The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 05, 1898, Image 3

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l-or Bargains Call at
Caro Bros Boss Store.
dec km in: it r. ihos.
Oaro Hroa. are tha bona merchants.
Kor a good 6- mil cigar call on Mrs.N.
Hugit in liillnito variety nl Ateiauder
.V HlruiigV.
Mararoiil In oiik pound cartoons at
Ziglor's icrj-r y .
Zephyr 10 routs lor tskeiu package
at the Novelty Stoic.
Key West, imirtuJ au domestic
cignrn al tli K'Wi'li'itl.
A finely broil Ji .ley mule oil hr sale.
AddioM I'. i. Hot, MX
Tito Itu-s Mure is selling out t ajcrl
llciug piicei. Call and bo convinced.
Do you amoke? II so, i!t tbu Artie
riiiar at Krone A; M.aiiilrioai", role agents
No iiiiBtalto will be iimJo by baving
your dental work dun by Dr. Strange.
J. I. Mann mill tbu tt Hour iu town
and prirHM are ail light, 'junhty consid
ered. Caro lir.ih. iiiloriiiH I heir patrons thai
they air in receipt again oM talk's Spool
Co t mi. Saiuo old price.
Black bruradu die , rWuIr, which
IjniuMly aold ut II.jO hi l.'iii, now b.r
1. li lo j at tho Nuvi-lty More.
Canti paid forgiaiu, und all kinds ul
farm pn.dit'ti', al brabam' warehouse.
K. A. Do.iku.
E. DuUao. M. I'., nutiil'ir Hoard ol
Pension Esainineia. Olllco, Marsters
building residing comer Main ami Cum
Kor prices und i nility tall at the old
origlnaUtiiiid, Krcali and diiod fioita,
candy and nuts, cigara and toliacco at
prices to unit ull. Mm. II. Eamon.
Economy will prompt yon lo buy
childieu'a clothing ul iim. Soils bom
I to It at M -' and upward In price,
many marked Mow tout. Novelty
K. K. Cullman, pbyairiun and euigeou
Ufllct In Taylor Wilson block, resi
dence, McClallen lloiito. Professional
calls in town or country promptly an
swored night or day.
"Apron Strings."
Howing machines, sowing machines,
sewing machines at Alexeuder St Strong,
and the bent ol thcni at that, ranging in
price from l to :t7.."0. liusuro to see
tbeui More you buy.
Nee Klco Sc Kico, llouco Furnishers,
(or every thing in tho furniture line,
largest atock and lowest prices, just re
ceived car bu l of Kutcrnaiil co
luroiture. See us lor bargains.
Kcmcmber that Dr. strange ia a per
uiaucnt resident of UoHeburg, and ia not
here temporarily, that no fully warrants
all hla work and ia hero at nil liuiee to
make good bis guarantees of all dontis-
. . I Itotiil. practical
watchmaker. Shop in
old ox press ollice, next to
r.'-'UI'Jl'L".' i.nii.linif. ltoaoburi. Oreeon
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired
in skillful manner at reasonable prices.
A ehare of tho public patronage so
1 icl ted.
Morris' l'oullry Cure. This iulalllble
remedy challenges tho world to product
iU eipuul as an egg producor. Prevent
ive and euro for all diseases of fowla.
Guaranteed and for Bale by II. M. Mar
tin, Kosoburg, Or.
Suite of clothes, ull wool, heavy
weightH, fii.5U ; regular price D. Hoy a
clothes from 0 tc M yeara for 1.50 und
fj. Hats nil Ltyles und colore for 85a
regular prioo if 1 ..r0. All these goodB nre
only to bo found at tho lloue More.
Up to dato dentistry by lr. htruugo
which means tho beet and latest kiuda
of workvkilfully carefully and properly
uBerted with no alter trouble, but per
fect satisfaction. Try lr. Straugo'a
aeaiuloBHcrowus, tho best, latest and
most perfect made.
