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Fiililliihi'd ecry TlmrwUy.
j. n. rnuv mu.
T. V. MNJAMIN Miom-.r
Rabat rlptlott Hatra.
eat Vwr
nil Monlhn
Tare Mnnthn ..
TION. On national issues, as declared ly the
M. Louis plHitorm, au lioi)C6t mail Ciu
not be a national republican without
subscribing to golJ mono uielalism, re
tirement ol greenbacks, and withdrawal
of silver and coin certificates. m
Tbe above is a (air sample of what can
be found in tbe colutuus of (lie pop v
cratic press aluiott every Jay. The re
publican policy is not, ami never will I
for gold uono-tnetalism, while it is, and
always will he, for tbe maintenance of
tbe gold standard. There can be but
one stanJard of value uo more tban tbere
can be two or more standards of meas
urement. T!ic policy of tbe republican
party is lo limit tbe coinage of silver,
not withdraw it, in order that tbe parity
may be maintained. Tbere bas never
been a silver dollar retired from circuU'
lion by tbe government aud no measure
looking to that end bas ever been pro
posed or even suggested ; and no one
but an idiot would suggest Die relire
mentof silver. Silver cuius are ueces
sary in tbe traosacticn of tbo country's
business, and (he country's silver cur
reuoy is being increased by the coinage
of many millions a year. The gold
standard is one thing and gold mono
uietalism is something else, but tbe av
erage silve'looa either cannot or will
not observe tbe difJetence. He is a
knave or a fool. Every eoIJ standard
country maintains in circulation a large
amount of silver, but no .free coinage
country maintains in circulation any
gold whatever. Free coinage means sil
ver mono-metalieoi ; tbe gold standard
means tbe circulation of both gold and
silver, interchangeable dollar for dollar.
It was stated in the Uregonian the
otber day that (be Mitchell republicanb
of Multnomah county intended to bold
separate primaries next spring, hold a
convention of their own and send dele
gates to the state and district conven
tions. In that eveut it is just possible
both delegations from that county w ill
be excluded from participation in tbe
councils of the convention. Tbere will
be uo such mistake made again ae the
admission of divided delegations. 1'er
baps tbe rumor is cot tiue. If it is, it
is a confession of weakness on tbe part
of tbe Mitchell republicans, an an
nouncement that tbey are afraid to take
their chances at the primaries with their
opponents. The primaries and tbe con
ventions are the places where tbe party
differences should be passed upon aud
let tbe unsuccessful ones bite their lips
and roll up their Bleeves for party suc
cess, hoping that their side may win
next time; and if it is right, it will.
Wrong cannot always succeed. The
people may be fooled for a time, but
when they see tbe right, that in the
course tbey will pursue.
A reduction in the taritT on coal by (he
Wilson bill was followed by a reduction
in wages amounting to nearly as much
per ton as tbe reduction c( the duty.
That act cut down tbe coal tariff (i'i cents
per ton, which is a little more than
l'resident Itatchford claims as having
taken place in in the reduction of
wages. If 3-3 cents reduction in taritl
cuts down wages 23 or 'M cents per ton,
would the removal of the entire duty, as
urged by Mr. Bryau in bit- fciieech iu
cougre6Bof June 13, lyjl, le.ue the
miners any employment at all ?
There is no such thing as a free Biher
republican auy more. Tut your liuyer
UKn one that has hitherto been mas
querading uuder that uaiue and yuu will
find a mau who supported I'.ryau luul
year, and is now devising ujubuh Iu de
feat the republican nominees next year.
Tbe "republicans" who held to that idea
bare dropped it, the others are popu
list! and the parly must expect to get
long without them till tbey have been
the error of their way.
Tbere bas been no material change in
tbe election returns of last Meek. Tbe
result is ubstaBtially as published iu
tbe I'tAiKLitALKS's special dispatch of
last Thursday. In Ohio tbo republicans
Lave majority of five iu the legislature)
and bare elected the entire tUto ticket.
Senator Hanna will succeed himself.
Gorman if defeated in Maryland and
will be succeeded by a republican.
Tbe gold reserve continues to climb
up. Krldeotly confidence in tbe ability
and williognese of the government
11 promises is restored.
