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A Roaring furnace fire and a Defective Due
Supposed to be the Cause.
Ms&cs tlrfood more defldous and wfiolcsome
ni m id i
For Bargains Call at
Caro Bros1 Boss Store.
Oaro I Iron, nro boas meri haul.
Kur a good ft-cmil cigar rail on Mis.N.
Hugs In Infinite variety ut Alexander
A Strong's.
Macaroni In ono i ii t turhijn at
.Iglrr's grocery.
Zephvr 10 rni'ti lor 1 alieiu Kick ho
at flat uvell) !ui'.
Key Weal, lui.r lc 1 ami domestic
cigara nt llio Itosi'li-uf.
A ft .H' I V bred J' I -)' main i i'l f r i.ilo.
Addles I' ) I'.u.t,
I 'ho I' r" Mmo i mlling out ul Hai ti
fifing mI.h. full and bo cin vii;r"-l.
1 o yoo rui'ikoV II t , gi-l tho Attle
i Igm l.t KtllHx A M.umtrn ik , m l" lli i, U
No w i'l he init io ly having
your ilnital tuik doi.a by lr. HraiitfU.
J. 1 ', Mil li 11 aril llm la-al IK ur in to II
aud prlceM are ad light, 'j'ltlitv r mciil-
I'.iro llms. 1 1 l r a. a tl.eir lutrmi that
I In') art) in riveips ut: mi ! t lark'n pool
('ntt'jil. Haunt old prii.'tt.
IIUl k I'lUl tilc dlVM ll.llll', which
formerly iold al t!.'0 in f.l..'it, hut fur
fl.15 lo :'.7.' ul 1 1; o N'.vihy Store.
Cash paid for 4tri, and all kind ul
farm products, at Al.nthiuii'a w ari'lmiirto
K. A. I'ozir.u
K. DuIju. M. I)., nioinU'r Hoard id
i'ensijti Kxamiui-rs. Ollire, Marati'ia
building residing turner Main and Cuae
For prices und quality call ut tho old
oriiiliml stand. Frenh and ill ied H nils,
candy mi l mils, clg'tra an I tobacco at
prices to uit all. Mint. II.
Economy will proioiit y m In buy
children's cMlilng ul iih. Soita fiom
4 to H Ml U t"d opv ird in price,
uiany marked btdnw oi"'. N"viltv
K. It. Coll'muti, pliy lii-iiin mid buigooti
OlDce In Tuyl T A Wil-on, real
(ItlH'O, Mcl'lulhoi llunri!. rroleariniml
calls io town or country rotn)ll v an
B aired night or duv.
hewing inurhinuH, Hewing machini-u,
owing tnnrliinua nt Alexander A Strong,
and the beat of llicni ut that, ruiiging in
priie from to W7.M. lh'Hiiro lo eee
Ihoin Ixdoio you hiiy.
Soe Kico A Kiev, IIou-o l-'uruialn ra,
fur ovnry thing in tho (omitum lino,
largi-Bt atoi k und lowcat prioea, jnat rc
colvodacar I ii I of I) tiii-ni it 1 1 a
furuituro. Hoc us lor barguitiH.
Itttmoiuhdr that lr. Mranti in a por.
inaocut runidt'iit of HoHohurg, aiul ia not
bore tniuporaiily, tlutl Iih fully warrants
all til work and in hero ut all timca to
raako good liia guariiutt'uii of all duntit
try. 1'. .1. llond, tirartii'itl
wutchmukrr. Huop in
koU cxpri-aa olllou, ncut to
ln .tinraa' minding, Koaiihtirit, t)rtgon.
AVatohea, clocka und jnMulry ropuirod
in Bklllfnl inaiuiur ut ruuHonablu piiies.
A abate of tho public patronage co
lic! ted.
Mori It' Poultry Curo. ThiH iiilulllblu
rotnedy cliallungis tho world to produce
its eipiul ue an ('tig producer, l'revont
Ivo and euro for nil illmi)S of fowls
(iiiaruntord aud (or Halo by II. M. Mar
tin, HoBoburt', Ur.
tiuitH of clothes, all wool, houvy
weights, $tl,60; rouulur prtcu $'.). Uoys
clothns from 0 to 13 yt'iiiB for l.r0 und
''. llutri ull btylea und colors for 85j
rvgulnr pricn f l.hO. All thouo goodu nru
only to bo found ut tho Huhs itoro.
