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APRIL 111, IHU7.
" 11 f 'i
I lie t liurclira.
fUrrmr I Mi'( M cornor ul bane nil Ko
Irnrui. rtiiinlny Hvrtlii: l'rcili Itia, 11 a. in.
urn! ;,W i. oi.l Young reopla'a Union, t;M) p.m. i
Mr. K. W. Ulaui, rriMlilsiil, HuniUf Htjhmil, 10
0. m.i Jmnna (rhamlHirlalil, HuparluUmden
r rarer M Willis, Tiiuiwlaf tmmliif (I 7 :M,
Miriioninr CHimi H eorncrol M)n and Un
tirrt. HiiimU Mvfvli': I'rcw hlng, II a. m
mul 7:.W p. in.) HnlilmUi rliiol, 10 . in. I t.
W, Wonllcy, MiiiwrliiUimlmiti !l Miwllnl l
clmn l Urn innriilna niitlra: KpworU. latatu
.Mi p. in MhUIs ii.lliy, rtwiliUnl. frerar
MoUtnl, WwliitHMUf, l l:M P. rn.
KNtxH I.. MiMian, I'MUir.
rrnM. corner Mala aod I".
I'aaaavtaaiAN (:iiu:il-xiMif ol (leas a4
Koaoatrwla. Minnie H.rle: rupllo wenhlp.
. n n,l 1 M n. in. I lilth Hehool, 10 a. n.
V V (', K ,7 p. in. .'raver Mwillag, Ws1om-
ila. 7 Kl p "I
K. II. Hilwumb, I'mIWi
Prescriptions at olnee, including medl
clue. (ir M ciita cash, from I to 3 p. m
humUra ecptd. At other hours, the
iiul merge. K. G M. D.
April Wledom.
He nur llial youi bluod U pure, your
appetite lfikmI, your digestion Msrfecl.
To puiHy you blood and uuild up your
health, Uku Hood's Harsaparllla.
Till medicine has accomplished re
...... l,ln fiiroa of all IiIihhI dlaeases. It
li Dm Oua True IUikxI Purifier.
Hood's Harsaparllla bet power lo make
on well !y purifying aud enriching
your blood, giving you an appetite, and
nerve, mental and digestive strength.
Chamberlain' Colk. Cholera
Diarrhoea Kemcdy.
Tin ii lb" heel medicine in lli world liowel complaints. It acts quickly
and nil always depended iion.
When induced with walerlt in pleasant
lo take. Try it, and like many others
you wil recommend it to your friends.
For nail! t - ami M cents per lioltle by
A. V. Mamleis & Co.
Crescent lilcyclc..
I have in ot'ic'k Inn ".Hi models, all
.... -.i .. . lir ...I. L
now, ami lilted Willi ni. i . quica m
pair liriw, whleli I will aoll at ono-lliird
liwn limn oiiitimtl irii:o. Tlium wheola
ar lolly giiaraulfiid lor uno ar. Cadi
or iimlilliiii-iila. Call on or ftildrm,
1'. K. ltll II AltliMilN,
l ur ocr I Illy Vrai.
An ir mu m i. I nii l(uv.-Mri
t lUnlilll MHltlllllg H;llp iH'tll UWll It'l
morn II j rraia ly millloim ul nmthrn lor tlirlr
clilhUi'ii nhlla livllilui;, "llli l kt I uiccu
II .Milhin llir I lnl'l, iHiltriii III'' Kilin., !!) Kll
pftlll, ciliv wlinl colic, ami la Ilia bct rrinctljr
for liunli'm. pUanmit to the laato. Holil lijr
iliuKKi'la lu cvnjf part ol Urn wmlil. Twenty
fioctiila a Irtitllr. Ha value la lnclcuIalilo.
Be .mo ami lor Mra. W Inalow i Koothlnf
Hjrup, ami Uko no oIIkt klnl.
1( you have ever ioen a child lo the
agony of croup, you can nppreciaH tl
u rati tu Jo of the mothert who know that
no Minuto Cough Curo rolicven thiur
little onna aa iiiitkly aa it la admin
inlriil. Many hoinos in this city are
never without It. Marter' PnigRore.
Oregon Tire RtlM AaaocUtlon.
Cheaint aud beat imurance ou earth,
at coot, or 1S centa per hundred. Ileal
deut projierty, a ecialty.
11. L. MAiurtiiK, Agent,
Spviid your dollar where they go
farthoet. Cah ia what lalka. We Bell
for cash only. We oui make a dollar go
a long way for you. Quality considered
We haye the hoot gooda for little money.
Novelty Store.
iiMi-klcii't) Armc mmIvc.
I'he Itee. Salve in the world for Cute,
Hruiea, aorea, Ulcers, Halt Kheum,
Fever Horee, Totter, Chapped Hands
Uhillbalns, Corns, and all akin Krup
tioiia, aud poailivoly cures I'ilee, or no
pay reipiired. It is guaranteed to give
perfect aaliafaclion or monoy refunded
I'ri.el'i ceuta per box. For aalo at A.
