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MAY 2, 18UM
Tnc Ctiurchea.
Mk i ici't -i CuiKrn-cotut r ot Main in I Ltus
ilrama. Sunday vrvlce: I'rcicblui, II a. n
and 7.30 I'. IU.S aabbetU school, 10 III. I 1.
V. MouUt-jr, MuxtloludeUl t'lua Meeting al
i Iiimi ul taorutu ir lee; Ipworth Leagu
J-l'. Ul. MMlO lll'dlri-, I'fMlilrlll. rnjfr
M utliK, W i'dlielay, l 7 :U. 111.
FittMt L M Kin I, I'mlur,
riiuu(, corner Malu aud Leu.
uu una catacii -comer of Cui aud
Kioticti. SmidaySortloc): l'uiUo worship,
a.m. audTeup. lu.i HliblU School, 10 a. in. I
V. I'. H. C. K.,7 p.m. I'lsjer Meeting, Wednee
tr, mi p. ut.
K. B. lm.wur.TS, I'ulox.
I m U ii i. t Mi. i n l tier., ii ou I ouli r lr el.
fuinlii) iti, l 111. in. mill : 'f "' I''")'
l ini LU -. I liiiM'lity i rulllS.
. I v . -iri L. I lur
i. I id in M. t'ufiii r mid
M.iii uri i. -utlcu-uii ecuDd mid tourtli
inl lunmlug ul ft, 'li luolllli n I cVitjr hull
lat i 'n uiug 'M'. In! u ri L ei miuuunred Irum
' in dm' ;tv. Jons Dwio.,
Mllinm; .
l. I ( ui i.i ii, u d in. - n n km icmij riiD'l
i ' iiluii on I C' culm;.
IU l . J. I I OIi, l'tiT
Iricph (nut in kIm jar t Zurler'a
ola water ulwav ou di aught tbo
Cauil Factory.
Dental Hulk iu nil it branches tkil
fully done by F. W. Ilayne.
Crown mill bridge work HcieutluVally
dom bv F. W. Hayut'B, tint dentist.
urn! i.uui'! 'iiiii!V Try some,
nJ get it prue l I lie Kandy Factory .
l'.si gain G"jd second-hand '.'7 ladles
lii'ul. I uquire at i lii ollicc.
Does your (oolh ache.' u auk I- re J
Gavins whether it is worth raving.
llio luH Store is Belling out lit sacri-
living prices. 1 ail and io convinced.
New block (i( Udies uUlI uiin.'' lino, nit I ho Intent ntylwa, utt toreived
ut I'airull Hum.
JuhI rielve.l luoo'a vesiinu tup and
kill, i:lnH;olate anl colfea colorc l
uliooi at the uvolly atoro.
A Iuiko ''l linu UHsoiliuent of rlul
dion'a Hlmca just lotciyod at I'arrutl
Hi os. Call anil hco tliuiu.
Cull ut Ibo l'o8 Store anJ piit'ti llnir
Kuuila, ami you will Im aurjiriand to llnil
lliein at eucti low litiuree.
1'bo t bet bullri:ua you ever ate,
ut tlic Kamlv kilcbou. CtoinK liko hot uu ii IroHty luorulDK.
l.mliva, no uro iliuwlu u IiuiiiIhoiuo
luio of ni'riug Bulling i, waali Ubricu and
whito icoodi. Novelty t?lori.
Wlut uvuryouo aaya uiual bo truo.
'1 bo cbolieat ol teas uud cottoos in town
Ht Mm, II. IvabionV.
1M you waut u tiobby knna uauta mit
ut 1 IiO? II ao call at ttio Novelty ttora;
uImo bavo Ijctturgia lesil you wiab tbeui.
I.aritu usHortiuunt ol luteut it U aallnra
iiud triuiiuod IiuIb muy bo aeon la tbe
now millinery department of tbe Novelty
'lhonu M'Btiiiij top cUoL'olato and coffee
colored ludiua' aliooa at tbe Novelty
Ktoro uro bouulicB, aul priceu vory
1 rcdli lioarbouiid dropa, freab luuion
Jioia, cream uilut cbewa and a No. 1
iioaiiut caudy, uh u a to be found at tbe
handy kitchen.
liraud opeuliitf of dryuooJa,furi)iabiog
g-oodH, clotbiuii, boota and shooe.aUo tbe
piutticnt line of ludlea' shirt waists. Ap
ril lira', ut tbe Novelty Store.
