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Publlahad Mondavi and Thuradnj .
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FEBRUARY 15. lSi-7.
Te whtw 11 aiajr concern: W. F. lieii.iuiiu
kTia(Mid hit uitert t in lk I'laimxali a, a
aallUatral ft arcounts It non in order. All
aateaaU 4ue for a.lrtiking and J. ork to
talker payable I" " Y. Ben; am in, w'.ui i'.t
alt Say all Indebted of tha firm to date.
Jaawary N, 1?T.
W, l'. Btx AMiN,
e'. Y. liSS AMI.
A correspondent atka for the lr gunge
of the constitution on tli" ijuestion of a
legislative ciuoruru.
Article IV of the futiJau.eiiUl !aw
pertains to the leg'islative depailuient of
Iha stste government, and Pectiou 12 ol
that Article, lays:
"Two-thirds of each house, shall con
sulate a qtiornm to do busiccj?. but a
mailer may meet, adjourn from day to
day and compel 'lie attendance ci absent
members. A quorum being in attend
ance, if either houae fail to etlect an or
ganiration within the first live data
thereafter, the memlera i f the house so
failing shall be entitled to no compensa
tion from the end of the taid Cve days
antll an organization eha'l have been
Section 25, of the tame Article says:
"A majority of all the members tle:U J
to eacb bouae shall be necessary to pass
every bill or joint resolution; and ad
bills and joint resolutions so passed shall
be signed by the presiding uilioers of bo'.h
Section 10, of Arti.le II delres that
"under this constitution the persoa or
persons who shall receive the highest
number of Totes t hall be declared elect
ed." And Section 31, of Article IV pro
Tides that memberB of the legislative as
sembly shall eubecribe to an oath to sup
port the constitution of the United States
and of Ibis state and to faithfully dis
charge their duties as such member.
The honses are much larger notv than
when the constitution was framed and
adopted. Then the membership wv-s 1C
and 34 respectively, now it is 30 and 00
respectively ; bat as to hat ccn3'ita!es
each house, Section 25 above quoted ii
ferms at: "The members elected to
each houia." There were 30 penators
elected and 00 representatives, and these
constitute the two houses at the present
time. Two-thirds is required for a
quorum, to do business Two-third of
sixty ii forty. It is very plain that
if Section 12, of Article IV means
what it says, the house cannot d
bniinees until there are 40 members
present. The contention is made that a
tan's election is not complete until he
qualifies, but the organic law says he h
elected when he receives the highest
number of votes cast and shall hi so de
clared. It is plain then that if ') mem
bers are elected, it requires 40 to consti
tute a quorum and 31 approving votes t j
pass a bill. A less number may meet
from day to day and compel the attend
ance of absent members. And here in
where the house failed to perform its
duty. The law regards a peieon elee'ed
a member of the legislative assembly be
fore he takes the oath and brings hitu
nnder its jurisdiction by viordin;. hiru
the privileges of a membti f.iteen days
before the time fixed for the tension, arid
the taking of the oath; and here is
where the temporary orgarj; itioa was
lame. If the 1 'a vie ouaQuati. n failed t j
adopt measures to biiig in the absiidees,
then thues pretent had a riht to re
move the temporary sptaiter an 1 elect
another. Then the Moiith o'dauization,
that superceded the Dav.s, bhu'iM have
compelled the attendance of tiiu al.tfcu
tees until a quorum was obtino l, thtu
proceej with its permaneut orgauizition
and the transaction of its hubiuehs.
This is not written as an apj!oey fcr
those who are refusing tu take pirt.
They were elected to take their eea's and
act, uot to obstruct legislation by ab
senting themselves from tbair lai'cs(
Jt la an unusual and indcfenbiblo pro
ceeding. It is the dispgrieublo facta
with which we have to deal. The Loute
is wrong in maintaining that it id per
manently organized, and any legislation
(bat may be enacted under it would be
null and void.
It ia our opinion, however, that a j Wnt
convention could be held under a literal
interpretation of the Federal ttatiilo re
' lating to senatorial tlectiona, an 1 if at
tended by a majority of both houses they
eould elect a senator, but the intent ol
the utatote was evidently the uecoud
Tuesday after permanent organization,
else why did It not say "on the second
Tuesday of the aesaiou." The present
interpretation waa an after thought at
Dale ia, or an attempt would be made to
held joint convention on January 111,
Tha conditions are to be regretted, but
U respect lot tha law Is to be uiuintained,
beo it latter and spirit must be com
piled with, especially by our law makers.
Tlio Vnllry Kr-conl, H)peilist .vapor
printed at Atlilaml, lias tliS following
coiu-vtiinu tins populiat rprfrntativri
from Jackson roitniv : "Howser'a talk
with "green nu-U' agr-nta was good for Jackaoti county delegation
fir oni week. No then i( lro.