Tbe Southern 1'acitic ruilrond was
owed in Jackson county at 10,000 per
mile and thin the Ixiard of riiualixalion
haw rehired to roilnr. 11 the road was
aixi'nred nl I bin rali lb ronton I tbe
plate, Iheie would not Ik miltli lent ol
tbo c.iihiiifp Irll to pay oeratiii; ex-
tllHK. I llO Hpllll8l k'OVCrilUH'lll l' I
J koon i tiiiniy nniKt make a record, rc
gaidlops ol justice or tuiiw iiienct'8
KoM-bnrg I'lAitidealrr.
Yes, and theie are one thousand farm
ers in Jackson county good, hottest,
hard working men who, i( tbey were
ussesmnl according to the carniugs ol,
their farms, would pay leM than one
tilth orevcu one-tenth of tbe taxes thev
now pay. And the same is true ol a
majority id our tmaiiiera men. The
system of taxation at prru nt is based
Hon valuation of property, and not up
on the earning capacity ! property.
When property is assessed at lers than
one-th'rd of Hhat it is actually bonded
for in the mortgage market, no one can
truthfully assert that it is too high.
And this is actually true of the I".
railroad assessment in Jackson com.ty.
According to the stock market
report of the Oregooian tbere was an in
crease during tbe month of August el
over 45o,000 in tbe l et earnings of the
S. 1'. company over otber months.
But there are some iiotttlious the people
of Jackeon county have asked the hon
orable railroad commissioner, an. I we
thought may be I'jl. IMdv would answer
them iu Ins newspaper. Why
it anyhow, tbi Medfurd ha to pay
I. bo per bundled pounds on height
from San Francisco, while Albany, over
J',0 miles farther away, gets the same
class of freight for 7.' cents per hundred ?
Even Kosehnrg gets the same cUsh ef
freight from the same inl for $1 15
per hundred. Why are the
people of the Kogne tivrr couutiy dis
criminated against in freights aud pas
senger fares, in accommodations ubd
trivial courtesies'.' Me.lfonl Moiuor
Mitiir. This is a mailer of public concern and
llie oiiestious propounded are very
proper, ll might bo stated try way of
pareuthesis, that no matter what a pub
lic otlicial may do in tbe line of hi
duly, there are always some narrow men
who will attribute mercenary motives lo
that otlicial. Iu speaking of (he ijues-
tio'i of taxation before, it bas been stat
cd in these columns that railroad prop
erty is a species of property peculiar to
itself. It cannot be compared to a farm
or a stock of goods for assessment pur
poses. An idle lot is valuable, so is an
idle farm, because it may be utilized aod
the idleness is au election of the owter
A stock of perishable goods must le sold
or become a dead loss on the bauds of
the merchant. A railroad must be oper
ated or it w ill decav. Its rails will rust
and its bridges rot. It must le oper
ated at a profit or its owners will bto
tbe operation. If a mercbaut is com
pelled to pay a heavy liceuse to do busi
ness iu a city, he must increase his mar
gin of profit on his goods to meet
the iucieased expense or go out of
bueicess. If a railroad is taxed at a rale, it must increase lis
charges or reduce tbe expense of opera
ti.n by cntliiig duwu tl,e was of its
employes or reducing its equipment aud
curtailing its service, or stop, "1 litre
are ipuestiooB to be con&ideied.
As to the reiort that there waa an in
crease during tbe mouth of August of
over $13o,M) iu tbe net earuiog of the
S. P., that applies to the entire system.
The earuiogs of the lines iu Oregon
for the two years ending June uOth last,
averaged fli'S.UOO per raontb, acd tbe
c' earnings to $2b,"bti per month, exclu
sive of taxes. It may be that the editor
of the Miner knew that the increase
above referred to included the system, but
he didn't so inform his readers. 1 he net
earnings of the Oregon lines fur a year
does not aroonnt (o that sum. There is
an increase in buain'.si so far this year,
but to what extent bas not yet been as
certained. Another thing ll.-t some people ap
parently will n-'t learn is that tbe Ore
gon commissioners have no control over
interstate rates. That is a matter for
the interstate commission, aud if the
aggrieved shippers w ill take their case
tbere it ill he beard and determined.
