The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, March 03, 1898, Image 2

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lb following paper an follow
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Fruitage fy
" Wrbfool Planter 1
1I. "OitkviiUii ' n.vlj uorccouiuNti.Uli.'ii
It is ni'tl known in l lie people of Orvffpn. Uic
"luter Otwu" it a Ki puUiiu paper ptiutitl at
fhlc(p'. H niiinblf, trtial'li- ami iirv.
ami juct the tiling lot winter cvculug by llif
II rlilo. 1 hr "IManl.r' 1 an agricultural r
per, mul ' Fruitnsfc" i I ho ouly panvrj lu Amer
ica .UruloJ to fruit railing. The'
iirv ui.iultily publlcail.'U.
Avail yourK'H if ttiia opportunity u ccure
rntrrttlntng and profiublcjvadiug cheap.
MARCH 3. 1893.
With tbia ieaue the uuderigued re
linquiehet tbe editorial management of
the Piai.vdeale, E. D. Stratford, Eeq.,
assuming control, having purchased my
interest therein. Tbe paper will con
tinue to advocate republican doctrine.
It will stand for tbe beet intereeta of all
the people aud against tbe theories of
visionaries, now championed by the so
called union party and its organs.
J. B. Eddy.
With this issue of tbe Piaixhk allr I
take editorial charge of tbe paper an J
and become alone responsible for its
policy aud editorial management. I
make this Ftatement in order that if any
thing should appear in theee columns
which may not meet the approval of any
one, they will know whom to criticise.
It has been said tbat when one Las be
come familiar with the pungent odor of
printer's ink, he can never effectually
overcome tbe fascination which lurks
about tbe print shop. It is also said,
that when a man has made a failure in
every other business be can become
either a statesman or an editor. I hard
ly know which of these causes was tbe
moving one in this instance. I have
had sufficisnt newspaper experience to
koow tbat I have undertaken no light
task, considering the conditions which
exist in Do u das connty at this time.
The land office, post office, aud ttberifTs
office are all in the hands of the other
- w a, win tlm Ut W I mM
them to build up a strong paper, while
tbe republican paper has been compelled
to go it alone. ' llowtver Douglas county
is a republican county and there is no
reason why republicans who believe in
republican principles, and desire to see
theui prevail, should not give to tbe pa
per, which is the exponent of these prin
ciples, their earnest and hearty support
I shall do my level best to give tbe peo
ple of Douglas county a good, live, local
paper and one which they will be glad to
support. I hope tbe friends will not be
impatient. Kemeinber, it takes time to
build up a paper, and money to support
it. All that I ask is that if you find tbe
paper wortby of your support, you will
neip os wuu your influence. Oive us a
chance. E. D. Sibatfobd.
W'hereyer the populist party bas been
entrusted with power, it has kept erery
thing in a continual stew, and no where
bas it accomplished' any permanent
good. It is a party of agitation and dis
content. It is everlastingly trying to do
something outlandish and unreasonable.
It promisee everything and does noth
ing. It is for one thing today and some
thing else to-morrow, and every sew
proposition is more unreasonable than
the one which preceeded it. Its crazy
agitation disturbs values, retards busi
ness, keeps out immigration, stops the
building of manufactories and clogs the
wheels of trade and commerce. The
tax payers of Oregon will rue the day
tbat they permit them to get into pow
er. The many friends of Judge Fulierton
in this judicial district are very much
disappointed at his determination net to
accept a second term on the bench.
Judge Fulierton has made an enviable
record as a juBt and efficient oliicer. Tbe
amount of work which devolves on tLe
judge of this district as it is now consti
tuted, is simply appalling and it is no
wonder that the man who has bad one
term of it, looks forward with a great
deal of pleasure to the end.
'regon farm lands are beginning to
nave an actual cash market value again,
and men are coming into Douglas coun
ty every day from Eastern states, who
want to buy farms. Conditions are
thauging for the better all over Oregon,
and by next year, if we take no step
backward, by puttiug a lot of irresponsi
ble agitators in power in Oregon, we
will agaiu be ridiug ou the crest of a
wave of prosperity.
