The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, February 10, 1898, Image 4

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ii.rt . Nvvniic
V. B.Hi!iiatiini. . -
' Huvcrtior ...
Hocretary l Mlalt-
Ktato 1 n-atirt-r
Hnpt. 1'nii. hilriii'(lf.n-
put t'rliitrr .......
Attorney ti.-iteral
Supreme Judaea
tThm. II. Tongue
William I'. Iml
.,. 11. R. klutaitl
1M Thll Mctachua
tt. N. liwin
II. LccU
.., .'.. M. MW-umn
. r. A . Moor
... K. WolrciuiD
CR. 8. Bran
i J. R. rtdtlT
11 all mat I I'liiumluimirn ,1. A. Macjiim
f H. B. I'otrtpaoD
Clark ol Railruad l ommiMlon LpJcll Baict
...., ... u. Kullcrton
rrcwrlitilt'AtUirilcr Vt V a.tC
u. a. LaM orma, ("I'!
lU-calrcr .
Rrflatrr .
. R. tt. r-horidau
r, u. vcaica
V. 1. WIlTKla lIV.
... Thua. Uibaun
A. W. Rccd
1 T. Rridm.
H. 6bup
B. C. Af
W. A. F rater
.... i. Brill
. A. T. ftaro
H. I. Trtnmpann
, W. K. Nichols
Will r. HfTdon
Dr. K. U Mi"r
Thoe. Smil
!j. t. en
Jf- J;
li. W . It
School gupcrlwltnt
( ounlr Judge -
Surveyor -...
Ehecp luipcclor
rmcmcT orruiM
Justice ,
John Hamlin
...H.V;. eiocum
i ITT or oIBl'0
A. V. Manlcre
Ut Mill
Jml W ant
Jril Want
Ilh Want
IKK. slnmi-n-X'K
K'. W. I'ar
iH. . emulou
( 1. Moore
I A. Hold-
f Win. 1'erry
tC. A. bohli-rvdv
' (J. C. Aiken
. lX-iter Kiev
....Ooo. leipy
f. . JJillanl
The rircuit Court (or DowjIm County meeU
three time year a follows: Tna id Mon
day in Marcn, me no our
i.i Uondit n December. J. C. Fullerton ol
Rocburj Judge, lieo. M. Brown, ol BowDurf,
P,r&mUc3;e 1.1 wednejd.r
the Ut Moudy ot Janunry, rcn, J. I
m-ptenibcr mid Sovcmber, A. T. 'earnj. oi
Oakland, iudec; M. D. Thompson of SeplUburs
and W. II. NichoU. ol KUluie. coraniiMiuuc.
1' rebate Court U in actsion contlnuoualji A.
glcarni. iudce.
Nothing Ventured, Northing tialncd.
I wa toiirlin' Amiit'lU
Moii'Iir iH'fitrti l i;t a Kin!".
When I'd Htkrri lr nm nln-'d alrt
Mtiali nn" h.v : " 'lnil rr.i r
Bui t'liw tnnlil i. fiiilin'
Moinvllim' mm iihI lo liiHfor I'iih.
" Aakin" lor a kica m UM'lefn ;
lilip h r liM an' ki'I "'"'i V'Iiiip. '
So I Kii'"l lit ran' I WnrvA lu i
KiaKCil lu-r rli-ta uu' li un'lmir;
An' I licit Iut to m I'lwznin.
An I e.iitinfil lior it (r laii
Iid the t.iiw'l'.' Nil! ni Vr 'n lilit
nln' Miu was kia-in' Uik likt I'm,
bb hvo kepi il up Itll ini lmn'il
II I uaJn't 'i1''1 1u' 11,11 :
fr-av, thai ninlil I lirtrne l a Itwii,
An' Ihitt leason it i linn
Ankin' fer a i i" in neii'i.
tirii ver sirl an lake r ki!.
N. V. .1 I'll r ti.1 .
oitosi.s ii'hon.
The Chairman ;of the I'opulist 5tatc
Committee Addrcsse Mis I cl
low Populists.
IJolm W 'ling ill thv l.iV).'ii nil '
i I am ic receipt of lelleie dom mativ
popnliMs ruakird ii -miry as lo lmt i',l
be the policy ol iLe i-pie" patty i'i the
COiniiiR catupigti. and rfpfi-ia'lv a?kms
M lolhe rosiliou vl llie party upon Hip
mieetiou u( (usiou or union, lo at.t-wer
all these letters teparately wi uM involve
too much time and labor. Iieiuv tins
staiemeot, wbifh I as J on to pul li'i.
.1 he first pl08tii n is t-a.-i1 aiwciwl
in Un- only way pastil le. Ii i not
iithiu tuv pruvitin' to say Hitf pol
icy of llie'parlv will to, lor no man .m
know uulil aliir the i-Uto minfiiliou
shall have met ami formulated ii- plat
form. It is certain, however, that it
snnsl lollow the altruisno Imf i i's
mission, or it will perish.
In a general answer to the impnries. 1
can say for myself alone wh.i' I tiiiuk.
an, I biv the rvasons lliertior. mo reo-
rle' narlv was boru of a neeescitv. l'he
conditions which invoked its biilh ttill
exist as reasons for its perpetuity, ami
. , . i i
re more aeeentuateu now man ueu
the aiaha platform was proinu tf.tUM.
tint as a nretense for mercini: uiul sub
tuersing Ihe peoples' partyrh and in
to the democracy, it ia claimed that that
great national organization, with its live
millions ol vo:eis, at tnuai;o m u n,
was stricken, like l aul, wit' me ii,hu oi
heaven, and iuiuiediately forsook its sin
ful ways, becoming instantly dear in
body, soul and record. No one familiar
with the duplicity within a few davs
eubsequenlly it practiced upon lue peo-
Elca' party national convention ut M.
ouis, and with the contumely and con
tempt the ueniocrauc leaoers ami i-re.-e
have since Leapeo upon tue ihjpuums m
ererv state in the I uion, believes lor
J. T. Bryan, the Dusy Watchmaker.
Caro Bros, aro the bosa aierchante.
