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Use only 0 heap
ing teaspoonful of
Schilling s Best Bak
ing Powder to a
quart of flour.
You nmt ute tut teuaooirflrd of other biking py4r.
r'KBKUAUY 10. 1811
Toe I'hurctiea.
MbiimiiIm I'Mi Hi ii cuim-ruf Main ami l.aii
ilroou. Huinlay ptarvt: 'reaching, tl a. n
lid T.M) . m.i haliliatli ichiMil, 10 a. m.t F.
W, WiiolU-jr, Muiivrlnlriiilmit; I'lui Wanting al
rim u( Ilia mnnilni in lie; Kpworlk Utui
m p. in. Haiti" 1 1 n-jr. I'rcaldt'lit. Prayer
M'ctlii. WuIiiuiU , nt 7 Mt. in.
Kir I.. ium, I'eiior,
I'artiiuaie, coiner Main and tana.
raiaevvsaua I'mwil -corner ol Can and
!( limit. Miui.Uy Hrvlt-o: I'lifllo worship,
a in. au.17 ui ; Kabballi School, 10 a. in. I
V. I'. 8. !. 1,7 p. ui. 1'iaver McatlDg, WaJoaa
Ut,i u p. m.
H. R. UibwORTM, Pastor.
I'niisii llnumii liiutti n -on fowler aural.
Huii.lajr avitrli:, at 11 a. in. and !J i bi. I'ray
n mociiuit, Thursday owning.
A. I vtsxrrtu.. 1'aslor.
Ki-Im ui-ai. t'llVki ii. hoimre babbatb nmru
lug anl i cnliia, at ilir nual hour.
ii Jomn bao, It re lor
U. I . i mm ii, B 'i'iii. -h rM0cM'ij Hiioitey
iMMiulna and cmiiIuk.
lu.v. J.l.i oi n-H, I'aiior
Weather Report
Kor ilia iM'k ending February V, 1HIM.
I'ret Ipitalioii In lm lie anil tiutnlrtxttliai.
Maiimuin temperature, oo the &th.
M ui l oi u in leiueralure, 'SJ, on the Rlh.
1'rrH IpiUlion, 0.17.
Total precipitation since latof month. M
Average precipitation lor this month (or
'M year, 4. 80.
Total prerlpltallou Irom rnpt. I,ltti7, to
dale, LD.1'7.
Aerago precipitation (rum (-opt 1, 1'l.V.
Total deficiency (ioui Kept. 1, 1807, AC.
Average precipitation (or -0 wet season,
Npt. to May. ini'luaive, 33.4'J.
Tmos. tiintoN, Observer.
For good f-ceut cigar tall on Mrs.N.
II you want a loot 1 1 pulled or tilled,
call on trod llaynee, dentist.
A uew line o( ladies belts in the new
oi blood shade at Josephaon's.
l'rol. Uol.iriett i the authorized agent
ol the 1'i.aimkalkk at tierdlner.
Doe your tooth ache? lio auk Fred
llsyne whether it it worth eavinx.
Deuliatry ol all kind skillfully aud
promptly done by Dr. Fred liaynes.
All kind ol artificial tenth made at
reasonable prices at lr. Fred Waynes'
Deutal ollice.
F. W. Carpenter it authorized to re
ceive and receipt (or subscriptions to the
For the prettieat patterns in outing
flannel, call at the Novelty Store and tee
their new line.
One ol our prominent urchardiatt sbvb
' one genuine Oliver plow shoe will out
wear two ol the other makes."
Kilui ala Vour llowrla Willi 4 Murarala.
I'unUy I'ullinriU', cure niintiputlon (orater.
lev, Ac. KC.C.C fJll. ilrtii;:(liiti refund money.
Uice A Uice, the Cum street furniture
dealers, have u good line of heating
stoves ol various description, new and
ocuii'l hand, for the (all trade.
J. V. Uecklev A to ,the hutcheri.will
keep only tlio choicoat o( moats where
with to supply tlio Kosehurg public, but
uioullily eultleuiouls will be required.
Wo givo uway two gold watches and
three lino dress patterns to lucky pur
chasers during February und March.
Theso gifts are now on display. Call
aud sue them at the Novelty (Store.
After years of untold sullering from
piles, 1!. W. I'ursell of Knitnersville,
l'a., was cured by usiug a single bos of
DeWitt's Witch Ui.t Halve, kio dis
eases such as ec.uuia, raab, pimples and
obstinate sores are readily cured by this
(iiiuous remedy. A. C. Marstera A; Co.
To the Public.
On aud alter thisdato, 1 wish it under
stood that my terms (or all undertaker's
goods are cash with tho order. I find it
Impossible to do business on a credit
basis, aud belive that I can do better by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
lor cash. 1'. IIknicijick, Undertaker.
Kosoburg, Ore., April 12, 1805.
The Discovery of the Day.
Aug. J. Hogel. the leading drug
uiHt of bhreveport, La., says: "Dr.
King's New i'iscuvery is the only thing
that cures tuy cough, and it ia the beat
sollor 1 have." J. V. Campbell, mer
chant, ol Haflord, Arizona, writes: "lr,
King's New Discovery is all that is
claimed lor it; it nevor (ails, and is a
euro cure fur Consumption, Cough and
Colds. I cannot say enough (or its mer
its." Dr. Kiug's New Discovery (or Con
sumption, Coughs and Uolda isuoiau
experiment. It has been tried (or a
iiuurter oi century, aud today stands at
the head. It never disappoints. Free
trial buttles at M ureter's drugstore.
