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DECEMBER 3. 1890.
That there is a slato of war existing in
Cuba is undisputed. As to tho cause of
that condition there is some dispute
Spain which claims this islai.d as a part
of her possessions, is accused by Cubans
of great tyrany, making laws without
fair representation of tbem, taxing them
without representation as did Gre
Britain the American colonies prior to
Captain General Weyler, the Spanish
commander cow at the head of the
Spanish forces in Cuba declare?, as re'
ported by telegraph, that tho Cubans
are represented and that tbev hold
offices in the island nnd that they n
joy all tlie privileges accorded to fcpan
On the other hand, President Talma
of the Cuban junta in New York, tlatlv
denies IWyler's statements, saying
"His statements are absolutely void of
truth." While we are not in possession
of all the facts in the case, we do know
that as a historical fact no people rise
npin revolt against their government
without alleging a sufficient cau;e for
their opposition to constituted authority,
We do know that Cuha is separated from
Spain by a long distance by sea ; that the
population of the island is numerous
enough to support home government
and that its material interests are unlike
those of Spain. Its climate and enteral
productions are different ; that in addi
tion to the foregoing by their intermarry
ing with different races of people they
baTO become a different and distinct
class of people with tastes, sentiments
feelings and interests unassimulative
with the Spanish people , and therefore
they are ripe for a local autonomy. And
until they get it they will be more or less
turbulent and annoying to Spain. To
govern Cuba and keep it under Spanish
role, it will cost Spain more than she
can get ont of Caba's revenues. I
other woids, to retain the control of
Cabs, Spain "will pay dearly for the
This is an unhappy condition that
Cuba occupies, but it is such as all in
dependent people have to pass through
viz: wais and tribulations. Every lover
of liberty is in deep sympathy with the
Cabana in their effort to free themselves
from tyranny and start housekeeping for
After Mitchell's Scalp.
The Oregonian has not forgotten Sena
tor John II. Mitchell. Its editor loves
to hate him, and would fain relegat
him to the demnition bow wows. But
haying learned a lesson from its opposi
tion to bim in the past has changed ita
mode of warfare. Hie Oregonian has
learned that its direct opposition to Mr.
Mitchell has had an effect contrary
ita aim. The Oregonian has learned
can neither defeat an obnoxious candi
oate lor me t niteu Mates senate nor
elect its favorite. So by ita silence now
in it own columns it is plain it will
neither assail nor praise any candidate
and thus nominally take no part in the
approaching senatorial election this
winter. But under it? left wing, the
Telegram, it is plainly discernable that
the Oregonian is after Mitchell's scalp
and would rejoice with delight to get his
eealp to adorn its wickinp.
In the Telegram the fight is renewed
against Senator Mitchell in a covert
manner. In the Telegram of November
30, we find pointers to the covert oppo
sition. Under the head of "Gone but
not Forgotten," we find surface indica
tion s of the mine below. Speaking
the senior senator from Oregon, the
Telegram says: "When the senator ar
rives at his destination he will find that
though gone from Oregon he is not for
gotten that the interrogators are hot
on his trail;" that "though lost to sight
be still is held in memory;" and "that
when he glances at back numbers
Oregon newspapers he will be painfully
reminded that his absence has not
cooled the pursuit a singlo degree.
The above quotations from the Tele
gram, an Oregonian anner, clearly
shows the animus of Mr. Mitchell's old
time enemy, and that the fight is now
on, but from ambush from behind
masked battery for the purpose of draw
log the senator's fire to ascertain his
They Will Acquiesce.
The saloons of this city perceive the
reasonableness of a strict enforcement of
the law which forbid?, bnt has not pro
hibited gamoling. The city dads would
do well to pass an ordinance prohibiting
gambling in saloons with a penalty of
revoVing their licenses if violated, If
there bo uo such ordinauce, nnd see that
tho marshal enforces it. Had there
been uo KauibKng allowed in tho saloon
which ;avo riso to tlie lato trial for get
ting money under false pretenses, that
disgustiug affair refeircd to in tho Tlain-
ncALEK n few diia aso, would not nave
occured, to the shamo aud disgrace of
Rojeburg, and placed our city officials
under bun for a neglect of duty. If one
saloon 18 allowed to curry on gaming
with impunity the others will try their
hand and tale their chances of detection
and escapo from propor punishment.