C.Maretera A Co.
Shoes, Shoe.
Idte arrival of men's and woman's
stout aud cheap shoes. Ainu a supply
of seaionable staples at Wanton's.
Many canes of "Cirippo" have lately
been cured by One Miuuto Cough Cure.
This preparation seems especially
adapted t the cure of this disease. It
acts iiuickly thua preventing eorious
tximplicatioUH aud bad uu'euta iu which
this diaeaso olton leaves the jmtiont.
Marstere' Drug More.
Dou't allow the lungs to be impaired
by tl e continuous irritation of a cough.
It is easier to prevent consumption than
lo cure it. uo Minute Cough Cure
takeu early will ward ort'auy fatal lung
(rouble. Masters' Drug Store.
I'i, wMihAu it and Tlauter is a little
alliterative, but, aoiuetimes by "ant al
literation's artful aid" you can catch the
public eye nu 1 engage the public at
trillion. The Wobfoot l'lantor is
clubbed with the 1' aud the
two panors will be furnished to all cash
subscribers of tho latter without extra
'It is u startling fait that, almost
without exception, tho adulttiiUed
teas nre dangerous to health. Some
of tlit'in are at luallv poisonous."
--A'. V. Herald.
Yes; sonic -not all. Hut isn't the point. You
drink tea because you like
it not because it is good
for you.
The wholesome tea is
also the best-tasting: Schil
lings Best at grocers' in
II,... L.L...Jt
" -..wn. hi u im i'ina iinrn7uiiMti
Ituy kid glovm at fhn loyally Klor.
C. II. Carter wm ovr from Ihalu HN
B. Mmlley of Uiiilmi Via In Hie
city liat weak.
Now line of rain and nun iiuiluullaii at
tho Novellr Hlore.
V. M. ilglur iiiadn a lnminnNN trip to
I'ortland Halurday,
Win. Hudirawi m in town from
Kiddle Hnturdav.
J, A., W, L. and Thorn. Cobb were
in from Ihllanla hint wnk.
I.. A. Hanctuary went to Coijiiillo City
tin lait of the ek on htmlneaii.
"How Johnuln earned lila gun ?" aik
Cliurrhlll. Woollay A,
I'r. Wall of Cotfoge cirovo waa vilt
ing In I hi cily ono iluy hint week. I
If-n.ialry of all kindn .klllfiilly and
proiuplly done by lr. Fred Hayne.
XV IJ It 11- I ... ..
ii nun nun w. wiaen ol imhiiu,
were gupie at thj McClallen Frldiiy.
All ri tewed lieu of charge on boot
auu alum 'totight at tho Novelty Hloro.
Ir. p. n. 1 1 ay mi dmm crown and
bridge work In an up (o dal maimer
New aaaorluivnt of ribbon, liye and
ten ttJiit per yard, at the Novelty 8iore.
The atudentB of the normal echool in
Drain plautd i!0 Krvl.iJ tree on Arbor
T. K. Hicbardiou ex petit lu havn hi
"bike" track In gwd ehapt) by Wednes
Jelr William, left the clannic nhadeaof
lAMKingtuaM to aojourn a while at tbe
"nlt -Ht.
reasonable prices at Dr. Fred lUynea'
Dental utllce.
plain and fancy, but nut fancy prices.
Novelty Stoie.
JiiHt arived from Nebraska a tar ol
corn and com chop at Cawllield'a Hour
and feed store.
Churchill, Wonlley A McKenie have
just received a car of choice WaMuiugton
cedar shiiiKle.
me mourner Areata look nut Irum
oos Hay on her laxt tiip iikjtu than 1'juO
sacks ol KtatM'S.
V two-headod calf was boru at liuford
Davis' farm, on Coos river, in Coos
county, Ut week.
Do you want a good straw lierry plant
Call around to (hi olln c and liud out
where to gel sonic.
the Koyal Mine Crawford Kicycle
can I I Uat. Churchill, Woolley A keep them.
slecial sale of hanlwnie at il. M
Wead s hardware store. Lowest prices
ever made in Hoseburg.
a - -. . . ...
ai soon as a Kin Kisses a man with a
luuatacho she begins to look funny at
men who have full Wards. Fx.
' IVople boy , Hood's Farsaparilla year
after year becanse It doen them good. It
will do you gcod to take it now
Hoet assortment ol print goods iu town
at almost your own prices. Come and
see for yourself. Novelty Rore.
The northern part of the stale aud the
neighboring state of Washington expe
rienced ijuito a blow on Saturday.
Money to loan on city and country
property. jr. r.. k. ULKk,
Marstere' Building, lloseburg, Or.
Mri. M. Josephsou will have an open-
ing of txulliuery goods-tomorrow. The
display window it being prepared today.
Now is the time to spray your trees.
Buy tbe Combination Sprayer and save
lime and money. W. II. (iordoo, agent,
Hardware, tinware aud implements at
special prices for the next two weoks.
