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Tho riaindealor
rnlilUlinl Kvry Monday nnd lliurwlity
AtOnk ami MrIii Htrott,
Tho riuindeiilor !
.norm: hkaiv,
him. iie.uh,
etc., etc, eic.
Executed Nfnlly nnd at I,ivlr Kau .
No. 104.
(Huoreu'irtn 1. JAHKUI.KK.)
Pruetical t Watchmaker, t Jeweler t and : Optician
mm m mm MikI(I (y
a covri.T stock or
Cullifry, Notions, Toluteio, Ciiars and HniolmrB' Articles.
Alio I'r.ipriotor nixl Manner of HowliurK'H Fuiiiouh IfnrRRln Wore,
Real Estate Bought .and Sold
mm c a rm msbm?w.
Farms, large and small, to Rent,
Stock Raugcs, Timber Lands and Miuiug Properties,
Prune and Hon Lands of best quality, in choice locations,
hi quantities to suit intending purchasers, at reasonable
prices and easy terms. Inquire ol
; to
Alexander i Strongs
$10,000 Hrgc$i8,ooo
Which we have received ou consignment from the receiver
of one uf the largest houses in San Francisco.
These goods have been sent us to dispose of at 60 cents
on the dollar, which is less than cost of manufacture,
and being sold in connection with our complete stock at ab
solute cost.
Note the Following Astonishing Bargains !
All Woolen Dress Goods, 36 inches -r per yard
wide, Latest Styles
Ladies' and Gents' Mackintoshes. For Half Price
-Our Loss is Your Gain.-
Ladies' and Gents' Underwear Reduced to Prices to Suit
the Times.
Our Goods are all of the Latest Styles. No shelf-worn
goods on hand. Never has there been such a Slaughter of
Prices. Call early and be convinced.
"Wall Papox
A Choice Collection, at Prices that Sell.
A Hatch of Newsy Letters from
Various localities,
Last irsck v er favored vthh rum,
now and stormy weather.
Tliern it ci nt il rull Hick w rt-rl il
among il:n horses in iIiIh I.Huliiy.
It It reported that Clay Plnlny, tho
ferry boy at 8rriitli'ii ferry, as -vrrly
bnrnod few days ciiicc; lint hor;
not to badly as refxi. tcil.
lr. Uansjm 1 1 I'tii 1 In ml nuking
profomlonal visits anion Lit norm-roii
patients In, ami rmar tliU nUr.. tl, g
of I lilt musk. Tito vsnaraVe il nsor al-
waya receives a dearly y!o'ie here.
Will and Jvsre llccklt-y iuve nne to
ll'a Kinitli river connl'y af'er a drove ol
cattle, end will probably r otrttuin for
aevaral daya.
Farming ia at a tiamlilill at prtmt,t,
owinu to Hie prcvalliriK iiiu( weatlier,
and many of th itluHlM.ta havit larned
oat to be fir tit data wood 1 bopem.
II. Weatiicriv of hrottniiurit haa been
for a few daya viaitlnu at the bpdiilo of
Mra. Harali WeaUierly, who baa Iwn
(fanunrounly ill fur tunny tuoiitha and it
Ptill in a critical condition.
Alfred II. llainea. Jr.. retnni'd fr .111
Kalern lat SAtunUy, wbern bi liat linen
Miving a clerk in that aiiKiii-t I o ty ( ?)
the Oregon legiHlalore.
Tb voun: folka revmed to etiiov
llif rimelven linRcly at tlie nn-Miin; n Iim(.
lant Saturday ninlit, eapecially Hip goirg
home part ol the exercin'f.
Tim llnlifrnien in iliin vicinity have
been hanging their iii tHiri Hit) drjing
rucka for the taut few Ij5 owinu to a
Hupe-ifl'ilty of water.
fjiHt Knnday waa St. Valeniine'a Uy,
and tl.e young fulkn bad an it j ivable
lime, and more eepecially our bacholi r,
J. A.Culey, the genial knigiitof tho
roina, reina on the atagH line lit ween
lieu; and Scoltahurg. aava Ihat tlm rod. In
are. good on tila line, only l tin go id part
h 1H iiichea under grniiiil, liuens he',
alHMit right.