Enforce the lav "though the heavens
fall" is tlie true policy. The Plain
dealer also calls for, and an enforce
ment of, a Sunday law. City d.ids, try
it, and let ui have a change from the
old practice. Wo ak for tins for the
sake of law aud order. Shall wo have
it? Wo jause for answer.
It is slid: "It is an ill -vind that
blows no one any good," And so it if
The object lesson of tho last four years
will prove a salutary one to the Ameri
can people. It lies tuuitht them that
thev can live cheaper than they were
wont to do in what a;e called better
times. They now tind that by practi
cing enforced economy they haw learned
a useful lesson. They now know that
tbey can live and grow fat on half what
thev formerly thought was essential to
and absolutely necessary for a living
Out of the hard times of the
last four
years has cume ore oi ttie
economic lessons of the ago.
Cuba's Independence.
One of the tiff I acts of this session of
congress Elio.iM bot rccomte oaaa s
independence, and thus try to end the
indiscriminate slaughter of tho Cubans
by a blood thirs'.y oligarchy in Spain
leu bv that sonllcss butcher ci w men
and child'eu, Captain General Weyler of
the Spanish forces. This government
has stood by and witnessed this struggle
for liberty of an oppressed people about
lon.4 enough. In the name of humanity
we ask congress now to stay the band
of this assassin of liberty, and six to
Spain fllalt, enough!"
Hon. John W. Foster, ex-Secretary of
State, who has but recently returned
from Honolulu, is of the opinion that if
the United States does not annex lia
wa'i that some other country will. Th
Hawaiian government is anxiously
waiting for McKmley s inauguration
with the ci jh elation that the United
Slates under his administration will an
nex Hawaii to this government
Though the islands are in a very pros
parous condition under President Llo'
administration, Foster thinks it cannot
long remain so on account of the clash
of the different elements republicans
royalists and foreigners.
John II. Mitchell is undoubtedly the
choice ot Douglas county to succeed
himself in the senate of the Unite
states. He is known to be a staunch
and reliable protectionist and sound
money man. He is in favor of the pres
ent standard until an international
agreement can be had for free silver
coinage a measure be and the republ
can party are pledged to bring about
possible. Mitchell is a safe man. Give
us Mitchell for United States Senator
for the next six years.
Relic of the Campaign.
Now that the campaign is over we find
occasional tbtsom and jjUdci of tb
contest that is amusing. The following
verse was perpetrated the day after
election on receipt ; the first new;
probably on the speer of momentary in'
spi ration ami :la;cd around in manu
script which we come across but not
across the unhappy author. What
should be done with him we cannot ven
ture to say and must leave to a popular
verdict, to reach which we set it in type,
lor ii a tac simile ot tne original was
given the world any professional expert
could translate it. It is needless to say
hat we keep a supply of such experts
on band for such emergence-.
Where is candidats Holer,
Whose name rhymes with gopher,
Who gopher-like grovels in dirt?
For while he kept trying
To eat dirt for Bryan
That coper-like did him no hurt.
It costs one cent a day
To know all he can say;
Of course it comes meekly and thinly
But he now his the croup
And is left in tho soup,
Because of one William McKinlcy.
Take your black board in, Hofer
For each hobo and loafer
That made np your populist gang,
Your free silver to go for
And repudiate ophir
Is tired of the free silver twanv.
You are sadly bereft
For your Bryan got left,
His poor carcass has odor distinct.
For sweet William had sung
Such a gong with his tongue,
He was boat in bis own home precinct.
Somewhere it may be
There are worse men than he,
So if 'tis an item you go for.
And would look for the worst
With which Oregon's curst,
You may find it in Barkley and Hofer.
But, hold just a minute.
There may be something in it,
And I trust what I say won't annoy
If one meaner than they
With more devil to pay,
His nameis Sylvester Penuoyer!
Sacred Session B. P. O. Elks.
On Sunday afternoon at 'J:'60 tho B.
P. 0. Elks will hold their annual mem
orial services in Odd Fellows' Hall.
The ceremony is very impressive, the
program of Hong and eulogy will bo ap
preciated by those who attend.
Dlssatlsfcd With
New Yoiik, Dec. 1. The following cor
respondence has been recolvod from
Constantinople under dalo of November
At a moment when the Egyp'':ln "l1103"
tion is in a semi-effervescent Btata unit
may possibly bo to occupy Uij world,
tho visit here of Mustapha Kaniel, head
of the Egyptian national patriot!.: party,
is not without sicnilicance. Ono of his
objects in coming hero is to dispel any
idea that the khedivo is not entirely
loval to the sultan.
