The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 12, 1898, Image 1

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    5 I
Vol. XXIX.
No. 78.
M .' I o t r ''llllg.
ti I'. O. hl,M. Ij.iMliln k'l l,'iM,K. Mi.:
liohl tlivlr ntinlKr oiiiiiiuiili (Inn. at iiiv
d O. o. tf, lirtll 1111 niu.iiid and luunli I limmlu)
11 raru mmiiu, aii nii'tniK'i ri'th'!i-M at
land rmninrlv, 1 1 nil viiiiimi ikuiikm i..r
(llstly Inrliod In nlti'iirl
I.IU i. I. II 'I'l.f.Y, !:. II
t tU U. lllliDI.K, ck.M r. iny.
f yl!UI. Oltl.NI I .. Nil. 1 Jit. II. 1
utvola I'Vuljf voiii ailay ovi'iuti
It nt a
nnnx-k in ui.i mi .Micouin llnll.
brvlitutaaioooidUlij' Iinltul tu alirtnl
(J. II, iNM.rH,
Uli). W. I'miir, i oiiiK'ilni
llatiuitdlli i Hm-fi'lurv.
r aUHKl. I.OIMIK, A.
K. A A. M . ItllUl'I.AH
Hi n
I aiid tiu VStMm.nda) In
iob uioniii.
rltrK JOIIS..DN, W. M.
N, T, Jaw rr, M cry.
plilLKI AKUN l.U.niK Ml. a, I O. U. K.
A iiim u Haturdny I'Kiilin cf fm li vitk ii
thvdr hall III Odd Fi'llmr 1 - l at KiHxilMirK.
Monibcra til Its ordui In mm1 Btaiidliiif nr luvli
to lo aliniid J. W. MUA.M.K, N.u.
K. T. Jx nil,
mta llm fxiuiid aud (mirth Mii
tarn inuulli ktV.Ju p, m, at MI bull,
lemuaraol lliounlur lu sural .landing ulu III-
uoa iu auonj.
IJ BNU I'OHT, NO. .'J, (I ;
Brat an. I llur.l lliuicl
A. It , MKk-M Till!
MY ut I a li iiinmli,
at y p, in,
0f; mi. I lhli.1 il I.;.
No. ID,
I U iu ll
TJ 1MK HT ll' I I'H.tnr.K, NO. a. O K M.,
, ME It I
Ilia lli.l anil 1 1, 1 1 .1 ltiln.daM
nf tar'll
MOl.l.Ut hll AMtlltooK, '. . M.
R Kd I N A IUVI', tKv y.
l UMl'.HUKii
DIVIHIOS .Ml tit., II.
OK I..
mcvuvvcry m-i.iiu aul iiurOi i.
A M IIA l.ol'tii:. NO. 17. K. UK I', MKKI
Yvrr Wc.lmnla, lrliliilj t O.I.I fr.Uut
Hall. Vuiliiirf Kh.ti.n In .'.an l.i.g "i-
itlaUlr InvllO't tu atll'li 1.
lrol'nloiial Cunl.
COl(i M . eaox x.
imi. i-a'X rutin
Ho. mt 7 1
A WIUkiu U;.n .
H. W1LL1H.
Attornoy and OoummjIoi' at Law,
Will mUM In all 'h- .falWuf Ihfi Mal. "I
la la MaraWrn UulMlnit. Il"unla i..ui,i , Or.
Me .ir. II ul :1 1 ,
TlPliinr Nil. I
ito-ri;! Ko. okkiio:.'
Attorney at Law,
Taylor . U i!mi n
ItOiKHI ltd. OKhiiON.
W. DBN80N.
Ilwmi I an l '.'
la. rlow Hull nui;
ltd Kill It'.. OHhiioN
Attorney at Law,
Room. ,v 3, Marnu ri lll.U
WBuim Ix'Iori' llio I
ItOScMlt'ltU, Oil
H. l.nii.l tinuc aud
mining raaea a a ic , ul 1 .
I. a lo lUroUvr I'. H. l 0ri'
Northern I'.iciflc KnilroaJ Cumpnny.
Aio aullitu titkotM to h 1 1 uin'n 1 ! .int ut
half tbe reuuliir rate.
