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I'ubllihtil every lburidar.
nr tm I ? ISI'l AI KK rVBUMUSu CO.
t. I. rlHAItOKH IUr.
,t, n t.t)l)X A lo hiMor.
utcrlpttu Rate.
Is Month!
Thrt Mnnlha - -
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Ihc rimnAi. l" MfXi"'"' "'
Hie Mlowlnl rrf follow au.l oreeonlas M
.. n Inter iK-ran 2 CO
" Frullact- 1
. n.t.r..i I'Untrr I T.s
Ihc "Orvgonian n.iU uo recouinicndal i -u
It if well ktin In the people ot Orfjton. 1 lie
"Inter Oocaii" is lii-puKkau picr printed m
ChlcK... It ! n-.latOV. tollable ami lo.y.
ami jul ttir iliius lor winter evening by Uk
ft fi.l.v lb.- "Planicr ' is u agricultural p
rcr. nd Truitve ' li 0U'T rPilu Anl""
u,l. T.'tnlilu"'r. ly to trnlt tai'inj Tbew
are inouthly nl'H il..n.
Uail jourwWnf tins fpl-oitutiity to wvuit
nirrtalnln and .rvlitabli-;rciliug ilii-ap.
MAUCII 17. 1S0S.
ITLLOWS. Oue i:. Uutscbkey, ol WarJtou, Ore
gon, one of ths newest of the new school
of reformers who are being gathered to
other under the democratic banner tor
the purpose of saving the country, uses
boat column in the Review ol (Satur
day, in which to promulgate his views,
tic says, among other things of the same
nature: "The industrial war through
uur present competitive system which
produces slavery a thousand times noree
than chattel slavery will bring society to
a state, in ten years more, which no jwn
can picture or describe, but out of the
wars and revol utions that will rage all
over ChriYcaJoui, out of the ashes and
debris of tho present social order, or
rather disorder, will social democracy
arise, I'liu nix like, and help to establish
the Kingdom of Christ on earth, or tie
fifth universal empire will baye definite
beginning in October, 1914, and Neon
chadoear's great image representing
tour great universal empires will have
passed out of existence."
The above is a fare simple of the poli
tical balderdash that democrat papers
are freighted with, as a result of the
fusion alliance now being patched up be
tween democrats, populists, socialists
aud anarchists. Purely politics does
make strange bedfellows. Such demo
crats as J. W. Hamittou, T. B. Sheri
dan, Asher Marks and D. S.,fteat mast
feel comfortable consorting with such an
aggregation of political misfits.
There is more silver in circulation in
the United States than there ever was
daring any other period daring tie his
tory of the country. 'o one denies
this, who has any regard for the truth,
and has a thimble full of brains. Silver
is still a legal tender and will bay as
many goods and go as far in paying
debts as it ever would. The silver in
actual circulation has increased 5S67 per
cent since "The crime of 1973," and the
government is going rlht along coining
it by the millions every month. Not
only that, but every dollar of it is as
good as a gold dollar. What are yoo
kicking about any way?
We desire to call the attention of news
paper editors especially to the statement
that - a number of countefeit f0 gold
pieces have made their appearance in
Portland tie past few days, and eg good
is the imitation that even several bank
cashiers have been taken in. The coin
has the right color and the proper ring,
while the finish is equally as IgooJ as
that of auy coin turned out by the mints
of Uncle Sam. It is only the weight
that is against it, and in the majority of
cases it is ooly by weighing that the
counterfeit can be detected. 1
A correspondent of the Central Christ
ian Advocate published at tit. Louis,
writing to that par says in giving a de
scription of the etale house at Little
Kock, Arkansas: "lu the hall uf the
house ot representatives, are three not
able portraits banging behind the- speak
er's chair. As you examine thorn you
tee on your left the face of W. J. Bryan,
enlarged to fill a frame six feet by five ;
in theceuter is a full length picture of
Jefferson Davis; and on the right is a
small portrait of George Washington."
Comment is unnecessary.
One of the most encouraging sigus of
returning prosperity wsb seen in the en
thusiasm manifested at the- convention
of the Pacific Northwest Wool Grower's
Association which was in tension at The
Dalles last week. Oregon is peculiarly
fitted for wool growing, and until the
business was ruiued by the advent of the
democratic party into power under Cleve
land, the products of her Hocks alone
made Oregon a wealthy sad prosperous
W. fc. Vanderburg is out in a long let
ter urging fusion between the democrats
and populists at the coming June elec
tion. The reason for this is easily found
in the fact that by the deal fixed up at
Washington a short time ago, it was
given out that Vanderburg was to be the
Jusion candidate for congress in this dis
trict. The addition of two artillery regiments
to the regular army, will tring tha effec
tive strength up to 17,000.
lllli NLW OSrMA5Ti:K.
On last Wediiowlay Iho fiualo con
tinued the appoiulnienl ol W. . I 'rater
to be poetiuaMrr at Unsvliurii.
Mr. Kra'.or .- born in Ohio in IHo.
lis washout ami icarml on a Utm and
received the nana! edu -ation ol the coin
schools. Mr. I rater is vi-lcrau ot Ihe
civil war, having served at '.'ml sergeant
ol company K. 170 Ohio volunteer infan
try. At Iho clove of the war, lie returned
to the farm, and hs given most of hi
time to farming since that lime. In IS",
he removed a iih In family to South
western KansHf, and from there he came
to Oregon, and fettled in loul.t cuiiutv
about IS year uo. In 1S'.K5 ho wns" ap
pointed ennuty treasurer to till the on-
: l V I t .. ;.,..t.,,. .!
was elected to the same otlicc in IS;1 1
in lS'.V.. I
Mr. Frater is prominently cvtinected !
with tho interests of the O. A. U., Iing i
the present cotuiuauJor of 15ruo Post
No. of this city. We predict tint Mr.
Frater will make a very popular and ,
eitieient otlicer, as his ability and in'eg-,
rily are unquestioned. j
Mr. W. II. Fisher wh- In hdd iho .
Olbce for the past four eai. h is been a j
very popular postmsster, and he retires
with the confidence aud eeUciu of every j
patron ot tho otlicc. !
