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.A Salsinau. tha reliable jeweler.
Coal tar and resin at Marsters'.
JLinie and sulphur at Marstera'.
Oaro Bros, are the boss merchants.
.'J. T. Bryan, the Busy Watcbuiakp r.
.Go to tho Boseleaf for tho best cigar.
Good goods at the lowest prices at Salt- j
Go to A. O
Marsters & Co. for school
County claims and warrants bought by
D. S. West.
School books and stationery at Mar
kers' Drug Store.
Dr. F. W. Haynes does all kinds of
up-to-date dentistry.
1. S. West does insurance. Office
opposite the post office,
Neatsfoot oil, machine and lubricating
oils at Marsters' Drugstore.
A fine line of gents' phoes at J. Abra
ham's. Prices just right.
Munyon'a Homoepathic Remedies for
.sale at Marsters' Drug Store.
An endless variety of combs, hair and
clothes brushes at Marsters'.
For bargains in family groceries, call
at thePepoIe's storo, Cass street.
Munyon'a Homeopathic Remedies at
A. O. Marsters & Co.'s drug store.
Bring your clocks and watches to Slow
Jerry the reliable jeweler tor repairs.
Chrushed fruits in soda and all the
new drinks ice cold at the Kandy
Dr. Haynes does crown and hridgo
work and guarantees the sanio Don't
forget the number.
All tins of saams on boots and shoes
bought of us wilt be sewed free of charge
at the Novelty Store.
The Kandy Kitchen is headquarters
for cold drinks, chruihed fruits, ico
cream and all new drinks.
Dr. Haynes makes all kinds of artifi
cial dentures such as gold, platinum and
tjpminum plates, also rubber and cellu--IIqH.
.-Seye money and time. To parties
rsoing East, go by the O. It .& N. short
.route. Call on or write to V. O.London,
jRoeeburg, Oregon.
New and wU assorted line of print a.
cotton dress goods, inushn. toweling,
table liueu, Uolo oil cloth just received
at the Novelty Store.
A. C. Hcorie sella flour at 73c and SOc a
eack, and 10 pounds of lard for 75 cents.
People should take advantage of these
prices and give him their patronage.
. Da Gas. Physician and Surgeon,
offica in Marsters' building. Calls in
town and country promptly answered
night or day. Residence, Oil Mill street.
JT. Rice, one of ocr enterprising furni
ture dealers has now on sale a tine lot of
furniture of the latest style and finish.
Give him a call before purchasing olsc
wbere. L. Langenburg ia Mill on top. He
carries a full stock ci choice music, mu
sical instruments, violin, guitars, accord
cona etc, violin strings of beet quality
, always on band.
,low Jerry ths jeweler has 14 ea.-it
pJiUd gold ladies watcher now ou sale.
.-TricfJ reduced from 25 to $13, decided
-bargains. Don't fail to examine them
fcelore .purchasing elsewhere.
Those having second hand stoves,
furniture, etc, tor sale can receive the
highest cash price by calling upon N.
Rice, the furniture and supply dealer,
221-23 Jackson street Roseburg, Or.
Mrs. G. W. Rapp will continue to
buy and ship fresh salmon from "Win
chester or Wilbur to Portland as hereto
fore and pay the highest market prices
for same. Address postotHce box 123.
Jack Abraham, genu fcrnisher, keeps
tha beat goods and latest of eTery thing
in bis line, and sells them at a lower
price than any of his competitors. He
also sells boots and ehoes at astonishing
lJow prices.
VyOd paiturcaje lor sloes at reason
able :atea by the month. All stock
taken Absolutely aud entirely at
.ownartisk in every particular. For
.particulars enquire of J. M, Shafer
iRobena creek.
Place to Kent Containing j acres,
rgood house-and barn and all necessary
.out buildings, good orchards and fine
jgarden spot, in the city limits. Good
jgarden partly in and balaace plowed and
3fae cheap rates of five dollars cabin
mid two-fifty steerage including meals
And berth are still in effect on the 0. R.
it 2T. Co's. steamers from Portland to
San Francisco.
Steamer leaves Portland every five
Dr. R. W. Benjamin, late of the denial
.college at Atlanta Ga., has fitted up
eOtal room3 in the Marsters block,
rwbeie he is prepared to do do first class
-work in all the latea improvements,
Crown and bridge work, gold and porce
lain crown, fillings and extraction of
Jeeth at hard-time prices and all work
piaranteed. Remember, room 1, 3Iars
fenJ' block.
Cure for HenUaclic.
