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AUGUST 20. 1S9G.
A SaUinan. tl reliable jowcler.
Goal Uir and rosin Hi Marsteru'. and sulphur at Masters'.
Caro tiros, nro the boss merchants.
J.T. Itryan, tlio Busy Watchmaker.
Go to the Kosoleaf for tho best cigar.
Good goods at tho lowest prices at Salz
mau's. Go to A. C. Marsters & Co. (or school
County claimu anil warrants bought by
I). S. W,t.
School looks and stationery at Mar
kers' Dtiiu Store.
lr. F. W. Hay ties does all kinds of
up-to-date dentistry.
t. S. West doee insurance. Office
. - onnrvwiv
T T fll 1 f T.ll.J J I (ILUNLrALE. uivu.n.."..
ii ill. 1 1 . iiiimii uni H ui 4 uiiiaiiu. nu-
I'llnl a. r t wr rf i- rn !- Sn ilia !f,f f Arltttf
S. Kortin nf iiina Vntiao ir. ti.A i : ....... m v. v. tr. who has tho coi. tract for
i..... ' 4U UUJU0 muiOBB oueiumcn uj- t. - - l,n,l
Laugh, whoso I.oubo was burned last iuing me u , " " . T
The busy hum of tho thretther is heard
on business
Shasta Water at
and drink emporium
A lino Kimball pianoJfor sale
Enquire at Plaixdealbr office.
B. F. Ramp ol Albany camo up to this William P
city Tuesday night on business. Ellis, Hon. H. 15. Miller, president of tho
For a good smoko call at Slow Jerry's Btato 88cultural college, and others will
. - i.i: l j l t i l .. t
banar, and get a Los Amorea cigar. ueiivor auoresses uunng me HeeBiuii.
LarjMlineof boot and nhno. in nir KV. iar ioT a nB ,,m0
new department at the Novelty Store. Paslor of tne Cath1Iu church here, but
81ow .Terry's cigar Saturday night.
Tho Stato Teachers' Association con-
cheap, yenes at Newport next Tuesday, and will
continue in Eossion four daB. Governor
Lord. Congressman W. It.
h?q ntnrn with n force of workmen, and Wheat is "legal tender" at 40 cents
they aro camped on the creek at the per bushel.
brideo site and are at work. Ihe new . Bolniuger and Wui Keui left lat
bridge, which is to be built on the lower weflk for Bttlldun.
ol architecture
site, is to bo a fine piece
and will reflect credit upon its builders.
Mrs. A. P. Laneenborg, who is con
ceded to be tho moat popular lady in
Cow creek valley, was greetinger nu
merous friends at Olendale on Monday,
Born, at the Wolf Creek section house,
Mr. W. M. Sutton and wife, iho -ell
known Douglas county school teaclieiB,
are visiting here.
The market is being well supplied
with venison by Mr. Friend of Olalla
and Cobb Bros, tempt us with melons.
Hens are out on a strike, and Mr.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
w nn..iifu , t ii c. , who has been traveling a bit lor ins - Hens are out on a strike, ana Mr.
of L1 8onoand J.H.Slegel heauiw returned Tuesday, showing that August 8th, to Mr. and Mrs. L., hig d
of Looking Glass aro registered at tho . . ham, UDon a son. nnli. thn .roublo ia over.
an nouten. ., , , , r ..
him as upon us; but ho is the
Mrs. James rorter and daughter, Ida, genial wlA aa fcrmerly, with a
returned from a protracted visit at Port- word frlendly greeting for all.
until the trouble is over.
Mr. Challener has just
well arranged
completed a
commodious barn,
A Cure For Diseases of Hen.
Scientific investigation, supplemented
by experience, ha shown that urinary
diseases are more prevalent and de-
l.trn o. .... l.i.t l.n a II... oa.nal KxtAflfllVn WOrk IS 0102 On at U1B
JtllAJ uo uwu 3 uu iiu in l .
kind Mammonth Queen lodge bouhi oi uien
dale, and tho Bound of the blasting I fl Mr Lenox btf8 one In o erec. 8lructive in life, health and happiness,
V n BMilmrirort in Ri!if thnt Hon. I awaxena wis ccnueo ii ,;. than anv other class known to the meui
the union church servico will be held jn,in v nf I'nttland will address mountains. The quarts tanen tram me - . (ralernityi Th9y are not confined to
nt thn I'hri.H.n . o t I . . . . . I iint io nnar hninlT mfldR. HnOWR irCB I -w . rJ
wuiicuuu uiunu ul OUUUKj I lha lunnin nf llnni.lia rnnn v .SnlllnlftV o '
land Tuesday night.
opposite tho post office.