TliouiatuU aro Trylug It.
Tit order to prove tlio Rrent merit of
Kly'u Cream ituhu, tlio mt, ellootiTS 0'iro
for Tularin and Cold in Hmid, we have pro
iiuroil r gi iicnmii trial wi.o for 10 cent.
Oct it of your dninKixt or m ud 10 ceut to
l'.LY UUOri., Ml Wairou St., N. Y. City.
I suffered from cutiinh of the worat kind
rvcr aiuco u b..'. and 1 uover hoped for
cure, but Kl.v'- t'reiiiii Unlm enis to do
even Hint. M'Oiy iu'.iiiiinliiiic( s have uaed
It with eeillint roHiilta.--Oscar Ostruui,
5 Wurrou Ave., C'liiciiijn, 111.
I'.ly'a Cream Uftlm is tho acKUowlcdgcd
curt) for ciiliiiiU und ooutuiuH no coouiuc,
inereuiy uor miy iujuiioUH dnig. l'ric,
CO cOutK- At drugKi''t or by limit.
To Cure ronallmilon Forever.
Tulie (YmarelH I'ninlv I'uilinrlii'. 1'lonrCift
If t'. V. C. lull 10 euro, Uruuiiihin nfuuu uiuimy.
Tf Klkiuieet tonight.
Nellie Mcllenry on the I It It lust.
Fresh duit in gists jars ut Kiulei's
(lao. Llliffof tilendale was In IheiHy
New veiling in the Inteat dole at the
Novolty Hloro.
For seed osts call on II. M. Marlin,
near tho depot.
I,-o Wiinlierly ha rclunied from li
trip to Callloriiia.
Teschers' exsiiiinntiou i in progn-M
at tho romt house.
Churchill, Woolley .V. urn
selling lots of Oliver plows.
Hon. C. A. Kehlhredo paid a profes
lonal visit to Yonalla baiurday.
Ask your grocer lor F.icelaior flour ;
guaranteed first cla. 11.00 per nack.
The New Kra flour mills guarantee all
its work. Kept by all grocers, f I 00 per
drain, fall sown, is looting splendid,
and the acreage Is tnurli Isrger than
Collonade pants, new line, good g'ode,
well made. Triors 7', "0 ccnla ami V,
at the Novelty Store.
Slats (Superintendent Irwin, who at
tended the Inttitute here, returned to
Salem on Saturday's local.
Mr. C. 1'. Uishop ol Salem stopped oil
on her wav to California to vial t with
her sister, Mr. O. I. Coahow.
(irahatn flour, out meal aud giiim, at
the New Kra Mills All guaranteed tlmt
class. n ssle by all grocers. 1.00 ier
Key. F. L. Moore, pastor of the M. F..
Church, left on Monday morning for a
two weeks visit to 1'ortlaud aud the
"Nothing new under tbo mn" excep
ting tboee delicioui nut caramel at the
Kandy Kitchen. The very iicwct
thing out.
If you waut a chance in the air liM
heater now is your opportunity. Only a
few more caus ol tho baking powder left
at Zigler's grocery.
E. lhiUas, physician ami suriruou,
office in Marsters' building. Calls in
town and country promptly answered
nightorday. Heeidence.Ul 1 Mill street.
According to a letter Irom a i'orlland
er to a friend lu that city, there are hun
dred of wen and women at Skagway,
willing to work at anything they can
get to do.
President Chapman of the t'niveraity
ol Oregon, came in on the locul Irom
Fugeue on Friday, delivered a lecture
that eveuing and returned the next
The M. K. Church South was too sin all
to hold the crowds who went to heur
Kev, Hansen, the revivalist, and the
eveuing meetings last week were held in
the Opera Ilouee.
The fine weather of the last days of
January and the lirst of February, while
not satisfactory to the miners, enabled
the farmer to plow their higher lands.
"It's au ill wind that blows nobody
F. H. Cod man, physician and surgeon
secretary board I. S. reunion surgeons
Office in Marsters' block, residence Tl'O
Stephons street. 1'roteesionsl calls in
town or country promptly answered
night or day.
Francis Kelts, of Ashland, was in the
city a (ew days UbI week visiting friends.
He left (or Tuscon, Anions, on Sunday
morning, where he takes a position as
tolegrsph operator with the Southern
I'scitlc Company.
When you meet a demo-iop. you uiukI
not reler to the nuptials as a "(usiou"
but a "union." Where the difference
comes In is not appreciable, but there
seems to be a little tenderness some
where concerning the first word.
Mrs. J. II. Shupe has )een appointed
representative lor the Viavl Co. in this
city. Any one desiring information in
regard lo, or wishing to procure tho rem
edy, will ploao call at her residuueo on
l'iue street. jl3-3ui
Whooping cough is the most distress
ing malady ; but its duration cau be cut
short by the ujo of One Miuute Cough
Cure, which is also the best known rem
edy (or croup and all lung and biouchial
troubles. A. V. Marsters' A Co.