As a remedy for all form9 of Headache
Electric Bitters has proved to be tho very
t it effects a permanent cure and
the inot dreaded habitual sick head
aches yield to its influence. Wc ergo all
who are afilieted to procure a bottle, and
give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of
babitaal consumption Electric Bitters
cures by giving the needed toco to the
bowels, and few cases Inns resist tho use
of this medicine. Try it once. Large
Iwttles only Fifty cents at A. 0. Marsters
& Co.'s Drug Store.
For Over S-"Ifty Ycnis.
x Old X3D W'.l-Tbied KzxEir. Mrs
(Vinilow' Soothing Briap has been uiod for
over City years by millions of mothers lor their
rhlldnm while tcrttilns, with perfect b-jcccm.
It soothes the child, noltens the gum. allay all
in. curt wind colic, ani istbo t' remedy
V . H . rrhcea. I pleaaant to tho taatc. Sold by
1 .. m every rrt ol ths world. Twenty
... JZZ a bottle. 1U value Is incalculable.
.rrf sV for Mrl. Wlwl9w oolhlng
3yrup, and other kia.l.
To the Public.
S)a and after this ilste, I with it under
stood that my terms for all undertaker's
goods aro eash with the order. 1 find it
impossible to do business on a crcdi
basia, and belive that I can do better by
my patrons and myself by eelliDg strictly
for cash. V. Bexedick, Undertaker,
.Roseburg, Ore., April 12, 1S95.
To Trade.
'Two'lort.iu Marahfield for hogs.
Two and cn.0 half lote intforth Rocc
burg, for stock; hack or buggy Jo part
tuayiyeut. Call ou I. F. Rice & Co.
Tho City Council meets tonight.
Oats aro being Bold in tho city for "5
cents per bushel.
Klmor lloovor has gono to St. LomV,
Mo., to study medicine
For a good smoke call at Slow Jorry's
bazar, and get a Los Amores cigar.
K. J. Montaguo. who has been in East-
. orn Oregon for a year, has returned.
Don't forget that Mr. Hermann speaks
at tho court house tomorrow night at
Budge Yes, sir; 1 am a democrat.
Trudge Ah! But what are your poli
tics? A good many of tho farmers aro haul
iog wheat and storing it in tho ware
houses here.
M. W. Pruner anl brother of Riddle
mado this office a pleasant call whilo in
town today.
Hon. C. A. Sohlbrcde will addreesi the
Coles Valley McKinley club, Saturday,
September 19th.
James Cole, ono of Calapooia's sub
stantial citizens was in town Tuesday,
transacting business.
Mrs. P. Eubanks and Mrs. Nancy
Hermann of Oakland are visiting friends
in this city this week.
Miss 0. Green cf Walla Walla was
visiting friends in this vicinity Monday
and Tuesday of this week.
J.G.Smith of "Waverly, X. Y., and
son-in-law .of W. C. Uildebrsnd, has
taken up his abxlo iu Koaeburg.
Mrs. Pauline Young and Mrs. J. A.
Uuderwood aro spending a week in Oak
land visiting relatives and friends.
Missrs May Stearns, Yinnio Young
and lloy Stearns of Oakland were guests
of Judge Stearns the first of the week.
Women who are weak and nervous,
who have no apiwlite and cannot sleep,
find strength and vigor iu Hood's Sar-
There will be a social hop at Slocum's
Hall Saturday night in honor of Bert
Benjamin, wno leaves Sunday night for
San Francisco.
The county court is now in session.
Present, W. L. Wilton and M. D.
Thompson, coniniUsioncrs. Judge
Steam?, presiding.
Rev. G. W. Black will preach at the
Soldier's Home, ISunday at 3 p. m., and
his farewell sermon at tboBiptist church
Sunday evening.
Remember that Congressman Her
mann speaks at th9 court house tomor
row at 7:30 on the political issue now
before the people.
At the house of Mrs. Short, September
1, 1SSC, E.A.Hinkle and Mits Mary
Short wre United in marriage, Rer. G.
W. Kennedy, officiating.
Mis3 May Benedick of Elkton was
adjedged insane Tuesday, and was cent
to the asylum in care of her father, on
the overland Tuesday night.
The S. P. R. R. Co. is constructing an
elevated track in this city on which will
be switched wood trains to economize
timo and spice and expense.
Messrs. Wm. and Grant livens of
Galesville are in the city today on busi
ness. Theso gentlemen are out-and-out
McKinley men without an if.