As regards tho feeling existing among
the Egyptians themselves, anil ho repre
sents tho rising generation, he said:
'Egyptians without exception are dis
contented with the British occupation.
They know that England today is ot riv
ing to blind Europe and tho entue world
that she may place her baud over the
entiro valley of the Nile. 'I he former
conthlouce in tho word of the English no
longer exists. Tnu English occupation
has taught them that in politics Iiom is
neither morality nor honor."
But why should i he Kgyptiaus heek
to get rid of the Biiiish rule? They are
prosperous and well governed under it.
We Egyptians wish to be rid of the
British rule," said Mustapha Kamel,
'first, bscause it is our duty ' ae a nation
full of vitality, knowing its rights tow&id
itself, and even toward tho holy father
land. Next, because tho British occupj
tijn ruins Eixvnt morally and materi
Will ycu say what is Egypt's attituda
toward Turkey?"
"The policy counseled by the Eyp
tun patriarchs to thu whole of Egypt is
to bind herself to Turkey and to
strengthen those bonds more than ever
History tells u to follow no other policy
If the Enclish are in Egypt today it is
owinz to the snon antagonism wnicn
existed before the reorganization be'
tween the sultan and tho the Jive, few
fik Pasha, the English are using all
their eft jrta to divide the sultan and tl
khedive, but we are euro tho wisdom
and lutriotisra oi the khedive fortify him
in the policy of raprochment wl h for
kev wherein alone rests his welfare aud
that of E;ypt."
Can vou explain the sudde u causo of
the Engl s!i expedition to i)i!gola7
Mustapha Kumel certainly -.rave
new idea sbo:;t Knclar,d's mjvtr. "For
a louz time pas'," he said, "the Eng
lisa have looked yearningly toward the
Soudan. They wish to grasp that inex
nausiibie source ot riciics. mey are
aware that the master of the .Soudan i
master of Egypt, and that if the Euro
pean powers managed to make Eoglani
evacuate Egypt, tbe frte Soudan, which
owes Europe no debt, as Egypt do.s ,
would become an English province. In
that direction they have worked for fanz
years. When they saw in 1S91 tnat
France and Russia were preparing for an
entente and could give the negus of
Abyssinia officers and arms, in ordsr to
pash him to tho Soudan, the English
dashed Italy to Abjssinia to prevent
tbe advance of the negu into ttv
Soodan. Their game succeeded re
markably well, and Italy, bein thrown
upon Abyssinia, did but serve the plans
of England with her blood and her
money. K.-er skillful, the
English, under a pretext of saving
Italians, profited by their disasters to
undertake the Dongola expedition, with
the assent of the triple alliance. Today,
to complete the comrdy, England asks
Italy to give her tack Kassali.
"Thus it is that England has mocktd
all Europe, without Europe forcing
them to leave our dear fatherland.
The Storm in Nebraska.
Oiiaha, Nov, 30. Final details of the
great storm that has enveloped Nebraska
for six days were received today. Much
stock perished in the extreme western
range, where there are few ravines
which afforded shelter to the animals.
The aggregate is not so larjre as aatici
pated, however, and, though the zero
weather continues, it is bright, aud the
snow is rapidly disappeaiing.
A peculiar feature of the great storm
was th9 efficient manner in which delay
has been avoided by railroads centering
here. Though great ipiautitiea of enow
fell between Omaha and tlie mountains,
the service was uninterrupted. The
Union Pacific's overland limited was not
delayed at any point between here and
San Francisco. The officials are confi
dent they havo solved the problem cf
handling fast trains regardless of heavy
snows, which in former limes impeded
Snowed-In Train Rescued.
Jtakuo, N. D., Nov. 30. With two ro
tary engines working out of Fargo on
the Northern Pacific since Saturday
morning, the train snowed in five miles
east of Valley City was reached at 10
o'clock this morning. Only half a mile
was cleaned yesterday. The drifts in
cuts were siz to 14 feet deep, packed
with eand. Picks were required to
loosen up, The branch to Kdgely is
still frozen up. People along this line
are out of wood and coal. .Small towns
along the main lino aro also out of fuel
Beyond Arisba today, two enow-plows
rollitlc. Snow Shoveler Sans Hanson
wrs i t.intly killed, and a fireman and
two ?.-i.tion men seriously wounded.