'i ilstivit nil. lil:irhiln -mil lulirireitinp I o..nn;nn a --i .
oils at Marsters' Drugstore. , . during the lair. Judge Uaples is one o'
fine line of gents' shoes at J. Abra- "lDker ae. Ansias Water, soJa, and the most eloquent and interesting ora
ham's. Prices just nght, omer sou unnus at blow Jerry's drink tors on this coast. Ho can talk sense
Munvou'a Hotmepathic Kemedies for emporium, now on itralt. .;tu a little nonsensical pleasantry,
wlo at Marstors urug btore. Reserved seats for the Ooeretta. "Tri- which, like sauce with middinc cives it a
An eiutiess variety ot combs, nair ana uuinh nf lrv" nr.. ..i . iu mii.i,
r.titi.4 linnln t Mrstm. I . . . I
.va..vw -. . . . ... . I ,f ..alni. t n-t.Kn..ft .1 I . . . . . . .
uv, ; f.miir ,.r,.,ia rn I.UOIBB. r.ii orcross ol iooKiug ouiss, an ex-
at the Pewle'a store. Cass street. Martl an oo't drinks, and all other soldier, who marciieu Willi biiorraan
Munvon's Homeonathie Uemedies at K"ds, also, at Ad. Harmon's bar, next to I from Atlanta to the sea, was in the city
A. C. Mareters & Co.'s drug store. ino grand stand, during fair week. Wednesday.
Brins vour clocks and watches to Slow I j0i, I bavin z been
Jerry the reliable jeweler lor repamu ov. tn hn rUv ff. .
I IT 1:1 1 fl Orfin in his canhnn mtt nlnln ltnltl
Dexter Rice, who has been at Drain
witli Assessor Sterling for several
months, returned home on the local
the low and degraded portions of hu
manity, as many suppose, bat to be
found amontr the pure in heart, the in-
Dr. Pope preached at Dillard last San- nocent, the truly pious and wealthy.
day, subject, "State of the Dead." I Many of them are transmitted from
our fall term of school.
Mr. Knapp has left for California.
f gold and gives evidenco that this is one
of Southern Oregon's most valuable
Claude Grimes of the Staryeout mines
was trading at Glendale on Tuesday. ijen. T. J. Thorpe lectures at the I parents to children, from.'generation to 0f Oakland.
Miss Mima Hamilton of Hamilton Brockway school house, August 2lst at generation. Thousands of people suffer Solid silver tea and
nntnld aponies from their ravacine balzman 8,
our I effects and meet an early and nntimely
Sheep dip at Maratera'.
McKinley and Bryan hats at the Nov
elty. For a good 5-cent cigar call on Mra.N.
Straw bats at cost at the Novelty
Wood taken on subscription at this
Get your school books at Marsters'
drug store.
For first-class dentistry go to Dr. Little
table spoons at
Heights visited friends on
Creek Sunday.
Upper Cow 7:30 p. m.
Miss Nora Bollinger is again in
He has been unfortunate;
stricken on one side by
A.G.Clarke, the genial manager ol 1 midst, jolly as ever.
Hotel Glendale, is at Grants Pats train-
inc for the bicvclo races which are to
aack. IVlivered free. A. C. Hont
Chrushed fruits in soda and all the
new drinks ice cold at the Kandy
All rips of seams on boots and shoes I Tuesday
l.i -.lit nf n will bo ouiil free of charce I
at the Novelty Store. frave "oney by doing your own horse
The Kandv Kitchen is head.iuarters anJ toy shoeing. Horse shoes and half
paralysis and thus robdere 1 unable to take place at Roeeburg on field day ; and
make a living by labor as formerly. He Mr. Clark's many friends here will be
has made application to be taken into pleased to see him win the races.
the Home. n. B. Redfield. J. P.. was at Glendale
Dried prunes, apples and apiicots, Ion business today. Mr. Redfield is a
green milts ol all kinds. Oregon naras capable anu eincieni omcer uu an uuoi-
nd shoulders, also Eastern hams, nesa entrusted to him will receive
for cold dnuks, chruihed
cream and all new dunks.
Bring your job work to tho Plainueal
kk office" We are preiured to do the
cheapest and beat work south of Port-
Dr. Hivnes makes all kinds of artifi
cwl dentures such as gold, platinum and
aluminum plate?, also rubber ami cellu
F. II. millions of the second-haud
storin Hcudricks building, is bead
quarters for the Singer sewing machine
and supplier.
Jave innv and time. To jurties
Mine Eat. no" bv the O. K .& N. short
route. Calfoa or write to V. C. London,
Roeeburg, Oregon.
