The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, March 24, 1898, Image 3

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iCLOSIIGi -nurv" irr -n-1-'
Tiia CluircUeo.
Mtn.Mt I'lictu ii-formr ot Main and Lane
tlrenta. Hun.taj- .iiorro: I'roaebtiig, 11 . m
aud 7. JO p. m.i Salibsth school, 10 . in.! T.
W'.Moolley, Superintendent; Cl Moating el
i Iim of the momlne Miri-e; EliworU league
.i p. in. Ilaltlo OiHlin r. I'l-I'l'iit. Ilayor
Mi-vllng, Wcliti!")'. at 7 UO . in.
fnm L. Mount, I'oiur.
trson(o, 'iruar Malu and lu:
l uiiiiitiiii CMUeia -corner of C'aaa eud
l, .ireots. muitTrl-: Poplin worship,
m and 7 30 P. in. ; Satibalh Hehaol, 10 . m.i
r. r. e. i. m- ' Miin
day,T:M p. in.
H. ImlwiirTH. t'Mtor.
I'Mllli HtlKt HIlfcH CHCIU II -uu Ko'u sirevt.
huii'luy sen Hi 11 in- ami 7 s I' '"
c r meelluK, Thursday t-vrulu.
A. I). Wi-irux. l'Uir.
M. (. .Il'.l I'lttai II Corner
M.ln stn-.-u. Hcrvlieswti second
Cum and
KUit fourth
HiimUy urnmlug ol rath ad rirjr Hun
.lay t-yi-ulng e pedal wr Ires announced from
Uuii- l-t time.
IUV. Jouh u so
Mi luuarr.
M. I . ( at to ii. Bui m.-honlo-ivrT Pusdsy
in. j uln( nti'l kM-iuni;.
Ilrv. J. 1. fJllu. l'nli-r
Weather Report
For tlm fk ending March ;M, lH;w.
Maximum tomeiuiure, o7,on the 3i J.
Minimum letuperauire, 21, on tlm Wild.
Precipitation, .21.
Average precipitation lor this month lur
"0 years, 3.74.
Total proclpllaliou from Sept. I, lH'T, lo
date, 2J.05.
Average precipitation from Sept 1. 27.Hi.
Total deficiency lioin Sept. I, 1HU7. 3.91.
Average precipitation (or 20 el seasons,
Sept. to My. iuclusive. 33 49
Tlloa. OumoN, Ohseiver.
l'ay your lulmfriptlou today.
llriiill your Job work lo thla olllcf.
t i i lo the Uoaoleaf for tlm lieil citfars.
For a nood 5-ccnt ciKr call ou Mra.N.
Hoaily tnado aliunlH at tlio Novolty
Kuita lit Inllnite viiriuly ut Alxanler
A Mroiin'".
l or foci oats call ou II. M. Marliu,
near the depot.
Miiniroui iu one pound cartooui at
igler'a ijroccry.
Y, V. Ilayuea doc all kind of ilenU
work promptly ami nkilllully.
Auk your iocer for Koelior Hour ;
guaraulei-d 11 ret clan-. tl.tK) ht eaek.
il,o New Kra Hour uillli Kuaranlvei all
ilswork. Kept ly all KrocetB. ll.UOptsr
Facts not fakon i wbat our adver
living coluinua icprt'Buut. The Uoaa
Kandv Kitt:huti'a kaiitiuli kaut ho
boat. Alwaya to bo fouud at 325 -lack
son ah ett.
F. W. Carpenter ia autlioriied lo re
calve and receipt for auoecriptiona lo the
All unr kiwIm are ubw ami of the laleat
ttylea. No ahopworn gooda ou hand at
the Uoaa Store.
Fieab cieaut mint chowa, froah taffy,
fiofh peanut candy and oveiyltilng Iresli
at the Kuudy Kitctieu.
The New Kra Mills tuanufscurea li
celaior Hour and guarantees it Drat claea.
f 1.00 per aauk at ull grocory atorui.
(irabam Hour, out meal and gortu, at
the Near Kra Mills All guaranteed first
class. Ou aale by all grocers. 1.00 per
Ladies, you should aeo our beautiful
line of wash fahriua, ull tested colors,
equalled by uo oue. Call and see them
ut the Novelty Htore.
J. W. Becklev A Co , the butcher, will
keep only thu choicest of meals where
with to supply the Kosxhurg public, but
moulhly aetlleiuuuts will be reijuired.
After February 1st we will make ft re
duction iu the piicu of Oliver plows aud
t!itras throughout the entire lino. Just
received a carload ol barb wire,
a biKAHNM A CutNowant.
Mra. J. II. fthupe haa boua appointed
represeulallve lor the Vlavl Co. in Ibis
city. Any ono desiring Information la
regard to, or wishing to procure tlio rum
edy, will ploaso call at her residence ou
I'lne street. jwoui
Mortis' l'oultry Cure. This lufalllblo
rnmndv cluilluitnus the world to produce
itseuual us an egg producer. iVeveut
ia mid Mirn lur ull diseases ol fowls
(luaranteed aud (or dale by 11. M. Mar
liu, Koaeburg, Or.
Whoonlna couiih in the most distress
lug malady ; but Ita duration can ho cut
abort by the ujo of Ouo Minute Cougb
(Jure, which is also the boat known reui
udy lor croup aud all lung aud btouchlal
. .,,. a i ii...n,
trouuiea. mhpivh
Kuita clothes, ull wool, heavy
weights, (H.60i reuular ptlce 0. Uoys
clothes Iroip 0 to 13 years (or fl 60 and
i lata nil kt vliH aud colors (or 8oc,
reilular pii'-o l f0. All those goods lire
oiily to bo found ut tlio Hobs rnoro.
