The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, February 18, 1897, Image 3

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,. I IP vmi-
riilJKUAUY 1H, HM7,
. . ' tii Cburclica.
lUrtiaf C'mubum corner of 1-a.i and Hoi
IrsaW. Sunday Hrvlci I'miclilin, II . bi.
aod 7.10 1. m. Young People' Union, I . so p.m. i
Mrt. K, W. Illsck, l'rMlIu(i Hunday Hohoul, 10
e. m.l Jmu (Jlmmberlaln, uprliitiid-;ii
Vryi Mllii, Tlmiaday tvnliig l 7 JW.
af STHnpitT CsuacM foriier tl ataltisud ln
ttrvala. Sunday Vertl!: lraolilii, 11 a.
aud 1 W p, w, Sabbath lotimil, IO . m.l f,
W. Wootlor, tirtii.iidntl (JUaa UMllti at
Ium o( tli miirnlng mi -lea; Kpworth Uul
to p. in. Ilatll iM(riy, Proaldont. fryr
MmMm. WadiiMKlay, at 7.W p. m,
rut HO I,. MooNK, I'MlUf,
I'arannasr, winmf Mailt iid ln'
rstUH (.'iiimtM-uoruKf ul ud
Hiitrta. Sunday HurU': I'll pile wurahlp,
a tn. tint In p. m i luiiimiii Uuliool, lu a. m
T. f. . C. 1,7 p. m. iiayor MmIIdi, Wednii.
day. 7 so p. m
H. n lllLWUKTM, I'MllT
Urn and Sdlpbur at Muratrr'.
A Batsman. t)i rollablo Jeweler.
Oaro Bros, are the bona merchants.
lo to thn lloseleal (or tlie boat cigar
Winl taken on subscription at Ihla
Oo lu A, U. Marsters Co. lor school
Got your school books at Marsters
ilriia atom.
For tirsl-claaadoiitlHtiy go to lr. l.lltla
ol Oakland.
Hchool hooka and stalloiiory at Mar
sters' Dma Moie.
pure frtmli groceries ami low prices at
Oaitiheer grocery.
P. H. Weal dwa inmirauie. OlB
opposite th pout otllce,
Nealsloot oil, machine ami lubricating
nil at Marslers' Drug More.
A flna lino ol gents' cln a at J. Abra
ham' Price Jnxl right.
All work warrantiiil llrat clua by II.
W. itaiijamiii, tt tint.
Key et, liniiorto.l and domestic
rlgara at tbe Roeeleal.
An excellent lino ol toilet noua ul
Marnier' Drug Store.
(loo. In Mo coel Mt Curo's. No ie
tbo llio limit lor targnin.
Nohhy Kiilta ami latent tylia at 1-lttlt-Jack'a.
Pihvh very low.
All aiylxa au.l iiulilii ul bata at A bra
bain'a. lljdr.ick prices.
Munyon'a llomfiHtbio Remedies lor
aula at Marnier' Drug htciro.
An endless varluty ol romba, hair ami
clothes brushes at Alaiati'ra'.
Kor barnalna in lamily urot i-rli-a, rail
at tbo rKilo'a atom, Cawi irl.
Munyon'a IIomemtlile Ui-iiii'tllwi ul
A. O. MaraUrn A Co. 'a 1niK utorn.
HrinK your clot k arid ivalcbvt to Mow
Jirry the rllt'l wrlir lor ropnira.
Country no.bu'e ol all kimln IkjiiIii
ami aold at CanoU er'a uroci-ry lore.
At Oakland, T. I. (iravra ia authoring
to ru'wivr and rernpl lor aulcrl)tion to
tbe I'laindhai mi. .
Fine Kold and ailvrr liiluign iut in by
II. V. lU-iijamiii, liinliHt. Tiliia to
Uit 111" tillll'H.
"'Lire and lit livo" n Ir. II. W. Hon
)tmln'a uotto. Ponlal xvurk dno at
ttixlrock price.
Largrat tock ol lanry chairs at Aim
andor A Krone's, over brouubt to Hoee
burg and at pricoa lower than ever.
ililiig your job work to the I'lainuial
r olUce. We aw prepared to do the
cbeapoat aud bat work south of Tort
.and. Kavo money ami time. To jiartii"
going Kiiat, go by tho O. It .A N. short
route. Call on or write to V. C. Ixttidou,
KoHbiirg, Oregon.
Take notice, lr. Jlonjaiuiu, the duut
lal, la permanently located and guaran
tees all hia work, (iive him call and
eiaiuine work and price.
II you don't wai.t to suffer with corns
and bunions, have your boots and shoe
made at L. Langenburg's. Kepalriug
neatly aud promptly done
For good hat, stylish and cheap, call
on Wollenborg A Abraham, whone stock
3inbrarvs all grades ol hetid guar.
The tenure lHal stole ha just opened
up a beautiful lino vt W. 1.. Douglas
shoe, which prove to be the best shoes
made. Couiu and innpect them.