The local com mission deals w ith local
rates. All rales on freight coming into
tbe slate from California are beyond its
control, but it does supervise rates from
Portland south. Not long tinte Med
ford paid fl.17, U.oH, f I.-- and tl.10 per
hundred on 1st, I'd, 3d and Kb class
freight lo and from Portland, and now
after an equalization by the board it
pays on tbe same classes $1 $1,0J,
and respectively, and a reduc
tion w as also made of lu per car on
cattle, sheep and bugs. Perhaps this
doesn't amount to anything, but the
shipment of one train load of cattle re
turns to Jackson county all the "sip"
that it costs that county to maintain the
The editor of the Monitor-Miner or
auy other person may aJdress any ques
tion to the commission couceming its
duties or its acts and au answer will be
cheerfully made. Its butinces h not to
pander to a prejudice, however, but to
deal justly U-tween the railroada aud the
When it is generally conceded that a
man's republicanism must ho measured
by bis devotion to, aud advocacy of re
publican principals, ralher than the
housing oi au individual fur place, thet',
anl n A till then is the party likely lo
come together. It iu a unit iu advocacy
of party policies, but is divided by the
ambitious of lucu.
According lo the news gallicreid, the
Kubicou n pai-Hcd in Cuban allairu and
uothiug L'huil of inlepeudunco from
paiu can i.otv he considered by Ihe
Cubans. Ihe kindly ollice of the
Cnitcd Stales have been declined by the
Spaniards and tbo next move of tbo ad
ministration will be louked for with in
terest. It is veiy true I li at the democrats
abandone J the silver issue iu Ohio, but
the republicans would have been much
stronger if their declaration on the
money question had hoeu clearer,
There are too many etafesmen In the
Buckeye fatate.
All tbe nominee of tbe delegation for
federal positions have Ken appointed by
the president. There does not apear to
have been much iu the contention that
the appointments were held up by Sen
ator t'orbetl. The president cannot
know (he inwardness of the local finali
ties and would likely U guided by the
people's representatives. I he appoint
ees ate gold t.iudard republicans.
Some have been all Ihe time, tbo otbeta
kduiil (hat their silver views of a year or
two ago were wrong. Whether Ihe
change is from conviction or for ollice
(ho result is tbe same; their inllueuce
will be for the maintenance of tbe gold
Some people cannot distinguish the
difference between the words "gold
standard" aud gold uionomclalism.
Tbey seem to thiuk that tbe committing
of the republicans lo tiie gold staudard
was a declaration in favor of excluding
silver and paper from tbe currency. It
seems foolish to deny such a pieposter
ous contention, but so long as it is made
and believed by persons whi allow
others todo their thiukiug for them,
just so long will it lo necessary lo say
that the gold standard simply means
that there shall be but one standard of
value; that the poor man's money, geu
eraiiy silver, snail bo 3 good as the gold
of the rich .
Purrant's last hope is gone. The an
preme court of the 1'iiited Stales has
x (firmed the decision of tbe lower court
in California. Tbe prisoner's initials,
W. II. T. R i will hang till dead, s-em
to be fateful after all. It Is nearly
three J ears since the crime (or w hich
Purrant was eouvicted was committed.
Another evidence of "the law's delay."
l l u Portland Chamber of Commerce
petitioned tbe war department to relieve
the Hiill'eriug in the Klondike rig'ou.
Secretary Alger replies that be is powei-Ics-s
to act uii!csi congress makes the
ne-efsary appropriation.
Tne lumber item in the Pingley bill is
a thorn in the side of the Canadians,
but it bas started up all tbe big mills cf
the Pacific coast except l'eunoyei's.
Tbe feeling is abroad among tbe re
publicans of tbe state that if they exect
to win in the coming eleclio i Ihey must
git together.
Nauseu, the Arctic explorer is iu the
I'nited States and is being lioni.ed by
the people of the East.
I.( l cuiigress devote a little of its time
this winter lo Ihe Nicaraguau canal.
l'uii.uil i;; l j hang tomorrow.
Yellow feer iias iuvaded Missuuii.
Eastern Oregou banks no lunger pay
lutcrest on deposits.
Judgo llanford has continued the sale
ot the I uion 1 antic.
Holdups are numerous in Spokane
aud 1 ortland dues cot escape.
Hen Putterworth is dangerously ill at
bia hotel in Washington, It. C.
The feeliug of the populace iu p.uu is
said lo bo very hitler against the I'nited
P.auco, Ihe new captain general of
Cuba, has issued a full pardon to ail
Tbe steamer Idaho foundered on lake
; rie Saturday acd I'J of the crew were
General Eilhugh Lee, consul general
of tbo United States at Havana, has left
fjr his post ol duty.