! c n rDirirn: cm ci
We arc determined
I Dry
Goods. Clotlnnt Hats, Hoots, Shoes, Ladies and
Gents' Furnisliini: Goods, Ulankcts, Quilts, Laces,
Kmbroidcrics, Trunks,
Tliis time we MUST SKLt, as we have sold our
Real Kstalc and must give possession in Sixty Days.
Our late arrivals arc all the best and most fash
ionable goods in the city, and arc direct from the
Caro Bros Boss Store.
Freah fruit In glsrs jura ut .tylor'e
District Attorney Yates in in the city
attending circuit court.
Capl. J.T. O. Nah of Medfnrd lit in
tending court this week.
Iental work in all Im drani lirn ikil
fully ilomt by K. W. Haynr.
Mia Ann Clark will ti'arh thu Nprint;
term of acliixil in Irivr valley,
Hon .1. W. Ilaiiiiltoii ia altiilin tin'
lution ccinvrntiniia nt ToiiUtiil.
Klieriir II C. Aifcu. wlio haa hci n on
Hie ait'k lint la al'ln to attvml toiirt
Hon II II "tiaon of (irants l'aai in at
teniling court In HoU'l)uri( tlila wi'fk,
L'ron and lirliljjn work aili'titi!'.i'al!y
doiin liv K V. ilaynra, t Iim ili'iitirti .
Hold. Mnlloy, ronrtal In kt Ukliiinl,
Waa alti'liliti( i lri-uit court on U'wlnpn
dar. Mrs. AMim Kheridnu ban goiiw t I'cii
elatnn. Orctfoi-, -alfld tlieie ty the ill
Iters 1 1 her I I'ln r.
New fhnea of all kindn at txit t-Mii lii i1
at the Noveltr Store, t'all and examine
them lefore porrlmnln.
Coma to the MnUrad Hill u Un.p
oua Ferrr, on April lit. Ticket f. r
(luiii o and supper, V .' 0
Mm. (io. tirilllii of (travel F.i'd,
Cons coil nty , is I-I'iik tier HH'er, Mic.
K II. Mnukoiii f Kdi-nbooer
Co A, 2nd Ko't ,. N W wa t . -aectrd
at lis arm rv, mi last S i' ur-Uv
evening by Mj-ir Chns. II. tiille't.
A. W. Stanton, who ha spent toni
limn In Kaleru (reon, hs reiuiticil
homo for a short viiit witli Ins family.
K. O. MrKeau and Mra. Jfnnie i n d
man arrived In this city from Amad t,
Cal,. on a vi'it to their mother, Mtt.
Sarah Mi Kean, ho is surhu-lv ill,
E. ItiiCJas, physician and surveou,
offlro in Mariteis' htlllduiir. Culln In
town and country promptly uiisttercd
night or day. Knaidence.UH Mill atrcet.
HiiIhi Smith of 0klnit, minle thia
niuce a call ou .Monday, on ina uy
home from tie Kokuh river miuii'tt
country, where he bus some vi ry pruuiis-.
Ids: uiiuiiik proiwriy.
t. ou-nan pinr can ami ru.gcn j
secretary tmard U H lensionaurKeoi,i. j
OtlicMn Maraiera hloj k, ,e..dem .:U
Stephens street. rrofeaional ralla im
F. K- CoUman, phyaician anputgein
town or country promptly answered
night or day.
The namea ol Kuircne l'ehs ami Tom
Watsou ol (ieoriiia have been mhlcd to
the calamity cranks and jAw-ainitht who
will invade begun during Hie commit
campaign, aim wiio will eiiout long and
loud lor lice silver.
Saturday uihl some ouu by removing
a piece ol broken glass from Hie iront
window ol Mrs. KaHtou's grocerv, was
enabled to insert au arm into thn room
aud steal about two do-jn oranwes from
a shelf iuaide the room.
We are reoueated to anuuunco thut
F:ider 1), l'ugh will preach at dreen's
school house ou the Hh lord's day in
March, being March 'J. ill, at 3 1'. M. and
at llrockwav school Iiouhb on thu tire'
Lord's day In April, being April 3d, at 7
r. m.
The reputation of Koyal Tailoring ia
favorably known In every nook and h.nn
let in the United States, once a patron
you are always a patron. If you need a
new suit let O. U Cannon know it ; be
will take your inruiuro and guarantee a
perlect tit.
Hon. Geo. V. Jones, who was elected
school director for this district at the
last school election, re'tixes to iuali(y.
lie statea that be haa heretofore serve"
the lieoulo Iu capacity (or two terms aud
that his private bun i nets is such that it
will not justify him to accept the ulllcc.
Wo are anxious to do a little good in
this world sud can think of uo plcasuuter
or better way to do it by recom
mending Oue Minute Cure as a prevent
ive of pneumonia, consumption and
Other serious lung troubleB lliat follow
neglected colds. Maulers' Diug Stoie
Frank M. Simpson, ox-freight aud
passenger ageut for the Cous luy &
Kosehnrg railroad, was today given a
ureliminary examination in tlio liiHtlcn
court on a charge of embezzlement, fali-
tkatiou of rrcorda and arson, and bound
over to appear before tliA grand jury In
May. iu the sum ol fl.uu, nimpson was
relumed here yesterday from S in Fran
cisco upon a rerjnisltlou issued by Gov
ernor l.OIU.
1 aui going to get a new suit of clothes.
Of C, 11. Cannon, of course.
I toes he soil clothes
Yes. be represents the ltoval Tailors,
the greatest tailoring firm In the world.
Why do you patronize tho Koyal 1 all
because tbore is merit Iu thotr work.