At the hcrue cf the officiating clergy
man, September 5, 1S00, Ezikiel Allen
and Martha Renfro wero united in
marriage, Rev. G. W. Kennedy, otficia
tinz. Leonard Perdue, pcstmssler at Perdue
on tbc South Umpqua, above Canyon
ville, was in the city Tuesday on bust
Regular meeting of Rosebur Lodge
No. 320. B. P. O. Elks tonight in their
hall in Odd Fellows Temple. Initiation
and other important business. All mem
bers cf the order are requested to attend
The utw front to Mrs. Josephson'a
drygoods emporium is having the finish
ing touches made by the workmen
Thote larro plate fronts will greatly
facilitite business by the admission of
more light.
Rev. Ed Pugh, who has been laboring
in California for several months, has re
turned to Roicburg, and is ready to
point cut to the sinner the straight and
narrow path that leadcth to life tho
o'.her way he knows already.
W. P. Hcyden, county surveyor, who
has a government contract for surveying
lands in Coos county, returned Wedncs
day evening after finishing cne town
ship. He will go back to Ccos in a few
days to survey another township.
W. W. Citticart, our affable ex-dep
uty aheriff, has returned to Roseburg to
refeide sicca bia retirement from cfllco
and will be a citizen cf Roseburg. Mr.
Cathcart is now tbc agent for tha Hud
eon mill lumber company at this place,
Divine services will bo held in St
George's Episcopil chnrch, Roseburg,
Sunday, September 13tb, at 11 a. m. and
SO p, m. Sunday School at 10 . m
Holy communion will be adminiitercd
after the morning service.
T;ios. Neil Wilson, Clergyman.
Miss Kato Field is dead. In her wi'l
ehe provided for tho disposition; htr
remains by cremation and thai the
ashes and a certain gold ring worn by
her ho urned and burled ovy tho
coflina of her mother and fatter in
Ml. Auburn cemetry, Caiubridgc.IaEB.
Lo Huns Chang, tho Chinese wceroy
to tliis country, is creating coiiaiiirablo
attraction in tha United States. Ho is
being feasted aud tcadiedjto whin his
tirsthrcn of less note arc oBtracieai and
rouniy damnol by tho msjotityif tho
citizens of this flpnntry. Ami w goes
tho world. !
Mia. Al Morris aud daughtf4 1,a'
.. i. iid now
Al has to do .culinary work. iS'sayBit
"ia a novel but pot Anlcrc'nt an'l
thoush he has devoted muiA 5t'enlion
to tho Ibusincsa, the coUV; Pa0'1 ml
bash haye not improved1 ,lttvT since
ho begun hia appreull
p tu cookery.
io.ncalla, Sept. 8. Thoro aro lovely
town sites in Douglas county, and Yon-
calla is one of tho most attractive. It is
on the broadening of a urand valley with
level and rolling lands. Tho villago is
beautified by its surroundings of hill,
treo and boulder gray, and sloping oung
orchards, and trim cottages, and uear
the confines of tho town n majestic school
houso Btands monarch of all it surveys,
Church Bpires eccm as guards, aud stores
and shops and comely dwellings congro-
G. A. Burt settled hero in 1850 and
Yoncalla is built on his donation claim.
Tho S. P. Railway camo through in 18J
and ho gave tho company forty-eight
acres for a town silo, and had to buy
back lots for his dwelling. Iho placo
grew grandly a while when litigation im-
psded progress until somo of tho con-
testants went to their long homes; then
threo years ago tho place aroso from its
Rip Van Winkle liko oleep and has been
adding to its growth ever since.
Yoncalla has a 53003 school houre,
rresbyterian anil Al. l:. cuureues, auu
Bantist and Chris tan organizations, it
has the A. 0. II. W. lodge, G. A. R.
Post and Women's Relief Corps, and a
social. Intelligent iieople garnered from
all parts of the Union.
It has four general stow, two hard-
ware stores, ono drug store, millinery
and racket store, a lurnilure anu narness
stiop, blacEsmttii cnop, meat market,
two hotels and livery, and postofDcc, tel-
egraph and Wells Fargo offices.
It has three grain warehouses with an
aggregate capacity for 13.0C0 bushels of
wheat, oats and bailey, which are tho
chief crops of tho region.