Don't miss
them at Weed's Hardware
Dr. iF.huie will give prescriptions in
cluding medicine, between certain hours
for 50 cents cash.
Hco notice in auotbor
Wolleuberg & Abraham ol the Square
Deal "(ore are now receiving a nice lot
of spring goods. Latest styles aud low
est prices.
Ladies you will tlud a uico line of
shirt waists, collars, cuffs, shirt fronts,
bells, shirt waist sets, etc., at tbo Nov
elty More.
Mothers' meeting will be held at Mrs.
Kinney's on l'iuo street opposite (he
Christian church, ou Thursday, April
16th at i) p. m.
J. ue chairman ol the coiumitleo ou
health had quite a knowledge ofJick
doukeys before Charles, editor of tho
Review, was horn. C.
Ladies, if you want a bargain dreBS
pattern, buy one of our 10-iuch up-to-
date Mohair checks, at only 30 cents per
yard. Novelty Slore.
Tbe iudictuieut agaiust Dr. W, R.Olli-
cer. of Kagle Poiut, Jacksou county, for
criminal malpractice, was ipiaiihed on
the ground of being defective.
Yesterday was Hunday, but farmers ia
raaDy places took advantage of the tine
weniuerioput in tiieir crop, it was
akin to making hay while the Buushoue.
A uiau w ho returned from the Bo-
hernia country a few dsya ago. reports
that suow lay 15 (set doep ou level
ground, and in some localities 10 (cut,
The tirenieu of Baker Citv have al-
ready beguu to work to make a grot sue-
w i .
cess ol tlie Ureuiau s tournament, that
will be held iu that city June 8, 0 aud
D. W. Sheahau is uieolimr with kuc I
. I
cess In ins eiiort to Block Wallowa
couuty with Chiuoso nhoasauts. about
50 having been subscribed to purchase
u. a. rsemurede aud vuaney rarrou
wm go to voos coumy tomorrow to ioo
alter vue anairs oi me owuuard uioca BbHvej wttB nior8 pui080phlcal and de
Coal Compauy, of which Mr. Sehlbrede pur(eJ wltll0Ut g ajK o( Huger "
is presldeut aud Mr. Parroll general ...
a. it re . i. . lu ... 1 ... i til l. I
matiager. iney
about ten day e.
expect to be absent
I be warm weather of the put few
day have drlod up the alreetn and Riven
$ reinnrkable lnietii lo vegetation
in . .. . . .
I'lOMoma are appearing mid buda are
I' red Slgler went lo 1'orUainl Friday
bight and bat not yet returned, There
I no truth lu (ho report that lie thero yeritordity. Fred in young
but lint mill.
The Central hotel, under the manage
moiil of Uoacofl (ireen, la becoming
more mid more iioptilar every day
uoial fare and reasonable price, (iivo
thoCeiilml atilul.
John II. Hvg, an inmate of the
Koliliem Home, died on I'riday and waa
burled on Haturday. Heceaned waa a
private In the Hecond Regiment, Minna
ota Light Artillery.
At the hint regular meeting of the Hi lie
Club, held yetterdny afternoon, Jtritt got
rhii kena :!, liryan it, Rtrong 2, lladley 1.
In the pool shooting, J.oonoy, l!rvan and
Davia were the vlctorr.
v. noiiz oi ph. iijano, maiio, waa
in thl city Saturday. He lm been v lu
lling relative attiranla 1'an for the
pant month and left for hi homo in
Idaho Hunday nioruirig.
Drvil Dodge, of Myrtle 1'uinl, in on the
bay gathering liinbirirnl fact relative to
tho early wittloment of the county, which
be ia preparing for the annual pioneer
reunion. Marihtleld run.
Jaiuci KicbardiKjii dleil Tur)day, at
Starvenut mine, In (hi county, of old
agn. n wan a Mexican war veteran,
and waa aaid to Le IW Tears old. He
we waa buried in Cauyouville.
fit.. U'ltrl. tl.aa f,..W,..l t
n..nU Kui .till l, i.:w:
aiikf Dim aw nijaeisra tlirj LM BaQ
well for a slarter, and hows to ride no
to Ashland sonn.Town Talk.
, .....
" winrj , irvcilll iru'tiut nH"o
of the Southern I'adlic. in Oreuou navs
lliNt theio are ubout 'iK) bales nf IS!NJ
Iioixt iu the comnarit'a warehmui-
I throughout the Willamette valley.
M. ). Warner, the piano lu.ier, was
out with the Iill Club i,n...r ,iv
with Inn new Savage rille. The nun is
l name implies and i the wickedest
shooting iroii ever seen in tliei-e parts.
The Loyal Teuieranco Legion will
hold its regular ineetingH in the Dill-
worth Acadumy building on Tueinbiy at
I p. ni.; Wgiuiiig with Tiles lav, April
l.'ltll. Milt. F.M I.K.SKK, Sllllt.
, 1'. Coshow will soon move t-j Itime
burg here he will henceforth reside.
