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i Tlie Plaindealer
Thp. PljrmrlpflW I
; !
! You Don't Get tue News.
No.- 86.
j IT IS SO. j
. !
A splendid assortment of China r,oods, consisting of a great variety of China
ware, unique in stle nnil finish. Albums, celluloid goods, fancy goods for
souvenir?, silk handkerchiefs, napkine, ladies work besket, firo cruck
trs'aml other things to numerous to mention. Come and see my good?, they
are first class. At my baiaar opposite Odd Fellows' Temple. Votive. Sam.
g H. T. BLUMB,
Proprietor ot
The City Meat Market,
And Dealer in
& Orders titeu and Delivered Free
to say part ot the City.
Wall Paper
A Choice Collection, at Prices that Sell.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and small, to Rent,'
Stock Ranges, Timber Lands aud Mining Properties,
Prune and Hop Lands of best quality, in choice locations,
in quantities to suit intending purchasers, at reasonable
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
id. s. kl sxjick:,
or the
Southern Pacific Co.
Express tnia lesTe Portland dajy.
South I North
S.Mr.X. Lt. - Portland - lr. 8:10 a. x
5:25 A. X. Lv. . Kocbnrg - lv. j 11:15 r. X.
11 IS a.m. Ar. - En Francisco '.r. j 7QJr. x.
Above trains slip at fcast rosiana, uregpo
City, Woodburn, talem. Turner, ilailoa, Jetrer
ton, Albany, Tantcat shedds, Iaiscy, Harris
burs, Junction CllJ Eugene, Cruwcll, loltagc
(iroTf, Drain, and aj station ran Roseburg to
Aihland Inclusive.
Kotcburg Mn.ll Oally.
b&ix. x. 1 Lt. - Portland - Ar. I 4:40 r. a
530 r. X. I Ar. Reborn Lv. i bit) a., m
liOr. x. 1 Lv. - Portlam . Ar. , 10;15 a. x.
6:15 r. x.Ar. - fcai'-g - Lv. I fcAO a. x.
Pullman Buffet keepers
AlUclied toaUThroash lint.
West Side Divifon.
Ilctwccn I'ortland QiiU Coram.
5111 train dally (except Sunday).
7:30 A. x
12:15 r. x
Portland - AT.cfjtr.x
CorTallli! LV. I StT.X
At Albany and CorvaUU connect w, traln
ol Oregon Central & Eastern railroad.
Express train dally (except eunuay;
.... P v i Lv. - Portland - Ar
735 T. X. I Ar.
McMInvllIc Lv.
TUrouBli Ticket to nil I'oln ,
llic nutcrn htiilc, CaiiaUa.mj
Europe can !c obtained nt v.
catratca Iroin Ucorgo Elc, Atj
Manager Ant. O. I . 5i l'aa. A
rouitri fihu ana nme,
1 11 8cnHon.
Roseburg, Or. 5
The) Northern) Pacific)
Is the Line to Take
To all Points East and South
Til the DINING CAR ROUTE. Itruni Ihrousjb
'ro cuAyot or cab)
Compoied ol DialRj Cart Uniurpawed.
Pullman Drawing Room Stispert,
Ot Latest Equlpmcni.
TounisT CAIM
B!t that can bo constructed ami In
which accommodations aro both FREE
end FURNISHED to holders ol Firm or
seoond-claw Tlckcti. and
r.i,r.AST day coi;:iii
'ntlnuous Line connecting with All Lines,
ifirdlng Direct and Uninterrupted Service.
l''illraan Sleeper reservations can bo secured In
advance through nny agcut ol the road.
THROUGH TICKETS To and Irom all Points In
America, England and Europe can be purchased
at any Ticket Office ol this Company.
Full information concerning rales, llmo ol
trains, routes and other details furnished on
application to
Local agent utRoseurg.Or., or
a. i). cH.vmvro.-v,
Assistant Ucncral Passenger Agcut,
No. 121 First fit., ror. Washington,
Sacrifice Sale
Now in Progress.