For salo or exchange for lauda iu Ore
gon 147 acres timber land iu lanta
(inis countv. Ualiforula, ubjut throe
ml lea from ruilroad etalion, on county
..! nrl uood Iruit laud ami proUauiy
in nnn n.irda of wood on tho pluco uear a
good market, l'rico 12,000. Addresa
I', U. box C8 Uonotmrg, uregou
A Imiv ilriKMII llf those Kentucky made
pants, suuBlautUl and well mado, no
tboddy. Alao a lew Uoaeu womeue,
...u.,'y i,ov' and cblldieu's shoes, regu-
U1VH I -
lar woaiers. lluls for Hunauino auu
ehade, uudeiwear for hot and cold
weather, and various other artldea at
living prices, at 11,0. Wanton's.
is m i
V. A. reiklna of Drain la lo tht city.
Walter Klddla, of Riddle, It hi tbt
J. A. Kcott, ol Voncalla, was In bows
last week.
U.K. and E. K. Walls of Olalla art
In the city.
Mra. Feu too, of Oakland, it visiting ia
the city today.
i. W. ritlt, of Oakland, bat rs
moved to this city.
W. It. Medley came over from Oak
laud, last week.
A. C. Rowland of Ntw York is goest
at tbt McClalleo.
Hon. l'llnn Cooper wat in from Rob
eita Creek Batnrday.
.lease Cletnantt, wife and cblld, of
Carl), are iu tbt city.
Misa Katie O'Shea, of Canyon vll It is a
gurst at the McClalleo.
SIim Cora Alexander cause in from tbt
Calapooia, Katnrday.
New stock ol tltgaot rtrriog sett at
Churchill A Woollay't.
(ieo. A. Hmltb of Camas Valley waa
in towu oue day last week.
A new coauterfelt IJ legal lander nott
it iu circulation, so it Is said.
Mftir. lleneJict and Bacon art in tbt
city this week. They "got cotcb" on tbt
The usual largo number of ptoplt
from the couutry were in town Katnrday
to do their trading.
1'. A. Wilson ami Itonnls Yeoeg of
Kiddle, made the I'laindialbb a pleas
ant call while in town today.
Rev. I.evepit who baa been on a two-
wteks visit to Caoyonville, Days Crttk
and round aooot, bas retarned.
I.eo Marsters, who was stabbed at
Clevelaud, by John Uurkbart, la galling
aloug nioely, and la in tbt city today.
ijuite a delegation from Myrtlt Creek
ia In town today; Tborniaa Cbansy,
J. 8. Imnnivan, J. H. Wiloy, J. J. Chad-
wick and Hans Weaver.
The many friends of Mrs. I). Patterson
will bo pained to learn tbat wbllt walk-
ng about tbt yard yesterday tvemng,
she slipped and fell dislocating bar bip.
I'ncle Tom's Cabio, with two brass
bauds and special scenery is eominf to
Koeeburg, Tuesday, December 8tb. . 1
crowded bount ia a foregone ooaelosion.
Iu probatt court fi. W. Reynolds, ad
ministrator of the eatata of J. N. Caatetl,
leceaBed, has fllexl bis final account,
which waa accepted and tbt administra
tor discharged.
Mr. Woolley, of Churchill A Woolley,
sends word to tht I'liindialsb tbat it is
over one bandred thousand Olirtr plows
told eyery year Instead of ten thousand
as stated in our local column.
sloppy atreets, with mad aid water
ankla deep, have no terror for tha small
boy ; in fact ht delightt to gat la tbt
midst thereof to play, tad apparently it
bappy aaaclam at high tldt.
Ou being aeked, "How art timet In
vour vicinity?" a Riddle visitor, ia
town today, replied: "Call them good
tttnoB or bard timet, whiohtvtr yon
please, but give us another year or. two
juat like tbt present and all will ba per
fectly satisfied.
I,. J. llylton aud J. W. Krawaon bad
a "nog killing" lima a lew oaya ago.
Mr. llylton butchered an eight-months
old pig which when dressed, weighed
308 pounds. Mr. Krowson killed ont
tht same age which tipped tbt scales at
'(!8 pouudd. Drain Watchman.
