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C. Y. BENJAMIN, ....
Subscription Rates:
On You payabltlnadTanco.......
Tlx Mouths, "
tree Vo itl i. "
MAY 28. 1896.
Republican State and Congres
sional Ticket.
For ContDfisman let District,
For Supreme Judge,
For District Attorney, 2d District,
For Member Board ol Equal iz Uion,
Republican County Ticket.
For State Senator,
For Representatives,
For Clerk,
For Sheriff,
For Treasurer,
For Aseeseor,
For Commifsioner,
For School Superintendent,
0. C. BROWN.
For SorTeyor,
For Coroner,
For Justice, for (be Four Roseburg Pre
For Constable,
And the stamper still ia stamping.
Don't forget to mark your ticket with
a cress at the left of the name of A. W
Reed of Donglas county.
There ia great danger that the little
two-Ior-a-cent stamper will stamp him
self out instead of the A. P. A.
Don'tjorget to place an X immediately
at the left of W. P. Heydon'a name on
the ticket you rota next Monday.
O. C. Brown, candidate for county
sen ooi superintendent if toe coming
man for that office, and when you voters
go 10 tne pons be sure and mark your
ticket thus: 49 X O. C. Brown.
Vote for W. A. F rater for county treas
urer. He is too busy attending to bosi
ness to go buttonholing over the county.
He I a rate man, one you can (rust.
Dr. K. L. Miller, republican nominee
for coroner, ought to be elected sure.
We wfll need him to hold an inquest
over the defunct body of the democratic
Hamlin for justice of the peace and
H. C. Slocum for constable, regular
nominees on the republican ticket, are
deserving your support next Monday
don't forget it.
II you want to down the "Roseburg
ring" that has been dominating the city
government and are now trying to con
trol the county government, vote the re
publican ticket from top to bottom.
Tbos. H. Tongue, nominee for con
Stress from the first congressional dis
tnct, will be elected sure as fate. His
opponents, W. S. Vanderburg, the popu
list and Jeff. Myers, the democrat, are
lagging in the race.
No republican can afford to Ecratch
Tongue. Remember, as goes Oregon,
a 1. a a . . .a
iue nrsi to noia election tuts year, so
largely eoea every other state, Oregon
u the "initiative and referendum" of
National politics.
The'democratic party endeavored to
shape its principles on financial and tar
iff reform, like the Irishman on picket,
who aimed at something hiding in the
bushes bo nalo bit it if was an enemy
and miss it if it was s friend,
The ordinance providing that married
men must report to their wives nightly
at 11 p. m. was defeated in the Council
of Bridgeport, 0. The opposition in the
lobby appeared to be equally divided be
tween the wives and the husbands.
In one of the principle towna of Kan
sas a war between the undertakers has
brought the price of coffins down to f 1.46
at which price it is cheaper to die than
to live, and there are plenty of persons
in Kansas who ought to avail them
selves of the opportunity.
The Cincinnati Enquirer notifies the
Democrats that "the time for sober act
ion lias arrived." Sober action? No
body knows better than the editor of the
Cincinnati Enquirer (hat the demo
cratic party is preparing to go on a tre
mendous tear. Chicago Tribune.
Every judge of the election through-
oat the county should Iks at the polling
places promptly on time. If they are
not on time, the bystanders may supply
the places of thoee absent. So to avoid
delay or the election of incompetent
judges and clerks, every one appointed
by the county authorities should be on
hand precisely at 8 o'clock, by all moans,
nnless sickness or death should provent. j
For county commissioner we have the
name of M. D. Thompson, a rann against
whom there can be no chargo of crook
edness In his doaling with others. A
man who stands ubovo suspicion. Mark
your ballot for M. D. Thompson.
J. II. Shupe, tlio candidate, for county
clerk is bo well known throughout the
county that any commoudation from us
is unnecessary. His ability is unques
tioned and his honesty has never been
impeached. Vote for J. II. Shupo next
W. S. Nrilt, the uomiueo for assessor
on the republican ticket ie the man for
the place. ' AH good republicans can
and should vote for him because of his
peculiar fitness for tho plnre. Don't fail
to put a cross between No. 4ti and W. .S.
Bnt-thus "4C X W. S. Brill.
Yeaterday'd cyclone at S. Louis wos a
terrible affair. Tho loss of lifo is ap
palling while the destruction of prop
erty runs up into the millions. It tome
times rains in Oregon, as some of our
readers may iiavo noticed during the
past few months, but it doesn't; cyclone
to any extent.
The decision of the Etipiuniu court in
tho Horsa case establishes no new prin
ciple of neutrality law. It confirms tho
theory of tho lower courts that arms may
be shipped as metchandise or insurgents
carried as passengers with impunity, but
union of bath in one vessel at tho same
time coustitutiM tittiog out an armed ex
pedition, which is forbidden.
Don't allow personal dislikes to divert
you from voting for J. T. Bridges, A. M.
Crawford and G. W. Kid J If, candidates
for the legislature. The defeat of any
nne of these gentlemen may defeat the
election of u republican United States
Senator, ami a senator Oregon, canuut
afford to loose on account of psrscnal
dislikes to any of the above gentleman,
if, perchance, any exist.
Vote for D. R. Shambrook, a Djulas
county barn and reared man, now in the
prime of manhood, active, vigilant and
attentive to btiriuess in proper person
We must look to the young men for act
ive, energetic work requiring frequent
exposure and fatigue, such as the duties
of sheriff often require. Shambrook is
the man for tha place and no good re
publican will oppose him.
