The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, September 03, 1896, Image 3

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A Salzinan, tho reliable jeweler.
Coal tar and resin at Marsteru'.
Limo and sulphur at Marsters'.
Caro Bros, arc the boss merchants.
J. T. Bryan, the Busy Watchmaker.
Go to the Roseleaf for tho best cigar.
Good goods at tho lowest prices at Sail
man's. 1
Go to A. G. Marsters & Co. (or 6chool
County claims and warrants bought by
D. S. West.
School books and stationery at Mar
sters' Drug Store.
Dr. F. Y. llayites does all kinds of
up-to-date dentistry.
l. S. West does insurance. Office
opposite- tho post office,
Neatsfoot oil, machine and lubricating
oils at Marsters' Drug Store.
A fine lino of gents' shoes at J. Abra
ham's. Prices just right.
Munyon's llouicepatliic Remedies for
sale at Marsters' Drag Store.
An endless variety of combs, hair and
clothes brushes at Marsters.
For bargains in family groceries, call
at the 1'epole's store, Cass street.
Munyon's Homeopathic Remedies at
A. C. Marsters & Co.'s drug store.
Bring your clocks and watches to Slow
Jerry the reliable jeweler tor repairs.
Myrtle Creek flour, only SO cents per
sack. Delivered free. A. C. Hons.
Chnuhed fruits in sla and all the
new drinks ire cold at the Kandy
Dr. Haynes does crown and bridge
work and guarantees the same Don't
forget the number.
All rips of seams on Ik.oIs aud shoes
bought of us will be sewed Ires of charge
at the Novelty Store.
The Kandy Kitchen is headquarters
for cold drinks, chrushed fruits, ice
cream and all new drinks.
Dr. Haynes makes all kinds of artifi
cial dentures such as gold, platinum and
aluminum plates, also rubber and cellu
loid. Sxve money and time. To parties
going East, go by the O. R .fc X. short
route. Call on or write to V. C. London,
Rasvburg, Orvoa.
New and well assorted line of prints,
cotton drrs goods muslin, toweling,
table iiuen, table oil cloth just received
at the Novelty Store.
A. C. Iloxie sells Hour at 7 5c and SOc a
sack, and 10 pounds of lard for 75 cents.
People should take advantage of these
prices and give him their patronage.
E. Du Gas. Physician and Surgeon,
once in .Marsters banding. UaUs in
town and country promptly answered
night or day. Residence, Oil Mill street.
N. Kiev, one of oor enterprising furni
ture dealers has now on sale a fine lot of
fomitnre of the latest style and finish.
Give him a call before purchasing else
I Langenbcrs is atill on top. He
curies a full stock o! choice music, mu
sical instruments, violin, guitars, accord
eons etc, violin strings of best quality
always cn band.
SlowJerrr the teweler has 14 carat
filled iK)ld ladies watches now on jale
Prices reduced from 125 to $15, decided
bardies. Don't fail to examine them
before purchasing elsewhere.
Those having second hand stoves.
furniture, etc. for sale can receive- the
highest cash price by calling upon N
Rice, the furniture and supply dealer,
221-23 Jackson street Roseburg, ur.
Mrs. G. W. Rapp will continue to
bur and ship fresh salmon from "Win
chester or Wilbur to Portland as hereto
fore and pay the highest market prices
for same. Address postonce box 123.
Jack Abraham, genu furnisher, keeps
the best goods and latest of every thing
in his line, and sells them at a lower
price than any of his competitors. He
also sells boots and shoe: at astonishing
low prices.
Good pastureaze lor stock at reason
able rates by the month. All Etoci
taken absolutely and entirely at
owner's risk in every particular. For
Darticnlars enquire of J. 31, Shafer
Roberts creek.
Place to Rent Containing J acres
good house and lorn and all necessary
out buildings, good orchards and fine
garden spot, in the city limits. Good
garden partly in and balance plowed and
,1 , nl.'ntin" I F. Rirz fe (Jo.
'"V""' 6 " jlv :
The cheap rates of five dollars cabin
and two-fifty steerage including meals
and berth are still in effect on the O. R.
A N. Co's. steamers from Portland to
San Francisco.