1 am prepared to ollur lumber or wood
at reduced pricos. 1 uui taking In lum
ber and wood on old accounts and in
trade lor good. T. K. Kiciiahdhon.
1.. I.angeuburg ia lill ou ton. He
carries a lull atock ol choice uiuhic, mu
sical InMtruuients, violin, guiUrs, socord
eons etc., violin string ol best quality
alwavs on hand.
Jack Abraham, genU lurnisher, keep
the best goods snd latest ol every thing
lu his line, and sells them at a lower
price than any ol his competitors. He
lao sella boots and shoe at astonishing
low prices.
Good pasturage furnished lit my past
tores on Huberts creek. Charge
reasonable. All atock nt owner's rink.
The bestoi care will be given to ail
stock entrusted to my charge.
J. M. ScnArrtn.
Tho cheap rates.ltwelve dollars cabin
and six steerage, Including meals and
berth are still in effect on the O. K.
A N. Go's, steamers from Portland to
Han Francisco.
Btoamer leaves Portland every five
days. Yolney C. Lonuun, Aguut.
Dr. H. W. Honjuinin, late of the d en
college at Atlanta (!., bus fitted up
dental rooms in tbo Marsters block,
where ho la prepared to do do first class
work In all tho lates improvements,
Crown and bridge work, gold and porce
lain crown, Ullings aud extraction of
teeth at hard-time prices and all work
guaranteed, llcmetnbor, room 1, Mars
tars' block.
Notice is hereby given to the public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be burled ou my pren
Isea, at ltoHoburg, Oregon, or garbage
damped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom. unlosH tho party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to bo do.
Tresspassers will be jirosocutod ac
cording to law. AahokRohb,
HoeeVmrg. Oregon, March 17th, 1805.
Your grocer will sell you
Si'iiliugs Best tea, and re
turn your money in full if
you don't like it.
He is our agent to this
etont; and we want no
better business.
I'stee Is ou liei wsy here.
Who Is to be school director T
Goal tar and resin at Marsters'.
Hoi Id silver novelties at Halsrosn's
Finest line of flannelette at the Not
lly Ktor.
County claims and warrant bought by
D. B. Wont.
A. Callahan, rain In from Wardlon
Four fold Riphyrs in all colors at th
Novelty 6turr.
F. N. and IMaln Orubbe came up
from Mklon yesterdsy,
I'lentyof Dran and hhorts at Gawlfletd
A Cawllleld's Fee. I Htore.
Grunts I'ss complains of th depreda
tiatss of chicken thieves.
Urrt Tongue, eon of our congressman
elect, Is visiting In Eugene.
Ileautiful designs In genu silk hand-
kerchief nt th Novelty Btore.
Dr, Frrd lfaynes does crown ami
bridge work In an up to date manner.
When you are in used ot hoot and
hoes call and z irnlne our line, Novelty
When you call on n and don't see
wlist vou wsnl, ak for It. Novelty
Money to loan. Call at the office) of
I. F. iticr, real estate dwiler, Kosehurg,
Have your dental work dun by It. W,
llenjauilii, dentist. All work guaran
teed flmt clans
Call for the "Spotted Cat" at Mr
Happ's grocery store, If you wantsf
pleasitut smoke.
It U retried bure today that the poit
mauler at Fugeue ha embeszled two
thousand dullara.
Don't forget tbat M. Y, Klu' eecoud
blind atore li where to get bargain in
his clans of goods.
The bottom fell out of I tie cresmery
pruj. 1 1 at Corvailla Hatui'lay. Too much
Ulffureiice ol opinion.
(ems, we have jukt added some beau
itful paiierns to our lino of 25-ceut Deck-
aear. Novelty More.
J. F. (uiluiaii of Looking Glasi and
y . raiiileiaii nf Ui l.llo were guests of
il.e .M, I'UiIcii 1-itJ.y.
Now i tb time to spray your or
chard. I'm the combination sprayer
aud ve lime and money,
Kxaujinutiod for promotion In th
public HrinM-l tn-gau xeattrday and will
com in im luday and t morrow.
I,en IVidue and .Inhu 1'. Hauks were
d'jau from lVrdiid Wednesday to take In
the tiglil and cene of the city.
Teeth i ttracted aticolutely without
puin by It. V. Honjamin, dentiit, room
I, Maralers' lilm k, Koaeburg, Or.
Dr. M. W. Dtvla will be in Itoaeburg
tee 11 rut week io Marcti, prepared to do
Qrit t liiM drntal work in all itsbisnchee.
l'atee w ld p -sitively appear in all the
towns of Southern Oregon early in the
spring. , For particulars see T. K. Klch
ardson. Mrs. Clara Ikrry has leu confloed to
the house by illness for about a week
and last night her rseo showed no im
Now it the lime to (prsy your trees
Buy the Combination Hprsyer and sat
time and mousy. W, H.Gordon ot th
Ceutral, agent.