Our towiiHuiuu, Mr. Cuvoudor, being
I bo twent ieth purchaser at tbo Candy
l uctoiy. rocclvud a nice cup aud saucer.
I.iu k followa tbo buyer of our goods.
A very eiyliHli nut for tuou iu uu all
wool brouu chock, iilooly lined aud tin
ibhed with Kood muteriul at a very small
price. Sumo cuu be been at the Novelty
A thrill of terror in eiporieucud wbua
a brassy cough of croup Bounds through
the huupo ul night, but tbe terror soon
changes to relief alter One Minute Cough
Cure has beeu adiuluistend. Safe aud
barmloBS for cbildruu. Mursters' Drug
Llou't duludo oui btuumch with tbe
idea, becnuae souio bi auds of caudles r
cheap, I hut (hey must bu good. You
cuu't gut souioihing for nothing ou Ibis
plauet, but you cau just depend on get
ting tbo best, puioBt and rleaueet caudy
at (be Candy Factory in Uosoburg.
-wjOtt 1'. .T. Uoud, practical
rfK'' watcbuiaker. flop la
f i j rs"1'1 ox press oOlce, next to
the Marks' buiidlog, llosoburir, Oregon.
Watches, clocks aud jewelry repaired
iu a skillful maimer at reasonable prices.
A ehoro of the public patronage so
llcltoJ. Car load of clothing uud bats just ia
ceived at tbo Uoss Htoie. Those goods
were ordered Oiiuct from (bo factories
before we auticlpatol of uulliug out, and
are offered to tbo public at cost, liest
llttlug clothing ou t ho coast) t lor uisdo
not accepted. Call aud examine tbooi.
Our buts bio tbo lutoel styles aud are
worth rloiiblo what a offer them ut,
Pom flroiiit.
Wc arc tlctcnniucd to close out our large stock of
Dry Goods, Clothing Hats, Hoots, Shoes, Ladies' and
eicnts' Furnishing Goods, lilankcts, Quilts, Laces,
Embroideries, Trunks, Valises, tct.,ctc.
This time wc MUST SI'XL, as we have sold our
Real Kstatc ami must ivc possession in Sixty Days.
Our late arrivals
iouable floods in the
Caro Bros
Hubscrlbe (or (ha ruiMtALUi,
lodge A. F. Hlearns went to Oakland
Judge Fulltrlou will open rourt lo Coos
county today.
J.H. Wilklusls again in cl targe of
tb depot hotel.
Hon. A. M. Crawford Is attending
court iu Coos county.
Mr. Ii, II, Miller has gone to California
iu search of a business location.
Hon. It. M. Vsatch returned Bunday
from a campaign trip up tbe valley.
Hon. (ieorge M. 11 r own will go to
Coo county lhi week to attend court.
l'rof T. .1. Wilson of KUlou, was traua
acting buriaesi in Koaeriurg turjay.
(ieo. M. Huwu uiuvUh a (rip to th
north p4it of Ibecoitnty lout flurduy.
County Tieasurer lieo. W, 1'iuiiiiitk
spvut Sunday with bis family ut F.tkton.
1'r, 1'. Puiia lias moved into tbe
mick property lately vacated by W. A.
Hun. I . i. liuer will ariive i'i Koce
burg on Tuesday 's lo -al cm his w ay to
Cocs couuti .
Herman Marka and 11. I.. 1'arrutt re
tutuid list week, from a visit at their
Kogue Kivei uiliief.
l'rof. Wilson nf Flktun, has bteu cm
ploel aa iiincipal of tbe Sclo, I.iun
county, public sehouls.
Captii. W. Ivi'ii ol Oakland came
up to Itoseburg to boo the militia off for
Portland hlurd morulug.
S. M. and I. H. 1'ardeo, two prominent
young republicans of Canyonvillf, wcie
calleis ai ibis oflice on ltt 8alurl .
Mrs. Wiuuie Applt'gule has beeu call
d bom to Youcalla on uccuuut ol tho
anious sickners of brr molhar-in-law.
I'. V. 1'ieckmaii iiiuie in from t-liJe
01 Friday und eulitted in Co. A, and
wuut with tho boys to 1'ortlatid Saturday,
Tho evidence iu (he cute proves
Hood's Sarsaparill cures scrofula, salt
rheum, boils, humors and nl! eruptions.