Up to date dentistry by J'r. iStiaugo
which uiouiib tho bust und lultiet klmla
of work bkilhilly carefully und proporly
naerled with no nftor lioublo, but per
foot satiufuction. Try Dr. Htrtiuge'a
BoauiU'SM i ro i)( the best, hitoot und
WOHt perfect in ado.
I'or sale ur vxcliungo for lutuls iu Uie
bou 1 17 ncroa tliubor htnd in l-uiutti
Crut county, Cttliforniu, ubjut three
miles from luilroud bUtiou, on cuunly
road, part good fruit hind uid probubly
10,000 cords of wood on the place noitr u
good market. l'lU'o t-,OU0. Addiubu
l1. O. box OS UoHuburg, Oregou.
A few of thoso Kentucky made
pants, and well niadt, no
shoddy. Also it lew ilouu wouniu'K,
uiuu'e, boyti' und cLildion's hIioud, n'tu
Itr womeru. Huts for uuuhhluo mul
shade, uudiuwoar for hot und cold
weather, aud tarionH ularr urtiiloi, at
living piiccii'.'ut II. O. t tautou'u.
(io to the Koaeleaf for (he bett cigara,
Judgn .11 I., Hoiiaon.rJ Laksvlaw, is in
Henry Y ktim, of Kiddle, was in town
thla wn k.
T. It. Howard of Oakland was In town
Mr. aud Mrs. f. A. Wall arevliiting
ill Kofuhurg.
J. M. Klllson, of Oakland, was in the
el'y 1 utlday.
J. W. Coaan, ff Vonnalla, msi lo the
i lly, Tufaday.
K A. IliKith, of Urania Taaa, is a gm at
nt tho McClillun.
j.n braver, ol .tiyrlle Urrrk, waa a
vlaitir in loan, Tuoaday.
Mr. ai d Mrs. L. V. McKsy, of Wilbur,
wrro in town laat Monday.
W. htoilth, of North I'mprjoa, was
in luan the flint uf the ek.
A nurriaga licaoao hat hern isnued to
laadur Kondi-au ai d Maud Itompior.
Mia. .1 A. U ie and Misa Julia Mo
live were vialtora In the city yecterday.
Jchn Siiuih, cl Dillard, wa In the city
T.ii ad ly lis aitneaa In the flaiklna
Miai Krankie IKmmiik, of Wilbur,
was viaiilng in town the flrsi of the
1ju'1 fail lo are tbo great military
apt-ctat ular diaplay wild "I'ncle Tom'a
ful'ln" lotiik-ht.
J. A. I'ndorwiwKl, ol Oakland, was in
leiviewii'g his n n mar one friend In
Itosbburg Tuesday.
Tho Yoncalla Drug Co. haa sold ont to
Dr. (i. 11. King, who will hereafter con
duct that establishment.
Father Laveaqiie left Toeaday after
noon for Olalla, Camas Valley and other
iointa iu tho wei'ern part of (be conuty,
and will be absent abjut two weks.
Uncle Tom's Cubin, with two brats
bands and cll aceoeiy is coming to
Komti urg, tonight, Dttremrter 8th. A
croa del bouae is a foregone courluaion.
'Two Marrii'd Men" may be seen on
t'io slugu at the Opsra Home, Dec. 12th,
witli twu huudred (or more) married
m ui in the audieooe I joking on and en
Joying the lun.
Umpuua lodge Nj. 314, U. It. T., elect
ed oRlcers Tuesday as follows: Sam
Hi'iidorsou, M.J A. L.Morris, V. M.;
Chaa. Itjllard, Sery.; Al Cloyd, Fin.;
J. W. (irrgory, Journal agent.
Dr. 11 II, Clougb, of Yoncalla, paid
thu I'laindkai kh a friendly riait wbile
la town Tuesday ou business. The doc
tor will soon leave (or 1'odlcott, Wash ,
where ho will realde in the (uture.
Thore are ooly a (ew cases of raeaslos
In lCobohurgat present, but swell-known
physician predicts an epidemlo i( it ones
gets into the public schools, as it Is al
most sure to do unless great ears Is taken
to prevent it.
There is nothing like an outburst onco
in a while to clear the atmosphere and
insure subsequent peace. For Instance,
MeHsrs. Itunyau aud Allou of Kentucky
who lately (ought it out with revolvers,
will hereafter be perfectly quiet, lioth
are dead.