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think of uopleaaautcr
or better way to do it than by recom
mending One Miuute Cure as a prevent
ive ol pneumonia, consumption and
other serious lung troubles that follow
neglected colds. Marsters' Drug Store.
The Klondikers from hero who expected
to sail on the Elder on Tuesday of taut
week were delayed at l'ortland until Sat
urday. The steaiuor was belated, tho
cause in part being a stop to render as
sistance to tho passengers and crew of
the wrecked Coroua at the mouth of the
Skceou river.
The Epworth Lesitue held a very eu
juyable sociable at tho M. E. parsouuge
on Friday evening. The subject (or the
evening was "Lougfellow. ' Several
papers were read aud an interesting dis
cussion followed. The next sociable
will be at the Churchill residence on
south Mala street.
Mias Williamson, sister of Mrs. Johu
Dawson, who has been sorlously ill at
the Episcopal rectory ever siuco her ar
rival here a lew weeks ago, aud whose
life has beeu despaired ol more thau
once during that time, seems to be ou
the improve a little and hopta ol her ul
timate recovery are now entertained.
Dr. S. Ilamiltou returned this morn
ing to tils home at Kojetmrg, after u
short visit with IWtuaeter 11. F. lion
ham. Dr. Hamilton attended a meeting
f the Board of Keuuuts of the l. ol o.,
which wB held in l'ortlund this week,
being a member of that board, and
Btoiiiied at Salem for a brief visit with
Judge llonhaui while en route home.
salon) Journal,
Nellie Mcllenry next Monday,
I-. L, Ilurd was down from his farm
011 Mpndar.
Maearonl lu 0110 pound cartoons at
Zigler's grocery.
Hon. J, T. Urldgos paid Hose burg a
Hying vlrilt lust week.
Jack soiivlllo nominates candidate (or
municipal oflkers today.
Tho liirget and beat line of print in
town at the Novelty Store.
Next Monday is Ht. Valentine's day,
Don't lorgnt your best girl
Mrs. Frank Dickey, formerly ol this
place, but now of Ashland, is visiting In
Uin city,
The Drain district voted a eight mill
tax at tho nctlnl sclionl meeting held
'I he catiuud hominy at Zigler's grocery
n mi- nftsi in mo cuy mil every can
Largo line of midwinter arid early
epriug goods at the Novelty Store. Call
ami see Itieni.
Mr. II, Fin ton and family have re
turned Irom htocklou, wliere they pro
ported lo locate.
('. II. Markham, general frieght and
trnmciiger ugeut ol the Southern 1'aclflc,
it 111 iiie city.
Mr. L. A Itlackwell ol (iardiner,
daughter ol W. A. ! rater, is in the city
viniiing nor parents.
N. La Haul and daughter, Ida, came
up from Garden alley Tuesday. Miss
Ida went on to Grnnta l'as.
If you nam an evening of genuine
inirlh, no and sue jolly Nellie Mcllenry
in a .Mgm in Af lora.
.In. Ie Fullcrt'iri wont to Fuvene Sat
urday to li'ild an ml turned term ol the
circuit court for l.aue county.
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Moore and
daughter, Lilly, aru home from a six
iiioiillm' visit to SanlH t-roz, Cal.
Max I'lu'-h', pptcial agent of the land
department, was in the city Sunday and
went on 10 hi home at Aslilsnd.
I.. 1!. dough, who Iibh been appointed
rcgieter of thn land ollice at Vancouver,
ii a brother of Dr. dough of Yoncalla.
Ho! all yc .audy lovers, call in the
Kandy Factory and sample our new
choMing chocolutes. They simply can't
ho Icut,
1 kii 'i furgei the Knight's uiamiuerade
hall on the J.' I. You can get costumes
at Alex4iidvr A Mrong's by leaving your
order now.
W. , iYikii.K of D.uin is favorably
aiioLcu o( here us a suitable )erso9 to
t o put m 11 e njiubliran ticket lor rep-reet-nlutive.
The fcluxil ma'ams have been here
and now il cv are Knne. The town is
lonesome w iihout their gen isl presence.
Come Hguin, girls.
The new sidewalk at the West sp
proai h of the bridge is Uite su improve
ment and dii'y appreciated by the reai-
delita ol Wrist Kottuburi?.
K jnulitirii ;inti lo becin aud set up
the pins lo itet the cori)treaaional conven
tion in I'HD. Salem, Albany, lugeue,
hoNeiiurrf, rliotilil be the order.
'uil't Fullrrlon overrule! the motion
(or a new tiiil in the cane of Jennie
SiiiiUnu h. tho Southern I'aciGc at
Ftit:cni r-uiurday. The case will be ap
pealed. The new icoi'lence ol the Misses Em
ma an I Helen Smith on Jackson street
is almost completed, and will be a nice
piece of property and au oruament to
die street.
The Woman's Knlief Corns will meet
hereafter the lirst and third Friday eve
nings ( eich month in the bauuuet hall
of the I. O. . F. building, lty order ol
the president.
Au Klkton correspondent of the Watch-
mau say. Miss .May rieneuict uas a
pel crow that can so perfectly imitate
the cackle of a hen, that it will make 'an
ordin.u v hen Must) to hear him.
Mori i, ' Poultry Cure. This infallible
remedy challenges the world to produce
its equal as su eyg producer. Prevent
ive aud cure lor all direates of fowls.
tiuaranteid and for sale t-y H.M.Mar
tin, Kuseburi;, Or,
Dr. Duties has attended this winter
over SO cases of soro throat, not one of
which Iiun proved fatal, the epidemic
suemod to have subsided but several
cases broke out a (ew days ago, but none
of a serious character.
Harry McClallen came in ou foot from
the Myrtle Creek district Friday. He
was somewhat leg weary when Lie ar
rived in town. Operations at the tuiae
were suspended for a few days ia order
to lay in supplies, etc.
Alpha Lodge K. of I', will celebrate
the anniversary of the foundation ol the
Order next Wednesday evening by giv
ing an entertainment at their castle ball
in Odd Fellow building to Knighta and
their families. Sojourning Knights cor
dially invited.
J. U. Day camo out from Olalla bun-
day and went on to l'ortland. It is ex
pected that the big ditch will be ready
for the turning in of the wator within a
week and from then on until next Joly
it is expected to operate the big placer
mining plant under a full head.
I'rof. J. II. Ackeruian. who was in the
city last week helping to conduct the in
stitute, lias been tpoken ol by bis friends
us suitable material (or state superin
tendent ol schools. Sir. Ackermaa has
had many year's experience as an educa
tor, and is thoroughly identified with
school work.
Tho Kpworth League will give aso
cial at tho M. K. Church on Friday, the
lSih nifet. llicro will bow musical and
literary program, aud lunch will bo
servod. Tho prico of admission baB not
yet been dctcrmiucd on but will prob
ably bo 10 cents und will include the
The attention of Judge Fullerton sit
ting in chambera during the 11 ret three
days of this week, has been occupied in
the hearing o( a divorce case from Flu-
gene, Livcrniore vs Livermore. The
pluintilf was rcpreueutod by A. C. Wood
cock und lioo. A. Dorris, and the defond
tint by Lark ltilveu of Eugene aud Judge
J.J. Duly ol Dallas.
The Elder suited Irom Portland (or
Alaska Saturday evening and among the
list of passengers are the following
credited to Koeeburg: Taylor Smith,
August Schloemau, i, F, Lennox, John
Schloemau, W. E, Jacobs, J. B. Cawl
lleld, John Denning, F. N, Brundage, S.
S. Catching. T. M. rarish, and I. B.
Howard of Looking Glass.
Memorial services iu honor ol the late
Mrs. Clara Berry, were held at the M.
E. Church ou Sunday afternoon last
under the aiumices ol the W. C. T. U,
A choir conslBtiug of Mesdames Fates,
l.ohir und UugHdulo, and Messrs. Shupe,
Strunue, McKonzio and Stevonaou, with
Mrs. Walker ut the organ, furnished mu
bio and euloitiutic addresses were made
by E. D. Stratford aud tleo. M. Brown,
who tcBlllied to thu moral worth, good
uogfl und neighborly acts ol the deceased
A memorial poem wne read by Mri. E,
E. Ku'liiudH.
A Oood Attendance and a Profitable
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of
last week School noperlntsndenl jJotiK
la Waite held one of the twH attended
aud most successful Institate ever held
In the county. There were aluiit
eighty teacher present and they came
irom far aud mar. ine worn 01 the in
stitute was under the direction of Pro
fessors J. If. Ackermaa and D. A Ornn',
prominent educator of Portland. The
dsy sessions, or Institos session proper,
were held in the aaweroui hall of the
Cublio school, and the sealing capacity
ad to be supplemented by the addition
ol many chair. State Superintendent
O. M. Irwin was present the first two
days, taking part. Ihepouiiu meeting
were held lo the court Louse, and the
interest taken by the people generally in
school work filled the court room each
At the public meetings Superintendent
Walls presided and they were opened in
each instance with selection by the
Koeeburg orchestra, and It appeared that
they put their best foot forward, for the
elections were excellent and the execu
tion splendid, eliciting merited applause.
At Thursday's meeting, Miss Habi
Gordon sang a solo very swsetly, and
wai accompanied on the piano by Mis
Mabel Van Huren. The address of wel
come was dslivered by J. B. Eddy, of
the Pi.AiMiiALca.and the response there
to was by Professor J. B. Ford of My rtls
Creek. Misses Mabel Van Buren and
Pearl Wright favored the audience with
an instrumental duet. The address of
the evening was delivered by Statp
Superintendent . M. Irwin, and a s-ilo
by Mrs. Geo. Short of Wilhur, brought
an interesting evening to a close.
On Friday evening President Chap
man, of the Stato University at iugene,
delivered an address on "higher educa
tion" and Mlsa Lena Kearney sang a
solo, accompanied by Mra. AppelhofT.
Miss Kearney is one of Roseburg'e best
singer snd her solos are highly appre
ciated. It waa only intended to have two pub
lic meetings, but the superintendent was
so aell pleased with bis success that he
added one for Batorday aud announced a
lecture by President Barxee of Draio, as
the chief feature. Miss Iula Bradley re
cited "Virirlolus" and, as an encore,
"There's Ma!" Miss Bradley is an ac
complished elocutionist and wai roundly
applauded. A few remarks were made
by Kev. Y. L. Moore. and Professor
(J rout spoke on practical education.
President Barzee was (lien Introduced
and said that owing Co the lateness of
the hcur he thought it best not to un
dertake an address at that time and ex
cused himself. This was a disappoint
ment. Miss Kearney sang another solo
accompanied by Mis Pearl Wright, and
a short address by Professor Ackerman
brought the exercises to a close. Pre
lessor Ackernian'B remaiks were to the
effect that we should discover, if pisci
ble, the bent of the child sn 1 let bun or
her follow that bent. Ttiey should not
be put at one employment or in one pro
fession when tbeir bent was fir another.
And thus ended a red letter seasjn (or
the educators of Douglas county.
The following teacher were present:
Mrs. W. S. Hamilton. Maggie Stark,
Elsie Cannon, Mary Cannon, Sarah
Noa', Chas W. Olioghouse, Lena Wil
lis, Lizzie Parrolt, Ada L Smith, Warren
McWilliams, Iula B. Bradley, Mrs O. C.
Brown, (iertrudn Eddy, Etla Chapman,
O. C. Brown, Mary K. Porter, Sarah
Wimberlv, Martha E. Winston, Eliza
Harvey, Emma Winniford, W. J. Patter
son, Emma D. Fieher, F. H. Hamlin, W.
Wright, Koy Wells, Nellie Wilson, Lu
ella Kennedy, Ella Cooper, Tina Cooper,
Emma Hertiae, Mrs. M. E. Wileou,
Mrs E. E. Kicbards, Mrs. H. T. Ham-
lid, Edytbe Wilson, Carrie John, Mrs.
Inez Micelli, Mark U. Almsoti, Joe Har
vey, Kose Ureen, Mrs. Mary E. Stout,
Mrs. M. A. Keed, Jeseie M. Bell, Walter
Tooley, Hugh Camp, Myra Camp, K. B.
Dilworth, Anna long, Mrs. Alice K.
Willis. Keioa Blackman, Mrs. M. E.
Blackman, Wm Treat. L. M. Hobbe,
Silvia Blackman, Koeeburg. Mr. W.
II. Stark, Peter Naeb, Jr., 1. J. "ilson,
Elkton; Manley M. Straw d, Etlle Thomp
son, May Thiel, Mary Weatenbeiser, J as
(i. Dooley, Yoncalla; Addis M. Stewart,
(ilonbrook ; Mrs. S. D. Chapman, Glide ;
Ethel Kiddle. A. F. Cornutt, Kiddle;
Delia Cole, Emma Withers, Anna B.
Clark, Jeteie L. Ohmart, W. A. McGee,
Oakland ; Pbinetta Blakely, Oak creek ;
Thurman Chaney, Myrtle Creek ; J. K
rord, Canyon vine; .Mamie monuora,
Bertha Lamb, Myrtle A. Lamb, Emma
Agee, Eya Lane, J. it.Uocuran, Wilbur;
Mrs. L. A. Black well, Gardiner; Jeseie
Aonlesate. las A Davis, Elizs Hefty, J.
G. Hefty, Ljura Hefty, Louis Barzee,
C. II. Clements, A. G. Palm, Gertrude
Daly, Drain ; Wm J. Moon, Colea al
ley ; Kittie M. Clark, Millwood; Masie
alah, Lucy Hyron, Olalla; Anna Kent,
Brock way; Liziie L. Blain, Cleveland.
A Weight Social.
Friday 1 tomorrow) evening February
11. 18'J8, the Y. P. 8. C. E., ol Roseburg
will give a weight social at the armory,
At the door each lady and gentleman
will be given a card with a portion of a
familiar quotation thereon, whicb are to
be matched by the ladies and
gentlemen who will then be weigh
ed, and the admission for re-
IreshineutB will be at the rate ol one cent
per ound for tho difference in their
weight. Ten cents admission for child
ren under fourteen years of age. An
imitation ol "Barnumi Museum" will be
another interesting leature of the enter
tainment. A good time is assured and a
special invitation extended to all.
The Douglas County Agricultural
Association held a meeting yesterday
and elected J. C. Aiken, president and
F. A, McCall, secretary. The following
director were also elected. E. Dixou,
V. C. I.oudoo, T. Cannon, I. Thornton,
P. B. Beckley and J. C. Aiken.
What can be ewoeter. neater, cheaper,
aud just exactly the thing (or a valen
tine, than some of our uice fresh creams
and candies. Just surprise your best
girl on the 14th of February by sending
her half a do.en or more boxes of Kandy
Kitchen's choicest svcot.
The warm weather of the first daya of
February was the cause of many persons
getting out iuto their gardens, diguing
about the flower beds, Belting out bulbe,
etc. All of which goes to show that
apring, gentle spring, is almost upon us.
Tim nmlaalnn nt iiniimnil vulninHa nf
Binoke (rom Frank Waite'e Biuoke house
tmar (iHitnt Hnniinv noun niailA innia
one think tbero waa a fire, and an alarm
was Bounded. I be community waa
frightened but not hurt.
-fnlut C!urfMr u dinner roaidnnt. rl
Koeeburg, now marshal of Marshfield,
waa hero yesterday auer tne ooioreu
gentleman captured by Marshal Dillard.
