aVtuta
W et lr,Je. XiOrrr, ar far fafrfiOt U
tb IX i i-H". isareaetd xa-ua,'He-is
frtn' rwoarw tKm wmi wd Umi
i fb lit tb aim el
Cmi 't I .'.. I
do, i atta a eatd Twka lelaavja. iLe
jL.'l Mujlt Liri waM U-
triai. At la lew. Tb rjt
U b a--., a iav iw it re.
aJ Ur( part W Ibeir tr.yioaii.o. i
Lsra- bt lb fctavft 1
5st -.tier irrr.ty iM'tr
h('u.4, Licit m it oc'y (vuIt tr.
' oj4 C4r In MttL. Lb
d'tt of ti 0k'afri f-vr
"It i ta.jtt Lr J irjr toji to
wit'jT iti tltr cacb vi bev t
. K tLT ar i-jKr'vtii if tLj 4c't do
cm ;t core Ix Ibetr nicy tLaa
c .v. Ut prs?i9 rAilijtttjVX ktT Ur(
to 'Mj j lir,- caa b-J? tL
j Ne Vufk. bccmoM lLr ug boy cbMcc
' tr t'.aa in lLjnjri . Tl.B H v kirks
.. t fc'.tibz "iU tre oia' to
tLr !ct tLkt lliftl tU jrtol old repoUi
Ciii prcip'e of p'fvtiiiiD Lam io Jo-
Uj at.' ijotse Uioufc?a tr tb ttt
lore .Money for Farmer.
' tLe L. 01104 farm price V-
ceoiber I, tb ajricollural (Jepartt&tnt't
tpirt placa tb WSi crept of corn aol
oau at ortb -v3,OCO,000 tuora tban tba
cropt of IVn. htatiaticiaa Myda ac
cr4iv tbit largely to tba difference in
Tba corn crop la a trifle larger
tbaa ia IW, tni tbe arerage price per
bjblii 2.1 ctU biieber, while tbe oat
cr jp it tiaii'ariy a little larger tbao fa
l-.'f7, tui tbe price It 1.1 eeote higher.
The Whit Navy.
7be work of paiotiog tbe wtr veaselt
in tbe Brooklyn ntvy-yarj white, tie
otaal color in timet of peace, bat been
began. A force of men ia now eogaxed
io repainting the Iodiant, Maeeacbu
tette acJ Chicago, and tbe lea1 jolor of
tboee veeelt, which e adopted daring
the receot war aa be ig leaa conapicu
ji4 than white, and better adapted for
active ten ice, ,i fa I dlaappearing.
The work wiil aleo be carried on at
IXacupUiu Uoadi, where veaaela of tba
North Atiacitb; o.'JtJron ait now aateni
bliug. Trade at Chec Foo.
Cottul Fouler, at Cbee Foo, calla tbe
attention of the atate department to tbe
phenomena! tlridet made by American
tra Je iu that aection of China In tbe
paat year. He tayt that when tbe booka
for I'i'j'-i are cloud, tbe vtloe of Ameri
ca;! merchandise imported there will
lea1 all othert. It will poetibly ejual if
not J the valoet of a!l Iiorope.
The American floor importa for tir
month t of (bit year were Vltfj'i, which
wa almoet at largu at tbe value of fhe
impfjitt, of (lour for the lKi!e foar
yeart pr-liog. American gJugteng
alu'j made in Urtt apjearance aa an arti
cle of import, which the cotintal regard
ai remarkable. In the care of drill,
'.heimportt for the firtt month of
thia year txcte-lv! tUe of tbe entire
year of Wf.itwl IVil.aud the import
of a)J our uwJi in J7 were four timet
at ltrg at they were iu 1Vj;j,
5tnla Ctu
it at the Novelty htore with at elegant
tins), of pretent tt ever were brought to
town for the holiday. You'll have Vj
buiry if you have one of tbeae (or they
will be included in the Novelty btore't
cloning out tale, and price are made ao
low that no one can realtt carrying
home one of these tine pretenta. .
County Treasurer' Notice.