L. 8. f-hipley left .,;tuijj for Jusopli
ice couiity lo took aftei bis iutercbts in
certain mining propel t iu that county.
i:. lu(ias. M. 1 , member Hoard
I'emiju Eiauiinfis. Ullice, Mareters
building residing corner Main and Cuts
Samuel Aston of Urockway, left with
bis family lor W iunipeg, Cuuada wbero
they will probably tuaLe their future
Kev. C. A. btiue of Couuille preached
at the Freebyieriau church here last Sun
day morning and eveniug. Dandou Ke
corder. A. C. W'ocilccck of Fugene, repuulicau
candidate for circuit judge, spent Thurs
day iu lioeolmrg, ou bis way to Coos
count v.
Banket meeting will be held at Fine
Grove next huuday. L very body coma
and bring your bankets. Kev. A. P.
West fall will (reach at 11 u. m.
Tbo CorvaUis Cia.oUe says Claude
Kiddle with a number of other students
at the Oieg iu Agricultural College, left
for fcaloiu Wedueiday last to enlist for
(be war.
The Fi.AiMii.AL.ii is no icsucd twice
a week, and editor latfuid as chief
guuuor, is pouiiug some vory hot shot
into tbe lilies of the enemy. Oakland
J. T, Grstt of Deer Creek, was a caller
at this ollice ou last Saturday, aud be
came a subscriber to tbo old reliable
I'l.AisriKALtu. Thev are comiug by
scores uow days.
F. It. Cotlmau, physician aud surgeon
secretary board U. H. Feualou surgeons
Otlicoiu Marsters' block, residence 720
htephena street, l'rofeesloual calls in
towu or couulry promptly answered
night or day.
F. li. Leonard of Druiu bas leased the
(louring mills of Kast it Criteser aud will
do a gouoral milling busiueup. Foity
pounds of flour iu exchange for a bushel
of wheat. Tbe mill bas been thoroughly
ropuired aud put iu tirst cUbs couditiou.
Will Marks is in Fortlaud aud goes
east soon to ply bis 'pretension a news
paper cartoonist for tho yellow juiiruuls
during tbe Spanish wnr. Valley Kecord.
Will is a Koseburg bov aud bis frleuds
are pleased to fee Llm gel up iu tbe
To the Public.
Uu aud uller this date, 1 w lull it under
stood that tuy tortus for ull uudoitakor's
goods are cauh with tho order. 1 Und it
Impossible to do busiuoHS ou a credit
basis, aud bellvo that 1 cau do better by
tuy patrons and myself by selling strictly
luri'ssh. I'. IIkmkiik k, UmleHaker,
Kosoburg, Ore., April 1', 18!l.".
are all the best and most fash'
city, and arc direct from the
Boss 5tor;
Crescent, lilguest grade, thaiulesa, 76
New wheels for rent at tbe "Crercent
County claims and warrants bought by
D. ri. West.
For tirst-olasa dentistry go to Dr. Little
of Oakland.
Key West, imported aud domestic
eigars at the Hoselesf.
D. &. West does insurance,
posite (be post olfico.
lCTJe a Crescent bicvcle.
ruu)log, durable kind.
Uflice op
I be eauy
Wanth. A good milch cow. Must
be fresh and nentle. In'iolre at this
10,000 men wanted at (be Doss Ktore
lo select great bargains before it is too
hxcelsior (lour is guaranteed fire'
clues. Ask your grucer lor i(. Onlytl.UO
per sack ,
Cull aud sue the "lloiimuu" band
harnens mender at Churchill. Woo!ly &
Mckenzie a.
At Oakland, T. 1.. Graves is authorised
to ineeive and r x-eipt (or subscriptions to
urn 1 i.ainm: m ..
tor that itred feeling yuii munt enrich
aud purify your b!XMl. Hood's hsri-a
pnrilla is the medicine you need.
Money t loau on city and cuuntry
property. u. . k. ulicu,
Marsters' Building, Koeeburg, Vr.
The b'iuare leal store ban j'Ht opened
Up u beautiful line ol W. I.. DuiikIus
shoes, which prove to 19 the bed Kline
made. Come ami inspect them.
For prices on J ipjality call ut the old
original Maud, Fresh and dried ii oils.
candy ami uute.cirftrs au.l lobacco at
prices to suit all. Mum. H. 1;-ton.
lu'Ulleiueu, we bac Sumo gooxl lliliik.'
In Die bhiit line. Yuii should reel hem
bclure purihssiug e!dCliere ; alio u lulge
avKirlmeut ol liecl-lies. .ove!tv More.