1. S. K. Hi uk,
Locul Ai;cut No. MatHU'rs Iniildin.
OKKICB, Ut) Jarkin Htm l, ill
l.lcuoo of Mr. J. Ulm r.
ItO.-tUl Kii, OK.
Surgeon and Homoeopathia
Hotrliuri, Oregon.
aVaOhronla dlaaaaaa apoi laltr.
MHO. I'. C. MiCI.Al U:N, l'r,...
Larvo, Fluu buuiplo Ktioum.
rrtu'Bui lu ami Krom Triilim.
Crockery and
Glassware !
l-arifint un.l Kluoiit AKMiiUiii'iit
vvu tbroiiKlit lo ItimtburK
Alto a cunijiltlo UiK'ut vliolio
GROCERIES ami t it.Ait-i
All kinds of Country Produce
llulm ol Tigs.
Any oim wibUiiii! to jmrthueu "Jlului ol
Figs" cuu da iiu by culling uii or iij
drfHluir Miih. Annie Hum.iiv,
60;' t'l'KO PL, Hutyhuru, Or.
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Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Bought and 5old
Low Prices!
Fall and
Winter Goods
Just Received
and More
Call and Examine our Mammoth stock.
The People's Store
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A complete line of
Dry Goods, Clothing. Boots & Shoes,
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New Goods!
Free Delivery
iff i
Wealth !
Suit for
All Points Settled at Thursday's
Session of Commission.
Only the Cogroaalnf of and Afflalnx
of Slfitaturea to the Treaty Rc
milna to bo Don.
Pai", Dto. 8. The iaco treaty ia
flniabad. Tha Kpasiarda ba declined
to grant (uott of tbe renuesta ot tba
United 8(ate4 wbicb were untettted at
tba beginning of tod ay 'a eeeeion. The?
refaaed to cede a coal i eg elation io tba
Dty aid today : "We have settled
all pointa on which aecan egrea. It
only remaioe lo en groat and eign tbe
treaty. Tbla will be done in two or
three daya."
I'abim Dac. 8. The American com-
miationera entered I lie joint conference
today In nervooe frame ol mind. They
evidently liadreaaoo to believe that tbe
potelbility ex it ted that even at tbla late
bonr there might be a rnptore. This
feeling of epprebentlon waa baeed on tbe
temper the (Spaniard! have diaplajed
lately. .Tnia week the commiatlonera of
Spain do not conceal (Ua fact that, Lav-
log failed to'gain all imporlaut pointa,
tbey are indifferent aa to wbelbar or not
tbe conference reeolta in the leltlement
of peace by tbe aigoing cf tbe treaty by
wbicb Spain loaea all ber colonlea. Mia-
carriage of the negitlationa woold leave
political preatige at borne no worte. If
oot in better condition than tf they
signed tbe treaty.
Tbe Americana are ansloua not to give
tbe 8paniarde any p'etext lo break off
tbo negotiation, or take offener, to far
at tbe ezerciae of patience and diploma
cy can ateer clear of protects.
Madrid papera are diEpo6ed to revtte
tbe queetlon of tbe Maine, and to ezdte
pnblio opinion aaint tbe Unitod States
on account of the refereoct milt to tbla
in I'reaident McKioley'sDietaage. They
report tbat Kios made an impasaioned
denunciation of MeKlnlcy at the last
joint meiingof the commiaaions. Bioa
did refer to tbe Maine, but only in
calmly worded sentences, eipreteiog re
gret that I lie president had so spoken.
Tbe Spaniard bad already proposed
at this conference to have the responsi
bility of tbe Maine disaster reported op-
on by a joint commiasion of European
powers. Tbe American commissioners
refused to listen to this, and permitted
Rioa the president's mes
sage to paea luncballeoged, as a discus-
sion would be provoked in debate and
bad blood result.
Diplomatic circles in Tsris predict as
one of tbe results of tbe treaty a diplo
matic contest between France and tbe
United States, which v. ill make an im
portant chapter in history. Tbe French
government is reported to have resolved
to tske up the case of the French hold
ers of Cuban bonds, and it ia believed
France will declare for repudiation of tbe
bonds as tbe resolt of tbe treaty which
the victorious nation imposed on Spain.