Deputy Hherid' It I.. Ktevens took
couple of the inmates of the hotel
d'Ageeupto get photographed yester
day for future reference.
A neighboring editor says he saw a
fight between a snake and six frogs the
the other dsy. That's nothing to what
he'll see if he doesn't sober up.
If you cannot come to town send us
your msil orders, if we haven't th groda
we will try and procure them for you, all
orders filled promptly. Novelty Htore.
K. Du Use, 1'hysician and Burgeon,
ollice In Marsters' building. Calls In
town and country promptly answered
night or day. Residence, Oil Mill street.
China Ham, one of the old residents of
Rosoburg, Is (juite rick, and It J more
thsu likely his boues will soon be resdy
for shipment to the Flowery Kingdom.
The Kaudy Kitchoo had a big trade
during the holidays. The people are
beginning to find out that it Is tho only
place you can got candy that is fit to tat.
The cry of Ore was raised on Taeedsy
night about 0:15 and people rushed out
to see tbe conflagstlon. It.wss nothing
but George Carpy's chimney burning
Tbe dog catcher is rounding up the
unfortuuate canlues whose owners do
not ihiuk enough of them to pay the tax,
and there ie tuueio in the rear ot th city
8. C. Miller, ex-sheriff, now the prin
cipal champion of the claim ot school
diet, No. 110, was down from Civil Bend
yesterday, circulating among hi old
Don't forgot that wo have line of
No. 1 tinware, if you wsut the good
grade you'll always find it here at but
torn prices, also notion! of all kinds,
Novelty Store.
The East Oregoulau head a marriage
notice Mkakh-Whitk. This provoke
the Eugene Guard to remark i Well It
he don't ruean white she should kick him
out of bed without ceremony,
The ludles of Women' Relief Corp
will give a children dime sociable at the
Opera House, Thursday evening, Feb.
18th. Come children and have a good
time. SisiR Balks, Sec.
The corps of correspond
ents I increasing aud we expect soon to
have a live correspondent in every pre
clnct. It is the intention to make this
the best local paper in Southern Ore
Mlns l'inma Howard, daughter of Mr.
and Mr. James Howard, died of con
sumption at the sge of 1? years Tdelilay,
February 10, 1007. Th funeral was
hld the next day and tb remsln
Interred In th Pleassnt hill cemetery.
Eugene Guard.
0. A, ftehlbrede leave on th over
land tonight for Halem to visit bis
fathr-ln-lw, 0. 8. Downing, who Is
till seriously III.
From official report it Is learned that
for th two week nding with Fbiury
13th, th Christian denomination gained
In membership In the Unlud Ktstea
E. K. Km m lit wss In from Millwood
todsf, returning ou th freight vis. Oak
land. He has been appointed ssiUtant
to Assessor Drift for the purpose of as
seesing Cole Valley, Miliood ami Wll
bur precinct.
Robert Redesign of Ruckles, wss in
on businoss yesterday. He complained
of th muddy condition ol the road,
and aiiggesUd what a country Oregon
would be, but for I he condition of th
road In winter.
Atth Vlo!ct Club's party lt night
th juetion of giving s grand ball either
at tbo Opera Home or the Armory was
Informally discuised. A business raret
Ing will be held on Haturday aud the
question taken up.
Hlmoti Oaro, who b i been under lh
weather for several days, ia biinaelf
again. He had quite a severe attack of
the prsvailing ailment, la grippe, and
wore his nose lu a slinj and his eyes
were full of wp.
An agent lor a new (angled scales ha
beeu making uuiU "killing" lu Jose
phine county, according to the Courier
Although the apparatus coats f)5, he ee
cured good many orders from grocery
men and storekeepers.
On Inquiry at the ofllcs of the aeeror
as to whether there was anything new
' upder the sun," the reporter was
Informed dial J. I. Chapman. seriously
contemplated washing hi feet. For
further particular see Uritt.
About all (he pilgrims who turned
their faces halem ward last week have ie
turned, for the most part jHxirer out
wiser. They saw no opportunity to
break the deadlock and concluded they
might just a well come home.
Mrs. Bradley, mother of Dr. Bradley ol
thi city, died at Oakland yesterday,
after an illness of about a year. The
funeral took place today. Mr. Bradley
as a pioneer of Douglas county and a
host of friends will mourn he lues.
Irs B. Riddle, deputy protecting at
torney, is up to hi eyes in business to
ds. I Id's moving snd from henceforth
till further notice will I e loiiud in the
Brockwsy houee back of iht court home
formerly occupied by ex 6herif! Cat heart.
Moodav afternoon we bad the heav
iest rsin of the season for the ssme
length of lime, and Tuesday morning
there was, by way of a change, a little
flurry of snow, but the sun came out and
tbe wintry symptoms dissppesrod in a
On February the 25, II. W. Wesco of
Portland, Or., will give at Roeeburg,
tereopticsn entertainment of Oregon
scenery and industries. The entertain
ment will be given st the M, E. church,
nnder the auspices of the ladies of the
W.C. T. U.