At tho lust regular meeting of Rose
burg (Jhaptor No. 8, O. E. B tho fob
lowing officers were olected to serve for
the ensuing year: W. M., Llbbie Go-
show ; W. 1'., W. II. llyars ; A. M., Hura
Stroud; Cou., Clara Kast;A. C, Mrra
llrowu; Treas., rree Johnson; See,
Muud Kast.
While some men were hunting on tho
tldutiuts above Tonguo point a few days
ago one of the number plckod up ao old
flint-look rille, that sbowod tbat it bad
lulu there (or many years. It was about
six (cot long, and the tllut was (till lo its
place, and us bright as it ever was. It
is the kind ol a gun need In Ibis rsction
60 yours a no.
The uewly elected officers ol Lilac Cir
clo, No, 49, W, ol W. are: Mrs. Minnie
U.Otey. It. G.; Mrs. F. W. Woolloy,
(i. ; Mrs. J. II. bbupe, adviser ; Mis. A.
E. TutFi, clerk; Mrs. V. C. Loudon,
bauker; Mrs. Koesie Riddle, alienduot;
Mrs. M. Fickle, magician ; Mrs. Madge
Hagsdale, C. of U.; Mrs. Mary Million,
Mgr. ; J. II. Shupe, O. S. ; M. Fickle, I.
Iu trying to extract a cartridge from a
riflo last Tuesday, Frauk Irvio, a young
tuuu engaged lu cutting wood ou J. II.
Wilou' place, a short distance west of
town, was sccidcutly ehot in the hand,
tho bull passing through the pslm ol the
right hand. Dr. Twltcbell was called
and dreutod the wounded bund, which
with the possible exception ol the fore
llngor will probably bo saved.
I Set lit Up.
All persons Indebted ti the undersign
fA are hereby notified and requested to
com forward and make prompt settls
ment. All notes and accounts not paid
Immediately will he placed In the hand
ol, an attorney for collection. Thla
mear.s like It read. We are Ruins out
of bualness, and mint havi, a eltlatnent.
Car, D.toa.
W. Filling, of ClrniUtft, is in the
Isaac Hellg. of Myrtle Creek, is In the
Ilemember Doo. 20th and Apron
K. L. Mtli, ol Wilbnr, was In the city
YA Johoson, ol Coquille, was in town
thla week.
Apron Ktring. fun, wit and laughter.
December 20th.
. II Joy, of Oakland, was in the
city ytt lerday.
Mr. anl Mrs. Ktaths came orr from
Oakland viMerday.
John Hall, ol Myit'.o Ovtk. wat In
the city yeaterday.
Ntw etM'k of i-legint cirring reis at
Churchill A Woolley's.
Iha(lnft display rd lanrmof etry
riureriition at Chnr. hill A Woolley 'm.
J. J Lonir and Maguie ng. of Yon
calla, were in Kjei'bur the first cf the
Did you ee thn ' Topay" drurn rr.r.s
todsy? With "l.'nclc Tom's Cat in" t
It A. D;iur, t Attaham'ri ware
home, boys hay, grain and all kinds ol
(arm product.
Nolan IIut8:-n, Mrs. J. M. Ilutdoti and
Mis L. HutHon, of Mynlti Creek, are
guuais at ihe McChtllen.
J. L. Churchill, of Coies Valley, while
in the city on court haii.pts thit week
mada ibis olllce a pljintr.t rail.
Tho words of praiae b stowed Uon
Hood a harsapanlla I y those who hate
taken it rrovo the merit of the tnedlcioe,
Dr. rowrisfnd will preach nt the First
Preebyleri in church nest Monday Dnrem
tier llth, murium; and evening, at the
uanal hour All are Invited.
Household joya, Bridge &
stoves White sawing machines,
chill A. Wu'il'ey m 1 thun. W
y not
hiiy n rftil ,na preaeulH this yosr.
The Cen'ral hotel under llio lUHnap
nienloHl.W. l'mii', learn and mana
ger, is fuxt gainlnc In fjv r with ths
iraveling pnbl!c, and Is a foo.1 placo to
stop. Try it. K-ins'inhble prlcea.
Klmer V. Hoover, physician and sur
geon. Office next to city hall on Main
street, Rosebnrg, Or. Srecial attention
given to diae.tses i f thn uose and tbrost.