The democrats have given up Ohio,
and John K. McLean bas returned to
his Washington home.
The backbone of tbe coal strike in
Illinois is said to be broken and tbe
miners will go (o work.
A Jew ish colony of 20 families from
San rranciaco bas been located in
Smith's Valley, Nevada.
Y'elluw fever is abating iu the South.
Keports from New Orleanu sav (he eitu
atiou is much improved.
"Ited" Puck, the last of the famous
Palton gang of outlaws, is reported
killed in Indian territory.
In Umatilla county mortgages (o the
amount of f-UJ, 731 were cancelled dur
ing September and October.
A serious outbreak is feared at Kio
Janeiro as tbe result of tbe attempt on
tbe life of tbe president ol Hrszil.
Senator Wolcott's monetary com mis
sion arrived home last week, but had
nObing to give out for publication.
Tbe Western Union has purchased the
O. C. A J-.. telegrapn line irom i aquina
bay to Albany and taken possession.
Eight whalers are fast in the ice in
Alaskau waters, and a relief expedition
will be necessary to save the lives of the
lltsv. II. L. Carkley, of Oregon politi
cal fame, less than forty years of age, is
said to be the youngest hisfiop iu the
Tbe cot tun operatives-of Manchester
have decided lo accept arbitration of tbe
dillerencee between them and their em
Edward M. Partlett, baa been named
by tbe president for register of the land
ollice at La Urande, vice Jacob Hobbins'
term expired.
Dau Lament, Cleveland's secretary of
war, is visiling tbe coast, lie is report
ed a saying he oWrved signs of pros
pciili everywhere.
I .o Sunset route, Kan Erancisco to
Orleans, which bas Lceu closed on
a count ol yellow lever irom iiutifllun,
Texan, is again open.
liy Ihe destruction of the crops uuder
the Weyler regime iu Cuba famine bas
resulted and late reports say the people
arc dying by thousands.
An attempt was made upou the life of
President Moraeu of Brazil last Eriday,
aud Marshal Pretaucourt, uiiuister of
war, was fatally stabbed,
Otto Krahn was killed by a guard at
the Oregon penitentiary last week in
attempting to escape. A bullet from the
ri He of a guard ended his career.
Keep your eye ou the spud. See that
he is well sacked aod housed. He is
liable to become valuable. Texas ii
reaching for him cloar to Oregon. Sa
lem Journal,
W, J. l.eliigh, manager of the Mer
chants Exchange at Portland and an
old time Western Union oieraUr, com
mitted suicide last week, financial
trouble was the cause.
Tbo long expected dry-dock, built in
England, and aclous enough to accom
modate the largest ironclads, hi l ived at
Havana, Cuba, Saturday. It crot-ed
(ho Atlantic without damaiii.
II. ,11 -Plt.ul II T...,.,l.t UlMlk.l li, I 1 1 A
cili.'.ens of Independence on Thuiadav
' . . . I
aiieiuoou, i un oiH oi inn virn mere
was to dist uM the bes( method of secur
ing nu opeu river the jcartottiut to t on
A iH'tfwt plague ol beggars is infest
ing tbo Sound cities Irom Olytnpia to
Victoria. They are largely men who
started from their eastern homes for Ihe
Klondike without suilicieul means to
gel there.
A convention txttneeu Ihe Uuited
Stales, Kuasi and Japan, looking lo the
joint protection ot the seals, was signed
at the state department at Washington,
Saturday. It will require rati Heat ion by
the senate to become ell'ective.
A Kausas farmer planted his (arm in
popcorn and gathered it into his barn,
the bain look lire, the corn popped and
tilled a ten acre Held. His old mare
thought it was a snow storm, laid down
and irons lo death. Ontario News.
Prakeman C. A. Pills of Huuamuir
met with a horrible accident Friday
evening of lust week As tbe train was
pulling onto Ihe siding at Keswick be
was walking on top ot tbo cars, when
the train parted and ho was thrown un
der the w heels, ha ing bulb legs badly
Another horror has been added to Ihe
blight of starvation in Pawson City, in
the form of a mysteriou and fatal dis
ease, which is carrying olT au avcrg of
live men a day. Twenty-four hours after
Ihe victim is attacked bis Knly turns
black from Ihe waist up, aud ui a major
ity of cases dea'b results within two
Tbere aro no silver republicans. The
sound money issue i a fixed olicy ol
the i arty and ought not to t questioned.