J. H. Betley brought ut a bouquet yet
terduy which is a little ont of tbt ordi
nary for this season of tbt year. It con
sisted of a small bough broken from a
blackberry bush, coulainiog ript and
green berries and blossoms. There's
nothing too great for Old Webfoot.
Drain Watchman.
A very pleasant card party was given
by Mr. and Mrs. I. U. Klddla at their
residence Saturday uighl. Quite a num
ber of guests wore present and all enjoy
cd themselves in trying to tolvt tbt
mysteries of whist, pedro and otbtr in
tricate games, to say nothing ol
the delicious lunch spread for tbeir re
Rulph Kearney aged 13, son of con
ductor aud Mrs. Kearney, was given a
birthday parly, haturday tveuing at bit
borne, lo which uumerous little folk wert
iuviied. It is needless to say tbat the
youngsters thoroughly enjoyed them
selves iu playing various games, eating
the good things proyidtd for tbt occa
sloa and In making tbs usual amount of
Stttlt Up.
All ptreoot Indebted to the uudereign
ltd are hereby notified end requested to
come forward and make prompt settle
ment. All not and accounta not paid
Immediately will ba placed la tha bands
of an attorney (or collection. Tbla
means Ilka It reada. Wt art golog out
of basinets, and mutt have a settlement.
' Oamo 3jos.
K. T. Woodruff, of Cleveland, ia in the
D. Ilngbet, of Canyonvlllt, Is In the
0. D. Drain eaiue op from Drain yet
0. N. WonaeoH of Kiddle was in (own
U. A. Kpooner came over from Oak
land, Hatorday.
H. A. Doziar bas retarned from bis
visit at Yreka.Cal.
Mr. and Mra. Fata of Days Creek wert
la tbt city Saturday.
J. M. Day, ol Cottage Urovt, Is regis
ttred at tbt McClallen.
1'. A. Wilson and W. L. Nichols of
Rlddlt art In town today.
D. C. Churchill rf Melrose was doing
business in town Saturday.
F. Y. Jobnaou, of Granta Fast ia
registered at Hotel McClallen.
Tbt finest display of laups ol every
description at Cbnrcbill Ji Woolley a.
Mlssea Libel and Tocy La Kant, of
Oardtn Valley, wert ia tbt elty, fatnr
Mist Addit Hacry left for Harrieburg,
Katarday morning, to spend the holi
days. Hon. K. M. Veatch, of Cotiago Grove,
waa visiting friends iu Rosebnrg, last
N. Conn baa retarned from Wniluau
coanty, where be has been teaching
J. C. Hutchinson, of Oakland, was
vrtiting bis numerous friends in this city
last week.
Circuit Court for Douglas county ia
now la seision, Judge J. W. Hamilton
ea tbt bench.
R. A. Dozler, at Abraham's wart
house, boy e hay, grain and all kinda of
farm products.
According to tha Independence Enter
prise, the ttesraer Pomona took on 00
tons of prunes one day at a little elation
near tbat city.
Household joys, llridge A Reach
stoves. Whits sawing machines. Chur
chill A Woolley sell thiol. Wfcy not
bay nseful Xmat presents this year.
Elmer V. Hoover, physician and sur
geon. Office next to city ball on Main
street, Reeeburg, Or. Special attention
givta to diaeasea of tha nose and throat.
Calls promptly answered.
1. J. Norman and family departed
this morning for Rosebnrg, whert tbey
will remain tbia wintar, and if Mr.
Norman'a health is improved will make
that their permanent home. Tbey wtrt
accompanied to tht boat by a number of
friends. Dallaa Timet.
A Watertown girl punched both eyes
oat ol a tramp with her parasol bcanat
ht tried to hug btr. Tbt Drain Watch
man in commenting upon the matter
says, that wbila Americans at a rolt like
to be liombugKed, lue women, at least,
Public School Notes.
Mies Jessie Bell entered school today
to take tbt review and prepare t take
tha teacher's examination.
Wt submit tht follow questions which
may ba answered through the colums of
this paper by requesting them published
in the school column.
How many islands ia the Philippine
What it the estimated population of
tht Pbilippint Islands?
Wbat was tha first (Spanish prize cap
tared ia tbt war with (Spain, end by
whattblp captured?