:. i., ilu Kowleaf for the best cigars. ,. umciit iiw I deioocraey's 6uJJen conversion or its
h h V . pretenlioQB of favoring any ccono.m,- or
.. ... i . . ,i t ;i I governmental reiorm, tunn n.u.. ".
Vnr I rKt-cla8S dentistry UO to l'r. Little "... ... , ,
single momeut in the sincerity of the
of Oakland
Key West, iniortcd
cigars at the Koeeleaf
state or local.
aud domestic I
Immediately after the close ol Ihe pons
in November, l-', the national demo
cratic leaders, including Mr. Bryan, Lim
it v..i .1.. iiuinaiu ( Mtiee on- ull. rntered r.ixm the cauipauu ol lAi
. '. . , vo vvv ' i ' i 1 I 1 1.1 1
with " ree silver as me tuiuuuiem, auu
Bryan as the foreordained apoatle ol the
ranap n ruler the democratic banner.
In every uloement oiaJo by tiiem since
1 . .. 1 1 . u it x- in, ma btlfr-B III
. . . . ii i iiniinr mi iiiiiw k: in f?: iia tiiijw.i
For a good hal, Blyliib aud cheap, tau B;iu.r forcl.e. the aim aud
purpose incidentally has ieeu to iicsiro)
the peoples' party organisation aud al
sorb the "free silver republican.'' And.
in proof of this, as the time lor i tie
elections approaches, the "silver f-nces"
I . .4 ; I -a snri'n.l Ill till Mm
The Square Heal store has just opened that t'. CQ baV(J uniou ltvv 8llver aDll
up a Deauumi line or v . xwuku rej0rm only within the democratic lold
noeite the poet office
At Oakland. T. L. Graves is uthori.ed
lo receive and rsceipt for subscriptions to
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
embraces all grades ot ncad gear.
Money lo loan on city and country
property. - D. b. K. ci ick,
Marslers' Building, Roeeborg, Or.
the M.
shoes, which prove to be the beet ihoe
made. Come ana inspect mem
The W. C. T. U. will hold its regular
meetines on the second and fourth
Tbuisday of every month at 7 :30 p
in the Epworth League room of
E. church.
To the Ladies of Roseburg and vicinity :
Call on Caro Bros, and secure greater
haraaina in novelties and all line at
rntnda than at anv other bouse in the
ritv. fhev have the uoods. and the
lowest prices.
J. D. Mann's feed store is the place to
If free lilver constituted the whole,
sole demand oi populibiu , or if the restora
tion of silver alone were potential enough
to readjust society to the industrial con
ditions that have fallen on the worll ad
the result of labor-eaviug inventions aud
the corresponding cooperation of capital
to exploit labor by means of trusts and
combines, fostered and protected by
law, then tLe democratic party 's demand
that the reform forces thai! come uu Je'
its banner would be naturally reasonable
and just, if its sudden conversion w ere
truly ltke Paul's siuce.e. But, the
matter of democratic sincerity aside.
Juno election. The neaitt-t nppioath
that can be made to union, tl it irtti ho
made at all, might 1o l v the indoise
ment c( the popnlitU platfurm and ticket
bv the democracy, and that parlv'a ab
solute telireiiieul from tho held of poli
tics in thin state. I am ii'ifectly well
awaic of tho contempt liiia Ktatement
wiil meet with at the bauds ol "hungry
hiintois," but unless I have been girally
deceived and unto misttudoiMand tho
poptilitil heart and pnrpote, such will bo
the nrarcft approach to an ettiH'livo un
ion of tho nilver (ones Unit can N made
in Oregon, so (ar aa tho populial are
Speaking for myself, if I were a dele
gate to tho xtato convention, and could
lo ussuicd that ouch iiidoiseuictil would
to given end thai the democratic ma
chine would abandon the political held,
I wuuM do all in my power to accord the
fice nl or voters outside of the populu-l
i .t 1 1 W t a perfectly fair aud reasonable
roprefcnlation on the populist state
tu kel -conditional, always, thai such
iijpulist ticket tdiould bo Ibe only one
placed in the held agaiust the gold stand
ard nominees. If Ibis wore done, every
popiilitt would fully understand (hat it
w.Mild only be an ucveptanee on their
i :i 1 1 of tho assignment of tho deuioe-
arcy'a bankrupt stock, for they recoguixe
the l.ut that Ihe ir.-uo m una eongres
ional campaign will turn upon tiage'a
currency reform plan, in contesting
wt ich ttie freo silver man will have to
get oil' the Chicago platform to defend
the irredeemable-liat greenback, or let
that go by default and content himself
with a defense of the fifty ceuts of rial in
the silver dollar.
With regard to f'isiou in tho counties,
if it shall not bo accomplished, as herein
suggested, by tho retirement of the
Bryan democracy from the liold, then
let thi fusion ptipulift ak hiiurelf upon
what lints and for what reason a ftisiou
or union w ith tho democracy should be
sought or accepted, rouiemberiug lint a
political party ia responsible to public
opinion lor tho ulhcial acta of the oUlciala
it elects, and that divided responsibility
is no reepouibility at all. The peoples'
party ought lo bo and would be respon
sible to public opiuiou for the otlicial
couduci of the ollicers it might elect
under ihe procedure hero suggested, aud
for ihe cleau, honest performance of
their duty it would claim the undivided
ered.t. In ewry county of the state
wheie our p.irtv has been in power,
eci nouiv, Iticiencv and houusty have
marked ih. career of the othcials.
County ecnp haa gone up, oihcial ex
travagance has gone dowu, the treasur
er s del ts are ocing paid, raxes are oe-
ing paid, taxes are being reduced, aud
public justice h admt metered witli a vig
orous clean band. Wtuit has the demo
cratic party in these couotiej to offer as
a record upon which to baso a fusion
with the pop;iliats'.' Ihe populists
woiild ii'.'t be tools : they word 1 Ins knaves
tot-hare their political credit with Ihe
ro'US they have ousted, and in counties
where they h ue not won they would be-
Uav Hie principled they profess by joiu
ing bauds with any party whose record
issriitit, simply lo get a bharo of the
loaves and lishes. I hey are, to l
ei'.ro, thuusanJd' o! able, sincere aud
luiicsl men in tho demo:ratic ranks, but
no oue ot them, not all of lUeui together
are as strong ad their party machine or
superior to their individual prejudices;
otherwise, thev would have pnrilie-l or
left their parly long ago.