Hillsbjro Indep-'nileii'.
Tbe diil'ereut winus of the Unuou
democratic p.irlv aro ll ippiug wi'h ani
mation over the news from tbe E'st.
If Ihey had a head it would crow
Now and then au old uutsttback pokes
his head out of his bole and looks about
him iu vain for signs of prosperity
There ate some people who don't know
a good thing when taev see it West
A Wisconsin exchange says that a mau
of that state, by tlio uaute of Jones bas
published a book of poems entitled
"Hans Pywyd yr Hen Sum I.Uvvd."
Now let Ian MacClareu look to bit lau
rels. Kegister.
Statesman : The result of ibn elec
tions in the Eastern states irf au admoni
tion to all of our republican friends iu
Oregon that thry must bao harmony or
court detail.
President McKinley, in his Ib.inks
giviog proclamation, attributes the im
provement in the times to tbo beuigu
diipcnsatioii of an all-w ise Providence.
Mr. Pryan distinctly sjvs it is owing to
tbe discovery of gold iu Alaska and the
shortage ol tbo wheat ciop in l.urope
Yamhill Reporter.
At a meeliug of tbe pops in Paker City
last week, a resolution was unanimously
adopted against a fusion with any other
paity. This is the general Fcnliuient of
the iniddle-of-the-roid tops iu tbe slate,
and democrats who are clamoring for
fusiou should govern themselves accord
iugly. Portland Pispatch deui .
With a young lady apiariug as a wit
uesti for herself with ilh legs oil i
would be bard to tiud a jury lhal would
not give her damages. So long as Jen
uie Smillison of Springfield, cau secure
atrial before a j'iry of men it may be do
pendtd uion that she will get damages,
If she is entitled to damsges fluiXI ia
uoue too much. Albany Liemociat.
A blow at Portland's tirelna Green is
dealt by a decision of Ihe Oregon su
preme court handed down yesterday.
Marriages contracted by divorced pir-
sons within six months alter the decree
is given will be invalid in Oregon, wher
ever tbey may lie solemni.ed. It is
bard to see how any other view could
have been entertained. Oregonian.
The Bad Lands School DiMritt.
Public School Ldparlmeut
(or Douglas County, Oregon.
A petition was presented by C. G
Neet, Jas. A. Velzian and V. Kainville,
residents of territory bereiu alter Ues
scribed, asking that a new school district
be formed with boundaries as lollows,
to-wit :
Peuiuniug at the N W corner of T. '60,
H. B J W., thence east 1- miles, thence
south 1.' miles, thence West 1.' miles,
thence uorth to the place of begiuninu,
It is recorded that ou Nov. I'J. 13i4, a
school district numbered 01 was created
with boundary lines as described above
bv H. 1. Walkins. ihen suiiermtendent.
and the voters directed to proceed in the
matter of its organization. Keports
further show that organization lliereup
on took place and the affairs of the die
trtct were for a lime carried on in a
nroter manner.
While it is a fact that the district has
failed to elect officers or to have school
taught each year of three month's dura
tion, thereby losing its right to a share of
the funds apportioned the following year,
tbere is now befoie me no proof of tbe
act creating it ever repealed or of Us be
ing joined to another district.
I therefore hold (bat a district still ex
Uti in He territory described in tbo
petition aud its organization subject to
Petitioners were authorized lo poet
notices for a meeting to elect officers.
JieciHion rendered Oct. M, 'Ji.
Pululah Wauk,
Co. Supt, of Scbouls.
Friday evening, November l'Jlh, Kose
bum l,odi:e No. I A, O. U. W., will
irive a literary and musical entertain
ment, Iiee to all comers, and a rousing
good iimo is anticipated, uranu lec
turer C. P. llerrio will be present and
deliver a brief address. All members of
the order, their families, aud the public
generally are cordially invited lo attend.