On wbat ship was tbt first gun tired in
tht latt war ?
Who are the preeideuta of the Ameri
can and Spanish Peace Commissions?
Tha Conference With Garcia.
Wahbinoton, Deo. 3. Ae a reault ol
General Garcla'a call at the White
House, tht general called a conference
of the Cuban commission and the Cuban
representative, Mr. Quesada, this morn
ing, for the general purpose of cousider
ing Cuban affairs in the light of views
exchanged duriug the mooting with the
president. General Sarcia refuses to
diiousi the call, and bit associates main
tain the came reticence, except to de
clare tbat It was of au agreeable and sat-
Isfaotlory nature. The idea was cou
veyed by them that it is likely to pave
the war to au uudvrstaudiug all round
lurope Bitterly Opposed to
American Expansion.
Powera Proposal to Intervene Was
Checkmated by Bold Yankee
-Lohuok, Nov. 24.-William T. fetead
writing from Rome, under dale of Nov.
21, says:
"The answer to the question. Wbat
doea the Old World think of tbt New
World 7 bas never been made with
greater emphaeia than in tbt Kternal
City. Tht oldett Old World regarde the
newest New World with feelings of
anger, disgust and alarm almost too
great for words. The sentiment of in
dignation differs in intensity, bat it ia
universal. There is no sympathy for
the United Ktatea either among whites
or blacks. In fact, dislike of the Ameri
can seiter of tbt Philippines and a con
victlon tbat the humane , entbuaiaam
which made the war possible was a mere
mask of cant, assumed in order to facili
tate conquest, are almost the only aenti
menu shared in common by the rival
camps of tht qoirinal and of the Vati
can. You may urge, protest and rage at
you please, tbe Old World baa made op
lis mind on tho subject, and nothing
tbat cau be aald or done iu the United
Ktntca will alter its judgment. Tbt
Auioricau government baa come out of
its ring foucj. It bas thrown ila bat
into the areua of the world. It is
launched on a career of conquest, wnicb
will be all tbe more piedaUiry because
it ia maakwl by humanitarianism. Tbe
common wealth, ihey bold, has au long
plaguod tho Old World. A bright hope
for the human raco waa extinguished
when the oue moumililary power, which
eacbewed all acbemea of aggression and
aunexatiou, enrolled itself among the
common herd of conquering autes. bi
men talk everywhere in Europe. Wheth
er they regaid the old American ideal
with sympathy or evory contempt, they
all agree in Mieving tbat it baa been
abandoned, and that forever.
"The annexation of the Pbilhppine
islanda may eecm but a small tbiug, bm
it ia decisive.
'futhe course of my tour I am now
compelled to admit that I found proof
existent of a disposition on bebalf of
Hpaio, which might have been very eer
ious bad it not been checked in the bud
by the knowledge that Eogland would
have nothing to do whh it. Wbon I was
in Paris I was positively told tbat uo pro-
iiosal had ever been made lo intervene,
aud that, therefore, England had never
had the occasion or opportunity to put
her foot down on the ami American
coalition. That no doubt, was true as
far as overt action on the part of tbe gov
ernment waa concerned, liut it ia not
leea true that immediately after the war
broke out, a diplomatic representative of
the powers communicated to an Ameri
can minister at a European court in
plain and nnmistakable terms the dis
pleasure of the powers and tbeir deeire
to express tbat displeasure publicly and
forcibly. Tbia communication waa suf
ficiently serious for tbe contingency of
the ubs of the allied forcee of the Euro
pean nations for tbe coercion of the
United Elates to be frankly discussed
between the lo diplomats. The result
of tbat discussion waa to put a summary
stop to all notion of European interven
tion. " 'If you intervene,' said tbe Ameri
can minister, 'it meant war.'
" 'Yes,' rejoined bis visitor, 'and the
forces of the great European powers, act
ing in alliauce, would overwhelm any op
position which America could offer.'
1 'No doubt, said the American, 'but
you would baye to bring your forces
serosa tbe Atlantic to the other hemi
sphere and keep them there for the rest
of yoor natural life. For tbe New World
ia not going to submit to tbe Old w orld
anymore. o, sir; no. any more man
it submitted a century since, wueu iuo
odds were far worse.'