We are iileaxed to n'lte the anitati'in
o( tho angar I eet induitry, by tho jre,
and boin it may bo onMum-d until a
augar fa.toy may be et mIi'is lied in
Donglaa county. The fact Ion been
denionatrated that the aoil in tbii local
ity ia writ adapted to thetiicceBsful culti
vation ol the augar heel. St iiim,
canyon road ihould ba t'atc road at It
la the only road for all of Oregon and
California, and no other way polbla
At uanyonvllle mere it a road to Kiddle
lime 0 inilea northweat on iho O. C
U.K. At Iraln road leada to Klkton
and there forms a Jim-tioii with the
Oakland road to Hoottaburg, alio from
I train there la road to Hmlth rirrr. and
from Yoncalla, road a to hcolta Valley
ami J-1 a iiaan, aiao into uurtin Vailoy
r.y ineniioning incae roaaa, and rniny
auio and pnvate roam not mentioned
yon ane I am correct all the road lead
into and through Jtoaehurg.
A few daya ago I bad time to walk
down to Wincbctter from K'jaeburg, and
11 aee men to me x couiu ree in trie near
tatora eleclrlo cart ercy 30 minu'ei to
Koaebnrir. fair around and C.vll
Iiend. The lights of Itoteburjf, Oakland
and Wilbnr lit by electricity, generated
oy me unumiteu water bower at Win
cheater; alio tbe large puraivfrom the
clear water of the North 'Umprjii for
the city auppiy of Koaeburg and towns
all along tie electric line, with ita diff
erent factories at Winchester ntilizing
the rare prodacta of our county. I wiah
thia dream was truo. Joei .
Strawberry Hollow.
Mr. C. II. Kreuser, who baa been
woiking upon Deer creek, hat returned
hon.e. j
Mies Kato Furimwortli of Mraabeirv
Hallow baa been liting nith aomo of
her friend on the Calapooia.
Mr. Thoniaa Kincaio has been work
ing for It. J. Karosworlli lately. Tom
makes a good band.
Mr. Kattten Farnaworlh has been nuite
siik of lute, but wu are telad to bear lliat
he is improving.
Mr. ():to HieuHer and Tom Kincade
were inlending t ) Uko a skunk hunt,
hut owing to tho bad weather they have
ijalponed it till the weather is more
Mr. Clem Wilkin fioiu Wilbur was
on a hunt in our vicuntv, nut did not
have much sucreta.
A man should always watch his say
ings, and witb caution B)eAk his words,
and in other people's bnsinesi, be should
never bo concerned. II.
The Olalla Mining Co. will soon go to
work and construct a live mile ditch.
K. M. Walsh hasioturnodfnmi Alaska
and is vialting bis parents in Olalla. He
will return to the i.oitliern regions about
tbe last of March.
O. Obleson is in (his valley buying
poultry and shipping to tho (San Fran
cisco market.
Hon. K. 15. Ireland is not very well at
Drs. Littlelleld and I'ay ate expected
to return from I'ortluuJ in a tew days,
and reatimo work ou tbelr uiioing
J. W, McFarland will soon move to
Itoseburg. X.
Mrs. Hoffman.
The VV. C. T; U. delegates to the
omau Congress held an enthusias'ic
temperance meeling at the Art Institute
on fetimJsy afternoon. There wss a
notablo array of speakers, including
.111s. Helen ZNicuoiie, Mrs. janraOr
micton Chant, Mra. Clara C. Huffman,
Mia. Marker, Her. Aona Miaw. and Mr
John (i Wool ley. Mrs. Chant eald that
me ieni fiance cauee I sieadilv grow-
111 'irtni untain.
i tie luvori'o siaker ol (he meet I nif
was Mrs. Clara C. Hoffman. Thd mere
ineniion of ho name of the Kansas City
temperance woman was received wi'h
applause, and at the clon of Iter al-
drerslhe cheering was piolunged uniil
she apearei Hgain. Mrs. Hoffman is
an orator. In argument, in manner, in
vo re, in tkill. in nit and pathos, she is
completely iff.-ctive Hu combine Urn
imprerBiveiiers of a statesmanlike view
a ith the intense moral earneftlueps and
tenderness of a woman's heart. A
woman with the beat of man's logic and
the best of own sympathetic nature
is a pjwer on the p'atform.