Steamer leaves Portland every five
Dr. R. W. BeDjamin, late of thedental
college at Atlanta Ga., has fitted up
dental roouu in the Marsters block,
where he is prepared to do do first class
work in all the lates improvements,
Crown and bridge work, gold and porce
lain crown, fillings and extraction of
teeth at hard-time prices and all work
guaranteed. Remember, room 1, Mars
ters' block.
Cure I'or Ilcndnclic.
As a remedy for all forms of Headache
virir I'.iifprs has Droved to be tho very
Yat It pilots a permanent cure and
hp mnol dreaded habitual sick head-
,Mih riMi! to its influence. We urge all
ifHirtwl to nrocurc a bottle, and
give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of
habitual consumption Electric Bitters
cures bv giving the needed tone to the
ipto "am! fpw cas3 lone resist the use
f i).;a m.ilinine. Trv it once. Lar:
iwttip nnlv Klftv cents at A. C. Marstera
& Co.'s Drug Store.
I'or Over Fifty Vchi.
ivin.low-n Soothlns Hrrui. haa been ual
oTer 8Ity yen by million of mothers lor their
-hiuri-n while tecthlnr. with l-crfcct bucccm.
It vyjthc the child, foftens the sums, allay all
,lnnireK wind colic, and i the best remedy
for ltlrrhfm. Is ilea.-azjt to the tantc. Sold by
rfm-!t lneverrirt of the world. Twenty
rpnt. a bottle. Il value Is Incalculable. .nd ak for Mrs. Window's oothing
Hyrup, and take no other kind.
To the Public.
On aud after this date, I wish it under-
atood that my terms for all undertaker i
nr., i.uh uitti tlx order. 1 find it
impossible to do business on a crodi
basis, and bclive that I can do belter by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
for cagh. P. Benedick, Undertaker.
Roseburg, Ore., April 12, 1895.
Tltc Central House.
W. H. Gordon is now tho proprietor of
ihiH nonular houee. Tho table will be
Bupplied with the best in the market
nnni beds and courteous treatment
Mealfl 15 cents, and beds the same rate.
J. 0. Booth of Grants Pass was in tho
city Monday.
Shasta Water at Slow Jerry's cigar
aud drink emporium.
Good goods in shoes aro tho cheapest.
Call nt the Novelty Store.
Do you want a good pair of shoes? If
so, call at tho Novelty Store.
Boots and shoos at tho Novolly Store,
lowest prices and best goods.
A fine Kimball piano for sale choap.
Enquire at Plaindealer office.
II. D. Maxuni of CamaB Valley is
doing business in tho city today.
For a good smoko call at Slow Jerry's
bazar, and get a Loa Amores cigar.
Large line of boots and Bhoea in our
new department at the Novelty Store.
Mr. John liar ten of Looking Glass
was in tho city -Wednesday on business.
W. S. Laird came in yesterday from
Sugar Pine mills with a load of lumber.
Remember the McKinley meeting at
the court houte. tomorrow evenine at
36 inch lx stove, suitable for drying
hops, for sale cheap, at Wead's Hard
Delicious "salt-rising" bread at tho
Home Btkery, corner Oak and Rose
District No. iG, school shoes at the
Novelty Store, the best to bo had for
the monev.
Robt. Kccleston of Myrtle Creek called
on the Plaindealer while in the citv
Attention is called to the new ad. cf
the Portland Industrial Exposition in
today's issue.
Private lunch room at I he Homo Bak
ery, corner Oik and Roju street. Also
lunches put up.
Messrs. 0. M. Mynatc ol Sale m, and L
. Myuatt of Roberts Creek wero in
tho city Wednesday.
Tho finest line of toilet roaps mav be
found at Rapp's drug store. See new-
ad. in today's paper.
Ginger ale, Aristas Water, soda, and
other soft drinks at Slow Jerry's drink
emiorium, now on draft.
Fresh home-made bread at the Home
Bakery, corner Oik and Rote streets.
Alice Baldwin, proprietor.
Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood,
overcomes that tired feeling, creates an
appetite, and gives refreshing sleep.