" ' Aud remember,' be added, as a
ollncher, 'that when you are bringing
your armies and your navies across JOOU
miles of tea to fight America, you will
have to count with Eogland, who is cer
tainly not friendly to your enterprise.'
"This put an extinguisher on the pro
posal. Nothing more was heard ol the
contemplated intervention. It never got
so far as to be submitted to England.
The whole design was checked at tho
very outset by tbe calm audacity with
which the representative of America
played his cards, iucludiug the trump
card of tbe Anglo-American eutente,
which henceforth will play a leading
part in all tbe dealings of the English
speaking people with tbeir jealoua and
suspicious neighbors.
"I am very glad to be aolo to set forth
the actual facts as tbey actually hap
pened. Tbey were told me at first baud
by tbe person most intimately con
oerned, and you can absolutely roly upou
tbt accuracy of the above atatemont."
School Report.
Renort of tbe Fall Creek school for tbe
month endiug Not. 25th :
Average attendance duriug the mouth,
12, number of visitors, 5.
Those who made a general average of
ut) aud ovor at tbe mouthly examination
were : Myrtle, lsbie, Joyce, Addie and
Wllma Mathews, Ellis, I.eua, Floyd
aud Waitha Watson, Claude and Dolus
F. U, Cami',
It It (Irotving Drsplte the Precautions
Ns't tin, l . a. t 'I ' I l ube
Trihun i fio h Wh huu'i'ii n.
8iirKj.i-(; mi-fl Wjina-i, .! a
rum hospital iiivkuj, has tecuited a re
port from Dr. V. F. Rrunuer, United
fctatoe sanitary inspector at Havana,
covering tbt week ending Novrmber 21,
which shows little or no Improvement Iu
tbt health conditions in that city in
spite of tbe efforts now being made lo
prepare it for tht American army of oc
In tbe week there wrre ii) deilhi,
giving an annual death rata of 111.10 per
1000, most ol them being doe to tbe
filthy condition of tbe city and the lack
of good food. Yellow fever, enteric
fever, malarial fever arid pernicious
fever are credited with causing respect
ively 1, 32, C4 and 0 deaths ; 09 are attri
buted to tntericia, 2U to dysentery, 1 to
starvation, 9 to pneumonia and 65 to
tuberculoids. Of the four cases of yel
low lever two were among tbe Hpanisb
troops in military hospitals and tbe
others among civilians. Dr. tiranner
thinks tbere are less than GO cases in the
city. Tbe report continues :
"I am at a loss to understand wby the
enormous death rate continues. Tbe
weather conditions favor a decreaee in
the death rate, and while tbe city is filthy
and dirty in Uie extreme, I cannot see
that tbe native population should be un
usually affected by sach a condition of
affairs. There are some few cases of ma
larial fever oocorriog among tbe crews
of vessels in tbe harbor, but they are
mild in their nature aud yield to treat
ment. Since September 21, there must
bavs been from IS to 20 American schoon
ers in this port. Nearly all of them dis
charged tbeir cargoes of lumber at TalLa
piedra wharf or some other badly in
fected dock, but no known cases of yel
low fever have developed among tbe men
campoeiug tbe crews. In fact, tbe larg
est death rate bas occurreJ in tbe su
burbs of tbe city, section, well removed
from the bay, those two koown as the
Cerro and Yedado showing an abnormal
ly high death rate.
Some attempts have been made to
clean the city, but aa they were not
made intelligently tbey were not effect
ive. Fire engines baye been used for
flashing eewere, bu'. aa they merely
pumped tbe water into the streets al
lowing it to drain into sewers, little
good was accomplished. Tbe work
could have been made more effective by
pumpiog into tutch oue ol tbe mioboles
or catcL basins, begiuuiug at the head
of the sewer and pumping to th ) outlet.
"An abortive attempt bas been made
to sweep tome of the streets by means of
withes tied together. Tbe methods were
aa ludicrous aa they were futile. Tbe
excresa of hundreds of homeless people
and hundreds of those w ho have homes
line the sidewalks of sido streets, and
the indifference shown to these con
ditions ia remarkable, even when tbe
character of the population is considered.