Hi many frieuil hero legret to have
him leave their circle. We wiidi hiin
success in bis new home McMiunvillo
T. K.
Tbe preliminary exsiiiiuatioii of Joha
Zichary, charged with stealing llour
froui Hast & Critpner's mill on the ;5d,
inst., wa held Salunlay afternoon. He
waived examination , and his bond was
lixad at 00.
The kiuetorcope picture of the fight
at Carson are raid to have been a failure.
The piules are defective and it is (eared
they will bo aliuoht useless. If (hey can
not be ued it will mean the loss of a
fortune to thorn intereated.
Tho Kpworth league gathered itself
together in a hotly ou Friday evening
and made a descent upon Walter Faulk
ner, taking him completely by surprise,
and (her after the vt hi'le party spent a
very pleutum evening.
ei.a u.y.r. Di ,.;,, PX.ulinBra of
puUltiou eian.inera ef this ! lace, Drs.
Miller, lira l!ey and Ceffcuan, has reor
ganied umler tho now administration,
Dr. K. L. Miller is president, Dr. Cotl-
mn wcretary an d Dr. Bradley treasurer.
Mrs. Mary Flournoy, aged about ot,
died at her home iu Wardton Tuesday.
T'ie deceased was helpless for many
years ou account of the inlirmilies of old
B80 and was found dead in bed. Her
funeral was held Thursday at French
Kramer ifc Wheeler of Myrtle have
bug"t the , Henry Hntchins mine on
IVa Vine mouutaiu in the tialice creek
diHtrict and will soon commence the
erection of a ipiarU mill. They have
00J Ioub of $15 ore in eight. The con
sideration was f3000. Observer.
The youDg frieuds of Walter aud F.d-
wiu McKeiuie gave the young men a
HUrprino party ou Thursdsy evening last,
The ouly condition of participation waa
that the participant should be over It)
and uuder 20 years of ago. That they
had a good time goes without saying.
Mrs. McCowu, department couimauder
of tho Women's Relief Corps, was in the
city on Wednesday last ou her way
south visiting (he posts of Southern Ore
gon, and was tendered a reception at the
narlors of the McClalleu. She la In
town tllliiu today on her wav home to
Oreiwu City.
Roceburg theatre goera are accomodat
ing people. The ladies do not wear
their bats in tho theatre, and some of the
gentlemen, if the show happens to be of
the broad guagu order, may be scou on
the front Beats without any hair ou their
heads. They go the ladies oue better.
Kugeuo Guard.
Bert Roberts, a youug man who baa
hived al Rogue river for two or three
years past, and was recently carrying the
mail between Gold Reach aud MushoI
Creek, waa drownod iu tho river, wbilo
attempting to sail across, one night lust
uoJy uful not 1,W recovered
l laBl ai'couuts
The harbors iu Albany are compelled
t0 draw tbe color line. A IChiuose went
into an Alhauv barber shoo laiit Tuosdav.
lwt the barber told the Chiuaniau that
i... .it. I. .'i ..i. .. .. . i 'i .: im... t .i.:....
uv "u,u DU"' vuhuuiou. muumuu
wut "t J baugod tho door
" uaiu luut l,iU1 ul 'BB w BUllt-
terou. uuuer inreats oi arrest lie paid
the coats of a new , paue. Celestials
,mvB lhHil. own blirhr . thU tt(1 Hn
innotf.tiou. a darkv who tried tnt
" w
flu Hue ol MlioulUi-i' biaicMi
I tu proved pauvrua, t Marsiern'
Col. Day and sous are working a
giant on the llushnell mine in Olalla.
If th results secured are sufficiently en
coursing, they will shortly bein the
construction of a four-mi la flume to lap
the Olalla river at au eleyation that will
give ample bead or hydraulic operations.
About a d.eo men are employed In the
mine and the sawmill.
Frank Andrew and Frank Herman,
who wr re Indicted in Jackson county for
robbing a miner' cabia near Woodville,
were arraigned Friday, when the former
pleaded guilty ae charged and the latter
to petit larceny, having shared in th
stolen goods and aware that they hti
oeen so oDiaineu. inese plea were
accepted by tbe court, and Andrews was
sentenced to 18 months in I ho pen!
tentlaryand German to six months in
me county Jail. Andrews was taken to
Salem that night by rltieriff iiarns.
The Jackson county grand Jory has re
(nrnedan indlctmsnt against !e Tar
sons for mnrder in the first degree for
tiio killing of (ijstaT Hall on F.Ik creek
on March 14. Hall was shot In the back
of the head with a rifle, tbe ball passing
out In front, tearing away the front skull
nd brain. He was killed about half
mile from his cabin, and the body laid
there a number of davs before being dis
coverod. The evidence is wholly cir
cumstantial. raraons ia in jail there
having been committed without bail.
t. U. Leonard Las leased the Drain
flour mills of Kussell &, boa. Feed ia in
good demsnd at lit) per ton. Flour in
demand at per thousand pounds
Hales are made very readily, local trade
being their principal customers. Mill
feed scarce, owing to tbe bad roads pre
venting farmers coming in. Wheat is
very scarce. A few nice days would
bring s nne of the farmer's wheat in
he null has been running aljut two-
irdt time. Flour and feed Lave im
proved, and the demand is good. They
contemplate adding a receiving separat
or, hopper scales and elevators in tbe
near future. At present are not run
mug, out expect to start up in a few
ys. Nice weather in April will mske
very prosperous month for them.