In the evening Mrs. Huffman delivered
another addrena ut tli Warren Ave
church, on lh "Problem which Fa""
I's." It wa a grei' spj-ch and one
that will lung b remi nil eie I by the
people who live in the comfortable and
elegant homes around Garfield Paik.
the Advance. At Koeeburg, February
rnnrm llt JMtatreaa ll,Atr
tying to many Individual excites our
Isyinpaiby, but uofortnt4te' no general
evai nas ever ueen removcu except as
tbe result of general distress. Farming
in California bai been pursued with such
a reckless disregard of small economies
as no agricultural community has ever
vet been able to sustain. Is it nobody's
fault. Very few ot us are strong enough
to evercome the conditions of our en
vironment and extravagance and reck
lessness bave come dovin to us from the
days of the argonauts. It baa beeu in
th air we breathed. These conditions
are rapidly clianginK. Family expenses
are being curtailed, improvements on
credit are almost a thing of tbe patt,
ousts of products are being reduced, use
is being found for by-products which for
merly went to waste, more of the pro
ducts consumed on the farm are being
raised by tbe farmer, and generally pru
dence and thrift are taking tbe placo of
the old ways. Of course there are some
who cannot or will not learn, but their
doom Is slowly but surely closing upon
them, and soon the places which now
know thorn shall know them no more
Correspondent Takes a Peep Into
the Future.
Many do not seem to think Koseburg
is so well situiitod as a city us the writer
loes. The sa ing that "all roads lead to
Home" is equally truo of Koseburg. All
roads of tbe Umpuua spider web, lead
into and ttirougn Koseburg. Going eat
some ft miles to the forks, tbe roads lead
up north and south Deer creek and to
Oak Creek, a distance of some "0 miles
to Cascade range. And this whole terri
tory all good tillable land mostly river
and creek bottoms, now thinly settled.
Ou 1 lie went there are two or three roads
leading to Looking Olass, Ten Mile,
Uamaa Valley and Coos county; and
northwesterly into French Settlement,
Cleveland and Coles Valley, aa far as
Millwood and lower Calapooia. On the
north there iB the main highway to the
north o( county, vU Oakland, 'Wilbur,
Winchester, 1 oncalla, Drain nnd Com-
st jck, with diverging roads from Wil
bur to Oarden ttottotn ana lower cala
pooia and at Oakland to upier Calapooia
to Fair Oaks and the liooemla mines
and to lower Calapooia via Stephens to
Coles Valley, and down the Umpqua via
Kelloggi to I, Ik ton, and there It forms a
unction with tho Drain road to, tcotts-
burg where you must turn buck again as
no wagon road goes further. Steamers
and boats only run to Uardiner and the
mouth ol the umpuua rlvor. At oak
land the roads to ugeuo and points
north diverge, ono via Yonoalla aud
Drain and the other via Klk Head over
the mountain, The ono via Drain as
far as l'hcasant creek, then over I he
mountains, to Loraino down through
to Slusluw and I.og Town to Corvallls,
and tho other via Coins tot k through
Pass creek canyon to Cot.ago urove,
where it forms a junction with tho
Head road to Eugene and north. South
of Koseburg there ia one main highway
to Myrtle Creek, Canyonville and
through the canyon to Josephine county,
and all points south to California. The
About Beet. ,
There is a beet siiitar factory in tbe
little town of Levi, Utah, which paid
$37,000 for beets in a single month in
1895, and up to October 14 last the fac
tory hoe received 12,000 tons of beets,
had worked up 11,000 tone, and bad
made 17,000 sacks of refined sugar.