A good brood mare to trade for wheat
or oats. Is sound, gentle and true. Ad
dress, P. 0. box 253, Roseburg, Oregon
W. F. Potter of Eugene, W. B. Smith,
Mark O'Neil of Portland and W. J. Ortel
of Comstock were at the McClallen Mon
Married, at the bouse of M. F. Rice,
August 2t, 1S90, S. H. Knight and Miss
M. J. Fisher. John HamliD, J. P. offici
Sore money by doing your own horse
and boy shoeing. Horse shoes and half
soles and nails for each at II. M. Wead's
Mrs. John McCulIoch, daughter cf
Jeff. Williams of Looking Glass, died at
Angel Camp, Cal., September let, the
cause not learned.
Mrs. G. W. Kennedy, who has been
visiting relatives and friends at Baker
City for the past two mouths, has re
turned to Roseburg.
C. H. Merchant ol Marshfield was in
the city this week. Mr. Merchant is a
retired merchant of Marshfield and is
now a cultivator cf the soil.
There was considerable activity upon
our streets today. We noticed quite a
number of teams coming in from the
country with wood and wheat.
Born, to the wife ol .Arthur Arrant, of
Cleveland, September 3, 1S96, a boy.
Dr. Da Gas says th6 boy will be in Rose
burg ere long to get a No. 8 hat.
One extra large box stove for sale at
U. 31. Wead's Hardware Store. Suit
able lor dry liouse or large store room
price $13. Takes three foot wood.
H. W. Clark and D. Applegate of
Portland, Rev. Robt. Booth of Grants
'ass. R. F. Jones of Salem and J. A
lerlinc of Drain were at the Van Hou
ten Monday.
George Ross and Paul Zigler left town
this morning to do a little prospecting
in the North Umpqna country, where
much gold and other precious metals aro
upposed to exist.
The M. E. Church, South, is having a
new picket fence placed in front of the
parsonage. Mr. Byers of Mill street has
the contract. It will improve its ap
pearance very' much.
Something new is the novelty ol a
couple of male singers on the street to
day, giving a sample of their vocal pow
era prior to passing tho hat to those who
may appreciate their songs.
Go to M. F. Rice's Second Hand store,
Hendricks' block, for late improved
Singer Sewing machines, needles, oil,
etc. W. C. Monroe,
Say! If you want a stove somebody
else has not used the life out of and that
isn't mado by convicts in tho Salem
Penitentiary, you want to call at Wead's
Hardware. No convict trash there.
speculating ovor tho futuro of Oregon
and the country in general. Mr. Mann
ing is sanguino in his hopos for tho fu
turo prosperity of Oregon whou tho sil
ver crazo dies out.
If you have hay, grain, bacon, beof
cattle or a good buggy you wish to trade
for lumber, or if you wish to buy a bill of
first class fir or codar lumber, you wil
save money to call on Orro A. Anlauf
Comstock, Oregon.
The Douglas County Board of Equal
ization is now in session during the week.
Now is tho opportunity of any who may
feel agrieved of an unjust assessment to
appear and lmvo it properly adjusted or
hereafter hold their poaco.
Mr. L. II. McMahan of Salem called
upon us Tuesday on his way homo from
tho mountains, whero he has been rusti
cating for a few weeks to regain his ex
hausted energies to again enter tho field
for Bryan and freo silver.
From all accounts Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is n Godsend to the
atllicted. There is no advertisement
about this ; we feel just litco saying it.
The Democrat, Carrolltou, Ky. For
sale by A.C. Marsters it Co.
Rev. E. C. Wjatt, P. E , of Umpqua
Diatirict of U. B. Church, will conduct
quarterly meeting torvicc at tho U. B.
chapel in West Roseburg, on next Satur
day, the 5th, at 2 p. in. Official mem
bers are requested to attend. Services
to last over Sunday.
W. II. McLai.v, Pastor.
Several years ago I was taken with a
severe attack of tlux. I was sick iti bed
about ten days and could get nothing to
relieve me until I used Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which cured me and has been a house
hold remedy with us ever since. J. C.
Marlow, Decalurville, Mo. For sale by
A. C. Marsters A Co.
Dried prunes, apples and apricots.
green Irults of all kinds. Oregon liams
and shoulders, also Eastern bam.
Everything guaranteed. Groceries of
all kinds, and best qualities. Flour and
feed. Flour 73 cents per sack. 10
pounds of lard 75 cents. Coos Bay
cheese, full cream, large or small, in
any quantity. II. Eastou defies all com
petition. Hermann, who has been
at his old home at Myrtle Point, Coca
county, visiting his aged mother and
other relatives, returned Tuesday even
ing hale, hearty aud vivacious as is his
wont. Mr. Hermann is being urged to
enter tho campaign for McKinley. This
be will doubtless do soju, and battle for
the great measures of the party that has
saved the I'nion from disruption and
preserved its inti.-ety, atid, by its wiso
and politic measures has made the na
tion the grandest autonomy on the face
of this earth.