New and well aisorted line of prints
cotton ures gaous musnn. iuhchus,
fruits, ice soles and nails for each at H. M. Wead'a
On account of the excessive
eather, thero witl be no driU tonight.
Liklt. F. W. Hayses,
Commanding A. Co.
Tlie ladies members of the ,'Christian
church will famish meals and lunch on
the fair grounds during fair week on
reasonable terms.
it you want a good smoke or get
thirsty while at tho races, call at Ad
Harmon's bar, near the grand stand, be made happy.
The base ball grounds aie being
cleared off and smoothed down, in an
Everything guaranteed. Groceries of
all kinds, and best qualities. Flour and
feed. Flour 73 cents per sack. 10
I pounds of lard 75 cents. Coos Bay
cneese, tun cream, targe or smaii, in
any quantity. H. Easton defies all com
Silverton, Or., apparently is a nice,
unconventional place of residence, ac
cording to the following item from the
Appeal: "Bailer, the young man who
prompt attention.
Frank Leslie Bailey is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Eliiff and P. F. Roberts at Glen
dale this week.
Mrs. E. J. Garrett and 51iss Lutie
Graham visited us last week. We ac
knowledge a pleasant visit.
During last week wo made fix btisi
nets trips to Wolf Creek, going by the
passenger train and returning by the
Ireight, and we acknowledge the most
Varmints Killed.
During the past- two years Douglas
county has paid as bounty on wild uni'
mala killed the sum of $3,857, as fol
Bear '-'62
Coyote 912
Panther 670
Total 1844 $8,857
Add to this $8,857 bounty paid the
value of the sheep and other animals
killed by these varmints, and you will
nnd that the life of the stock grower is
not all roses, even without a free trade
death, often ignorant of the cause.
Thoueh transmitted innocently, the
effects of these diseases are not less
terrible. It is a sad truth that the inno
cent are often greater sufferers than
the guilty.
Of all the organs of the body few are
more important than those engaged in
the urinary functions. In perfect
Bounty health, that great blessing which so few
" iH' I eniov. one will scarcely direct a mo-
6,300 1 ment'B thouuht for these important or-
I'ure fresh groceries and low prices at
Caeebeer's grocery.
Key West, imported and domestic
cigars at the Roseleaf.
An excellent line of toilet soaps at
Marsters' Drag Store.
Ladies shirt waists at reduced prices
at the Novelty Store.
Goods below cost at Caro's. Now ia
the the time for bargains.
Nobby suits and latest styles at Little
Jack's. Prices very low.
All styles and qualities of hats at Abra
ham's. Bedrock prices.
Wasted To exchange a pony for a
gans and at the first unpleasant symp- cow. Address P. O. box 68.
torn good advice such as may be easily Fred Floed, lawyer, room 9, Taylor &
obtained, should be immediately soli- Wilson block, Roeeburg, Oregon.
cited. Wanted Wood in exchange for
Among the chief and most common of wagon wort at -imngton & Bans.
diseases is seminal weakness and ner- ."CL.m ZLZ " .Z2 b
yous debility, or loss of nerve, m ,nn thn
doe to masturbation and venenal excess. Iowe(j; cash piicea at the Novelty Store.
Thousands of young and middle-aged x invoice of boots and shoes at the
men suffer with nervous diseases for Racket Store. Prices below competi-
caused quite a commotion last week by kindy aUcn;on from a,j conductors and Sent It to His Mother In Germany.
years and may be ignorant of the causes, tion
". ,1:. ..wi. i .c ucinauon oi exciting oatuea on lue uia
UIKC I1UCU. IJUIO jj. ........ .v I
at the Novelty Store. ond daring lair week.
A. C. Hoxie sells dour at 75c and sOc a Everything is booming at the fair
running away wiin a Jirs. reroer, anu I biakesinen. with one single exception,
incidentally taicing a uvery leamo. ,(, rJm;nd u,at
terADavis' with him, wliicb be torget that Mes of our unfertai(1 1Re nee4i Moines, Iowa, says: "I have just sent
to return, was tried in Justice Ramsby's .,, i:i..; fmm iin whira some medicine .back to my motber in
. DICIlll(.U I" I -
coart Saturday. No one appearing . . . .M ailB Wolf the old country, that I know from per was release I from cus- . nnr k;niiP.t thanka eonal use to be the best medicine in the
toJr-" pnHnrinm Kpnrnor. Morris, and to world for rheumatism, having used it in
Early hops in the valley are now iorian . Bonebrake. Marshall, and to my family for several years. It is called
about ready for picking. The Albany i ..pnia Oarfield and Farmer and other Chamberlain's Pain Balm It always
Jacob Esbensen, who is in the employ I WDea a Hltle timely advice would make
of the Chicago Lumber Co., at Des i:fefl pathway lull of cheer and happi
ness. When the first symptoms of semi
nal weakness manifest themselves the
sufferer is noticed to become dull and
morose and is troubled with indigeetion,
though the appetite may remain good.