A very enjoyable surprise party was
given Mr. aud Mr. J. r. Martiu last
night at their home 011 Short street.
About -5 woro prcscut.
The W, C. T. U. pallor meeting that
was to be hold at Mrs. A. F. Stearns
Friday evening is postponed for two
Large lino ol crashes and toweling just
received at the Novelty Store.
W. C. Illldebrand wa ia town Wed
nesday. Mra. 8am Ball, we are pletsed lo say
I Improving,
Little Mathew Kiddle is on the sick
list this week.
Mis Vega Clinkenbeard, of Canyon
ville, wss In town Monday.
E. A. Baasett (pent several day at
the Cracker Jack mine last week.
Herrv and Paul William came down
(rom the canyon Thursday returning
Elmer Calchiog came down (rom the
Cracker Jack mine Sunday returning
next day.
Mr Geo. Cutsforlh returned home
Sunday mornlog alter an rxtended visit
wiiu nor sliterst urownsvuie.
Chas. Feikert and OUo Logsdon went
00 In the canyon Thursdsy morning to
cut wood for the railroad company.
Mr. Kvan. the section foreman in the
canyon, has been seriously 111 who ty
phoid pneumonia, bntl improving at
There wa no school Thursday and
Friday. Prof. Cornutt being In atten-
tendaoce at the teacher' institute at
Mis Nettie Cain, wbo has been avert
ing Mr. Baseett with the office work at
the depot here, went home Monday eve
ning for a visit.
Kev. W. O. Miller ureacbed here San-
day mornlog and evening to good con
gregation. Alter tne morning services
there was one addition to the church.
A nice littie Dartv. consisting ol about
20 persona, waa given Mr. and Mr. L.
C. Merriam Tuesday evening, February
1st. Oueen Mirth was there in all tier
glory, and music and game were highly
enjoyed until a late boor.
We are told that "Cbarle II" thinks
our P. M. 1 Scorcher." Well tbi is
jmte a comDliment to us, but really, it
is doing oar worthy P. M. a rank injus
tice to let the mistake go uncorrected.
Charley, yon haven't got "Scorcher" lo
cated yet.
Miss Anna Bonue came borne Friday
night Irom Ashland, where she baa been
attending the normal school the last few
months, and now the smiles and bows
from the youDg gentleman here ia an
evidence of sign and regret among the
young gentleman there.
We forgot to mention in our laat letter
that there was a city election February
1st. The officers elected are: Board of
trustees, J. B. Kiddle, J. T. Mayes, Geo.
Cutafortn I. Lasswell ; recorder, Geo. K.
Kiddle; treasurer. J. M. Jackson: mar
shal, L. Micbaela; street commissioner,
O. V, Logsdoo.
Saturday, s Mr. Hamlin, accompa
nied by Mrs. F. Kimmel and Mr. Mary
Levens, all of Canyonville, waa return
ing home from Koeebnrg in a hack, the
tongue came down when about two
miles Irom Canyonville, lightening the
team which ran away and turned the
hack over, throwing the occupant out,
Mrs. Levens was rendered nnconscioas,
remaining so until after being taken to
Canyonville, where the service of a phy
sician was secured. Mrs. Kimmel was
hurt also but not seriously. Scorch eh.
C. A. McNabb can boast ol the beet
cow on the Calapooia.
W. J. Ray has been on the sick list lor
a (ew days, but is on the improve.
Mr. John Bishop is one of the beet
shot (or an old man in the county.
Mr. John Bisbou and family were
visiting Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Winniford
00 Snndav.
II. Kellogg passed through here en
route to Kellogg, where be intends to
rusticate. - He is in very poor bealtn.
Our farmer are all just about done
seeding and one of the largest acreage
of grain ia in that baa been sown for
years and is looking fine.
J. O. Stephen of Venerable Gulch has
just taken out the Bone Burning Co. 'a
teams and will soon get through seeding.
Al is one of our best rustler and he is
an expert farmer.
The popocrate oi Tyee have named a
number o( their best men and Cala
pooiaos as their candidates for the vari
ous county offices to be filled at the June
election. From the places offered Cala
pooia men it can be seen that Tyee is
going to have the plum regardless of
harmouy, and are sure to be elected to
elay at home.
Johnnie Boy, a Tyee correspondent, in
the Oakland Gazette of Feb. 4, i very
indefinite in his report of what he calls
the circuit court decision in the case of
Kellogg vb McNabb. It ia newa lo learn
we have a court to decide our legal ques
tions at home, but the decision of Judge
Johnnie Boy jr., are of little importance
all the same. His correspondence in
the Plaikdealeb one year ago be is
afraid to own now.
The late enow is all gone out ol the
valley on upper Cow Creek.
J. C. Olinghouse of upper Cow Creek
made a business trip to Glendale last
The political pot oi South Douglas 18
at a boilioK temperature, and the leading
republican watchword is, J..B. Kiddle for
ahenU on the ticket next June.
Mr. S. R. Milter of Carll took a fine
beef to Glendale last Monday. He
furnishing some of the Grants Pas
butcher with rarge beef from upper
Cjw Creek.
Last Monday S. French ol Biuger
made a business trip to Glendale. His
daughter, Mary, accompanied him. She
went down to the Victory mine, w here
abo will spend the winter with ber sis
ter, Mrs. Cal Corder.