Mr. W. E. Yates, the republican can
didate for dhtrict attorney of tho second
district, is meeting with abundant suc
cess wherever he goes, fits election
now assured, as the last few days of his
canvass has bean those of acknowledged
gains throughout the district, localise
the people have learned of his superior
fitness on account of his learning and
long expirience in legal practice coupled
with honesty and native ability.
Charley the Great 'fisher hai often
been beard to remark that "The peopl
of this country likeJ to ba humbugged
anyway, ana iue more you tiumoug 'em
the belter they like it." It might be
proper to remark that he has btcn work
ingonthis plan throughout the whole
campaign. Nevertheless we predict that
Charles will realize bis mistake next
Monday when the people of this county
show him that they are not such fools as
he evidently takes them to be.
Vote for A. W. Reed, the republican
candidate for state senator. He is the
man for the place. Republicans can'
afford to throw off on I teed. The detn
ocrats are trying to get votes for Uazley
in exchange for votes for A gee where
they can mike such a deal, and witl
others they promise votes for Reed
they can get votes in return for Agee.
So their vote for Reed is unreliable. It
will go to either Girley or Reed where
they can secure a vote for Agee.
We would respectfn 'y call tho attcn
Uon of jadges of electi jn to the change
in the election laws with regard to the
manner of filling out (be ballot. Don'
erase the name of the man vou wish to
vole for. That will kill your vote. The
new law requires that no marks shall be
allowed on the ballot other than a mark
betwen the number on the ballot and
the name of the party intended to be
voted for. Remember don't draw a line
over the name, but make a eras as in
the sample we print today.
Production of doxestic wools for the
last 53 years had grown from 35,802,114
pounds in 1S10 to 303,001,142 pounds in
1893, an average increase of over 5,000,
000 pounds a year. Since tho repeal of
the McKinley act of 1893 tho production
has fallen off several million pounds and
the value of both sheep and wool has
decreased fall one half. These are facts
ow, what is tne cause? We wero told
before Cleveland's election that wo must
have foreign wools to mix with domestic
wools; that putting wool on the free list
would be the means of increasing n de
mand for domestic wool and that would
enhance the market price. But it has
not done it. The cause of the decline in
prices is, beyond the shadow of a doubt,
the result of putting wool on the free
Whose Ox Is Gored?
Jr. Cator, the populist orator hero
Monday night staled, "God ordained
that every one shall eat bread by the
sweat of his brow." In as much as Ocd
did not state in what way man shall
raise the sweat, whether digging ditches,
threshing grain, sawing wood or making
political speeches, Mr. Cator doubtless
thinks he is sweating for his bread and
of course is getting his bread as ordained
by God, in getting $50 a day and ox
penses paid.
But when a republican or democratic
sweats on tho rostrum, he, the wicked
sinner, is violating God s ordmauees. It
makes all the difference in the world
whose ox is being gored. When tho
populist bull gels a horn under tho fifth
rib of the republican ox it gives tho pops
infinato delight lo hear him roar, but
when tho republican ox is goring a pop,
great is the roar thereof, and all tho
other op8 roar too, and the laugh is the
other way.
Lime and sulphur at Marelers'.
Voters of Douglas county, with this
number of tho Pl.vikdkaler, wo close
the campaign so far as tho regular twice-a-wcek
issue is concerned. Wo havo
mado a square, cloan fight. We havo
kept as dear of acerbity as possible.
Wo havo not villificd any candidate of
the opposition. Wo havo tried to defend
our candidates against aspersions of their
characters without detractions of their
oppononts. Wo have triod to win sup
port by fair and goutlcmanly means
upon priuciples as wo understand it,
free from unfrioudly personalities.
Wo honestly helievo the nominees of
tho republican party aro tho peers of any
of thcii competitors. They are clean
men, whoso honesty, uprightness and
gentlemanly conduct aro ahovo reproach.
That they may have faults we won't
deny. Their oppononts cannot claim
immunity irom like blemishes. We
aro all erring human beings. Perfection
does not belong to any one.
In view of tbeec facts wo have sought
to deal fairly with all. We have avoided
speaking of tho errors of cither lriends
or opponents, uui nave extoncd tno good
qualities of cur nominees keeping within
tho bounds ol truth. We have done
our best and now leave tho matter with
you, trusting .you will go to the ballot
box, and as liouett, conscientious men
dojou, duty and make choico of tho
men best qualified to eeivu you for the
next two year, Thore in your majesty,
with a freeman's weapon, tho ballot,
settle tho contest. You are the arbiters
in tho case. At your hand we hopj for
justice, and abide the issue, hoping that
you will discharge that duty like honest,
patriotic men. When Monday's sun
sinks lelow the western horizon may you
be able to feel tint you have done your
uuiy man American citizen.
liilow we uivc an extract from a letter!
written by ono of the Roseburg ring to a
a ! 1 Itin ,n 111.. Im.lli ..... l , I. I I
which shows the objects and misrepre-
.1 -T
sentations its managers descend to fori
partisan purposes. Among other false I
cl'i'nmnnla . 1 . I.. I...- f 1 . .... I
i.a.fc.ijs; iue ieaueis 01 mis move
i...... it i i
oeais,aiueu anu aue:ieu by a lew eo
called respectable Kop!e, who aro in the
orguiizition for gain.
gl .
ummor.i is unnecessary. ve cive
tho ahovo excrpt and let our svcalled
rcspectiblo persons mako their own
P. H. Bcckley went to Itoseburg Wed
Creed Chenoweth returned
Portland Wednesday.