Tbey argue tbat tbe treaty responsibili
ty bss been shifted upon America, snd
tbat therefoie tbe French government
will endeavor to exact some pledge for
payment or guarantee of the bonds.
Members of tbe commission say tbe
treaty will contain little oaleide of tbe
scope of the Waebington protocol, and
matters directly based thereon, like pro
visions for evacuation of ceded territory,
transfer of public property therein snd
guarantees of safety of property snd
rights of Spanish cititena remaining
there. Detail of tbe last class of ques
tions covered by the statement wbicb
tba Americans handed to Rioa at tbe
last meeting were considered today, but
all tbe commissioners refuse to dilvolge
the details of tbe conference.
(Several points upon which they were
unable to agree were left open for diplo
matic negotiations.
Tbe Spaniards refuse ti admit ibat
tbey bad failed to respect former tres-
tiss guaranteeing religious freedom io
tbe Caroline islands, or that tbere was
necessity for such guarantees.
Ibe conclusion of tba work Mas, ac
cording to tbe commissioners, marked
by politeuuss and all outward evidence
Of good feeling, and the difficult ttik
waN accomplished. When all the propo
sition hnd been dlocoieed. Day re
marked :
"Tbere seems to be nothing to do but
tu engross and sfgu the treaty."
Klos acquiesced to this, aud tbe Amer
icans bowed themselves out before tbe
Spauiards, according to their custom.
Spaniards and the Message.
Lo.njjon, Dec. 8. The Madrid corre
spondent of the bUmlard, who contrails
tbe lndiffereuce ot the uisjority of fpau
iardsto tbe president's message with
the same anxiety regarding bis d.clara
ations foresbadowlug war, says:
"Only in political and official circles
il any luteiest lu the message displayed,
and tbsi'S It tikes the foiui ol bitterness
and Indignation at McKlolay' altotloo
totlia rieafrnctlorj ih Malo. TU
praMdoaanot ldd Mtlifartioo X
tha Indlcatiooa In tua maaMita and alaa-
wbara that Amarlraa eolooltiBg will ba
franghtwltb difflcaltlaa aod aipatidi
tnra. Tha pradietioo fa sada fbat Iba
Kicaragna t anal will lead to (roobla ba
wmq tba United Rtatea aod Korepa."
The neceo Anniversary.
Haitian T Cess, Dee. 7. Today (a
tbs anniversary of the death of General
Antonio Macao, and lias beea relebratH
among the Cohans ia Santiago. A me
morial service was held this morning at
the cathedral, which was crowded. Leea
than two years ago the same cathedra!
witnessed a re JJeom sang cy tbe same
choir In celebration cf Macao's death.
Then tbe eatKedral waa draped with
Spanish colors. Todsy the entire edifice
was In black, interspersed with a few
Coban emblems.
A o overflow meeting was nM io the
theater, with mosie and speeches, ooae
antagonistic to tbe American.
A processioB of(&000 people proceeded
tbronghout tbe principal streets to the
boose where Maceo waa bora, and fores
ally affixed a bran tablet commemora
tive of that event.
Hantlsgo experienced a severe earth
quake shock last night, frightening
many and destroying a largo qeaatity ef
crockery. A few'reople ran lolo tbe
streets in a state of deebabille Tbe
shock 1 acted several seconde.
Commissioner Porter'e Opinion.!, Jamaica, Deo. 7 The
United btstes customs oomsuisionr,
Robert F. Forter arrived here from Cuba
yesterday on board the Admiral Samp
son, and sailed for heme today. He
said bis Investigations indicate tbe de
sirability ot reciprocity between Cuba
and tbe United States, In spite of tbe
Louisiana eager and Florida tobacco
trade. The commisei-jner has framed a
Cnban tariff which will be promulgated
on bis arrival borne. It opens the Coban
market to all nations on eqoal terms.
Commissioner Forter considers tbe
Cobsns perfectly fit for eelf-govtrnment.
Has Not Changed His Mind.