Tbu upper end of town was startled by
niutol shots last niiiht. It appears that
tbo participants ttiougui tfiey were out
of the city limits hut the marshal ap
nearcd and took John Pilkinutou into
custody. The mau who is alleged to
havu done the ubooliiig escaped in 1 lie
Notice of Dissolution of Partner
OIICK Irt lltlll-BV 1,1 VKN lilAl' THE
aituuljii liiiciuloic exlntlug ixiuecn
H. Wailu an I If I-oiik. Uufjia biiHliK'm un
der Ihv li r uamuof U tile A, Iaiiih, ! llila day
cliwiolv uil iiy uiutual cciiiKc-nt, II ;. uuuu rviir
in.'MuilK fl. Haiti: cuuiiiiuiiiK Die liihiei an
ilu proprietor, umliiif ull iclt and reply
ing an Hi' iiuun auu i uii nrui ui nuw a
Krmcli'jrK, Ur., Aovuiuwr in, 1W7.
II. V, l.OSh.
Don't fornet that we curry
tt complete line of
Among our
Ladles Docket Hooks."
A full line of ladies' KH ket books,
monkey skin, alligator, etc.
Ladies' Belts.
t n.imtilnU muiiilliitml nHildit'll' bltllH 111 lull. Mblle.
brown, black mid ox-blood, tut hiding the new double
buckle belt.
Indies' Waist Sets.
Ladies' ait nld, in pearl, gill, dicaileu mid lancy
ntouea may also l0 loutnl note.
Men. do you wear SliOLS?
we carrv a line the equal
of which has never been seen here.
Wiikkkam, In pursuance of a divine
allwiso and yet inysterioua purpose it
liath pleased our Heavenly Kather lo ie
n ovo (roni our midst our well beloved
brother Norcnws, and
Wmchkas, Our deceased Prother haa
lor a number of venra beru a t'nloua and
highly esleemed meiiiber of Mirror
l.'xlge No. f7. 1. O. O.'K., laboring with
us lor the building up id our beloved and
grand order, and
Wiik((k, In his death our lodge one ol lis ttlanm best friends and
the community an bond aud uprixht
cilueu, the family a knd and loving
husband ntid father.
.V.orcif. I bat our charter bt draped
iu mourning (or Hie nii'xl of thirty days
and a copy ol these resolutions bo sent
to the lamilv of li e deceased and t ie.icti
of the Kosehnrg papers for publication.
Submitted i'i I' . I., and T.
A. S, I'll k.1 i ,
J . T. t OMOIM N,
h; P. Ib viip.
JACKSON HANKS At P. l ieck,,
Pouglas County, NovemU-r ;i. 1VT, at ,
the residence of the bride's pareuts by
Kev. Ktchardson, Preston Jatknon
Pora M. Hanks. ;
The young people have the U't wishes ,
of a boat ol friends w bo express the Impel
that their j mrney through lift? in double .
harufss will be a pleasant one. ;
Pl'.l'KUSi N'-IIASKINS.- At YoncttlUi,
Nov. S, by Pev. C. W. Couitw right, j
J. 11. Peterson and Keua llaskins.
Till F.I. SKYMOPK. At Prain, Nov.
I, by Kev. C. W. Courlw right, A. A.
Ttiiel and Mabel K. Seymour.
KFNl-llul.YHFI.P.--At Prain, Nov.
I.lvir, by Kev. P. Padger, W. W.
Kent aud Miss P.O. Hullicld.
PA TTFKSi iN-WA ITS. Iu Kosebuig,
Nov. !', by Judge Stearns, Oliver K.
Falleriou and Klla C. Watts.
SMI III Mi 'NKOF.- Iu Kugene, ict.
'."', is-.i,', Pouglas Smith and Miss I'-ell
Municeof lioiiglas county.
lii rid'.K. At her lalu rimdi ni n near
Scclbibuig, ou November b, IS '.', Mih.
Sarah I'.iitler, aged o years, i montbs
and '.' days.
Iblty often tiiiieH iciiiiicii ua to tek
of the passing to tl.e better land of He, me
frieud and stu b is our painful . MrH.
Sarah Puller died at tbe old. home resi
dence near cottsbtirg on lb'3 inurning of
Nov.b h, at abuul bu:f iaHt eight o'clock .
Pcceamd hail been in failing health fur
some inuiilliH, ijuito uo since tbo month
of July and bua been gradually getting
worfc friueo lhal lime. She died iu the
fullest assuiauce of ChriHtiau failh, aud
was ready and waiting Ihe wiminot.H.