Commercial Keview,
Probate Court.
County Judge A. F. htearns, Billing :-B
Probate Jude, has made the followirg
outers :
Iu the matter of the estate of Lacindia
Busline! I, deceasod, time lor final settle'
merit set for May 3, at 10 a. m.
In the matter of the estate of N. Iuib
ler, deceased, i. W. Jones. apioiuied
administrator, J. J. Cawineld, J. 8.
Fit.hui:h and ti. W. Keaartee appainted
Tho administrator filed a bond of $ol).-
KW with A slier Marks, S. Hamilton, J.
. Wright and T. K. Sheridan, as
Administrator of the estate of Cbas.
Lal'oiut ordered lo sell personal proiier-
In tbe matter of the estate of Mary, deceasod, Rose Bileer appointed
administratrix, B. W. Stronp; W. T.
W right and F. U. Churchill appointed
appraisers. "The bond was fixed at 14000,
and C. W. Parrott, A. J. Bellows. Asber
Marks and . F. Barker appear thereon
as sureties.
Ueo. Brow u discharged as guardian of
Clifton Weyer, and U. M. Conkling ap
Sunday School Convention.
V district Sunday School couveotion.
under the auspices of the various Sunday
Schools of the city was held at the Bap
tist church on Saturday evening. The
program was as follows: Music; prayer
by Rev. Moore; address, Elder Rush
ing; essay, Mrs. O. F. Godfrey; recita
tion, Miss McCoy ; address, Rev. Jones ;
song; address, Mr. Perry, fcSupt. Baptist
Sunday .School ; address, Mr,' VVoolley,
Supt. Methodist Sunday School and dis
trict president; address Rev. Blair of
Central point ; benediction.
Ou Sunday afternoon Prof. Hatuill,
who nas a national reputation in the
matter of Sunday School work, and who
arrived tbe night before, gave a black
board talk and in the evening an address
at the M. K. church ou Sunday School
woik, which was the Quest thing in that
Hue ever heard iu Roseburg aud was
thoroughly enjoyed by all whu were for
tunate enough to hear It. ' , '
Japanese Big Bugs.
A party of Japanese passed through
this city on Sunday morning's overland.
This party includes one member of the
diplomatic service ou bis way to Lou
dou, six government olhcials and three
prominent business moo. One is a Jap
anese delegate ou his way to Washington
to attend tbe postal congi wa. Another
is a noted architect, who has been; in
trusted with the formation if plans for
the new imperial palace. Accompanied
by a secretary and draughtsman, he will
visit tho principal cities iu this country
aud Europe, searching for the to west
aud beat iu modern aud ancient archi
tecture. Card of Thanks.
The uudereigued desire to return
thanks lo the friends and uoighbors who
so kindly tendered their services during
the illuoee, death and fuuoral services of
the lato James F. HoJson, who died ou
Friday tbe tub inst., and was buried
Sunday, Amanda Hodhon,
Rac'iiui, L, Lug,
Jos. HootsoN,
K, G, Hudson,
W, M. Houson,
Roseburg, April I'.', 1SH7.
Those who are troubled with rheuma
tism should try a few applications ol
Chamberlaiu'a Pain Balm, rubbing the
parts vigorously at eaih application. If
that does not briug telief dampeu a piece
ol tlanuol w ith Palu Balm aud.biud it
ou over the seat ol pains aud prompt re
liei will suioly follow. For sale by A, C.
Marstere A Co.
Appropriately Celebrated
Koaeburg School.
by the
Arlior day was observed with sppropri-
ate eier ciaas by the Koreburg school
Friday, It wss a very pteasiinr sight
witnrri the flag salute by the pupils
theoiieiiingeiercises, when over 3X)cbU
dren in unison with accrjinpsnying gest
uresald: "We give our heads and our
Iicsrti to our country. One country,
one language and oue II sg."
The fograrn of eiercises in detail was
as follows:
Hong, A merles, school.
Prayer, lie v. Jonee.
Flag Salute, school.
Recitation, Arbor Day, Bertha Sehl-
Itei itatioo, Invocation, Vera Havees.
Instrumental duett, yiolin and piano,
Alia Rmilh and Ethel Parrott.
Recitation, Thanatopais, Cbas. 8trt-
Recitation, Blessing rn Tree Planters,
hmma Brltt.
bong, Ben Bolt, Ruby Gordon.
Recitation, Mowers of Liberty, Delia
Address, Fred Page-Tustin, F. A.
Falkenburg, Head Consul W, of tbe W.,
Hon. W. F. Benjamin, Jadge K. D.
Stratford, Hon. C. A. Behlbrede.