Depot Grocers
Give ua a call. Goods delivered to aiy part of the City in short order.
Coraer.Lane A Sheridan Streets. ROSEBURG, OREGON.
XaZYLJE pilkington,
iucccMor to G. W. XOAlI.l
General Blacksmithing
SIiop oil Corucr Wnslilujjtou" nucl IJniie st.s., Uosebur.
Marble and Granite Works.
E. W.
Estimates Furnished on all kinds of Cemetery Work
Office una Hulcurcom. ;7ii onU direct.
To The Unloriuiuttc.
Dr, Gibbon
This old reliable and
tho most successful
Specialist in ?an Fran
cisco, still continues to
euro all Sexual aud
.Seminal Diseases, sucb
n (lonnorrhiro. (llcei
Stricture. Syphillls in
All its forrar. Skin Di
seases. Ntroui Drhil-
Slty, Impotency. Semi
nal v mid Losj
of flanhood. the conu-
?iucnce ol sell abuse- and excesses producing the
ollowing symptoms, sallow countenance, dk
spots under tho eyes, pain In the head, ringing
In the cars, loss of confidence, diffidence in ap
proaching strangers, paliictatlon ol the hearts
vfeaknesa of the limbs and bock, lossof memory,
pimples on the face, coughs, consumption, etc.
DR. OIBBON has rractlicl in San Frnnclc
over thirty years and those troubled should not
fail to consult him and receive tlio benefit of
his great skill and experience. Tho doctor
cures when others fall 'l ry him. Cures guar
anteed. Persons cured nt home. Charge
reasonable. Call or write..
Dr.J. P. Olbbon, bag Kearney Stree San
Francisco, Cal.
Notice Ishcieby given In all whom lt may coa.
cern that I htveappuintod D.W. Btearnsof Cain,
poola precinct Deputy Inspector of Stock for said
precinct; postofllce address, Oakland; nlou A. J.
Chapman of Wilbur, and Ralph Smith, at Uoso
burg, to act daring my absence, and others wll
be added as parties Inspected make their desire
known to me.
Roaeburg, May 1th, 18H7.
Inrcclsur of Stock foi Douglas county, Or.
For Recent and Chronic
Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Loss ui on;v,
Irritability ot the Larynx anil Fauces,
and other Inflamed Conditions of tu
Lung and Air Passngcs.
AGH1S0N k CO., Proprs.
Dealers In all kinds of
and Granite Jioniiniriiis
and Hcndstones,
Portland Cement Curbing
JtTor Cemetery Jots.
J Pass Creek.
Hl.itc of Oregon, (
County o( Douglar (
L. M. Tracy, PlalntiH., nuluctltm ,
1. . Ma.lautze. Defendant.i cmcr monv
To 1. V. MaiUntc- In the name of Hie btate
of urigoti
J on are hrrcuy reUlrcI to appear before the
u derdwed, n "JutKe of tho Peace, for the
i ' ' I nforenld,on thu ltlidny of JamiHry.
lw.'. i ono o'clock In tho niternoou of s.-iid dnv.
lit t!ie olllee of said Jii'tUe lis suld preeincl to
r.wer the above named plalntlir in a civil
The ilefeiitunt III take notice Hint If he iiiils
to npicar and answer the complnlnt herein, the
pliiintltVwill take judgement against hint for
the sum of JTj.OO und costs of this action.
(iveii umlcr my hand thlaSOth day of Novem
ber, A. I). P-SO,
Justice of the Pence.
The foregoing Summons is published by enter
of P. . Itlioile.", Justice of the Peace for l'as
Creek district in said County and Slate. Made
this SOlh day of November, 1S'J5. iliild.
Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is heroliy given to nil partita
IioMiiiK Douglas county warrants iu
iloised prior to July 11, 1S!)2, (o present
tho Eauio at tlio treasurer's oQlco in Uio
court house for payment, us intoruEt will
ceaso thereon n(!er thoilatoof this notice.