Notice it hereby given to all partiet
holding JJougltt county warrant in
doited ptior to July 10, 1005, to
proeul the tame at the treaturer'e office
iu tbu court boute for payment, a inter
est will ccaue (hereon after the date of
Ihit notice.
fated tbit tbe llletduyof Nov.
at the City of Koteburg, Oregon.
itn. W. DlMMItK.
County Treasurer, Uouglaa Coouly, Or,
I laaraltiug on ijuite a large trale wilf
be attempted In Morrow couuty,
Nut Act tf CaytRffiftstaatrs it
' MF 81 a Take I iV.
.f'afc. t'te. X9.F-'.w b4 lit it
Cored brtwews tbe I't.LeJ jt-e atl
lie- Tie treaty at 5
o'tVxk tt- rres-kc.
Tbe y St rots as.!?:, xtl at p.
ta b: tbe eiC'o.i.a U tte t'r.!y La4
bkA una Saiabei, a&4 at ' o'cjl k a r
rwM takee aatii 7 p.m. t V' 'be
rcateeaLiixg U lie (tacit., a--otber
w.t tszri. At hi tie c
Toaaf Lai tree tea.?: eJ. as.J '. '
ui a alee later Lbt treaty a . ,!:!
Tae kg aeaew ts.i a-'rerr-.-c. t c
tbe taW-jiett r tu i.f .t, o
tb fact Ittt each ar..: or i,y
bal to be carefe! y rt-al as I t v i
la piib atd Ecgiat.aslo '.nU:
ttat rb e47oicg U lie Ut . c c
r-paxueb w aa teovapiete.
Tbere baa beet a great tr,u :ttl a i l
Use UmZx a&l tneadf cf iLt Aatr -can
caa.ie06r! for p jhttm .u -l t
peea :ti etxb tbe egaata'r t..
Ire' 7 were er.ttea. skai i t.-.e
Amencat were prvTl 1 e. b baJ
toace pect f arxbaaoJ I jt tb
Tbe r-paeiaia appearel V be a?eJ.e J
by tbe ote&ir tint, and .r.-o---'e-i
tbeatelree witb tb orj.&ay -ji..!
tree a oa tb tab!.
Artbur Fergaaon, lb iclr;r'.r A
tb Amricii oam!aott t-it ti
Snar MUn Ewe Ij g;te Lisa b- jea.
tayisg: "IJjoo aay dee.r to p-e-eerre
tbe ra .th hicb jt e;.l
"Ndfc in tiie i.ig.'.ut," tij ;Le
Spaniard, with a coort.y boa .
Tbe treaty, aa eiced. coo.' oi 17
article, it batixig iseri luui altjiatl
to tubditid teocrtf.rteoi Ihe article
in tb draft grccl cpro at ;he lat
meeting. Tb cvmmiaeioners of tte
two nation wrote their cinatarc .n
two coj'irt of tbe treaty, one cp tr.ij
lor the arcbite of each catiu.
Tbe djcament wa prepared by rc
tary Moore on bettail of t..e IM'.1
btatee cosmietioo, and ty ht jT Vai
laruti for hpaio, on account oi t..e co
linuel illneea of ix reUry Oj- !l
fc'paoiab commiaaioo.
Kacb copy conta;i. iht bg . , .ltd
epanitb testa cf tbe treaty in p..-.ic:
coiamna. in woraiog had b:n ap
proved preioJt!y by the como-it'-nt
wiiboat a joint meeting, ao there .e so
conlroreny on thia object.
The tigning of the treaty tec git
woold aSorJ a tabject ljr a great bit ori-
cal f0yiog. The g'OOp, gibered
aboot ti?si tabit in tbe itateiy chamber
of tbe foreign office, aa irx,pre.(.vr ii
itaelf, while tbe fact that the at.3 of t:.e
momentoutneia of tbe ioee wbkb the
act decided, wae deeply felt by a I '.be
participant, and save an impreeie atJ
aole mo tone to tbe .to, Aro-oni the
great mahogany table tat the i ) arti'.'.rt
cf the deatioy of an oil and a yo-jr.v
nation. Hacgfd about an 1'.u-l were
namerona atfachet of tbe American .:.
mittion. ite jeti irom tf. 'ry:u.
cbandeliera above tte hea la of w,-h
pretent magnified the brilliant -r.-.u
anl acarlet'of tbe npbolctering io ti.e.r
There waa a contraet betieea u.e
bIackciotbl arbiter and Ihe eceotry.