Concert exercise, Rpriog Flowers, class
Ural Grade.
Instrumental duett, Mabel Van Buren
and Alberta Boggess.
Recitation, Dandelion, Nell Birker.
Recitation, Tbe Rose, Pauline Thorn p -
Hong, Arbor Day inarch, Hecond
Dialogue, Captive and the Flowers,
Glass 7th Grade.
Song, Arbor Day, class girls C.h Grade.
Treea replanted in honor of (he teach-
ere of Ibe dd and -lib grades, Mrs. Brown
and Miss Willis. Exercises conducted
by pupils of tbe respective grades.
'Ol tbe Speakers. Hon. F. Paae-Tustin
was ursi introduced, lie delivered a
very interesting address, appropriate
and Suitable to tbe occasion. He gave a
brief account of tbe origin and tbe sig
nificance of tbe day ; and the lessons it
was designed abonld be drawn from u.
It was fine. Mr. F. A. Faulaenbere.
lecturer for the Woodmen of tbe World,
was presented by Principal Hamlin, to
tin audience. He gave a very pretty
and interesting address of about ten min-
ujes. His remarks were very apropos of
tbe occasion Arbor day and Woodmen I for hauling was referred to the com mi t
of the World are members of the samel tee on corrent expense and accounts for
happy family, benevolence and frater-
nity. W. F. Benjamin was tbe next
peaker, occupying about five minutes,
in which be compared tbe privileges
which children now enjoy amongst en-
lightened people and tbe savages each
are human beings, but the former by
and through the means of education and
general intellectual training are by far
superior to the latter, lie appealed to
tbe pupils to make good use of their
time while young. It is tbe golden op-1
portumty of life. :
Hon. E. 1). Stsatford was next intro
duced, who spoke very interestingly of a
tree common to all countries and climes,
which, he said, is symbolized by the
planting of a tree ou Arbor day. That
tree is tbe "home tree," tbe sacred tree
'neath whose benign shelter tbe nations
of tbe earth are reared. Mr. Stratford,
under this figure, painted several beauti-
f ul word pictures illustrative of the aa-
cieduess of home and social enjoyments.
The next siuaker was Hon. C. A. Sebl-
brede, who spoke briefly of tbe lessons
deaired to ba tauebt and the nrincinlpa
inculcated bv Arbor dav tree nlaniim?.
He referred to the fact that there were
two' exotic arbor plants now growing
upon the school grounds which -be
brought from Indiana, his native state.
He also made some interesting comment
limn the auhioet of tre ulanl n onnar.
ally aud the benefits derived therefrom.
The whole exerercises from commence
ment to finish were listened to by a
large aud attentive audience ot citieus,
patrons of the school.
Truntica, a full lfuc
at Blarater.' .
new tttIea,
I tie woodmen."
The Woodmen ' entertained ' - their
r.i. .iik...!.. ;..k
' . VKZ.. 'T "
in royai Biyie. a, w. Mrong waa uair-
man ol the meeting, and after a selection
bv the orchestra. Introduced Han. C. A.
si.ih..1. .k, .nii,t,u,i -i,.i;.v..
uvui J wvf v vw uv vvuitmHvu iiu wuuhjli vv i
wnn a ew appropriate, remarxs. r. a.
.... . .
tauiaeuuerg, nead connsui oi me I'acinc
Jurisdiction of the Woodmen of the
World, waa then introduced and deliv-
ered au eloquept speech iu the interest
of fraternal societies, tbe Woodmen iu
particular, which was listened to with
marked attention aud frequently ap
plauded. After the lectors ope, and all
repaired to the' )oifge room up stairs,
w here a large number of applications for
membership were received and then
tn-ide furious assault on tbe bauquet
room, i put everything uar been pre'
prediortheiuvasiou aiul ro.ted
saults, though perceptibly diminishing
tue supplies, uia not exoausi inem.
New cicala uit lu wall pupvr at
Circuit Court.
The following proceedings were bad iu
chambers before Judge Fullortou :
P. Merriam vs. Victory Placer Mining
Co. Order to sell property,
M. F. Ambler ys. Davis aud Ambler
Lumber Co. Ordtr for receiver lo
pay into court f 17L47.
Mrs. Cameron el al. vs. Asher Marks.
Continuation oi diviaiouof real property.
Haltie Whitney made a citizen at the
United States.
School Diet No. llt vs. G. M. Irwin et
al. Argfted and submitted.
Roseburg Buildiug acd Associa
tion vs. E. B. Preble. Decree giauted,
l.liueaud lluc llnol, lur Mim
lug pur poses at Maiati
Council Proceedings.
llie coti.iiion enlincil of the illy of
Jlorebnrg met Thursday evening and
transited the following laziness:
!sst On calling the roll the following mem
toj lers were loom! present: Msyor Mars
at tars; Councilman MiK;re, Htsnton, Hlo-
- cam, Fleichvr, I'erry, Parks, Dillard sod I
- Aiken, Msrshsl Cannon and Hecorder
The minutes of the pievions raeclin
I were read aud approved.