But the strength vanishes and the pa-j
tient crows thin. He indolent
sack, and 10 pounds ot lard lor .o cents. groanjs am every preparation is being Democrat savs that several yards of that i,, nnm ilid nnl learn, does the work." 50 cent bottles for sale an.l rtphilitatpd. nnd loss of memory and Lj t
People shonhl taxe advantage oi mew ,. ,-,.mA -s-.i t .1 f .i. m 77 .. ' u . .. . ., , ' r-i ru,u"
Hard times is what makes prices ap
preciated at Richard's Cash Racket
Office to rent on Jackson street, oppo
site the post office.
T. K. Richardson.
Jewelry, watches, diamonds, gold pens
and optical goods at the lowest prices at
"Live and let live" is Dr. R. W. Ben
jamin's motto. Dental work done at
prices and give him their patronage
E. Da Gas. Physician and burgeon
office in Manners building. Call! in
tnwn and country promptly answered
night or day. Residence, '.'11 Mill street.
L. Langenbarg is Mill on top. He
carries a fall stock of choice music, mu
sical instruments, violin, guitars, accord
eons etc, violin strings of best quality
always cn hand.
Slow Jerry the jeweler has 14 carai
titlM raid ladies watches now on "Sale
Prices reduced from 25 to $15, decided
terrains. Don't fad to examine them
before purchasing elsewhere.
Those having second hand stoves,
frimWnrp. ptr. lor sjle can receive the
highest cash price by calling upon N.
Rice, the furniture and supply dealer,
11-23 Jackson street noaeourg, ur.
made for the comfort and convenience of
visitors to the fair next week
Let all our readers read Chapter VIII
of the gospel aa Given by St. John, and
meditate upon the lesson taught ; eepec
ially in verses 3 to 11 inclusive.
One extra larse box stove for f ale at
H. M. Wead'a Hardware Store. Suit
able lor dry house or large store room, anr Pnce-
for their considerate assistance.
Mrs. Pal-ner and daughter, Miss Tillie,
weie trading at Glendale on Saturday.
by A. C. Marsters.
Camp Meeting.
1 .1 TT. I T . 1
win oe ueia Dy me .uuueu uremreu nr tt-v,
Mrs. A. Marshall, Mrs. i.. Jones, Jirs. Cnurdi, at the old fair grounds ontnel . . . work and guarantees
Mary Wood. Mrs. J. Hogen, Miss Addie Brockway farm, S miles southwest of
Biiley and Mrs. I
for pleasant visits lately.
price $15. Takes three foot wood.
Alex McLeod, of Kingsley, fi niched
threshing last Thursday, securing 1440
bushels of No. 1 wheat from 5 acres,
Wasco county wheat is (apparently not a
John Penteny of Victoria, B. C, W.
II. Truesdale and O. G. Higenbolham
math and Rev. C C. Bell, of Portland,
will conduct the meetings.
f.K-.r-fSrJS from Wln M Mule Creek, and B.C.Trowbridge of
cheater or Wilbur to Portland as hereto- Camas Valley, are registered at the Mc-
fore and pav the highest mariet prices Clallen.
for same. Andres p-xioe uo. aUend; . racefl durint: faJr
n!iLhne. and sells them at a lower agars, and wet goods, too, by calling on
t,rirf than iht of his competitors. He I Ad. Harmon at his bar adjoining tho
also sells boots and shoes at astonisning granj 8tand
1 . . The ball grounds at the fair are being Kn.ines
at I bo some lively playing at the fair, as
UfcUU AUDUt"" " " ' I '
owner's risk in every jrticular. For several good clubs have got their eye on
variety in the vicinity of Albany will
not be picked on account of the low
prices prevailing. S. Smeed of Walter-
ville, commenced picking his early hops
last Friday. Btanton Bros., of the fame
;n t : ; : .. .. .!,,.. n-
The price paid is 25 cents ir box. and nu" u "U3,CJ """" - iweeuurs, uu c.Cu.u6:
V.,-,. fnliA .n.i,.n in ni.-L- at lor fls.illluuWuUuu,usu. k" "
' . ..I i
ueorve Kussell. wuo was reiurning mj unje.
his parents after a tix month's absence A commodious tabernacle will be
.t VAr.irnruA California, spent Satur-1 erected. Rev. J. R. Parker of Philo-
dayat Glendale yieiting the Roberta
O. F. Rohrer has taken charge of
Judge Smith'a fine farm near this place,
which was, until lately, managed by
Nathan Smith. Mr. Rohrer ia making
substantial improvements, and
. ... i. .
in the listerous and treacherous surl. smiiiinem win eveuiuauj UUD u.