About B. F. Ramp's Speech.
Friesd Lemmek: In as much as I
did not see you the other night as a
listener to friend Ramp's free silver
talk, I feel like conversing with you
this way asking your advice on some
matters cot quite clear to me. I confess
you may think me dull, but I am seek
ing light. Our friend said money was
srarce, and getting now hanier tor a
poor man to get any of it, which you and
I know to be only too tru, and to help
the poor man out and give him an equal
showing, hi should hive the same right
as the rich gold bug has now to take his
silver bullion to the government mint
and get coined into good American
dollars, so he could pay it out on his
debts or buy shoes for his children and
a dress for his wife. To ba able to do
this we must all vote with I was going
to say the democrats and elect Bryan.
But today I see the democrats claim to
bo in (cssiou at Indianopolis as the
"only original" party, and have not as
yet named a candidate. So it looks as
if our people cannot count on tho real
democrats helping us oat. But for all
that, Bryan promises us free silver, and
as you and I have none of it he will be
suro to ceo that we get the bullion so we
can coin it. rhis Mr. Ramp ssys will be
done. We will either get the bullion to
coin or the coin alter it is made, and the
beauty of it is that wo get it free! We
ought certainly vo'e with ony one who
promises so sure a thing as this.
There is only one thing now that
troubles me, and this is between you and
I ; that is, if you and I can get silver
free, how will we fix it so the other fel
low wont got as raiwh'as he ncedi, too?
Then he will refuse to tako it of us for
peaches and potatoes, or even on a debt.
So I fear I shall have to go to work to
ge something to eat. I may bo need
lessly uneasy over this, but as I S3id,you
may think mo dull.
Besides, as Mr. Ramp said, silver
would take the placo of gold, and just
where I come in in the deal I am not
clear. Perhaps you can giyo me some
Yours for this now deal and Bryan un
less the democrats offer something
better. X.
B. F. Ramp of Albany made a speech
at the court houso Tuesday evening on
tho freo silver quoBtion. Mr. Ramp is
quite a ready talker and from his stand
point makes a plausible showing. He
claims that tho freo coinage and unlim
ited coinago of silver will bo tho pana
cea for all our financial troubles. He
said wo want more money and to get
more wd must sot tho mints running on
freo coinage of silver. That will fir it.
That will cure tho sick government Bet
the lifo blood of trado circulating, and
soon Ihe business of the county will re
vive and the 4,000,000 tramps will dis
appear. Now, ha said, the money ia in the
hands of tho rich few, who loan it out to
the noor uiauv. at ten per cent, which
he Bays beats any legitimate business.
In trying to elucidate this proposition he
said the rich man loans money to a poor
farmer who can pay, when the note be
comes due, only the principal. So he
takes the principal and a mortgage on
his farm for tho interest and soon he has
the farm.
Such a case may occasionally occur,
but to give such argument any force, It
must be general, which is not the case.
But, suppose it is general, the farms
would all Boon bo in the hands of the
rich few, which is not tho case; but if
they did, they could not work them and
of course those farms would bo dead
property on their hands. With the
taxes to bo paid and no income from the
farms, how are the rich men benefited
by coming into possession of them, is a
question he did not clear up to the satis
faction of hia hearers.
He got all the poor men in debt but
could see no way to get them out of debt
but by free coinage of silver.
Free and unlimited coinage of silver is
Mr. Ramp's remedy for the pocr man's
woes. At the close of bis speech, Judge
Riddle reminded him that bo required
au iron-clad note of the Fair Association
when it purchased of him the fair
grounds and demanod payment in gold
coin, and would not tako a note payable
in "L'nited States money," fearing,
doubtless, uud sensibly too, that he
might be compelled to take depreciated
silver or greenbacks.
Alter Mr. Ramp's speech W. F. Ben
jamin was called out and made a reply
to some of Mr. Ramp's strictures against
the old parties. He showed that the
present depressed condition of finances
is due to striking down the protection
policy of tho republican party, under
which the highest prosperity of tho na
tion had been maintained.