Calls promptly answered.
O. W IVttii, formerly oi Tillamook,
has leased the well kuown Cenlrsl hotel,
and la now installed therein. He comes
well recomended as a hotol keeper of ex
perience, and will no doubt give satis
faction to his patrona.
Drs. F. 11. Coffman and K. L. Mdler
are making preparations (or goirg east
sometime this month, and while absent
will tako a post graduate course in medi
cine. The former will stop for a while
in Denver, Colo., while the latter will
gu lu Waauluktvu D. C.
A serious accident occurred at Lrock
way yesterday. Wm. Harper, mail con
tractor on the RosHburg and Myrtle Point
routoin compuny with V, M. Ireland, ibe
stage driver, was lift iu charge of tho
team for a few moments at the station
whilo the driver went in. The team
ran away and striking a ties threw Mr.
Harper violently to the grouod, badly
bruising him about Ihe bead and (ace
and rendering him . uncuncious. Dr.
Hoover, who was called to attend the
injured man, has Just returned but can
uot say nt preseut juat how seriously bis
patient wits hurt, He sustained a severe
concuBrdon of tho brain besides internal
injuries, The doctor reports him doing
woll, with chances favorable (or bis re
Mowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
coiupsuy arrived iu K one burg this mora
iug and gavo theii big parade with two
brass bauds (one w hlto and one colored)
at noon today, Tho company makes a
splendid appearance aud their music is
graud, being far superior to tbat of any
company which has been in the city (or
several years. The number of those
travelling in this I roup Is botween 33
and 40 persons, the largest of any iu the
country, and with their big bloodhounds
and own special scenery they will doubt
less give a rendition of Mrs. Stowe's
great book, "I'nclo Tom 'a Cabin," tbat
will gtyo satisfaction to everyone. Tick
els buve been ou uule ut Strong's (or
soyoral days and (rout the appearance oi
tho board the Opera House will be
crowdod louight. Retween scenes
specialties will bs put on, (nuking tbo
piece oue codUuukI rouud o( plessute.
Valuable Library of Judge Hamilton a Total Loss The firemen
Were Promptly on Hand and Ably Assisted by Citizens
but Could not Save the Building.
Yesterday afternoon, about 5:80
o'clock, firs wa seen escaping from ths
ccpnla of ths conrt boos. An alarm
was at once given, and soon a large
number of cllixsns were oo band and as
siated tho onnty officials to remos the
rmrords, books and papers to a place of
safety. 'Ihe firemen we'S also promptly
ai ths die, and worked like beavers to
subdue tba flames, bat were anaaocess
lul, arid this morning only the walls ol
building ars s'andlng.
All the records o( ibe copnty, and sncb
furniture as could m readily bandied,
were taknn from the buildlog before the
flames coold get at them, hat many of
tbs papers wbile sated from the flames
hecarne fearfully mixed, and it la fesred
some of them may have been dropped
and trampled in the mod.
Court had been adjourned ootil after
supper, when an evening seaslon was to
Ins held, and the janitor had been di
rected to keep a good Ore in the fornare
as It wis rather chilly in the court room
rhat he obeyed orders was qoite appar
The origin of the Ore haa not yet been
determined, but it la thooght to bare
been due to a defective furnace flue and
must have becu burning for some time
I f ire it was disi overd, for witbio a (ew
moTieiiis slier the first blast was seen
the whole roof seemed lo be on Are.
Jodce Hamilton's fine library, valued
atovrr 2,000 was completely rleatroyed,
the firemen being nnab e to get and re
move It n Account ol heat and sm ke.
Ti.e prisoners in ibe conniy jail were
Circuit Court Will Close Today.
The Circuit Court, whkh was yester
day djing a flourishing buaiuess lo tbe
Court boose, is tday held In the Marks
Uuilding ou Jackson street, on log to the
Uesiruciiun of the Court U juso by yes
terday 'a fiie, and will close for toe term
today. The Opera House was also, we
understand, offered Jude Hamilton
Iree oi cost fjr the remainder of the
The proceeding eiuce our Wat report
are as follows :
10 Louis Kohlhagen vs W E Smith,
review. Dryon & Long atty for rlf.
Coshow A Sheridan atty for defi in er
or. Argued aud taken under advise
ment iy tue court.