Of course he does not mean the muscles' finest homes in this valley.
of the lower limbs in rear of the tibia? We regret to say that Mrs. Edith Mal-
No, of course not. The editor is too lory of Idlewilde was severely injured
modest for that. last week by being kicked by a vicious
nnmnrtiiion never worries us. lcanse horse. She is getting some better now
r I
we "buy rigut nenco -en iikih
all vigor of the sexual organs may fol- Our summer corsets and shirtwaists
low. In time he may fall into a com- at cost to close them oat, at Richard's
nlptfl Rtatfi of imnotencv total loss of t-asn Kactet fciore.
may be mentioned weakness of memory.
confusion of ideas, nervous despondency
The Bandon Recorder, in speaking of
bathing by the camping visitors from
the interior, said : "Bathing is fine in
the cve below the Lookout anil fat cithes
are in abundance." Brother Stett decs
not say what nse the bathers make of fat
calves whether they aro slaughtered for
yeal or whether the bathers hang on to
the calves tails to keep theai afloat while some
and come prepaied to
the services.
stay and enjoy
crown and bridge
the same. Don't
forget the number.
A.noVlinrl T T. fimvpB in anlhrmzpd
and general weakness. It needs no to receive and receipt for subscription to
mirror; it rellectB itself. The pale ace, the Plaisdealeb.
the sunken eye, the downcast counte- You can get the best ice cream in
nance, the stooping, aged form all quantities at the Kandy -Kitchen cheap-
serve to announce the victim's troubles. " .... . .
u i.tnm viii. nf itapif. h nt it ODfM the A good 12 guage faree eh-loading shot
gates to other diseases, such
sumption and diseases of the heart. Casebeerthe irrocer, corner Jackson
The unfortunate sufferer cannot sleep. I and Washington, keeps the best grocer
In that intermediate state, between ies. Try him and be convinced.
no ivin. I V i i
Rrintrrnnr tPnls and camtmnr outfits ukuc' - JacKSOn, KOSeDUTg gunsnop
" - 1 nn.4 HlGIVlCOa nf thA hPATI
ife and death, intended for the recuper
ation of the mind and body, he can
know no rest, for his dreams are dark
and foreboding , and the constant drain
Lartrest stock of fancy chairs at Alex
ander & Strong's, ever brought to Rose-
. . . ? . .i
oanj ana as prices lower uuui eci.
Dan't eat adulterated cream candy that
comes from the wholesale houses. Get
War; Scenes.
Actual scenes photographed during the
late war, by government photographers,
israuy ,v uaruner. xnioneu oy . . . flQjd , . . fa Kan(J jq
opucon, csicium ngni, low imnuu aM;:nr m U fhP mnnpnw nant vnn .hnnld onr new line of
power. At Opera House Monday night, , fall hats.'latest styles, besi goods, and
August 24th. I a.i.m. ;.w Knn. P"cesEO low they
die of habits"! how essential that he
will astonish you.
The Racket Store.
T. M. Stubblefield. boot and ahoe-
J. M, Shafer Lj, f50 w pursc
Say! If you want a stove somebody
The facts are these ; every move in our
is only made after the most
careful consideration, nothing left to
chance. Shoes have advanced in price
but not with us. We sell you a good oil
grain shoe for $1.25 and upwards, fine
shoes in proportion. If you doubt us,
A eligtit sprinkle this morning.
Sinfa 1 C7s lharo ham rwH.n ninp em
'-'" " I . , i . i K1...1..1 u: 7. , -
demies of dysentery in different parts of snouiu eiarv nguv m m,iU maser opposite ine aepoi, uoes nr8l
? i ,i i i i ar.nnia n 11111 oi uuiiaiu luuuuuu ttuu uuaa nui& at. umu uluco muvh. vi,u
tne couniry in wnicn vjnamoenaiu a i-
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Pu conceptions.
was used with perfect euccess. Dysen- " " nnnoeite Marks' iron front, has choice
particulars enquire
Roberts creek.
riU SSTtarT and df uec else has not need the life out of and that co and see us, convince yourself that
f -,;ui;n ..1 orchards and fine isn't made by convicts in tho Salem we have what we advertise, e don t
irzntpn Enot. in Uie city iimits. Good Penitentiary, vou want to call at Wead's care to do all the business in town, but
Garden partly in and balance plowed and Hardware. 0 convict trash there. want to get a share ol
ready for planting. I. r. uo. Drorietor of believe that a concern
The cheap rates oi live dollars cabin Senala gaioon, has secured bar priv- customers exceptionally gool values in
t.rrXltv ci.Mr3 including mCaiS I . .... . I ' - ;a lnn.l In rn -llipnil
""" --: " ,rn n ileses at the track on tfie lair grounos, ey
t v r' .imir9 from Portland to and will supply all customers with the ear
Steamer leaTes Portland every five
should be full of sublime thoughts and class work at hard times prices
All of vou who suffer him your patronage.