FsivcBTo,?. J. Deo. 7. Ex-Presi
dent Grover Cleveland waa laterviewed
today on tbe new poHey ef the United
8tatee, and dictated the following for the
Associated Frets :
"Wltbont going at all"01? details, I
wish to ssy thst I am ar(f Slly opposed
to every feature of this annexation and
expansion policy. The public ought lo
know pretty well what my conviction a
are, as tbeHawaiian question came np
during my administration. I have net
changed my mind, and remain opposed
to all of this annexation, from Hawaii to
the Philippines.
Block System for Ctty of Havana.
New Yoek, Dec. 8. Former Chief of
Police John McCullsgh, who will leave
for Havana today to advise General
Greene iu regard to the establiahmeti of
a police force io the Cuban capital, will
recommend tbe ettabliibment cf the
block system.
"This system is both simple and prac
tical." said be last night. "It consists
in hsving policemen stationed perma
nently in sob-stations ia tbe streets
witbin four or five blocks of one another
All the sob-stations should be connected
with the precinct stations and heaJ
quartere by aa independent telephone
"It would be impossibls for a crime to
be committed or an accident to occur
more than two and one-half blocks awsy
from one of tbe sob-stations, where a
policeman could a ways be tonnd. In
formation could be telephoned to bead
quarters and sent out from there simul
tsnsoosly throughout the entire city ia
a very short lims, plsciog tbe whole
force on guard.
"Tbs chief could sit in hit offlcs and
be in constant touch with tbe entire
force, thus making impossible tbe delay
and confusion incident to tbe present
system. Tbs patrolling could be done
and the block system maintained with
fewer men than are now requireJ, and
protection to life and property would be
much more effective.
"All tbe men would have to do their
duty or be caught shirkiog. Sergeants
and roundsmen could not avoid their
work, as the telephone system would
Indicate tbelr whereabouts."
Protection and Raisins.
An interesting story ot tbs successful
development of one cf those "Infant in
dustries" which free-traders sre so fond
ot sntsrlng st is told in connection with
the remsrkable progrsss of raisin grow
ing in California. Tbe early experi
menters io this line of grape culture
were ridiculed for tbrir psios and per
severance, and wtre told that ll was
sheer folly to attempt successful coin
petition with tbs more fsvured districts
aud tbe firmly estsbllibsd Industries ol
the old country. Tbelr faith survived,
however, and as a retard of the heroic
persistence ol Ibis devoted band of ex
perimenters tbe raieiu growers of tbe
I'sclnc coast are today lu stmo6t undis
turbed posieealorj of (he great borne
market. Tbey have wou tbe light by
tbtsr giit suJ tolely oa tbe merit of tbelr
prodact, which today Is oosnrpaased for
qnalitr aod excellence. Tbe California
raislo crop for 1897 amounted to 03,704,
600 pounds, while tbe grot product for
tbe psst six ysars, 1893 lo 1897 inelasivo
reschts the Impressive total of 498,814,
800 poaods.
Under tbe dnty laid by tbe Dingtey
law on raltins, csnts per pound, tbe
American prodaeer bee been able to in
crease his salts for homo consumption
ntil tbe great bnlk of the raltins con
lamed In this eoaotry are now grown In
American soil. Under tbe lower duty of
1 eeot a pooad imposed by tbe Wilton
law the Imports la 1894-96 were a boat
14,000,000 pounds, against 8,593,823
pounds for the fitoil ysar 1897-98 under
the higher dnty of the EHngley law. Tbe
greater part of tbla redaction in Imports
of raisins his fallen upon fpaio. whose
Valencia formerly held tbe highest
place In tbe American market. Now,
however, Americans sre eating home
grown rslilos wbioh are better In quality
and lower in price than raisins of foreign
productions. American Economist.
An Exploded Theory.
One ol tbe stock argumenta of the
free traders need to be tbat nations
woold buy of us only as we bought ot
them. It wae asserted with all tba
seriooansee aod deliberation doe to an
absolate troth tbat in order to secure
foreign trade for prodocta ef tbe United
States it wae necessary to throw open
oar markets to tbe competition of for
eign workshops. It wss even stated
thst this alleged law of trade was so
strong in its operation tbat the com
parative price of tbe product was a
minor consideration, and that the na
tions of tbe world wonld boy In those
countries where they could sell their
own goods irrespective of tbe price they
might be called on to pay.