Si'liuiidriiin" exitne forth this week
will) n peiitioiial lrilt from toiuci
Ihivmii fi'iimlp rltvk applicant to etrgan
if lli liouw, Holt run fill iit (lie lut
I WfCh uiiil n renin 01 ini ourr iu urtupj'
Hiitwr mid Sviiniidlline. Thw thing
I w i ! assist in di-ecting people' attention
. 1. ... 1..I ..V-. I.. kM
tci'M-eitfi issues" wlul our delegation
return! home- without rrsltn ing rxorbi
latil emiuly official aliiris ii n J regulat
ing local aliroes that ii in ililr .iwer
to remedy. TIipjc sensational fakes can
ISt enerijeiiically rehearsed when the rep
utation onr delegation ii now miking
smells like a wet dog when tli hot
weather of the next campiign strikes
The Globe-Democrat thinks that "the
recent gains in gold br the big banks in
Kpizland, France and (ieriuany and the
ease iu the money tnarke'a in those
countries indicate that gold exportation
from the United States to Kuroje is not
likely to begin roou. This ii a circum
stance which is full of encouragement
for this country. Thy treasury, it is
true, is in a better jeiii i'i, with its f 145,
000,000 of leirrve, to stand a gold raid
than it has been at any previous time in
the pat six year, yet nothing of the
sort need be looked for at the presrnt
time. Aside from Uio continuous rev
enue shortage, the treasury situation is
favorable, and thic const iiutea a very
important factor iu the general bueinets
Tl? populists cf Woodville, Ja'ksou
county, the home if Representative
Schuiidtlelu, hive "resoluted" with
pride en the firm stand of the minority
in thu legislature, aud denounced Sen
ator Mitchell for his "Jtldas tbp." In
this s'and, they ic ii"t supported
by ex-Governor 1'ii nt'jer, who wa, at
least till the accetskn of Bourne, the
noblist p-pulist i f t!)3;ii all. He d
nounces the "linn stand" of th minor
ity as rt vvbitionary.
No o::e who expects (- do anything or
be anything in the fifiue can afford to
participate in cr uphold methods of ob
striicii'in. Tney are wrung in principle
and piactice. He who takes them up
for e.xpc j.cncy, to accomplish some de
sired end, will live to regret his mistake.
Time, the lcve:er of ail thinga, will
fchow to him Ii is eirur. 'loncsty is
the best policy, alwats and everywhere.
iftrargi. (forward conduct paysio the end.
It is improbable that Great I'.ritain
ever wiil claim payment of the Confed
erate debt under the arbitration treaty,
but she might claim for her citizens pay
ment by the United States of repudiated
slate or 'municipal bonds. This would
be as embarrassing as the claim of Italy
on aecouiit of the failure of Louisiana to
maintain order in New Orlean. Ore1
l!)th the state superintendent o! pub
he instruction and the a'torney general
have c-x pressed saiiifac ioo with the ap
peal of tcbool Diet. No. 110 in this
coanty, and hope it may be carried up to
the supreme court, as ihreby the ques
tion of the r!i;ht of women to vote at
school elections under the constitution
will be diterminsd.
Senator Morgan, who hag been the
champion of the .Nicaragua Canal bill in
the senate, withdrew the bill and took
occasion in some remarks to show bis
disappointment at the turn affairs had
taken. There ii do question but that
this will be one of the leading subjects
for the consideration of the incoming ad
ministration. Keprestutatives of the Northern Pacific
and O. Ii. & N. railroads, were over to
Oiyujpi last week to put the railroad
situation before the committees of the
Washington legislature to whom haB
Leen referred all sorts of bills looking to
the reduction of freights and fares on
railroads in that stale.
l. M'jn.tstee of Portland has made a
Cjuibiuation tomahawk and peace pipe
f jr President elect McKinley, but as the
Major does not smoke and has no repu
tation fjr tomahawking people, the arti
cle will have tu take its place among the
White Ifo.ise bric-a-brac.
Sjiny pejple in this great country of
ours haven't enough t-j eat unclothing to
kec-p theru warm iu thu inclement sea
son, while others have "money to burn"
as e i lenufcd by iii j iiiadley-Martin bal
Senator l.iriver has perpetuated an old
j jko at the expense of Representative
Ji.trkley. He said iiarkley had worn out
the knees of his pantii praying aud the
scat thereof backsliding.
Who cm now Bay the senate is not in
an ecouoinical mood. The entire batch
of 'clerks, eixty-seveu in uumber, were
dismissed Thursday.
It it sail that the frainerg of the arbi
tration treaty won't know the document,
expect by title, when the senate it
through w ith it.
McKinley will be the third Methodist
president of the United states, the other
two were Hayes and Grant.
This is the way the GoldendaleVusli.,
Sentinel puts it : "Turner's good fhots
won the day."
The senata is about ready to drop the
arbitatiou treaty with Great Britain. -
IVlltlca Makes Strange Bed I'ellowa
The Unfortunate Clerks.
Aa stated in these columns a tew davs
ago, the record of tho Pavla hour,
which was the original temporal? orga
nisation, may le summed up In the few
words "Met nt I :1W a. m. and adjourned
until tomorrow" aud so It lias been from
day to dar. but the end will surely come
soon, either In a tearing down of both
organizations, lieiison and Pavia, and a
reconstruction upon new foundations,
or an adjournment, sine die. The
line are so sharply drawn and ihete
appearing no immediate probability ef
compromise, it seems that iu order to
etlect organization one side or the other
must make a square back down from the
poaition taken. Will they do it? The
preponderance of sentiment now seems
to be that tbey will not, but aa on sev
eral occasions during this alleged s.-aaion
it is the expected that has not happened,
to it may be in this rase.