Dated this 'M day of Decomher, 1S:K,
at thu Cily of llosoburg, Douglas county,
Orcgou. Wji. A. Fkatek,
Couuty Treasurer.
IIo Saw a f.iiostly I did Re r.r Himself In n
Looking fJlas.
Mr. Noah IJrooks, in his personal rom
iniscenci3 of Lincoln in Tho Century,
tells tho following strango story:
On thu day mentioned Lincoln nar
rated an incident tho particulars of
which I wrota out and printed directly
after. Ti:cso aro his own words, as
nearly as I hoy conld then bo recalled:
"It wn3 jnst after my election in
18G0, when tho news had been coming
in thick and fast all day and thero had
been a great 'hurrah boys,' o that I
was well tired out and went homo to
rest,.throwing myself down on a loungo
in my chamber. Opposite wheio I lay
was a bureau with a swinging glass
np'-n it" (and hero ho get up and placed
furniture to illustrate- the position),
"and looking in that glass 1 saw myself
reflected nearly at full length, but ray
face, I noticed, had two scparato and
(Iintinet images, tho tip of tl.c uoso of
ono being about threo inches from tho
tip of the other. I was n littlo bothered,
perhaps startled, and got up and looked
in tho glass, but the illusion vanished.
On lying down again, I saw it a second
time, plainer if possible than before,
and then I noticed that oao of tho faces
was a little paler say fivo shades
than tho otiier. I got up, and tho thing
melted away, and I went off, and in tho
tieitrmeiit of tho hour forgot all about
it nearly, bnt not quite, for tho thing
would once in awhile como up and givo
mo n littlo pang as if something nucom
fortablo had happened.
"When I went homo that night, I
told my wifo about it, and a few days
afterward ma lo tho experiment again,
when" (with a laugh) "sure enongh tho
thing camu again, bu: i never succeed
ed in bringing tho gli-v-t back after
that, though I enco tried very iudns-trion-ly
to show it to my wife, who
wns somowhat worried about it. Sho
thought it was a 'sign' that I wa3 to be
elected to a second term of ofiice, and
that tho paleness of ono of tho faces was
an omen tint I should not see lifo
through the last term."
This is n very remarkable story a
coincidence, we may say to which
some significance was ?ive:i by the creel
death of tho president toon after "ho be
ginning of his second tirm. I to!. I Mrs.
Lincoln the story and a.-ked bir if she
remembered its details. Sho expressed
surprise that Mr. Lincoln was willing
to say anything about it, as ho had up
to that time refrained from mentioning
thu incident to anj body, and as sho was
firm in her belief that the optical illu
sion (which it certainly was) was a
warning I never again referred to the
subject to either the president or his
Subsequently Lincoln's version of tho
story was confirmed by Private Secre
tary John Hay, who, however, was of
tho opinion that the illusion had been
seen on the day of Lincoln's first nomi
nation, and not, as I have said, on tho
dav of his first election.
Coloucl John Wi Did Not Meet Gen
t ral Micrmuu In ltrxzil.
Kv?ryboly knows that Colonel Wiso
fi "ght as a mere- boy in the southern
r.rmy. Kcame a Republican after tho
war and ran au unsuccessful raco for
governor of Virginia. IIo has been on
tho field of honor more than once, but
no longtr believes in the duello as ho
did iifhib younger days. While a Vir
ginian to tho coro still ho is not a nativo
of the Old Dominion. At that famous
Astor House dinner a few years ago
mado memorable by tho eulogy Mr. De
pew pased on President Cleveland,
General W. T. Sherman, in tho courso
of a very interesting speech, alluded to
a trip mado by him to California in
lb SO, via tho cape. IIo stopped off at
Rio Janeiro on Christmas eve to pay
his respects to Hou. Henry A. Wise, at
that timo United States minister to
Brazil, and was hospitably entertained.