Rev. J. L. Jones was over from Rose-
borg Tuesday.
R. h. Hunt of Portland is visiting his
buiuiuduuj ji. iiuui ior a siiori lime,
r..j... r it . . . . ..
jiim Jicnauravesreiurneuirom aew
Lurg eunesuay wnere ene has been at-
T H- 1 . . t i . , . i
wie saaie convention ot the V.
C. T. U.
b. J. JIcKeasoa 01 the Racket store
will soon havo on hand a stock of gro
ceries to accommodate his customers
with. Give him a call
Remember tho entertainment tint
to be riven bv the Younz Ladies Y.
next tnday night. May 29th, at Young's
hall. Admission 10 cents.
u. o. irown nominee for county
school superintendent on the ltepubli-
can ticket was mterviewine the voters
here Tuesday.
Geo. M. Brown spoke here Tuesday
evening on the political issues of the
present time, reviewing tho candidates
on the Republican ticket and showing
taat they were as good citizens as they
have been, and ably qualified to fill the
Wta. hmory arrived here Mondav
with 300 head of cattle from Coos county,
a portion of which was sold lo E. G.
loung v Co.. and a number to Fendal
Southerhn, tho remainder to James
Uawlcy who will drive them nith 350
head ol young cattle, bought of E. G.
Young t Co., to Eugene, from there
they will be chipped to Mr. Cornelius of
Summer is here and bees are
Miss Christie Hume of Roreburg is
vieiting friends here now.
Ttl 1 . ....
.i no men w no own the Uall mining
machinery are here removini; it and will
ship it back to Portland.
Mrs. b. Catching and Mrs. 15. F.
Lobr gave a very pleasint surprise party
to Jlies Christie Hume last Wednesday
'ii,.. ..i , . i
itia ucaii'i ciccuuii approaenss iue
urmct every one should stand by their
party (if it is the republican f party), and
it it isn't they had better stay at homo
and work in their garden, if thoy have
ono; and il you have not it is fully time
you should plant one.
icev. (.tilletto's daughter and Milt Du-
bell will 13 married at Canyonvillo next
SutiJay in tho church. Sympathy ex
Gjnrg3 Catching returned from Merlin
.in nuiTu no nas oeen ior soino
I.:- i. ...i .... i .
tin- .
lit s mluiiiK crow haa roturneil from
Nieliol'a station with rather liutit poekota
nn.l rni.1t f.. i-nl. .
etraiKht next Mondav.
Mrs. Itoxy Dean and infant .Un.Ut. A
returned from a vinit to Canyonvillo this M
Nichols Bros, will start for Eukcuo
with a band of eattloHoon after election.
Klmer Catching is not eo well pleased
witl. California as ho expected lo be.
It ia reported that Ilutlor Allerlmrv
ill uny out illiain oaudurson'sKroccrv
... .
iRcnt Hassolt is tho owner oa fino
blooded binl ,102 whirl. I.I. i.,n.J '
shipped him from Drain. Kxnt
More Than Four Hundred Killed at
St. Louis.
St. Louis, May 23. Two hundred
lives woro snuffed out in this cily and as
many moro in East 8t. Louis. Property
destroyed in value running into millions
is the record made by yesterday's cy
clone. This is a conservative estimate.
No idea of the number of people killed
can bo made at this timo. South St.
Louis is littered with bodies of the dead.
East St. Louis is a gigantic cemetory.
Under the debris of buildings of that
city are scores buried whose bodies will
not be brought to light for many days.
Perhaps never.
ML Scott, May 27th.
KntTOit Plain-dealer: In another part
of your valuable paper appears a state
ment giving tho facts regarding a lecture
delivered by Mr. Baxter at the Mt. Scctt
school house. The article in tho Re
view of the 21st, alleging that one
Schloeman had completely broken the
lorce ot air. uaxter s argument, is
provon thereby lo 1)0 ono hugo lie from
beginning to end. Now, in order that
I the Review may feel justly proud of its
lato acquired ally, and to demonstrate
how desperate thp Review is getting in
Ub hopeless task of stamping cut lliu A
P. A. by accepting this tnati Schloemau
as one of its co-laborers in that cause,
I will say tho following regarding SchW
I man, to-wit: That ho is the moat tor-
dially bated individual in Mt. i-'cott
precinct. That ho is a man who has no
respect for himself nor his fellowmen.
That he is the embodiment of every
thing that is contrary to manline33 and
common deeenev. There is not one per
son in this preciucl who envies his rep
utation for honcstv and veiacitv, and
the writer of this cau show good e.tuse
why Schloemann cannot bo believed,
even under oath. Ho is a political out-
Bf Tt.n tnnn uil I .V.. ..1 i ..I ....1. I
. , j . ...... ,...o.. v.. ...... ......
He is also a disgrace to the German
Amerman element of this county, and no
AnA 1ft Itinrn uinaltivit fri 4i,a. tliaim.u
I ft
He is continually longing fur notoriety
and wants to rose before the community
as a public benefactor and a great man,
hftrtra lift l Hm tlitrttv c f rw L- ami
I uw UV vaAl4LJ K 4J IVVtt ntiu ui-
r r ...... .. ... . ..