The joint convention meets regularly
at noon every day, calls tho roll of the
senate and then the roll of tho house.
The number responding is the same and
the individuals are the same, with'an oc
casional gain or lot. Senator Heed
went in im Thursday and acted with the
convention and has been in every dav
sioca.' That is, he answered roll call,
for up to this writing, calling the roll
and a little speechmakiug and a little
waiting is all the business the joint con
vention has transacted.
Noaler, who if his case is tried on its
merits, will be unseated, made a speech
on Thursday and Dufur with impas
sioned eloquence appealed to tho mem
b.'ra to abide by I he requirements of their
oath of otlice, on Friday, lloth seeches
were intended as teplies to that of Carter
on Wednesday. This is au instance
where you can hear a man maiutaiu one
position today and auother tomorrow,
but there Mdl i a shortage of from
seven to nine to make the fervently de
sired forty-six members so that the j int
convention might consist of a majoiity
of the members of bo'.h houses and thus
comply with the requirement of the
Federal statute and vule for Tinted
States Senator.
Cilyeu of Lane, and Lee of Puik, dem
ocrat', want iu on Moiidav, but they
havo uot beeu in since. Tueir appear
ance there was merely for poliural ell'ect.
It is reported that (hero was a greater
roar made in Line county over the
action of Bilycu in going iu th in was
made when a Lane county democrat
voted for Senator Mitchell in the mem
orable contest of lSv, and that if liilyeu
aided in the election cl Mitchell by at
tending that joint convention he'd be
scalped wben he got home. The ab
sence of himself and Lee may bo another
case of "hearing from their constit
uents." The old siying that politics makes
atrange bed fellows was never moie
thoroughly exemplified than at this ses
sion of the Legislature. It is not always
a good plan to abuse au opionent, be
cause you don't know bow suoit, iu the
whirligig of time, you may both be on
the same side of a question. In thij
case the silver men and the ultra-gold
men, who a few ehoit weeks ago were
diametrically opposed on a great public
question, are now lovingly working to
gether for a common end, and that the
defeat of Senator Mitchell, and to accom
plish their purpose appear to be banded
together in brotherly love. One side
saying the senator was a silver man and
cow he isn't, and the other saying if ho
is a gold man let him say so. In the
meantime every effort and every argu
ment the human mind can conceive is
being used to gather them in, but they
don't gather. The senator and his
friends maintain that they'll get there
after a while. The others say "nit."
The clerks are all out of a job, cut
down in the luluess of the enjoyment of
their office almost without warning and
there is much quiet cuas abroad in con
sequence. Senator Reed introduced a
resolution setting forth the condition of
things, no bouse and no business, and
consequently no use for clerks and that
all clerks be dismissed. Various at
tempts wero made to amend by cutting
off half, limiting the number to ten, and
so forth, but all failed, and after a pro
longed and acrimonious debate, that took
in a wide range, the resolution was put to
a vote, and on the call of the roll, every
senator with the exception of the presi
dent of the senate voted in the affirma
tive, aud there was consternation in the
committee rooms, almost a panic. There
was no fainting, however, but much
sadness. By that vote 07 official heads
dropped into the waste basket and the
raid upon the treasury was stopped. If
the house organizes they will all bo re
instated. iJuring the debate on the clerks Sena
tor lirownell of Clackamas saw tit to say
that the responsibility for the hold up
rested on the shoulders of three men,
the editor of the Oregooiao, Jonatheu
Bourne and the president of the senate.
For this the first named "came back" in
iu his paper somewhat severely. Indeed
the senator front Clackamas gets a
"roast." It ia dangerous to monkey
with a buzz saw.
Interest iu the ioiut convention is
rapid v waning. At first the gallery and
the 1 ny was filled with people now but
comparatively few eraona attend the
Senator King has introduced a bill
placing the matter of the selection of
clerks for the legislature entirely in the
hands of the secretary of state. The
senator from Baker served a term in the
bouse, and thit is the second session in
the senate, and he ought to know enough
to know that the members are not going
to give up one of their choicest per
quisites by passing any such measure as
On Friday afternoon both senate and
bouse adjourned to today, the former to
2:30 p. in., the latter to 11:30 a. m.
The joint convention of Saturday was
merely perfunctory, some of its atten
dant having gone on tho Friday train.
Itwai not expected that atiytl lug would
be accomplished and to thtrw were but
33 prvscnt. Kopresoutatlvci Vanghan
and Hudson have leen absent alnce
Wednesday on account of alckhest,
L li
Salkm, Feb. 15, LW.
There weie 33 present at the joint
convention today, and ait adjournment
was taken to noon tomorrow.
Utah was visited by an earthquake
last week.
Chauncey IV pew may be minister tj
There Is a talk ut establishing a high
school nt Fitigene.
And now Turkey and Greece may get
into trouble over Crete.
Madame Modjcska. the aitresu, ia
seriously til in San Francisco.
(Dan McClaiu'a livery stable at Harris-
burg was destroyed hy tire rriuay.