Major C. T. Picton is manager of the
State Hotel, at Lleiiison, Texas, which
the traveling men say is ono of tho best
hotels in that sectiou. In speaking of
Chamberlain'a Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy Major Picton says:
"I have used it myself and in my family
for several years, and tako ploastiro in
Baying that I consider it an infallible
euro for diarrhoea and dysentery. I
always recommend it, and havo fre
quently administered it to my guests in
tho hotol, aud in evory case it has
proven itself worthy of unqualified en
dorsement. For Hale by A. C. .Miuslora
k Co.
The famous two thousand dollar man
dolin, which won tho first prize at tho
World's Fair nnd is now owned by
Oorinuo, evidences in its construction
nnd workmanship an example of marvol
oiia human patienco and ingenuity. In
the ornamentation of this wonderful in
strument there is a mosiac work in
which two thousand pieces of pearl of
many different hues were used; the
bridgo is ornamented with rare jewels.
A deft fingered workman devoted two
hundred and twenty five days to this
part of tho work. This mandolin isoueof
tho things worth seoiug in the entertain
nipnt which will be given by the Connne
Extravaganza Company at the Rosoburg
Opera House next Friday night. Dec
The wife of Mr. D. Robinson, u prom
inent lumberman of Hartwick, N. i ,
was sick with rheumatism for five
months. In speaking of it Mr. Robin-
son says: "Uliamberlaiirs lain iiaim
is tho only thing that gave her any rett
from pain. For tho relief of pain it can
not bo beat." Many very bad case3 of
rheumatism have been cured by it. For
sale at 50 cents per bottle by A. C.
Baron Mannchausen, the old prince cf
liars, has been discounted by tho btn
Francisco papers in their story of an air
ship, because they tell their stories os
vertible facts, whereas Maunchausen's
stories were such palpable lies that thi-y
deceived no ono.
There are a number of meddlerp, who
have oeen IniiSdiBg .Major jui.n!0's
cabinet for hi in, but tho majjr wilt fix
up a cabinet after the fourth of next
March that will surprise foiiiu of thcsi;
otlicious fellows.
Win. Stcinway, tho celebrated piano
manufacturer is dead. He died oft-
phoid fever at his residence in New
York at ; p. tu., November SOth
Quicksilver in our thermometers is
ris'ng while solid silver still elingi dose
down to bsdrock prices.
Dias has been inaugurate 1 president of
republic of Mexico.
When most needed it is not
, t -i i . i
for your family physician to le away
from home. Such was the experience of
Mr. J. Y. Schenck, editor of the Caddo,
Ind. Ter., Banner.
t i i.., ,
when his little girl,
two years of ago was threatened
wevere attack of cronn. He savs: "Mv
wife insitted that I for the doctor, but
as our family physician was ont of town
I purchased a bottle of Chamberlain's
Coujh Itemed-, which relieved her im
mediately. 1 will not be without it in
the future." -3 and 30 cent bottks for
sale bv A. C. Marsters A Co.
Iluclilcit'1 Arnlcu sahe.
The Bes. Salve in the world for Cut,
Bruises, torett, Ulcers, Salt Rheuin,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
Chillbaius, Corns, and all skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price iJo cents per box. For sale at A.
C.Marsters A Co.
To the Public.
On and after this date, I wish it under
stood that my terms for all undertaker's
ikkxIs are cash with the order. 1 find it
impossible to do business on a credit
basis, and belive that I can do better by
my patrons and mysell by selling strictly
for casii. P. BENEDICK, Undertaker.
Roseburg, Ore., April 12, 1S93.
Notice to Delinquent Tax
All taxes not paid by Nov.
, l9t),
extra costs will be added.
Sberiir will commence to levy on
property for the delinquent taxes
Nov. -'), 1S90.
A. F. Stearns, Judge.
tV. I.. Wilson,
M. D. Thompson, Commissioners
Executor's Sale of Real Property.
virtue of an amended order duly issued
out oi the County Court ot Douslaj County, and
enured ot rcconl oa the 2tth day of May, 1-96,
authorizing and empotrtrtug the executor oi
tho cttatc of M. It. dhupc to sell Ibo real prop
erty belonging to fatd estate at public or pri
vate 5lv for cnh or halt cash and a crvdil ot
one year with mortgage ecurfty.