As to the silver question, be pointed
to tho .fact that the government had
coined fifty-four times more silver since
157S than for the So years prior to that
date; and that now every dollar of sil
ver in its debt-paying and purchasing
power is equal to the gold dollar a con
dition that no other party could improve
upon. And that to restore the protec
tion system would set those 4,000,000
tramps of his at work at fair wages.
It is one of the delightful things in a
townsman's life to take an occassional
drive into the country and see rural life
in all its picturesque lovliness; to be
hold the landscape, see the fields of
waving corn, the vineyards, the or
chars, the meadows and the melon
patches. The air is bracing, the change
of scenery is enliving and calls up a new
line of thought. To one who wu reared
on a farm, a drive into the country
awakens memories of his youth and seta
bis mind roaming o'er the scenes of his
childhood. In fancy he heats again the
lowing herds, the bleating lambs, the
sweet carol of the birds. He inhales
again the fresh air of heaven, his mind
goes dancing back to tho days of his
youth when the aroma of bursting buds
the opening tlowers of spring or the odor
of Lew mown bay delighted him. To the
berry patch, the melon patch, the brown
nuts of autumn, the fishing pool in the
brook "and a' that." All these things
come rushing up from the tablets of
memory and dance before his imagina
tion like fairy sprites, till he is trans
ported with the innocent joys of youth.
Such were our thoughts last Sunday,
as ye reporter and companion went buz
zing over the road into the country and
to the farm of C. W. Smith about four
miles south of Roseburg. Here we had
a pleasant visit with these good people.
Mr. Smith is an old pioneer of Douglas
county and like a sensible man, selected
at an early day a fine tract of land, set
tled down to business and improved the
land, built up a beautiful home and now
in the sere and yellow leaf of age, is en
joying the fruits ol his labor.
The .following extracts are from the
opening speech of ex-Governor Flower of
New York, temporary chairman of the
national democratic convention t ow in
session at Indianapolis. Concerning the
demulittt-popocratic candidate fur the
presidency ho aaid :
Mr. Bryan reilerates, in about
every second hpeech, that he stands
squarely on tho Chicago platform and
supports evory one of its planks, He
has not aa yet announced hia acceptance
of all tho planks of the populist platform,
but, inasmuch na these are only different
in degree, and he has been identified
with populism quite aa much aa with
democracy, it ia but fair to aesume that
he stands on both platforms. Not quite
bo radical in his views, perhaps, as Alt
geld or Tillman, not quite so frank as
Tom Watson, he is nevertheless a fit
representative of the revolutionary forces
behind him ambitious, unateady and
unsafe. There ia nothing in hia career
or in hia present utterances to encourage
the hope that if elected he will rise
above hia eurroundinga or stay tba hand
which threalena to destroy and pervert.
An untried man, a demagogue, a word
juggler, he will perhaps represent the
restless mob from which he rose, and
with characteristic recklessness does not
hesitate to appeal to base human pass
ions, in order to attract votes.
That in this incendiary's role, stand
ing, oa he profeeees to atand, on princi
ples as undemocratic aa those of Herr
Most, lie should deserve, by any con
ception of party regularity, the support
of true democrats, is past comprehension
and explainable only by ignorance of the
man and hia platform of disloalty to
genuine party faith.
No eound conception of party regular
ity can justify encouragement to social
dieorder. Not even the honest believer
in a silver standard or the most enthusi
astic bimetaliBt can, if he be a patriotic
citizen, conscientiously support the
forces of political anarchy. Even the ad
vocacy of free silver coinage by Bryan
and many of his adherents ia only a
cloak for the spirit of revolution'behind.
Every true bimetalist must blush to
have bis cause dependent for success
upon these who would reorganize the
supreme court when its decisions do not
please a party convention, who would
repudiate the national debt if free silver
coinage did not accomplish bimetalism,
who would attempt to destroy the sanc
tity of private contracts, who would
have the government take and oierate
the country's railways and telegraphs,
who would restrain the strong arm of
the law in suppression of disorder.
what scrroRT or iibyan means.
Let not this fact escape democratic at
tention. Every appeal in the name of
party regularity to support the Bryan
ticket is an appeal to support the govern
mental ownership of railroads and tele
graphs to attack the independence of the
federal judiciary, to abolish the credit
system aa a test of fitness for public
office to refuse to uphold the national
credit by the issue of bonds when neces
sary to tcale down the public debt by
repudiation, to invite not only the evils
which would follow a silver standard
but those which would follow iriedeema
ble paper money, for even purely fiat
money seems to be recommended in the
Chicago platform.
itie men wno represent such a con
glomeration of political principles and
radical notions are not democrats
They have no claim on democrats, and
ail over tne tana today democrats are
rising to overthrow their party fetters
which mean slavery, and to stand be
tween the people and the certain injury
which the party's rash leaders would in
fiict upon the nation.
The revolutionary spirit which forced
Bryan's nomination is manifest in his
speeches now being delivered through
out the country. His conspicuous fail
ure at Madison-square garden to advance
the cause of silver by close argument
has induced him to abandon the weapons
of the logician and statesman aud to em
ploy the arts of the of3tor. From the
rear end of cars be baa been flinging ou
social and political firebrands among the
people. He appeals to the base instincts
of the ignorant or to the misery of the
distressed. Ho strives to array class
against class, to incite employe against
employer, to stir up debtor against cred
itor, to make this a contest of the poor
against the rich.
May God prevent this incendiary
work I In this broad land it has been
our proud boast that the avenues of suc
cess have been open to all. Tbo rich to
day wore the poor of yesterday. No
families of inherited wealth dominate
our politics or our society.
can be no prosperity without confidence,
and Mr. Bryan's plan shatters confi
dence and portends business failures and
pauic. These mean more men out of I
employment; more homes without food
nd clothing; more misery and distress.
Whereas, It has pleased the Su
preme Ruler to remove from our midst
our esteemed brother, M. A. Stream, be
it therefore
ReioUed, By Seaside Tent No. 53,
. O. T. M., that in his death we have
lost a sincere friend and that the order
baa lost an active and worthy member.
Itttolted, That wo sincerely condole
with the family and relatives of Sir
Knight Stream and extend to them our
sympathy in their sad bereavement.
Retohed, That a copy of theee resolu
tions be sent to the family of the de
ceased, also to the county papers and a
copy to the Bee Hive, and that a copy
be spread on the minutea of the Tent.
John I Critesek,
W. A. Hull,
Gardiner, Or., Aug. 22, 1896.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
State of Ohio. City of Toledo.)
Lucas County, )
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that hs
ia the eenior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and Siate afore
said, and that said firm will pay the sum
each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D. 1SSG.
seal J- Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acta directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills ore the best.
nucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts-
Bruises, sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
Chillbaina, Corns, and all akin Erup,
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box. For Bale at A.
C. Marsters & Co.
A meeting of the McKinley Club will
be held at the court house at 7:30
o'clock, Sept. 4, 1S"J6. All persona be
lieving in good government and a return
to prosperity, are invited to be present.
Brief addresses by local speakers.
Dated at Roseburg, Oregon, August
31, 1S06. Geo. M. Brown,
H. T. McClallen, President.
"Liverine," manufactured by the An
chor S Chemical Co., the great Liyer,
Kidney and Constipation cure. An in
fallible remedy for all curable lorms of
dieeases of those organs. The greatest
knows remedy for Indigestion. Try it.
For sale at M. F. Rapp's drug store,
Roseburg, Oregon.
Bay mare, weight about 050 lbs., sad
dle mark on back and small white spots
on sides caused from saddle ; jaws slightly
swollen from distemper and small sore
underneath, unshod and in good condi
tion. Please take up and return to C. B.
Cannon, Roseburg, and be liberally paid
for trouble.
Notice to the Traveling Public.
Mra. Moore, the proprietor of the Pri
ato Boarding House, formerly known as
the Farmers' Hotel, on Lane street, one
clock east of the depot, bos acquired the
reputation of being one of the best cater
ers in the city. Meals 15 cents; board
and lodging $3.50
Republicans of Coles Valley precinct
are requested to meet at the Cleveland
school houso Saturday, Sopt. oth, at 7:30
in., for the purposo ot organizing a
McKinley club. E. T. Wooijri ff.