John Randolph Tucker died nt his
name in Lexington, a., Saturday.
The Portland tiewsboya are said to be
developing quite a penchant for gain
The Willamette Valley was visited by
an unusually heavy rainstorm on Thurs
day last.
The parliament buildings at Ottawa,
Canada, were partially destroyed by lire
last week.
The price of tkkcls to see Corbett and
FiUsitumons thump each other nt Car
so", will be $5.00.
A tire at Farmiiik:tou, Wash., on Tbure--
day last dost roved the postotlice, a store
and blacksmith shop.
Iu tho ditferent famine dialiicta ol
ludia there are sail to be 2,175,IHKI en
gaged in relief work.
A flowing uil well has beeu discovered
in tho Florence oil field, Colorado. It is
tho first flowing well in that tield.
Tho wealth of Joseph H. Choate, Ihn
famous New York lawyer, is estimated
at $2,100,000, alt made in the practice o!
A mob of Mussulmnna invaded iho
Jew is ipiarter at Tripoli, pillaged the
synagogue and iteatroyed ttio scrolla ol
A little girl named Katie Hradv was
bitten by a inoue in New York recently.
Spasms und symptoms of hydrophobia
The double inrretod monitor. Terror
is at last icily lor sea. She was
launched 17 vears agj and is only now
Mrs. 11. P. Millar and her 12 'year old
sen were drow ned whilo attempting to
ford Van Onsen river near Mureka,
Cal , Friday.
Gilliam countv, Oregon, will take ad
vantage of Ihu law of lstlj and adopt the
cash system iu the working of thu r tads
of the county.
The state food commissioner, II. P
l.uce, has been looking into tno ques
tion of tho purity of the milk supply of
tho valley towns.
,Rev. T. M. Liuehan will lie coote
crated Bishop' of Chevenno by Areh
bishop llsnnewy at the cathedral there
on the 24th tnst.
The British ialea comprise no fewer
than l.WJ separatu islands ana islets,
without counting mere jutting rocks or
isolated pinnacles.
At the meeting of the Columbia river
cauiiers last week it waa decided that
no more than four cents per pound could
be paid lor lish thin season.
Walter Wylaud eacaped from (he
count jail at Canyon City, Grant
county, and when overhauled by the
omcers, cut his throat, but will recover.
The Wisconsin Odd Fellow's Mutual
Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee,
which was organized in 1801, has ma le
an assignment for tho benefit of its
Australia had last year 0,700 miles of
railway oiien. Ihe capital expended ou
them has been 37,000,000 ; the net
revenue oyer working expenses is
per cent.
In Bulgaria the proprietors of a medi
cine, by w hich they claim to cure a epe
cified disease, are liable to imprison
ment if the medicine fails to produce the
desired effect.
Scott Jackson and Alouzo Walling, the
murderers of Pearl Bryan, will have to
hanv iiiiIphh Governor Bradlev inter
feres. The motion for a re-hearing was
overrnled by the court ot apeais at
- i t i' .
rranaion, ieuiucy.
The census of the Sandwich islands
has hint been completed, iho census
shows a population of 31,000 natives,
bOOO half castes, and mixed races,
U00 Japanese, XI ,000 Chinese, and 23,000
whites, including Americana and Kuro-
iaui. The oflicial returns have occa
sioned some surprise. It was generally
presumed that Ihe Japanese population
was greatly in excess oi ineiiguroB given.
There is one state in the union which
permits tho death penalty by bhootiug.
That state is Utah, the newest of all.
The law, which" la derived from the pre
vious territorial legislation ou ttie suu
iect. allows the convict to choose
whether he will be hanged or shot. The
validity of the statute was questioned
some years ago in the supremo court of
the United btatef, but it was upheld.
Nunez, a Cuban officer, attacked the
Spanish camp at Midnight It waB on
the edge of avast field of dry grass.
Nunez set this on lire and the wind
drove it right on San Martin's camp.
The Spanisd rushed out to save their
supplies, not tuspecting a raid, where
upon the iri8iirentB, wiih cries of "Viva
Cuba libre," dashed in, dealing right
and left. After a short resistance the
Spaniards broke and fled.
Notice to Tax Payers.
The law requires that each male be
tween the ages of 21 and 50 yean living
within the county shall pay a poll tax of
$1 at the time of assessment, and if not
so paid to be reported to the sheriff of
the county for collection at once. The
law allows no exemption for poll tax, ex
cept to active members of the Oregon
National Guard and all active firemen
who have been members oi any com
pany for ono year (next preceding the
time of asiiOKsment, and exempt firemen,
That there may be no cause for com
plaint I ask that each person liable to
poll tax be prepared to pay the same to
the assessor or his deputy at time of
making the assessment. I ask the aid of
every person within the county that the
law may bo strictly complied with,
Persons exempt will be required to show
their certificate of exemption.
Roaeburg, Or., February 13, 1807.
' W. 8. Bun r.