You alwavs get the very best of fabrics,
high grade work and a atylleh nt (or u
very reasonable price.
The presidency of the Nutiotiul Wo
man'! Christian Temperance Union (alls
to Mrs. Lillian M. N. Stephens, w ho haa
been president ol tho Maiue W. C T.
y, lor the past 22 yeats, uud iu all thoso
years only one yoto bus been cast
against her. Mrs, Stephens was selected
vice president of (be National by Mlea
WUlard, and her selection wus con
firmed by the national cuuventiou. So
also 1b Lady lloury Somerset president
ol the World's W. U. T. U., uu euo was
vice president o( that organization dur
ing Miss Wlllard's lifollnio.
lo close out our large stock of
Vnliscs, cct.,etc.
MiK Ili'lW Pavla will teach a apring
term of ichool In Camas Valley.
Miss I'eurl Corn will teach a spring
t'.Ttn of school at or near (iardiner.
lnua your tooth ache? Uo aak Fred
1 1 ay tics whether it ii worth aayioc.
Iha lUtss Store la sellieg out at sacri-
(j ' itU pi ices. Call aad be convinced.
l.Tltea ready made wrappers, new
beautiful apring line at the Novelty Htore.
Mi Sarah Noah is leaching tbe spring
term of ctrol in upper Camas Valley.
1 0.00 J men wanted at the Doaa Store
to aelect great bargains before It ia too
Uv. liiluioro I'arker. of Portland, held
Ri-rvire at tli- Kaptlat Church in this city
on laat Sabbat b.
Frank Chur-hill has
iIhvs iliia week visliiug
spent several
relatives and
frienda in Ton land.
Keep in mind nor large line of boy's
uii'l men'ri cp'ii'g clothing at very low
prin-s NoVeby Store.
('.ill at the I'. a Store and price their
K'mhI, ai,V y..u wpl tie surprised to 0n1
t hfiu at sikIi luw figures.
.1 II ! Knv, ( ltiockwa , has remov
ed lo I'uriluiid Maine, wliere fm eipei'ta
to in . k hii Iiiiiijh ill i.'ih lul'irn
! A C 1 1 xm g i'iM reveral we- ka
i-l' woli in-i.d in Hie li:ia-. He lelt I N
j ln-lllfH jr. , Ji-ir,. ol Mr, Voae.
1 Tit K i 1 1 1 j to -I'd on tr-ali nyters
! no I i I:, at t .m t i rrtU hall l t II xl-t
i M u 4. I i'4t iilttfo laiii u ami a good
' tM.H.
' W W. Cardwell, the Hijeehiirg at'oin
Iry.ia u lettgiug it dm I lie Siicaeen
! toAitrdM )(hjii City. Oregon .Vliniu
j oitiial.
Jiriy Wi'Fon has none to Ashland
j Jerry "ill prwltably hxaie at some point
j wiith nl h.-r.-, either in Oregon or Call
i fornia uu I oen u shop.
(irand cprliilig of dry good, furnibirig
! ttoodH, cV liinv, bo 'h and shoes, also the
piviiic-t luif I Uuies' shirt waists. Ap
ril Iim', a. i ih Novelty Store,
Mo-im. C. A. S-hlhrede and 0. 1'. Co
hliuu lmt lornied partnership for the
practice i.( law in Uosei'urg, under the
linn n hi nc ol Sehlhrede iV Coehow.
Wo are e'ad to bo able to announce
that M-sx i.ydia Munson of lMenbower,
(lo , ,l.-1 janrfereusiy m U
w k , inipro;eJ BD
, j.-r recovery is assured.
lor some
d it is
The grand jury on Tuesday returned
an indictment against J. M. Olberman,
charging him with murder in the first
degree iu the killing of J. N. Casteel
near.Mtrtle Creek, oulhe24tb day ot
Februury last.
A thrill of terror is experienced whne
a brassy cough of croup sounds through
the houfe at night, bat the terror soon
changes to relief after One Miunte Cougb
Cure lias been administered. Safe and
harmless (or children. Marsters' Drug
There are three little things which do
more work than any other three little
things created they are the ant, the bee
and DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the
last being the famous little pills (or
stomach and liver troubles, A. C.
Marsters Co.
We are informed that the friends ot
Dr. K. L. Miller are urging bios to allow
bis name to go before the republican coun
ty convention as candidate (or the nom
ination for sheriff. Dr. Miller bss a host
of friends in Dooglas county and ii be
should be nominated they will see thst
he is elected by an overwhelming major
ity. lion. II. G. Brown o( Elkton, who Is
attending circuit court as a juror, visited
this oilli o this week. Mr. Brown is a
republican of the old school and has no
sympathy with the new school ot re
formers, w ho having made shipwreck of
the government aa democrats, n w
attempt to again steal into power under
a now name.
Why is It that a patron always geta
HstiNiactiou iu dealing witb tbe Koyal
Tailo-e? Because tbe Koyal Tailors
have a reputation at stake. It took them
30 long years of bard work to build it up
1 1 its present etaudard and Ihny propos
to keep it wtiere It is, thereiore iney can
not afford to Imve their patroua dieati--lie).
C. K. Cannon can tell you all
nil ml it in ho is tneir representative lor
Douglas county. If you need a new
suit- let him know and ho will show you,
spring and t-ummer samples.