The young friends of Mits Beriie
Slocum gave that young lsdv a surprire
party on Tuesday evening, and thirty
seven youngster gathered at locum'a
Hall in honor of tbe occasion. Did they
bare a good li:ue? Will, rather! They
made tbe wolkin ring, and tripped tbe
light fantasiic, sn' sich.
A missionary tea was given at the M.
E. parsonage ou Tuesday evening.
Tables were spread from 5 p. in. to p.
m. There were sandwiches, salads,
jellies, coffee, tea and cake galore, eucb
as 1 made for the angels, and all for tsn
cent. Quite a number took advantsgs
thereof and participated ; more certainly
would if they knew what they were
missing. .
Tbe prevailing rage among the small
boys Is stilts. It is no unusual thing to
see a youngster of 10 or 12 perched up on
stilt with hi feet higher than his head
ordinarily would be. The matter of a
fewjnehes of mud has no terror for
them ; they pluuge across streets or va
cant lot with perfect ang froid. (Don't
know for snre whether that's good
French or not.)
There was a little white frost yester
day morning and repeated this
morning, and water in exposed
places crusted over a little. It doe no
damage st this sesson, io fact it i
rather helpful than otherwise, as it will
have tendency to repress the swelling
propensity of the fruit buds and keep
tbem back a little. They are disposed
to bo too precocious.
Dr. J. W, Straogo will be at Drain
next week commencing with Wednes
day, remaining there during the balance
ot tbo week. The citisens of that place
and vicinity know him to bo a skillful
and successful dentist, and will find this
an opportunity to secure first class work
at home at remarkably low pricos. Eu
caine, the latest and best remedy, used
(or tho painless extraction of the teeth.
The little five year old daughter of T.
Stubbletleld met with quite a painful
accident on Monday afternoon lost. Hhe
was eliding down the bannister, child
like, and having lots of fun, when she
fell and the result was a fracture of the
forearm and a dislocated wrist. Dr. Du
Gas wa called and reduced the fracture
and replaced tbe wrist, and at last ac
count the little sufferer was doing as
well a could be expected under th cir
cumstances. Farl Davis and Charlie Rous, two ldi
of Eugene embarked Wednesday morn
ing on a long journey a part of which
will be made in a small row boat. They
fitted their craft out with only that
which they thought absolutely necessary
for such a trip and with th rising ot the
an glided swiftly and silently down the
Wlllamotte. Th Guard iys they will
go to Portland In thi boat aud from
ther will go by steamer to Kn Frau
olteo. At Kan Francisco tbsy will again
launch thslr row boat and go in It to Hsu
Jose. From 6n Jos tbey will go by
trsln or steamer to Hsn Diego, their
destination, where tbey will engage In
soni kind of business.
The following member of Ihe local
lodge of Odd Fellows' attended the
luneral of Dr. Lsngley Hall at Oakland,
Tuosdsy: Judge A. F. Hitarns and
wife, D. M. West and wife, Mrs. Dickey,
Jo Micelll, K. McBroom, F. W. Benson,
Harry Parry, K. Mann, Mri. Geo.
Mack, (of Portland), R, L. Btevens, J.
A. Underwood and T. N. Wilson.
Keliy Duncan of Mrrtl Creek ac
compalnod the delegation. The funeral
wa largely attended.
Sheriff Age received telegram yes
terday to th effect that It. F. Hollis,
who was Indicted by th grand Jory of
this county, in December, 1804, for th
crime of forgery, wa arrested by th
sheriff ol Lo Angelas, California, and Is
held pending order from here. Requi
sition papers were requested from th
governor by mail last night sod upon
the arrival ot the ssm an officer will go
after Mr. Hollis and he will b brought
back to answer for hi crim.
The annual school election will be
held at Ihe school house on .Monday,
Msrch 1st, when on director and
clerk will b elected. Tb. present
board of directors consist of 8. C. Flint,
W. F. Benjamin and Finaa Dillard, and
Mr. Alice Sheridan, 'clerk. The term
of Mr.FlInt expire. At thi meeting
also the qaestion of the continuance of
school, and if continued, how long, will
come up for consideration. A good at
tendance of the patrons of Ihe school is
Hi'non S. Ilsrtinan ot Tuutieltou, West
Va , has teen subject to attacks of colic
atiout once a year, aod would have to
call a doctor and then suffer for about
twelve hours ss much a some do wlien
they die. He was taken recently just
tlie ssme s at other times, and con
cluded to try Chamberlain's Colic. Chol
era and DirrLira Remedy. He says:
"I took one doee ol it snd it gave uio re-
lief in fire minutes. That is more than
anything else has ever done for me."
For sale by A. C. Marsters A Co.