.v lilig i'lml. , tho Isigebt uii J Loot hp
ledi-iii cl ti.eira hoes, ol eveiygiade
and vajieiy, jast received at I'mToit
Urot. ritjlee and pi ices puie to please,
The 1'luno Manulacturing Co. report
twice as luniiy ctiaiti Urivc mowers ami
lever biuders told last week na ww sold
during tbo same period iu both-'Hd-'W
A few do.en nf thofe Kentucky made
pAiitn, Rubt intiil and well made, no
sboJdv. A I ho a few doen women's,
moil's, boys and children's shoes, regu
lar we.rers. Hats lor sunshine and
shado, ouliiseir for hot and cold
weather, aud various other articles At
living prices, ut H.C. Ksnton'e.
l'rof. (oblc, the optician, willies at
Myrtlrt Creek ou Monday aud Tuesday,
Apiil :'j!h and 2'jth. Those wishing
there eyes examined and glasses fitted
pleaao cull at the OveiUnd hotel. Con
sultation free. He will also bn at Kose
biiigf.uui Wednesday, April S7ih, till
Monday, May Vd. and can be consulted
at til I Fine r?t.
1 hereby announce myself as a candi
date before the voting population of
Douglas county, including tbe free all
eer men, populists, democrats aud re
publicans, to sell Uaiu wagons from a
full carload just received. Also oar of
buggies, barb wire and nails at tbe lowect
prices, all uow on band at Stearin A
Cheuowetb, Oakland, Oregon.
Notiae is hereby given to tbe public
by tbo undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried ou my prem
ises, at Uosoburg, Orcgou, or garbage
dumped thereon or saud or gravel takeu
therefrom, unless tbo party taking sand
or gravel first contract witn me for tbe
right to do so.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. A a Hon Kosk,
Rjseburg, Oregon, March 17th, 18!5.
How' This?
We oLei Cue Hundred Dollars Keward
for any case of Catarrh that eauuot bo
eumdliv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHF.NEY & CO., I'rops. Toledo, O.
Wo tbe uudersigued have kuowu F. J.
Cbeuey for tbe last 15 years, and believe
lila perfectly bouorablu iu all business
transactions and financially able to car
ry out any obligations made by tboir
West cv Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Waldiug, Kinnuu .V Marviu, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is takon internal
ly, acting directly upou the blood aud
mucous sutface of the system, l'rice 75c
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Test
imonials Iree.
fvo-ro-Uue for 1 lily Ituts.
(juuruiilecil tobacco habit emu, makca uU
lucuoiionj, lluou pure. 60c,l. AH druggists-
Ouo of the fiueet aud best equijipcd
railroads is tho Chicago, Milwaukee ii
St. Faul. Ou our receut trip through
houlh Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota aud
Illinois we tiled this railroad and know
whereof we speak. Tho road is spleu
dldly upuipped with fust traius. the
coaches are all furnished with the latest
Improvements aud it is a pleasure to ride
with these people. TRey employ uoue
but sober, indiiuirious luou w bo count nut
look after thecom(o;t aud safety of tho
traveling public. Auyoue traveling iu
tho above or udjoiuing stales should take
tho Milwaukee roml by ull moans if it Is
conveniout to do so. If you wish infer-
uiatinu touceruini; this excellent aud
popular roud aek uu
write to C. J. Kdily,
uy ticket ugeut, or
Oennrul Ai'.eut. at
I'oitland. Or., aud be will cladly uive it.
Genesee Idaho News.
Admiral Dewey Has En
gaged the Spanish Fleet
There will be no "Tomorrow" for the
Spanish in Asiatic Waters.
"Wo have met the enemy and they are ours," This time it is a whole fjpaniab
S'l'ni'lron. There appears (o be no doubt but that the American npuiJrn, in tbe
Asnifltie wu'ers, nnder tbo romuiand ( Admiral Dewey, has engaged and sunk
aluiotl ii not all the Spanish 8'iaadron oil Manila harbor In the Philippine Islands.
Tbe details of tbe engagement ean not be obtained at this boar, but it will b
known wbeu tbe full acconnt li obtained
destroyed or captured and that our marlsns are in posaession of tbe Philippines.
There are also reports of set ions npritlng of the populace in Spain, which presages
tba overthrow ol tbe 8paulh Kmplre. Tna next few days will probsbly be roagbt
wiih mcidetti tf (be greatest importance. Itelow we gie a description of tba two
sijusdrous which have j'ist fought tbe most Important battle in modern naval
Speed Ton
'knots!. nsge.