Under tbe tariff experiments ol ths
Clare land democracy we bad. tbe first
bslf ot the proof against the free-trtdera'
t beery. Tka Esropeaa nations wsre
admitted to deetroctive competition
with American workshops, but tbey did
not boy any more American products io
eonssquenoe. Tbe price of wheat, of
cotton, of wool and, In fact, of every
thing else decreased in proportion with
tbe decline in tbe demand tor American
labor and the reduction In manuuvctnred
goods, and it waa shewn conclusively
that the preteotlve tariff Indirectly bene
flts tie farmer an we)) as the wage earner
; and the capitalist.
Since the re -establish meat f repub
liean government at Washington, and
the enactment of tbe Dingley tariff, we
have bad tbe eeoond half of tbo proo
In the nine months ending September
30, our imports decreased 1113,000,000
snd onr exports decreased $123,000,000,
and, at the earns time, we have gone on
selling an increased amount of products
to countries where an effort haa been
made to reatrict onr trade. For wbijb
erer side ycu look at it, tbe democratic
free trade argument ia disproved by
experience, sna ins wonaer is tnst any
sensible man should svsr have expected
anything different. Colorado Springs
What We Pay Our Naval Men.
The officers and men who handle our
warships, if we except the glory and
honors won, sre as a cists poorly paid.
Tbe positions of importance In the navy
require men of nnuioal intelligence, who
must pass through a long technical
tralniag and undergo a comparatively
rough and of course often most danger
one life. It la sals to say that this came
class of msa, where they to devote tbe
same energy to business, would be com
pensated much more highly. The pay
of an officer variea according to hie rank
and the nature of bis duty. His in
come is greatest while at eta and lowest
wbsa be is on iesve or waiting orders.
Tbe psy of tbe officers ot various grades
is as follows :
Rank. Pay.
Rear-Admirals 1 1000 to SC000
Commodores 3000 to 9000
Captsins 00 to
Oom menders , ?300 lo
Lieutenant- commanders. . 2000 to
Lieutenants 1000 to
Lieutenants, janlor grade. 1200 to
Ensigns 803 to
Naval cadeta 500 to
It is not generally known tbat all offi
cers feed and clothe themselves. Tbsy
are obliged to house tbsuseves when
ou land. While at sea they are allowed
SO cents per day tor their rat lone. Tbe
salaries of enlisted men varies from III)
per month, which is thst of a third-rate
seaman, w 7u dollars a month, which
is paid lo a chief machinist. Ordinary
seamen receive 119 a month : regular
seameu, f?4, and a landsman, who is an
unskilled reeruit, lid. Salariss of from
$45 to $60 a month are paid to black
smiths, electricians, boiler-makers, etc.
An allowance of.3i) cents par day is al
lotted for rations to sit enlisted men.
Salaries are raited every time a
sailor re-eulisti. New Vork Journsl.
Which Way Will the Cat Jump,
Brook Ijd ttgie.
Jooepb It, Cboate is a uuu of
learning, bamor, tamtam, ambltiuu
a certain klud ol elojueuo).
Flibu Root is t tusn ot learning, logic,
Judgement, eueryy aud I'euultluiate
luilitcsl courage.
Whittle? Keld is a man ut learoiug,
tan, diplomatic experience and spproved
wisdom in diplomatic pot V ions. He It
alto a man ot strong ambition, of loew
memory and of strict settlements. He
Is likewise the owner and editor ol a
newspaper which a majority of the rt
pnblicana of the United ftatrs prefer to
tbe Bible.
Mr. Cboate did have a difference with
Mr. Piatt. He comprised part of It
when he called the latter "the presiding
genius of ths republican party." Ho
would settle all tbe rest for tbe ambas
sadorship to Great Britain.
Ellho Root settled part ot his differ
ence with Mr. Piatt when the latter ac
cepted Colonel Roosevelt. He would
ssttle tbe rest for the same ambatvador
Remains Vbitclaw Usid. lis Is bear
er to London then New York is. He is
in Paris, helping on tbs formulation ot
tbe treaty, from which work he will tske
some diplomatic distinction and wonld
be willing to regard it as a claim to more.