Tbe orchards, chielly prune, are young
and promising, and pears, peaches and
plums aro likely to roward the owners,
J. . ise, Bon Huntington, II. C. and
S. G.LoDgand George McDougall aro
the leading stockman in this belt of
country, but instead lol breeding aud
raising they buy aud fatten.
nmoer, ur anu oax, piemy auu
hundreds and hundreds of cords are I
piled along the railway tiack. ater
pure and cold is unlimited in quantity
at fourteen feet, and the climate is de
lightful. A few miles from Yoncalla are
the Boswcll springs, a capital summer
resort, rich in remedial waters which are
hipped to Cili'ornb, over Oregon and
Washington, and this is only one of the
many little towns in Djuglas county
which combine the grandeurs of Nature
with good soil, pure water and all the
elements which make lovely and happy
Yoncalla receives two mails a day and
hss four pasieoger and two freight trains
all carrying passengers, and tho roatL
are in excellent driving cenditiou. The
postoffico is a model of ne.itncs and dis
patch and is located in tho business
home of H. D. Yett, who is also post
master and ens of the liveliest business
men in tho county. His mercantile
house is HO feet in length and ii amply
stocked. His w&rchsnse proves this is a
great poultry country as therefrom are
shipped hundreds of dozens of e?gs a
week, and produce of ever description
seems to center there.
11 I). Yett is a native of Tcnncisce
and narrowlv escaped being a North
Carolinian. Ho came to Oregcn in '51
and settled in Doualas county anil hi?
been successful in everything he under
took, including teaching, farming, stock-
raising and merchandising. He .owns
the best properties in Yoncalla, includ
ing hotel. Etone bnildiu?, dwellings and
lots and a big sheep ranch. Mr. Yett in
business aud society is worthy of all
respect and regard.
His ctnel clerk, h. w. ttelurd, is a
son of the Mother of States, and ever
bright and enterprising.
G. W. Cartwright, general merchant.
is having the wind blowing through his
whiskers at Baodon, acd Grant Apple
gate, the railway agent, ia weighing
sugar and measuring tape, checking bag
gage, telegraphing aud expressing
W. F. Louman, merchaut, mov
a.i tniA
bis new building on Monday. Ho built
tho store himself and proved tbat he has
mechanical ability.
U. H. otair was away lalciy to c.ugcne
attending a grand family reunion, the
Occasion being the golden wesding of his
father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
c.,rf i,mriinnriiv i, mi ill tiiotr
livinu children and crandchildren 'at the
home of their ton. J. F. Starr of Eocene.
The veteran couple lud joy heaped upon
them, and were the recipients ol many
gold presents, includiog gold spectacle?,
gold trimmed umberclla, gold headed
cane and other golden tributes of love.
O. u. fclarr was brought from Illinois to
Oregon in 1S57, locating iu Benton
county, auu has been in l oncalia six
years. He own? a ranch of 137 acre?,
and has tixty acres plaited in hve-acru
lots. Ho has planted various fruits, in
cluding prune trees, and nil aro
growing nicely. Mr. Starr is a hardware
merchant in Yoncalla, and his father is
in the same business at Junction City,
Three yeara ago E. Jones became quite
an acquisition to Yoncalla, not only as a
business man with principle and enter
prise, but as a broadguaged man and
exemplary ciluzn. He owns twenty cul
tivated acres adjoining town, a hardware
and implement houso admirably stocked
and managed, and iu which ho lias
built and is buildiog a wido trailc. Ho
also owns property in the stato of Wash
The gentleman was bom in Indiana,
nnu visiieu several aimuu ueiuiu cuousing
, 1 .... -I
Douglas county as a permanent place of
business and abode. Mr. Jones haB been
a soldier, a Inrmcr, a carriage builder councilmeu Irom tho tirst word juBt bo
und a merchant, aud did honor to every fore leaving. Mr. Yates carries with
Venture. During tho war ho Eorycd with
tho redoubtable 1'Jth Indiana, and. iu
peace ho is over progresaivo in all per
taining to development.
Talk about having many iruuo iu tho
fjre, S. K. Adams of Yoncalla Jhas Iota
o Ihptp and ib successful as well. Ho is
furnituro doaler and undertaker. Ho
makcB harness aud has a Bliou ehup. He
deals in books and stationery, and sells
flour and moat and produce and he is
telcBronh operator, manipulating tho
wires for tho Postal Company of Mackay
Bennott. Thou he is tho leader of tbe
Yoncalla band and takes timo to dis
course on the glories of this grand coun
try. Mr. Adams is a I'euuBylvmian,
who came to Oregon in '93 und ho is as
patriotic aB a native son could bo
W.W.Shipley owns tbe drug storo,
(en acres in prunes, and tho Rev. J. H.
Mooro divides his timo dispensing .drugs
Qnd gospel and painting buildings.
James Cars well
McKinley' s Letter.