The little daughter of Mr. Fred Web
ber, Holland, Mats., had a very bad
cold and co'ili which he had not been
able to cii'o with any thing. I gave him
.'- cent bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, says W. P. 'Holden, merchant
and postmaster st West Brim field, snd
the next time I saw him he said it
worked like a charm. This remedy is
intended especially tor acute throat and
lung diaoares such ss colds, croup and
whooping cough, and it is famous for its
cures. There is no usnger in giving it to
childreu for it contains nothing injuri
ous, rur sale by A. C. Marsters A Co.
'Violet Club."
there was a deligbtfol csthering of
the Violet Club at their rooms on Main
street last evening-. The rooms pre
sented a beaulitul appearance, having
been tastily decorated with ferns, ivy
and evergreen. The evening was plea
antly spent in cards and dancing. At 12
o'clock a daiaty repast was served by
tho young ladies.
The guests present were: Mr. aod
Mrs. Eddy and daughter, Mr. aod Mrs.
McBroom, Mr. and Mrs. Riddle, Mis.
Curry, Miss Williams.
Members of the Club present were:
Misses Gillette, IUet, Autenrietb, Brown,
Loughary, Lena and Edna Hodson, Por
ter, Gilvin, F rater, Hein, Luelliug, Crab
tree, Whitsett, Sykes, Plymsle, Mattle
and Ora Perry. Messrs. Hamilton, Kid
der, Perry, fSlocum, Fred and Psul Zig
ler, Carroll, Frater, Brown, Fullerton,
Langenborg, Uaynes, Willis, McClallen,
Cbas. and Joe Wborton, Fields, Cawfleld.
How They Got In.
About a month ago Josephson's New
Yoik Cssh Store was entered by a burg
lar or burglars and an overcoat stolen.
Quit a lot ot clothing had beeu han
dled over and other things might have
been taken, but the only thing missed
wa the overcoat. A the door wss
opened, evidently from the inside, much
wonder was expressed at the time a to
how the thief made his entrance, but
now tbe mystery has beeu clesred up.
A new sign wss put up over the front oi
the store this week and tbe workmen en
gaged thereon found a long rope on the
roof. The robber had taken out a sky
light and let one of their number down
Into the store by the rope, but' they left
no mark by which their Identity might
be istablisbed.
Some Fine Pianos.
The Wiley B.Allen Co., of Portland
have shipped to Roeeburg some very
fine pianos, having tbe new "Mando
lin" attachment, and will sell them at
very low prices and on easy terms. The
Wiley B. Allen Co. is the oldest aud
largest music house in the northwest,
and handles the Chlckering, Ludwlg,
Harrington, Hsrdman, Fischer, and
other pianos. Also Estey, Mason Ham
lin. Chicago Cottage and other organs,
and is in a position to give extremely
low price. All are invited to call at
the McClallen house and examine the
At th Armory Every Saturday Eve
ning. Those dance will be run on a regular
scientific plan. Instructions on new
dance from 7 :30 to 0 o'clock, free of
Admission for bjdy aud gentleman, 50
Gentleman without lady. 73 cents,
Lady not accom pained by gentleman
25 cent.
Spectators not allowed.
The Central Hous.
W. II. Gordon is now the proprietor of
this popular house. The table will be
upplled with the LH in the market
good beds and courteous treatment.
Meals 15 tout, and beds the same rate
- Memories of Other Day. '
Hon. Riifii Mall ty stopped off f r a
day on his return from Han Francisco,
going On to Portland on thi inoridng'
local. Mr. Mullory was a school leader
in Roasborg nearly forty year ago,
when Main street was the principal bn-i-neae
street, and hi reminiscent talk
yesterday end comparison of lh then
and now wero quite Interesting The
street are muddy now, but in January,
lljH, they were much worse, ssthey bd
not been Improved at all ami I litre
seemed to he no bottom to the Ma k
mud. For February Mr. Mall iry said
he was promised Ihe finest weather for
any country for that month, bnt for
sortie reason Febiaary, 1H68, in un
usually wet and wintry, so much so that
th sun cA not show it face for the
whole month, but March of that year
was simply lovely. He and hi partner,
James Pyfe, put up a few boards on the
corner of Washington and Jackson
streets, covered them in and opened a
law ofllcs. The only other business
places on th street then were tro
butcher shop. Aaron Rose, the visitor
ssiu, msu the remsrk that all the
butcher shops were conareiratinir on
Jackson street, tome to butcher meat.
aod Msllorr and Pyle to butcher the
law. VYiiemer air. niailory butchered
the law io bi callow day the wriier
kooweth not, bnt he is now one of th
leading lawyer ot th state, and was on
his wsy home from Kan Francisco, where
he hod teen arguing before tb federal
court of appealsacaseinvolving$lo0,000.
Th Successful Applicants.
Durins three davsof lsst week. Countv
Superintendent Douglas Walte and his
aseistsnts, held a teachers examination
st the court bouse and about ''A young
people were applicants lor certificates,
The successful one with their post office
addresses and th aversge were as fol
lows: Anna Bogue, Koseburg, T'i.H;
Ernests D. Byers, Gardiner, !K).;i ; Mary
Cannon, Koseburg, !X); Elta Chapman,
(Hide, 80.4; Maggie Clayton, Umpqua
Ferry, 73.2; James Dooley, Yom-aUa,
70.0; Pearl Fetter, Drain, 88 3; Lena
Hodson, Roseburg, 70.3 ; Lnella
KennHv, Roseburs, 80; Nettie Living
ston, Cleveland, 70 8; Jasper Moon,
Koaeburg, 00 : Peter Nash, Elkton, 75.8;
Ethel L. Riddle. Glenbrook, 04.4; Bessie
I. Smith, Roseburg, 84.0; Msnley M.
Strawn, Yoncalla, 80.3; Laura Thomp
son, Coles Valley, 89.8; Mania Walsh,
Olalla, 80; Nellie Wilson, Koseburg,
88 2; Ett Wolcott, Roeeburg, 80.3.
William Patterson, applied for slate di
ploms, snd passed a successful examina
" i
The Bachelors.
Tbe following from the Chicago Inter
Ocean is respectfully referred to the
bachelors of Ihe K. of I'. Lodge of tins
city, with especial reference to L A.
Sanctuary and D. Loouey :
"The New York Sun is raising ihe
question, '3bould old bachelors marry?'
Certainly they ehould, and the sooner
Ihe better. The beet thing in this world
to any man of soul is a good wife. A
man can sea ccly lie ssil to begin to live
nnlil he has loved and married. L'fe in
old sge is full ol drearints in some up
per room of a boarding-house. It is no
ne ta ing 'marriage is a lottery."
There are millions of good women in the
Isnd waiting to make homes of comfort
sud peace and hippioe! for the millions
of bachelors who are hesitating. There
are good reasons why msny men and
many women do not marry, snd they are
valid. But that does not change the
fact that there are multitudes of single
people who have no such reasons, who
would do well to marry."
A Good Program.
Ihe committee having in charge the
arrangements for the celebration of the
birth of Pythianism tomorrow night,
have prepared a good program. There
will be epeechmskiog, Fred Page-Tustin
being the speaker, singing, instrumental
music, cards, chatting, (gossip), etc.
Tbe order has now reached a sturdy
manhood, having successfully passed the
periods of infaucy, and youth and the
boys and girls, the Rathbooe sisters be
ing in it, tbink, and rightly too, Ihey
have cause to celebrate.
Case Settled.
One of the foreclosure suits by tbe
Roeeburg Building fc Loan Association
ol thin city, against E A. and M. J.
Preble, his been settled. Fisher &
Winiberly of tbe Review Pub. Co. hsve
bought the property and the sssxiation
stock, settled the delinquencies and as
sumed the future payments of the
Prebles, aud the case is dismissed. By
this deal Messrs. Fisuer & Wimberly
become the owners of the premises on
Jackson street, now occupied by D. S.
West ss an insurance agent.
Competition never worries us, because
we "buy right" hence "sell right."
The facts are these ; every move in our
business is only made after the most
careful consideration, nothing left to
chance. Shoes have advanced in price
but uot with us. We sell you a good oil
grain shoe for fl.25 and upwards, fine
shoes in proportion. If you doubt us,
come aud see us, convince yourself that
we have what we advertise. We don't
care to do all the business iu town, l ut
want to get a share of it. We firmly
believe that a concern that gives its
customers exceptionally good values in
every instance is bound to go ahead
year by year. This idea prevails
throughout our entire business. Every
dollar worth of goods must give the
wearer satisfaction, even the all wool
absolutely fast color 8.00 suits.
J. Aurauau's Clothing House.
C. A. Sehlbrede, president of the
Douglas County Sunday School Associ
ation, is informed from state head
quarters thst Prof. II. M. Uaiuill, a
Suuday School worker of national re
nown, will be in Roseburg, April 11,
1897, and will have charge of the Sun
day school convention to lx held at that
time. At a meeting of the superintend
ents this afternoon to tske the prelimi
nary steps for program, etc., the follow
lnsr were appointed a general committee
of arrangements with authority to ap
point other committees: Messrs. F. W.
Woolley, J. G. Flook and William Terry.
A cordial Invitation is exteuded to the
Sunday School workers of the county to
Cheap w e mean it; your
money back if you don't
hnkinf powder
IUyoi ing exltaii
uiitl ttca.
SrinWi' sliest
For tal by
Kruse & Sltambrook
The Wheat Harkt.