C. W. Patterson is iu receipt o( a let
tor from A. W. Neul under date of tskag-
wav, Alaska. Feb. 21. Andy advises his
fiiends lo t-tav at home. 1I says that
evei v muu iu Skakway la suffering from
u cold and ttial the death rate will aver
iuo 7 lives pur day. tie says thut tbe
sulieiina by poor people la simply lode
scribable uud over 100 people in the town
have either their bands or leet frozen
It is his opluiou tbnt Wraniiel la the
coming towu in Alaska. Everything be
says is overdone in Skagway. Suu
Grand Millinery Opening at the Nov
city Store, Apiil 1st. We have aecured
u first olaB trimmer to cetor to our
pain us' wauls iu this dopartmont. 11 y
first clabu we. do uot mean oue who bas
merely served uu apprenticeship, but
skilled trimmer, oue who baa tbe repu
tation of beiug first iu the art. We will
show a hit no and beautiful line of tnilli
nery from the cheapest to tbe very best
A Bpociulellort will be made by ua lo se
euro that trade which bus been going to
the cities. Come and see toe pretty
thiuge iu Una department, Heud iu
your mall orders.
Prol. W. Wrlaht lias Men employed
to teach the spring term ol r-tho-,1 at ien
The McClalleo House Is having- a new
roof ut on, John Hunter having (be
eon tract.
New stork ol ltdles and mUsea' floe
Shorn, ell li e 1 teat styltM, Jit received
ai Parr l Br .
Don't liuy chalk candles when you can
get tne pnr, unadulterated ar.icle at
Candy Fact ry
J. K. Barker bas purchased the resi
dence property ol Frank Clements In
West Koseburg.
1 he p r-on who 1-lt a tidies' silk um
brella at the IkiSa Store, should call and
claim the same.
The S. P. pay car mails the usual
moulhly trip through Koseburg going
sootb on last Friday.
A laigs and fine assortment of chil
li re n's shoes just received at Parrutt
Bros. Call and see them.
Sidney Scott, a constable from Eugene,
was in Kosebarg the first part of lh
week on official business.
Sunday at tbe M. E. Cbnrch. subject,
Ham, "Home National " 7:80
p. m "Wny the Book Lives."
Don't buy ancient chocolate creams
when you can alwavs get tbe new and
fresh ones st the Kandy Kitchen.
The grand jury have returned trne
bills egainrt Dvid Corast k f..r lar--i y
aud Homer Farlow charged aitn rape.
The Ladies' Aid Society ol the U. B.
Church will meet at the church Friday
evening. All ibe ladies are inrtteJ to
Kebekah Lodge, No. 11. c( this r!ty
have elected Mra. L. Scbmeisser and
Mrs. D. 8. West as delegates to tbe
state assembly.
Lost. A black rrocbet silk handker
chief pocket containing a linen handker
chief. Finder will be suitably rewarded
leaving itai this office.
Spring stock, tbe largest and best se
lection of men's shoe, of every grade
and variaty, juat waived at Parrott
Bros. Stjles and prices sure to please,
C. 8. Henry, one of tbe prosperous far
mers of CaiaprMnia, was in ibe city yester
day and called t. eocourag the Hlain
dealer. We are giad lo meet such friends.
George Carter, a prominent huine
mad of Canyonville was a caller at this
office on Tuesday Mr Carter' ia one of
the eiaiwart republicana oi South Doug
las. OnSatnrdav evening last, Proletarian
I !gi, No, 8. I. O O F.. elected as de.e
galea t Urn grand lMige. N. T Jewo t.
Jos Micelli and K K bertson. Tbe
grand lude meets in this city, May It).
The case of Laugh va Thompoo, be
ing an a i on ror me .ioaesion ol a
mnngi' near wvrtle (.'ra, was
t n il riur a jury on Veiinedy and a
vrdict reu'lereu in (V r ol i-Kli.tiff,
Mr- Louiaw P. Rounds. tH lecturer
nd organiz r of thou C 1. U.. iUi
t t- r-U.-ernitendei t I p- ace and arm
tratl in. will tn in ltosM'-nrg and lm-tnre
.Moo-tay and I uewlay evenings, ilarib
28Hraii . 20tn. The plce will be given
Don't delude your stomach with tbe
idea, because some brands of canities are
cheap, tiat they most bo giod. You
can't get some ttimg for nothing on tbia
planet, but you can jui-t tepend on get
ting tbe beet. puret and cleanest caudy
at the Candy Factory in Koeeburg.
After vears of untold suffering from
pdes, B. W. Pursell of Kuitnersville,
Pa., was cured by osing a tingle box of
DeVV ill's Witch Uasel Salve. Skin di
eases such aa eczema. rash, pimples and
obstinate sores are readily cured by thia
famous remedy. A. C. Marsters & Co.
The frosts of the past two or three
nigbts have been quite severe and have
pronaoiy done some damage to early
peaches, but to what extent cannot now
be predicted. We have noticed, bow-
ever, that mere ia always an abundant
crop of fruit iu Western Oregon, eyen
Iter it bas been killed two or three
times by frost.
The well-known and popular firm of
Wollenberg A Abraham baa diaolved
partnership, Mr. Ababam having acid
bis interest therein to A. Wollenberg of
Canyonville. a brother of ibe senior
member of tbe firm, which will hereafter
he known as Wollenberg Bros. Mr.
Wollenberg is expected lo arrive about
tbe first of April.
F. G. Leonard has arrived with his
family from Drain and will occupy tbe
property in North Koseburg lately
vacated by l-ranx need. Mr. Leonard
haa leased tbe Kast & Criteser Hour
mills and will take poseasion April 1st.
He is a first clars m.lier and our people
will find bim and hia family a very de
sirable acquisitiou to our city.
Car load of clothing and bats just re
ceived at the Boss Store. These goods
were ordered direct from the fact iriea
before we anticipated of selling out, and
are offered t tbe public at coat Best
fitting cl .fiing on fie coast, Uylor made
not accepted Call and examine them.