We ij8U0 a supplement with today's
Fjihuealeii. On first page, is William
jicKinley's letter of acceptance. It is a
maniy. courageous and inspiring appeal
to intelligence, conscience and
patri0tiflm of tho voter. It is truly
worthy of tho statesman he is. "We also
Ciu tno attention of tbe readers to the
hottors of Senator "Wolco't of Nevada,
and of Governor McConnell of Idaho,
aQ(j nuotaii0nB from speeches of Senator
gtowart 0f Nevada on the gold standard
and unlimited coinage of silver question
in 1874. and to extracts from Senator
Sherman's great speech at Columbus,
Ohio. This supplement is a superb
campaign document, which we itsue as
an extra for our readers. It is a eood
,iocument to nreaerve for future reference
and (o 6ll0W yoDr IfC0 6iiver neighbors.
Douglas County Republican Club,
Quite a number ol republicans have
united and formed a republican club
whoie object is the better to do effectivo
work for the republican ticket. They
mot at Hon, C. A. Sehlbrede's office
Tuesday night and organized by electing
rj. A. Sehlbrede, president; L. A. Sanct
uary, vico president; H. T. McCIallen,
secretary and C. W. Parrott, treasurer,
This club etarts with a membership ol
70. Tho usual committees will be an-
nouoced in due time. The club will
meet every Tuesday evening to discuss
measures and means ol isuccess. it is
composed mostlv of youoir men.
Notes From the State Normal School
at Drain.
Tha state Normal School at Drain be
gan its work for tbe present year last
Monday with an attendance 57 per cant
larger than on the opening dav last
year. Ibis was much better than was
expected, altbongh it was known that
the number would be greatly increased.
Many citizens of the town were pres
ent to witness the opening exercises
which luted for an hour and a half and
consisted of Bongs, speeches and band
music. All feel highly elated over the
splendid showing that was made.
Cleveland McKinley Club.
The republicans of Cleveland, have or-
gitniz;d a McKinley club. Hon. Geo.
M. Brown and Judge Looghary will ad
dress the club SaturJay, September 12
at 2 p. m. Messrs. Brown and Laugh
ary are very intcre tinc speakers and
will doubtles meet a large audience on
that occasion.
Did You vcr
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for vour
troubles? If not, get a bottle now and
get relief. This medicine has been
fonnd to be peculiarly adapted to the re
lief and cure of all Feraile Complaints
exerting a wonderful influence in giving
strength and tone li ths organs. If you
have Loss of Appatite, Constipation
Headache, Fainting Spells, or are Ner
vons, Sleepless, Excitable, .Melancholy
or troubled with Dizzy Spills, Electric
Bitters is the medicine you need
Health and strength are guaranteed by
its use. Fifty cents and 1.00 at Mar
ster'a Drug Store.
Condensed Testimony.
Cbas. B. Hood, Broker and Manufact
urer'a Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies
that Dr. King's New Discovery has no
equal as a Cough remedy. J. D. Brown
Prop. St. James Hotel, Ft. Wayne, Ind
testifies tbat ho was cured of a Cough o
two years standing, caused bv La
Grippe, by Dr. King's New Dicoery.
B. F. Merrill, Bildwins ille, Mass., says
tbat he has used and recommended it
and never knew it to fail and would
I ramer nave it man any doctor, because
il al;va-va cures- M,s- "emming, 222 E
u Chicago, always keeps it at
hand and has no fear of Croup, because
it instantly relieves. Free Trials Bottles
at Marster's Drug Storo.
For City Treasurer.
I hereby aunounca myself a candidate
for ro election to tbe oflico of city treas
urer at the coming city election.
J. A. Pehkinb.
Tho secretary of tho district fair will
ba at the Van Houten Houee Saturday,
Sept. 12th, at 1 p. m. aud will issuo war
rants for premiums acd expense of said
Auction Sale.
At Fruitvale, September 19, I will
offer for salo at auction, farm imnli-
ruentfl, furniture and other household
goods for caBh. Mrs. F. Gallop.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Hill and Mr and
Mrs. Robt. i ates and their families feft
this morning on tho overland for Los
Angeles, Cal. Mr. Yates has been
1 ... f 1 .
citizen oi uosoourg lor several years
commending the esteem and confidence
ofourpoople. He resigned tho oflico of
him to his new homo tho best wisbos of
his hoBt of friends here, as do also Mr
and Mrs. Hill, fathor aud mother of Mm
Tho Jewish New Yearbogan Monday
ovoning. A day dear to every orthodox
Jew and hold in great voneration by
ti; Orlclnal Gliost tit From a Case of
Fratricide- Hotv the Santa Fe Spook
Was Lalil-Uow a STan With the "Jim
Jam" Stirred Up a Jail Full or Criminal.