Iho local paper says that o'JCO acres were
planted in beets last year; that to raise,
harvest and deliver them coet f30 an
acre; that tbe aveisgo crop last year was
15 tons per acre, which, at $1 a ton,
brought f0 an acre, and therefore, $30
clear profit per aero to the farmer. On
the whole acreago planted that would
mean that $90,000 clear profit was dis
tributed among the farmers in the vicin
ity of Levi last vear.
Those who c'aim to know, says tbe
Hillsboro Argus, Btate that beet culture
properly attended, will give returns of
$S0 per acre. For the sake of conserva
tism put it at $50 per aero and then that
class of farming would pay far better
than anything yet tried in Oregon. It
is worth looking into, and at ouce. It
would not bo too la to for a crop this sea
son, if a factory were here ti take the
yield. Outside the dairy business this
branch of farming will pay l etter than
any othor, if there be unythiug in the
atatements of experts.
A Blessing in Disguise.
The hard times which we are pasairis
few years, be -recocned as a moef i oljwodocp; fltnrl nika tlieir. pur-
wuoiesome experience to tna larniers oi
(T. T. o'.r, In the Or. (C"iil.ii
Although Laving a population f .'(0J,
000, there is not a grocery store such as
we have in Portland and halem in the
cry, dui mere it a central market cov
ering one entire block and there are tbrre
market days each week Tuesday, Thurs
day and 8aturday. On those days trie
o-called "farmers" of the surrounding
country corne in with their me-huree
carts and any other kind of "rig" that
could be named, loaded with every con:
ceivable kind of "truck," and surround
tbe market block until the adjacent
streets are actually impasnanle from 10
o'clock until 5 in the alternoon.
The greatest trouble I bave had here,
my dfsire being to tee tbe objects of
greatest Interest, has been to decide
whether to attend the sessions of con
gress or the market-place during thia in
flux of Virginia and Maryland farmers.
The" lrnrriennfl building i divided into
"booths," such as you will ae in the ex
position building in Portland, and each
cue ia rented to some man or woman
who stands there all day and seeks trade
from tiie throngs of people ho are con
tinually passing tL rough in rjuett of
something that may soit their fancy.
Hut the greatest sight is ou tbo outside.
The aidewalk all around this npisre U
about 20 feet wide and roofed ovr-r, and
the different vehicles sre backed up
against the outer edge of the pavo ncn'
as close together as they can get, much
the same aa tbe hotel busies in l'or'.iard
stand in waiting lor paaseogeis at the
union depot
fully nine-tenths of tlie.e are owwl
by negroes, and, as a rule, the entire
family comes iu and bo.' sea lbs job; tot '
oniy ao uncle bam and I'.nali come
along, bat all tbe little hams and smaller
Dinaha are present in interested ar.d in
teresting attendance. And right hero is
a good place to remark that whoever
thinks tbe rising geneiutio.i of colore!
people are mostly uula'oes stands iu
vreat need of revising bis injnn-ssion.
That the colored damsels do not taks
kindly to outside influences h abund
antly attested by tbe thousands of l.Uc.
brats that throng the streets of Wash
ington, the result of legitimate marriages,
and who have the sarco facilities for
schooling as the wtiite cbildien. S
ibese people come in from the country on
market days, and like Simple buncn in
tne old sonir, disposo ol their ware?.
Many of them bring larje bcixcs about
eight feet fquaro aud four inches deep,
and t utting these on some kind of a tem
porary support next to U c buildirg. pilr
them full of truck and proceed to lo' k
foi bargains with the passers by; and
(hey find them, too, for here is where all
of Washington does its buying iu this
line. Men with polished silk tiles aud
women with rustling silk dresses pass
Along and closely. examine the different
ZZZZZZr mmw mm w SV -SZr
illSll W Giv6a Awa?