Roasburg will have at least two candi
dates for city marshal at the coming city
election, J. B. Cannon, the present in
cumbent, and John McCurdy. 'See their
announcements elsewhere in today's
Rev. W. H. Manning now of Salem,
but long a resident of Canyonvillo and
once u member of the legislature from
Douglas county, made a friendly coll at
this oflico Wednesdoy, with whom we
had a very pleasant interview, chatting
over old times, social and political, and
For McKinley.
McKinloy Club will meet at the court
house, Friday, September 4th, 1S!0, at
7:30 p. in. Brief addresses by tho fol
lowing named gentlemen will be mado:
Hon. O. A. Sehlbredo, Judge Fullerton,
J. H. Shupe, Simon Caro, Judge Lough-
ory, F. W. Benson. C. L. Hadloy, Fred
Page-Tustin, L. A. Sanctuary, Judge
StearnB, Judgo Willis, A. M. Crawford,
Geo. Estcs, Jaa. Hansbrough, Hon. Bin
Hermann, W. A. Frater, E. D. Strat
ford and others. Music by tho Glee
Club and K. uf P. band. All are invited.
Boys May iik Had (and sometimes
girls) for U) ordinary aorvico at wages;
(2) upon indenture, to work, attend
school, and bo brought up BOinowhat as
your own;) and (3) children may be
had for legal a'doption. Address, W. T.
Gardner, Supt. Oregon Boys' and Girla'
Aid Society, Portland.Or.
Subscribe for the Plai.noealek.
Cross Eyes Cured in 5 Minutes.
Dr. Darrin's visit in Roseburg at Ihe
McClallen House has been marked with
good results. Not only has he been
crowked with patients, but has marvel
ous results achieved in tho new treat
ment by electriety and medicines iB al
most beyond belief. Some of his cures
former are coming to light and cards are
ouring in for publication. We publish
tho following, Mrs. Bickford, being well
and lavorably known to all. Tho art of
curing mseaso uy eiecinciiy can be
classed with tho other discoveries of the
day, and who knows but what all dis-
eases and his 01 tne uesn win do con
quered by this subtlo forco. It is a
theme for study and reflection. Dr.
Darrin remains until September Oth at
tho McClallen House, and goes to Grants
P1188 from here.
TO tub ruituc.
I feel it my duty to let the atllicted
know tho wonderful cureB Dr. Darrin
performed ou my son in 1891. Ho had
boen croes eyed since birth and was
I cured by Dr. Darrin in five minutes so
his eyea wero made perfectly straight.
My mother, Mra. V. W. hmitli, my Bis
ter and myself wero all successfully
treated years ago by tho doctor. Refer
to me." Mrs. B. Bickford.
causes of vresent cosditioss.
Before the law all men are equal. The
same opportunities do not come to all
men. Some succeed, many fail. But
no barrier to success or position is ere
ated by law. Industrial conditions may
be affected by unwise laws, and when
tins is demonstrated we attempt to
change them through the opportunity
which every man has to regitter hia vote
at the polls. But though some men suc
ceed and many fail, this is the lot of life
and no candidate for the presidency has
ever dared before to use this fact to
arouse men againat men to kindle the
fires of social discontent and disorder.
n I ii .
aaa as mo nines aro, stagnant as in
dtistry is, distressed as many homes are
for lack of employment, Ihe common
sense of tho American people will not be
deceived by appeals to passion but will
perceivo clearly what ia truth, namely
that present conditions aro largely
cause J, not by the intluenco against
which Mr. Bryan in lurid words tie
claims, but by fear of the very remedies
which he suggests. When this great
shadow which he and hisaseoiiatea bav
created passes off the surface of the
financial and industrial world, then con
fidenco will be restored, monoy will seek
investment, factories will bo reopened
and emplovment be secured. There
For City Marshal,
I hereby respectfully annonnce myself
a candidate for the office of city mar
shall subject to the decision of the voters
of city of Roseburg, and if elected, pledge faithfully perform the duties
of the office without fear or favor.
John R. McCurdy.
Sheep dip at MarBtera'.
McKinley and Bryan hats at the
For a good 5-cent cigar call on Mra.N.
Straw hats at coat at the Novelty
Wood taken on subscription at this
Get your school books at Marstera'
drug store.
For first-class dentistry go to Dr. Little
of Oakland.
Solid silver tea and table spoons at
Pure fresh groceries and low prices at
Casebeer's grocery.
Key Weat, imported and domestic
cigars at the Koseleaf.