Ignorance is the onlv virture which he
can claim as his own. And as for break
ing the force of auybody's arguments,
everybody who-knows him, knows that
he could not break the force of the in
teliectual argument of a half grown jack
ass. 1 hat is the man the Review claims
has completely broken the force of Mr.
Baxtei's arguments. Wonder if the Ile-
view is making that statement on
authority of Mr. Schloeman?
Cms. Ba.nscii.
i r-im
I i u Tura in lay concern.
Wherea. the oDnoition havn h-n
drcu at nenunallr. -u wMI .i lv
publication. KLitAmonis .Um-,inrv in
the character of I). If. Shambrook,
evidently with the' intent to defeat his
Wo tho undersigned, citizens of Doug
las county, having personally known,
from his boyhood, D. R
the republi
tuo nomineo for sheriff on
can ticket, know him to be honest and
energetic, worthy and well qualified to
fill the office of sheriff for the best inter
est of the citizens of Douglas county.
All reports to the conlraiy ara lahe and
mtsleidicg. W. R. Tnosii-o.v.
Joii.v Lmmitt.
S. O. Emerv.
F. M. Goon.
AsuroBD Clayton.
T. W. Wisxiionu.
E. G. Young, .
Boys May be Had (and romelinies
girls) for U) ordinary service at wages;
(2) upon indenture, lo work, attend
school, and bs brought up somewhat as
your own; and (3) children may be
had for legal adoption. Addioss, W. T.
Gardner, SupU Oregon Bays' and Girls
Aid Society, Portland.Or.
Is nliatchrc HiKxfs SarsiqunlU Its great jop-
iiuni, mcrcaslDRMlcsainl womlcrfiil ctiri-.
The coiutilicitba. proixirtiuit and process In
preparing Howl's fciarsaiKirllla pre unknown
to otlicr medicines, and make it peculiar to
tttelf. It acts directly and poilthcly u)ontlie
Mood, aud as ttie blood reaches every nook
and corner ot the human system, alt tho
nencs, muscle bones and tissues come un
der the bencnccnrinflucuceuf
The One True Blood Purifier. All druggist-). 61-
n.t, cure Liver Ills; easy to
PUIS take, easy to operate. 25c.
Wc have the exclu
sive agency for the
we otter an article
which WC believe to be
L V,off, CQ..,I.
- VIIIil !!.-
Clline and a hand
S01Uer PCe Of tlirill
- Ure tbau ally Other
that is produced. To
be modest in our claim,,
... " V " ' . 3",W1
aSSert tnat tUC
vCl 1 UKY IS equal to
.1 . .
tUC best, and Shall
I " " - WW 111(11-li 1 ilV-
itenlf : r:-
viii yuu ui it,
A Fool Answered According to His
Cleveland, Oro.
EniTon PL.UNDCAi.nR: I szo by the
Royiew, that I ara complimented by "A
Republican," from Cork, on my Looking
Glass talk, and wish to mako sv short
reply. Now Fitz was all right until
that Invoice of holy water passed through
tho Custom llotife, and he tays I was
guilty of tho crime of saying it ought to
havo been 15 cents a gallon, and :lno of
saying that the campaign riots in ths
early tixtiei in French Settlement vas
caused by a tecret society, known as the
Golden Circle, headed bv prominent
democrats ; and ho always told mo hu w:i
glad ho wasn't the Irishman that fell over
the Deer Creek bridge and Ihat he would
join mo in sending for a relic of St.
Bridget's etticoat, hut aa his friendship
was voiced in applause to myfelf and
subject. I will close by saying good bye,
my lover, good bje.
Molly Maouiur.
Peoples Party Meeting.
Thero will boa mats meeting ol
peeples party at
Daj'ri Creek, May o0, at 1 :o0 o'clock.
CHnyouville, May 30, at 7:30 o'clock.
All ore invited lo coino mid tako pail
at llitss meeting.
Speakin,: by J. F. Gaztuy, Jr., C.
Jacks jn and others.
For vour Protection.- Catarrh "Cures' or
Tonics for Catarrh in liquid form to 1 taken
internally, usually contain either Mercury or
Iodide of Potassa, or both, wmcu are injur
ious if tooloug taken. Catarrh is a local, not
a blood disease, caiLsctl by sudden cliaugo to
cold or damn weath"r. It starts in the nasal
passages, affect in" eves, cars and throat.
Cold in the head causes excessive flow of
mucus, and, if reponfcdlv neglected, the re
sults of catarrh wdl follow; severe pain in
the head, n roaring sound in the carf , lad
breath, nud oftentimes au offensive dis
charge. The remedy sh uld lie quick to allay
inflammation nnil Ucal the membrane. ay
Cream Balm is the acknowledged euro for
theso troubles aud contains no mercury
cor any injurious drug, l'rice, 00 cents.
every one of the painful irregularities
mm weaknesses inai prey upon worsen.
Ther fade the face, waste the- fimr min
the temper, wither yon up, make yoa old
brt.u.c )UUI time.
oetwell: That's th-wnv tn loot n-n
Cure the disorders and ailments that beset
you, wuu jjr. Fierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion. It regulates and promotes all the proper
.uMvi.unj, .fcujjiuvca uiKcsiion, enncnes me
uioou, Qispexs acnes anu pains, melancholy
uu u.ou5nc53, onns reiresmng sleep,
and restores health and strength, ii'b
powerful general, as well as uterine, tonic
and nervine, imparting vigor and strength
.- me cquic system.