The Eugeue Guard (deiu.) copies the
following seutence from the Oregouian
nd prints it iu black letlere: " 'Pres
ervation of tbe existing gold standard' is
the pledge of tbe republican, parly."
The republicau party is not tryiug lo de- J
oy mai piopoettion. lo fact does not
want to, but rather desires tbat all tbe
people shall know tbat that is exactly iu
Word comes from Washington I hat
the coiiKrctRinniil iWlrgittion Iias recoiu
mended the appoint ment jf Hon. W. A.
Fraler as poptiuaiMiT t Knsoburg to suc
ceed W. II KitJipr, w hofo Irrui expire
Marvli Tib ll iimv 1 1 expected Ihal the
appoint innil will go In the eeiirtto lit
one. Mr Kiater will no tbnM hand In
his lexignation a rrtinly trciwnrrr at
the next Irtni of the county cotut which
will convene Wclm-cUv, March lliis
will .ve the court ampli lime to till ilio
vacancy, as it will no doubt lo at leant a
month tlio newly appointed pot
uater can ri.uij;. lo lake pote.i i.-n el
the otlice. Mr. Fraler in an old reldier,
and his apinintinenl was Ftroiulv uv- l
by Ine old (HiltluT t'leinent ol Hie patty.
While there may Ih fomo disappoinl
ment among the friends of ether appli
cants for the position, the t.nt rcmaiiiing
tbat Mr. Frater is a man of titiipicrtioucd
abilitr, iinwwervinit iutegriiv, ami a re
publican who never wan known lo I. titer
in Lis fidelity lo his party, no tme re
publican ctti art'jrd to do otlierwuc than
acquiesce in the nppoin'inent wl.en
The Indiealiotis now ate that Ikn
George M. Prow n, of Kiwling. will be
nominated by the lepublican o( ju
dicial dialriit. for .1 stint attorney by
acclamation and tbat tlicre ill I c but
little opposition to his eh etion in June.
This is as it should I e. The people
know (.ieore They ki.o Ida ability as
a prosecutor, his nnswervirg integ
rity, and the busines ability which
ectereil into his administration of this
office heretofore. Wln'.i li Incomes
conviuced that a man iharged with a
crime is guilty, he might as well come
in aud "less up," George will get him;
on tbe other baud be never allowed the
office to be used for the purpose of luu
rasaiug or persecuting any cne. If after
investigatiou he became conduced that
tbe ends of juttiee would not be sub
served by a prosecution, he never al
lowed himself to te forced into a prose
cution. George is au ideal prosecuting
A very pronounced pjpulist of this
county, who bas been claixirs; all the
while tbat times ate uo better than they
were under democratic rule, has ibaned
his mind. Two years ago be priced a
farm adj-xnirg his home plaiv, an I was
saving up money to lake it in. l.att wtck
be struck the owner to close the deal,
when to his disgust be learned that it
would take 1500 more to get the laud
than it would have done tw o years jgj
The seuate on last Monday by a vute
of 50 to I'1 refused to recognue the claim
of Corbttttoa seat iu the I uited Mates
senate. Thus the last shameful lcg.icy
of the revolutionary legislative "h.ild
np" of a year ago Las teen pro cily aud
justly disposed of. The justness vf the
decision is so apparcut that uo rer.svu
able man can tind ouh'ht lo sav against
This government has a vault eiLt ice',
wide, ten feet high, and U'3J feet loo,:.
packed from floor to ride pole w ith
coined silver dollars. 1'jrirfc' the past
fifteen years the government has coined
one-third of tbe entire silver product of
tbe world, and lept it ou a par with
gold, and yet a lot cf ptuplc arc net sat
isfied with tbe silver ijuestiou.
If you are a property owut-r and desire
to see your state march at the Lead cf
the procession, lead the column of pro
gress and prosperity, ride iu the baud
wagon as it were. Vu should proe to
the world next Juno that you are not in
fatuated with the ha: urn ecaruai schemes
ofwild-ejed populism.