Our bats are the ltest styles and are
worth double what we oner them at.
Boss Stork.
J, B . Riddle, hotel keeper, fruit grow
er, miner and prominent candidate for
sheriff on tbe republican ticaet, maoe
thia niiice a pleasant call lueaday. Mr.
Kiddle haa a goodeized Klondykeol bia
own, In hie mine south ol tbe town of
Kiddle. Notwithstanding the fact of the
unprecedented lack ol wa'er during the
past winter, they have washed out witb
one giant, operated at low pressure, an
aveisg. of Buy dollars each day the
mine was woikeo.
Rev A. D Weetfall. pastor of ihn
U B. Ohnrcn, waa very egieeably sur
ged oo Tuesday evening of thia wees
v a reception tendered him by bia
friends at the resilience cf U. lUi in
thin City- Af'eranbour spent in eing-
mg and a ciai .-onvereatton. those pres
ppt were served with an elegant luncb
prepared by the ladies At tbe con
elusion all present expressed themselves
as highly gratiiied with tbe entertain
ment, aud especially witb Mr. and Mrs,
Oavis SB hostess.
As on Wednesday moroiug Miss Flos
sie Shsm brook was expected to leave
town to take charge of ber school in
bcoits Valley, ber youug friends deter
mined to give her a surprise party as
token of their love and esteem. A very
pleasaut evening wis spent in games
aod music. Those present were: Clara.
McCoy, Mertie aud Gertie Udkeeou,
Grace aud Belle Catching, Silvia biearns,
Ora Weekly, Kuby Bailey, Ethel Parrott,
Flossio Shambiook. Mark Liviugston,
Warren McWilliams, Frank and Carlton
Livingston, Waller McKensie, Jeese
Smith, Cbas. Pitchlord, Fred Smitb,
Henry KicbarJsou, Lote Jones, Fred
Reported Homicide.
The report is current ou tbe streets to
day that a man was killed av or near
Gardiner yesterday. Up to the hour of
golug to plena no partic-ulira cuu bo ob
tained. .
I Circuit Court Proceedings.
'Ibe reg'i'ar March term ol the cir
cuit court convened on Monday morn
ing Tbe Jury was called aod ibe fol
low ing named jurors were excos-d:
JohnJ lmgof YiDcalU, H O. Ennry
i.l Cole Vailey, r. W. N-wlari l of T-n
Mil, W J Ha. ker ol Kiddle and 0. E.
Kicker of (Iardiner
The grand urv waa drawn and eharged
ronei-tlng of ibe following named jurors:
Wataou Davis, Deer Cre-k, II B. Ull
lei, Kmii. urg, W. A. b'ocler, Pas
Cre-k, K. Ot-lnger, Wilr.ur, Win. fsingh--ion,
Ml. ScM, A II. Car'well, Weal
Ko-eboig, and W. (J Vintnn, Civil
B-ind. I he latter was appointed fore
man. The docket waa then called and
ca-es disposed of as follows:
1. W. J. Brand r John freeman, foreclooare
of lien: K. B. Treble for plf. Continued.
2. N. K. Pockelt vs W. P. Bcnlamlo, In
eanlly; K. B. Preble for plf. George M. Brown,
O. W. Colrlg, t. V(. Hamilton for deft. Con-
7. O. II. P. Beacle vs Rachel K. Beagle, di
vorce; L. Louchary (or plf. I- V. Htratlord
for d:ft. CODtlOUrri.
11. E. P. Hpaaldlns vs U. II. Ball, to recover
noney; A. M. Crawford for deft. Dlsmlaaed,
It. Honry Little vs Patrick Murphy, to re
cover oooev; J. W. Hamilton (or pit. I.
Lotighary for deft. Continued for service.
11. Tbe Appleate Mining Co. vs Bol Abra-
ban, acdon (or damagea; C. A. Reblbrede, J.
V. Hamilton (or pit W. K. Willis (or deft.
Stricken irotn roll.
17. Bcnry Uecklcy vs Thorn n Hancock et ai.
to recov. r monoy: i. W. Hamilton (or plf.
Bcttied and dlamltsod.
18. A. P. Brown vs . U. Owy, to recover
money; C. A. fkhlbrede for plf. Settled sad
IV. W. E. Carl on vi Ceo. Snillb, to recover
moaey; E. O. Htratford (or plf. (killed and dis
72. Koaenfleld, Hinlth & Co. vs. t. M Zlflcr
eta), to recover money; C. A. 8cblbrede (or
pit. Brown i. Tuitln for (I' ll. Judgment for
JL L. B. Calainc vs. liaolcl Curtln, to recover
money. E. D. Stratford lor plf. settled aod
a. Jamc-a W. Barton et al vs K. BiUler et ah
to rec ver money; w. R. Willi, (or pU. Settled
dumlMed and.
32. J. w. Weaver admr vs Wm Ledgerwood et
si, (orw-loaare; Bruwa TusUn (orpU. Judg
ment by defauld.
S3. Henry Beckloy vs A. L. Hancock et al,
suit In e-julty: J. w, Hamilton (or plf. E. D.
Stratford (or deft. Bettlexnd dUmlaae4.
37. H. 8. Conn vi Geo. Connvt al. In equity;
J. W. Hamilton for plf; Tilmon Ford, A. M.
Crawford, Dtxur klce for deft gltled and
. bte'e of Oregon, ex itl vs. T. M Zlsler, et
al, contempt proceedings: J. W. Hamilton (or
plf Brown - Tuitln (or deft. BetUed and
43. L. M. Parrott vs. Dedrirk Qullbaug, con
firmation; J.w. Hamiltca (or plf, Ie con
t. W. P. Lord, et si, vs. W. H. Coats, admr,
et al, confirmation; C A. Scnlbrede foi plf. r?ale
i-'i. W. P. Lord, et al vi. J. H. Wbltse't, et al,
confirmation; C. A Ueblbrede (or pl(. Halec.-n-
. W. P. Lord et al, v. H. M. Martin, et al,
confirmation. C. A. Sthlbrede for plf. Bale
Cun firmed.