'. W. Ilrandage aprared before tl
board in regard to a sewer on Fowler
street. Mr. I'rundago slated that If tl
city would buy the pipe and materia
that he would lay the pipe free of charge.
The amountof pipe required i':0 feet,
and tbe sewer to tie dumped into Deer
creek at the foot of Fowler ttrect. The
matter was referred to the rommiiUe on
health and pol"'
A petition waa presented to the board
I and read asking that the pump on Jack
n street in front of the property ol A
C. Marstcrs beiemoved. Motion msde
that tbe petition be not granted, ul tbe
vote was recorded with the following
result: V. Moore. II . C. Stanton. J. M
Fletcher and J. C. Aiken, no; H. C,
S locum, Wm. Perry, C. W. Parks and F,
I W. Dillard, yes. The rote being a tie
the mayor having tbe deciding vote
I voted yes. The petition was lost
I The following saloon bonds were read
I and accepted: Ad Harmon, A.
Thompson, D. W. Stephens, W. H
Pitchford, L. A.Harmon and Rast &
1 Von Pessl
I Marshal and recorder' a reoorts were
1 read and accepted,
I Mr. Dillison. contractor for I he work
I on the Umpqoa bridge at tbe foot of
Laue street, aiked the Drivileee of
I placing lumber on the street leaving a
sixteen foot diiveway, for tbe purpose of
seasoning tbe lumber. The request was
The quarterly reports of the treasoier
acd recorder were referred lo the com
outlet: on current expense aud accounts
for investigation.
The following bills were allowed
B. F. Page, labor
W, II. Casebeer, hauling
3 30
7 00
3 00
34 20
50 00
L. A. Sanctuary, repairing.!
J. A. Perkins, treasurer's fees
I J. B. Cannon, salary
I F. M. Zigler, recorder's fees
32 60
Roseburg Electric Light Co., city
hall acd street lights.... LMJ 83
The bill of Mrs VanBuren, forfl 50
The marshal was instructed to proceed
at once to collect all delinquent licenses,
I J.C.Aiken stated that the residents
on Kane street, if the cily would plow up
the dirt to tbe center that the property
owners would gravel tbe same, Tbe
matter was laid on the table
The recorder asked for and was granted
three days leave of absence.
I There being no further business the
meeting adjourned to meet May tf, at 8
I o'clock.
The Late James F. Hodson.
Mr. James F. Hodson, an old pioneer,
waa buried Sunday by the .uaaooa oi
Roseburg, of wbicb order be was an hon
oteA and exemplary member. Mr, Hod
"on was S2 years, 7 months and 2u days
olJ- IIe Baa liveJ ln Oregon about 38
yer8 having crossed the plains in 18o9.
He- was laid to rest in the Masonic eem-
e,er Bt 2:30 P- m- Sunday, attended Py
lar number, ot InenJs aud sympa neighbors to perform the last
ead rites and to witness the solemn
thougn. Deautitui aud imposing burial
ceremonies oi the order. Mr. Hodson
naJ been in feeble health for two or
lllree J6 nJ several times had almost
succumbed to tbe grim reaper, but ral-
ll.ia a. . a.
nou aou old isir ro survive, uui increas
ing years aud feeble health generally
were unable to tide aver tbe late eevere
prostration and death claimed him for
bis own, and Father Hodson is now
Bleeping tbe sleep that knows no waking
has joined ihe silent majority.
Old People.
Ili.l luvinlA u'lin rpmiira mrni..nA tn
reeulato tbe bowels and kidneva will
find the true remedy m -Electric Bitters.
This medicine does not stimulate aud
contains no wuisaey nor otuer. jutoxi'
cant, but acts as a tonic and alternative,
lt Bctl miMlv on ,he fct0mach and bow-
els, adding strength and giving tone to
the organs, thereby aiding nature iu tbe
periormance oi me luncuons. Electric
v-.. ii . .
Diuvio ia nu v&ueiicui BDi'ruADr nuu hub
digestion. Old People tiud it just ex.
actly what they need. Price titty cents
and 1.00 per bottle at A C. Ma raters A
8 aruK Bl0,e-
To the Kootenai Mining Country.
The O. R. & N. is tbe chortcst hue
and makes tbo imickeet time. Trains
leave roruauu tiaiiy ai o:so p. ui. .Bag
gage checked through, to destination.
Tickets on sale to all mining caiups.
V. C. London', Agent,
U'se burg, Oregon.
K. K. Turner of Compton, Mo., writes
lhem by tu're0 bo!te8 ol i)eM
Wdich ilaicel (salve, it cures eczema
and severe skin diseases. Marsters'
Drug eHore.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they canuot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only oue way to cure Deafness,
aud that is by constitutional remedies.
leafuess is caused by au intlamed condi
tion of the mucous liuing of the Eustach
ian Tube. When this tube gets iu
flamed you have a rumbling suuud or
iuiierfect hearing, and when it is entire
ly closed Deafness is the result, aud un
less the inflammation can be takeu out
aud this tube restored to its normal con
dition, hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which ia nothing but au in
flamed condition of the uiucoua surfaces.