It is to be hoped that tbe city will be
made mechanically clean before the
American troops are allowed to enter."
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in the Rose
burg poetolice:
Cottle, S Manning, A. S.
Demin. James Scboenberg, F. M.
Hall, Joe Sehey, G.S.
Muller, G. G.
Persons calling for these letters will
please state tbe date on which they were
advertised, December 5tb. The letters
will be charged for at the rate of one
cent each.
Wm. A. Fkatkb, P. M.
"Apron Strings."
To all whom it may concern: Notice
ia hereby given, that I will not be rc
Sponsible for any obligations or debts
contracted by sen, Nathaniel Curry.
Mrs. I. J. Ci bky.
Koeeburg, Nov. 30, 1SUS.
. .
T. K. Richardson
Will fix the floor at the armory and
put it iu first class condition for dancing,
and will give instructions for ten weeks
commencing Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 8 p.
in. Lessons 50 cents. The bail wiii be
- . t, J - - Tk m 1 ..'ill
be 25 cents for gentlemen, ladies free.
JONES. At 'his home oear Roaeburg,
Dec. 3rd, lS'JS, Abraham Jones, aged
70 years, 11 months and 20 days.
land, Or., Nov. 15th, at the residence
of Prof. J. P. Looney, Albert Kickards
to Mrs. Clara Mansfield, Kev. Wm. R.
Powell, of tbe Episcopal Church, per
formiug tbe ceremony.
Tbe groom, Mr. A. Kickards, ia chief
eugineer of tbe U. S. S. Manzanita.
Tbe bride, Mrs. Mansfield, ia well
known in this city aud couuty as one of
our uioet successful school teachers.
Many of her pupils will read tbia au
nouueement with sad hearts, knowing
they will never more have the pleasure
of meetinu her in the school room, but
will extend to her their heartfelt con
gratulations, wishing her aa happy a
married life as tbey enjoyed while under
her care aud instructions while in tbe
schoolroom. X.
fiOTTON-WEAVER. At Mrrlle Creek.
De;. 4th. at tbe residence of the
futliai' (jMnrint Dement. Kev.
Hanson officiating, Kev. J. T. Cotton
and Mrs. Alice Weaver.
Kev. and Mra. Cottou left on the north
bouud oveilaud for NaBhville. Teuu.
via the Oregon Short l.iue. Ou arriving
in Koeeburg they were met at tbe depot
by a host ol frioudd who showered cou
gralulatione, rice, etc., upon the happy
pair, aud bade Ihem liud speed ou their'
journey. May joy go with tbein.
rTTVvCvA n
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
bWtv At JsMMttsj
A Lively Disposal of Cases for
the first Half Day.
for Which tht Tax Psyers of tha
County Should Be Truly Thank
ful Cases Disposed Of.
Circuit conrt for this county com
menced this morning, Jndgt J. W.
Hamilton presiding. Other conrt offi
cers present were :
District attorney, Geo. M. Brown.
Deputy clerk, C. 8. Jackson.
Sheriff, R. L. Stephana.
Bailiffs, B. Drockway tod M. C. Ruck
les. Tbt grand jury wat selected as fol
lows: J. P. Martin, A. H. Flook, H. Card
ner, W. Bremmer, Jefse Clements, R.
L. Msrtindale, E. E. Emmitt.
Up to noon tho following cases wert
disposed of :
A W J Brand vt John Freeman,
foreclasure of lien. E B Preble, attor
ney for plaintiff. Dismissed for lack of
C Francis Fitch vs II L Kinney, to
recover money. L Longbary and
Francis Fitch for plf . Geo M Brown &
Brown and Smith & Colrlg, atty for
deft. Dismissed for want of prosecu
tion. D Tbos Hurst vs Emma Nasborg,
partition. D 8 Watson and J W Hamil
ton for plf. A M Crawford for dell.
Continued for the term.