It may bo truo that couscieiico makes.
awards of us all, but with tho ignorant
ml superstitious conscienco is not a cir-
enmstanco when compared to a vivid
imagination. Tho greatest coward on
earth ia tho person who sees in ovory
dark sliadow, in each deserted houso and
around every dismal building tho rest
less spirit of somo departed sinnor whose
crimes will not allow him to enter
heaven, who is doomed to wander around
this earth until Gabriel's trumpet is
Bounded, who must hover near tho scene
his former misdeeds until tho last
Tho place by popular consent most
adapted to ghost wanderings -and the
placo most fruitful in tho production of
tho bona fido articlo is naturally the
graveyard. Tho drearier, gloomier and
more mournful tho aspect of tho grave
yard tho more ghosts. But the real be
liever in spooks and spirits docs not
deem it necessary to go among the tombs
and graves of the dead to find a spirit
Ghosts are numerous. They can d
found in all sections of tho country.
There la not a Tillage nor a deserted
country houso nor a railroad bridge but
has its ghost But tho ghosts aro not all
confined to tho country by any means.
There havo been several in Kansas City
that havo gained extensivonotoriety on
account of their many visitations,
and tho parts of tho city in which they
aro wont to disport themselves aro still
eyed with suspicion and looked upon
aakanco by the inhabitants of Belvmere
Hollow, Hick's Hollow and other por
tions of the city thickly settled by the
descendants of Ham.
The oldest, the original ghost tbat is
most vividly in the memory of the su
perstitious and is most often the topio
of grewsome whispers among the people
mentioned, waUced the levee between
Main street and Broadway 12 years ago.
One winter s night, tho fctory goes, a
man was lying in wait for an enemy
on tho levee. In his hand he clutched
ponderous doublo barreled shotgun
loaded with nails and slugs. He saw a
man walkinz down tho levee. In the
dim, flickering light he thought he rec
ognized his enemy. Ho raised his gun,
fired and hurried away. Tho next day
he read in tho papers that ld3 brother's
body had been found on tho levee, hor
ribly mangled and torn. Tho mnrdcrer
winced, bet kept his secret. Then the
doad brother's ghost begmi to walk. Ev-
crv nieht, at the eamo hour of the
shooting, it could bo seen cn tho levee.
Each time it would walk btraight to the
spot where tho body had fallen. Then
tho ghost would fall, go through a death
strogglo and disappear. It kept this up
for years, and there aro these who say it
docs it stilL
Tho second healthy, well developed
ghost disported itself in tho ruins of the
old Santa Fo Stago Coach company's of
fice at Second and Main streets in 1S86,
So generally known did it become that
often largo crowds would congregate and
await tho appearance of the nocturnal
visitor. Early one evening a young man
who wished to investigate a little went
into tho ruins. When ho emerged from
them an hour later, ho found a large
crowd standing on tho opposite side of
tho street, near the jail, watching for
ghosts. Somo ono in the crowd, thinking
that tho young man had been playing
ghost, threw a brick at tho investigator.
striking him on the head. Ho fell sense
less with a gaping wound in his head.
Tho Santa Fo ghost has not been seen
In 1S87 there was a story afloat that
at 12 o'clock each night a ghostly cable
train glided down tho incline between
Walnut and Main streets and disappear
ed into space. In tho grip car, guiding
tho train, wa3 the ghost of a gnpman
who had died a short time before, after
having been insane for somo time, the
result of grief over tho fact that his train
had run down and killed a pedestrian.
Crowds congregated at the junction
nichtlr to seo tho stranco sight. For the
most part they went away disappointed,
altbongh there was plenty who declared
they had seen "it.
Another storv, in which a ghost was
never seen, but which smacked strongly
of spooks, was tho Conway murder on
East Eighteenth street, between Oak and
Locnst, in 1SS5. Mrs. Conway, a young
woman, and her little girl wcro beaten
to death with a coupling pin. The mur
derer or murderers wcro never caught.
Suspicion pointed toward two men, but
thcro was no evidence. Both of them
afterward died horrible deaths ono of
tho danders and tho other of cancer.
Tho ghost of tho victims never walked
openly, but that section of tho city was
given a wido berth by tho trao believ
ers for inanv months afterward.
Last, but not least, were tho ghosts ot
Clark mid Jones, tho men hung for mur-
dcrinK Mme. Wright m 1893. Theso
ghosts materialized in tho jails, ono at
Independence and ono in lvausas mry.