Assessor, Douglas county,
Antl-5plt Laws
This country la on something
new, aud every day something new
turns up. Now, in many illlea of this
land It Is an die use, punishable by fine,
to spit in a public place, tut the thmr of
a street ear, omnibus, or other public
conveyance. It Is a decien td the board
of health, and with the p. dice authori
ties Ihey are enforcing the eider It is
presumed that the ex pectoral ions ol Ihe
human family contain genua which
breed dieease, and t pievetit iti spread
Ing from thin cause,' city authorities
have fiamed and passed onlinancra pro"
hibiting this great public expectoration,
and it's a good (hlng-puah it ulong.
It ia an PllVnsive habit, and idionld be
suppressed . Adage.
Competition never wottiea us, bocuuae
we "Imv right" hence "sell right."
The fuels nve these; every move In our
btisinesa i'i only made after the most
careful consideration, nothing left to
chance. Shoes have advanced in price
but not w ith us. We eell you n gobd oil
grain shoe for Jd.'.'V ami upward, tlno
shoes in proportion. If you doubt us,
come and aeo us, convince yourself that
we havo what we advertise. We don't
care to do all the husliiea In town, I lit
want to got a share of It. Wo llrmty
believe, that a concern that gives Its
custom' exceptionally good values In
every instance i;i bound to go ahead
year by year. This idea prevails
throughout our entire Imalne. Kvery
dollars worth of goods must give the
wearer eatitdaction, even thu all wool
absolutely faht color " 00 Hull.
' J. AiiiiMm'm Clothing House.
Oregon Scenery.
Oil Feb. 2,'), S'i7. Mr. H. W. Wereo.
who hm been for the ust year devoting
his time traveling over the slate in the
interest of the 1'acitic Noithweet Immi
gration Board, collecting photographic
views id Oicgou pcent'iy and induitrics,
will give ihe oplo of ltosehurg an ep
portunity to i'eo Oregon a shown to
KaHtcrn ptople by llu' atereoplican.
This includes mountain?, liver, burning
and tiehiug acenery and nidii-erie i i a'l
soctioiiH, including sevcial in and aroiin 1
Itofebiirg, and which have never been
mIiowii on canvas biforn. Thin enter
tainment will be gtieli under Ihe
auspicei of II. e ladic;' of the W. r. T. l
in the M. 11. Chun-h a' S p. in. of tho
al'ove n.fiil ioii-'d i vming.
Th; ! '! V "rtio.i.v.
On nv. : t . r !. :. . t - Ii or
JJ :i n :o;i.i f M.; 1 ". I u; :li'
i.H.Bt j oi ui ,r ' .' ' I. I
1 i ,i v'h ' 1 A".- ' '
btri.iO I ! " : i n . ''..II. o
1 t.Y : ' 1 1 1 :Vi.:i.
. T
i- e
l:. v. .T..1-, k. id. u- ofi; - .-. f: '
rectiuitm inl' d 1 iy e '! IVih: ;
cm eui linti.'" bin Htfc'i iur:it, ' !-!
live euro foe it.-rrh ir n ;;s ! .
l!cv. Fray ii W. p .. !. Pa.torf .,t
Church, Heli un, .Mont.'a Palm in Iho iv 1 -n "
cure for catarrh and oonhiiin no
nor any injurious ilrn; Prio, l
.i,i... l
ii. i :
- l.t
Threw Away ItLsCatics
Mr. O. Willey, ex-ponlmaitcr, I'.luc k
Creek, N, Y., was tu badly mllicfed with
rheumatism t! :tt he was only aide (o
hobble around with c line, and even tin n
it caused hit. i gre.i pain. After u-n g
ChamtierUm i l am lil.n in; was co
much improved that he threw away lu
canes. He say.i thi liui:n-ut did him
more g toil than all o'her iiiedieiiuvs and
treatment put together, for sale at 'i0
cents jNtr bottle by A. C. Mai .iters Co
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
holding Kosclmrg i-ily warrants indorsed
prior to April 20, lS'.ij, to present the
same at the city treasurer office in tho
city hall fur payment, a interest will
ceaao thereon after Iho date of this no
Dated at Koeebtitg, Or., thissth day
of February, IS'.;. J. A. Pkukins,
Citv i'reas,
Lstray Notice.
Came to my ranch about the i lib of
this month, one buy saddle marc about
0 years old. The owner can have the
tame by calling mi niu aud paying lor
this notice. G. W. Amjkiihon.
Cleveland, Oregon.
Uor Sale.
One fresh milch cow, inquire of K. A.
Kruse, Roaeburg, Oregon.
Our people are growing inoreand moie
in the habit of looking to A. C. Marsters
& Co., for Iho latest and best of every
thing in thu drug line. They sell
Chainberluin'rt Cough Remedy, famous
for its cures of bad colda, croup and
whooping cough. When in need of
such a medicine give this remedy u trial
aud you will bo morn than pleaded w ith
the result.
Is essential to
health. Every nook
and corner of the
system Is reached by the blood, and on
Us quality the condition of every oi gnn de
pends. Good blood means strong nerves,
good digestion, robust health. Impure
blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rheuma
tism, catarrh or other diseases. The.BurcHt
way to have good blood is to tako Hood'i.
Barsaparilla. This medicine purifies, vi
talizes, and enrlclica the blood, and h. ikIh
the elements of health and Hlren;ii tu
every nerve, organ ond tissue. Jt ui uIi m
a good apietlto, gives refreshing hU- j
and cures that tired feeling. lieniemher,
Is the bent In fuel the One True Itlomepin ini r.