The Oregouiau iu pjrtuiiice ol iisi
UKUtl palicy of beliltleiug the old soldiers j
characterises the effer of variou i j
army jvsts throughout tho country, of j
their services in the eveut of nsrwith
Spain, as bunkum, and alleges that they :
aro so old aud decrepit that it would bo
imicsible for them to do militaiv ser- j
vies. l et us see. Competent govern- j
uieut authorities sy there are 7',liAKVi
soldiers of Ihe late war alive aim that:
473,iXJof them are uudcr 'l years ot ,
age. Almost all the oilievrs i'f the high-1
er graJee iu the regular army from lieu-
eral Miles down, saw active serx ice dur- j
ing the civil war. KiB the Oregouisu
claim for a moment that they would be j
of to further sen ice iu the event of .ir.
Now the fact is tuat there are eiuiih ;
able-bolied veterans of the civil w.r no.v j
liviuc to fiirui;h trained and cxper'et.ced ;
othcers for an army Urgci Ihau waecu-;
gaged in the late ciwl war. Not only j
that, but it would be lund that they ,
would be lirsl to oiler their pcru e, aud
the same would be promptly
and cl.iJIy
The republicau party is the ouiv ;vuu-1
ine bimetallic party iu this country. It (
believes iu the use of both gold aud iu '
pursuance of this policy ;t has in u.-e
500,000,000 o( silver money, every dollar !
of which is maiutained ou an equality
with gold, though tho value i
of the silver in the dollar a worth but
40 cents. Thus this country uses !)otli
gold and silver. l!ut the sclieuic ) ro
posed by the free coinage people would
make this a mouome'alic country with
silver tben!y metallic money in circu
lation, as gold would go out of circula
tion, when it had to pass current with a
silver dollar, w orth iutrineically but 10
per cent of the gold dollars.
A well known populist politician en
returning home from Koseburg last week
where he bad been to hear Tow ce speak,
met bis wife at the f'out door with the
remark: "Maria, there is no pro6 "
bat before he could get any further
with his declaration, the hit him with
the rolling pin and knocked him through
the window, sayiog. ' Of course tLere
tint any prosperity. A lot of you loaf
ing politicians couldn't see it if there
was. "Maria," he said arising to his
"I intended to say there was uo pros
pect ol my being iiowioattd for sher
iff on the fusion tick ' so loug a9 there
are so many huog'.v deaiucrals to bo
provided for.'
The lie view io commenting on the
appointment of W. A. 1 rater as post
master at Huseburg savs: "'Mr. 1 rater
is also a leading spirit iu the A. P. A. or
ganization." If this is true, it shows
that some mighty good men have be
longed to that organisation, both the re
tiring and the incoming poetmaeters, ,
one a democrat and the other a republic
an, having been leading spirits in the or
The candidacy of Hon. A. M. Crawford
of Douglas, for secretary of state is being
wafted aerobe the elate, aud every return
ing breeze brings good w ishes and prom
ised support. Mr. Crawford is an able
lawyer, iu every way pualilied to dis
charge the duties of bscrctary of state,
and his prosects for the. nomination aro
exceedingly bright. Oaklaud ('azotic.
It is reported that lion. A. 1. Urowu
of Oakland will be a candidate for coun
ty judge ou tho republicau ticket. Mr.
Crown is a Htauuch republican aud a
liberal, broad-minded citizen, with ex
tensive business exerience, aud if nomi
nated, would Lc elected beyond a doubt.
The price of cattle has gouo up another
notch in Douglas couuty. ( 'no of lliu
prominent cattle ujuii last week sold a
bunch of heifers at the follow iug prices:
Yearlings, fl:.'; two-year-olds, Ho ; and
three year-olds at $1,'; aud this without
free coinage of silver,
As no gun can throw u hhell from
from Coos l!ay to Koseburg, aud as uo
bpanish war vessel cau get up the 1'inp
(jiis duriDg tho present low stage of
water, Koueburg will probably escape an
attack iu case'w ar is declared.
Nine new names were added to the
Plaimjlallii subscription list last week
between press days. Nut so ba I was it'.'
Spain can't run auy bandy on us. Tho
(juicker bho fiudsthis out the better it
will be for hor.
hfpaiu is ahead of us in but oue thing
and that is Ihe nizo of her national debt.
a. suii.iirijh; Rt:coi
On taut Monday tho president noiuiu
Hied Hon. C. A. Sehlbrede ot this cily to
lx commissioner (or Iho district t Alas
ka, to succeed John t Smith, resigned.
The office is supposed to Ihi a lucrative
ono and as I lie duties aro judicial in their
naline. Mr. Sehlbrede and his friends
uio much pleased at his good fortune iu
seeming his position. Mr. Sehlbiede
will I located at I'yra, an. I will proceed
tohispoittot duty as soon as tho busi
ness of tho coming term of court is dis
posed uf. Mr. Sehlbrede is uu attorney
of teiv.'tiized ability throughout the state
whore he has practiced his profession
for more than A years. There is but
otio sentiment among the republicans of
PMuglaa county, and that is one ot grati
fication at the apiHiintuiont.
A. W. Staulou of l'r.H kw;y has sent
tho part six weeks in the uortheasteru
part cf the M.i'e ri-lniiug and buying
sheep lie In pun limed bit ceil uiue
aud ten thou -mid to be delivered after
the shearing, paying from ! . - to
per head. Mr. Stanton will return home
this week and about the lirs'. of May
will start bis sheep (or the Wyouiing
range. Thesi saaio sheep were a drug
on the mnrkct at 7., icuts totl.'.' two
years ago aud are now scarce at almost
thteo times lluipu.o of former years.
Yearling calves are selling readily at
rlJ to l p r hea l. With a decided
and steady advance in tho price of every
provhict of the (,riu, it is no wonder lie
dciuocidtic pnity tinJs it is neceosarv to
fuse with every ism in Ihe land to meet
the wae of prosperity and content
mei.t that is (flcadily .spreading over the
country; howl u" I hey may they cannot
hile the facts.
Hie court of iii'i'iiry appointed to iu into the loss uf the battle ship
Maine, has returned to Key West, hav
iug. it h uudmlood, completed its inves
tigation, s tar as the testimony is con
cerned. What the report will be uo ono
outside of the court, aud perhae a few
of the highest clliccrs of the g)veruiueut,
hive .ity idea cv opt tuch as is fouuded
oa puic conjecture. It is tuppoeed that
the rt'irt will be ready to eubuiit at an
early day, but if it is to implicate the
Spanish gverumeiil in the destruction
of tl.o Maine, the report may lo with
hell uulil pieparatious for a coufiict
willi ."-paiu arc well uudcr way. The
gcueral opinion of those beet informed
in ugard to the matter is that the report
w ,!! ctiir'e tho detruction of the vessel
to the pauish government either direct
ly or as a result of negligence on the
pail v the authorities at Ilavaiii.
ol 1, No. I of the Draiu l'refcd, uiade
its appearauie ou our taole this week
wi:h:it notice or warning. The paper
is cviittd aud publi-hod by Ldwin
UhoJes, is republicau lu politics and if it
keeps up iis bright newsy appearance, it
should aud will receive the patronage of
the people of north l'ouglas. Ned is ono
ol l'raiu a most popular young men and
wo wish him success.
The battle-ship Oregon has been or
dered south. 5-he will proceed to the
west coast of .South America, where she
can he lickly dispatched, either to the
East or to the Atlantic Coast, as emer
gency may require.
Attorney Geo. M. Brown is pretty
generally spoken of as the next republi
can laudidato for prosecuting attorney
He ii ati abU attorney aud if nominated
would, without doubt, be elected.
Drain I'reiS.
Tho United .States has purchased two
battle ships, now beiu constructed in
England for the Uraiihau government.
Both vessels aro about ready for uso and
they ill soon be ready to go to sea.
The democrats and populists appear to
have abandoned the tariff issue. Do
they concede that tho republicans are
right on this ismie aud that they were
w ronu ?
The proportion of democratic candi
dates to populist candidates is 10 to 1,
and the proportion on the fuuion ticket
will probably be ut the increased ratio of
L'ij to 1 .
S. I1. Railroad Changes.
Kailruad cieles have been much agi
tated during the past few days oyer the
changes that have taken place in the
oiliciais of the S. P. company, brought
about by the death of A. J. Wilder, io
Oakland a few weeks since. ( n the 10th
itiK.t., the company issued Circular No.
noting tucic changes which will go
into ellcct ou Wednesday, March 'Sod.
James Agler, who during the groat strike
was located ut Dunsmuir, but of late has
been superintendent of the i-alt Lake di
vision, with headquarters; at Ogduu,
I tali, has been appointed superintendent
of thu Wcbtcru division, with head
iUaiteru at Oakland, Cal., vice A. IK
Wilder, deceased. John S. Noble, nup
uriutendent of tho Shasta divibiou, with
headquarters at Dunsmuir, lias been
sen I to ogdeu. The oliice of superin
tendent of the hhaBta division has been
abolished. That portion of the road
from lied Lllutt to Dunsmuir yards, will
iu future form a part of tho bacraincnto
d vision, under Superintendent J. IS.
Wright, from Dunsmuir to Asland, the
Shasta division will be absorbed lu the
linen in tOtegou, under Superintendent
I.. I'. 1 iuldu. At present it is not
0 lit that tho chaugo will result iu
i. ., . i ial dillereucc in Ashland, unless it
is iu the transferring uf tho traiu diu
putchurs from 1 'uusiuuir to this place.
Superintendent J. S. Noble arrived iu
Ashland lanl night and this morning's
traiu from Portland brought Superinten
dent L. K. Fields, W. A. Oroodah), resi
dent engineer, and T. W. Younger,
master mechanic, to this city. They
left ou u fcpecittl train for DuuemUlr,
where they will hold a consultation over
contemplated changes for a few days.
Asii.'aijij iiaings.
lion. A. M. Crawford Hill probably be
the candidate for secretary of statu on
tho republicau ticket. Probably no man
could be found wl o would be better
quulilied for the position should be nom
inated and elected. Drain Pres,
I lUnuKTAtlc Primaries. CIRCVM tOvKT. lor will ncnMiirr, L.'lll rot" Ll'lllly Coin CM"
IVmocrstio primaries were held Satur
day and tho following dolegatos vvne
elected :
In Deer Creek precinct -J. S. Fila
Itugu.J.A. Itewelt, U. W. Cox, J. T.
Hinkle, J. M. Davis, I.. M. Parrott,
Andrew Starnier, J. A. Willis, Franklin
In I'mpqua precinct -A, Saliiman, P.
C. lieain, Chaa. tiilvin, D. S. West, John
VonPewtl, Win Carlon and J. D. Ham
ilton. In West Uoecburg W. J. (turner, J.
(j. Ken fro, Wru Oaskell.
In Koseburg precinct O. P. Coshow,
iVxter Kice. K. V. Hoover, T. J. Whit
sett, J. P. Oil more. Johu Aikrn, P. W.
Mroug and S. K. Sykes.
Cauyonville Leonard Pordne, J. W.
Chancy. C. W. Kirk, J. L. Clough, J. !..
Poyle, rtioiuaa Hutcher and Cha. Pel
tuan. Constable, T. J. Hutcher; central
comnitteernan, J. L. Koylo.
Kiddle-Ueo. W. Wonacott. W. A.
WebUvr, I. A. lKn and J. H. Clements.
Justice, (ieo. W. Wonacott; unstable,
tieo. Culstorth : commiltoeinan, W. A.
(klaud-A. F. Sinilh. .1 . S. liecklov,
J, V. Keobler.T. J Medley and ('. t.
Cheuowelh. Coiuiiiitteeman, A. A.
Calaiovia (ieo. W. suplnn. Frank
Oorroll, Kobt. Modiev, J. II. Kav, Johu
Itauks. C. A. McNabb, W. A. Williams
aud Win Vail. Committeeioan, Frank
Oorrc-II : justice, J. II. Kay; constable,
Kobt. Medley.
(ilendale J. L. lVvey, ("has. T. Nail,
Frank Plotner, W. II. Kedt'.eld and A.
J. Osteon, Justice, Chas. T. Nail ; con
stable, W. II. Kodtield; committeeman,
Chas. T. Nail.
Myrtle Creek John W. Weaver, John
Hall, Jamee Duuuaviu, W. N. Moore,
N. Selig, Thomas Kurnctt aud James
S killing ton. Justice, J. . Lane; con
stable, II. M. Oatiuan; comiuittevuiaii,
W. M. Moore.
Teu Mile-T, J. Williams, L. T. Hen
drix, W. K. Miller aud Wiu. Short ; jus
tice, Wni. K. Wells; constable, Wm.
Short; comiuilteemau.
Camas Valley ' Justice, (.i. K.Staud
ley; couslable, J. M. Thompson ; com
mitteeman, l. J. TrowbriJge.
Flkton Heury Hockley , 11. C. AJkiu
sou, T. J. Wilsou aud C. L. Pecklev;
justice, J. M. Kobiuson ; constable, W.
11. Staik; committeeman, Frank F.
Yoocalla- Wm. lhitl. S. P.. Carr. II
D. Vett, L. Cox..-, (i. Loug, Dick
llauau and Wm. Leepei ; coinmiltee
man, H. D. Veil.
Looking t.lass- J. T. (ooliuaii, K. A.
Fellows, Jelf Williams, W. 11. Cochrau
aud W. A. McCoy : justice, (. H. Puell ,
constable, W. A. McCoy.
Couistock Jotiu Andrews, Chas. Wol
(er aud II. W. Stowart; committoeman,
John Audrew.
Wilbur-O. W. (irublf. I. II. Siuglo
ton, 11. N. Mwart, l.ce Love and L. A.
Martin: justice, T. F. ingletoii, con
stable, L. A. Martin, comniilteemaii, (t.
W. Urubbe.
Pass Creek .loe Lvom, C. F. Couuts,
L. Sacry, Lee P.aiker and IraWim
berly ; justice, F.C --a ry. couslable,
(i. L. Hunt ; committeeman, .los I yons.
To the Populists of Douglas County;
D.aiu, Or , March 1 1, 1VS.
Pk.iiii.ks: i tiere apieare-l intheKc
view o( late date w hal purports lo be a
call for a opulirt parly nominating con
ventiou, signed by I. F. (tazloy, as
Chairman. Now brothers, Mr. (ia.loy
has no more right to call a nominating
conveutiou thau any other member ol
tho populist party, and not so much
right, because he is no longer acting
with the party hut is now lo all intents
and purposes voting with the democratic
party, and for the democratic party, and
is using every means in his ixjwer to up
Burp and destroy the people's party.
Brothers, these traitors to the cause of
humauity must be promptly gotten rid
of. The cause is too sacred to Ihj tritloJ
The imople's pirly was born of neces
sity, and the conditions which called It
into existeuce still exists in an intensi
fied form. Therefore it must not, It can
not die. lirothers. be patient, lie true,
be vigilant. In duo time I will call a
nominating convention aud we will put
in the field a ticket of good and true
men with the ( 'rnaha platform, and di
rect legislation, inintid , ri-jrenlniii e'
tinfit font iwni'hiif asour cardinal doc
trine, and, second, reform iu every de
partment of the stale government.
11. P. liK"OKII.Ull,
Chairman People's Party county com
mittee for Douglas County.
At a coin uiuuication of Llktou lxidge
No. 0J, Aucieut Free and Accepted
Masons held March o:h, 1"0 (he fol
lowing preamble aud resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
WiikiitAs, it has (leased the great
Architect of the t'ni verse to remove
from our midst our beloved brother,
Charles O. llcuderer; and
Wiit.i;i:, Brother ileuderer in his
loug Masuuic life of nearly half a ecu
tury iu our midst, bus not only endeared
himself to tho fraternity, but by his gen
erous and sympathetic spirit has won
the love and esteem of all who kucw
him ; therefore, be it
Ui -jli-i, That in our sorrow for the
loss of a faithful aud beloved brothsr,
we fiud cousolatiun iu the belief that it
is well with hiin for whom we mourn.
llnhr!, Tli at (heheartfelt sympathy
of the lodge be extended to bis family in
their alllictiouH.
;;,.;,,, Ti,ut these resolulious he
spread upon tho records of the lodge aud
a copy thereof transmitted to the family
of our deceased brother, and a copy to
the Pi.AiMiL.M.i.ji and Koseburg Keviow
for publication. . J. M. Si auk,
( . W. DlMMM K,
John Nanii.
News comes of tho suddeu death of
Miss Olive Kuykeudall, daughter of
Mayor and Mrs. W, Kuykeudall uf
Eugene, which occurred on yesterday
uiorniug. Miss Kuykeudall who was
about lo years of age, had junt entered
the school grounds, when bho fell to the
grouud aud soon after expired, the re
sult of cither heart failure or the forma
tion of a clot ou the brain. Dr. Kuykeu
dall formerly resided at Drain where
luauv rohitivriR aud frieuds will be
shocked to hear of the suddon death of
their daughter.
People of Whitman couutv, Washing
ton, mostly farmers, have paid between
k LUOO.OUO aud j.OOO.OOO on their debts,
out of the labt wheat crop, and havo yet
-V00,iJO bushels of wheat. The num
ber of mortgages paid off is StJO, aud tho
sums due ou others have been greatly re
duced. All this under the "crushing
gold standard." Whitman county,
when iu the dumps, gave liryau nearly
L'UOO majority. Out of the dumps, it will
cease to ho a populist county. Oregon
ian The cold cash we hear so much about
probably comes from Alaska.
Circuit com I will begin next Monday,
March '.'1st, Judge l ulleiton p-cMdlng.
Tho following ' aio i n
1 1 1 K I'Ol Ml.
1, V. J. UlMiil v 'elm r'rvemaii, Itiivi ltUl
t( Hon) E. li. fivi'io t..i .::.
I N. K. I'm ki ll V. V. lu ii.lamlu, 111
viullyi K. 1'. I'n l'lo lor pi I. t.ieiuoM mown,
O. W. I olv l, J, W llnmill.'U lor loll
I. I rion lit MP li 1 1 II. I. Klinu-v, In ivvovct
moiie ; I , I oiigliaiy niol r iniu-in Klli'li iki yU
il M irn ii unit i-iiilili .v "P Ik lot ildl.
4 lltix li-li Kuiiiiii NikI'Uik, pHtlllli'ii
It. I . V.itou. J. W. llnmiUoii lor li. A M
I l (orl fur lie II
. Tlio. lllno I noil" Nnfl'in cl ill, Imi i
lllloll, l I . M Kll.'ll, ) V . lUuillloll lui I'll.
A M l if..r.l lor ilftl
i- V. M. ew i te. lii-olM'iil ilol-loi o:n
IMI'lli J. VV, 1 1 Ain 1 1 ton nllv
). II. P. lUtuilo mi HiioIiiI K. Hri'iilo. H
ioiiv I., loimlnity for lt K. P. siinlf iM
for l. II
Nnali A, 'wi- v ! It. I'ntii, tllvon'v.
Iii li A lii-lhi loi pll. A. M l i'lor-l fn
id tt
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iKwurc. A. I' l.ewln lor pit.
10. J I muk mum v NnoiiiU) Mninni
t'omi'iiO) , fonvloim- inccliniili' lien. . H.
WlitK A M ri loot ami lintlt-v .V Mulr (ot
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II. I P. "-iMiuMin II M Hull, in n vioi i
H"lli v A. V. I tit fi'tll l,M licit
I.'. IP mi litIV Piiirtik Mm I'ln, to iv
-r in"iii : . vv llnmiltmi let .lr I
I outclin i lor ilolt
li. I ho VppK'caiv MiUins t o h .! ,li-
bam. acllou for vIuikc, ( A. olillTcili', .1.
w, lUintltoii i..r 0(. w It. vv i,r (, (i
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Kiuu't mom y. i Inu lUunlton pit
t KinloiUka K.iuiiivll llnllii VV i.,.n, u
I lopvloMitc Proo n mi l Tn-liit l"t i ll
In II II JoIiiimiii. lump cut ill t't"t Aili:ii
un lit I . A. X. li-r 'U
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lo rc'in 1 1 mi'iicj .1 V . llHiiilittiti for p!i
I. A K Proiiti in ti. II. liloy. In inN.toi
mono A. lill'inlo lor plr.
I'.'. vv . t t ,iiI,hi i , i,.-,.. .- - iti 1 1 , linen
motley . K ;p siralloul l"i -H
.v J n. 1'ml.i t v "Nuliolin I uiloii,-. Iiijiiin
lion. l. P. t I n .1. W . lnin;t..i tin
-'I, li t-iilnf W . II. l. Ml', IICll'lll tOI
iUmi - 1.. I. .-iintd. 1. 1 I.. i I'll I W llmnll
li-n f..r ilolt.
ItUM lllu lll. "niltli i t il I . l. ,'u;li r
il l. U icvnvi r in. 'U- I'. A lili.i. .lc lui
plf. Pr li A liiMui l.'t il. it .
M. lln.' . i I licl.h u. i t n1. ! u--l.
iv. t moil. . 1 VV ! I : , ii 1 1 1 , , it .. .!
.'I. I. It. I'llUnlc - I'ullK I lui t III, I." I i...
I.H.IM I . K I' MF.l! IiM I I,. I pp.
. A 1 1 1 . VV n . i n I in r . . I."in I ii'. litiitJ,
li ic . ci in-ill iri.ii.v I u-liti i"i I
.1. A-lii-f Miilk ill! Jam- V. Ala. Hi. I
111. loot 'O-IIO-. I VI 11,11:11 '11 l"l I'll.
J.". 11.11.- M-iii; ui ." l.iiii iv-ii. M"tnn, il't
v..r. c Irn i. Ki.l H. I,.i
'Mum V. Pu; I' ii 1 1 ' I M-ll i I -il
l.i I.-, jm r inoiii-v vv . ; ili, i, , i y
A-nciMuik- ii.liiii i. k'i.iili-iit, vv A.
Coal-, mil. it R('f!iiuit V-'ca iiuui i''iul
unit VV. : VV 1 1 ' i - !.. i ii . O II,, unit, II
I... u-.
. .'. I. ti H.i:; a-iiut. r. II .'ic'iin. . t ul.
IUiw li.-llli ' VV ll,i'i:it..i I .
..I . s . Mil' r i' I'. II. ti.-!" 1 1 1 in, in 'i in
li'.n vv i:. vv hiu (,., ti j vv iiui:i"ii i..t
let I
i J. VV Hum u'lnii .1 Wm .,.(. lit
nl, tup clu me. llion a a I U'liii l"i 'lt.
'. Hi in. lie-kl. i- A I II. iimi k it h1.
suit iu i i ii 1 1 y J. VV 1 1 it ii 1 1 ' tun l"t I'.f. I P
Nratfiipt li.r il II.
:;i. I j.Iii lli.. ii - K Upiin, .lio:i J II.
K-I'ly lor pll. Hi.," u A r-i-iln i.t ilclt.
VV. p. Loi.l cl Hi f l)l. Llll 'V 1 1 ul,
lon- I'.-urc l . A. liH uili- lot pll.
J II I'aikirv-L VV.Vll ,1 i.i, in;iitu O P. i oliii'. fui i'!f
17 II ". I I'll II 1 1 I'l'tl 1,'lUlCltll 111 . I'll') .
I. VV. lUinllt.iii lot lf 1 ili.i. ;i K,.r,l. A. M
Ci ' foul, ii vtci K;. i- lui -ft
.1-. Han Hiikli V-. JlntiiiH l'inkl' a. t ul,
uiC'iiitiy J vv . iFntutit. n f. r !f.
Jni. II. Hatty v. -vi -ilir, i I n . I 'll'-il'.-M"-
H-o'u.i I u-,tia I'.r i'f
I" Cu Urn- - II v. ii'li. jr. i 1 "1 t'i ft
i -i ii ui iu. y llr.nwi a I ut I u l"l plf
I! Poll-i' C "Hit I ' P'lliiJlll ' A L-'Bil A-Ril.l
nil "Hi-, (ii.. I a I "p cl.'Mir. C. A -.hi
l.p'l. ..i .. . I. p. unoii f.-r 'lift
12. Mali i'f i ic on, c v.ri 1 -. I. M ikIi.iI
ul, i i)iitciii).t i'i"ceoliUi;; '. vv ll, fi.r
plf. HioMii A I u-Uu lor .Ii ft
li. I.. M. P.ufiitt v . i'l'hlik
1 1 rin Hioii . J. vv , llnmiliiiu f"r p'o.
II. vv. p. l.opl, tt I,v-.vv .l. i uai-. ii',
ct ai, cuiii uiRtiou; C. A. s hlbrdc lor plf.
IV vv. i; .,.r,, cl til vi. J.JI. VVLiti-itl.ilal,
. imlirniiMon. A. (ichlliii.Jc l.rp!f
I". W. P. al, vi. II. M. Miutlii, it ill,
c.JUlhuniU'.li. I . A. f.. pll.
i;. I. W. i uhuii vu J. II. M. ' I" i ', i . iiiiriiiii
tioui '. w . llamiltuit. lor ili.
I--, ltauiiuli Jo-. pli".iii at-1 1 1 1 ii Hi-' HuiIhi.
viouiiriuatlon; J. w. iiuuuliuii i"i pll
C'ou-lKOt T..ii-alnl il ul v I riiuc A.
Ai'.liuiiibm'J ct al, confirmation. Droivn A Jn
tin fur plf.
M. K. T. VVooilnill v n. li. W . Itolilu-oii, t ul,
coiiliriiiutli.n: Hp. u A I ii-till fur pit.
ol. Atiiou NutcKllm , r -p., v- vv. . Uyui.
api., ai. til rum JO:lic. c'uiul. Ji. L. '
lor r p. .1. vv . Jluiniltoii forapp.
Tlulc of t irripm -i-. I. M (illicliuiin, n.
Male ol J i -"in v Ill in) l. mini i , h c c
Hlulii.f KicK-.n f. Il"'l P'I.omi, icc-'Hlii-."'
Mlllc i. ( lire:-' III l V I'l I '..lll-l... k, I'-
- (ilutcul iii;.ji v-. Lvc linn-. iKn-iii-uueo.
Co. A, Attention !
inspection of Co. A, J l liixl. , M. O.
has teen ordered io, Haturduy oveninir,
March l 'ili, ut h o'clock. Major C. li.
Ciillett, iubpectjr. l ull attouduueo is re
quired. 1'. li., Capt.
Uugu iu iuliiiile Viiiic-ly
A. btrolin's.
l'ATTi:KSON.-iii Ihia city, March IL',
i -vim, io ,ii r. unu .'i th. i . i-, ratioreou,
ii sou.
At tho I'a n nia i'addock. hospital, Ta
couiu, March Hh, ot epioal uieuiugelis,
liyrou 1. Witter, formerly ol Gardiner,
in tho L'-'ith year of bin. ago. If o was
buried in HuuuyHidu, i'ortlaad, March
11th hy Iho A.O. C W.
Notice to Taxpayers.
tux roll or lliu )car Ji'.7 Iirm Iu.-i ii ilellv
cii'l lo mc fur tin. . u rp.ov- of i!Iim Hum the
unci i liaiKcil tlM iei.ii. 'J bxci are now iioiv 'Ine
ami I'li' lit Hie kIk iIII h ollicc.
How bins, Ori-Kou, Mhp.U lVlli, I- IS.
il. :. A.I.E,
.! lill ul loii"W- l iiinily, OiiVhii.
Imioii I'l vi tn .vi i it . Iii llni ati.-
silt- ul votir valued "impi i I it t. c I I. ut
It. Aloxaiiih-r 1 1 1'i-nilii t.m, i n m i " ki n
ol as a candidal for the mm tii.u id ;
state treaatirer, at our next i.t.itct .o-
ventlon. As tho wiper li' pi iii.initllv !
kiiowii Mr. AlfXiiiiih r (or iho p.u.t c'li
teen or twenty vouih, I hull tukn pu i. i
liro in lellinu llnmpwlni liivonul I
an oppiutillillv to know loin hm hi. n
lew ul lliu ituttiy iii,iiiici, ili'i'i will!
kindly glvii M'iiiii m )ttir p.ipi r Mi.
Alolallllrl' llK lli'l'll ll'llim l ... In;
inori'liiiii.liHo InininiiHM f.n tin. pfi m ell ;
ty tetiM In IVt illil. mi, (iinii, WiiHe
hy hi iKiiiext ih Uiinu ho ui'i mod n u
KlialO of IliO I I' V tlililo, I l-l lilli.llliina M iln I
pi Ini-lpall i vv it li Mini kii'iii tint t.ttiii.'t.-.
Ihn hitter v ere i iinli d vcurnl i r iivu
IhlotiKll Uio h ltd vi iitii e kit u b.
that iiiiulrv lii'in ttiiut In time, iiitd In
my lnn-iiufa rolntloiiN w it ! 1 1 , nuno
I'liina ol ptmplo (or inure i Iinii ton v:i-i-,
I never hoard one word i( e.uiiplititit
Sgailtivt hltii. Ali'MiiuIci Iiiih ulvviiva
hi en a true lnoinl u( tho liirmi'iN, In ,il.
wayarmiilr loacm l in unv pnlilio nr I
charitahle eu'oi pi io. Ilo Iuih lien u I
Ktamuli and lino lepith'i - ri, purolv I
from punt Iplo. Una lu-vor nl In Irm kc I 1
ou liny ol Iho ii i it u v Ih'uici Unit 1 1 it i ho- I
sot our p.uly in ricnt vouih. I
lu ahort, I ilonlit ivhoihir lln-io i ti :
limn iu our fl.i'o liotior ipialilio l (or iho
IHiailiou or innro ilcM-rvitii; .f in. nmli hi
Ihrn mv ftionil. It t . N.nt '
while I think id i would it not ho well,
to consider lhi uul'i of vvhi li uu
next hoard will l-o i.t:i."."i-.i ."
I ion. T. 1'. (ioi r nl M, ui. in I .r nivcr-
nor, whoaiv ininy ii.iliilo i mo will
know ii tu all.
Hon. A. M. .r.l ol I 1 ..
secretary nl mate, ii iiiuu ih !. .uglily
ipaaliliod iu evorv piiriii'iil.ii f. r tin- poii
ti.itt. Ininit an iittoruc) of lti-i.;:iit.-i'il
ahility nl Iioiiik and iiiiri l. Hit l-i c .r
lainly thu i! .unv of Smiilieru 't
aud shoiild he ol I no vvliolo rtliilo fm l In'
In i-utiiiltihion, will .iv llut with l!,o
a.liiutiinl rulimi of our Mulo In llio I . iv 1 1 I -ol
liov. tiri't lrnn II, i i tiler ol II u
atoli', .Sec, Ci.iwluid fiiim i:,o hontli,
Tiiisih. AIi'vuihIci fr on tlioe.tut, nil men
ol well know ii utility iml etilt i.t Iho
Very pi inio cl hlo, w u 1 1 r i;i,n!y jiiLI ex
I Kre I and auri-ly would p-l a nui n jiitn,-n t
o( rlatu alUiiit Hint tho r p'o. hii I cm
pecmlly the loptii.lit an p.uiv. i.ui I e
justly pi mid A.I; M
In the Count v Com I.
I VI I tti ill ol McWilliauiH llll'l Cii
a cIiiiiiki in the li'iHohtiirf, IN or
and Fail Creek load, iiih! Antlicv
IIIK l"l
"All. in.
F. llatlield and I'. 1'. It.irtiuiu app.iui'cd
yionersaiid W. 1'. 1 li iluii ruiii.i.'i.
l'olil ull to .I' .t'.i' 1 lu' i o in l , I. ,i I i.t ur
Voiicilla WitH ro.i I iiinl I. .-i'l .(; i . . I
A Injiior luoniio .t laulcl L. HiIiuih
Flliil, o( (ilend.ilo. lor ti titonllifi.
Jeiointv F. Tony, ii mil'j". I i. (m .it
l'-rilaiu, wan udiui'tto 1 1 j I .f-.m n!. p
l;ciii;tiatl.'ii ol A I . M.ilii.v. u-. .'u-
till' Ol I llO pililO of I'll. tp.i .11 p-l'llil',
was .ici-epli'd, and I: .1. !' 'n,-l..i ,i.
p jiiiU'l lu lill v at iincy.
(irutit I evi-iiM reoiiii-.l .t.i p. iiiBor
inl'.ut I1', an. I I . K . Mi C .limn ii ii ,ip
pointed. C. I. lilili'l IIMIH d ,1" I'L pi I I I ' I HI
i'lHl.t'', .IU I I Wlllllll (.IUIH VV.I ' lip-
W. I'tO'Vn n -i-i. I I'M Mipiivin-r
ill I.l cl, Hil l I' ti' I s.ln I. mo'l i iip"
11. I'. Shorten r-.-o,rii-,l m
aud II Malu-i ii j ) ,i ti i I
AaM'air Frit' itol tin ! il n urn
actively at work ni.tkiiii; llio n-.i nu-iil i
(or H'ov Tho doptiln-a upp jintctt lor I
lliis yeur aro ati follow . I
J.I (.Tiapiiiuii, i 1 1 v of 1;. n I. tii. 1
F. I. Kiddle, Ki.i.l:.-, '.I.'ii.l.ilo ati.l i
Cow Creek.
l.ewi.4 Chuplll.tll, ClIilollV ill vi Ulld '
M vrllo Creek. I
'w. II. Colo, ( li.ill.i. l i ii .Mi'ii', Cii i ,.n I
Vallev an I I, x.kin i i'u-b. 1
F F. Ftmiiiil. vliiu. ii I. C ,',,'n Val
ley. Frelicli til --in-lit .in I lihiir.
i. W, Sliiley, ll.iklnii I .Hid C;ilup ini.i. ,
A. I
l ollwll'it
I I. in
II, Ul.
Ij.uilon M ui
A. Il ll'iiii-i,
I '. am .111.1 ( ' i
Ir , Flk'oti .i
'. So itl-hur.
I Iv.
i ..u liner
J. T. lliM .ll i
and l.uki'.
H. C. I l.ii t r it in ,
leu.! ry
All U'i u u I i i'i'-, c i
I ii. i-
I we
have no duiiht lm' ii. ' li
Lit Ihur jiiiih and f.iliHl,n-tor v
ANNOl .Ntli.MIM .
For .Shcrili.
I herehy iililiouiii'i! iii m l caii'li l.ile
for sherill, euhjecl lo iho ili'cmi.iti ol tho
repulilionn county i-.iiivi-i.ii..ii
J. It. 1; ii'i'i i .
Suhfli riho for llio I'i.aimu. vi .kh.
Sir I Ititc fur I in y ( n i
i.iiur.iiii. cil tnt-iu. i liio-it 'ur t i- ...
IIICU atruuv. Ij.'joU pure. tCf. II. A., in ,r. :r
A Gralcful Mother Wntis thu Letter -Tells
all about Her Troubles v lien
Baby Broke out with Scrofula Sores.
"At I lie lirje of I V. i llli'llt llr, mv Pill'
I'lfjiui In lui vi- inri I.ienl, i .ti I mi 1 1 !. r i i-j i . t
cheek. We n .1 i ll 1 1.' i .li : r;
pi leal ioilli I lill w . i .i il.l I li in ui li I.
to no n v ii il. 'JTie (.on 1 i .n ,i. n II o i i ui.
Hill!' I'f Ilil fill'!'. Wl ' in, II I i 'llr
ciun atoi I rii-il hi ' tin 1 1 Him , 'iml in i mil:
the More vv as i;one, lint to in.v tnirpri-t- in
I WO wei-ka more I mil her i.eruf n loni h ml; -hiuv
nppnn i mi I. iI'v'm Mi ni. 1 1
(jrevv Worse inn I in r.- i , Mill v, lien lie v :e
three innlilliH u. I, I Iii;iii kIvh'K hmi
Jluod's f-nri-iij'iirill i. I nl-.o lunk ;.
HarraparillH. I l fun-"i lo- lin.t I 1 1 !
WSH flllililll il. till null . Ml le HI II Mini . Hie
never reluriieil. He It mm foiii yiiiri.iilil,
but he Iiuh in Int'l unv hlwii id llo' i
Scrofllloll.'i hori H nillce In- V ill run il I..V
HooiJ'h SiirMiipii.illn, f.n- v Ii U-Ii I feci vci.v
grateful. M.V h".v mini hiit 1,'uo'l lienllli
and Htiioul li, fuir i km to Hum ureal ineil
Jcllic." MllH. H. S. Wliull.N, I'lirinini:
ton, Dclnware. t!t-l ulil.v lluml m,
, , , .. .uu piiiinpl. i llirii nl iiinl
Hoods I'i I Is ci-) iiniii.i -..iiiiii.
Easton's Grocery.
I have opciicil iii ;iy,aiu with a full line of
At my Old Stand mi Jackson Stn-i t,
Cigars & Tobaccos, Nuts & Candies, Also a lull Line
of Teas and Coffees of Best Ouality.
uu uii'i nnii-inni y.mi.i lvi-h i'lllj. M. LMOlUri,
A ilo'i'ijii'iv id Iho ii pulili
i nn .' .'it 1. 1 h iiI.i.i 1 1 1 I V I'1 hi'tll'V
I l 111 .M II, I', I In I ho ' Hi I r. IU' 1 1 I'l liOHW-liili.-.l
ll U eillil'-ililV, .Vpllll.'li, I.VIS, Nl
the hour ( III u'l lock, ii. in , for l ho pur-
pnKO ill lllinilillll( C'lUlllV I IIP I TI", llll'l
I !ci hiu I I .Irl.''iil.'-i I.. II... : ii'iiU'i-Hluiinl
loll V en I ii mi ivhtili in. .'U nl I liini'lin nil
M'.ii.lii ,-, Antl II, .-l: , iitnl I I iloh-ililli'il
o 1 1 1 1 hi .ii o t on rill ii iii , w Ii loll iiiihIm at
Aolutiloll I, April II, H'H, Hlul
u 1 1 in m t i n. Ii nl in r I'liNitioii'i i. h ahull
pi. I'l'tl) IP III. I I oil. Ill'l I IlllVOIltlOII.
Iho ci nv i nl I ut will -. fitit ol l-'l
.h'l.V.iliii ,u I'dli'i I hi lulluwa. Hill'
ih loxiilu ul li-i i'.'i'1' proelliii. anl
OIIO (ol I'lll'll ;.'ll Vi.llMll !lill'li..ll l tlvo
or over i hI lor It. 1-, Hi .in I 'l tiiipt cluo
JiTlaO in ISlMi, 'Unit will niitkc Ilit ropie
sliit.ill'iii n h (ulliivva :
I i'(. Creek
l'inpiil i
Wei l K.iu-lnii i;
inn ul'.i
I'linyoiiv I'lo
I'o'.i-.i Vnllev
Civil I'.cli.l
Ml. PVult
I'iiiii Cii-rk
Cm (, k
M . i In l 'i ok
I ili'tl'l tin
Ion Mllo
I Will.tir ;i C
1 Mi..... "
F.Ik I. in . I
Sl-nlllilltrn ,1 t
! C.itii.i:i nil,', ,; I
Ca'iipuui.i .
! I'.iinl
I In' i'iiiii m i : i ,. 1 1 1 1
1 1 vv Click
if t'inpiill
inkllll' llilH'l
.1 lu
,.,,!ii liuii I li
(; lti-4 I ii lil'ld
III i .ti II ili'-
i. r- ,
i ii.
I, !
piliu.ii l.'.i I i i Y. t
ill I in. ii' ii i! . . i
.in. i .ii i i,'i ..
Aptil :!. '.-vi .
ll I
M vornl pi mini ii '.
; Borvo uu ii iiu-in'.i i
; c.iiiiiin'ti o I ii ih,-
I'llO. I. VI l ill I
N' 'l I HI II , I 1
' )ll.-lil l of 1 1 10 l I II I. I
cn'iiily -'i.vciili'
j 1 llO I 'I I III t I
I'tnvui I ! I Mil '
1 1. 1 1 1 c 1 1 1 ..'!'.
mull I,
ll. I
II i i I, Il il ' Iho
liuiiio ono pclMili In
l tho i 1 1 ' t i ' y i i-ntial
i mil mi! t v ii V t .ii ti .
I'.' Il 'llill jli I ul llio
. I .ii i, i .in li !. ! Inl
null . l.l il lo, t I. iimo
. . . ilillo.l I i llio
n I ir i .'l.lir in.itl'ill.
, . . ilul li lc I Unit IXI
i p.' - .11-4 II .1 111
' I I 1 1 I 1 .'I lo I'O II' p' I"
I w
n. I vi .
Hi N ...N,
( ll.llllllilll.
c.ill lii .M.i'. . Loin cntloii.
lot li" mi v i I 1 1 . i. nv loi .1 ho I.e.
lie i
Hi,, h. i' . ;i. .,' i nl U ilil .111.1 nil
,, i i' i i i ! : I 1 : uu .ii o c.irii-
vei .a i!..
c-tlv I.. I
C ' 'II Willi.
in. In. M
,,l ,!,' -i:i 1. 1 !...
M -I '. :' i
Ir l l I I . . .'lit .i: :i in M
nl . i i ..! i in I ; - i-i iii ti i "' s -
.in l.i 1 1 - 1 -. f T ti e purpim i
.!. ' ,- i ' . i . I In- . lu'c v elf
I . : I I i . . : i ..( I'u. ' ' .1 1 1 d nil
. I '
w i i.i I : i -1 . ii i ! it'.i 1 1
r. I -1 ' I ' .- . I'll I i
IC '
ilniiiii it atoi '-.
ii 1 1
. t i'
iinl.U I
in-. 1 1. ui
l . i .m
in j
urn l'
M AtMo.NS.
ii i'i ihi.
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