13 E DaUas vs Wm Carlun, review.
(Jeo M Rrown aud Ira B Kiddle, attys
for petitioner Byron & Ling, aity f.r
deft, in error. Argued and taken onder
advisement by tbe conrt.
K Sneridan Bros vs A T McLaughlin
to recover money. Chas Hamilton for
plf. Continued for tbe term.
G CM Lnrkin, plf and def In error vs
E J Arant deft, plf in error, review.
Geo M Brown for petitioner. Argued
and submitted.
27 Stearns 4 Cheooweta vs C U
Maupin, action on a promissory note.
F W Benson atty for plf. Judgmea
(or $371, and $35 attorney's faes and
F F M Searles, insolvent debtor,
assignment. F W (Season for assignee.
Final discharge.
L FroJrick Kimmel vs Elattle WU
son, ot al, foreclosure. Geo M Brown
(or plf. Ddcree graoteJ.
6 Wm Lord, et al vs William Mitch
ell, foreclosure. A M Crawbrd atty for
p'(. Decree granted.
8 Wm R Lord et al vs John Bosch
etal; suit la equity to foreclosure a
mortgage. A M Crawford, atty for plf.
Decree granted.
11 John O Hatwey vs Lee R Minard ;
actiou to recover money. O P Coehow,
ally for plf. Judgment by default.
15 Isabel Nelson, plf vs Wpi Nelion,
daft; suit iu equity to dissolve the mar
riage status. F W Rbuboo, ally for plf.
Decree granted.
17 H L Marsters vs Frederick W
Carpenter et al ; suit iu equity for fore
closure. J A Buchanan atty (or pl(. Dd
cree granted.
20 M B Shoueb vs H C 6bnugb;
suit in equity to dissolve the marriage
status. Ira B Riddle atty (or plf.
Judgment by default.
1 Julia Miller vs Gejrge Miller;
suit in equity to dissolve tbe marriage
status. Bryon & Long atty for -plf. De
cree granted,
btate of Oregon vs Eugene Docker.
recognisance. The grand Jury found not
a true bill and tbe defendant Was dis
Wm. Wallace plead guilty to carrying
concealed weapons and was fined $25
aud costs,
rotate of Oregon vs Ilaas Weaver,
recogaUitnce. Tbe grand jury found not
a rruo bill, and defendant wss discharg
ed. Look out for Deon'i Variety Ptora
new advertisement in our new irsue,
lolling ol tbnir holiday bargains.
29 Fol A tub urn vs Tbe Oregon 4
California R. R. Company; injunction
aud U'irsctlou ol deed. Dolph, Mallorw
removed to the city jsll for safety bot
when the Ore was under control were
taken back to their old qnarw.
There was an Inaoranc of $10,000 oo
the building and $2,600 on the foroltare,
two policies of $rW0O each having explr
ed only a short time ago.
The amoaut of damaice is not yet de
termined, and is estimated all Ihe way
Irom $I6,0v0 to $t0,000.
Tuoogb the walls are still stsudlog it
cannot be kuown, until examined by ao
ex per i, how much of tbero can be used la
the construction of a new buildlog.
No arrangements have yet been made
fur the permaoent accomodation of tie
coooty officials, who may now be con-
. ! J I I , . . .
aiuereu aomeiess wsnoi-rers with no
where to lay their Leads (or rathsr
books), bat doobtlers Judge Lyons will
soon And temporary accomodations for
them. At present the records are
stored in the homes of the officials, In
the sample rooms of the MtClallen
Hons, and at various other places, snd
to assort aod arrange them will keep
the officials busy for several weeks per
haps months.
The loss besides beicg a heavy one to
the county figured in dollars and ceoti
cents will prove a soarcs of great incon
venience both lo the officials and to tbe
peoole who have boeine8 to transact
with them.
The sheriff, saaersor anil arlio-il ann.
erintendeni will go Into Ihe opir rooms
ifthe roootf jail. The treaanree will
ocenpy tbe Donglas Co. bank. The
connty judge and clerk wih oecuov
rooms in the citv ball f irihe present
A .Simon. Al-iert Abraham and J C Fol
lerton uit)S for pi . Fenton, Krjnaagti
A Mut and Wil is A l:;ea attys fur def.
Argued snd Uku U'idwr advn-emeot.
ate of Oregon vs John Burkbart,
reco-nixani:e. A fine of $50 and wts.
J'hu Hall admr. vs T. T. McGee.