Olympis, cruwer Xl.ey 5.800
Uoston, cruiser 15. 3.180
Kaleigh, cruiser ... .U. 3.152
Concord, cruiser 17. I 700
MeCullocb. cruiser .17.34 1 280
Petrel, gunboat 13.7 600
Nanehan, collier a. 200
Zaflro, collier 1.0(2
Baltimore, cruiser 20.0 4.CJ0
The totsl tonnage of tbe fighting vessels enumerated above Is 20,042.
t'aotil!., cruiser
lteiua Christina, cruiser
l!ena Morcedes, cruiser
Don Antonio da L'l os, cruiser .
Don Juan do Austria, cruiser. .
Velanco, cruiser
Lleano, gunboat
t.ien. I.?.o, gunboat
Manpues del Duero gunboat
Gen. Alava, trsnepert
Cuba, liuniipoit . .
Mnnlla, traustoit
lolu tie Cnba, cruiser 18. 1.0JO
If! Me Lizon, cruiser It). 315
O'liroJ, gunbast 11 315
Vi'ililobor, gouboat 11 315
v.n has a' 90 a number of very small gunboats in Philippine water, bat tbey
would pctfotm no fervue more important than that of picket duty.
Grand total louuakre of all available vessels, 17.G02.
Cleveland Items.
Mr. M. J. liJrkhart pai I Kose burg a
vihit Ibis week.
W. P. Hey den ieiled Tn Mile one
day this wetk.
(ieo. Handy pud Kosoburg a visit last
Mr. Bacon of Garden Valley was a
Clevoiaud vifitor S.itimlay.
W. H. Murdoek was n vinilor at Rose
burg last Saturday.
Herman Marstere took a trip to town
last Thursday.
Frank Churchill of Coles Valley paid
our little village a visit Sunday.
Mrs. 11. K. Liviagstou of Koseburg is
visitiug with friends here this week.
Prof. Moon passed through here Sun
day eveniug on his way to Coles Valley,
where ho is teaching (he spring term of
Great excitemont prevail here since
war bas been declared against Spain.
Several of our yuuog men have the war
fever. That's tight, boys, get in and
help whip thw cruel Spaniards.
While playing ball ut ecbool last Tues
day Frank Batemau bad tbe misfortune,
while tryiug to Held the ball, of getting
hit iu tbo eye with it.
H. P. Adams, who was formerly a
resident of TexaB, has purchased a place
from Mr. Cussal. Mr. Adams has taken
up his residence here.
Koad supervisor for ibis district, K.
T. WoodrulT, has a forco of men at work
leveling dowu the road and also Oiling
in rtubbouts.
Tbo I'LAisuKALUi's host of subscribers
at this place are glad that it has been
chauged to a semi-weekly. We wish the
editor luck aud lot of subscribers.
Mis. Henry Churchill, who has been
staying with her sister, Mrs. K. A.
Woodruff of Mel rote, is the guest of Mis.
D. C. Churchill this week.
Charles Pierce, who left hero last fall
for Mexico, has beeu beaid from, lie
is working iu a sawmill at Catskill,
Mexico, aud ii geltiug 2 50 per day.
There lias beeu a great deal of sickness
roui h giippo herd t'ais spring, there has
beeu seyeral very saveio cases but most
of them oro ou the meud, Mrs. Good
baa boon very elcU but U improving uow.
Mr. I. C. Chuchill, superintendent of
tbe Poor Farm, we uuderstaud, will soon
move bis family ba:k ou to his place
here. Mr. Churchill has been luperiu-
ten Jon t cl tba farm for ueaily four yeaca
and under his imusgeineut the farm has
prospered mora than U bad for several
years past.
Mr. Jack Fairiloid of this pUco has re
ceived 1108 of hi j brother Harry, who
used to be a rospoctud citizeu ot Clevo
iaud but who is uow IjcitoJ at Grass
Valley, bhormuii Couuty, Oregon. He
is thinking of goiug into lli j eio.k raid
ing busiuesu (here wo uopo he w.n be
cii'iorsful In bin uiplorliikliige.
Ol Kviri Jay.
that tbe Spanish fleet bss been either
ofe. 3 342
; 11.
From Our Special Correspondent.