I ,. . r
from this disease should lose no time in , u ware muu-w.u
. . ... . . onnanltine T)r. Darrin. for the time may "i", f 2: T-
G. K. tjutne has gone to urewsier vai- i tery, wnen epiaemic, is aimoei aa severe - i nousenoia lurnuuru buu uu wmo
lv for a few daTS. and dancerous as Asiatic cholera. Here- " J " paces j sun. me
Vnichlwir Ttritt and family moved to tofore the besi efforts of the most skilled
Rosebun: to live Monday. We were all physicians nave laueu to cnecx us rav-
" 1 . 1
fnr n.o,nr asea. tins remeay. nowever, uas cureu
it. We firmly
that gives its
very anxious to have him
but we did not propose to lose him from
our neighborhood.
Miss Etta Chapman is visiting her
the most malignat cases, both of children
and adults, and the most trying condi
tions, which proves it to be the best med
icine in tho world for bowel complaints.
For sale by A. C. Marsters & Co.
with the
best goods in his lino during the fair.
L. H. McMahon of Salem and Dr.
Eageno Hibbard of Portland were in the
city yesterday. They intend to prospect
for gold, on the headwaters of Myrtle
Creek. May they find it in quantities
To the Public.
On and after this date, I wish it under-
Dr. K. W. lVeDiamin. late of the dental
colleceat Atlanta G3-, has fitted up
nmmi in the Marsters blocw,
1m. is prepared to do do first class
work in all the lates improvements, galore.
v' .:r:' ?T.r;;;t, ci Oscar Asee. the thresher, was
teeth at hai'd-time''i)rices and all work city Taesday on business relating to his
rniraniJ. Remember, room 1 , Mars-1 thresher. lie savs tho crain crop in
by year. This idea prevails Jase uuauwic. nau ucu
throughout our entire business, hvery bushels oi wneai uus car.
dollars worth of goods must give the Mrs. Robert Brown and son of Alt-
wearer satisfaction, even the all wool house arc visiting Will Q. Brown's fam- gtond that my terms for all undertaker's
absolutely fast color $3 00 su.ts. Uy at the nickel mines. goods are cash with the order. I find it
Mrs. Dona Catching was doing busi- impossible to do business on a credi
ness in Riddle the first of the week. basis, and belive that I can do better by
all medical skill. Take notice. Dr. Benjamin, the dent-
No matter what vou have taken, or ist, is permanently located and guaran
who has failed to cure vou; call and see tees all his work. Give him a call and
i . , ,i examine work and prices.
the doctor, as he can permanently, . r . T,
. , , . . , - Ladies, are you in perfect health? It
safely and pnyately cure you in one- notj why'not try the great home remedy,
third tho time and at one-half tho ex- Viavi. Mrs. Berry is agent for Douglas
pense required by others. Consultation county and will fill all orders promptly.
free If you don't want to suffer with corns
Dr.Darrin can be seen at the Mc- and bunions, have your boots and shoes
ui. ianiu v o made at Langenburg's. Repairing
Vimicii iiuuar, iwocuun, '!,ui"
September 5.
J. Ahraham's Clothing House.
ters' block.
general, is below the average, so far as
he has been able to leai n. We hear,
however, that early bowh grain is very
J. K. Fitrhuch. Jr. was up before his
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holdins Djuslas county warrants
dorsed prior to April let, 1VJ2, to present , rnRtico Hamlin. Tuesday, on a
thefcameatthetreasurer.s omce in iuc cj,are of throwing Chas. Beyer's goods
court house for payment as interest will I Jt q j10U5e wjtbout due process of
cease thereon after the date ol Ibis no- . Judze placed Fitzhugh under
Exposition Excursion.
Editor Plaimealkk: Referring to
rmtr nntim nf the excursion to the Ore-
j Vu.
gon Industrial Exposition, which opens
in Portland. Sept. 19th. you bavo the
siiecial excursion train scheduled to ar
rive at Portland at C .30 p. tn. it siiouui
bo 7:15 p. m. Pleaso noto tho correc
tion. The excursion tram will run
Sept. 29th, leaving Ashland at 6 a.
Private School.
I propose, by September 1st, to open a
German-English day school with thor-
I 1 - .1 : - ..11 !.,. I., f a
si familiea from here are intend- my patrons and myself by selling strictly ""T"" "IZ "
n n n,n Rnhure fair and camp for cash. P. Benedick, Undertaker.
IU5 V .w 0 " " I
Dated this Jth day of July, ls90. at
ihe citv of Roeeburg, Douglas county,
Oreeon. Wm. A. Fkateb,
County Treasurer.
P.av mare, weight about 'JjO He., sad
die mark on backhand small white spots
on sides causel from saddle , jawselightly
swollen from disteinper and small sore
underneath, unshoJ and in good condi
tion. Please tuke up aud return to C. B.
Cannon, Roseburg, and be liberally ;paid
for trouble.
Notice to the Traveling Public.
Mrs. Moore, the proprietor of tho Pri
vate Boarding House, formerly known as
the Farmers' Ho' el, on Lane street, one
block east of the depot, has acquired tho
reputation of being one of the beet cater
....; ti fitv. Jleala 15 cents; board
and lodging $,:.o0
Caro Bros.
Must sell their immeuso stock insido
.of sixty days, regardless oncost. If any
one wishes toTget bargains they inUBt
...11 uf.,i iim thpv niL-aii bufiineca. This
is no humbug. If you doubt their word
call aud be convinced.
$100 bonds, and the caeo continued for
further adjustment.
The successful applicants for teacher's
certificates were as follows: Mrs. E.J.
Clements, Mamie Wiruiiford, Hattio
Cloyd, Chas. W. Rico, Delia Brown,
Delia Mulkey, Arthur Rice, Fern Or-
cutt and Mrs. M. H. Cockelreas. Num
ber of applicants, 17.
Hon. A. W. Reed, tcnalor elect of
Douglas County from Gardiner, passed
tbrouch this city Tueeday on his way
homo from San Francisco. He mado
viBtt to the soldiers homo Tuesday after
noon. He left on the local this morning
for Gardiner via. J)rain.
James A. Sterling, IDouglas coiuity'fl
assessor lor Itlio last llnrieon yeare
chIIhiI unon us Wednesday. Mr. Ster
ling will retire from servico, tnkmg with
tin. )wft wishes nf 11 host of friends for
his prosjierity. Good bye, Junmy, wui
"may you live long and prosper."
W. S. Britt, assessor elect, 1ms moved
into the city preparatory to taking
charge of his office in tho near future.
We welcome Mr. Britt and family to our
city and bespeak for them every courtesy
of Roeeburgera. They are domiciled in
one of W. F. Beojarnin'fj cottages.
for the week.
Misses Jennie Duncan and Etta Chap
man went to Missouri Bottom to spend
a day or two with Mrs. Sam Ball.
Noah Cornutt's machine went up Ihe
river to thresh this week.
nttn Tipfulnn has rented Mre. Dora
and passing the various towns mentioned Catchiug's houso here,
in rour notice at the times you have j0hn I'ullerton was hero Tuesday vis-
,w.,-ifiPil. itinu his sister. -MrB. v. 1.. rticnoie,
There is much interest being main- Tuesdav
Roseburg, Ore., April 12, 1S95.
. . ... . L
common ecaooi, proviuea a sumcieni
number of pupils for a term of six
I months ia secured beforehand, fchort
daily religious exercises, instruction in
Bible truth and the maintenance of
Christian discipline will be a special
feature. Terms of tuition, 75 cents a
The Central House.
fpoled in the excursion at all points in ... Canvonville attended W. H. Gordon is now tne proprietor 01
m wrvid. which includes I , 1 rhfd ihis popular house. The table will be
u . v-. . j I CIlUlCll 11CIO nivi I
Mr. C. D. Yonker, a well known drug
gist of Bowling Greeu, Onio, in speaking
of Chamberlain's Remedy, says: "I take
nlnxmirn I rt raArnmoni1tni7 if. if TTiV PUR-
tomers, for I am certain that it will al- child per month; two children from one
!,, T onll mnm nf it than lainuy, i.iu; UUCC,, f-v
all other kinds put together." For sale To xor children or orphans a part or the
by A C. Marsters & Co. wnoieonue luiuuu .u -
J. J. Kern,
Opposite the Postollice
Ashland to Harrisburg and points ie-
tween, and we confidently expect now
that there will ba a very largo number,
probably one thousand excursionists.
llKO. t.STES.
Excursion Manager.