Mrs. Axxa Cuucu, of Elm Creel, Bmjfrlo Co.,
KOl health thanks to
Dr. ri tree's Favorite Pre
tcriptioa asd 'Golden'
"-. num. a caiuy
aieoical Dt5COTCTy.
was under doctors care
for two years with womb
i diea, acd gradually
waMins ia strength all
ijM'nciirae. iwassoweaK
I that I could sit ur in hcl
only a few moments, for
two years. I commenced
I3K1T?tr TIT- IS-T-.'. T?.
vonte Prescrintion anA
his ' Golden Medical Dis
covery ' and hy the time
,i iwa iaten one-nan doz
U en bottles I was up and
KuinswncTeven pieasm.
v,. r,. auunavcnaagooaneaitn
Mas. ULaicn aaJ s,mg
. jut ..m. tw-j j cur anu H nan ago.
A book of i63 paires on " Woman acd Her
Diseases ' mailed sealed, on receipt of 10
ni m stamps ior posxaRe. Address,
world's Dispensary JIediuvl Associa-
tjo.v, toj Main btreet, Buualo, N. Y.
k dealing with
u6 JnckHoti at.
One door south P.O.
Choice Teat, CoGcc!
Tobaccos arid Clears.
And every thlup eke in
i iiciiroecryiine,
Ur;hest Harkct Paid for Country Produce.
Give him call and be convinced.
Family Groceries,
Books and Children's Toys.
A run. MSB or-
Fruils, .Nuts, French Candies, Confectionery
Canned Goods, Coffees, Teas, Etc.
Call aud see us.
Goiqpare Qlir Prices!
.Men nncl Boys' Harvest IIaK.. . Sc.
LnilleV h'nllorn. GfKxl Straw .!0e.
Ijtilics' Kait IllacK Hose
Lmlica' Vesta, fatcurelew 5c.
Iji'lles' Kl.lrt Waists, ljitest Styles tic.
Men' Hocks, GimkI Weight .V.
Jlens' EusiicnilerH, weh. emls..... 15c.
Uot' b'lHpentlers .-. tc.
GcntH Dress Shirts, With Collar and CuirslBe.
nne l aper i-ini ..... 2c.
f.Tio Vff.ill. Tt..' r..
Victor Carvlnsc KnUm"(zin"KiiSril!Z'.
Cinnplctc Eolilcrln? Set 10c.
iii.eijozci. ixat rcnclls .....
Two Envelopes
Two Dozen Fishhooks
Shoes! Shoes! Kg
Lailies" Oxfords, binck or tan SI 2.1
I-Klies' Fine ShiKra. 2 50
Ladles' Fine Shoes.....' 1 M
Jlcn'a Fine Shoes . 3 25
Men's Fine Shoes . . 3 00
Men's Fine Shoes . 00
Men's Heavy Shoe. 1 jyj
Men's IlenVT Shoes 1 75
Children's School bl.oes I an
Men's Tennis Shoes...... . 1 00
.... Sc.
.... m.
.. 5c.
0 or,
i !)5
1 25
2 55
2 13
1 C.
1 :n
1 15
1 M
Our other goods It tamepniportion.
Jiext ili.r to Fmt X.itia! Kank. ,rt
Sale Under Decree and Execution
O. II. Beyer?, l'lalutiiT.l
William H. Hurris, Kslella Harris I
Martha Chaney, Harmcr Chanev, ;
Anna.M. liro.wi.O. F. Hixson, j.
F. Overstrcct, H. B. BenUen and
Iwii Ktei.Ber, Pefemlants J
JVJOTICEis hereliy given that unilcr and hy
Ittueot an execution and order of sale is
sued out of the Circuit Court for the Couutr of
Douglas, itatc of Oregon, dated May 7th, A. V
1W. in favor of O. II. Beyers, piaintitr, and
8i5ainst William 11. Harris. Estella Harris, Mar
tha Chancy, Ifanncr Chaney, Anna M. Bronn
. F. Hixson. J. F. Ovorslrect, H. K. Bcntzcn
and Lewis Stenger, defendants, commandini;
me to make sale of the certain mortsaed rer.1
property-in said execution and hereinafter iar-
ticularly ilcrcrilwd to satisfy the demands of
incsaiu pianuiu, 10-wii. inciumol Thirteen
hundred and twenty-one and 37-1(0 Duiiars
(Jl;s:i.37)wit'a interest thereon .it the isitc of 10
percent, per annum from the 17th day of March,
VM; and the further sum of One hundred and
fitly (1100 0) Dollars attorney fees: and the fur
ther sum ot Sixty-rive (fSa.OJ) Dollars for taxes
paid on f aid premises: and the fiirtthr mm ,.f
Forty-eight Dollars (H5.W) costs and duhurse-
racnis untune coin 01 anu upon this writ. I
will on
Tuesday, the 16th day of June, 1S96,
at the hour of 1 o'clock p. m . of raid day at the
frontdoor of the Court IIuusc in UWhurz,
Douglas couutr, Oregon, offer for ale and .ell
at public auction to the highest bidder forcah
all the ri:;ht title and interest defendants
William H Harris and Kstella Harris, bad on
the ,:it day of August, lsvl, or may at any time
since ac-i'iircd in or to the following described
land- and premises, to-wit: Beginning at tire
northeast corner of the C". W. Becknortn dona
tion land claim .claim No. in township 30
south, of range 1 west, of the Willamette Me
ridian, running thence wet chains
thence north along the west line of thcJAlcxaa
dcr Du.nond donation land claim, claim No. IS,
li chains, thence east along the north line of
m:d c'aiui No. Vt, 2I.2S chains to the section line
bctwc'-n secti"as 1 and 5. thence south along
faid cc".i m hue 5hT. chains to the south lineof
sai l donation land claim Xo. V,: thence west
chains: thence north 11.25 chains to the
place ( beginning, containing l.'l.W a -rest of
Sand in Douglas l O.mty, State of Orecon. Alo
beginning at the northeast cortwrof said C. W
Bcckworth's donation land claim, claim No :ji
insMdJTownsbipand Range: thence niuning
wo. u. 1 t;iiuiu, w.euee nwih ilzo cnains;
thence tast 37.i5 chains: thence north II
chains to the place of beginning, containing
31.21 aercs. The two tracts above "described
containing li; acres of land, nil -iti:ate-l in
Sections and s uf Tiwnship 30 South, lUnge 4
West ot the Willamette Meridian and in Doug
las county. State of Orecon.
aheriiT of Douglas. Conntv, Oregon.
By W. W. Cathcaet, Dcpntr. ml It l
L Oresoa, for Donglas County.
Isabella C. DttTcnport, riaintiftl
vs. 1
It. M. SimMou, Josaidtine Simpson, I
Add bimpsou, Elizabeth simp-
son, Clara simian, Binl Siaipeon ;
and Jte Simpson, Defendants. J
To the above named defendants.
In the name of the State of Orpiron vmi n.l
each of you are hereby required to appear' arid
answer the complaint filed aiinst you in the
above entiilnl suit in the above named court on
or U-foie the 22nd day of June, IS56. that being
the lirt day of the next term of said court. And
you nil! take notice that if von f.iil so tn iimr
and answer said complaint ior want thereof the
piaimiuwur appiy to tne court lor We relief
praved for in said comnI&irr which u th rrv.
closure of a certain mortgage given by R. M.
Simpson and JnsephineSimpsoa to phuntif to se
cure the x-ayment of the sum of J1276 00 and in
terest, and that the real property described in
said mortgage, to-wit- Beginning at a point
north 9 degrees and V minutes wot 11 chains,
north 20 chains from the o,uarter i"Ost on line
between Section.-13 and lr., Township 27 South,
Range C West Willamette M.-ri.H
thtnee north degrees and oj minutes west
7.10'j chains; thence south 16 degrees west 16.32
chains: thence south S3 degrees and V minutes
east 12.01 chains, and thcucc north I.-.;s chains
to 1 me place ot beginning, containing 10 ft) acres.
Abo all that Ytorttnn or strtn nf n.
land that lies between the mnt imtKrir iin..
of the above describol premises and the South
v raiiua mcr, rx-ing two acres more or less, be
sold as provided bv law tn stifv m'.l tm,i...
nu'i luii-nsi uiiu costs aim tne costs ot suit, and
i" " iiuu cocn i you dc lorevcr oarreil ol all
tight, title. interest orcouitv of i
ui m iaiu reoi pnjH.Tiy or any pan tcerxMt.
This summons is tii.bli.heil hv nn!.r nf Tr.
J. C. Fullcrtou, judge of said court, made on the
9th dav of Mar. 1'M
th day of May, IsSS.
Attorney for l'hiiutiit".
-1- trvou for Douglas cunutv.
Sarah E. I'iercc. l'laiutiir.j
Bcnjanmu Fierce. Defendant.)
To Beniaman IVin i- ivremlnnti In n. ,i...
of the State of Oregon, sou are herebr rent, ire, I
to apiniar and answer the coi.mlsir.t fi"lt i-,insf
you 111 the ubove entitled suit on or before tho
hrst day of next regular term of above court to
wit: June 22nd, lb'.W, and if you fail l'l.iintiff
will take degree against you dissolving jour
marriage contract, and for fntnre care and cus
tody of George Fierce, vour minor child.
r-ctn I'AGK-Tl'STtS.
Attorney Ior I'lainlilT.
1 liis summons is pti blunt
J. C. Fullcrtou. Judge of sui
1 by order of Him.
SjlidCttlrt Mn-
Administratrix First Notice.
tratnx of 'he estate of D. C. McClalieu, de
ceased, bv the Conntv Court of'hrs c.n
Oregon. All nersons hnvintr eT-iim .i.,,,!?
snid estate must present the same to me at tlio
-o-wmicii (ii.uisc uuiy vermeil witiuii six
monthx from this date.
Datednt Kocbunr. the 7th day of Mar. IS:
Administratrix of the estate of
m V. C. McCIallen, Deceagoil.
Administratrix Notice.
Notice is hcrebv civen thnt th. nn,t..ri...,.i
has been by the County Court of Douche
ountr. Oregon, appointed adminislmtrw or
the estate of John Conway, d-ccaciL All per
sons having claims aeainst ni.l rsi .t.. ..r.. r...
Quired to present lhe same, with the proper'
voucners, wiimn six montlis from date of this
notice, tn tho undersigned, at Klkton, Dougiat
Dated, this GIIi day of April. 1SW.
M.ot, uu-;uu.
Administratrix of the Kst.itn ni lohn r.,'....-'..
Deccuse.1, aet5. 1
is a
and is the result ot colds and
sudden climatic changes.
Item be cured bT.inlMnt
remedy which is applied du
rectlv into thn nnctrlu
In-jqnickly absorbedit gives
relief at once.
Ely's Cream Balm
acknnwlnVnl tn i,n h. n,oSf .1 i
JHl 1
Nasal Catanh. Cold 1 l.n.i &" "u'u.
tcculh'c mcnSrani Sco hls.'SoS'
0f taste and smell. Price 50c. atDru.-i9t or ,,,)
LY UKOTIIEBS, CS Warren Strict, New Yorfc
w btms wat-ai 11 iiTiv 11 ,t, . i.i.
tm vi m s& h !
of Oregon for the County of Donglas.
J. C. Robertson, I'lalnUfT.l
vs. I
Charles w .JOiinsion.JennicA.Joiin- 1
ston, Doran II. Steams, A. Ella j
H. Stearns, IsnacMIcbacl, Evirett I
ii. Itsbb, Steams emit I-aml com
pany, a eorjK.rat.Ion; 8. B. Hen
dricks. I.. '.. Hcndiicks, Melnnc
thou McCov and Conntv of Douc-
las, Defendants..)
To Charles W. Johnston, Jennie A. Johnston
and Everett B. Itabb, the above named defen
dants: in the name of the Stale of Oregon, you and
each of you are hereby required to appear and
answer the amended complaint filed against
you in the above entitled suit, on or beforcMon
day, the 22nd day of June, V-'M, the same being
the first day of tne next term of the above en
titled court next following six weeks publica
tion of this summons, and if you fail so to ep
jicr.r and answer, for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to said court for the relief prayed for
in said complaint, to-mit:
For a decree that plaintiff have and recover of
and from the defendants, Charles W. Johnstcn,
Jennie A. Johnston and the Steams Emit Land
Company the sum of ?lG2a.0O in U. S. Gold' Coin
with interest thereon in like gold coin at the
rate of eight per cent, per annum from tie 1st
day of November, 1591, and for the further sum
of ft.7 5in like coin, with interest thereon at
the rate of eight percent, per annum from the
1st day of November, laai, and for the further
sum of with interest thereon at the rate of
eight ier cent. er annum from the 23rd day of
January, 1J0, and the further sum of ilffiiSO
attorneys fees, aud the costs and disbursements
of this suit And for a decree foreclosing the
mortgage executed and delivered by said defen
dants Charles W. Johnston and Jennie A. John
ston to the Jarvis-Contlin Mortgage Trust Com
jiany, and by it assigned to plaintiff, on the fol
lowing dcscribcfreal property situated in the
County of Donglas, state of Oregon, and more
particularly bounded aud described as follows,
Fart of tiiu donation land claim of Henry
Furdy, claim No. 11 in Sections nine (3) and
sixteen (16), Township 27 South, Range 5 West
of the WilUi:.. t!i- Meridian: and lots one (1).
two (2), tlKe i-i). lour (4), live (j), six 6 in said
Section six'i iu lb , and more particularly
bounded and described as follows, to-wit;
Beginning at the northwest corner of the Sam
uel lfnrkness Donation Land Claim, being
claim No. II in Township 27 South, Range 5
West of the Willamette leldian; thence run
ning north Cili7chains;thence eaatC0- chains:
thence south 17.52 chains; thence cast 12.C2
chains: thence sonth 1.75 chains; thence west
S2J!I chains to the place of beginning. Also a
tract of laud beginning at tlie northeast comer
of the raid Henry l'ar-ly Donation Land Claim,
being claim No. It: thence running west COJH
chains; thence south 2i.W chains; thence cast
ZOJvi chains; thence north 25.S0 chains to the
place of beginning, excepting therefrom lots
nine 9 and ten 101 in Enid Sections 9. AH of
the above described real property being
in Sections 9 and 15, Township 27 Sonth,
Range 5 West oi the Willamette Meri
dian, containing in all 273.10 acres more
or less, and declaring sakl mortgage to be
a first lien on said real property, and the Hens
or interests of the defendants, if anv, subse
quent in loiutof time and inferior iu'mcrit to
plaintiff's said mortgage, and to sell said prop
erty upon execution and order of sale as is by
law provided to satisfy such decree as plaintiff
may obtain in this suit, and that defendants
and each of them lis forever barred and fore
closed of all right, title or interest in or to said
real property, or any part thereof, and that
plaintiff have sucli other and further relict as
to the court may seem meet and equitable.
This summons is published by order of Hon
orable J. C. Fallertou, judge of the above en
titled court, duly made and entered on the 27th
day ol March, l:-36.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale of Real
J out of the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon for Donglas County in the suit of C. K. Hill,
plaintiff, against G. W. Peters and Julia A-I'c-ters,his
wile, Eva F. Hair.ilton and E.G. Young,
A. Ct. Young and J. G. .-teams, partners under
the firm name of E. G. Young .t Co., A. F.