Camp McKi.sley,
IarviKoo.N Pabk. April 2v. 1693.
d,;Plaimiiai.kb : Company A, ar
rived this evening all O. K., and has
gone into quarters at Camp McKlnley in
Irvington Park. The boys were served
with a nice beefsteak, and are comfort
able blvouaced, and every thing quiet
and serene. Tbe trip down was one
continued ovation, every town and stat
ion was densely. thronged with citirene
who came out to cheer tbe boys in blue.
In many places we were informed that
businees houses were closed, the whole
country taking a holiday ; but while this
holiday appearance might be suggested
by tbe throngs of people, the waving ol
flags and the seas ot flowers that were
lavished, yet there was that deep, earn
est undertone which could never be mis
taken for levity. It was the spectacle of
a true and deep American patriotism
aroused to an intensity each as has not
been felt for a generation. "B:yi, re
member the Mains," was repeated from
thousands of lips. It will never be bard
to fight in a .caase backed up by each a
sentiment. The "taps" are sounding
which must close these abjesyations.
Will write again when opportunity an I
subject matter present themselves.
O. C B.
School Report
Following is report of Reston School
for month beginning April 4th ending
April 28th. Number days taught 20:
number days attendance 320: enrolled
13 : average belonging 17. Those averag
ing 00 and above, are Agues Johnson,
Kowena Gorney, Leah Grout, May
liardman, Bessie Daacan, Thomas tar
ney, Otto Mathews, Frank Laird, Kollie
Johnson, Maryn Laird, George Mathew s.
Deportment good, Joeiu Smith
Mrs. L. F. Mosber, wldov of the late
Judge Mosher, ot Koseburg, arrived at
Baudou Saturday evsning accompanied
by the little son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Cowao. Mrs. Mosber is Mrs. Cohan's
mother and ii here"on a visit with her
daughtsr and family at the ligbtbouse
atatiou. We trust tbe estimable lady
will make ber stay with us quite an ex
tended oue. Baudou Recorder,
McKEAN. Mrs. Sarah A. McKear,
aged about 70 years, died at ber hoine
iu this city ilday evening, April fj,
after a lingering illueis of etv ral
The f unerul services were conducted by !
Rev. F. W. Leonard ul the Baptist I
i;li!iri-li vimtprlitv . fiftMr w hleh thd inttir- ! '
. i .1 . .i .i r.
meut was held at the Myrtle Creek eem
... .. i .. .i .. , i .i... .. i -i
precodel her. Mrs. McKeao has beery.
for many ys. is a faithful Cbriitiapij
WOlker 111 the Baptist Church. Mie ;
Utvra t.ii.eal i lill.lraii ai.-t a l.ot ul
fi .euds to mourn ber loss.
Tho from the O. N. J.
Foliuwiug is tho list soltcted from 'b
O. N. ). to fu in the fimt f iilniunt
Signed to Cuban duty :
Company A Cnptaio, 11. L. Heath
Mrs' liditeiiinl, Ualph i'latt ; iccji d litu-
tenjiil, J. A. Youi g; H non commis
stoned otfiirers, two musician, oiio ar
tillcer, one wsgonr, 70 I'Hiilx waxi
mum or Ol minimum.
Company B Captain, . I
lieutonaot, F. it. Ilmnliu;
tenant, J, C. 1 born ton.
Ojrnpsny C Captain W
C. Moon (uo
lieutenants assigtiod) j company C, Sec
ond regimnl, to bo consolidated here
enlisted strength same as above.
Company I Captain, II. L. Wells;
first iienienant, G. F. Teller ; second lien
tenant, unatsigned; enlisted strength,
the same; consolidated from company
K, Firat regiment, aud company J,
Third battalion.
It will be noticed that positions for
two lieutenants are left open. The .gov
ernor has reserved these places out 11
after be bas bad a more thorough review
of toe officers.
Company D Captain, A. F. Prescott;
first lieutenant, G. A. Hartman; second
lieutenant, F. A. Meade.
Company E Captain, K. E. Davis;
first lieutenant, T. N. Dunbar; second
lieutenant, A. J. Brazce.
Company F Captain, J, F. Chace;
firet lieutenant, W. A. Humphrey; sec
ond lieutenant, E. W. Moore.
Company G Captain, William Gads
by ; first lieutenant, II. R. Barber; sec
ond lieotenant, G. N. Wolfe,
Company U -Captain, C. E. McDon
nell ; firet lieotenant, A . B. Gritzmacber ;
second lieutenant, J. A. McKianon.
Company I Captain, L. L. Pickens
first lieutenant, M. D. Phillips; second
lieutenant, W. A. Huntley.