Snuday evening.
- Henry Crow aud family expect to
tnovo to Portland to live about the 25: h
A Riddle and his gold standard
supplied with the best in tho market,
eood bedB aud courteous treatment.
Meals 15 cents, and beds the same rate.
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, Alderman, Chicago,
r . V T- XT fT
says: 1 regard uz. Kings uia-
covery as an Ideal Tauacea for Coughs,
Colds aud Lung Complaints, haying
used it in my family for the last five
Triumph of Love.
On Thursday evening of noxt week,
7th of August, tho fairy Operetta,
Triumph of Ixve, will bo presented at
the Opera House, by sixty young peoplo
of Roseburg. nucli a crowd 01 pretty
Boys May iik Hap (and sometimes
girls) for ll) ordinary service at wages;
threshing crew havo nniBlied tlirCBiiing (2) upon indenture, Ito work, attend vears to tjie exclusion of physician's
for this year. Mr. Oornult Bnd his iree school, and be brought up somewhat as 1 prescriptions or other preparations."
silver crew are not througii yet. your own; and (J) cbildren may ne KfiV joun T3urguS) Keokuk, Iowa,
Walter Riddle had a lino crop of wheat had for legal adoption. Address, . 1. wrjlc ; 'i i,aVe been a Minister of the
neatly and promptly done
For a good hat, stylish and cheap, call
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
embraces all grades of head gear.
The Square Deal store has just opened
up a beautiful line of W. L. Douglas
shoes, which prove to be the best shoes
made. Come and inspect them.
I am prepared to offer lumber or wood
at reuueeu prices, a am ia&ius iu lum
ber and wood on old accounts and in
trade for goods. T. K. Richardson.
N. Rice, one of our enterprising furni
ture dealers has now on sale a fine lot of
furniture of the latest style and finish.
Give him a call before purchasing else
where. Caro Bros', closing out Eale is drawing
crowds to the Boss Store. Low prices
and quick sales is the order of the day.
Goods must be sold at any sacrifice.
Call and see.
Notice is hereby given to the public
bv the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to so do.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. Aaron Ross,
Roseburg. Uregon, aiarcn ntn, itwi.
this year.
. r 1 1
Enid uarpskr, oupi. uregou ikjjb miuuum
Aid bocieiy, roruanu.ur.
ly little boy, when two years of ago Lumber for Sale or Trade
children, lovely girls and gallant youths, was taken very ill with bloody flux. I
o,. Diililmn Rv..n on the stage, ihol
affair promises to bo tho moBt brilliant,
musical and dramatic event, which
Roseburg has ever enjoyed. Tho high
reputation of .Mrs. Noumaycr us a suc
cessful manager, and of the ladies of tho
Roseburg Rcbekah Iodgo,
undertake anything that is not n bucccbb,
want to buy
lumber, you
well to
was advised to use Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
luckily procured part of a bottle. I care
fully read tho.directions and gave it tie- p. 0. box 125, Drain, Oregon
cordingly. He was very low, but slowly
and surely ho began to improve, gradu- To Trade.
who never ally recovered, and is now aa stout and rwo lota in Marshtleld for hogs.
Htrnui; as over. I leel auro It saved ins tw0 and one half lots 111 North
Methodist Episcopal Church lor 50
years or more, and have never found
uiythiug 60 beneficial, or that gave me
If vou have dry cows or heifers you such speedy relief as Dr. King's New
nr. tn trado for lumber, or if you Discovery." Try this Ideal Cough Rem-
i.;n nf nv Lind nf fir edv now. Trial Lotties tree at A. t.
is a guarantee to the public that tho en- life. I never, can praiBO 1110 remooy nan burg or Btock ; Hack or imggy m
lertaintnent next Thurday evening, will its worth. I am sorry every ono in the paymont. Call ou I.F. Rice & Co,
icnrlil ilnnH not KIlOW UOW KUUU 11 10, uo i -
tnMrs LinaS.Hinton.Grahamsville, Call at Ad. Harmon's bar weBt of the perfect satisfaction or money
bo a grand aucceBS, pleasing lo old and
address Marsteis' Drug Store.
Itucklcit'N Ariilcn Halve.
l'ho Best Salvo in tho world for Cnts
Bruises, sores, Ulcers, Salt Rhenm,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
CliillbaiiiR, Coma, and all skin Erup.
tions, ami positively cures Piles, or uo
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
Subscribe for the
Marion Co., Floridr.
MarBters & Co.
For sale by A. C.
graudstaud, while at
will make you smile.
the races, He
Price 25 ceuta per 'oi.
O. MarBters & Co.
For Bale at A.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
"Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.