A San Fraiii ico dispatch of Monday
'v.. r ami rnmoiaoi war hays
chiitii a mi i i-ii nee in Wlient, ImiIIi In
1 1 and foreign markets. Chicago has
. Miowed the rise in tbe Liverpool msr
!k!, and Pan Francisco hs taken it
cuoirom KfiM'.rrn and foreign markets,
fn ihe Lirrpool market lody wteat
roen 1 tunny p.r quarter, or 500 ponnds,
ami Chicago, unl-r the influence of thi
dv4i ch, advanced three points, while a
similar advance wa noted on th call
board of the Han Frautituo produce ex
enango m ihe rn tranciico markot
there were lame sale on the call hoani
May wheat, which nn Saturday wa
I :ii per cental, opened today at $133
snd rose to ft December wheat,
w'.ic.u on f4tirir cloetd at fl lb?,
operjl today at II and rose lo
II ffi-'n lh market clcssd strong.
The bulls are particularly confident and
jubilant over the favorable condition ol
the market.
Adyices from New York of th same
date says: The wheat market re
(winded to the Kuropenn a-nas this
morning with an advance of l?4f) from
Saturday' curb price, carrying My to
Hl?9! on the firm sale. There was little
exri'cment amoi-g local shorts until laler
cable bringing in moic peaceful ac
counts somewhat allayed their fears.
Speculation was larger I hsn it hss been
In many weeks. A midday reaction of
lc was followed later by a full recovery
on large purchases for export, aggregat
ing 2 18.0J0 bushels. Mas wheat on thia
swell reached 81','c, and then fell off to
w;c near ihe close.
At Portland the market was a trifle
firmer. Walla Walla quoted it 80 A
81c and Valley at S2 (A 83c perjbushel.
Rain! Oh when will it quit?
James Ellisou has been confined to
Ihe house with rbeumaticin, but i gtl
ting able to be around.
Mi- Alice Bishop wss visiting ber
sister, Mrs. A. L. Winaford of lower
CaUooia,' lust week.
The boys report havioe bad a food
time at the ball at Hugh Coles' tbe l-'ib.
uoi music and plenty of booee.
Ben McColam and Jesse BLambroik
fell from the porch of tbe ball at tbe
dauce at H. Coles. Fridsv nisht. Mr.
McColam dislocated one ot his fingers
srid sprained bis wrist, while Sham-
tKook came oil without a scratch.
We saw a funny eight a few days sgo
on one ol our mountain trails, be care
ful next time.
. ;raiu is looking well in this valley
ana tne pro?eci ot a good crop is favor
The wagon roads are getting very near
impaesariie irom uaiapooia to Uaklanu
Some of our young folk attended tbe
hard timrs ball at lxmg s Mall Saturday
mgnc, and report having had a good
R-v. Wallace will bold divine set vices
st the Calapooia school house next Sun
day. Rosxnun.
Drain Normal Notes.
Rev. Wolf visited tbe chapel last week.
Prof. Barzee made a business trip to
Roeeburg last week.
Mr. Brown, a business man of Salem
visited Echooi a few days ago.
Prof. Kevnolds cave a yery interesting
talk lat week during chapel exercises.
Tbe mock trial latt Friday evening
was good, the judges declaring, the de
fendant not guilty. '7
The cantata 'lias been put off on ac
count of one of tbe participants being
sick. i
The Docindia literary will render tb
following program; Song, by society;
recitation, Laura Spalding; talk, on
farming, Adam Castor; song, Emma
Mulkey ; select reading, Carl Kevnolds;
composition, on hop picking, Cynthia
Applegate; talk, by each of tbe officer
for the good of the position they hold.
Debate, Rero'.ved, that tbe government
should run the rail roads. Affirmative,
Ym. need. Wert Moore and Charles
Ciardiner. Negative, Elmer Gardiner,
Pearl Burt and Edward Wise.
The much talked of ground hog must
have st-en his Bliadow on the Erst ol the
Oregon mitts pievuil.
Mrs A. L. Butler went to Gardicer
last week.
We are much pained to hear of the
death of Mrs. Dora Rader. of Northern
California. She leaves a little eon but a
lew days old, also a . daughter of two or
three years of age. Mrs. Rader in her
girl hood days lived in tbis section and
was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Maxtield of Schofisld, near
Gardiner, and also sister of Mrs. A. L.
Butler. X.
Probate flatters.
Fred Page-Tustin. administrator of the
eatae of Isaac Lehnherr, filed a petition
iu tho probate court for permission to
sell certain personal effects of the de
ceased on the East Umpqua, that would
not pay to go after, and Judge Stearns
aicoidingly issued the order.
Mrs. Zettie Ball, bavins made appli
cation for the payment to her ol the sum
ol f.ouu, devised by the win of tbe late
SUpheu Jlinard has given a boud lo pay
any j roportion which she may be re
quired to pay towards satisfying any
claims against the estate ol the said
Stephen Minard.
Mary A. Levens filed a petition to be
appointed administratrix ol the estate ol
IK li. J.evens, deceased, setting forth
that the value ot the estate, real and
personal, was about 7500. bh filed a
bond in the sum of 13,000 and was duly
sppointed such admiuibtratrix.
Vltascope's Dates Cancelled.