We will give Oue Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafnees (caused by catarrh)
that cannot ha cured by Hall's Ca'arrh
Curo. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CiuNkY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggiultf, 7iii,
Bquhicl pulwuu at Mttialais.'
Aboofutely Pure
(ll.rle.l for ll arrat leavenlnn
lrnrlh M.I hfalthfiilmw. Auun th
fooO Mlnt alum ami all lorm ol ml ni
tration rommoa lo tho elmn Iwrmln.
aorit aaai.-io rowoxa to., naw vona.
Tavlor Beck'. ramn nvar trim 1.' . .a .
borg Sunday.
Dr. Paae waa called to Drain lr o.k
on professional business.
Mrs. 8. Bailer of knpl.tir i
town visiting relatives last week.
We are slad to lmn ti,.i mi i
Medley baa recovered Irom her late III.
Mrs. J. Hamilton nf (Jr. I I on f(H.rn-iawsl u
of this place, was calling on friends Hat
nrday. Mr. W. L. Wilson, count v! com m if.
sioner, was in town a few days last week
on his way to Portland.
Mr. J. T. Wilaon'a fa
Kellogg Saturday, where be is engaged
in teaching rcbool in tbat vicinity.
Mrs. Ed. Whitnev ntnrntwl rrn
Roseburg Saturday where sbe has been
to make final proof on her homestead.
Mrs. H. C. Baker of W.n. w.ii..
daughter of E. G. Yoaog, arrived her
Monday of last week to visit relatives.
C. L. Lucker of Enenna mam . n.
Depot hotel a couple of days last week
with a stock of spectacles and eyeglasses.
The entertainment riven hv tli lim.
Mission class Friday evening n
attended and proved to be quite a suc
cess. The Jr. Endeavor Societv will si va n
entertainment Fridav evening Ann'i i:.i.
at Young's ball, admiesion 10 cents.
V e understand tbe program wi l be unite
E. O. Parker commenced teaching Hm
apring term of school at Nonpareil last
week. Mr. Parker reports a succeesful
becinninic and eood atinmianpo iv
wish him success.
pleasure we note tbat Mis.
B. Buckley is itnnrovine in li.lil,
uite raiidlv. enoush ao that mhn i .ki
to be oot some of the time, to enjoy the !
bright and pleasant weather.
Mrs. S. A. Hutchinson hmm niuns.1 a
millinery shop in the front rooms over
Page and Dimmick's drug store. It is a
nice location and pleasant rooms. Mrs.
Hutcbinson expects her spring aud sum
mer stock of goods to arrive soon and
in oe pieaaea to wait upon her old and
new customers.
The Preebv terv of the Honrhorn Or.
gon district will convene at the Presby-
wmucuuren i ueaa ay, April I Jin, and
bold a three days session at which there
will be devine services each evening.
It is expected tbat a series of mPti not.
will be held next week by Rev. Forbs.
the synodical missionary, and the local
pastor. Rev. Courtwright. Tkilbv.
French Settlement.
Papa Kyea is on the sick, list.
Fine weather, and farmers are buiv
see Jing.
Virgil Woodruff is atteudimr sckmil nr.
Mrs. James Conn, who has hpen varv
sirk, is slowly recovering.
Grandma Flournoy died Aoril 7 at tlm
advanced age of ninety-seyen.
Archie Jones, who shot bis band last
week is able to be out hunting again.
Ben Shafer, who has been visitine hia
sister, .Mrs. Arcbambeau, expects to re
turn to his borne in the Willamette val
ley text week. Come again, Ben,
Mrs. Clara Mansfield 'onened
last Monday, bat owiug to tbe dissatia-
faction over the teacher, there are a
umbei of children losing the benefit of
e spring term, mere Doing six or seven
families who will not send.
Strayed, a padlock and chain. Owuer
can have tbe same by calling ou R. A.
woodrun. .. y. z.
Tbe Olalla Mining Company have shut
own for the present.
School commence! Monday, tbe 12th.
inbt., with A. Maboney at tbe helm.
Mrs. W. R. Weils spent two or three
days of last week visiting in Roseburg,
George and Zelia Byron have returned
home Irom Salem, w heio they have been
ttendtng scnool.
Henry Bushuell uow has charge of the
boarding tent at tbe mine and furnishes
Ihe wherewith to gladden tbe inner man
at 3 50 per week. The wages, however,
have been raited to $1 50 per day. . . .
We need about leu families with about
ten or twelve in each family to come and
settle ou some of A slier Marks' land, that
Is being offered for sale cheap, ardin 1!D
or 40 acre lots to suit purchaseiB. Billy
wells will tell a person all about it.
Gooda of iiuestionable quality are not
good at any price. You'll llod the good
quality, best values, aud late styles in
our new line ot early spring dress goods
of wool mixtures and cotton checks.
Novelty Store.
Hlthest Honors World's Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Hade. ,
4o Years the Standard