Company K Captain, Percy Willi
first lieutensnt, . O. Warrick ; second
lieutenant, R. W. Terrell.
Company M Captain, J. M. Poor
man; first lieutenant, W. E. Finzer:
second lieutenant, C. R. Platte.
Additional lieutenant L. li. Knapp
and J. C. Uutenic.
Company A is composed of separate
company R, of McMinnville, and com
paoy A, First regiment, Portland.
Company B is compaed thus far of
company C, Second regiment, Eugene.
Company c is composed ot company
C, Third battalion, La Graude.
Companv E is composed of ornpanUs
G and C, First regiment, Portland
Company F is composed of company
I, First regiment, Portland, and brigade
signal and engineer corps, l'ortlind
Company G is composhd thus far ol
company E, Firet regira'.nt, Pcitland
Company II. is composed eoley of
company U, First regiment, Portland.
Company 1 11 composed ol separate
compauy r, Oregon City, ana company
F, Second regiment, Albany
Company K is composed of companies
B and I, Secand regiment, Salem
Company i- is composed 01 company
K, First regiment, Portland, and com
pany G, Third battalion, The Dalles.
Company M is composed of oompanies
E aud H, Secoud reu-itxeut, Hubbard
and Woodburn, respectively).
When tbe militia goes iot ) active ser
vice it will receive from tho national gov
ernment the same pay as tbe regular
army, which is as follows, per mouth :
Private f 13 00
Corporal 15 CO
Sergeant 16 CO
First sergeant 25 CO
Sergeant-major . 23 CO
Quartermaster-sergeant 23 00
Pott quartermaster-sergeaut 34 00
Ordnance sergeant 84 00
Commissary sergeant 34 00
Hospital steward 45 00
Acting hospital steward 25 00
Private hoepital steward 13 00
Second lieutenant, dismounted. .$110 67
Second lieutenant, mounted 125 00
First lieotenant, dismounted.... 125 00
First lieutenant, mounted 135 00
Chaplain 125 00
Regimental quarto uiaeter 15ii 00
Regimental adjutant 150 00
CapUln mounted 163 67
Captain, dismounted 150 00
Major 203 33
Lieutenant-colonel 250 CO
Colonel 291 67
Brigadier-general 453 38
Msjor-generul 625 00
Lieutenant-general 916 67
Privates aud noncommissioned officers
are furnished rations, accoutrements,
hones aud forage, w beu mounted, and a
certain allowance for clothing.!
and medical attendance.
Commissioned ortJce. are furnished
quarter, medics attendance and the
privilege of Ye coumiUaaiy that means
chsk to buy food, etc., at fit it cost,
?Aey have to buy their own food, cloth
'eg, arui. horses aud accoutrement).
. Oregon Christian L'ndeavorers.
Sawm, Ob., April 23, H. S, Gile,
president of tho Christian Kudeavor
elvciety ol Oregou, returned today from
4I;4ioiivl!.'e where a couferriug with
iTomluent Endeavorers wnsbeld. Rose-
!urg wss selected us tbe plao for bo'd
tbe annual meeting, and tbo date
"'tis fixed fir May li to 15, inclusive,
si)eu Gila expects this year's meet
lH to be tbe most notable in the history
Jbe Endeavorcr iu Oregon.
"o Curu tVur 11 oil 5 crorn
. ru.(7i(liMoare! ( -"t ui;uiii- 10s crtS4
XI O. Cl. lull to euro. ai,i..r-i . i . fuuu motley.
Gold Watch.
Mrs. Noiunn Agoo was lucky gui er
... K. mK , ,
'or April month. No, 75, gold watch,
KJut0,. Vo;r owTu wau
. OaniJv Catlunlli-. ruio euimtlnailon fui-Mi-ar
i U. S6o. II 0. C- V. full, Uruii4Uielund mouey.
) ,liy our fcul,i07; today.
Rrl sMkve rka H4 fare,
waolHssj aa4 slktstw.
wth mnM www mi., ntw wmk.
Havana Bay.
Republished hy reqtiett
from The
Inter Ocean of April 2nd.
I want lo go a-visilin'
Out upon tbe briny deep,
For I've got somepreesln' business
That ain't a-goin' to keep,
Ship me lo Havana bay,
Where torpedoes careless play
An' accidents are bappeoin' in a moat
peculiar way.