Tbe old fashioned pop, who useJ to
sit around on tbe goods boxes and howl
about tbe government running behind
every day, must now change the burthen
of bis song. I'uring the month of Janu
ary laBt under republican rule, the gov
ernment receipts exceeded tbe expendi
tures by ?Sl,C2b.30,
The republican press of Oregon is for
harmony" offices first, conscientious
convictions after wards. Kev ie w .
The fueionists are not after the ollices ;
oh, no. All they want is the initiative
and referendum, or free silver, or any
old thing, but not the cilices. What
humbug 1
Its enough to make a cow lau-h to
hear some life-long, moss-backed, rock-
ribbed, bourbon democrat, ask Home
rickety riy-up-the-creek republican-pop,
who claims to have left the republican
party from principal, how "our'' cam
paign is getting along.
Hon. A. M. Crawford iu in receipt of
letters from all parts ol tbe state, tender
ing him good w ishes and support a- a
candidate for secretary of state. His
prospects for the nomination are very
flattering indeed.
Tbe Eugeno Journal, Secretary Kiu
caid's paper is giving aid aud comfort to
the silverites. The Journal is consistent
to say the least. It has always been the
champion of lo to 1.
If this government can't keep a millili
ter in Spain without his being suiround
ed by Spauiub soldiers to prevent his
assaritiinatioii, he should be called home.
Fusion W like the measles. The only
good thing about it is tbat you will never
be alllicted by it more than once.
There are fellows in Oregon who
would kick if it rained silver dollars
every morning before breakfast.
It is over a week siuco the Maine blew
up, aud yet no one has attributed tbol
. . . . . . . . . . I
raiue to either Mark ifaiiua r the A, I',
As 'aklnnd Oazotle.
Till- AtAIM; Al FAIR.
More thai) two we-ks has now rlvd
siuio the destruction ol the battleship
Maine shocked the world, and yet so far
as the public is concerned, we know no
ui.te of the cause than to did the uioru
ing following the tragedy.
The hliip U still at the bottom ol the
Havana harbor thin much we know, and
it looks now as if the court of impilry will
return a verdict that lh ship exploded
herself, committed imicidii as II wore
We piefer lo say nothing as to tbe de
velopiucnls of the invrot i JHtiou, rather
th.m to palillHh siMis.iMi inal reports
whii li .no whollv without foundation,
On Hit whole, Hehernl the Keview
appeaix to Ih incliued to treat m decent
Alter all Charlev ii not a bad lellow, or
would rot bo ll allowed to follow hm ow
inclination. l was wtdl raised and
eomta ol a line f.unily. lie could not re
fram however, Irom two or three vtry
nnpioMv slurs at lli management ol
tlu.ip.uvr, both pistatnl prospective
llu intimates that there is a mortgage on
the i'l. mmu. m i At plant. Well, ho will
liud, a wi.l everv one else, that there
are no Mrlii on the editor.
lie also iiitiuuiti a that we were con
mi tod w it It a populist p.ii'cr "back In
Kaunas" at some time in our history
We had sniped that when n man came
west, no ore was allowed to et inire as
to his ir!.v history. I' s-nuetimes leails
to'it complication!". ow, we
di n't snppos- that the readers if ibis pa
nor or auvone e'so, cares a rap wba' H
litioal vagaries winay have bceu guilty
of in the past as long as we liehave our
selves in the future t here is one thing
however, to wbi' b. we can point with
pri lo, and iht i, '.hr.t while we have
li.en aoiustd if ; great manv mean
thin.:?, we were never accuse I of lioing, or voting a democratic ticket
We cast our tir.-t vote for lT. S. lirant lor
president, and have voted for every re
publican camliil.ttc lor pren-tent since
that ti ro. Now, as to our having at one
time edited a populist inner, hor two
or three tears prior to lsy;J, there bad
been three parties in Kansas, and in our
count v, tepubhean, populist and demo
crat, l'here was a populist paper in our
countv published Pv it tlanuel-mou'.neu
do -j, oe: at, who undertook, just as tbe
Keview is trving to do in Douglas county
to turn the populist party over to the
democrats, body and breeches. Some ol
the old populit or alliance) farmers, ob
jected to teuig swallowed by tbe demo ie anaconda, and proceeded to es
tablish a middle-of-ihe-road, anti-fusiou
anti-democrat paper, hailing a news
paper net being exactly in their line, and
as we hal done newspaper work ou and
on ior some veais, they made "satisfac-
torv'' arrangements with us aud we be
came responsible for the editorial mau
aement ot the paper. And say, we
made it so hot for that fusion outfit
that they weut out of buaiuees, and I
gave np ii i V job, which lasted about six
mouths, tie also charges tbat we are au
advocate of free coinage of silver. Those
who read this paper in tbe future will
have an opporlunily to become informed
as to our ideas on this and other ijues
lion. Simon Caro.
Hundreds, ol (he more intelligent peo
pie of 'regon have commeudably thrown
aside ordiuary party bias and entuusi
astically united uhju Mr. Simon Caro as
thi; proper man for the position of re
ceiver of th 9 I nited States laud ollice at
Koseburi;, Oregon. He is a mau who
stands huh in our community aud
well Muaiiued iu every particular for tbe
positiun.aud is entiilud to the honor
witlnut a '.banco ol question. Mr
Caro's influence bas not been confined
to the promotion of Uoeeburg's interests
alone. Kroad-uiinded, far sighted aud
progressive, be has always been identi
tied with the Iciding interests of tbe
state, puliti'.al, social aud industrial
Formally tears his counsel has bef-n
soti.t by those w ho knew its value, anJ
for as many years he has been closely
related to the development of interests
to 1 'i-t'iua'i mercantile and industrial
progress. Mr. Simon Caro will make an
ideal custodian of public moneys. Amer
ican Hebrew cws.
U. ii. Thompson aud son, C. K
iliompRon.ot Clinton, Arkansas, were
at the McClalien House last week. They
came in search of homes and expressed
themselves as being well satisfied with
our climate, as also the fertility of the
soil, but they think tbat $100 per acre
a little rich for a common farmer's blood
As there is plenty of good land for sale
iu Douglas county, it is to be hoped
these gentlemen will find suitable homes
There are three little things which do
more work than any other three little
things created they are the ant, the bee
and JJeWitt s Little tarly Misers, the
last being the famous little pills for
stomach aud liver troubles. A. C
Marsters c Co.
The tew steel cells in tbe county jail
are almost in place and nyeted together
About four inches of cement will have to
te placed on the floor of the "reception
Face, Hands and Arms Covered
Scofulus Humors How
Was Effected.
" When five years old my little toy had
scrofula on bis face, hands and drum. It
wan uort on his chin, although the sores
on his checks and hands were very bad.
It iippturcd in the form of red pimples
t hi' h would fester, break open and run
ami then w ab over. After disappcarim:
tin y w ould break out again. They caused
intense itching and the little sufferer had
to lie- watched continually to keep him
from beratchlnjr tho sores. Wo became
greatly ulurmed at his condition. My
wife's mother had had scrofula and tho
only medicine which had hclpd her was
Hood's Harsaparilla. Wo decided to give
it to our boy and we noted an Improve
ment in his case very soon. After giving
hi four bottles of Hood's fjarsaparillu
t ' humor had ull been driven out of his
i j.1 and it has never since returned."
William LAirrz, 11U Bouth Williams tit.,
buiith litnd, Indiana.
You cun buy Hood's Karsuparilla of all
druggists, lie- sure to got only Hood's.
Hood's fills
AdniiiiMralor'4 Notice.
mull ixiKiail link bun t -the County (.'unit
nf lJuut'lu' comity, Ou t-mi. .July aiipmulid Ai-
niiiu-tiiiinr in uic- J.-lule ol i). B. .MecuiaplJC-ll,
i.iium-'I. .Ml (K-rm-lin Jiaviliv eluJlim uKUllihl
niil'l iiilnii; iiru liorcliy re'ipim-d In preient tliu
mill--, w i Hi pmprr vnut lien) iluly erifiud, tilth in
MX niniilli Imiii tliu 'lute if tli i h until u, to tbe
iiuui rsin'iii ii. ut ills ri-ki-ji m i- iu oni una, uoug-
I-1- l.r ll it i V 1 11 ll . I '
I-L-liriiuiy ZIUi, J.iS.
H. K. A DA M.s.
A l m I ii ixi rfi (or of tlic Itd:
bell, Uveencd.
of I. I.'. Mcfainp.
Primaries April
2nd. County ton
April Oth.
The republicau county ceutial commit
tee tor liigtaa rounlr met at the court
house last Saturday "afternoon, F. S
llenaon, chairman ; H. C. Flint, secretary.
There w ere preaent Irom I no several
preeinla the following members i Co
Creek, lirant l-evene, bv J. I. Chapman,
prexy ; UUndale, A Mainhal. by C. .
Sehlttredrt, proxy i C.inyoiiville, I.. Chap,
man, by ,i. I, Chapinoi. proxv ; Kiddle,
It. V. Kbbtl,. , altiHo Cirnk, V. I
Uichey; Ten Mile, I;. F. Walub ; Catnua
Valley, Jamea Mot re, by A.M. Craw
foul, proxy; laKiking (ilaee, A. S. Ituell ;
Veft Uttecburg, l. K. Huiok ; Cmp
ipia, Simon Caro; Itoeeburg. S. V. Flini ;
I Kit Creek, J. W. Wright ; Wilbur, T.
ti. Oonnell ; Coles Vallev, K. Wotnlrull ;
Millwthiii, W. S. Hot do"ii, prosv; l-ala-Hoi,
A F. Ilrown; Oakland, II. Cm Ii
ran, by V. A. Sehlbrede, pi isv; Von
ealla, A K Shipley; Fass Cieek, J
Itlaok ; ComaUn k, F. .M Sleaatl, by J.
I". Hiiileee, proxy; .S-oilshuig, Hen lint.
ler, by l: . Sintfoid. proxt ; I'.lkton,
ll. Hiowii, by J. . Miuh, proxy. A
le of the precincts wete not repri sented
either by the regular delegate or a proxy.
Persons preet'iit residing in raid precinct,
were rnpieeted to cad Ihtt vote (or tho
After some discussion Saturday, the
'Jnddaytf April, at 1 p. m., was the
date fued for tho primaries, and Wed
nesday, tho Oth, as the date for tho con
vention. The convention will consist of 124
delegates as follows: One delegate at
large, and one lor each 20 votes or fr.ic
tion of Ti thereon, or over east for Hon.
K. S. Hean for supreme judgo in l.nw.
A resjlution was was passed retuiring
the various preeiucla to name their com
mitteemen at (I e time of the holding ol
the primai ies. The committee also
recommend that no pro lie te al
lowed in the convention except In tbe
bauds of bona tide residents ol the pre
cincts from whence tho ) roxy comes.
This is a good recommendation aud
should be regarded by the convention.
It will preveut it falling into tho bands
of political brokers.
The committee also resolved to lick
Spain if it should be determined that
the blow ing up of the battle-ship Maine
was the result ol Spanish treachery.
This resolution was introduced by Mr.
Wright, who has smelled powder, and
championed by Mr. Craw ford, w ho was
"wilho" ". It passed by a large majori
ty. One good thing about the sessiou was
the feeling that with a good ticket and a
united effort, victory in June would le
ou the side of the republicans. There
was no feeliug of delicacy either about
saying tbe republicans wi re for the gold
standard. "Ilali-heartedness never won
a battle." The people know just where
tho republicau party stands. The guage
of battle has been thrown down and
taken np. Now, "Cry havoc! and let
slip the dogs of war."
lor Sheriff.
I hereby announce uiynulf a candidate
for eherilt, subject to decision of the
republicau county convention
J. II. Ii 1 Ul '11..
For Representative.
1 hereby respectfully auuouuce that I
am a candidate for representative, sub
ject to the decision of the Hepublicau
County Convention.
Aluieo M. Mali lit.
Health is
Pure Fresh Drugs
Filled Accurately
And With Dispatch.
A Full Line of Patent Hedicines and
Toilet Preparations.
Cass Street Markets.
I have opened up agaiu with a full line of
At ray Old .Stand on Jackson Street.
Cigars & Tobaccos, Nuts &
of Teas and Coffees
i nil i.ii'l rum int o jdiiih U'('
Republican County Convention,
A delegate convent ion of the republi
can voters ot iMllgUa nullity 1" ln'M'bv
railed to meet in the ivipi room In I! n
burg, on We.lnenl.iv, Apnl ti b, Istis, it
the liour ot In o'clotk, . n , lor the pur
pose of nominating count v . tli.'i rs. ami
electing 11 dob nutoa to Ihe c .i'UTomIoi.uI
convention w ht. h no els nl Ivuene on
Monday, Apnl 1 1, ist'S, hiuI II .l-l.nies
to tha atale conteniloii, w bleli mrels at
Aaloiia on i hiirs.l iv, tp'b II, I tMH,
lo traio-a. t mii h ot i-or lumi an rbub
propel I v etnun I elore a il mt... i n.
the cilivcntu.n wi'l .0 I I
delegntea appointed hh follow- line
delegate at Urge lor each t aid
tine lor eat Ii 20 volea ur flat -ion .1 In.
tir oter east (,r Ii S, Heau loi r i u me
juiUe i i l.stMi Tlmt will make M e I 'pn
seuia'ioii an follow.. :
Koat burn
IVerCm l
I ' in I ii i
Win K i e'
Mi Set I
I '.IS I I'll I' W
Cniili i k
Mtrtlo CiteH
i ilon.l.ile
I'. u Mile
lUkhii d
Cow Cirek
Mast I'mpipia
l.'Hiking (ilani
I ake
oil' al a
Ci yont j I,.
Coles X'allet
Civil Item!
Seotlal urg
Cam.ia Vallev
Total 124
The commi. ti c iceouimoiuls tbat the
primaries to elect said delegittea be hold
at the u-ual toting places in each pre
eiuot at I ii'cloek, p. in. of S.ittirda' ,
April 2, IS'.'S.
It is further leo.' d 'hat the
st vernl piiuiaiii s t ho"Hii one p. iuii to
sol ve as a n euitu r id the county ceu'ial
commiltte for iho eoming two tium.
There w ill aleo Ui nominated at the
several piimaiy eltc ionn, candidates lor
justice of Ihe e.ioe and . oio-titblo, a hoar
nomination nuict In. eeitilie.l to the
coiinlv convention for contltma'iou.
The toiiaii't fit recommeU'ti'd Unit no
promt be ctven to porsoin nnl actual
reO'lonls o I Ihe pioi n i ts to be n p-e-Sentinl.
Hitsebur, llregoii, Feb. 2tl, IS'.iS
F. W. Uk.nso.n.
S. C. Fiini, Chairman.
Secret ait.
All persons are hereby notified not to
hunt or tii It or otherwiau ;trespas on the
proHity known as the iHmglaa county
fair grounds S. C. U tiii iu'M.
Oregon reotived its uamo fiom tho
Spanish word orfgi:a, meaning wild
majoram, which growa iu ahuudauce on
ttie I'aoitio thoru ul this state.
Crockery anil
(Jlassware !
Iin;t-i iin-i Kiio-t -iiiii ii
(.m ci 1'M'tikjhi i Ui'ti i u i -c
CtMllpIl tc lit!' nf
Kir.ti i ..- AMi i'J...K-
All kind:? of Country Produce
uosMiujiu., tKKar,
jfitr tt I'reolcr.l Am nm n iy l.i ok hiuI MI i'i.!t t
lr Vxa (rum li i k ti ruiiiii; itiol ).u wniuiiii: luid. I'rti s-t
liv lor (or lUtUily ( mik k, I t Una ni uihjmI ui ihe lt niol nil
ol Uic true 1-k.. Ilntr -(-i nl Him ninl tnxticv In unlrr (m; I
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Wealth !
Pork, Mutton,
Candies, Also a full Line
of Best Quality.
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New Store !
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Staple and Fancy
Country Produce Hought and Sold
Low Prices!
The Eclipse All Brass Spray Pump !!
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Spray Pumps, Uaniboo Rods, Double aud Sinv-.k- W iiikuiI
Xozles, Strainers, Hose, Ktc., at
Heels Over Head
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
You Have
Always Bought.
New Goods!
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Prec Delivery
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hoots, siioils, inc.
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