For the American it wat a happy end
ing of tbe epilogoe of war ; for the hparj
iarda it waa plainly a bitter tragedy
none tbe leaa painful becaoee long fore-
aeen. They tat tilently, ai thooh
almoat cruthed, and none could with
hold tympathy for Kenor Montero '..jt,
tbe preeident of (be fipaniib commivion,
woo, coming from bit bed, wat bondied
in a great overcoat, though loi were
burning In the fireplace nearby.
Tbe spirits of the two bodies were
ymbolized by the clothe worn by the
mem here of the commiatiod, for the
Americana were attired in evening dree
(or tbe dinner given them immediately
after the meeting by Iuc de Loub.t, and
the Hpaniardi wore black (rock coiti.
Clerk Martin, of the American com-
mittion, worked at engroeeing the treaty
all day, without even atopping to tat.
When be came into the chamber at 7 :30
ith the docaruent, be (ouud the coui-
miaeionera waiting. The Hpaiuah copy
bal arrive! a half-boor earlier.
Arthor Fergueon then proceeded to
real firtt the fvngliab and after that the
fcpaoitb vernon of the treaty. Thh tin-
ithed, two copiea were pate aroui.d the
tabla, the commiaeionora aigulng thoin in
the order of their rank : William 1C. tuj,
benator Cuahman K. Dav ia, r-.enator
'eorgGry; r-enor Montero Kio., He
nor Abar.o.( fenor Oarnica, .-.en or
Vallaruti and 'eneral Cereroy HaoriK,
etch commit ion tigning ita opponent' t
treaty, hoth were lied with the Hp. Ti
lth ar J Aaitricaa colort.
V o tbe real were prepared to 1
I, attendant were tent tcurrying
for ribbont of the Irencli triixJor, with
which the document were reeled, at a
compliment to the French hoot of the
Many official intereatedly watched
every detail of tbe proceeding. Tbe lent
teal being impressed, the coiiituifationerg
roee, and without formality each mem
ber ahook the baud of hit antagouibt
and efubanged aeturuueet of blucuro per
tonal etteem.
Ihe Kpauiardt afierwardn ctnumentcd
acridly upon whaltbey termed Ihe bad
title of the Americttiit iu muituriiig a
crowd of attache to gloat over the con
Dummatiou of their downfall and the
' Or Cvi '
! 1 v r ..-
aS i in
'-. t .' I
f Jri.
t " .r s-:t --. 't't
ltk-e f .ill' tttrr Jp-imMJl
Sr i-.iti x-.:'- : -t lV-i Ji-ea
A xirrjit t.ti -tt a-raxfe-J ete.a
I'JtjJai;-, e.c if- :-ii f'fKewl
ICj i ! li'fu Pr-toeee. :
I'rr .a ; .f? c;Ciag
ti. r r .
Ne 'i
I:.- r.-.
f 0 2 : - t
Mr :.
Vr C' i
. r) C "
iiirl !'
in ' pal
ma ! '.
r -
:;r (.1
t - ..
e- lac u. . I
.r .' ".- C'ex
. v-? V -- !. fch,
'. L:r. 4 - 1 tii
,-- . :;!irt of Sew
. j. . ! . -j 1 .- dsr.rg
t 4 ek, at
ii,: . -'.:- tat
X.' .
I 1
ris ti to tir
. ai in., 3 A
- :b
re it J -.-r !a.e of tt fart
: ,j t t - r I-.' .
I h-f.-.
t u.e a,
! r-.-.r i
j d?e-.
: ii .ev;
! aa .-
jir t-ff
j lui. '.
j U-a ' f
jt.t- L
a. . "-a-. -3. fe TJ Jea. Ilj
i .i r Ii'.4 rta-T-' and
. - .r -l J Jte 3. K",
. ri tot of t:al
.-.r !-r ;-f-i :.j )r oi
'.r r '.e ,m !;iue it
'. - . f r :.c a-ri 7.','
,r.i.a jr
J --;c:-.i '
. .." i--! ;itt ten
.Xi t prn'i.-!. le
' -iti Lit'd IB
. r. l :.). ave
. . ) r a j ! L r.'ore
tie L i i
C.ty, f jr a
w . be 'o .
. i. New York
13 ,.. Tue b.ttle
moatij, as J the
i -t eir
i L. e u : I - . -loula
in iv.t.a; . '
ieh oo 'Sa tj i
tie to co .t;e .
; ..! a xi t.i Vit c-
' bat t-i needed
. .- ti r-j of Ij9 ; a
e'. "; . to le more
exact, .-.a 'j .-e tvt .' a coioaial
de; artmeo'. : . a Ler c ;ot:ee
Ie Ci'iJ" ! o.' Caco; a
bwra,!.' il. I loe.r arntai they
b o ti.e lijmit'.yu i'jk carrtr
Of a .' r
epr''?- o'
o' la J.. .
P. 17 .p.
I. : f.' . '
p . '. I
py..-. ... o
rr.-.i-j, tte J. a ' .fe-
.'ij Nrr .a the hieiory
i. - rjXA 'y r. "eociety"
.' '. ti a par. it wi
,ut..i'...n of Lord ao 1
. : ':.-t i e r-i! pa! act
; ... .sg ;:..t car J lor par
. iio'. i: .i: ia. Of
:c r . !:.oe j j ire 'atiCe"!
.ao e-.ia ho!da tbe
r ' ia t .e ;ari.e.
State .Newt.
J t:. . . i y0. four loet .ieep ill the
u.0 .'.':. .i aro.-. i the mne.
'.sl ;.a. bal a paper, a r.ew
vo.jra-. ' i'a, camel after
i'i,,.i.j 'u- i newtpaper caiiel the
"I ig-' rroap- b;vaoe it w.l! r e t tag
for it t j
J (i ; r . jli 'iji jf.e ii aiti'.ii-g the
pir. -.'. '.I .i po,r farm by Benton coun
ty an a mei'-ir; of ecj:io:ny.
'-..x'ef!.. :. .in jel bX'.-t of applet Were
ehipp- I It ,u C'o.-valli to CLicago Tuet
day, ti.u freight cbargm being 4ti.
H-s ;orit r-jicH caunel the C'Xg anJ Ci
i jii!'; ri .em to rite a point higher than
any reicrjci ii eeveral year patt.
Ire nooi irtn of 1g-i were brojglit
don on the llood.
Coyotes aro much in eyideuce.iu iil
liaai county lit Jay. Tbe Condon
Olobi opine that the country will be
taken by pett if meanurea are not to rxtermioate thuui.
'oM i.ihtn huve prevented the reeeut
rairiM from beuelittiug the giant material
ly io Mot row coinjty, au l eheep re re
puted to bo looking thin, already. Own
em of ninny II j .-kit have began (eo Jiug.
Iiftl wtitk Mr. rberar, of Wasco
court' y, u-iM I W i hcud of theep to K. J.
Kchoii'.'ld. of halt i.k City, which weie
brought to tin! lullc-a and taken iurotst
the riycr, to h't tinned loona in in the
Yakima country.
The lH!Ui Ooaurver inucJ u hpecial
edition Uh' week in honor ol llto com
pletion of the I'olk county cjurtho-jso at
thai ciiy, which ii Bild lo have beou a
credit to i'M publiBUOre "ltd the town
whr:ro it published.
1'eople liviux ulong the L'jipur Wiilam
ijtte and Ymuhill rivertgnnetally etprest
much baliefactioii wi'.li the woik duuo by
the enai;ljoat M:"hlouta during Ihe abt
A'lt'iri ne w:iiaioi8 point with priJe
aud not without good caubo, lo the fact
tbut the rei-isiplB of the polico dopart
uteul ol Uio City by Ibo tiua avemgo
Hhoul twice uh lu n il utilhouu of tbo i'orl
land polico duparlmeut.