,.,, , .t., , turn Mver Ills; i-My
MOOd 'S PlIlS lake, easy to ope, ale.'
PIANOS. , if
In older lo close nut nur ntock ed new
and rccoiid hand pianos, we will offer
them at cord. It i our Intention h cloae
out nur business an qui. kly aa poaeible,
and Iu older te) do this we will be com
pelled to sell at a very low llgiue and on
auch aiiiiill luatitlli t Unit it will not
pnyyoiito rent. Tlieielme we w ill call In
all our lentiid pUuu: and uigaiiN and give
you the In unlit that we have lecelveil as
tent. We have Iu all uutcen piano"
which wo will mil iiom (dOO to ilUO; o
and flO per month luid.illmenls. Kea-
son able discounCfor cash.
Great reduction In violin, gnllaisand
all iiiuaiciil goods, Kb' el music fa) per
cent illsioiiiit. Send fur catalogue. All
oidnm piomptlv Idled.
T. K. it'ie' n Ani'xo.N,
Uoaiduirg, Or,
iiiiUU-ii'H rmt n Nitlvas
The Pii Salve in the woild (or Cuts,
Bruises, doren, Fleers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
UhlllbaluH, I'oriiN, and all skill F.rnp
lions; and potiilivcly cures Plies, or no
pay required. It ia guaranteed to give
ierfocl ialifii' lion or money refunded
Pri2." cent per '"it. For eale at A.
C.Maratnra . Co.
Coil tar it'id rcxin at M.irntei'.
TlnuisanOa of wnuirn ate up dead
or the Lorv of ble because of their own
ignorance or neglect. No woman ran br
liee fioiu pain, or .iic fnun llic ever lineal
ruing birakcra ot' ilratli, who urglccH In
take ploprr care of ttc organs that con.
Mlttd-.1 Iirr woniuiilioo 1. woman ln
ncgteeti Iirr womanly If will lie sickly,
ni'tvoin, pain taekrd and tirlful, and up
proaclung tii.ileimly will he n inrnee of I tic
grave ll it r.o y foi a woman to avoid Una
Mith ring and d.uigct
Wat women know t 1)1. I'irrcr'it I'a
voriic l're-.c:ip.i '!t t" a !! irvt-loii rnneily
f.H tlM-e troiililcn m.ikr a woman' life
mi!r, mi. I till tin? period of prospect
ive liiotlirtlioo.l wtlli I' II M tlic dm.
eovrry ol an euiiin iil ami f k. 1 1 1 1 u 1 atreinlit.
Ilr. K V. l'iriee. I'.t tliitty v.'iiH elurf con
milting JilivMeiaii to tin- lnvaltdi' lintel and lnlitti!r. at llnlialo, N Y. tlvet
IfVOV Wulllrll I'. ivf ti-Hliliett to the nl
luii.ieiiliius net ion nf Ibta wondritiil rrmrdv.
It wotli directly on tin- oig.iu diMinelly
fcmiiiinr. It in. ilr I he in Mrotnr und
healthy. It etncM atl wraknrH nud iliifasr.
It i..t niietiood ami iiiollirilinod.
It in-uiTeH tialiy' i lirallll and IllaVri il nil-vi.-t
e v and iu tily piiiilles. IiincRinU
sell it. Notlmig el ho la "ju-.t a good.'t
Mr-i 15 A e'nmt. r of Altretmny anting, Mont
Komrry v , Va , wi Urn " M V ilultKnter, aur,l 1
yrmrm. li.i.l a ir-iiiir iiiuiii)c ort her nrck nt II .1 Iirr very I am happy to My
th. it ii hai .ItAAi'pcaicd nitrrthr tirof one !(
tic of in I'irrtc Kavgrtir lrrcrlptlun."
Dr. Pierce's Common firmp edial Ad
viser is in plain laigluh. Contuins i.noa
pugra and over i illustrations. If you
want a copy, p.i t -covered, nend ai one
crnl st.unpH, to cover llic of mailing
only, to llic Woitil's Dispensary Medical
AasiH-iation, lluffato, N. Y. Jf you prefer
cloth c ivi i, aend.i i tamps.
.V"M'K 1- lli:i;hi v olVKS ill.U nil:
iuil.i-:rn. t Ini- I" , ll l. tli. I oil Ii I y I .mil
ill 1 1. n.-: n . e..uli. . Mule ol Oi.'Koe.i ; ! It I-1
,i.t:.i.;i.s:rul -..r "I Hie !"t-- i lool. s'olut
i . UI..-.I. Ml i" M.ui l.nvliirf i latins iiiaiiii.t
III. 1 1
-lilt, ill' I. ' i II 0 .1 to )'r II I I he mi tile ll 1 1 ll
r v nu ll, i- utlMn i . lu.'iiOm from Ihn
f l!0- nottee. to lie- Ii ll'ti rK In t nl his
jit i-'u ! ii ll. ti. ..-it. lion.rljs e.ninl, Orn-
Isle .
I. III.'
I "
"I ll
tie .