Steams and C. I Chenoweth, partners under
the firm name of Stearns .t Chenoweth, defend
ants, duly attested on the 30th day of April,
1W6, upon a decree acd order of sale duly made
and entered in said court and cause In favor of
the above named plaintiff and against the
above named defendants. G. W. I'eters and Julia
A. I'ctcTs, on the 2Jd day ot April,lS36,for the
-nm of J795--H, with interest thereon at the rate
of S per cent, per annnm from the date thereof,
fM attorney's iecs, and costs and disbursements
of the suit ta-J at $17: said decree also being
in favor of the defendant, Eva F. Hamilton,
and against the defendants, G. W. Peters and
Julia A. Pct.r. h;.-. oife, for the sum of flXO.tH
and interest fro;.i .!ate thereof at the rate of S
per cent, per annnni. sioo attorney's fee, and
costs end disbursements in this suit taxed at
til, and further decreeing that the amount dne
the plaintiff, with attoraeVs fee, costs and dis
bursements, should be a first Hen upon the
mortgaged premises, and decreeing a sale of tho
mortgaged premises for the sums above men
tioned, said premises being described ss follows,
to-wit: All that portion of the sonth half of the
nor theaat quarter and the cast half of the south
east quarter of section i;, township 21. south of
range 5 west lyingon the north side of Calipooia
Creek, in Docglas County, Oregon, containing
acres, more or less.
Now therefore by virtue of said execution. I
will on
Saturday, the 6th day of June, 1S96,
t one o'eloet P. M. of said dav. at the court
boose door in Rosebure. Douglas Couutv, Ore
gon, sell at pnblie auction, to the highest bid
der for cash in hand, all the right, tjtle and
interest vhich the above named defendants.
(1. W. Peters and Julia A. Peters, his wife, had
in or to the above described real propcrtv on
the 1th day of ?I..n h. IxJi.omt nnvtim fhrro.
after, or enough t. sitbfr the demand of the
above named? plaisti if and the demand of the
said defendant Eva F. Hamilton, and wiU applv
the proceeds arising therefrom, first to the
costs and dibursments of this sale, second to
the piaintitr s demand as aforesaid, third to
the demand of said Eva F. Hamilton, and the
overplus if any there be, I will par to whom
soever shall lawfully bs entitled to "tie some.
Dated this 30th day of Anril. 1S36.
a-) sheriff Douglas Conntv, Oregon.
Notice of
Sheriff's Sale of
put of the Circuit Court of the State of Orc
f!",1,'0? Po'Ktas County, in the suit of C. K.
Hill. p.aintifT. against G. W. Peters ami Julia A.
telt'.h,s Wlfe. E- . Young. A. G. Young and
Mearnso.1 hcuoweth. defendants, duly on the
1st day ot May, Ls.;, upon a decree and order of
sale didy made and entered In said court and
. vt . amive namea plaintiff and
against tne above named defendants, a w
1eters on th,, ith ilnv- of tnni
1M. for t!u sum of tlS.uo with interest thereon
at the rate oi ! per cent, per annum, from tho
date thereoi. J2...00 attorneys fees and costs and
disbursements of this scit taxed at ?130 and
, ? decreeing that the amouut dne the
plaintiff with attorney's fees, costs and dis
bursements should bo .1 first lien upon the
mortgaged premises and iln-rvvlnt. n ..!.. ,.t ....
mortgaged premises for the sums above men-
" j'ivjuim.-, wing ucsenoeuiss foUows.
gegmnins at ,hc notthei,st comer of
"jy, ,,.:?' 'luarter ot the southeast quarter
v ., .. ariauou M uegrees
cast south 20 chains, thence south -W degrees
west . ehains south 6 degrees west 6 chains.
,ciicV,n-orlh M chains, thenw
Conntv. Oikin
Now thi'lvtort b V'p.iro of e.:.t . ... .
will on " iinuuu' l
, .i"?13?"' t,te oth d:1-v of Jl"s. So6.
one o clock p. m. of sud day at the C.
,-t on., o-..l. ...t. .
gon. se I at nnbliR.nnVA.. . , S,T;.iuS.'-V, Yi
whtT' ,V" 1U,, a" ,hu t. WIS uuil interest
which the bo e named defendant G. W. Peters
t , , had iu or to the above de-
rl Property oa the llth day of Febru
r ' or,at y,"?0 thereafter or enough to
In ?!?;110 ,,mni1 he above named plaintiff
and will apply the costs, nrst to the costs and
lisbursementsof this sale, second lo theplain
tlUs demands as aforesaid and the ovenmUiV if
any there KM will pay to whomsoever shall
lawfully be entitled to the same.
Dated this 7th dav of Mar. 1!M.
sheriffnf r.S..
- - -'-. ov.i., Auuuiy,
Final Notie.
THE COUNTY I'Ol'RT OP Till. ctitu
01 OrtRoii. in Douglas County.
in tne matter ot tht Mf- v-...
1 V. -UlltUUU,,iercVyKS,vcn that tho nndcrsigned
.,.ml.n.t5,.rafro the above entitled estatvThii
lttlemeutofidestate. WUB na w aa
l': d tins .Ttrd dav o April, 1)S.
F 1 lIITT,
Administrator's Notice.
.lie is in n i.y given that th..
Icun.y, Orfsi
t-vi i'v 11.0 ounlv .'on-,
es ui r
l..rke Hiehanls, dewaced. All ner-
11s having
.... t ... " .. NtH(.Hi nr.. n.
!.'.' prisentt ne same with ir, rn.k.
:.W"""S1X ?.hs fmni tfie dVtanf thf:
at P.onebnrg, Jlotig-
UMM " "h -". ist..
V 1.- l.To. . ......
1UJ7 etuins lo the pUec of beginntng. contain
111-1. acres, liug and lying in Section's?.
Township 21 South of R-m.. .. ... vi"-v
-" uvuiu
e Court T.:""un"n settlement thereof, and
h or,Ir 'inly made and enteral nf