Settled anil diemis-ed.
fctate vs. J. A. Scott, recognisance,
riea J gnilty and fined $100 aud coats
Henry Stigeman vs. M. P. Gitmore.
foreclosure. Decree taken.
John A. McClnre vs. A. T. Cook, fore
closure. Decree granted.
Two indictments were found against
George Harry Brant, one for horse
stealing and ibe other for burglary. He
plead goilty To-sdav im ruing tithe
firi-t and not guiitv to the second indict
ment. Tuesday afternoon he p'ead
gnil'y to the aprnnrf charge. Sentenced
to the peuiieutiary four years for horse
Stealing and two years (or perjury.
Dave Hiskins was indicted (or the
larceny ol a cow from Nichols Bros, and
was tried Tuesday (or the offense. The
jnry brought in a verdict ol guilty. He
will be sentenced Friday morning.
Sentenced to (our years in the peniten
tiary and coeta.
Tbe grand jury brought a true bill in
tbe case of tbe State vs. Arthnr Jacobs
the man wbo stole Conductor Huston's
grip Four years in the penitentiary
and costs.
Some Fish.
H. D. McGaire, state game protector
and fieh commieslouer hs filed bis six b
annual report with Govtrnor Lord.
Concerning tbe Colombia river fisheries,
be said:
"Tbe totsl outpnt of tbe ColombisJ
river salmon fishery, since tbe enter
piiau .aa insugurated as a commercial
factor, aggregates 850,000,000 pounds,
worth $75,000,000. If all these sal
mon could be loaded on freight cars it
would require 42 500 cars to hold them,
making a solid train 2S0 miles long. No
other river or like area of water any
where on eanh has yielded such vast
wealth in ihe same period of time. If
the comprehensive law receot'y enacted
by the Oregon legislature is also passed
by the Wasbingtou lawmakers, and then
strictly enforced, tbe great industry will
continue to yield its treasures to tbe Pa
cific Northwest. At present tbo outoo,
approximates $3,000,000 per annum
one.half of which goes into the bands of
the industrial army that gathers aud
prepares the product fjr tbe markers of
tbe world.
"For a number of years there has
been a gradual diminution In tbe abund
ance ol saluiou In the Columbia river.
but during the past season tbe falling off
was so pronouueed as to alarm many
who have heretofore been indifferent.
They at last seem lo realise thai we
cannot continue to reap boantiful har
vest Indefinitely without sowing.
"The future prosperity, and, in my
opinion, tbe preservation of this great
Industry dependt upon artificial propa
gation and a strict enforcement of tbe
laws, which I believe has been made
possible under tbo act drafted by tbe
Astoria Progressive Commercial Asso
ciation, and which wss enacted into
law at tbe recent tesslon of tbo Oregon
To all a bom it may concern : Notice
is hereby given, tbst I n 111 not be rs
iponslblo for suy obligations or debts
loutracted by son, Nsthsnlel Curry.
Ms. I. J. Cesar.
Rossburg, Nov, 80, 1S&6.
Views of a Number of Senators
and Representatives.
'Stiver Dick - of HUaoarl, Mlas
HU HoVfcy Lend Papers Some
what DlaappolaUd,
vTiSRofo. Detf. !.- M any senators
excused themselves) from expretaloa of
opinions at length opon tbe president'
meisace, oa the ground tbat they had
not been able to give aarafal attention to
all the detail. Bepobllcao sens tors
were, however, willing to ex pre them
selves lo a few geaeral words of con
8nator Gallons regarded it as "a pains
taking, entertaining and accurate histor
ical review."
Senator Piatt, of New Tork, com
mended the expression of a determina
tion to increase the standing army, and
to maintain order in Coba until the
Cubans ean take cava of themselves.
Senator Woleott Mid It was an admir
able document.
Senator Lodge asad it was "able and
Senator PorsksrA good presentation
of facta generally, hotalitile Indefinite
on the qneelion of Cuban independence.
Senator Proctor A geod American
Senior Perkins An able resume ot
tbe situation aod Back leading op to tbo
Th damoerata wei.e even more avers
t an ue repnMiraasi ti dioo- the pa
per. Brir..r J-inew. of Arkraa, w a
at exception. H sound lo iie n.reaye
a number of points which did n-y eo-nrd
with his views. Owe of hee was tie
proposition to ennrfint the volnntee'
army In estaseao tintii tbo standing
army can b nerva!