Tho scaro lasted for somo weeks, and
tho negro prisoners wero thrown into a
stato of terror by any straugo sounds.
One night, when the jail was m a stato
of comnarativc quiet, a arunKeu pris
oner, who had just been brought in, had
ui attack of "limiams.' By some
stranco coiucnteuco no was pmcvu m
tLo cell once occupied by Clark, and the
prisoners soon located tho groaning of
the unfortunate man. ino negroes, not
knowinc that the cell was occupied, sup
posed that tho uoiso was mado by a do-
parted spirit, and all started to howling
with tho "ghost. " xno enect was some
thing that can bo imagined better than
it can bo described. Sinco tho Clark
riiost left tho jail Kansas City has been
bereft of spirits, and Belvidcro Hollow
is breathing nioro easily than it has lor
years. Kansas City Times.
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
holding Roseburg city warrants indorsed
prior to April 1, 1S93, and also warrants
numbered 513 and 514 indorsed April 1,
1S93, to present tho samo at tho city
treasurer's office in tho city ball for pay
ment as interest will cease thereon afler
the dato of this notice.
Dated this 1st day of Sept., IS'Jti, at
tho City of Roseburg, Oregon.
J. A. Perkins, City Treasurer.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
W. H. Loftin and J. M. Casady and
wife have left for Missouri, there to
permanently reside.
Tbe fall-term of school of Dist. No. 65;
commenced last Monday with Mrs. L.
M. Connlne in the teacher's chair.
Today is thy birthday, darling,
Or would be, if thou wert on earth,
How sadly I count the birthdays
That have passed since thy heavenly
Oh happy, thrice happy spirit,
Born into everlasting rest,
would not, if I could, recall thee
From those fair mansions of the blest.
Yet, if one little, whispered word
Could come to greet my listening ear,
Oh how my raptured heart would thrill,
To feel that sometimes thou wert near.
But, sb, the lips once closed in death,
Forever silent are, and still,
Go loving words they eyer bring
Across the river dark and chill.
I hear the river's rippling wave,
I hear the shadowy boatman's oar,
As one by one the loved ones go.
And they return to me no more.
But when the heavenly morning dawns,
And all earth's shadows flee away,
We'll meet again to part no more,
Through all the bright, eternal day.
To part no more, ob, precious thought,
No tear of sorrow or of pain,
We'll ever ebed in tbat fair land,
Where I shall clasp thy hand again,
Then fare thee well a little while,
For He who doeth all things well,
Hath promised us they shall return,
Who underneath bis shadow dwell.
Mas. E. F. Imax.
State or Ohio, City or Toledo,!
Fiiask J. Cheney makes oath that he
is tbe senior partner of the fiim of F. J
Cheney & Co., doing busineee in the
City of Toledo, County and Stato afore
said, and that said firm will p3y the sum
each and every case of Cat.vbsu that
cannot be cured by the Uie of Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D. 18S6.
SEAI. j-
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acts directly on tbe blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
"Liverine," manufactured by the An
chor S Chemical Co., the great Liver,
Kidney and Constipation cure. An in
fallible remedy for all curable forms of
diseases of these organs The greatest
knows remedy for Indigestion. Try it
For sale at M.-F. Rapp's drug store
Roseburg, Oregon.
Bay mare, weight about 950 lbs., sad
dle mark on back and small white spots
on sides caused from saddle ; jaws slightly
swollen from distemper and small sore
underneath, unshod and iu good condi
tion. Please take up and return to C. B
Cannon, Roseburg, and be liberally paid
for trouble.
Notice to the Traveling Public.
Mrs. Moore, the proprietor of the Pri
vate Boarding House, formerly known as
tbe Farmers' Hotel, on Lane street, one
clock east of the depot, has acquired the
reputation of being one of the best cater
ers in the city. Meals 15 cents: board
and lodging $3.50
For City Marshal,
I hereby respectfully announce myself
a candidate for the office of city mar
shall subject to the decision of the voters
of city of Roseburg, and if elected, pledge
myself. to faithfully perform the dutieB
of tbo office without fear or favor.
Johx R. McCubdy.
For City Marshal.
I hereby respectfully announce myself
a candidate for re-election to tbe office
of city marshal of Roseburg, at the city
election to be held. October 5th, 1896,
J. B. Cajbjca.
For City Marshal
I hereby respectlully announce my
self a candidate for tha office
of city
marshal, at the coming
held on October 5, 1896.
L. B. Keii
For City flarsbal.