The following letter ,1b . self-explanatory:
vx ; .
rortlaird.O., Feb. 17, 1807.
J. Mk klu, Roeeburg, Or. Sib: Ow
ing to the breaking down of our films
last night at Salem, which renders the
vilascope useless without the pictures,
we are compelled to cancel our engage
ments further until new films ordered
arrive from the East, aud which we
have telegraphed for but are unable to
set the day that we will receive them.
very truly,
D. W. Sampl.
l or Over Fifty Vcaia.
AM Old and Wstb-TniiD Ushkdy. Mr
tViualow'i Soothing- Uyiup has boon uaeil lor
over titty year by uiilUous ot mother for their
children while toethlug, with perfect sucoeaa.
IUoothei tha child, aoftvu the gum., allay all
pain, cure wiuj oulle, aud Is tha beat remedy
tor Diarrliu-a. Ia pleanant to tho taate. Sold by
drugiilxta lu every part of the world. Twenty-
five com a bottle. Ita value la lueaiculabl.
Eoturo and aak for lira. Mnalow't Hoothln
Syrup, aud take no other kind.
The Februaiy Bulletin, No. 43, from
thi Agricultural Experiment statiou at
Corvallis is devoted to th cultivation ot
tlsx and ia quite an Instructive publics.
Absolutely Pure
Clhrat'.l for ll xreat lcaonlea
lr-nth and healllifulmna. Aujr'i th
it, aKaiiifll niuni anti aii lurma ul autii
tratlon common to thn cheap barnda.
aovAL saki"i rowDna to., hi yoa,
New good at Caro Bros. Boss Store.
J.T. Bryan, th Busy Watchmaker.
For a good 6-cent cigar call on Mr .
Msskers buy your masks at the Nov
elty Btore.
Bargain in choice remnant at the
Novelty Store.
R. W. Benjamin, dentist, room 1,
Marsters' block.
Boston Baked Beans st the Home
Bakery. Try them.
Shasta Water at Slow Jerry's cigar
and drink emporium.
For a good smoke call at .Slow Jerry's
bazar, and get a Lo A mores cigar.
All kind of artficiali teeth made rea
sonably at Dr. Fred Haynes' office.
Money to loan. Call at the office of
I. F. Rice, real estate dealer, Roseburg,
Delicious "salt-rising" bread at tbe
Home Bakery, corner Oak and Rose
Nothing but the best material used by
R. W. Benjamin, dentist. Room 1,
Marsters' block.
Fresh home-made bread at the Home
Bakery, corner Oak and Rote streets.
Alice Baldwin, proprietor.
Yoa can tell one who has good las:
and don't like to cat dirt, paint and
chalk. He gets bis candy at the Kandy
Cssebecr the grocer, corner Jacksctj
and Washington, keeps tbe best grocer
iee. Every thing fresh and firet-class,
ami at reasonable prices.
Parties desiring family sewing done
would do well to cull on Miss Fannie
McKean, 421 Main street. Will sew for
75 cent per day.
If you are looking for a "cheap John"
ep-ay pump go to the other fellow.
But if you want the best get the Morrill
Morley.Eclipte Bros', pump.
, You can get knives for 5 and 10 cents"
and from . that price up to f 5. Each
kuife well . worth the price asked at
Churchill, Woolley & McKenzie'a.
. Good advice : Never leave home on a
ouruey without a bottle of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera snd Diarrhoea Rem
edy. For sale by A. C. Marsters & Co.
Two tracts of land for rent, containing
one 10-acre aod oue 15-track within 1J?
miles of town, fair orchards on each
place. For further information call on
I. F. Rica. Real Estate Dealer, Rose
burg, Oregon.
Free Pills.
Send your address to tl. E. Bucklen fc
Co., Chicago, and gut a frvesample box
of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial
will convince you of tbeir merits. These
pills are easy in action aud are particu
larly cure of Constipation
and Sick Headache. For Malaria and
Liver trouble they have teen proved
invaluable. They are guaranteed to bo
perfectly free from every deleterious
substance and to be purely vegetable.
They do not weaken by their action, but
by giving tone to the stomach and bow
els greatly iuvigorate the system. Reg
ular size 25o per box. bold by A. C.
Marsters, Druggiet.
Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all paitie
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed prior to July 27th, 1802, to pre
sent the same at tho treasurer's ollice
in the court house for payment, as in
teicst will cease theieon alter the datu
ol thi j notice.
Dated this the 25th day of Januaty,
1S07, at the City of Roseburg, Douglas
county, Oregeu. Wm. A.,
County Treasurer.
To the Public.
On and after this date, I wish it under
stood that my terms for all undertaker's
goods are cash with the order, t find it
impossible to do business on a credit
basis, and belive that I can do better by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
tor cash. P. Bknxdick, Undertaker.
Roseburg, Ore., April 12, 1895.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
. JoId Mdal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Mad.
V Year th Standard,