7. T. W. Cowan vs J. H. McClur , confirma
tion; J. V. Hamilton, lorilf. Hale confirmed.
48, Hannah Jotepbson admr vi R e Biubey,
conUrmatlon; J. W. Hamilton for plf. Sale con
firmed. 61. Southern Pacific Co. vi. A. Mabara to re
cover money; W. R. Willis for fU. DUmUsed.
In the anil of J. W. Wright, adminis
trator of the ear ate of Joel T. Thompson,
deceased, plaim iff vs. Samuel D. Whit-
aett, which was tried and aubmittnd at
the last term of court, tbe court on laet
Monday banded down his decision in
favor of tbe defendant, Wbitsett, and
dismissing the suit. Half of plaintifj'i
coeia were adjudged against tbe defend
Surprise Party.
On Saturday evening last after tbe
chorua practice at tbe First Preabyterian
Churcn a very pleasant surpriee party
was given by these young people to Mis-
Kuny Uordon at her home ibe re
mainder of the evening was given to
games nntil a late hour, or rather an
early hour, during which time we par
took of an excellent supper, the occa
sion waa tbe 19th birthday of our es
teemed voung friend and chum, Misa
Kubv. We aasure ber that we wish ber
many returns of ibis very pleasant eve
ning. To say that she was anrprised
would be expressing it very mildly.
Those present were: Clara McCoy.
Floesie Sbambrook, Svlvia Stearns, Ad
die Sacry, Elva Wimberly. Georgia
Jacobs, Bell Catching. Eva Jacobs, Clara
IXitey. Ho by Biilev, ora jonee, ttoei
Carrott, uertrode .duy, uuoy uornon.
Carlton and Mark Livingston, Fred
Smith, Rudolph Harness, Warren Mc-
Williama, Chas. fitcblord. Walter .mc
Keuzie, EHia Harness, John Fenton,
Henry Richardson. Sam Joeepbson,
Fred Hunter and Frank Uordon. X
Public School Entertainment.
The entertaioment given by the pupils
of the city schools on last Friday eve
ning was one of the beet ol its kind ever
given in tbe city. The Opera House waa
packed, even standing room neiug an
taken before tbe curtain went up. The
music, both vocal and instrumental,
waa of a high order. The dude drill by
a class of boya irom tbt second grade,
under tbe command oi Jiasier jimmy
farter, waa oe of the tieet thing on
tbe program. The lairiea. a class of gn Is
from ihe first grade, divided honor wuli
the pupils ol the third grade in their
paraHoi drill and the flag exercise by the
children of tbe fourth grade ina teacu-
vra ar entitled to great credit lor n e
rareful training necearv to enable the
hildren to nroduoe SO good an entertain
ment. Aiiout (60 waa realised for thn
benefit of the puolio school library.
The Railroad Situation.
The proposed removal of the divUion
terminal from R iseburg to aome point
lurtber south, baa been Ibe cbiel subject
of discussion amon our cititens during
the paat week. Just what is intended
by tbe railroad company ia merely con
jecture. So far tbe only change which
haa gone into effect ie an order which re
nuires the conductors and brakemen on
trie two over i ana irains to coango av
Riddle instead of Koseburg,
sell for
the next
twice ;is much
To lure l r-n iii'.'oin I erer.
TaUeOiHeiiiet fioim-1 iitli.ifiie loenrtSO,
it C. C. C. full lo cute, unit :ot ! fuiul money.
Report of Public School for Month
Ending March l8.
A claea. Kan one Chna Slraifird
eyernve 94. O'her nlio.e ft,); (If i
Shiipe, KiK-r v rigln , Ch-. Om gh re,
Cl vl" Fouls n-r.
I) clai-s. Kank one B-l Wtisoti,
averR4 95. Others a'-ove 90: Herl
HUMt-rtr, I'rmk li Kerillc, Pearl Miller,
Jjhn Uod, LIIih Uollins.
A class Rank one Helen Willi,
average 95. Oti.ers above ): Kae
rullerton, l.lllle Criteser, Ora Week i ,
Arthur Tufft, Harry Stearns, Ernest,
B class. Rank or.e Lthel Lvarte, av
erage 97. Oihers ai ove 90: Jesle
Wliann. Minnie Uoaton. Brssie Kidder.
Ida Montague, Fred Adams, Goy Hank
ies, John vea'ch, Nettie Sage.
SIXTH Oka oa.
A claae. Rank one Alb e Mabn, av
erage m oherN atoe 90: Haxei
ieweit. Vivian Jeweit, Manna Wollen
berg, Annie Wharton, Charles Hews,
Eddie Morris, E-iher ruff , Ora McN'a
tnee, Karle Landers, Clifford Benson.
Walter Joeepbson.
U class. Ksnk one fcarle rickle, av
erage (Hi. O-hrrs above 90: John TofTc,
Ui I in Smlili, Lester Orow, Llermao
Ntephen. Lnlie Smith, Willeiba Keed,
Uesele Coehow.
rinn grade.
A class. Rank one Oacar 8'raif rd.
average Vo. Other above 90: Earl
Strong Beeaie Scbaeffer, Hatne Tollee,
ttr a uase, uertie uoegeaa, moi tiuy.
Briars. Rank one -Nina Lilly, aver
age m O'hera above 90: Emma unit.