I hereby very respectfully announce
myself a candidate for city marshal at
the coming city election, October 5,
1890. Jajies Wright.
nucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tbo Best Salve in tho world for Cuts
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fover Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
Chillbains, Corns, and all akin Erup,
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box. For sale at A.
O.Marsters & Co.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Sheep dip at Marsters'.
McKinley and Bryan hats at the Nov
For a good o-cent cigar call on Mrs.N.
Straw bats at coat at the 'Novelty
Wood taken on subscription at this
Get your school bookB at Marsters'
drug store.
For first-class dentistry go to Dr. Little
of Oakland. '
Solid silver tea and table spoons at
Pure fresh zroceries and low prices at
Casebeer's grocery.
Key West, imported and domestic
cigars at the Boseleaf.
An excellent line of . toilet soaos at
Marsters' Drug Store.
Ladies shirt waists at reduced prices
at the Novelty Store.
Goods below cost at Caro's. Nowia
tbe the time for bargains.
Nobby suits and latest styles at Little
Jack's. Prices very low.
All styles and Qualities of hats at Abra
ham's. Bedrock prices.
Fred Floed. lawyer, room 9. Taylor &
Wilson block, Roseburg, Oregon.
Wanted Wood in exchange for
wagon work at Pilkington & Sons.
Country produce ot all kinds bouzht
and sold at Casebeer's grocery store.
On boots and shoes we quote you the
lowest cash prices at the Novelty Store.
New invoice of boots and ehoes at the
Backet Storo. Prices below competi
Hard times is what makes prices ap
preciated at Richard's Cash Racket
Office to rent on Jackson street, oppo
site tbe poet office.
T. ix. RicHAsnsox.
Jewelry, watches, diamonds, cold pens
tnd optical goods at the lowest prices at
"Liye and let live" is Dr. R. W. Ben-
amin's motto. Dental wcte done at
bedrock prices.
Our summer corsets and shirt waists
at ccst to close them out, at Richard's
Cash Racket Store.
At Oakland, T. L.Graves is authorized
to receive and receipt for subscription to
the Plaindzalsk.
You can get tbe best ice cream in
quantities at the Kandy Kitchen cheap
er than you can maze it.
Caeebeer the grocer, earner Jackson
and Washington, keeps the best grocer
iee. Try him and be convinced.
Largest stock of fancy chairs at Alex
ander & Strong's, ever brought to Rose
burg and at prices lower than ever.
Don't eat adulterated cream candy that
comes from tha wholesale booses- Get
it clean and fresh at tha Kandy Kitchen.
Bring your job work to the Plaixdeju.-
zb. office. We are prepared to do the
cheapest and best work south of Port-
Gents, you ehould see our new line of
fall bats, latest styles, go rd
'ices so low th-v will -.s -r
ihe Racket Store,
T, M Stubblefielu, aoot aua shoe
maker opposite the depot, does first
class work at hard times prices. Give
him your patronage.
N. Rice, at his ware rooms on Jackson
opposite Marks' iron front, has choice
household I urn l tare and tin ware at
prices to suit the times.
Take notice. Dr. Benjamin, the dent
ist, is oermanentlv located and guaran
tees all his work. Give him a call and
examine work and prices.
Ladies, are you in perfect health? If
not, why not try the great home remedy,
Via vi. airs. Berry is agent tor Douglas
county and will fill all orders promptly.
If you don't waut to suffer with corns
and bunions, have your boots -aud shoes
made at h. Langenburg. -Kepainng
neatly and promptly done
For a good hat, stylish and cheap, call
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose' stock
amhracea all grades of head gear.
The Square Deal stoie has just opened
up a beautiful line of W. L. Douglas
shoes, which prove to be the beat shoes
made. Come and inspect them.
I am prepared to offer lumber or wood
at reduced prices. I am taking in lum
ber and wood on old accounts and in
trade for goods. T. K. Richaedsox.
Caro Bros', closing out sale is drawing
crowda to tha Boss Store. Low prices
and quick sales is tbe order of the day.
Goods must be sold at any sacrinca.
Call and see.
Notice is hereby given to the public
bv the undersigned that I do not allow
dead ammR to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first' contract with me for tho
right to so do; .
Tresspassers wilL be prosecuted ac
cording to law.. - Aulrox Ro83,
Roseburg. Oregon- March 17th. 1895.
Lumber for Sale or. Trade.
If you have dry cows or heifers you
want to trade for lumber, or if you
want to buy a bill of any kind of fir
lumber, you will do well to addrtss
P. 0. bar 125, Drain, Oregon.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Qold Medal,, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
,10 Years the Standard,