An excellent line of toilet soaps at
Marstera' Drug Store.
Ladies shirt waists at reduced prices
at the Novelty Store.
Goods below cost at Caro'a. Now is
the the time for bargains.
Nobby suits and latest styles at Little
Jack's. Prices very low.
All styles and qualities of hats at Abra
ham's. Bedrock prices.
"Wanted To exchange a pony for a
cow. Address P. O. box 68.
Fred Floed, lawyer, room 9, Taylor &
Wilson block, Roseburg, Oregon.
Wanted Wood in exchange for
wagon work at Pilkington & Sons.
Country produce of all kinds bought
and sold at Casebeer's grocery store.
On boots and shoes we quote you the
lowest cash prices at the Novelty Store.
New invoice of boots and shoes at the
Racket Store. Prices below competi
tion. Hard times ia what makes prices ap
preciated at Richard's Cash Racket
Office to rent on Jackson street, oppo
site the post office.
T. K. Rich abd son.
Jewelry, watches, diamonds, gold pens
and optical goods at the lowest prices at
"Liye and let live" is Dr. R. W. Ben
jamin's motto. Dental work done at
bedrock prices.
Our summer corsets and shirt waists
at cost to close them out, at Richard's
Cash Racket Store.
At Oakland, T. L. Graves is authorized
to receive and receipt for subscription to
the Plaindealeb.
You can get the best ice cream ia
quantities at the Kandy Kitchen cheap
er than you can make it.
Casebeer the grocer, corner Jackson
and Washington, keeps the best grocer
ies. Try him and be convinced.
Largest stock of fancy chairs at. Alex
ander & Strong's, ever brought to Rose
burg and at prices lower than ever.
Don't eat adulterated cream candy that
comes from the wholesale houses. Get
it clean and fresh at the Kandy Kitchen.
Bring your job work to the Plaindxal
eb office. We are prepared to do the
cheapest and beat work south of Port
.and. Gents, vou should see our new line ol
fall hats, latest styles, best goods, and
prices so low they will astonish yon.
The Racket Store.
T. M. Stubblefield, boot and shoe
maker opposite the depot, does first
class work at hard times prices. Give
him your patronage.
N. Rice, at his ware rooms on Jackson
opposite Marks' iron front, haa choice
household furniture and tin ware at
prices to suit the times.
Take notice. Dr. Benjamin, the dent
ist, is permanently located and guaran
tees all hia work. Give, him a call and
examine work and prices.
Ladies, are you in perfect health? II
not, why not try the great home remedy,
Viavi. Mrs. Berry is agent for Douglas
county and will fill all orders promptly.
If you don't want to suffer with corns
and bunions, have your boots and shoes
made at L. Langenburg's. Repairing
neatly and promptly done
For a good hat, stylish and cheap, call
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
ambraces all grades of head gear.
The Square Deal Btoie has just opened
up a beautiful line of W. L. -Douglas
shoes, which prove to be the best shoes
made. Come and inspect them.
I am prepared to offer lumber or wood
at reduced prices. I am taking in lum
ber and wood on old accounts and in
trade for goods. T. K. Richardson.
Caro Bros, closing out sale is drawing
crowds to the Boas Store. Low prices
and quick sales is the order of the day.
Goods must be sold at any sacrifice.
Call and see.
Notice is hereby given to the public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel nrst contract with me for the
right to bo do.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. A akon Rose ,
Roseburg. Oregon. March 17th, 1895.
Grand Ball.
There will be a grand ball given in
Long's Uall at Coles Valley, Friday,
Sept. 4, 1890. Tickets will be sold at the
door, 50 cents a number, spectatora 25
cents. Supper at usual rates. Good
music will be furnished for tho occasion.
Everybody invited to attend.
To Trade.
Two lotB in Marshfield for hogs.
Two and one half lots in North
burg, for stock; hack or buggy in
payment. Call on I. F. Rice & Co.
The undersigned has appointed as hia
deputy, W. S. Britt, who will attend to
all business at the surveyors office during I
hia absence from the city.
Will P. Hkyuox,
County Surveyor.
llio tiardwaro atoro 01 nr. weau was
forcibly entered Sunday night from the
rear by breaking out a pain uf glass in a
window. Tho burglars took about $20
worth of cuttlery and a few shoe gun
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.