- -.! .1
ll'iuti:i.,tl, Hoae-
I Il'.s I '
N I. All ATI,
?H'e of 1 ImiU-a I 1
A ll ,
Toil. 1,
'I I!
MUM ll r. M. 1 I.AI.I.KN. Piop.
iiai i h ki;ah.n aiii.i:.
l.ure, rim Shiii'1u HnuliiN.
Free Jlus tu and Prom Train.. HCSZET7I19.
a-' 1 km .1- -4k
I it,
;ie - tarta
Iluy 011i' eirira (rum J.denhower Poiillry Vanla nil. I aitvo inuney. Tho laruent hn oiler III Hoillh
1 111 On iinii. Kkk vou huy of 11111 ru from my heal hints and .rl.e wluuera; imro, .tout, vlgnroua
and heiillhy. No luhrccdiiig 111 iiiy.-yiinls. lili great expenae I hiive lualeil moat of my lieua of
my own raising Willi aloek Iroin Ihu heat yi.rda la ('iillhuiilii, Ohio und llllnola. My hlrda won
Ihu Linn Hhuie of II. mora at the Moiilhern Oieeuii liiairlel fulr. At Orngoii Htato Fair. Ilniwn
l eghoins Muirml im hreeding pen, also Hvo apeeliilMoii Doekmel ninl I'nlluia aa In. Ina Lha lal
mi . lh Hill ion. llnleiH piomptly lillud at Krtiae tk
forparlkuliua. Send mump for reply.
oultry and
) a, :
Having just engaged in the business, would say:
I have spared no time or nioncv to purchase, the VCry
bent for my breediug stock.
Silver Laced Wyandottes,
Haired Plymouth Rocks.
Ooldeu Polish,
ECCS, $100 P6R 13.
Poland China Hogs, Angora Goats.
(live me a trial. Correspondence solicited.
r'icv..nt.e,!..,,. L. A. MARSTERS, Proprietor.
V. l. Ft LliSI, IKWKIlt ltl I.UIHIB, KO. tea,
Imlil (lu ll n aular cdmitiiinlrmlinu ilia
I O.t), K. lull ea Heooint and luuillt Ttmradaf
el each month. All int'intr nHpinaliMt to aU
li'inl n-Miilitrle, and all vUlllnt brulhsn etn
dially luvlusf fo aiteinl.
II Kit MAN MAHKH, Heeretary.
Dtltll.An t'OttNIMI., Nt). tit Jit. U, t, A. M
IhihiH rvety Minaaiiar piriun
I ll I
u'elnek In Iho DM MaxinlA Hall. . VUlllnt
hrollien araenellally Invited to aitenu.
U. il, t Asana,
Mao, w, Paaav, Councilor.
llM'iitiliini Hwralary,
T a u" iiK i. Topi i'b7 IT rlTlirMO o i.a a
imsiiltiiii Iha yd and (Hi Wlnaa1ar la
v.eU,......U.. KHKK JullNaoN, W. M. ,
N, I. Jnwaii, ll'rey.
lllllLKTAHUN UlUelK. Nl). I, I.
1 uiihiU Hniurilay ftuhig nl aatil
tbulr IikU In ei.l.l Fulluw 1mpl at
o. o, r.
oh waak at
al RuMbur.
Muuibviiof h onlvr In Rood nandluf aratavll-
ft to annul, H. W, VAN.ILR.N.U.
T. U. Mn SLI I, Sno'y.
UNION KNOAkiCMarsf, he. . aiSaia '?
ii.l.t rellnw hull on ooiid and lonrtb
Fil.Uyi ol rarh miiiilh. Vlittlng loata.''
ai Im lied In atii'tnl.
t'AItt IUIKKMAS, f. I'. '
JOrt. MlC'KLl.t, Hvrlur.
ROHKlll'ltH IHIHIK, Nl). la, A. O. U. W,
m.s-li thn M-eotitl and luiirtk Moaaaya ol
each in. .mil i7 .m . ra. al IMd follom kail.
Mruitwraol ihv imtur In iihnI lamlln ars la
tiled tu attvtnt.
jiKSJIWr, Ne). f. tl. A. K., MSB
Did aiiiMhlid Ifiun.Uya ol aaoh
"it SITS
" nl nmt HUM 1'liuiwtaya In
uui u Hi.
Al l lANt K- HrguUr
Me.-llni will l hl.t mi iiranit 1111,
Hiwetiiirtf. Uih drat Krl.lnv In lieiiinbsir. Maruk
and June, and Iho lliltd V'rlUny In Milaniuar.
Tv liSKIlltKil rllAri KH, N)"iroK. , UtSTt
(lie eioind and fouilh Thuradaya of aaak
UK 11 Hi.
HKeilSA HAST, W. U. Ho, Hec ).
titiHKnt'uu nivimtiN no it, a. or u i,
nux'Ucrcry atHViid and fourth Hiiiutaf,
ReiSKHt'Mtl 11. I). UlllilK, NO. 41, I. O A), t
nireiA on I uiwUy vviiliia ol ach waak at
Iho Oil.l Fi'llowa IiaII. VUlilut ilatora aaS
oretlireii aro liorlleil to atlolut.