Tome, personally, the result ol ihe
rticiendum vote upon the ouestion ol fu
sion is ol little iiioiueul, Il the object
lesi-jii ol funon in the presidential cam
paign hat been lust upeu other lop'i
lists, it has not been ii(i'ii me. I sup
ported Mr. Bryan loyally and with all
Ibe abiiitv I may possess, uot because
my heart was in it, but because my party
in national convention so decreed it, and
my own position in the people's party of
Oregon forced me to obey, the peoples-
party voters of thia state may decide to
again iusu with the democracy. If they
do so decile, they will fail to fun-- me
with i:. I did nut leave the republican
party to join tho democracy voluntarily,
nor did I jjintho people.-' party to be
come an iuvo:uutary adjuuci to uournuu-
ism. 1 cauuol bo caught in tho same
democratic tiap tice.
J-il v C. Yui.v.,
Ciuiruiau 1'eoples' 1'arty Stato Ccu
tral C'-'iumitlcc.
A republican convention lot llio slate
ol Oregon ia hereby called lo meet In the
eily ol Asitnia on Thursday, Apnl Hal
II a.m., lor tho purpose oi nominating
candidates (or elate and district ollices,
"except congressman" and to trausaet
such other bunineaa as may properly
come In-loro said convention. Tho con
vention ill eon sin! of '." i delegates ap
IHtrtiolied among Ihe neveral coiinlieaol
Ihe t-latc as (olluas .
Baker II l.ineoln I
Benton i" l.iine I'-'
Claekaiuas I l.iuii I.'
Clatsop ID Malheur :i
tVlunibla t Maiiou '.M
Coos 7 Morrow I
1'iook I Miillnoinsh tt
Cuirv ;! I'olk S
IKiuglas 1 1 Sherman
tiilliam I Tillamook -t
liranl .'i l uiatilla II
Hartley:! liiiou
Jackson s Wallowa:,
Josephine .'t Wasco ID
Klamath :i Washington l-
l.ake: Yamhill HI
The raino being one delegate at largo for
each ciunty ami one delegate lor each
1XK) votes and faction thereof of M or
over as cast for William McKinley at
the presidential election held in Novem
ber. IS'H,
Ihe committee reconinienus tnat I lie
primaries be hold on Saturday, April:
and tho count? conventions, Wedues
dav, April i, l!S'.' unless otherwise or
dered bv thv several county committees.
Sol II listen, Chairman.
i N. Pknnv . Sec?.
Poor Faun to Knit.
l'lopoaitlouo "hi b. meive.l .y the
county clerk up t ' I.' m M.nib inn,
IS'i.t, (oi ol me I ' ' 't
farm, ah, nit 1.00 ucicH, ill out HH)
aercH (inning lands and balance p.tnluto.
(or a term ol one hi lime M'.iih t'oii-
Midctation to be liken ol Ho' plowing
done and grain i-on, tho tin i: oi a
beo lorry, mid Ixiaidmg ot ttie pinpeis
now tin ic.
Tin. ix nou on the place I iomdh, ..
lottf, wagon, hack, haii.nt, binder,
mower, li.i.v lUKe, iiinnaiois, iu h
vei y oinplelo oiittil lor i iiiiinug a I inn
and keeping boil -e, a li-l ol which tan
be seen ul Ibe ch-ik it olliee .uro, ,
.. .. . i i... Li,
cow s, ' lallleiH, .i ouiiini: mitce, .-o
ad id hogt and pig", ii mm giam mi l
hav. I'hehleiik is h.l hill" mot "ill
rent l.iuii iihont , iinpiiiiTi';- or slock,
but 'ii ( r to lent I. urn mid sell eipp
nu'iils lo same pit 1 1 y .
I'be light ii ten i veil to reject any or
all bid,.
A republican convention (or the liist
congressional district ol the slate ol Ore
ami is hereby calkM to meet i' me city
of Kugouo, on Monday, April I I, at ':;i
p, in., for tho purpose ol iiounnaiii.g i
candidate for cotinr.tss tor tho lirat con
gresalonal district, an I to trammel audi
other busir.eaa aa may properly come
belore said convention. I ho t oiiven
Hon will consist ot lit delfgileaap
portioned amoug the several counties "I
the district as follows
Coo j
The same ling one delegate at large
for each county and one delegate for
each '.MO v and fraction thercul ol oO
or over an caw, lor W illiam McKiuley at
the presidential election held in Novem
ber Iv"
lho committee lecoiiiuieiids that tho
primaries be held on Saturday, April '.'
and tho county convention Wednesday,
April i', 18' is tiulesi otherwise ordcied
bv the several county committees.
K. J . 1 1 KM'iiu k, I haiiiiian.
J. A W ii.m'N, Surctarv.
7 l.iuco'u I
.i Una I -
7- I. inn l-
d Marion '0
II I'olk s
S Tillamook
." Waahiugtou I.'
:! Yamhill 10
IN Itll t IliCl'll Ci'UUI Id Mil. "I Ml.
ol Uiei'.oti In Slid ll H" '" It I v i.l It lii'.lin.
W I' I mil, II. II. h tin ni l nit' I I'M1 M' 1,1 "
limoii nl 1'i.iinnlli'H' -it l"i "I"' ,"1'' "I S' '"l
mi. I Piiltcitiiv I iiii'l-. Mii'l I.. I tin-1"' i -Hi" nl
,. Inii'l- iiil-li'H lliurt'lia"'. I l.iliillil ,
,1, l. I Inn nl. 111, ii" ii.tnilnl-lisi"! 1. 1 Hi,-1 inn nl
William In" I101I.1 1 . In"'' "t l'"ti'.lo-1 .'loil' .