N'" i therefore in ptnuanrool tho "aid ontrr
I. Joa II. hupe, ein:utoro the mate of M.
K. ShuiK-. deceased, will cll al public pale at
the Court Hoak1 door In the City of Kicbitr,; on
Saturday, tlie i6tti day ot Ilcccnt
her, 1896,
a; 1 o doit V. M. of said day for ca-h la hauil.
to the highest and best bidder, all the lotion-.
Ing bounded described real property Icloncin;
to fa;d estate, to-wlt;
The east halt of the donation land claim ot M.
It ShUc the south half of the north ivcst
inrter and the north half ot the south west
quarter of Section S2. the coith half ot the
south cast .juarter and the south half of the
north cast quarter of Section 31. all m Town
ship 'Jl S-uih of Kangc jWest. Douglas County,
Orciron. excepting therefrom '..91 acrvs sold to
E. G. Young in the north cast corner ot the
south cast quarter of the north west quarter of
Section 33, township Ji skjuthof Kanirc West,
anil containing ITfus) acres.
Dated November 131b, ls"..
nl'Jtj Eice.itor Estate of M. K. Shupe, dec.
Makes you seem "nil broken up," with
out life, ambition, energy or nppctitc.
It is often tho forerunner of serious ill
ness, or the accompaniment of nervous
troubles. It is a positfrc proof of thin,
weak, impure blood; for, if the blood ia
rich, red, vitalized and vigorous, it im
parts lifo and energy to every nerve,
organ nnd tissue of tho body. The
necessity of taking Hood's Sarsaparilla
for that tired feeling is therefore apparent
to every one, and tho good it will do you
Is equally beyond question. Ecmcmbcr
Is the best-in fact tlio One True Itlood l'urlflcr.
HaaH'c DM1,- furi lhcrills.rasytotiikf,
rlOOCl S FlllS easy to operate. Scents.
Tired Feeling
Hood s
Ilarvelous Results.
From a letter written by Rev. J. Gun-
derman, of Diniondale, Mich., wo are
permitted to innko this extract: "I
havo no hesitation in recommending Dr.
King's Now Discovery, as tho reoultB
wero almost marvelous in tho cubo of my
wife. While I was pastor of tho Baptist
church at Rivca Junction she was
brought down with Pneumonia succeed
jng La Grippe. Tcrriblo paroxysms of
coughing would last hours with little in
terruption and it seemed as if she could
not survive them. A friend recom
mended Dr. King's New Discovery; it
was quick in its work and highly satis
factory in results." Trial bottles free at
A, C. Masters' Dm.? Store. Regular
size 50 c. and Sl.OJ.
and wither with time ;
the bloom of the rose
is only known to the
healthy woman'
cheeks. The nerv
ous strain caused by
the ailments and
pains peculiar to the
sex, and the labor
and worry of rearing
a family, can often
be traced by the lines in the woman's face.
Dull eves, the sallow or wrinkled face and
those "feelings of weakness" have their
rise in tha derangements and irregularities
peculiar to women. The functional de
rangements, painful disorders, and chronic
weaknesses of women, can be cured with
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. For the
young girl just entering womanhood, for
the mother and those about to becoma
mothers, and later in "the change of life,"
the " Prescription " is just what they need ;
it aids nature in preparing the system for
the change. It's a medicine prescribed for
thirty years, in the diseases of women, by
Dr. K. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician
to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insti
tuted Buffalo, N. Y. Dr. Pierce's Favorite.
Prescription will cure the chronic inflamma
tion of the lining tnepbranes which causo
t,rli Tj?:mt?nar drains nnon the svstem.
It aires nervous prostration, sleeplessness,
faintness, nervous debility and all disordera
arising from derangement of the feraalf
organs and functions.
Mrs. Jessie Wiluams. of .VeAaa. Lam Ct.,
vrtron, writes : i
was side for over three
yean with blind dizzy
spell, palpitation of
the heart, pain in the
back ana head, and
at times would have
I such a weak tired feel
I lag when I firit got
Ullllsusl up in the morale?.
I ana it urnes nerrous
J chilis.
f'Vo 'what my
, dias wa. but none
incu urn buy
' ;jood. As foon os I
commenced takinfrDr
nerre s Favorite rre-
scription. I beean to
-.fnc TV,, T.m.rc
weU nights, and that bad. nervous feclln; and tht
pain in xnv Back oou leu rae.