To that same Havana bay,
Where tbe Maine at anchor lay,
An' her sailors sleepin' peaceful were all
blown to judgment day,
I'm no great band at sailin',
I'm a lubber on the sea;
Tbe farm an' Jennie need me
But there's voices callin mc
Callin', cdlin', night an' day,
Callin' so I cannot stay,
Callin' so I'm mighty certain I've got
business down that way.
In that same Havana bay,
Where tbe Maine at anchor lay,
An' her sailors sleepin' peaceful were all
blown to judgment day.
There are graves I want to visit,
There's a wreck I want to see ;
I've a message for tbe Spaniard
That tbose voices gave to me.
So just ship me right sway,
Ship me to Havana bay,
Where onr sailors on onr warship hadn't
even time to pray.
To that same Havana bay,
Where the Maine at anchor lay,
An' her sailors sleepin' peaceful were 1
blown to judgment day.
J. D. 8.
Notice of Dissolution.
RosKBi-sa, On , Apiil 10, 1393.
The firm oi Churchill, Wool ley & Mc
Kenzie is this day dissclved by mutual
consent, W. A. McKensie retiring.
Churchill 4 Wool.'cy will continue boi
neBS, collecting account doe aid paying
aH claims against said firm.
W. A. McKkmix,
F. W.,
F. U. CHtBcniLt.
nioo,anJ nre Trying IU
la crflr to pruro t'u grout merit c!
E'j';, i.'ra-u liiha '.hi etfectivo c -u
t r Catarrh ami '!J i 1 it., hi, vre havo )re
IrcJ !" 'i-o for 10 ci iits.
Oct it Gmfy r rc.n
s i i i i:i.t li ici.ll f
: r.aSt., X. Y. City.
i-'i of thfl Trorst kind
I 1 r.iwr hoped or
a liaha seems to do
ELY ur.os., :a :
I eafforo 1 f.-orr, c '
ever ainveji lo;-. ..
cure, hnt !'' c:r.
even tlint. M -iiy c-i'iaintancca have used
it with excellent reiult3. Oscar Ostruin,
45 VVarron Ave., Chicago, III.
" Dy's Cream Balm ia this acknowl"(1s"d
ouro for catarrh and contains no cocaine,
mercury nor any injurious drug. Piico,
60 cents. At druggists or by mniL
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby eiveu that the co
partnership heretofore existing under
the firm name of KoMhagen & Dixoa
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
L. Kohlhagen will continue the busi
ness, pay all indebtedness and collect all
accounts due said firm.
Roeeburg, April 12, 1393.
j. KoauiAOEx,
Wm Dixon.
There are three little things which do
more work than any other three littlo
thinps created tbey are the ant, the bee
and DeWitt's Little Early Risers, tbe
last being the famous little pills for
stomach and liver troubles. A. C.
Margteia k Co.
To Cora Constipation Furato.
Talis C&searetB Cnndv Cii.lhrr h liln n9a&
If C O. ft faM to cure, Urueuibta rwuiiO money.
For Over Fifty Yeuwi
Asi OtD abo WxLL-Tairn AxuxOT. Mrs
Wtmtow's Soothing Syuv hi beeu nnra for
aver flfly years l-niiUloD of uiotheni fur their
children nllle teethintl, with peileut sacceas.
It uvUies ttiu child, suitviii tbe guiut, allays all
"pun, tares wind coliu, aud U the beat remedy
lor Diarrhoea. Is pleuant to the taate. 6old by
druggists In every part of the world. Twenty.
Urc cents a bottle. Its .value ts tuonloulable.
Be sure and ask for Mrs. Wliulow't Soothing
Syrup, and take no other kind.
Don't annoy othors by your coughing.
aud risk vour life by neglecting a cold.
One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs,
colds, croup, grippe ami all lliroat aud
lung troubles. A. u. jiarsiers cs v-o.
Bargalnsl Bargains!! Bargalnaltl
In pianos, organs and musical goods.
Bicycles new and recond hand at tbe
lowest prices possible. I have also not
about thirty (housaud feet ol lumber
which I have takeu in trade for goods,
aud will sell cheap, ss I am not In tbe
lumber bueiuche.
Roaeburg, Or.
We are anxious to do a little good is
this world aud can thiuk oi nopleaaantsr
or better way to do it ttaa by rscom
mending One Minute Cure ss a prevent
ive of pneumonia, consumption and
other serious lung troubles that follow
neglected colds. Marsier' Diug ttcre
For Infants and Children.
Tti3 Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars the