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AUGUSr 0, 1S96.
hats at coat st the Novolty
S. Merlclo, of Eugene, was in the city
Monday on business.
This lively littlo town is eight miles
north o( Roseburg on tho 8. P. railroad.
This place a few years ago boasted of an
academy, the Wilbur Academy, where a
A Salzmau, thu reliable jeweler.
Coal.tnr and rcs'm at Masters'.
Lime and sulphur at Marsters.
J.T. Bryan, tho Busy Watchmaker.
School hooks at Marstera drug store.
Go to tint Rosoleof for the best cigar.
Good goods at thu lowest prices at Sals
man's. Go to A. C. Marsters A. Co. for school
County claims and warrants Iwuglit by
t) S. Wtvt.
School books nd s'ationery at Mar
Biers' Drug Sloro.
Dr. F. W. llayucs does all kinds of
np-So-data deutis-try.
l. S. Wet does insurance. Oflice
opposite the I'os' office,
Neatsfoot oil, machine and lubricating
oils at Marsters' Drug Store.
A fine line of penis' thoes at J. Abra
ham's. Prices just right.
Munyon's Honucpathic Remedies for
tale at Marsters' Drug Store.
An eudiess variety of combs, hair and
clothes brushes at Marsters'.
For bargains in family groceries, call
at the Pepole's store, Cass etrccL
Munyon's Homeopathic Remedies at
A. C. Marsters & Co.'s drug store.
Bring yoar clocks and watches to Slow
Jerry the reliable jeweler tor repairs.
Myrtle Crook flour, only SO cents per
sack. Delivered free. A. C. Hons.
ClmiiheJ fruit 3 in soda and all tho
new drinks ice cold at tho Kandy
The Kandy Kitchen is headquarters
fjr cold drinks, chriiihed fruits, ice
cream and all new drinks.
Bring your job work to the 1'laindkal
kk office We are prepared to do the
cheapest and be: work south of Fort
and. Dr. IIyns makes all kinds of artifi
cial dentures such as gold, platinum and
aluminum plates, also robber and cellu
loid. E. Da Gas. Physician and Surgeon,
office in Mnrsters' building. Calls in
town and country promptly answered
night or day. Resident, "Jll Mill street.
F. II Si.iiu.ons of the second-hand
More lu i leu '.rick's building, is head
quarters far the Singer sewing machine
and supplies.
Saw mousy and time. To parties
going East, go by the O. R X. short
route. Call on or write to V. C. London,
Roseburg, Oregon.
A. C. Hoxie stdla Jloar at 75c and SOc a
sack, and 10 pounds of lard for 75 cents.
People should take advantage of these
prices And give him their patronage.
"... Langenbarg is still on top. lie
curies a full stock of choke music, mu
sical instrument, violin, guitars, accord
eons etc, violin strings oV best quality
alwavs on hand.
Slow Jerry the eweler has 14 carat
E'.4el gold ladies witches now on le
Prices reduced from $25 to $ 15, decided
bargains. Don't fail to examine them
before purchasing elsewhere.
Those having second hand stoves,
famitore, eic, lor sale can receive the
highest cash price by calling upon N.
Itke. the furnitore and supply dealer,
221-23 Jackson street Roseburg, Or.
Mis. G. W. Bartp will continue to
bay ami ship fresh salmon from Win
chester or Wflbor to Portland as hereto
fore und pay the highest market prices
Ijt same. AdJress poetoffice box 123.
Jack Abraham, genu furnisher, keeps
the best goods and latest of every thing
in ha line, and sells them at a lower
oric' than iar oi his competitors. He
a".D sells boots and shoes at astonishing
law prices.
Good tjajtureage tor stock at reason
able rates by the month. All stock
ikn absolutely and entirely at
owners risk in every particnlax. For
Diriieolars encuire of J. M, Shafer
Roberts creet.
Place to Rent Containing 3 acres,
1--.' lMe and barn and all necessary
ont bcildinzs. good orchards and fine
.r.!n saotT in tbe dtr limits. Good
garden partlv in and balance plowed and
ready for planting. I. F. Kice & Co
The cheap rates of five dollars cabin
and twn-fiitv steerage including meals
and berth are still m etlect on the V. K
fr V Go's, steamers from Portland to
Stoimr leaves Portland every five
Dr. K. W. Beaiimin. late of thedental
college at Atlanta Ga., ha3 fitted np
tintal roaini in the Marsters Llock,
trhorn hp is nrenared to do do first class
work in all the latw improvements
rmirn nnil liridec wo:k. gold and porce
i-iin rrmrn. nllinza and extraction of
th at hard-time nrices and all work
maranteed. Ilemember. room 1 , Mars
ters' block.
Ladies shirt waists at reduced prices larg0 nuinoor of ,ho '0UI18 P60!''0 o
n we wovelty Store.
Havana, Aug. 4. The Spanish Geu-
The .McClallen
This popolar house has been renovated
from top to bottom. The sleeping rooms
51 in number, are newly papt-red and
painted in the litest approved styles of
the art. TbearIors are large, airy and
taitefullv decorated and furnished. The
dining room is nicely decorated, but the
table are more so with what makes
a honrrv soul glad ; waiters all atlen
live and Iiostess accomodating. The
rcKjras are lighted by electric lights
throughout, thus lessening the liability
ol fire. The arrangements are com
pletc and most conducive to tho comfort
of guests. -
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding Dallas county warrants
dorsed prior to April 1st, 1302, to present
the same at the treasurers office in the
mnri t.nnv? for wavinent as interest will
cease thereon afler thu dale of this no
Dated this 30th day of July, 189G. at
the cilv ol Roseburg, Douglas county,
Ore"on. VM- A FltATl!It.
" County Treasurer.
unxjuKj-, oi-.wievoinnu, is in
tho city on business today.
Golden niachino and Noatsfoot oils at
U. M. Woad's Hardware.
Mark Hanna has established his head
quarters in New York City:
Goods below cost at Caro'a. Now is
tho the time for bargains.
Wanted To exchango a pony for a
cow. Address P. 0. box CS.
Tl t , ....
"UUI" gee, oi uapsutuee, was m
the Cllv Mondav on linoT
Miles Agee, of Winston, was doinc
business in Ros oburg, Monday.
Fred Floed, lawyer, room 0, Taylor &
Wilson block, Rosoburg, Oregon.
Wanted Wood in exchango for
wagon work at Pilkington Jc Sous.
Asa Cobb, ol Dillard, died Tuusdav
night at 12 o'clock of consumption.
Large line of boats and shoes in our
new department at the Novelty Store.
liorn, in tins city August 4, 1S96, to
the wife at J. W. Hamilton, a dauchter.
On boots and shoe3 wo quoto jou tho
lowest cash prices at tho Noveltv Store
3G inch box stove, suitable for drying
hops, for eale cheap, at Wead's Hard
J. t. Thompson, of North Umpqua,
made a busiues call at this oflico Weil
Hon. A. A. Mathews aud wife, of
Looking Glass, is in tho city todav on
Office to rent on Jackson street, oppo
site the pott office.
T.,K. Kiciiabdson.
Liye and let live" is Dr. R. W. Ben
jamm's motto. Dental wavk done at
bedrock rrices.
JIiss Ida Levins, of tlkton, is vieitmg
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rapp in West
Roseburi;. this week.
All rips of seams on boots nqd shoes
bought of us will bo sewed free of charge
at tho Novelty Store.
John Weekly came down from his
ranch 10 miles west of Rose burg, Tues
day on business in the city.
A good 12 gnage breech-loading shot
gun to trade lor wood or grain. D.
Jackson, Rosoburg gunshop.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Livingstone re'
turned Taesday from Albany, where
they have been visiting relatives and
Save money by doing your own horse
and boy shoeing. Horse shoes and half
soles and nails for each at U. M. Wead's
F. W. Madaatz, of Oakland, is in the
cttv for the purpose of having some
dentistry done. Dr. R. W. Benjamin is
doing the work
At Ihe ltorne of Eli Norcros, July 20,
. H, Thrush and Miss Emma Norcross
were united in marriage. Rev. Eli Nor-
cross officiating.
Taken in time Hood's Sarsaparilla
prevents, eenons illness by keeping the
blooJ pure and all the organs in a
healthy condition.
Paul Zigler left yesterday morning for
the head waters of the Umpqua, where
ho will prospect for a few weeks with
his uncle, Mr. George Ross of Portland
The open ssason for deer, and elk, be
gan Saturday, August 1, and lasts till
December 31. It is unlawful to kill
deer for their hides, horns or rnn them
with hounds.
ay! If you want a stove somebody
else has not used the life out of and that
isn't made by convicts in the Salem
Penitentiary, you want to call at Wead's
Hardware. No convict trash there,
Papa Stroud, the old time popular con
ductor on the 0.& C. railroad, was in
the city Tuesday as affable as ever ;
much more so than when ye reporter
stopped his train a dozen years ago this
Eide of Albany. But Pana forgave u
that long ago.
Messrs. Wade. Walker and .Smith are
setting up a merry-go-round on the 31c
Clallen vacant lot on Jackson street next
to Jackson's gun shop, north. They ex
pect to entertain the young folks to their
hearts content in flying round tho circle
at the rate of CiO miles or less a minute,
3fr. C. D. Yonker, a well known drug
gist of Bowling Green, Ohio, in speaking
of.Chamberlala's Remedy, eays: "I take
pleasure in recommending it to my cus
tomers, for I am certain that it will al
ways please them. I sell more of it than
all other kinds nut together." For sale
by A C. Marsters & Co. -
Mr. Jlerian, proprietor of tho famous
Merian Park at Eugene, was in towii on
Tuesday. Mr. Menan is a man pos-
DnuclaR cniinlv hava bnn nducated. and eral Lono. via Candelaria, reports that
have entered inlo tho several avocations ho engaged tho rebel forces in tho Cam
of teachers, lawyers, doctors, ministers bola hills. Tho rebels wero dislodged at
and Bomo have had the good Benao to tho point of tho bayonet. Tho Spauish
nurauo the more useful arts of neaco. canlurcd their nositions, burned their
farming or mechanics. But this proud camps, destroyed their plantations aud
distinction of havinc nn academy has seized their cattle. Tho robel loss is un-
dnparted, tho academy having given
placo to a district school, aud tho town
is not quite so populous as it was, but
it is in a good agricultural district and
has its sharo of the county trado aud is
keeping paco with other county towns.
It has a good country tributary to it and
largo quantities of grain aud other farm
products are ehipped to Portland from it.
Mr. Geo. W. Grubbe, merchant, has
quite an extensive stock of general mer
chandise for tho accommodation of tho
people and is doing a fair business.
The other commititants of a thriving vil
lage, a hotel, postoffice, blacksmith shop,
warehouses for storing and shipping
grain, stock and other products, are here,
all of which, for local accommodation,
are sufficient for an extensive business.
Notwithstanding tho hard tiroes, of
which "Wilburitea bitterly complain, they
aro like tho rest of us enjoying the usual
benefits of a good climate, good health
and the liberty of free discussion, free
speech they can damn the government
without let or hindrance, which they do,
and talk free silver, which some of them
do, and luxuriate in all tho advantages
ol freedom, as well as tho most favored
citizens of tho United States, and they
are as indei'cndout as any American
known, but is belioved
to bo consider-
Brigadier-General Echaguo, with 700
reinforcements, arrived by the trans
Atlantic mail steamer, Catalina, from
Spain yeBterday. The same veesol
brought a quantity of munitions of war
and $1,000,000 in silver consigned to tho
The naval authorities report tho seiz
ure in Nueva Geron a, Isle of Pines, of
additional rebel munition deposite, in
cluding a quantity of dynamite.
A 6 in all pox epidemic is thinning the
ranks of tho insurgents in the eastern
districts of Santiago de Cuba.
Tho prisoner of war,' "Antonio I'ena
Lopez, a private, recently court-mar
tialed, was shot here at sunrieo this
morning. Another prisoner, Nunez
Bravo, a rebel prefect, was shot at Santo
Domingo yesterday. La Lucha insists
'that tho executions should be made pub
Will be
he has
Mr. Money from the Money mill was
in town Tuesday.
The threshing machines are (lying
from place to placo pretty rapidly now.
The little rain we hail laid the dust,
drove away the smoke, and gave us puie
air to breathe.
Lanman .x Billinglou s new store
seems to be on a tand still on account
of lumber, but it will likely be here
Our hardware man, Mr. O. II. Starr,
has cone to Cottage Grove to help his
brother, Fletcher Starr from
put a tin roof on a building,
gone about two weeks.
Rev. Mr. Palmer has gone to
starting last Tuesday, and, as
been quite a fisherman recently, solilo
quy says he has gone to catch the mate
of the whale found at Bindou on hiB fly
Mrs. Laura Farrow from Eugene and
Miss Tessie Ie from Thief creek, now
stopping at IJoswell Springs, were in our
little city last Tuesday doing some
shopnine, and taking a bugrv rule lor a
Messrs. Bell, Butler, Buxton and Pin
ter started Tur lay for Smith river, on a
bunting and fishing spree. Hence Yon-
calla people may fix their tastes for Csh
and dead deer meat, that is, providing
they do not miss their mark
Mis3 Powell and Misj Steaart ot Al
bany came up on the local Monday
evening and are visiting Prof. Lane of
Shoestring, Miss Powell brought her
bicvele with her. We presume the
ladies will enjjy a trip to the country
for a while.
Two loads of live stock, citizens of
Yoncalla, slarted for Coast Fork of the
Willamette, sayinir they were going to
get a wagon load of blackberries.
In a signed editorial article in La
Diecussion, today, Francisco Hermida, a
Spanish author and political writer of
note, deprecates the frequent attacks on
the American people in the press of Mad
rid and Havana. He regrets that the
importance of Mr. Cleveland's frank
manifestation of international good faith
toward Spain is not better appreciated
revenue cutter, Andrew Johnson, and
thu river and harbor improvement
steamer, Hancock, were locked through.
No official programme marked the open
ing of the largest loeic in the world, and
the completion of one of the greatest en
gineering feats in the history of tho
country. The lock was commenced in
1889. It is 800 feet jn length between
gates; 1100 feet in length over all; 43
feet high; 10J ftet wide, and will accom
modate boats drawing 21 feet of water.
to take all the rest of the patented land
at i he sauio figure, which he promptly
covered, depositing $119,010 in Northern
Pacific LoiuIp. The remaining lauds of
thu company were knocked down to him
tor the lump bid of $505,000.
Warrants for Sugar Bounty.
WASiii.Ndro.v, Aug. 3. Warrants for
the payments of the sugar bounty earned
in 1891, except the maplo sugar, the pay
ment of which was pro vidtd' for in an
appropriation of $5,000,000 in tho defic
iency act of 1895, wero issued today.
Proved claims wero prorated, each claim
ant receiving under the $5,000,000 ap
propriation 54 per cent, of his claim.
1 he number and amount ot beet sugar
claims paid today aro insignificant.
Three warrants amounting to $11,944
were withheld, making the total amount
of 149 warrants issued today $4,9SS,03G.
Will Notify Bryan.
Jefferson City, .Mo , Aug. 3. Sena
tor While, of California, has delegated to
Governor Stone, of Missouri, the honor
of notifying W. J. Bryan of his nomina
tion for president of the United States,
at Madieon Square garden next Tuesday.
Governor Stono received a telegram from
Senator White today, stating it would bo
impossible for turn to make the nomina
ting hjteech, and asking the governor to
accept the honor, governor btone re
plied that he was not a number of the
notification committee, and suggested
that some member of the committee be
delegated. Later in the day, another
telegram came from White insisting that
Governor Stono accept. This he did
Governor Stone siiil that his notification
spsech would include Loth Bryan and
An Exciting Convention.
.Milwaukee, Wis , Aug. 5. What
promises to be ono of the most exciting
political conventions ever held in the
stato was called to oruer at noon today
by Chairman Ed. Coe, of tho republican
stute central committee. C. A. Lam
oreanx, of Ashland, temporary chair
man, was greeted with cheers. He
claimed for the republicans of the Bad
ger state tho credit of having first advo
cated the no nination of McKinley. He
charged the demociatic party with
having brought about the industrial dis
tress by the mistaken policy ot free
trade. Some free silverites seized the
opportunity to lay the blame for stagna
tion to the scarcity of money.
'Coming, as I do, from an iron-pro
ducing section of the country," Lam-
oreaux said, "I have no doubt but
that our people would favor free and un
limited coinage of iron at eome arbitrary
ratio, and there would be about as much
reason in such a demand as there is in
the demand for the free coinage of silver
at 1C to 1."
Texas Populists Convene.
Sheep dip at Mantere'.
For a good 5-cent cigar call on Mrs.N.
Wood taken on subscription at this
Get your school books at Maratera'
drag store.
For first-class dentistry go to Dr. Little
of Oakland.
Solid silver tea and table moons at
Prices marked in nlain figures at the
Racket Store.
Pure fresh groceries and low cricea at
Casebeer's grocery.
Key West, imrxjrted and domestic
cigars at the Roeeleaf.
An excellent line of toilet scans at
Marsters' Drag Store.
Nobby suits and latest styles at Little
Jack's. Prices very low.
All styles and dualities of hats at Abra
ham's. Bedrock prices.
Country produce of sill kinds bought
and sold at Casebeer's grocery store.
Save money by purchasing your hats.
shirts, ties and underwear at Jack
Abraham s.
Jewelry, watches, diamonds, gold nens
and optical goods at the lowest prices at
Leather bus renders, the latest and
best suspenders oat, at Richards Cash
racket btore.
Dr. Haynes does crown and bridge
work and guarantees the same. Don't
forget the number.
"Wasted A man to cut 100 cords of
fir wnnrl Prtra 175. Annlv tn C V,n
Galveston, Texas, Aug. 5. Just be-1 Zile, Brookside.
The Bishop of Havana, in co-opera
tion with the mayor, the press and va
rious local institutions, is arranging to
open, under the direction of the Sisters
of Charity, lunch counters to relieve tho
starving ioor in the street.
Yellow fever and smallpox are in
creasing in Havana, Guanbacoa, Matan-
z&s and Santa Clara. In the latter rity
even the Canary islanders, heretoture
free from the fever, are attacked and
several native Cubans have Leen strick
A Madrid special announces the de-
partuie of a naval commission for Lon
don to close i contract for tho cocstiu -tion
of the new torpedo-chasers ordered
to re-inforce the Spanish fleet in the
waters cf Cuba.
Atkins Is Not Dead.
Kkv Wet, Aug. 4. rearce Atkins,
the adventurous Evans'.on, 111., young
man, reported as killed by Spanish bul
lets while fighting for Cuban liberty, and
then again found 100 miles from the al
leged scene of his death, is alive.
Adjutant-General Velasct), a refugee
from Cuba, who was picked np the other
day drifting in the Gulf of Mexico in an
- open boat, says he was with the Evans-
ton boy a few da vs. and that after iheir
separation Atkins was in the command
captained by Juan Delgado, operating
near Havana.
Velasco saw Atkins last on the 13th of
July, but since that time Velasco has
been in the province of Pinar del Rio
from the coast of which he was forced by
royal salvation for himself. Velasco says
Atkins was without money. He put i no
credence in the story given publicity by
the Spanish press of Havana that the
young American is dead.
Seeing you have no regular corres
pondent from this place and thinking we
may occasionally furnish an item that
would rerhais interest some of the
many readers of your valuable paper, I
take the liberty of sending you the fol
Gen. T. J. Thorp of Portland, ad
dressed a larco audience composed of
the citizens of Coles Valley and vicinity,
at the Coles Valley school house, Satur
day evening, August 1. Subject "Arnerl
canism." The subject was handled in a
manner that was appreciated and ap
plauded by the audience. He is a fluent
speaker, aud as a patriotic American
citizen, he is second to nine. The gen
eral made friends while here, and all are
anxious to haye him deliver another ad'
dress upon tbs same subject in the near
Messrs. Shambrook it Winniford's
steamer will begin operation on the
farm ol Wm T. Emery. Thursday. The
crops in Coles Valley aro Iar below tho
aTcraco tins vear. and take this in con
nection with democratic good times,
make the ranchers of this place wish
Caro Bros.
Must sell their immense Btock inside
of sixty day?, regardless oncost. If any
one wishes to get bargains tWey must
call sooii.las they mean business. This
is no humbug. If you doubt their word,
call and be convinced.
Lumber for Sale or Trade.
If you have dry cows or heifers you
want to trado for lumber, or if you
want to buy a bill of any kind of fir
II do well to addrees
lUiiilA-l "
P. O. box 125, Drain, Oregon.
sessed of the proper enterprise required for McKinley, good crops ami protection.
Cap. B. V. Sprague of .Millwood was
shaking the hands of his many friends
hero Monday.
Rev. G. W. Kahler of Wilbur held
divine services at tho church hero Sun
Miss Flosnio Shambrook returned to
Roseburg Sunday, after visiting a few
weeks with relatives at this place.
Rov. R. J. Campbell will preach at the
church hero tho third Sunday of ttiis
month at 1 1 o'clock a. in.
Wm Kemp, one of tho Bolid muldoons
of the ville. made a business visit to
Oakland Monday.
Dan Ouin.n.
in this country. Ho took a hr forest st
Eugene.and converted it into one of tho
finest pleasure resorts in Oregon, and
now reans a handsome return on tho
Wo learn that Deputy U. S. Marshal,
W. F. Carroll, in his efforts to catch a
couple of fcllowB Monday night, slipped
and fell and broko his left arm between
tho elbow and shoulder. Dr. Murphy
was called and reduced tho fracture and
now Mr. Carroll will nurse a broken arm
for several weeks wbiiu tho fellows he
Bought to arrest aro UBing their legs to
lengthen the dietanco between them and
officers on their track.
Hotel Arrivals.
McClallen E. Kinriy, A. N. Smith,
Van Houten F. W. Gibbs, Medford;
L. Farrcll, Prof. W. Clair, Lima, O.;
II. W. Clark, Portland.
Central G. L. Coon, of CamaB Valloy ;
G. G. Childs, Grovo Creek; T. and J.
C. Pringle, Elkhead; J. T. Nuclett, Oak
Contains New- Metaphors.
Lincoln, Neb., Ang, 4. When W. J
Bryan leaves for New York next Friday
evening he will carry with him a draft
of a speech that he intends to use be
fore the notification committee in Mad
ison Square Garden. He has devoted
considerable time to it already, but will
put a few finishing touches on it before
it can be declared complete, it will oc
cupy between an hour and an hour and
a half in delivery. It will discuss the
Chicago platform in detail and give his
interpretation thereof.
He is veiy indignant at the charge
that he and those who stand with him
on the Chicago platform aro to be classed
as anarchists, or aim to break down any
laws of the country. Jn his New York
speech ho will roundly denounce the
accusation. Thoso who have been taken
into his confidence say the Epeech will
astonish the country, as it contains a
number of new and pleasing metaphcrs
never before n;ed on any Btage, and
which have nothing in common with
crowns of thorns" or "crosses of gold."
It is understood that Richard P.
Bland will accompany Bryan to Now
Yotk, appear with him nt Madison
Square and make a speech. It is said
that Bryan will make no set speeches
along the route, but will indulge in
formal talks to tho people from the rear
platform of tho coachea.
A Hot Fight
Havana, Aug. 3. A hot
is reported to have occurred between Gu-
ayamas and Melunes, in tie district of
Maczinill, in the provii.i-o of Santiago
de Cuba, in which the lo3 suffered by
the Spanish troops was exceedingly
heavy. The official report gives the
number of Spaniards as 100 pitted
against 1000 insurgents.
The official report further states that
Lieutenant Gonzales and Pintados, of
the Spanish forces, were killed, together
with 50 privates.
Colonel Marco has had a fiyht with
tlte band of Sauguilly on the plantation
of Condesa, province oi Matanza. The
insurgents lost 11 killed and took manv
ide arms. The trcous had two officers
and nine soldiers wounded.
The insnrgents have burned the plan
tation of San Jofqnin, at Abanose, in
Matanzas, causing a damage estimated
at $400,000. The msurzent nanus are
concentrating near the southern portion
of the trocha, and it is reported that
they intend to attack it before long.
Stage Robbed.
Or.Etiox City, Aug. 3. An excited
messenger came galloping into town this
evening with the news that the Wilhoit
stage, which left this city today neon had
been robbed, A dozen to 20 sho's were
fired, two horses were killed and the
pockets and bjggage of the passengers
rilled. It is not known how much prop
ertv was taken. The robbers were in
terrupted in their work by two farcers,
who exchanged several shots with them
and drove them into the woods.
No description of them is given except
that they are both tall, roughly dressed
and apparently young men. Their
cloth masks prevented a view of their
features. The hold-up took place about
4 o'clock this afternoon, and the pursuit
of the thieves was so prompt thai it is
thought their chances of escape are slim
The stace continued on to Wilhoit. The
horses that were killed telonged to Liv
eryman Noblitt, and were valued at $00,
Last season tbe same stage was held
up twice not far from the spat where to
day's robbery occurred. No shots were
then tired and tbe amount of the plunder
wa3 small. The affairs then were con.
ducted similarly to that of today, except
that one man did the work then
fore tha populist convention was called
to oider this morning, Djrnblast, of
Hill, came into the hall with a banner
bearing the words "Middle-of-the-Road
St. Louis 103," which was received
with cheers. Chairman Ashby, of the
executive committee, said he was glad
the convention approved the action of
the delegates at St. Lcuis. There are
1G00 delegates here, about 5 per cent, of
whom are colored. Rev. F. V. Evans
praj ed for concert of action in each dis
trict and asked the Lord to take them all
to glory when done fighting tbe pluto
Populists of Kansas.
Ai:iLENE,Kan., Aug., 5. The populist
state convention was called to order at
11:15 by John W. Briedenthal, chair
mau ot the state central committee,
with 2000"de!egates and spectators preS'
eut. Much hard work in the interest of
the indoresment of the democratic elect
ors was done by a committee which ar
rived from Hutchinson this morning.
T. S. Crawford, of Abilene, put the
delegates in a happy mood in a wel
coming address in which be said the
populist party had been one of necessity,
and would live until that necessity
should have passed away.
"This is a year of!;the people," said
Mr. Crawford, "a year for populist
victories and for the victory of that great
commoner, that young giant of the West,
William J. Brvan."
Mention of Bryan's name caused en
thusiastic cheers. Judge A. AV. Den-
nison, of Eldorado, temporary chairman,
declared lor a lusion ot the silver lorces.
Ttie convention took a recess till 3 p. m,
Free Pills.
Send your address to H. E. Bucklen &
Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box
of Dr. Kiog's New Life Pills. A trial
will convince you of their merits. These
pil's are easy in action and are particu
larly ffective in the cure of Constipation
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Liver troubles they have been proved
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perfectlv free from every deleterious
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They do not weaken by their action, bnt
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ular size 25c per box. Sold by A. C,
Marsters, Druggist.
to turn atrnw into paper, our way
Straw hats carried oyer aro not worth a
song- We juniblo our few hats together.
Each wo proposo to turn into a dollar
bill. If tho proposition strikes you wo
might bo inducod to tako silver. You,
tho hat. J. AniiAiiAM,
Jackson street.
An Object Lesson.
Chicago, Aug. 4. Philip D. Armour,
tho packer, has had printed notices dis
Iributed among his 5000 employes an
nouncing that for an American silver
dollar ho will give them 50 conts' worth
of meat' and a Mexican silver dollar in
change. Ho also has prepared a circular
showing the rates of wages in prices of
goods for tho working claBses in Mexico
as compared to what is received in this
country. A , ready-made clothing mer
chant has also hung out a placard saying
hu will giyo for an American dollar 50
cents' worth of gooda and a Mexican sil
ver dollar for change.
Largest Lock In the World Opened
SaultSti: Maiiik, Mich., Aug. 3.
Tho new SOO-foot lock waB ofhcially
opcuod this nftornooii at t :30, when tho
The Oregon City Locks.
Salem, Or., Aug. 3. The report of
Charles II. Caufield, sicrttary of the
Portlaud General Electric L'ompiny, to
tho board of canal and lecka commis
sioners for the quarter euding June 30,
makes the following shoning of trjffic
that has passed through the locks:
Number of trips 020
Passengers carried S 5S5
Cattle, etc 333
sheep, etc 1.KV1
Tons ',SSG
Rainfall Beneficial in Yamhill.
McMinnuli.k, Aug. 3. Since last Fri
day night copious showers have drenched
Yamhill's soil and have come in time to
insure the spring-sown crops and won
derfully benefit that grain just no.v hi
ginning to head. .Much grain is in
shock and soveral threshers will start
WednesJay morning. Present cut grain,
it is thought, will ield from one-half to
three-quarters of n crop.
Going, Going, Gone.
Seattle, Aug. 3. All of the lands of
the Northern Pacific railroad in tho stato
of Washington, comprising 11,902 sec
tionsof patented and nn indefinite quan
tity of unpatented land, were sold today
at public auction bv Special Master Al
fred L. Carey. The sale was under d
creo of the United Slates circuit court of
the eastern district of Wisconsin.
The property was bought in by Edwin
W. Winter (or the Northern Pacific Rail
way Company, of which ho is president,
for $1,705,200. A private bidder at
tempted to purchaso one tract of UiO
acres, but Winter bid it up 10 $15,000
and took it at that figure. There was uo
opposition after this. Winter purchased
thu next tract for $100 with tho option
A Grand Excursion.
Mr. Geo. Estes. the station agent here,
infenns us that the contemplated ex
cursion to Portland the last of Septem
ber or first of October during the great
exposition, will be the grandest thing on
wheels. The rates of fair for this excur-
sien will unprecedented in railroad
travel so cheap that doubtless hundreds
of Douglas county people will avail
themselves of tba opportunity to visit
the cilv and take in the sights. The
excursion will be an-
At Oakland, T. L. Graves is authorized
to receive and receipt for subscription to
tbe Plainoealsb.
Yon can get the beat ice cream in
quantities at the Kandy Kitchen cheap
er than yon can make it.
To Trade A good vonnz work horse
for wood, hay or grains Leave word at
Richards uash Kacket btore.
Casebeer the grocer, corner Jackson
and Washington, keeps tbe best grocer
ies. Try him and be convinced.
Largest stock of fancy chairs at Alex
ander & Strong's, ever brought to Roee-
ouxg anu at prices lower man ever.
Don't eat adulterated cream candy that
comes from the wholesale bouses. Get
it clean and fresh at tbe Kandy Kitchen.
T. M. Stubblefield. boot and shoe
maker opposite the depot, does first
class work at hard times prices. Give
mm your patronage.
N. Rice, at his ware rooms on Jackson
opposite Marks' iron front, has choice
household furniture and tin ware at
prices to suit the times.
Take notice. Dr. Benjamin, the dent
ist, is permanently located and guaran
tees all his work. Giye him a call and
examine work and prices.
Ladies, are you in perfect health? II
not, why not try the great home remedy,
Viavi. Mrs. Berry is agent for Douglas
county and will fill all orders promptly.
If you don't want to suffer with' corns
and bunions, have your boots and shoes
made at L. LangenburgB. Repairing
neatly and promptly done
For a good hat, stylish and cheap, call
on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
smbraces all grades of head gear.
Boy your summer suits and bats of
Little Jack. He sells tbe best quality of
goods and latest styles at prices lower
than the lowest.
The Square Deal store has just opened
np a beautiful line of W. L. Douglas
shoes, which prove to be the best shoes
made. Come and inspect them.
For a nobby suit of clothes, call on
Jack Abraham. He can suit yon, both
as to quality of goods and prices. Don't
fail to call on him before you buy.
I am prepared to offer lumber or wood
at reduced prices. I am taking in lum
ber and wood on old sccountB and in
trade for goods. T.X, Richasdson.
N. Rice, one of our enUrprhung furni
ture dealers has now oa sale a fine lot of
furniture of the latest style and finish.
Give him a call before purchasing elsewhere.
Notice is hereby given to the public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Roseburg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to so do.
Tresspassers will be .prosecuted ac
cording to law. Ajleon Boss,
Koseburg. Oregon, ilarch 17th, 1895.
rates for this
nettneed soon.
Sent it to His Mother in Germany.
Jacob Esbensen, who is in the employ
of tha Chicago Lumber Co., at Des
Moines, Iowa, says: "I have just sent
some medicine "back to my mother in
tie old country, that I know from per
sonal use to be the best medicine in the
wo:ld for rheumatism, having used it in
my family for several years. It is called
Chamberlain's Pain Balm It always
decs the work." 50 cent bottles for sale
bv A. C. Marsters.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed prior to February 13, 1S92, to
present the came at the treasurer's office
n the court house for payment as inter-
Bt will cease thereon after the date of
this notice.
Dated this the 13th day of July, 1896,
at the City of Roeeburg, Douglas county,
Oregon. Wm. A. Fbatek.
County Treasurer.
Electric Bitters.
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for
any season, but perhaps more generally
needed, when the languid exhausted
feeling preyails, when the liver is torpid
and sluggish and the need of tonic and
alterative is felt. A prompt use of this
medicine has often averted Jong and per
hapa fatal bilious levers. No medicine
will act more surety in -counteracting and
freeing the system from the 'toalarial
poison. Headache, Indigestion, Consti
pation, Dizziness yield to Electric Bit
ters. 50c. and $1.00 per bottles at A. C.
Marsters' Drug Store.
Surprise Party.
At the residence of M. Parrott,
day night, tho following named
people, unannounced, presented
selves in honor ol their companion,
augtiu uasjy, who welcomed and en
tertained them in a royal manner, as is
usual on such lehcitous occasions, viz:
The Misses Berttia Sehlbrede, Mabel
Yatcp, Gertie Rast, Vivian and Hazel
Jewett, Vera Haynes, Lillian Criteser,
and Agues Pitcbford; Masters Sammy
ami Julian Josephson, Edgar Crutch"
field, Fred Wollenberg, Clair Godfrey,
Eddie Morris, Eugene and Delwin Jew-
ett, Eibett Hermann, Clive Willis, Eddie
r.uick, Cljdrt Falkner, Frank Tustin,
George Richards and Vaughn Casey, tho
Notice to the Traveling Public.
Mrs. Moore, the proprietor of tho Pri
vate Boarding House, formerly known as
tho Farmers' Ho'el, ou Iano street, one
block east of tlio depot, has acquired the
reputation of being one of tho beet cater
ers in tho city. Meals 15 cents; board
and lodging $3.50
Caro Bros', closing out sale is drawing
crowds to the Boss Store. Low prices
and quick Bales is tbe order of the day.
Goods must be Bold at any sacrifice.
Call and see.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.