AI.I'IIA l.oliUK. NO. 47, K. OF P. MIITi
every Wliusly etelilnf al Odd fallowa
Hull. Vlalilus KniaiiU In good taadlnt ear-
illally litvllod to ationd.
in nit int uit MH iti' ok iif siAir
1 ol HreKnu, lur IliniKl" t.'ouuly.
1 Punas. I'lalnllll. 1
. r llahike. Hanlel iAhrky
ml e.nsta 1 Hahrke.
lieteinlaiitt ,
To liaulel Y lulitsc ono ul tha abora pamad
In tho Home ol Ihe "lata uf e'ef n, ye.ll a 'a
berehy r'.iilps to . ar and anr tha roin
plalni lllwl ak'almt ton In Iha almta anllllad
nil in the a'loie named cnuit on or lhr Iha
isjiii tiny of March. 1H97,
llmi '"'lug the Hut .Iny of Ihn lidil term at
ot eourl, and m old laka nntu- that If yoi
lall au In a.s'nr ami aiisner aald eominalnt Im
mil Ihuns.l, Ihu ilalullil will a.p'y to Iha
foiirt tor the relief prayed Inrln aahl Nimflalnl,
hleh la In let aalilu mi tho mil ml nl fraud a
eerlalti ileeit of enuv e) nneo rAccuted by Iha
ai.l .ItleinUula, A. V. Hainan ami (liiala S.
Ilahtltu Ul Ihe anl.l Oeii n.lanl, llaulrl K Barhka,
eouve)lii lot I, 1, it. . S. ',, 11 and la In blork
No. one hi ami all ..f I.I. M-k So. two (J) know
aa llalirae a ail.llllnu n Krnltvala, llotiflat
eoniily, oreg. 111.
1 hla aiiininiiiia la i.nblialnil by vlrtua ul an
order of the t'lreull t'ouit, tna.teainl antarsvl oa
Iho All Ii day ol Jnnnsrv, I' .7
k u stk uroun.
J..M.I Altniliey lor rial 11 HIT.
t N Til K ITItiTIr ttilltr Ol T1IK HI ATI
A ol Orexiiu, lor pouglaa lounty,
John II. MeOoe, l lalulin. I
va t
i. I. Nli holaoii and 1
II. J. Johua, Dclolidania.i
Tn i. P. S.'llol..l and IS. J. Jultlia, drfeud
nn's In Hie name uf the Hlalr of On n'i. roil ara
hereliy rfiinnsl to a..cnr and anaaiar tha mm
lallil filed araltil y.i 1 11 the a Is 00 onllllfl
aeliiiii, 011 or la foiti Vo inlay tho 'th day ol
June, the .nine Is-no; iho iliat itay of Iho ut
ts'KUlar .-rm nl In nil i inirt ol the Hla to ol Or
I'Eoti (or lioiielna 1 mini alter llila (.uiiil. allull
Ami ami II ."i fall an lo anawrr, lor want
tin reof Hie i lnlntld ti III lake Judsnirnl aaiual
oti tor 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 of tho o hiimlivil and Unity all
lollam ami for hla eoala and illahuraamrola of
this n.MI'i.i, and will aell under a will ol at
lai Ii un-ill the piopeilv known aa Iha Hold Bluff
Mine, Hunted in t lie I teelalnr MIiiIiik Plstrlrl
tu lionuiits eniuiiy. ein-anii, and will apply Ihe
tr..e.-i-,U nl atieli sale Invrnr.l Hie payiueul and
.iiliafin lion ol i'lalnllll a aald claim hen.ln and
of the eoala of Una action.
I ina huniinniia iai.iil.lhe. Iu the Plain. lealer,
a 11. vv a.. r at Itiwoliurx, Oregon, by
order ol Hull 1. '. Rullertoii. t'lrcult Jud ol
ol the hri olnl Jii.Ik lal IMalrli't for Iho Hlate nl
I'r.'Kini. for a m rlod ol lx eoiiaaeuth r nerka,
w hleh said older a made and entered of rrc
cut 1.11 the Clh day ol Kohiuary, lh'7.
Attorney lur I'lalnuft.
Administrator's I'lnal Notice.
' niideralKiied haa Sled hla filial account In
the Countv I'uurl na'ailnilnlairalor of Iho eatala
ofjnaeph Mi I jiiikIiIiii. iheenaed, and thai I he
1 'un uly t'uurt oIIioukUs I'ouuly, Hlate ol Ore
oil. Ink lije.l Monday, March I, IKW7, at 1
11 pick p. iu., ol aal.l ilav, aa the time for hear
Ingol.Jei tliuis. If any (here ho, to tali! final ae
einini, and the a. Illeinent nl aald Hlate.
Puled January Js, Is'j;.
Aduilnlslratiir ol Iho ealate oljoapph M.
l.uughllll, deennaed. j'jKIA
mr ruin ik r ium a
S. C. Hrowu Leghorn,
Hnrrctl Plymouth Rock,
Hlack Langshau,
S. S. Hamburg,
Black Mfnorcas,
H. U. Red Game
l-hiiinhrook 'a Hroeerv Hlom nr.,1,1
A. KHI'SI'i Mauattr,
Stock Farm,
Silver Spangled Hamburgs,
Sintrle Comb Urown Lg-