"What timo didyoa leave tho minis
ter's bouse:" queried Colonel John !S.
Wise, who was cite cf tho guests, inter
rupting General Sherman.
"At 'J o'clock, Christmas eve," re
sponded ohl Tecumseh.
"If you had just waited two hours
longer, general, I'd havo been glad to
make your acquaintance," said Wise.
Two hours later the yoang Wiso made
his lir.-t nppei.rancc on this terrestrial
globe. Washington Post.
."nmbcr Christianity.
Tho Auld Licht kirk when Dr. Chal
mers visited it was a terribly bare littlo
building. Tho elders were a grim set.
They kept their bonnets on their heads
till tho miuister ottered, and they had
eacli a largo stick in his hand, which
they used for "ehappin" their noses
through all tlio service. The minister
v.'uro no gown or bands. Ho gavo a
very longsermon fnll of sound divinity,
but without tho smallest practical ap
plication and without a vestigo of fuel
ing. At length Dr. Chalmers gut out,
tho dismal worship being ended, and
his word was, "If these people ever get
to heaven, they will live on tho north
feido of it. " isan Francisco Argonaut.
A (.rent Memory.
Tlio Journal of Speculative Philoso
phy gives a remarkable instance cf a
farmor in Indiana who could remember
what ho had done on every day for '20
years. Ho was repeatedly tested by ref
erence to tho notes mado on previous
examinations, and never failed both to
name tho day of tho week and to tell
what occurred to film on that day. Tho
words used in his narratives often
varied, but he always had the events as
ho had mentioned them before.
A Iillrninin.
Friend Ilavo you completed your
Author Not yi t, I am sorry to say.
I havo made six c ;ikv5 happy for life,
but I havo still got an old general and
a shoemaker's widow on my hands, and
soinuhow thev won't match. Flicgendo
Mendicancy Carried Out Upon Practical
Lines Why IIo Avoided tho IUch Stood
Outside a Itcstaurnnt, but Never Hcgsed
From a Hungry Looking Man.
Ho was a wretched looking chap, so
thinly clad that ho was really an object
cf pity. He had sought a secluded cor
ner at tho entrance of a cheap restaurant
near Herald square, and for awhilo it
Ecomud as if ho had chosen tho spot
meroly to escape tho chilling blasts of
tho cutting wind. Many men passed
into tho place, but ho spoko to none.
Finally ono who had just completed his
meal came forth. The man started for
ward, hesitated a moment and then re
sumed his former position. Soon another
man, apparently in a great hurry, camo
from the restaurant, buttoning his coat
as he walked. In a moment tho poor
fellow stood in tho way and barely had
ho uttered his request for help when ho
was rewarded with a dime.
A moment later a group of young
men in very high spirits passed into the
restaurant. To an ordinary student they
would havo been just tho right men to
approach for alms, but the beggar saw
them not. It was only to certain men
returning to tho street that ho mado
himself known. It was but tho work of
a moment to pick an acquaintance with
tho fellow, aud when ho found I was
interested ho talked freoly of his plan.
"I had to do a good deal of thinking
about it when I first started in," he
said. "I can't get work now, and when
I havo work I can only keep at it for a
little while on account of rheumatism.
When I saw I had to beg, I thought I
might as well do it right cr not at all.
If you know anything about men's faces
aud clothes, you don't have to do any
gceaswork at all. I can tell long before
I get near a man what my chances are
with him, aud if I don't think that it's
ten to one I will get something I don't
try him, for there's no goo 1 in wearing
yourself out and getting common. Somo
fellows go along the strett and try to
touch i very well dressed man they meet
They couldn't do anything worse, for
everybody sses what they're doing and
knows they are professionals and steers
clear cf them. Tho only time to go up
against well dressed men as a straight
thing, without regard to their faces, is
when they are full and feeling happy
over it.
"The average well dressed man or
woman is tho hardest kind of a person
to hit. TJjy do lets for charity, bat it's
in a different way societies, schools
for kids, kindergartens and missions
and they think they aro doing enough.