I can walk sever
I took in aU three
tellies of Prescription ' and twoof 1 Discovery.' "
Friday, December 4th, 1896.
Joe Cawthorn,
John Page,
Xeil MeXiel,
George Oleni,
John Barry,
Maurice Robiiison,
John Connolly,
H. A. Cassidy,
Octavia Barbe, Strickland,
Ethel Strickland,
Georgia Stewart.
Clarence Rogerson,
riusical Director.
Upholstered Furniture
At Cost for 30 days.
Fancy Chairs and Rockers
Just Received, and at Prices nevei heUno
quoted in Roseburg.
Kcaucea until January ist, 1897.
LiSCome, and bring your jim'Ucl lunKn
Money Talks!
Yours Respectfully,
Catarrh fleans Danger,
Because if unchecked it may lead di
rcctly to consumption. Catarrh is
caused by impuro blood. This fact is
fully established. Therefore it is use
less to try to cure catarrh by outward
applications or inhalants. Tho true way
to euro catarrh is to purity the blood.
Hood's Sarsapaiilla, the great blood
purifier, cures catarrh by its power to
drive out all impurities from tho blood.
Thousands of people testify that lliey
havo been perfectly and permanently
cured of catarrh by Hood's Sarsapaiilla.
Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parlies
holding Douglas county warrant-" in
dorsed prior to July 11, 1892, to present
thn i;imn at the treasurer's office in the
court houso for payment, as interest xvill
cease thereon after the date of this notice,
Dated this 3d day of December, 1830,
at the City of Rosehurg, Douglas county,
Oregon. W. A. Frater,
County Treasurer,
Ulvcs the Choice oi
I II innPil Doll's
! """"cupiw
, jVXD
St. Paul
Kansas City
Low Kates to all Eastern Cities
Steamers leave Alnsworth dock, Portland, at
p.m.. every Ave days. Cabin. $5.00, stra?e,
For full details call on or addres
Agent, Eoseburg, Oregon, or addreas
W. II. HTJ-JlL.BTJ'ir.r,
Jeneral I'asscnzer Agent, Portland, Oregon.
Prcsidant and Manager.
urns inn
Musical Organization
Extravaganza Company.
60 PEOPLE 60
In the (.tortious Operatic Extravaa;a
Hendrick Hudson, Jr.
l'rctciitcd on a teale oi Matchless Magnificence.
Same Crcnt Cast and all 'the Bountiful
Scenery, Costaraes, Elecnc and Calcium effects, as
durins tho recent success at the Columbia Theatre, i-an
u oouis
Sheet Music. r.-duciionH. All now iiiiinIo will
bo sold at ont-hiilf oil original and prriu
. I . I, It 4ltl IlllVtt
ont prices. " "w " "
about 1000 ull now composition. Hnnd
for catalog"1,
T. K. HI' iiaiiiwon,
Ui rohtirg, r.
Cents per Day.
(live Us CH.
. . . . . .
SlinLHY CHUKCHI!.-., I'loiir.
liii-ruT CliCHin - ''(i'r
Uiifiilntf Hrivuu. I n ri-i
and7;);.. m.; Virtiim ii.V ltitti.n.ii ,w. .
Mm. K. W. Illm -. IWWHi'. w'nmnjr '
ml Jinc C.'liiimlmUlM, Htlfarilli-iiiiirn
-rnyf MnilliW. I lim-ly iiti'K
MKTllOMirr UHUMill - Wl"'' l "
.treou. Miimli-r ivi'. nii -ml
7 30 p.m.; ' ""l. I"
V. WlHllll'T. WI4'flMldrlll, I.U" MMllll l
ClOM) III tll .milllltHS Kt'WdUli IU
0:30 p. m. llitttlo .t.iy. t'fc.lelJt. flmjiit
MeutluK, Witnnly. l 7.W) p. m.
1'ruNif I., ittfiutt, l't',r.
rur-imag-, iirner ilalii mi'l liio.
1'r.MHTTKNIAN Cuvnvu inir ot m i"l
rtotH.'ititl. Hllll-tajf M.rHr I'wpllH WOMlllp,
a. hi. and 7.31 v- m.l H-IiImIIi ttahwil, W . m.J
Y. I'. H. C. K., 7 t. ui. I'riij'r KrHlnK. Wdr.e
&1,"SO p. m.