Ui,K,iii i M ,, u II 'Inn iiihV i i . bam. i '
I iimeio'n, All' " f M.olli , AlOi'i II MiiHIi
and r niali M l. mil . In n nl liix nl o.l
W IllUni ,- Ii." ninki r. iIm ea I'' n -iiilanU.
In Ijini,! I' t'.iiin-ii'ii Mild s.inili l l'i t'lilK,
nlmx v ilium il ileli-ti'liiiii-' :
In it,.- n one nl Hie Hinie nl iini 'in win and
i a. Ii nl win I lie nl'iit" I'oiii.l iVli'ii'lanl-, I iinia
I I 'am, 'i. .it an. I -iiiiili M l'i iiiil", no' In o lo o
pint .1 i.t iipi" hi aii'l aieow i lliiniiiiplitliii nli'd
nMlll-1 win HI Hie entlll'd tnnil and
i, ,n lho lili .no o ' ri'H-
It II llli' lllli l Mull
N IIIKt II. rl II I hi III t'l'
1 lllt.unll h.l I iiini'la I 'mini
int. ki, ut nl'
"lin.itl l ino Hint I'H'I'.lt1 tu ti, I'atlni'i, at I
run 1 1 1 nl lit t I'lallllllt", Itntilli V liillli- l I . . i.t
it iitiii- II 1 1 -1 ' t ninl ( mil
llndit't I, in ,
'--Ii li.litnU I
lliidit-t , iniit nl Hie hI.iii( iianid
I'. Si i. Iins,
t'oiinlv Judge,
,t mi- lult
i t tic
-111 t If
Glass and Delf Ware
al tonl!ii" I..W i-tiii'i". cut-
T.itua.tia aiu ti-iy pi-puUi .
I In-
t ltrl
t ii'H 1 m uti ft,
, III..
I "I
I Mll.-.
ill ,tr I. I III III Mil' I I I'll I , I
t,i. , Hi.- .'I i 'ln el Man ". ,H
V tl-1 ).'ll HI l"i-' in 'H'f ' " ' "" "" " '"
ii pp. a i mi. I iiiimwi -in" i .i ll
tin It ..I in. plitinnn "in ni-f' " " -'--'
unit I'll till' It In I pl.iw I Ml ti" '" in, in 'in
i il.. in ,,i lutii'i in, nliiiin .1 ill i in' Mini i "in
litllil ni'i'ii I lit- l.'ii'.ii ni'i "
" ...
I .1 I ..ii.l lln l.n' . nl Hie ll i t'l "
, i ,. 1 , nl m e .1 , a.Mi tin nil
I .1 . ill mi I In- in , "I I Hi' in t l" ' " 'i
ml ih.. ,t ' , "l lie ' ,. II" -' i "I H' M''. "I
,,-t. inn I H i ' i in Hie on ' i. an. 1 Hi.' mi i
I III' III ' , Li - f ', "II III l- .'" Il I . ';
..i-.. i.. . ii.i.iii,. ill it i...iii .'-. i-iinin r. ni int- -it
.1 ni lln l 1. 1 nl i. "i ' ' ii"' ' '"i"1
. .,,.1 In lllii- Ii. I ill '11 I II nil. .'" llll'l L' In
i: i m niiiiiiiiu on in-e
,M,,.. I 111' 11,',- II IIIII1H-. 1111 II'-' .' I--
elinin-. Ilieiii t I -. lit im in. in pi in e m iM-uur
noil! ain iHiriiiiilnii at tin finiii "i i I'niri m
lln liiiliiilliilt l ami t limn in i i"ii"iv i ntun .
In (. 1. t, K I W , W M illlllllll'! Hl.'lli't' " ' llll'l
', I. nl-. tlnliti N 's I'.-l-. Ilii'll't' l-mulltl',
lii.l, Hu in i- m -i l"il In l-la. nl I't ulniiili'' "I."
tlie v' . 1. 1 II.. -i ' , "I n' i nl I in lp -'" It
I , W M. nil In .iniiirU t niiiili . in lln' sluli. ol
i r i ' oi . mi l i iiiiliiiiinii!. In tin- NtiKii'Kiile. almiil
I, ,ni .l iiiel '"Hi at h i i i IbiiiI niiiie nr
j,-sv.'.i nllll tit. 1. Ilriiiitil-, Inli'llln
ini'til- iiii'l nppinlt li.tnt-. Hi .until" Pi li.liKlllii
"l lit auV lil-l' ul'l i ' laiintii', mill In l"U i In-t-'l,
ill. I tin- -ill. I 1-ii-ini.i . t'i'li I. .1 -"M. llll'l Hi
, . , ,1. ihi-r.-.-l iiimllt 'l In lilt' em in. nl
i-. iiii.I In Hie -aid nun i- o , a inllniit, In II
p. llii. , iiillli'lll nl lln- t nH, evpell.i initl
ill.tiill.t in. -ul. "l -tli'l nli' "lid Inn-. I'ltiire
'.'lid. I" Hi' i iw im III ii( "in llllll'lu'il iiii.I l"l I
ilnllitr- ni in n Ii i.l in i mini mr auui in '"! 1
tin 1..111I "lull "i mat a Inttlfcie p anitat.i- ti.l,
in lln- ptl' in. nl ul tin- aiiinnlil nl tmilit't line l.'f
pi I in I en I ami I lite It' I lll'iill lln- plnllll.-nt ) n.'li
i. tltn , hi iii..iU.'.i'.:i' ninl t niiipialiit, I"
ii ti l l t. it'll' liiii-tttl lln n-. -il n I tin- l au
nt pi'! it ni p' i .iiitiitin Iri'in Hut l-llt ttiiv ,.i
N,. tnil.. t. I-'1-, .in. I II. ut mi. ti nllii i ami mi
Ihri in h i. ami .ti i it"!' iiiiw In- lit, i.i nii'l t it
I.1..I In .. 'I t in-' in .hall l.i' li-t ull'l i ' ilt
til.te. it 1 1. 1 Unit pi n I til I Its luiw nml let nw't (il'lii
im ti I mi i iiii.I tiKniii-1 Hie .ul'l I J. 'I li.'i IO"l
ii- ii'liilinl-'lialiii til Hit' mt'l i -llli' "f Hn- iul'1
W llllitiii -In.- niiik.-i . .In I-. !. im any tli in ii ii
hi. Ii nun i . ii i a I ii ittl. i ttpi'li nm lln- pin
Iniit ..i tie
pi it'ini'iiit.
In the l"i I II..- Hlnl" n llirnmt mil at
It' ti'l.t ii-.pilii.l In ai.pinr ait'l itnittt't'r litu tntii
l.lnllll nl I'litllilllli' lilt . I iiaatiiiil wilt In Hit' alniva
i lilllli'l ai li'Hi mi Hie llml lnv nl Hin m tl tran-
Ini li tiit nl Hie itli.iw' i lilllli il l imrt, In wll, nit
Miiinliir lln .'ll tlav nl Mult Ii, 1 1' i ninl If
lall ml In anww r Inl tlanl lliel, nl lllu I'ltillllllla
it HI lake lililiiiiti iil ai'iiliiil tun Inr Hin mini nl
l-n'it'l llli Inn ii l lln-n "ii nl hn pit i 'lit pi-t
tt i.i, hum llii' nil iliiv nl rNnwmlM r. .'i7,
..i I alltitttet I' i'. Hint Inr Hn' t tail ami tilt
I. nf-. mi nl. n lln. a. II. .it
I hi. mitiiiii.iii. in tii .l dy an i.r h'r nl
II. ni I I itllnl'.ii, Iii.Ihi- n Hi ( iintt ami
.Int. . I tittilltirv lllli, li'.i.
liiinw n a I I'HttN,
).iii, .tliiuin t. l.'t I lninilitt
Nollcc u( I'lnnl Settlement.
NUlll It IH
until -I - In lli
IIMthHY I I V I N 111,11 I II K
I ii'linlnMialilt nl Hit. iittaln nl
hlMiiiillnl Uli'in, iltt t a-t tl, Iia. HI' 'I In r dual ai.
t iiitl ii. mit Ii ltd mi it 1. 1 nil 1 1 1 ami Hint
AI Hie Intui nl I' ol.M h a lit nf an Id ilnv, hat
Ik mi ..I In tlir I "inl l"t litiiiln nlijtt t lima. If
am lln re Ih-, . aatil m i uulil, ami Im lln' lti-
iiii iil nl al it i'inti.
I I.l. m, lli i- . pni.ii.iii-.i !) nini r "i int' urn.
Ah hi. niii., Jiiilni- 1. 1 lln- Intiniv t no 1 1 lor
.iniiila I'l'inili , sniti' nl Hi. null, inane ill" -"i
i 1 1 w i ix-r ivi,-.
I l-.iil'Ul I'lM Ul IMHIV,
V -1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 li.iliU nl Hn' I .intn nl Hlmnunnl
j.ti;, to. ii. t, ili-ei-atitl.
ni t tin' i-i. i
i nl ilirdt-1.1
I- nl inid - il.
till, i-.ity !- t ..i.i.
ph,i. "I pi"p
I In. .iiii.."li
J ('. lull' ItlMI.
1 "llllil , II" ,'"ll
i i-inl.ei. I-'1 .
i ' t .
n. 'ili.ii'. ii-il. ull'l llnU I'lintl
I' ami .ii. Int.. i- nl -ul)
tli iihl r -n'-l l"i. t l. '. tut'
I. piilili-lii' l l milt i nl II
I". I,'. I.t .nil li'Ull. In, nl'
lt..( H"..'l.n:vr. Iii .mi,,-la-.
ii ml .lull -I Itn- . , l'i ilnv til lit
t A. si III. HUM'!..
Allium y l"l I'lnllilill.
.a v: .:t
Central Hotel
get your feed and toe leading brands of great as the silver queeiion is, invyh ing.
flour, including Eugene white sUr, corn
meal, wheat grist, cream middlings,
home made buckwheat flour, etc., also a
car load of salt both fiue and coarse.
J. D. Mank,
Suocestor to Uawlfield & Cawlfield.
To Core Conatlpatlon Forvr.
TaVe Casrarets Cunu.v CitlUarlic. 10c or 25e.
II C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
Notice ia hereby given to the public
by the undersigned that 1 do not allow
dead animals to be burned on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or travel first contract with me for the
right to do so.
Tresspassers mil be prosecuted ac-
curdine to law. Aaxo Rotl,
Roseburg, Oregon, 'March 17tb, 1885.
What to Try.
The davlieht ride alone the Columbia
eaunot be but interesting at this time of
the vear. Tassengera taking the fcipo
kane Flyer, leaving the I'nion depot at
J :4." i. m. daily, get this visw lasting
over live Lours. But that is not ail.
The O. R, & N. give through service to
i-pokane, and a direct connection with
the train from Spokane to Kootenai
country. I'alace sleepers and modern
eoaches operated daily without change.
To SKjkauc,
To Rosslaod,
To l'alouse Towns,
To Coeur d'Alene Towns,
To all Eastern Washington I'oitilfi.
To all Northern Idaho l'ointe,
Take the . It. A N. Spokane Flyer,
And ave Time.
I-eare L nion Peuot Daily al - ;l ) p. in
V, C I.omios, Agent,
Roseburg, i iregoii
Dai gains! Uargaiiibll Bargains!!!
In piauou. organs and musical koo'Ib
Bicycles new and second hand at the
loweat prices possible. 1 have also got
about thirty thousand feet of lumber
which I have taken in trade lor goods,
and will sell cheap, as I am not in the
lumber business.
T, K, RiciiAuuso.N,
Roseburg, r
Weekly lixcuralons to the Uast.
A tourist eleening car will leave l'ort
land every Tuesday at U p. in. via the O.
It. A N. without cbanuo lo Bouton, and
under the supervision of experienced
conductors. No change of cars to the
cities of Omaha, Chicago, Butlalo or
JJostoD. The ideal trip to the east is
now before you. Remember this service
when going Kast, and consult . U. k N.
agents, or address, '
lieneral I'asseuger Agent,
f.jt 1'ortland, Or.
as it does, a stake aggregating bi.uons ot
dollars, to say nothing oi me constitu
tional questions it i. .-es and the criti
cisms as to national mlegrity it provokes,
it is not the fundamental nueetion at it
sue. It ia merely one of its incidentals,
as the preservation of the I'ciou was in
cidental to the real if sne presented to
the attenlion of the country through the
old abolition nartv. The tiuestion at is
sue then was slavery, it is a ue8tiou oi
slavery now that is at isbue. I'ocs any
one need telliog what the attitude of the
democracy was then, ilust it be point
ed out that the bourbon democracy of
the routh. the same old caug that is iu
tha caddie now. resisted the altruistic
doctrine of human freedom by lorce oi
arms in the interest of a slave aristoc
racv? That since that party went down
in the shock of battle it has lime aud
acain dallied with this identical silver
question and fiat money lur political
power, having oniy recently uiBcoveita
that it favors free silver because democ
racy is opioeed to a moucye I aristoeraey
when the other fellow has tne money.
When did it become the guardian ol
civil liberty and industrial freedom'.' It
holds the solid bouth solid today tlirongii
its kuklux methods, crHtali.ed into
laws and customs which cannot he I r , j k -en,
and which subvert the fun l.uiit ntal
theory of popular government. M.ich ef
fective means to control the people are
not ignored by tvrants, and the example
has not been wasted on the republican
North, for it has emulated tlfo methods;
of llannas, ami never ( Hayes was
counted in has a republican platform de
manded a free hallo', and a fair count.
Where are patriots lo piu their failh'.'
To the record of lho democracy'.' The
prosperity promises cf republican plutoc
racy? Iu Ih'lH stale there are thousands
of democrats who siuco'i'ly believe in
llieir owu auil their party's demand for
tho restoration of silver, but. even us
their knowledge of the liudamiiital
principle underlying that demand is
measured, ho may their real devotion to
the cause be gauged. It for that funda
mental priuciplo they stand ready to
throw down their party orgaui.atioii, us
the free silver republicans have done,
aud as every populist did piccutli iit to
his becoming a populiut, let them show
the failh which iu in them by serving
notice upon their bourbon leaders (but
they will train with the iu ihe
Noitb until iu the .South there i;; armored
a free ballot and a fair count, without
which popular government ia a slum,
the people are powerless aud icloi ni is
impoeeible. To win with un ally who
denies this boon were treason to liberty.
We are told we cannot win iu this
state without fusion After watching
tho course of political evunla closely for
twoyeaiHin Oregou mid other ilatcs,
my caudid judgment ia (bat wo cannot
aud ought not to win with it. It will
not only end in defeat, but it will icsult
finally iu the disintegration of the peo
ples' parly, with at leaal 00 per cent of
the populists in the state going into a
new political orgaui.atlon before the
Try cranberries for malaria.
Try a sua bath for rheumatism.
Try clam broth for a weak Btomacb.
Trv eranlierry poultice for erysipelas.
Try a wet towel to the back of the
neck v. hen sleepless.
Try swallowing saliva when troubled
with tour fitomach.
Try buttermilk for removal of heckles,
tan aud butternut stains.
Try breathing the fumes of turpentine
to relieve the w hooping cougti.
Try taking your cod liver oil iu tomato
sauce if vou want lo make it palatable.
Try walking w ith your hands behind
ycu if you find yourself becoming bent
lrv idautiug huuilowers iu your gar
den if counselled to livo in a malarial
neighborhood If ealtfi Monthly.
What pleasure is there in life with a
headache, coustinaliuu and biliousness '.'
Thousands experience theni who could
become Perfectly healthy by using Ue-
Witt's Little Early Risers, the famous
little pills. Marsters' Drug Store.
Etcrvlioiiy Says So.
Cii-i arcts CanJv Cathartic, the most won
ccrf'il nniliial ilihcovcrvnf the 3(:e, pleas
ant ai.d r. freshins to the taste, an teully
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cure headache, fev r, habitual ronstlpation
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tf C. C C. to day; 10, aj. 50 cents. (Sold and
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(iood Meals ami Good Metis
20 Cents.
Corner 1 .ik ami Rose Ms, Rw-eburg.
llijW -I.i I K tl )IV NAI1 I.l -IHI-
Iiis'is the Place
to Buy
A lull
i f .ill l' I u K
t nlll
It:. II. lll
IctC .IM-iurtUKMll j
l.i.'1't ill :i lit:. I- ll
t.l.i.s.--. I'tuccry.
'. c-t y ill in;.; nllVit-.l l"t s.ik- l:. 1 1 .:-lt ;
.ukI :;ilil :tl i t y t t-i:w 'It: piii i'S.
' ll.tvc ;t i.'lY clitiivc r-lnck ol
v:itiiicil i;i' nl.-., i 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 v. Imtli ll'llits
.uul viv;t't;iliks, lt ulinli we invite
3 oil i sovcial allctilit'ti.
Out line ul" ( Mivcs, 1 lie i kins, I'ic k
cls, S.II11.I.S, tli., is ;iImi cmupk-tf.
W'c cany t li c largest slnel; of tu
hatens in S uttlict it Oi ejM'ii.
C. W. PARKS & CO., (irocers.
IK 'I' ll
mieli .
I'rlte 7.-lo Iu JH..10. Halli mm t and
.-aiiitanuiii onilitiiB'i- oiw h i utiin itiei ik'-.r.
( urvt Klii-iiiiialimii, StnralKia Iji ijtippe, I ' . -1. 1 -,
l.u. r atel Kiduer Tto'ii.i' . Miikr- leu i rain
iind -oolliC" tin: N't ri co
Tuledo, lii".
I . W l-ll. Atf' M l"l I'"'lli'll- l'"'lll(t
lUt. r l.v .
ini-iiiii In
.MllK, l. I'.
Mi l lalk-n linn-..'
il' l l.,
K.weliiiiK. 1 ''
i Lvaai
Aik your
f ir n .'tiiTtitia
Ely's Cream Balm
ftnry ii t any otiii r
iiij ii-io'i tlrn.
It in (l i:0k!y AD0Of IH-U.
(iv t Ki.i.' f At ouco.
If, on'iii ft ml clmn.-et
t Me .-.ifitl 'nW,
Al!;ivn IfiftimmftlUrtl.
1k-:ii ami I'rotw tu l'ie AUui')r&no. K
N ii-os i f 'J ji-'te and hinll. Full bu: M
- lilt!
1 1, a!
i 'no of the fiueBt and beat cpiipped
railroads intho Chicaun, MilwaukeoAi
St 1'a'il. On our leeent trip Ihrouuh
Sdii'.Ii llakota, Iowa, Minnciuta and
IllinoiH wo tried thie railroad and know
whereof we apeak. Tho road ia eplon
ilidlv ci-uippcd with fait traiua. the
eoachcti are all furnished with lho lateat
impro.umeula aud it ia a pleaauro to rido
with thee.; people. They employ none
but Huher.iiiduhinoua men who couutanl-
1 juk after lho comfort uud safety of the
traveling public. Anyone travelini! Iu
'he ahuvc or adj'jiuini; btates fahould take
lho .Milwaukee road iy ull uicauu 11 it, ih
convenient lo do no. II you wiuli uilor-
in 'i ".ii cjiicerniui; thia excelleul and
p ilai road aak any ticket ayent, or
' 'iloi .J. I'.d ly, Oeueral Auent, at
i itlaud, Dr., and ho will nUJJy tfivo H.
- iicliest.u Idaho .cwu.
p. nl I .. - :i . 1 1) Spit uli'l Sinnkr It in I Iff Attn;.
'! i tj.l i.;i,m!' iiii-i fuitu.r, l,e inai-
lit. lie. fall uf l.fe, iiei ve u:i.l v uni, lul.e No '1'
li.u , the tviiiidci' ivorUer, lln.1 muiieH wcuis nieu
;.ti "i . All ill u, :;'!:, Iu, .VJc or II. I.'ure KUaiun-
ti t il liijul.kl Uli'l Hamplu free. A'l'ln ns
l-jlei'lhig Keiucdy Co . Cliuuiio or New Vor,.
Oou'l aiinoy uthem by vour coughini;,
and iihk your lifu by nelci liiitf a told.
One Minute Couyh Cure ciiich comctm.
cid.lrt, eiuup, uriiipo and all throat and
luu troiibien. A. C. Maratora' t; Co.
Rrini: your job work to tho 1'laimjai.l-
tn ollico. Wo aro preared todoltho
cheapeHt and bewt woik koiiOi of i'oit-
i ill
til" .
P. 111.
inii n .
ti'ii . ,
I t ,
Executor's Notice.
ri- enetl liBi- l.teii P lln I'minty l iinit nl
, i niiiilt , fcluli- ol Oif.iii ditlt Hiipnliile.l
r ni Hie e.lnle "I I I ." It', Ii. ll. tel' i.!,
. r-nli- lt;:viity el-iilil- .ti,'iiili I ull'l t--ttili.'
1'ilM.d In ple-elll lln- flline, dnly t.'l i in:il,
ilti'lii -.erneil nl lllti'li, IIiiiikIhi I ""III"
n, it 1 1 Iii ll M inn il I ll 1 1 - Mil l'i" iliil" i.t I lip
'int l.ll.lnli, t'l' :"H, Hill I i 'lity id hin
lull '
I'.. inl"
il A I I-. Ul-
.1 .Ii
I WeeklyTnter Ocean lli!
s ft
It i:. radically Re put-hcan, advocatinj; ,'MlJut il can alw.i K- rcln-H on J
the c.irdmal doctrines el that party for fair and hotu'sl rt put tr. nf all pi- h
with ibihty and t.irnc lm?s..t.t.- iika mnvnii'iits.' .. . ..
It Is Morally Clean and n.i a family Paper In Without a Peer.
11 tf" &
i Tli I o
n '
'Vie Literature of its uriumns Ii to thitt (it the best miifiH'
zincs. It Is Intcrcitiiix to thv ti
drcn fl.'i well as the parents
and while it brniRs to the family I I IE NEWi Ul'
THE WORLD and civ," it . readers the bot and ablest
discut.sinnr. of all questions ol Ihe day, it is in lull sympathy
v.-i!h the ideas and a-.Diratiotu. A Wcitern teetlc and
ture and politics (rem t'u; We-Urn htandpoinhv.
"I K.tity I.t i.i.iil
..I ' lit until I, v in. 1 1 1
I. im pi'i- t-i'itr
! I. II p.- .t
t;.i!o p. r t i nr
ft h
L. B
B E o
m Mr E
p. B e
a tV" m
. tin. i n;i i n I'ui'ii i uk 'i nit
l', ll.'iiillM. l iiitiiti .
i-iii Mikkhii rii'iiiiiii.i
I iiwii ine Moiipin ll' i' Inlitiil
in I tut telieu Mimri'll Hit llli'in iihiii.
I' lillulil
in tin- I, nine nf Ihe rial' "I UlLk'.ill i.
In n hy i , t i . .1 In iifl" nr i. ml niistii i llni.iiii
plitiiii nl. 4 airuiif-' "H l'"' idii'te i niiili.t
,iiii, in I In: ulioi e-nil 'tie. I t:um I , oil nr I.i: line I lie
liil tin, ..1 Unmet iiL'iiliir P iin ol Hit; itn". t
i iiiili. .! unlit, lo tt il , lltu -'I -I liy ol -i I n 1 1 I ,
I '."-
And tmi Mill Ink'' lioli e if Mm lull f.i In
ni'lieiit mid iin-tter nil. I eotnplHiiil! fur uulil
lln I pliil IHHI will iM'ply l'i 111" ei'iiri Inr
lln rt.'li'-i i.t it y -1 Im ill ui'l eiiiiiplanit, tiliitlt I
adi -iii'ili.iii n( Hi" iniiriimie euiiirnul imtvexn-t-lui(
I., im -ell yinirM-W mid III" pliiinlill lien in.
uud llml tin-plaliiUII In-utt nidi it Ihe erne ninl
i ie-l'i'l, nl tlie minor elnlil, lliu Ihmiu of i-unl
niiirini'i!. , lii-ll, tiny Mnrnnii, uud llml pluni
till i rnii-r In r eo,l uinl 'lil"iu. tneiili livn in.