If any one hits them on tho street, they
pat them down for a professional. Yon
have got to judge the well dressed peo
ple by their faces and general manner
and let their clothes connt for nothing.
"Whenivcr I have to do any street
work, I always select tho people of the
lower middle classes, who don't put on
any front women especially. I mean
peoplo who live comfortably, but haven't
got any too much money to spare. Say,
yoa may think I'm stringing you, but I
would rather havo ono nickel from cue
of them than a quarter from a fellow
who could stand it aud had it to burn.
Funny, but I feel just as sentimental
about that sometimes as if I was earn
ing it, and I would earn it if I had tho
"Xow, you tako this struid of mino
hero today. There's three men who gave
mo something two nickels and a dime.
I have been hero half aa hour and I'vo
only struck five men. I missed two.
Well, three out of five don't look like
bad guesswork, if you want to call it
so, does it? This is the cheapest res
taurant in tho neighborhood. There's
tho Imperial, Marlborough and all tho
other big hotel restaurants I conld
havo taken, bnt I'll bet I wouldn't havo
got a thing from tho peoplo who camo
i from any of them. Tho men who go in
here don't pay over 23 or 30 cents for
: what they eat, and I'm willing to tako
j my chances with them right along.
; "I always wait till a man comes out.
' Somo peoplo think it ought to bo the
other way, for tho reason that a man
j who was hungry would bo more apt to
' givo out of sympathy for the man who
was hitting him for money for some
thing to eat. Cut I didn't figure it out
that way. You see, these are pretty
hard times, aud there's more people in
hard luck than thero over was before.
Now, it's bad enough to bo ia hard
i luck, but it's worse yet to bo hungry,
and when n man is up against both
games little things will bother him that
wouldn't affect him at all if ho had his
stomach full. I reason that pretty near
ly every man who comes in here is eith
er in hard luck or elso ho is a miser
who don't want to spend anymore than
is actually necessary. If it wasn't so,
you know they wonld all go to the big
restaurants in tho hotels, for yoa know
as woll as I do that tho right kind of a
man likes good things to eat aud nice
clean servico if ho can afford it.
"Well, lam onto tho misers, and 1
leavo them alone. When tho decent
man comes out, ho ft. els better for hav
ing had his dinner. Ho is ready for
business, and lifo is a great deal bright
er to him than it was half au honr be
fore. I ask him to help me. IIo says to
himself: 'Well, I feel pretty good. This
fellow is in worse luck than I am. 1
know what it is to feel hungry. I won't
miss tho nickel very much,' and then I
get it. When ho hands it tome, ho feels
better for it, and he looks it, too, aud if
ho has been doing things that are not
quite up to tho limit ho consoles him
self with tho fact that he ain't such a
bad fellow alter all. And ho ain't eith
er. So yon ee there's two of us happy,
and if 1 hero was more of it thu world
would lie happier. Thanks, Li... '
Thin tho philosopher went in to din
ner. New York Herald.
Lord Clive was thin and keen faced,
lie had tho appearance of a man always
ivorii down by lack of food and rest.
Bob Ilinman.
The Ashland Valley Record has given
Cob Ilinman quite an extensive notice
in its issue of the 3rd inst. It has doubt
Iesa been furnished copious data by
some one from Douglas, who ha3 an ax
to grind. Tho Record eaya :
"Bob'a fir3t crime that brought him
! araeniable to the law occurred about a
I year ago when a warrant was out for his
Jarreet for pulling a gun on woman.
j Deputy SherifTShambrcok went to arrest
htm" so far correct "but Ilinman,"
bo reads the account, "pulled his gun on
Shambrook in such a convincing man
ner that the deputy sheriff danced to
Hinman's music while Ilinman told him
to go home, that he was not to he taken
in that manner, and Shambrook ze
returned without his man."