K II. Ill.wrn. 1'utur.
.Six'loty .livrlUlf
r 1
ii vi k-M iKtHKinriiu mixiK. no..
U . k.,.(.l tl.l rj-tfiilir riittilufltilCalUlfli
holii their rKlr riitiwunlrll)ii t tb
I. O. O. y. hull on umiinl mid fourth tM.rlir
of each month.
All wmi-m r"Mill t a
tend regularly, i
dlallr United to
mid all tlltlK brutbnri or-
VIlV.U I'AUK'M.-aTlK. K. It
D OL'.LA8 r OITNCli. .NO. 11 JK. O. V. A. iU
meeti ecry Wolnwluy ntenlttic t
o'clock In lh- OIil 3Uvml: Hall. V!lMn
brother! aro conllally luvltol U uttefMl.
II. It. ;aihi.
Geo. W. I'raar, vmntfU.
HccordlliK Hwntary.
f AUKEL WlXiS:, A. K. A A. M., ItWitJMS
L' meeting! thv l aud IU Wtduday tn
each cionth.
J. B. fAwtnttn, it.
C. W. KlRE, 8x'r.
TTJIPQUACllAi'rKK,.SO. 11. R. A. i!., HOLU
U thtir reiralir tonTocitljn at ilitiiit ball
on tho flrit and third Tuesday of each rcuiUi
VulUng companiuaa are eoruuny lariita.
K. I-illLLKU, II. I.
Isxnosz C'abo, secretary.
Puiletaeia:. lodge, ko. d. i. o. u. r
ciceta Katunlar crtnlng of each wk at
their hall In Odd i-'ellovr Temple at Hou&urz.
Members ot he order in cood ilandlcz arelarlt-
cJ to attend. E. McBKOOM N. O.
r. O. MIcelll &x?T-
Odd Fellori hiul im second arul fourth
Fridaji oi each month. Vljitin; brethren
ire invited to attend.
aeeta the second and fourth Mondays oi
each month at7-JU p. a. at Odd Fettowi hall.
Menbers oi the order ia guod ttan ding are In
rited to attend.
- first and ilrd Tharsdar ot each a.oz:ih.
bisu aaa mint innisJaya m
ALLIANCE Regular Qnarterlj
Meetiliz i will lie held at Grsr Hair
Roseburg, the first Friday ia December. March
and June, and the tilrd Friday ia September.
iN- the second end fonrth ThcrsdnTs of
iv nceu every second and fourth Sacdiy.
meet on Tuesday evening ol each weei it
the Odd FcllowT ha'.l. Vir.tins iiMrs zzrl
nrethrcn are inritoi w attend.
, every Wednesday evening : Odd FeBevs
?.V , "S Knichts in good stsadinc eor
HallylnTitcdto attend.
I. B. RIDDLE, K. R. S.
Receivers Sale.
"NOTICE of receiver- 'ale ot real vropertv
ckx-rve and onier of ;e from C
In the Circuit Court ot the
DousIaj County.
talc ojOres Iter
iMbcll C. Uatenivrt, Haintiir.
K. M. Muiiw. il. Jv )hiiu Siunoou,
Eltrabeth ?Iim-ii, A ,kU Mmv
u, clum lmiii. Hint Sl.
Mateot lky, I
County ot iKwstln. ( N
Notice u berh shea that 4ty wrtu l c
ami eatcw.1 ..( mw j, MMTod
i iw i.t lit iiiv N. o iiMs rtnift, oa SrCMi
aU luumt lUliulrt ,.vl(l
t'U-UU lor ltu um , n.aStM aJ .-ull. .J
! t t.t imI t.iH n loiUf, ...T?ZI.T
And, U. i.
1 lIlO U,'l,..r it.
m.i.le.l tj m4 HM. am
dill tlievlt Vd ..i.t.,,,1 (o ,o?l
Vtl Ulld. t l, ,WhM t.l Jhs,,
MM Ksal Hktw
lii4atAMi ihi JLk
.niHi oi. U Ail
,K ja .k.ik..
n..NMni MM aAH llhUt Bta. 11.-1
IH Wex Mii
Kv (Kmmom ,.hn, i.u.
W vli Ai
n.Hw Mv , lAintiA .
'Wtv, Viv,hi V
'J "' J1 v
ll,lt vv.v
'rUi W
'I I
SX-M, .v l ,.Ull. HI,. II Xk fjlj