Barbara Kelly, Ernie Benedick, Lena
McCurdy, Etta Allen, Vera Haynee.
Frank Chapman, LeNoIr Ragaditle, Mil
le lielioer, Loooey Uothaok. wiilie
A class. Rank one A vice Sheridan,
average 9o Others above 90: Beryl
Stephens. Harvey GrifSths, E-bel Sheri-
ian, (jeorgH (Jnlver, Oollle Jackson,
Frank Berry, Willi" Hanna. Leon Da
Gas, Eden Flook, Mabel Wollenberg,
K y Pukmg'on. James Crawford. Mary
French, Nelne r-hirkey, Fim 8cliaefiVr.
VI ay Kll. Oiga Kiizmao. Agnee Scott.
Ida Wor-btngton. John Dxxly, Frank
Hrand, George Worthiogton, James
KaHion, (jroce, Wonbingion. Ethel Ad
pleh.-ff, Clyde Catching.
B claSK Kan k one Mary McCarthy,
average 97 Others atiove 90: Olivia
Kisley, Myrtle Boggecs. Angnsta St rat.
ford. Maul Lougti, Georg- Sheridan, VabZde, Vivian French, Elnb
Patteron, Ida Ri zuian, Bird Kems,
Ethel Hu'on, Fsye Carroll, Lei a Allen,
Maud Willie, Vivian Jackson, Morton
Vivian -lackeoo. Morton, Hadiey, La
Vern Stock well, Clyde Byara.
A class. Rank one Walter Fisher,
average 90. Ot here above 90: Mamie
Clements, I'i'k, M-rta Bale
Hattie Van Zile. Jact Wnarton, Frtnt
Criteser, Vn Ih'ppM.
B cl-s Rank our Eriiet Li ly, a-
erge vtj u hern a"ov 90: t res
Banrum, Ar hor M.i, Uz
Brut, Anna Brpn, hlrley Haite.
A class, hank one Virgil Sbupe and
Edith Clements, av-rite 95 Others
above 90: Lucile RagMlale, Hazel Pat
teraon, Olaf Vest, Francis Kialey, Way
land Carpenter, Archie Jackson.
B clase. Rank one Jordun Lilly, av
erage 93 Otuers above 90: Fred
Duettweiler, Benote McNamee.
A clase. Rank one Harrison Rvan,
average 94 Oibers above 90: Evah
Vest, Seib IJamikon, Clare Caw. field
Georgx Wharton, Beeie Carton, Law
reuce Jamieeon.
A claea. Rank one Lelah Crow, av
erage 90. Anove90: Kosa Duettweder.
Seventh grade. Lulu Ciovd 04. Carrie
Jaruagin 05.
Sixth grade, Maud Woodruff 89.
Fiftn grade, Martio Jarnagto 90, Joe
Vose 93. Kulla buma 91.
Fourth graite, Grace Hewitt 94. Lloyd
Bums 00, W.lter Wyiie92, Virgil Ju
uenal 90, Ettie Needbam 90. .
Second, Raymond Hewitt 90. Maud
Needbam 91.
First grade, Jeeei Burt is 95.
F. B. UiMUM, Prin.
Late County Court Proceedings.
In lie matter of the estate of M. F.
Dyer, deceased, H. Dyer was appointed
administrator, witb bonds fixed al $4000.
In the matter of the eaa'e of James
McKinney, deceased, J. E. Williams was
appointed administrator witb bonds
tixed at f 10J0.
W. T. McCullocb was appointed guar
dian of Jei-se McCullocb. A C. MiCul
loch, Manh rd McCullocb. and F. Mc
Cullocb, minors
In the matter of 'ha petition for tbe
removal of the administrator of tbe es
tate of Levena Bros., I. B. Riddle waa
appointed r(eree to take testimony and
report ihe same at May term of court.
Sugar Beet Culture.
Corvallia, Or., March 21, 1393.
Editor Plain-dealer: P'eaae note in
vour paper for ihe benefit of yonrcom ty,
lhar on application to tbe undersigned,
sugar beet seed will be furnished by ibe
Experiment Station, tree of all cost, to
such farmer aa will agree lo give and
cultivate one-t-n'h acre rao', report
result to 'be sta'ion on blanks to be
furnished for tb porp 86. ami to ward
implex . r MialHi when reque- ed
The a'atio" will transport the t-ee'a tree
f est. Y-mrs ver milv,
G W Shaw.
Chemist ol siti d,
Corvallia, Or.
Reduced Rates.
Arraugetreuta have been made by
Chairman Frank W. Benson for a rate of
one and one third fare f r the round tr p
for tbe beni-tit of delega'es attending the
republican countv convention. Dele
gates will pay full fare in coming to Koee
burg. taking a receipt therefor and will
receiie a certificate which will allow
them 'o purchase return tickets st one
third fare.
For County Commissioner.
We are Informed that O H. Byars of
Canyonville will be a candidate before
the republican county convention for
theouiceol county coinmicsiorer. Mr.
Bvara is prominent farmer and besvj
tax pajer and if nominated and electa I,
would make a good, safe commissioner.
Co. A, Attentlonl
Special drdl has been ordered for Sat
urday eveniiik', MmvIi 1C, at 8 p. iu
Full attendance icn'iucd. AH property
oi whatever uatutd must bo returned to
Aniiorv 1 1 icmuiii hi kcepiog of Q. M
Sgt, F. B. II.uii.iN', Capt,
Reyal saakM tks a4 satre,
Vsxlsgasa sta gtaLljxAgMIkx
W svVBs-sr1-feW w wtl-I fj-gjesaxjgjxjp
sf4 sgsssjaaj ssaxjesa ajsj tefrisa sagsoa
At tbe Presbyterian Church.