The misaina man. Mr. D. D. Blinn. ol
Gulesville, has uot yet been lound. The
last reports are that he baa not been
seen since Jan. 15. His calendar iu his
cabin shows that he baa uot been Ibere
since Jan. 17. There is no doubt but
that he bas perished in the mountains.
. ri.VBiBUB.
John Littrel was born in ludiau Feb.
0th, 1835, and died Feb. 4th, 18U8; was
united to Annie snort in inarnage Aug
ust 14th. 1851. tie was converted about
thirty years ago and united with the
Christian Church. He went to Cali
fornia in 1840 aud returned to Iowa iu
1350. In 1S53 he again crossed the
plains and Battled in the Willamette
Vallev. where he remained until lo,
when he located near Oakland, Or.,
wnere he has resided uutil two j ears sgo
mlien he moved to I lie Daer Creek, where
be lived until the time ol bis death. He
seemed to bear his autl'ering with great
fortitude. Iu hie last moment he ex
pressed faith In the Lord Iobub Christ
and waa wholly submissive to his fate.
Kev. A. D. WesKall conducted the
funeral services which were largely at
tended. A certain girl not far away, whose
name was Mary dropped the "1" (rom
her uatuo. A little over a year ago ahe
was married, aud now ims dropped
the "y." Gazette.
Lawjer Brown of Kosehurg wat In
town one flay last week.
O. F. Theil ol Yoncalla wat in town
yes'erday 00 business.
Prof J. (i. Uot.le, f.ptirlan.i.f Portland,
1 at the Uepol Ho'el Hi I week.
Key. Courtrigli', wife and daughter
fciixatielli, spent Sunday in 1 ohcalia.
A. J. Meaaing of Portland was In town
Tuesday, looking alter Home business in
terest. F'rank Settle and family of Iebaoun
are here visiting Mr Hauls' brother
Dr. Gilmoro report a daughter born to
the wife of George Johnson Monday al
Mis Maude Beckley went lo lloseborg
luesday for a three weeks' stay at tbe
."bob" of Douglas.
The meetings are still in progress al
the M. E. church, Kev. Skldmor of
Wilbur officiating.
H. J. Beckley la selling good yet, re
gard lesa ol cost. Call on him before bis
bargains are all gone.
Mrs. Mary 8mith ha been finite ill for
a week past. At the present writing her
health is very much improved,
George Armstrong, who La been vis
iting bi father and brother, returned to
hla home at Harrisbnrg Satnrday.
F. A. Cox of Portland baa charge ol
the 8. P. Co.' depot office at night and
will probably remain for some time.
Farrell Dinoiny and family, who have
been visitiog relative, left here Tuesday
night for tbeir home near Peyton, Col.
Ness Bros, of the New Meat Market
have added a stock of floor from th
Eugene mills to tbeir supply depart
ment. '
Our last week's letter failed to reach
the office in time for that issue. It
missed tbe mail nere Wednesday ia the
C. II. Medley has iust received a fam
ily grapbophone. Charlsy says it ia
young one, but with tbe number of pie
ce of music that he baa he i able to
give an evening' entertainment by re
peating them often enough.
rhursday afternoon ol last week two
of ..Oakland's lads, Willie Battie and
Kalpb Cole, 00 th about ten year of aee.
had an experience which tbey will not
(orcet very eoon. They were oat on the
hillside about three-quarters of a mile
southeast ol town gathering wild flower
near tbe timber, when their attention.
wa turned toward tbe timber and cloae
by tbey gazxi opon a wild animal,
Willie epoke. "Ob. there ia a bear." and
the boys took to tbeir beels tor town and
Mr. animal left (or tbe other direction.
Tbe boy did not stop nntii tbey were
safe inside tbe city limits, and from the
description they gave it was undoubtedly
a cougar. Teilbt.
Many goats are reported dying from a
strange disease in Lane county. Tbe
aieeaseu animals nave a good appetite
op to tbe time of death. For a day or
two a fuiinees and softness is observed
about tbe bead and body. Then diar
rhea is added to tbe avmptoma, and the
goat dies. Treatment stop the diarrhea
out tbe dieease i alwavs fatal. Tbe
only abnormal thing to be discovered on
diesecting the carcase is a watery fluid
unaer toe sxin, more especially about
tbe cheeks. Nothing ia known regard
ing the nature of tbe disease or it cause.
Seekers after gold are often disap
pointed. Seekers after health take
Hood's Ssrsaparilla and find it meets
every expectation.
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Msthews, re
turned from Angel Camp, Cal., on Wed
nesday morning s overland.
Tbe office desk at the Hotel McClallen
is ornamented with a bran new bote!
W. C. and Grant Levens, of Gales ville,
were in town Monday and Tuesday.
Jesse W. Thornton of Oak Creek was
a guest a( the McClallen yesterday.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with Local Application, as they cannot
reach tbe Beat of tbe disease. Catarrh ia
a blood or constitutional disease, and in
order to cure it you must take internal
remedies. Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, and acts directly on tbe blood
and mucous surfaces. Hall' Catarrh
Cure ia not a quack medicine. It waa
prescribed by one of tbe beat pbyaician
in this country for year, and is a regu
lar prescription, it is composed of tbe
beet tonics known, combined with tbe
best blood purifiers, acting directly on
the mucous surfaces. The perfect com-
Dioauonoi tne two ingredients is wbat
produces such wonderful results in car
ing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free.
r . J. UUtJti & CO., Prop.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price 75c.