This last statement is false. Sham
brook did arrest Hiaman and brought
him in. There was no polling a gun on
the deputy ncr dancing to Hinman's
raujis. Hinman danced to Shambrook'a
Dr. iliitcbette's Indian Tobacco Anti
dote will core any one of the tobacco
habit in 72 hours. It is compounded by
a celebrated physician, and ia the result
of a life timo study. Guarmteed harm
less. Price, only 50 cents for a big box
enough to cure any ordinary case. All
druggists, or by mail, postpaid. Circu
lars free. Dft. ilATCHETTE,
Chicago, 111,
Secure the Encyclopedic
The Pacific Coast Newspaper Syndi
cate extends to the people cf Rosebun:
and vicinity an opportunity to secure a
limited numbtr of sets of the great En
cyclopedic Dictionary, upon the same
easy terms as were recently offered in
Portland and at the low introductory
This effer wilt hold ?ocd, at most, for
a few days ooly, aa the purpose of the
Syndicate at the present is confined to
distributing a limited number of sets at
various points in the state for tho pur
pose of comparison with other works of
reference. This distribution ia rapidly
aprro3ching its end, after which it will
be impossible to obtain the work except
at the advanced prices.
As far as Roseburg and vicinity is con
cerned this is Jthe final opportunity.
Tne payment of 1 secures the delivery
of the entire set, four massive volumes,
(5375 pages, 250,000 words, cf which 50,
000 are treated encyclopaedically) at
your home or office. The balance dae to
be paid in twelve monthly
NotFce To Contractors.
Sealed plana and specifications and
bills will be received at the office of the
county clerk of Douglas county, Oregon,
on cr before January Hlh, 1SJ7, at 1
o'clock p, m for the repairing of the
entire bridge an.t approach across the
South Umpqna river at Rosebr.rg, Ore
gon, by replacing all timbers, ikor and
woodwork. Ai: joints to
be laid in white lead, and timbers above
tloor to be painted. AH old timbers, in
cluding stringers, to lie carefullv taken
j down and piled in road on either side ol
i river. Bridge to be completed by Aug
ust 1st, ls'J7. Diagrams und dimensions
oa tile in clerk's office.
Also at the same time and in (he
same manner, specifications and bids
will be received for making the county
of Douglas county, Oregon, mere
secure in manner following: By lining
tho entire inner wall with Xo. 11 steel
plate and that io be ceiled with an eight
inch additional brick wall laid in cement
moiter. Present plastered ceiling to be
taken off and timbers covered with Xc.
Id plate. Old window grates to be re
paired and two additional cress bars
put on, and all five windows to have ad
ditional new grates put in cement laid
wr.ll aud fastened to the steel lining.
The court reserves tho right to reject
any and all bids.
Dated this 12sh day of November, ISSu'.
A. F.,
County Judge.
The Oregon Statesman Till Alarch
ist for Only 25 Cents.
Every taxpayer should read a Salem
paper this winter. The Oregon Weekly
Statesman is the biggest, brightest,
cheapest and best paper published at
the capital. The legislature meets in
January. Needed Ia .va aro to be paesed
and a U. S. senator is to be elected.
Everybody will want (o read a good
paper this winter from the seat of war
and to all we cheerfully rec-ominend
the Statesman. It is fearless and free
spoken. It urges economy aluig all
Hues of state government and is waging
a war in the interests of thu Uxpapers.
Taxation must be reduced by abolishing
all useless commissions and correcting
abuses, The Statesman is the only re
liably republican Associated Press paper
in Oregon. It consists of twelve pages
weekly. Its subscription price is $1.50
per j ear, but by a special surangement
with tho publishers wo have arranged to
supply it to our sul-si ribtrs from this
ditto until the cdjo'iru inert of the- legis
lature three months g..-od reading for
only 'Joe. torwnrd ail sul seriptioiis to
tho Sr.vrKSMA.v, Salum, Ok. Send in
your orders right away the sootier yoa
send, tho more you will net for vour