Mrs. Puller was born in SiiringtieM, Kei.
lucky, May '.'Mb, caino to Oregon
acrohs the p'aiiis iu the early 'j"'b, anil
waa man ied lo Kufua Puller iu lv'i.!,anil
camu to Ibih nei tion lo Uhi.lo mid has re
mained hern c nitiuuuiHly, xecpl the
fiast w inter Inch wan paHtied iu t'jlt
orni.i. Mia Puller was the uiuther of
II children ail who lived to become
grown, and aro ull living except tbo old
est ion. Much could bo huidof her many
virtues and her kindnoen of heart, but to
all who knew her it doeti not need lo be
mentioned as it will alwaya bo remem
bered by thoHii who are lelt to mourn her
Our dear old fi i-iid ia nuting in the
Everlasting Arms, win re we ull uliall
meet on lhal b)Hcd morning. ..
Scottfiburg, Noy. i", Ivi,'.
Hiiulrrcl pulHUiial Mamlt m.'
Oh, HowThankful
Pain Was M.i'trtnr.lng onrl Hopo
Had Been f . bdndonori Wonder
ful Result' of Purifying tho Uloorl.
"A viry :icv'ro imin (nmo in mv li fl
kmc, whirli L'tt-w vomn and worm . mill
finally n nor broke out nbo llir kiiri-.
It dlHrliai'K) il a i'i. nl ib i.l mol t p.iin
from my thli'li down v. in ni.Klibiiini'.
Large, hard, imrjilu hhi1h nipriirerl on my
leg. I Huffrrrd iu tlii way (or Viarn.
Slid gave up nil hope of ever belli',' run d.
My w ifo v.uh rrudiuu of a nmo lil.e inino
cured by Jlood'n SnrNiipririlln, mid hlio
advlHrd ma lo try it. 1 bk'nn Inhinir il
and when I had nurd u frw bollixi I
found relief from my ii-iffirlng. Oh,
how thankful I uni for thin p lie f'! I inn
itronger thiiil 1 liuvei ver burn hi my life.
I em in tho IhhI of health, have a good
nprtitu ii nd ii in n new man ulto;;elher."
J. l JWOIIKH, LilHDOII l llllH, AlHllle,
J. 1'. IWookh, LlHbon I-'hIIh,
tsllii! lu st lii I, n l !!,. li,,,. 'Cn,,. i,M p, nu,,. i.
Hood's Pills t ine all bu r ill. . .c iil,,
hoi, shU- hihI Hi lull
lliuUr In t'lii'ice
HeeC, Million, and Tork,
Jni't;cl Moil Ik, l'onlti-.,
UAMK AM) H.-ll.
Ordiu Uki ll niul iik hU i lin red In uuy imi'l
nl Hie city.
All Kinds ol Livestock nought.
New (loods. Jut ri lcl, note I lie
Ihe latest lads in
If so,
-VK tlf2 it'wwifc,
from a to 45,
Pointers on Plows
The Slock ..f l;TRAS.
iff'ln f;tsc you ticcil them you can .
jct tliiiti without tUlay.
T!ic only cost a ttille uion-,
T!u v last longer, .scour better,
ami pull easier than any otlu t.
Many I in
Only One
Don't x't "hi the mhi"
Xj and takt.- the "just as jund," "1U
like it" (Imt isn't ) iniitatioii.
Ydii can frf Tin- Urn nine af
is a
and ll the rut ull ol cnlrt nntf
Hidden climatic change
It ru Ikj rtirrtl iff n lrtntil
loii'ily wkirii in iipilifi ili-
rrrlljr lnlu tUr mmlrila. lil'-
inir'iulrklj iurlicait kivii
rrlicf iuio:c.
Ely's Cream Balm
U ackiinwti'ik'ril to elm iut tli'rutiih rurn for
NtiH'aUrrh. ( oU in lli-uil itl liny I 1 vtr of ull
rrmtMlirf. Jt ok ii nnl rli uiiiin ll r ii im iI (iafvi
illnyi pain aims liiHaitimalim, hmls liiuRorta, pro
tiTli tbe nu'inlirau fruui coltln, rt'um the cnr
Of laitriinl nmrll, Vru r wr. ut Dni-UtrKir l.y ntaiL
LY UKO'l Ui:UH, Cr6 W artmbirc t, Not York.