Buckleu'a Arnica salve.
The Bee. Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hand
Chillbains, Corns, and all skin Erup-
: 1 1 .
moub, auu poeitiveiy cares rues, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price 35 cents per box. For sale at A.
C. Marsters A Co.
Prices Ho insure quick Bale of new
goods to make room for our summer line.
Come and see what we have. Send in
your mail orders. Noyelty Store.
Ko-To-Hae (or Fifty Cent.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
mcu siroutf, blood pure. &0o, ft. All Urugtikla.
Clearance Sale!
Will be Sold at Cost,
To make room for our large Spring Stock. This is the
greatest opportunity ever offered the people of Douglas
County to get bargains on Boots and Shoe's.
Roseburg, Or.
Ryl . Mm t4
WllMMM 4 fctte
MiQliiwy litre
wvn samm 4 e. . ne vssb.
All art inn nf ftAiaM..rkfA lmtu.ift.i
to tbe inmate of the Oregon Soldier
Homa. whn in Mn,lnn. n.f ia rt
to pensioner generally, 'wa tried in
euavicv iiamnn court on Mono ay 01
mi week, lb action wa brought by
Aaron Noteatlne, a former inmate of tbe
Home, against W. H. By are, the com
andaot, to recover the om of $24,
which hail Iimii rat k t n A l, ..
of Notestlne' pension, wbsn the latter
left tbe Home a abort time ago. It ap
pears inai a rnie nsd been adopted by
the board of trustee sometime in March.
1807, by which it ia provided that all
member of tbe Home, who are pension
er, Dd have no relative wbo ar de
pendent on them fnr annnnrt ahall
donate to a fond for tbe support of tbe
f . . . .
tionir, an meir pension in excess of 4
per month. It wa shown in tbe trial,
however, that thta mlo had mm h..n
enforced on til Notestioe left tbe Home
aoout tne lit of January last. Notestlne
wbo ia about 75 year 01 age and a crip
ple, and absolutely without mean of
SUDmrt. ATrant h ia rMinainn waa rknan
a the first person against whom this
mta ihnnU ruk .nln.rut Th I -i a I
nlted in a judgment for tbe plaintiff.
io piainun waa represented oy u.
Siratford and the defendant by J. W.
Hamilton. Defendant eava notice of an
Ona fvOjL MIA fMlnfrv arwl nrm aftw1.
ard is about the way tbe republicans in
uregon nave put 11. oregonian.
Pnrtlanrt nna haa an nrAtnmnnm mamlnat
the wearing of high hats at theaters.
Tomorrow la Cuban dav at the nuhlie
What It Hesns.
When we advertise that we will guar
antee Dr. King's New Discovery, Elec
tric Bitters, Bucklen'e Arnica Salve, or
Dr. King's New Life Pill, it mesne tbat
e are authorised by the proprietors to
sell these remedies on a positive guaran
tee, that tf the purchaser ia not satiened
ith reeults we will refund tbe purchase
price. Tbese medicines have been sold
00 this guarantee for many years and
there could be no more conclusive evi
dence ol thoir great merit. Ask about
them and give them a trial, bold at A .
C. Marateis A Co.'a drugstore.
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persoos
holding Roeeburg city warrants indorsed
prior to September 1, 1893, to present
tbe same at tbe city treasurer's office in
the city hall lor payment, as interest will
cease thereon after the date of this
Dated at Roseburg, Or., this 13th day
of January. Gko. Oajd?y,
City Treasurer.
A thrill of terror is experienced when
a brassy congb of croup- sounds through
the house at night. But tbe terror soon
changes to relief after One Minute Cough
Core bas been administered. Safe and
harmless for children. Marstera' Drug
After February lat we will make a re
daction in tbe price of - Oliver plow and
eqtras throughout the entire line. Juat
received a carload of barb wire.
Stkakkb ii
You'll find bargain iu our boot and
shoe line. Come and examine them.
Remember we sew all npe free of charge.
Novelty Store.
The New Era Mills manufsdnreB Ex
celsior floor and guarantee it first class.
$1.00 per sack at all grocery atorea.
Rugs in infinite variety at Alexander
A Strong's.
New goods at Caro Broa. Bobs Store.
Educate Tear Bowala With Caaearcta.
Candy Catbartle, cure constipation forever.
too, 25o. It C C C. tall, druggists refund money.
For Over Flfljr Veais.
Wlnalow'i Soothing- Syrup has been uned for
over fllty year by millions of mothers tor their
children while teething, with perfect ucoesa.
It soothe th child, (often the guma, allay all
pain, cure wind colic, and ia the beat remedy
for Diarrhoea.- I pleasant to the taate. Hold by
druggists la every part of the world. Twenty
five cents a bottle. It value la Incalculable.
Be sure and ask for Hr. Wlnalow' Soothing
BvTup, and tak no other kind.
SMITH In this city February 7. 1808,
Misa Susan Smith, aged 33 years.
Saturday, January 22nd
And coutinuing 30 days.
iu ruui
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