E Thot Hurst vs Emma Naeburg, et
al, partition. D. L. Watson for plf. A
M Crawford for deft. Continued for the
G O H P Beagle vs Kacbael E Bea
gle, divorce. L Lougbary for plf. E D
Stratford for deft. Diimieeed for want
of prosecution.
II Sarah A Coats vs E B Coats, di
vorce. Geo M Brown for plf. A M
Crawford for def. Dismissed.
I Amos Briggs vs Joseph Snadinger,
foreclosure. A T Lewis for plf. Dis
missed for went of prosecution.
J Henry Little vs Patrick Murphy,
et al, to recover money. F W Benson
for plf. L Longhary for deft. Dis
missed witbovt prejudice and without
M Joseph Melvin vs Robert Medley
repleyin. Sheridan & Coahow for plf.
Brown & Tost in and E D Stratford for
deft. Motion to dismiss as settled.
W Guardianship of Mary Drain, et
a), minor heirs of J C Drain, deceased
F W Benson atty. To be beard Thurs
day. 1 Tbe Oregon & California Riilroad
Co vs County of Douglas, review. WR
.Willis for plf in error. Geo M Brown
and F W Benson for deft in error. Set
tled. 7 Sarah E Clark vs J W Clark, suit
in equity to dissolve tbe marriage sta
tus. Ira B Kiddle attorney for plf. De
fault. 18 Nelson Thier de Co vs Frank K
Coffman; action to recover money. J A
Buchanan and A M Crawford attys for
plf. Settled and dismissed.
10 U Wollenberg and Asron Rose
vs F K Coffman and Mrs F R Coffman.
Settled and dismissed.
23 G VGorney ya M M Young et al;
suit in equity to foreclose mechanic s
lien. Bryon A Long atty for plf. De
Robert Anlauf and Uattie Anlauf; ac
tion to recover money. J C Fullerton
atty for plf. Settled and dismissed.
25 Tbe J G Flook Co va Libbie Rose
et al ; foreclosure of mechanics lien. J
A Buchanan atty for plf. Decree.
20 Aaron Ross vs Coos Bay & Rose
burg Railway & Navigation Co et al,
suit in equity to set aside a deed. Fen
ton, Bronaugh A Muir aud Willis A Rice
attys for plf. Judgment by default.
30 Joe Uarris vs O Gaaley ; action to
recover money. A M Crawlord atty for
plf. Settled and dismissed without
31 W A Perkins et al vs James You-
mans ; action on promissory note ; J C
Fullerton atty for plf. Default.
32 W A Perkius et al vs M C John- al ; action to recover money. J C
Fullerton atty for plf. Sealed.. -
33. Mary A Smith va" Albert L.
Smith ; suit iu equity to dissolve the
marriage atatue. Ira B. Riddle, atty
for plf. Default.
Ut Isabella Mining Company vs
Charles Cook; injunction and specific
performauce of a contract. A M Craw
ford atty for plf. Settled and dismissed
without costs.
30 Geo. Kimball vs Aaron Harvey,
confirmation. Dexter Rice atty for plf
order for confirmation.
Positively no liuutiug, fishing or other
wiae trespassing ou the fair grouuds.
fc. C. Bahthcm.
namsyH eV ( itsfisf v)e)Bj,
Officers Elected.
At their meeting last Friday night tht
Vf. R. C. tlected tbe following officers I
Pretldtnt, Mrs. Fanny M"rris; Sr. vice
pre, Mrs Jant Willis; Jr. vice fret.,
Mrs. Margaret Kennedy; secretary.
Mrs. Jennie Stanton; treasurer, Mrt,
Emma Richards; chaplain, Mrs. Bella
Frater; conductor, Mr. Palis Cannon;
guard, Mrs. Clara Rast ; assistant con
doctor, Misi Sue Lewis; assistant guard,
Mrt. Electa McClallon ; color bearer,
Mrs. Elva Langb, Mrs. Cresaenda Ham
lla, Mrs. Adelia Hadlay, Mra. lUllleT.
Protection tent No. 13, K. O. T. M.
elected the following officers Friday
P. 8. K. C, R. Robertson ; Sir K.
Com., K. 8. Sheridan ; Sir Lt. Com., D.