Ufc.VI.I-.Krt I.N .M.I hi Mis iiK
i . I K I H A I ILIA I..
i iti:i; im;i.i Yi.H i .
at prices rnnn
Dissolution of I'ai t ucr.sliip.
nu lin ihloii lirri'liiiu
l.l bN I II A I' J II K
in rxitbi'.'. tii'lvii'ii
U . M. MihIwiii, 1.. I Hum till niul J. M lillnlili ,
I uii'li i nu' li nu iiuiiiii ol Mnil'"'ii, llniiiliii ,v
. Tiuulilf, lining h m uinil blm koniiililiiK Iiiihi
' iii hk, him lucu IIiIh ilay iIIhhuIvi'iI by iniiliiul
, 'uiifcciil, K. I. 1 1 .i ii 1 1 1 it ii IIiiiik. Ilm liiiiiii'i.H
III hi' i uiiUiiiii il l ilivlmiii A '1 rlnihlr, In,
' III iay nil ili lilM niiiI l olli'i'i all hi'i hiiiiu nl il.r
I lute firm. . M. Ilmlniii villi i:..lli i;i a' l'uunu
ol iijo uni llllll III IIO'llOll ,v llulllllll,
W. M. Ibil.-iiN,
I.. T.,
I. M. 'I m. 4 III -K.
lloi;liir, Ui., bvpt . fJ, Jo'7. o, H
cnlt niul 5cc the fine line of
Displayed ! ii ()ur . Windows.
itlsn White Colhn.s ami Cuff
itt the latest styles.
IoIIovvIiir i
Alen's Dcpartmenl.
II ih woitb your time to ten tbe elegant display In our
iiielis' ilepaitiiieiil. Our'J'Mclit inlk bnuderi blefa are
selling like but cakes.
Do you ride a Dike ?
Wn cm rv n lino lipe ot bicycle pants, bicycle hi nr, bi
cycle shoes, bicycle ca, mid all kliidu ol blcjclo
i lolblng,
Ihat 13 only ONU rtnson why the
Marlin Repeating Rifle
id the SAFEST and deserves Its name
H n
UUCTS nt the SIDli and o Is the M05T
The llarrcl lit tlio MALLARD Parrel.
The ACTION U the most COMPACT;
tlio SIMPLL5T bocmiso It
the fewest pnrUt the I.ASIP5T
WORKING lKcatio all parts work
directly on each other without lost
i Kiiir wiiHiiir ami pi hpi ct iiai.anci:.
Sttui lor Calalagu lo
The Mailiit Flic Arms C ..
New Haven, Conn.
i t at iit .
(icntiiic fVJ'
Ll, .1 r i'R VI. E vvx WHEN rATKnT
I OrTAIHf!) M,l 1 1 I .r 1. lli
.1... ,it tt . I -r ,,..rl .l.ntal iho TAQM
hand nuoft rr.r , , r. ..ii.,u
mi uniii-,. viirr rn eorr or oim rolL
OrrKll. ll l. I! Mi-.t hi., r.l ...M.n rr iiifl. !.
i ii'ui an. i ...i tvrnr ikvlntoh mm tab
UtAU IT tltt .Iflout l-l .t'Ul. AilNH I
i. nroii niHi , WASHINGTON. D. C.
I 'III' lllinr Hdlllli nl p. ().
rnnnc canbe
vauuuj sold
& Strongs
Adiiiinistratoi ' Notice.
V(J U K IS lll.hKHY I.IVKN THAT Till',
mull ii-IkiiiiI lime lu i u hv llir CimiiU'
llllll I Ol 1 1. UK U. I llllllly, Mllli' ol On nun, (Inly
Hii'Mhli i uilinliilMiiilniMil lliu i'IhKi nl W. I,.
lUuii, ih 1 1 iim iI. All ii Tiui limlrn I'liiluia
iikiiIiii.1 mlil i'iIiiIi' uiu li 'iuinil In iii'eiil Ilm
llllll'. lllllv WTllll'.l, III lllll UlLll'l-lt'lH',! at It 1. 1 -
Hi', I'liiiMliikCiiiinly, iiu'kiiii, ulllilimU luiililha
lr llir liili! nl I Ii Ih iiiillif.
Iiuti'l I It I h 7 1 li il, iy nl lliliiliir, IVj',
!''' A'liiiiiili.lrliluiH.