...v'1 5
a.fsl j
ai a J v -T
1 5
! 1
av t
bctsste there t ix pUc
like our Here to buy
WevU-et V it
T& bt cwfrect aJ ay
c jSi !rca
as HcVc pCav.
A w.aeu.1 lit : IU". t at r.:
ttv.b ;
LaJe ri.t'r-r ta a fttarv-
al:y ijr tsjt et a i
K awr tsr&e-'.b ? era:'.-,;
be: tjr tratare a Valiljg te tw.trf .
A tsaa ear i- " wtal b '-.t tt j
wbea M e-rwwk w.-iboct tt.ek;t- j
1 piUc oc ot tt siutt p-. A i
tb primary c-xsrt it He ck g'.
jx of tb be trjoait to err jr. U- (
rorc on art at ye wtVccwd in No.h
Tb ail wva'1 leii a i. ct-.-J
tta. fa. i are . oo'. 1 lo to- Joxb
It J a Lri '.rijt aod yet i !; '
ia a :je;a. Sad a many ar
they bar ioet.
Wlll bliae'" and "Wi.t bri
seee" wr eb inreateJ by a ma hi
bal tbe ctbr.
A sas bo-il4 etitr icit r ,o-r
Uo&e ;tb Lit wife; tUef tt a et
as.T-prtoe crank tt boti.
Wooaea that wou'rd )CrOt till Ua-el
1 ar abt aa aameroea aa ttatt ei -worj'.l
iook weil tIdiatd.
Of frbakrt peart' facaoo chra.ri .t
; ta;d that flaxV. reaV IW '.-
I ago 1:7. Otoelij j aai Ua-
I tftzu cia aeer t-e Trj tai tf.rr
ab baa r.c iearbel U-a. her i: vi c tt. J
uexeure iU ilea of r'J 1 7 Ler.
Wbea a man cbaeet bit bat Jo- the
atrvet before a lot of pecpie be a:t;? ,
tr-e to 3i! jot. La be eey-yel i.
-It it bard to tfiJ orJ to iij:t,
my Iot," be wro'.e. aal lb cxt ay
tbe etfiettel him an oaabrii.-el J.s- ;
Ialiulb three 1 .or.Ja to-cv.v
of Lee, Dtrxto an! Hiiieboro, I ".TO.1'
all.gator rtita wtr token an J 211 h'-ir-t I
ert were engage! in the baKO.
home womea, tayt the crabved c.i
mentator, thick that when a man letvei
home it oeght to mate bim carl o-; rr.J
r-Ter aa much at an eyi'.er dor.
An engagement, ; "-b ii j
ta'.'r, :t aa areemtnt en'ereJ ,bto by ,
every one tiaa in loan lo dii?ui wb cb ;
of two people it go'cg to gt: tb; tf
11 V. 'iatee, prvpriefr of tbe
wafer plan?, 'aa a. Moro la. week .n
vea iga'iog th featibiii'.y of eeubhibicg
ao electrh-ligbt an 1 power plant on tr e
De'xh-i e rier to tapply Morj. and
phapOrat va'.!e7 n l W a-o, iljr,a g . . -
ligbt.nipower , jThe Uniform
An Adoria paper ha dtacoverel that
the population o( Portlanl it "over 70,- (
rl " l. i arpnaiog to nod an Aion
paper coming within ifO.000 of doing
Fortlanl jaetica on aoy propo.tto3, jet
that it jatt what bat been done in Ibis
intunce.'tayt a I'ortland paper.
Of the two ea'.mon canoerjee ou the
N'ehtlem river, one pa;ked MIC and the
other Vj03 catet of canned flh daring
tbe fall teaton recnl!7 cloeed. Together
the to caontriet ditbaraed for fresh
bih about 113,000. Tin i a ehowiog of
which a much more preteatioo aection
tban N'ebalem might well be proud.
Miner ia hutUern Oregon are eaid to
be better prep rod (or a tocceetful win
ter's run tbtn ever before, baring occu
pied themulves during th'j long dr7 tea-
ton jurt cioaea in ouitoinu uixun,
flumet, etc. More gold it eipected to
come oil of Hoothern Oregon neat spring
than ever before in a tinglo aeaaon.
Monthly Meteorological Summary .