S. West; record keeper, J. D. Hamilton;
finance keeper, Jos. Micelli; Chaplain,
Geo. W. Rapp; Sir Kf. P., E. V. Hoover;
Sergeant, G. W. Perry ; M. of A., Roy
McClallen ; 1st M. of G., F. F. Patterson
2nd M. of G., Chas. Clements ; Ben., W.
J. Renfro; picket, S. W. VanZile.
10,000 men wanted at the Boat Store
to select great bargains before it is too
Ladies rubbers at 25 cents and first
quality at 10 cents per pair. Novelty
Facts not fakes is wbat our adver
tising columns represent. The Boat
Babya "Cry for Castoria" but their
papas cry for Oliver Plows tbty must
have tbem.
Smoke ihe "Artie," tbe best 5c
cigar of tbe year. Kruse Sc Sbambrook,
sole agents.
Gents you will find some extra good
bargaina in oversbirts. at the Novelty
Store closing out ealo.
A large and fine assortment of chil
dren's shoes just received at Parrot.
Bros. Call and soe tbem.
Call at tbe Boss Storq and price their
goods, and you will be surprised to find
bora at such low figures.
Money to lean on city and couutry
property. D. S. K. Bt i a,
Marsters' Building, Roeeburg, Or.
What everyone eays must be true.
The choicest of teas aud coffees iu towu
at Mrs, II. Easion'b.
Ladies jackets must be closed out at
once, in order to d j this we will oflVr
tbem at lean than cost. Noyelty Store.
Our shelves are getting empty, still we
have a line of dress goods tbat it will
pay yon to price at the Novelty Stir
closing out sale.
Tbe finest aud best selected line of
holiday goxls over brought to this cowt
from New Yoik city, will be ehown in
season. Watch for them at the Novelty
The W. C. T. U. will hold its regular
meetings on the second and fourth
Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m.
in the Epworth League room of tbe M.
E. church.
Dr. W.S. Hamilton is the Secrrtarj of
the Board of V . S. Examining Sui-euua
for Pensions at Koseburg, and all com
munications fchould be addressed to him.
W. S. Hamilton. Secretary,
K. L. Miller, President,
E. Du Gas, Treasurer.
By tbe Board.
Havana Becoming Americanized.
New Yobk, Dec. 3. A dispatch from
Havana says: The pier at Mariano
beach is uow fully completed. Colonel
Hecker, who leaves for home tomorrow,
yesterday signed a contract for the con
str uction of a pier before Casa Blanco,
in Havana harbor, and for a railroad
track from tho pier to Guanabacoa.
Tbe railroad is to be six miles in length,
nd at Guanabacoa will ooucct with
the Matanzas line cf railroad, and by
this means form direct connection with
all tbe railroads leading cut of Havana.
Havana uow look) more like an Amer
ican city than ever before dm ing its ex-
steoce. Americans come by every boat.
Tbe uuloading of traucports keeps an al
most constant procession of horses,
mules, ambulances, army wagons and
stores passing through the streets, Amer
icana, eveu in uuiform, uo longer attract
more than passing ru txo.
American business men are making
themselves felt, though, as usual, the
saloon man is the Ural to offer his goods
to the publio. Americau Sulojna are op
ening iu all parU of the city, while
gamblers are ready to opei garnet al
soon as protection ia afforded
lor Over fifty Vean,
AN Ol.O and WlLL-Tano KsMBOY. Mrs
WIimIuw'i rioutliiug Hyiup hoi W'uu uwI fur
ovcrrifty yuan ty inilliouiiul mothers lor tbeir
chiklreu while tcvlhiutf, wkli vrfvct iuccvm.
It aoolbcs tho chiKt, nolttm tho gum., allays alt
palu, curc wlud culio, aud Is tho Lett tvmedy
(or PUrrliaa. It km-ul lo luu Uile. Hold by
druKgiits in every part of the world. Twenty-
live ccuu a bottlu. It valuu la incalculable.
Be sure aud a&k fur Mra. Vtliulow's Uoolblua
'jruf . tud take uo other Mud.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of ZtUi