"Some of on 1o not fvor rha increase
of tha standiRf army," be said, "ami
tbe president has ao right to assume
tbat a majority stand witit bim on that
' The Arkanaa minato iks qaMrlotied
the prwirteot'e right to bold the vidan-
teers in service beyond ihe time of tbe
signing of the peacw treaty, saying:
"There is no war in existence and
none is imminent Thn law r-qnires
one or . the other condition, and tbe
threat of the president to hold the vol
nnieere In service notil tbe atmdi-K
rmr ie increase! bevi-nd ra -be
conaciencMS of senator and ni-nitwn
dictates looka to m like a mePHiv .n
effort to dictate, whi b I c n-ider an
0'iiraiss and onpardouahle."
bnrsator Jones Interp'O'ea tbe pre.
deolV expreesioa npon tbe finance an a
pMisonueemeui for ths mM B an la-d
and for ths retirement of thocreenb-rka.
and waid that be did not belle- h
anvthing llk a majority of the American
peotfle would indorse bim in this respect
Ths senator si so announced himeelf as
opposed to a subsidy to veesels ronnw-t
ing the Unite.) Stales with Porto Kico
Cuba and the Philippines, as opposed to
legislation for tbe construction of the
Nicaragua canal as at present con torn
plated, and expressed the opinion tbst
ths president was inclined to go farther
in the matter of ths government of Cna
than ths resolution of intervention called
for. "We declared," said he, "in fat or
of taking them to tbat point by which
they could maintain a stable government
and I do not aea how wo ean go beyond
"To go to ths extent of Insuring, ss
tbs president recommends, complete
tranquility, might prove a pretext for a
military government and permanent
occupation never to be ended. I do not
iadorss sov such an understanding "
Senator Jones alao eipr-eae l aurpnae
wi'h Ihe aba no of anv r-c.nmrn-nd'i-ii
n concerning Vi Philippines
Tbs qaeatlon of ths ovenimeot of
tbs Philippines is attracting mnch at
tention," he said, ''and tbs fact tha tbe
president utterly Ignores It strikes me as
very singular,"
Senator Teller said there would be
disappointment over tbs failure of tbe
president to outline a government for
the Philippines.
On tbe recommendation in regard to
currency, Esnstor Teller said :
"Tbs friends of bimetallism, elthsr La-
tlonal or International, will find so en
couragement from anything that tbs
president says in bis message. No refer
ence is mads to International blmstalllsm
but tbs president la ths most emphatic
way Indicates bis intention to maintain
ths gold standard. Ths so-called silver
republicans wbo remain in tbs republi
can party and contend that tbs republi
can party Is frisndly to silver will find
no encouragement in ths president's
message, and it will strlks sll as some
what singular that if tbs republican
party, as it has been claimed, b in favor
of InteruatiOoal bimetallism, tbo prsst
dent makes no reference ta it."
Followfug srs tome of tbs opinions ex
prstssd by members of coogress upon
tbe president's message :
Kepicseotattvs Hltt,chalrmsD of tbs
houss eommfUss on IrreJgn stfirs, said :
" Ch pvetidfot has samnsritsa' sow
irtv d, In all aVe nn fe) ci s m .' ,
m i'iy ti" qo "S'ln a o me' ' n !?!
svr a here, Inn 'bins' tfi- I.?. nipn ai d
rsoi'll anci'eit'lliig eten'S nl the ltH4
tlon lo wbtch tbs nation finds itself.
Hissimpls propo'ltiort to let ths new
possessions alone onder Jost snd dim
governors, sided by tbe ml llsry arm
wblch cot qnered them, gives its Urns fov
plsnty of discnasion of all ths pru posi
tions for their permsnent govsrnmsnt.
Tbs problem of govsrnlng ths Cohans
bs deals with gently and hopefully, and
svsrybody sill wish that bla freeaet ef
Stable government there will b raa'sd
sooner than ever te' has happened to
Spaniah-American pi'pHatinn.
Repreaentative Walker, chairman of
the committee on banking and currency
I am naked what I thli k of the cur
rency and r anking fea orea, I do not aee
that It has any aiich features I havs
not been able to detect any.