MP1M)!, t'li f1 thi i valuable
2 r. ' 1 f iif 1 articles lo smokers of
r -$M Tobacco
You will find one coupon iu
ile mrh 2-ouncc baf n:;l two
w I ' v ' iii.ii'ii. 11 l-1JHIIV.b T
bag. Uuyabnp, rrnd the coupon ft '
nnd sec how to tvt your shurc. W
The Best
g fw-uokingTobacco Made
Tor Recent and Chronic
I spent about three hours this after
noon "rnUHIg in'' with these 3eople.
and talked witb several who were slaves.
Dioiniug pieasea tnem netter than lor a
white man to affect some interest in
them, and they are the very embodi
ment of deferential politeness. Many of
the things they bad to sell, though- "ag
ricultural produce," and though making
some pretensions toward being a granger
myseit, I had to ask tbe name of: and
such small quantities cf some thine
they had to sell 1 One old "aunt " had
two small teacups full of common dried
peas, and the poor woman didn t bave
much else to sell, but when I acted her
about them and her busiuess prospects,
she was at once transformed w ith an ab
normal (mile that not only th'jwed all
her teeth, but the natural honesty and
goodness ol the woman that would le
safer to bet on than some bank.?. 1 hey
all seemed happy, aud the joking and
laughing and singing was r.o doubt
largely typical of tho old plantation
scenes in the days "befo' the wall."
tvery outfit was provided with a little
frame, much like an ordincry sawbuck
in the forks of which was placed a
trough, and in this the horse was fed his
allowance of corn for his dinner, and tbe
entire street is nsed for this purpose.
The horses a'e never tied to a post nor to
anything else; they never run nil, for,
like the Dutchman's horse, they are
d d glad they cau valk."
When dinner time comes every family
takes an ordinary saucepan, Hits it half
full of small sticks brought from home.
and starts a fire; mixed in with this me
a few sweet potatoes, and on top of it a',1
a can of water for coffee ; this, with the
corn bread brought from home, makes
their meal.
Nowhere could bo pieseuted u greater
picture of life, energy, hilarity and bu?i
nc89 struggle than is seen on market
Sipiary on a market day, and uothing
could seem moro desolately forsaken
than the same place in tho eveuiog of
the day.
To Hake WHU Good.
Tho only practical and simple icbeme
for the prevention of attacks on wide is
that proposed by Judge Johu II. White
of Hartford and defeated by tho legisla
ture of 18115. It provides that every por
son on mukiog a will may deposit it
with a legal ollicer, who shall give public
notice that a will has been so offered,
aud that all who wish to attack the ca
picity of the testator shall have a certain
time in which to oiler evidence and
bring the matter to a decision. If no
objection to the testator's capacity is
made within the time specified, the will
cannot be attacked on that ground after
hit death. The contents of the will are
not disclosed even to its custodian. No
one hat any ground to attack it because
he is left out or gets lest than he thinks
he should have. Evidently people will
think twice about attacking the testa
mentary capacity of a man who iu thore
to defend himself, especially w hen they
are uncertain how ho hat dovlsed his
property, and may bo biting off their
own noses.
The two oldest native born boui of Or
egon are Cyrus 11. Walker of Albany,
aud Captain J. D. II. Oray of Astoria.
The former was born on December 7,
1838, and the littler on Mtrch 20, 1830.
How to Treat Hobos.
The Hillsboro Iudependuut savs;
City Marshal Lane is gutting the
tramp problem down to a fiiio point. It
is las practice when he seua one of those
traveling gentleman about town to keep
lain iu sight and if the visitor cann t
show a habitation either at one cf iki;
hotels or some other place after six
o'clock in tho evening to put him to bed
in a cell at the city jail, after first search
ing hiin. There the tramp rests till
morning, when Mr. Lane turns him out
with the iuvitation to leavs town in n
half hour or he will work ou the streets.
Tho iuvitation is lvas accepted. By
juggiug the fraternity after Op. iu. and
turning them out eirly next morning
the city is to no expense of feeding
them. The marshal also says it is easier
to find them iu the night, should he
want them, eiuco be knows just where
I hey are. Since Mr. I.ane has guarded
the city, about two months, he has had
about tweoty-tive guests. Our citizens
hardly ever tee them, because they man
age to arrive alter dark and find it ad
visable to go before light neit mornirg.
New Use (or Range Horses. .
J. li. Kwiulor.of SwiUlet's island, ou
the Columbia ' river, near Wallula, is
laid to have something like 75,000 bead
of horses. It is also currently reported
that he has for some timo been killing
oil' some of these boasts, nnd has been
experimenting with tho carcasses, in the
hopo of eventually being able to put
same excellent sausages on the market.
If his experiments result in success Mr,
Switxler will probably bo able to supply
tho Pendloton and Portland markets
with a superior quality ol summer and
winter sausage. The hides will be used
iu making boots aud shoes. -Pendleton
l'r acliiti, HotneneMt, Un u iuih-,
IrriUl.ility of tl Larynx and Fauci-,
arid ollu r Inllauu.l Conditions of Hi
','juv-onnd A!r l'asB?ei.
i: I
Foreign and Domestic.
Marble and Granite.
I employ li i ut
its or ir.iil'ite men, nut sivo my patroi the Im-iicII! of the
T, to 35 por cent, usually paid to olkitorn.
All -i- Orders ? for -f Cemetery f Work Promptly Filled.
O'Ticc and Works, :2 Main Street, ltOSKHCHG,
2 vi r x. dm i-iMrTrvtvi
u u. jl j a i x x j x-v. A a x v x S li,
jjuccessor to O. W. NOAU.)
General Blacksmithing
Mioi) ou Corner Washington and Kane tc., ICoHt-lmru.
Depot Grocers
Givousacall. Goods delivered to any part ol tho City in short order.
Corner Lauo &. Shcridun Streets. KtXSEHUlUJ, OREliON.
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
. Crockery, Glass and Dclfwarc, Tobacco and Cigars, -Toys,
Notions aud Fancy Goods.
Higest Prices Paid for Country Produce of All Kinds.
1 iiiCNt I.tite of Tli AS Iu tlie City. l'rlce from l ie losu iier o,md. i
I uuut your tnulo, anl
an n liiitiKviiieiit to Kvt it lu
I nmko llio following lib- 10
oral oll.'r: OhII and I will !10
lrcC!it you willi a cunt ' b
like tlio ono prliitvil op- J S
lo.iiio, ti 1 Wlll'll thu I f
cunl U uxcit u,t you iniiy J b
ccuro tho iorlrnil.
iojjo i io 1 iu j ioj w'fiu I in i i) i
,1 5 I .'ill I ;'( I .Vi I li j
you mul liavo your CA'U
'I out to the inuoiiiit of 110,
, lUN'li IhU 'urit Willi
I'll KClt ASKS nuiiclioil
ami von c.iii Iih i) a 1. le-liku rortnul. Cruvon or
Water Color Tmin. iroiu uny iihotoKmpli or lintj po you
may ilrirc.
Wo furllii'i' uxaiiro you Dial it tlio xrtrult U not tat
isfiu'tory you nccil not acct't li.
Wo itivo
tlio fllllllO.
' ' li
i I 1 1 at,
m l too sHiniik'Hof iIu'mi l.i iinlllii! nurtrrtlu ilUnluvoil in my nhoiv Inrtoir mi. I h-t
Hie lirm ul you willi ,i lu ifi koi. Wry Iruly your,
nival. W. IKSVIS,
I'oiiior Jiickdou mul fu Mlroct, JtOnEBUUO, Oil,
I. H. I Iikvuoii toiuil a law aoortiut-iit of lUXIKa. kit ! Uililo for IkiiIi larifp mul mul) chit
ilrtii, uliii'li I will "'II at' ,iio.m, t lx-ouilio loilormUo vry -1- i .
you tlio portrait KKKE, jou pay only for
(o.., will Ih at wliolt'-
Tlio c.wt of tlio frame, glasM,
auio cunt prlccH.
i I O I ft ft IU 10 i HI 111 i IU IU HI ! ) '. i l! I 'i liS I I