Mean atiuCApiier.v prcttur.-, AI:
HlKbett pretture, 30. A "late,
lvowett preMure, .7J. ; JaO;, ft.
Mean temperature, '
lllioett, ali'jale, 'l. i et, nj, it , 11.
Orca'enl daily rtor'.- ol P.n.p ra'.-jn , : rlatcc
lafl li:raos':.ol P.iiperat'jr:, , 'Jtti'
:'.4U'. it: I'll uionllj in
ii.', . 115, '. I', IWI. I-
).., ; !'., V, ii. Wi,
l', I l'j, 1-. ul. IWi, ii.
ivi, i'-i, ii. 11, : W, i
IV.', Ii. IV), I',. IHiZ, 17. IS''7, ' .
!', i t.
Meuu t.'iiiH iaturc lor thia iiionlU lur 'JJ ycurn
l. Avurah'u excel ol dally mean tempera
ture iluriug tbe month, 0. Accumulated ex
ceui .ol daily mean temperature nltice jbii,
I, . A vera. daily e-xeeat uliicu Jan. 1,3
1'tevatliiiK direction ol wind, HK. lo-
lal uiuveiiieut of wind, .mirulle. .Ma.lmiini
eluelty ol wind, Ik uiilet, direction,
date 'li
1'otat pre.ilillaliou, 0. Jlliiehte. ti. ol dayt
wiUi .01 ineUor ruorool prcelplutiuii, 18.
Total precipitation (lutlicn) lor Uilo muiilh lu
UH, ;).',. IS-sJ, S.3J. lit, a.ftl. iwi, ..
P)7. ii.7u. IWt, 0.7J. WJ, ft '.'i. 1MI. C.Ut
ls0, 0.77. D.10, ISIW, 0.19. l-J-, LP
tl,li. IWi, .6. JW1,3.0J. W, I'.'J
js-j, LU ihv;i.ix w:, 'i i'i. i, n
I U.-'l.
AMMijo I'leeipllutiou lur tbit inoulb lor
yvau, t-SI lU'ili'.a. btllclvncyvu precipitation,
durlin: montb.J.'jO luctieJ. Number "I clriir
dayt, 6; partly cloud, 11; cloudy, 11
WHO . . .
ut !-ri;:ht. c!au, frh HrKk of holiday
oxii i rtJ) for you f f st
Jr..! sec them and yon will rejoice and boy
i.v.r -.tatchtft, tlcxkk, jewelry, kilvcrwart
-t-.J silver i: js'cltics
i AHtU,ikPi'r'raUcmIarA5
I : suriati t I cod flJ Kr?ula -
frrrofc . DiiiciliOTvCia-txful
irs first Cor.lains ndmcr
0;nu.Mor;ai? rcr Hacral
Not Nahcotic.
t- -i . 4dur fC'iiwcti.DiarrtKtc.1
:k oMor Sirr.r
l a: i .n 5.ift.n.u- of
;rv yokk.
t.v - . : r vuto .
quality of the
nianshi.j in
our clothing is one of
its strong points.
Kach garment is as
carefully cut and
tailored throughout
as though made to
order. Sec our new
Fall Suits.
j - zl
ti !
i (
- Jmtt
fim tn i
- i -1
Something Entirely New
t,egant CIIINAWARE ndCel.
Jatkion c
Old Santa Glaus
has left with us one of the largest stocks of holi
day goods ever before seen iu this city. Toys,
candy and nuts, rocking horses, dolls, drums,
steam trains for boys. Valuable presents will be
given away to the boys and to the girls, also the
men aud women here ou Christmas Eve. Come
one, come all, both great and small, and give us
a call, and set; our prcseuts, and see things all, at
...Denn's Variety Store...
from us
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hove
Always Bought
Bears tho
You Have
Always Bought.
CUa-Ar That
Hake Friends
arc the only kind wc
wish to sell. They are
the only kind wc do sell,
aud with each pair we
sell wc make a new
friend. They arc not
only stylish but good
clear through. Sec our
Shoe line.
Itilolcl Qooda
Carriages & Fancy Albums
r TiT iv -wTTeTrtri