Mr. Groevenor, of Ohio The message
Is not one of beaten path. It U nor en
CO m he red with platitade", and ie wntren
in a very ai-r active atyle. The rontrl
but ion to history in the elaiiorats recita
tion of the events of the war are in Kood
lasts snd devoid of boasting or vanity,
General Wheeler, d mocra', of Ala
bama It is clear and comprehensive
resume of events which transpired dnr
ing sn ev-ntfol period of our country's
history. It wi l bs referre1 to ssons of
ths noted state pap-re.
Representative Bland of Mispoorl Tbe
meesage, so fsr as the currency qoeatlan
is concerned, is very brief, and contains
nothing new and nothing be von d former
reenmmendstions I might remark tbat
on te treat leading lun which is ad
ill the paramnnnr qneetion. ihe 'ree
roinage of silver rim meaanKe la oml
noualy ailent, hot no propO"i'inn on th
mot ev q w-f ti'Hl Ctn te Cnlla'd-rwl with
out at the same time couaiilerins this
qneetion .
R-presenta'ive Cnmminsa deni'-i-ra',
New Y"rk II i- a rler com-i- ett
n erit -f fca
ge i n o- e
id a 'ha 'tn
itt'O ., IDi-
I an
- it
i i herea t-'
("hai nian It i,
w n - i- m v e
T me . n.
vv. .1
a.,- I :
i .'li . X
Of :he iijv rt . r. .. . n- .1
wifi ' it pre-"- tati ...
ation ami vl ia I m S ig
' t. I
ll X a
j ,i
i n-
aid ii'a'eriallv a the . r er time here
after in a-King -he diff ren- or blerr.i
hefo-" na I' is t . he n-.lei th ih
t.rei 'fcn ft.t" 'hot t-ur n vei ue law.
are, working well nl. no ng-4in of
any lie, ded ii.'kI fl ti ii.
LoxDo.y, Der. K. Mnch hv.ngK-se.
xM-fied, them i it'-rtdn m . frti..p.
I'll? rt
t i,i .
" if. It
'i-t d
.if -f ii- ,
i -it rin::,.
C ii i l
'I A I '
t I ,
P -
ra 1- sit-
tain ;
th-i rele'rnv- t
m ic.n
l"e-ia fi-1,.'
M'Ht-e, ai 'J ,it
t' e
tnwari- R r-eia
Tit Dtily X '.n c. mi !h'ih of the
"amhj it ty i th:t w.'w n co nnor.
cial and rurr-iicv m. if. ,il ' ha
r ripi nn ahfetice i ( .. tllnsi. n lo
t.e- tra -."
The Timee Fya
'It in m-diiat'l to ' ch lie itinity
ani! g Kd aenap of the A:t, riiuin Deor ln
bat a mea agM annouriiinu lh victorl-
ons ending i f rn great war, the acqniai-
nm ol territory ami tho initiaiion of an
imperUlmt p.ilicv ia her in tone and
moderate In reron-rremtati' ns "
Thftfadv Clir uiii'le p nan tribute to
'hKeo 'er, s.xiiid rrom:n n umian und
atraigb f'ii wnl l.tngug." of Urn mes, pointing out th' President McKin-
lev's reference to the military occopa-
turn oi Lutia virtoillv outlines a policy
"precisely ths ssme as Great Britain in
Egypt and likely to bave tie same
Commenting on the president's Bar-
pnning Unguagt-coiiC-rmiig the Nicara
gua! which ii'terU ignores Bitsb
tremy ilgh s th Paly thionlids save
th hi- nt ih arii e n liiu in a
a 'I e r ii " lv e e lit.iri.l ii ghlv
approvKH M- MiK nley's references to
Cnu.a and Gr.-a; Britain.
The Stan l ird say Mr. M.-Kinley's
nderenii-s to Ciua nr a declaration
that. Im'I the .pe i d r b n-u el jaed O
obstructed Aiumica it on i.l have iutar
fered actindy. It ad. Is upon this point!
"For sll purposes of British policy, no
intimation could bo more welcome than
tbat the United Stales will appoint a
committee to study tbe onditlcns in
The Daily Telegraph, which rsgards
the announcement tbut the United
States will sui pjrt tbe open door io
China as tbo weightiest which the mes
sage contains, says:
"W iih such common iutr rests to units
us, formal alliances ars necesssry,"
The Daily Mail says:
"We ars disappoints!! au l turprlvd
at this attempt to ret aside tha Clayton
Bulwcr treaty. esicUlly la view of ths
Anglo-American entente."
For Loaati and Children-
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