'lhl -it ,t 1,1011m In piililiiln tl ly niili-i' iiiu.le nl
i I., inn,' i'., nl Itiitiebiui;, iJoiiKliixemintV, Umkoii,
l.y II. in. J. I'. hull. rl. ni, Judtjo ol ml'l l'i, ml,
lluii.;. il.iy of rtlruuiy, iwm.
ii. I . I NCTO IN .
Ijih ,,-K,,,r p, (i. W. NUAII.I
General Blacksmithing
Nlit'i mi Cm nt-r iViHliliiiiO ami Kimc Htn., llof Imiik.
:M lli;srJa.
.''- t 1.,-j-iai -at
1 ll A II Kllihl.K.
Atloilll) lor I'liillitlir.
ii a
and In IIm M'sultol ml'l
Hidden clnnaliu cltuntiia.
1 1 i-iii I iu i it t ed l.y ii nli-ii.nit
n in tly ttliieli Ih lipjilii tl 'Ii
ret lly litP, tin- in . inula. He.
Iii:;iuli lily ni"iijcjit i;itn
niiti ul oui-c,
Ely's Cream Balm
iHacknmvlnl'Til lo Im tin rn'i-t. tlmroiii'li (lire rr
Nm-.nll'r.tuTlt, l.'oltl In IIchiI ami liny 1 ever of ull
ri'ini'tliii. H npi int ninl rli uiircit Uiv n mill pum,iit'i ,
alluya p iln ami inllniiiii.utliiii, lit "Ii tin: unit:(, prn-li-'
tDtlin iiii-iiilirHii" f ioiii eoltlM, ii-liuea tlie i H i n
uf inHliiniiilKtiirll. I'iii c.mi.'. ul I iru--;-i-ln '.r l.y iinul.
tLlf UUO'l litU.'i, CD Wuruubiatl, Hvvt loik.
:-'n"H 'v;v
H ij.,i.i.i .- in i ct'B rn: per. wtirn rarrN K
ffl UHTAINril. Mii'l t I'l. Il l I' 'i l "'II'
H 'i .ii"u i- r in i' i- ii i..i.. t -.1. ..mi .in raiK
ra MAUI) miok rnr.i: I .,. r , nil lull H
H I... n'i-.ii.,ii. whitk rmi enrv m intn iirtoMi B
E orris, n uti..-M-i.i--r.i - - i-y PJ
B ,ii. ul ni. i uu l ( H
JILAli IT l.l'iv i,i'l,iiiirt l'i Mt.-i l, Alini- ; H
Tnaoi Manas
Copvuiomts Ac.
AiiTidiaamrtlna "in l. "' 'li. 'i'H"" "
nut. kir Mt-witiii "' m-mi.-" rrwi "in-tiiM
ii,,i-ntl"ii ! in., I" tui'lit- I .ii.n.iiMlm-
1 1. .,a al r u l I tr ' ml . 1 1 .ili.ll' ' 'tl I at nil
i,,..ii nm ..t.-l . in r .-r iii'' (miIi-hh.
pli.iita litknii ll.i. nli tlinni A In, ml
Uti t.ll ll-illlf. ml li-.tlt l liifutf. Ill Uk'
Scientific American.
I ajrHI! rtT-
li mi. m
I.l lk Mil iO ilrsilf.
6tBr..d..,, New York
inaut-b tiniit', iJi r ft., tv.tiimwn, v.
A lniiilti.itiflf llln.lrnlr.t ain-klr. . r nut irt.ttn.- i-.i.ii...
i.-r ! f .itr i.llit, ll.
tin; (ji:i:at
til 111(11 IHll I III.I .11 II I A
A N II i;.NII. MM Old '.ON
...The 0 R. & M
Nn A liilimt nl CHIN lil-l tt t-t',1
roil l l. ! nml
Shorf csl Liin lo S.iiltiinc
i, im,; t itn
i it 1 1., imi'ti
-HI I MON, and
yt I ll I, tu 1 ii Ml pn
AMI, "lAltl'
all Huulinay
I - -I I B I'l .
I n l l't lail. d liiP lliinli' li
. 1
. . ll I In
V. II,
I .1 1 N
Ill IS
ll. .1 I"
If. "I
in inl It. i lift, i Agi-lil
O. II. K Ti. tu.,
It,i (laiitl. Ilii'.uii,
of I II K
Suutlimi ratlllc Co.
Kipican trains l.ato I'.ittlan.l .tally,
" .'il-. . I l.v. l'i ! I lnli.1 . Ar.
2 !ji a h. i.t . . Kntn inim . l.v.
.i.i k h ,r - hiiti Kriiiii-l-o l.v.
I North
ii. a
l: vv r. m.
un r. m.
Al.. i' i- itiilna inp ul nil priiielpnl .lailnni
I-inn n I. i 'Kill ,ii -i ,-li in. Turner. Maili.n,
Jellnrnitii, Allnny, IuiikhiiI,, llnlwy,
II m l'i i K, J ii ll. 1 1. in illy. KilKt'lle, I nl taut,
t. rim-, I'laiii, uiiklAinl, nil.) a italloua from
Kiwi Imrif lo Aaliland liielualvu.
llutilMiri Mall-Dally.
H :uia.
I Ar.
Ar. I
l.v, !
t m r.
7 "I a
iii , i Mi lAin oi oaii:.i hoi -if.
Pullman DufTct Sleepers
rtl l iimi.4 , VN M l l l'IMI I Alia
Allm In .I In nil I himiKli I'l Hill.
West Side Division.
He I it ee ii I'nrilniitl nml iirtallla
M.ill ti Ml it diil; i, ei pi ,-fiitnt) i.
1 mt a.
Ii IM'.
I'tii tlinni
Ai. I
l.v. I
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