At ibe morning service, March 20,
19u8, Rev. Howard iuveid a fine ser
mon, bia auhject being Charity. The
preacher told bia bearers tome cold,
plain (acts, which pnt into practice by
oar people woold be of lasting benefit to
Tbe evening i home eervice la becom
ing more popular as lie weeks go by and
uo this evening It woe far better than
naoal. Tbe anient readings by Ml-see
Koby Gordon, Elva Wimberly. Ethel
Parrott and Clara McCoy were of a bigb
grade and were listened to with profound
attention. Tbe tnasie was fond and tbe
address by Rev. R. B. Dil worth on
"Light and tbe Creator of Lgbi" was
fine and characteristic of the reveretd
gentleman. Mocb credit ia due Miaa
Flossie Sbambrook. and Mine Ruby
Bailey for thia excellent programme.
The next programme Is in charge of
Mies Ethel Parrott, so look out for some
thing original.
For O er 11 A Teaie.
am Old ajto Waix -Taian Kshsdt. Mrs
aruulov 'a Soothing Byrap has been nsed (or
ovr fifty yean by Billions o( mothers (or their
children while teetainf,' with perfect success
II soothes the child, softeae tbe gum . allays all
imla, aures wlad ooUo, and ta tbe beat rma1;
lor Diarrhoea. Is pleasant lo tbe taste. Bold by
irngxiata ia every part ol the world. Twamj.
Sve cents a bottle. IU value la InealeoJab e,
He sura aad ask (or Mrs. Wtnalow's Booming
4ym, aad lake no ethar kind.
ErlaeateToae How ala With Caaearata.
Candr Cathartle. cure eonatlnailon ror ver.
sOcSSe. II a 0- 0. fall, druggists refund money.
The Royal Tailors,
Tbe Royal Tailor ia the largest tailor
ing eelab iebmnnt in tbe wot Id, I hey oc-
tipy the entlr. twelve stones ol a main
rn ,uta Chicago building, they turn ' nr
10)0 fine tailor made soi's ol cl-th a"
-r d .y in ne y-ar, tl.ey hav- cl--t,ed
5,0U0 000 males
On y U liet-d a nu:e eprtng or umilie.
SOU? If SO roai faoiio, roial ett lea
a. d royal tailoring touch tne light spot,
tor you gel strictly high grade tailoring
t a modest price and a perlect fi ia
guaranteed. New samples just arrived.
C. B Cannon,
Sole repreeeutalive b r Douglas Co.
To Care Constipation Toraeer.
Take Caseerets Candy Catbartla 10e er tfta
tl C C O. (all to eure, drugglau re rami money.
Catarrh Cannot b Cured
with Local Applications, aa tbey cannot
reach tbe seat of ibe disease. Catanh ia
blood or conatitutional disease, and in
order to cure it you must take internal
-emedlea Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, and acta directly on the Hood
and mncoua ear fares. H all's Catanh
Core ia not a quack medicine. It waa
ureecribed by one of tbe beet pby-icians
in tbia countrv fur years, and ie a reu
ar prescription. It ia composed ol the
nMtt tonics known, combined with ihe
nest blood port tiers , acting direcly on
he mncoua eurfaoea. Tbn perfect com
bination of the two Ingredients ie what
produces such wonderful results in cur
ing Catarrh. Send for teaiiinoniala, free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO . Prope.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price 75c. '
Tbousmada are Trylag It.
In order to prove the great merit of
Ely's Cream Banu. tha ino.t effective euro
for Catarrh and Cold in liol, we have pre
pared a generona (rial size for 10 cents.
Get it of your drnggint cr send 10 cents to
ELY B?.0S., C3 V.'irrcm Et., V. Y. City.
I suffered from e.-.t-t -rh cf tbo worst kind
ever since a boy, .i l 1 never hoped for
eure, but Ely' Cream Palm seems to do
even that. Many acquaintances have used
it witb excellent results. Oscar Ostrum,
43 Warren Ave., Cnioago, 111.
Ely's Cream Balm ia the acknowledged
eure for catarrh and oontaina no cocaine,
tnerevry nor any injurious drug. Price,
4)0 cents. At druggists or by mail.
No-To-Haa (or fifty Cent
Guaranteed tobaeeo babit eure, mak weak
men atreng, blood pure. 60c, IL AH druggists.
FIdHER GILLIAM. Ai the residence
( tn bride a parents, Mr and M-.
T.J.Gilliam, in t-ia'den Valley, Sun
day March 20. 189H, Mr Dan Fibber
and Misa Emm Gl'-harn were mariied
by Judge A. F Stearns.
K ELLY S fRON I Roebnrg, Toes-
lay March 1898 Mr. Phi n Kelly
and M e Fn ie to g. Ivih I M r
lleO e k, John H .m I ,J. I . Iho'at
ing WATERM AN-HARDM N. In tblaeity
on Monrt y, -.March SI t, 1H9K, bv
Justice Jonn Hamtin, I l.r)i.t e T.
W-t-rroanf C'o com ty and Miso
Ett Auoelioa Hardman ol Douglas
Maggie bander-, Ie f of lugl coun
ty, wtr married In thia city W -rtees-day.
March 33, 1898, by Justice John
i v- i i ii ii ii ma is 3
DILLER -To Mr. aud Mis. E W. Dil-
ler, at Cleveland, on Monday, March.
21t. a eon.
RADABAUGH In North Roeehure-,
Msrcb 21, 1808, lo the wife of C. Bad
abaugb, a girl.
For Xn-uxts and Children.
The Kin. You Have Always Bought
Bears tho