If he is not "obliged," he will have tbe
Tribone, in which he is capable of tsk
ing a great deal ot pleasure between aod
in years of presidential nominations sad
President McKiniey's sbrewdnees as a
politician is shown by bis preference of
Mr. Reid for Great Britaio. Mr. Piatt's
power at a politician Is shown by bis
preference ot some ons else to Mr. Repl
for Great Britain.
Mr. McKiniey's further slirewdn-ss
will likely la shown by his demonstrs
tion tbst Mr. Reid way owe any disap
pointment he may feel to tbe influence
of Mr. Piatt in the eenste, under the
courtesy rule, which blocks coo flr (nation
to any nominee to whom the senator ot
the state from which the nominee comes
may object.
Mr. Plttt'e further shrewdness will be
sbowd by his devolution of a cboics be
tween Messrs. Cboate and Root on Mr.
McKinley, and by his (Mr. Fleet's) ac
quired credit with the "independents,"
whichever is chosen.
Chauncey M. Dopew'e shrewdness Is
shown by bis reach-out for a senator
ship of six years' duration, in.the. work
ing of which Mr. McKinley will be ex
tremely interested ljng before the lend.
Mr. Keid's shrewdness will be evinced
by tbe quality of hisj hliosopby aod
tbe drill of tbe Tribune ia 1900.
Mr. ChOAte m likely to gel the aniba-
Mr. Root is likely l bo hung on t'.e
wall labeled "mention honorable."
- Mr. Reid may get any Urge undertak
ing which does not involve eenatorltl
ooodrmation and may refuse to take.K
Mr. PU-.t will uavo Mr. Djuow for a
colleague, Mr. McKinley for friend,
and Governor Roosevelt as a reserve.
Mr. McKinley will have a xratt detl
to think about.
Branton the Prisoner.
Tbe Eugene Guard says : Claude Bran
ton, tbe convicted murderer of John
Linn, who is soon ti ie bangfd, is ss
restless in the county j ail a! a reged
lion. Tho oiber dty he sent Lr Dpnty
District Attorney II irii, hut bed noth
ing particular to say, but several times
tried to induce Mr. ll.iria to come with
in reaching distance of bis ctll. Moc
lay evening he tried a number of time
to have Sheriff ithers approach tbo
cell closely but wa$ not accommodated.
After tbe sheriff left he told the other
prisoners tbat if Withers had cime up to
the cage be would have attempted to get
hi pistol, and would have used it with
effect if successful. He also said that
the officers were onto him, aod thst if
Hsrris had come within reaching dis
tance he would have "choked him t
A woman has
no right to "go
it Mind" in mat
lers of life and
health. She ha
bo right to shut
htr eyts to the
plain facts of her
physical being
and the conse
quences of neg
lect. She has no
right to be wretch
ed and Ul when
the might be hap
py and free from
Women who drag through life weighed
down by some torturing, dragging weak
ness or disease of their sex are not doing
their full dutv to themselves. They are net
Ukinr tbe means which enlightened sci
ence affords them of being well and stroag
and capable.
These special complaints from wbicb a
many women suffer re not necessary. Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription positively
eure even the most severe and obstinate
cases. .
It is not a haphazard medicine. It is not
S "cure-all." It is a scientific remedy de
vised by an educated and esperienctd pe.
tialist for the one purpose of curing the
special diseases of women.
Tens of thousands of women have bees
restored to perfect health by this wonderful
"Prescription." In many instances they
were actually given up as hopeless by phy
sician and family doctors. ...,
" I have taken both your Oolden MrUkal Di
eorerv' and Favorite Prcscrinlion fcr
Inflammation of the ut.rua and bladder," wrUta
Mrs. M. A. Scolt, of Park Rapid. HubbtrS Ce .
Minn. " I also had alnmach troiibla which wJ
terribly ditlrin. I have been cured of til. X
had auffrd untold misrry fr (our year pre
rlou to taking your treatment, but began to feel
tbe good effect at once."
Dr. Tierce's thousand pigc illustrated
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