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F. CKSJ.VillN.
Subscription Kates:
One Year payable m advance
Tlx Moattu, " "
shrcc M.iotht " "
..92 00
, x 00
Republican State and
sional Ticket.
For Conirressman 1st District,
For Snpreme Judge,
For District Attorney, M District,
For Member Board of Etpaalintion,
Republican County Ticket.
For State Senator,
For Representatives,
For Clerk,
For Sheriff,
For Treasurer.
For Assessor,
For Commissioner,
For School Superintendent,
For Surveyor,
For Coroner,
For Justice, for tne Four Koseburz Pre
For Constable,
It is gratifying to cote tbat tbe repnb
licaa party nas done tne vise tbing m
nominating for s'ate senator a represent
atire man, a man who is intimately
identified with the material interest cf
the coon try. A man who is doing all he
can to develop its resources, by invest
ing his means in business enterprises.
Such a man is A. W. Reed of Gardiner.
Mr. Reed i3 not a cent- per cent, man,
loaning his money at high rates of Inter
est and then sitting down and folding his
hands to wait for his interests, and take
no chances of failure by fire, flood or
democratic raisrale.
Mr. Reed, en the contrary, has en
gaged largely in productive industries, in
which he gives employment to honest,
worthy toil. 3Ir. Reed has invested
largely in a tannery, a creamery and a
cannery in his section of the county at
an outlay of many thousands of dollars,
each cf which institutions furnishes em
ployment for a large number of men,
thus assisting them to the means of sus
taining themselves and families.
Mr. Reed is making a liberal as well as
legimate use of his wealth. He is a pro
gressive man of business qualifications
that are worthy find commendable.
Such men are needed in every business
community, men who will use their
wealth for tbe betterment of the county
and the laboring class as well as for
themselves. Such a man is A. W. Reed.
Give U5 Protection.
There is one tiling the people of this
country are determined upon and pur
pose to keep steadily in mind, and that
is the restoration of industrial prosperity.
The tariff overshadows everything else,
und will bold its own at the front. TLe
democrats would like nothing so well as
to shift the line of battle, but they can
not do it The people won't have it.
Four years ago the democrats declared,
"We denounce the republican ey6tem of
protection as a fraud, a robbery of tbe
great mass of the American people for
tbe benefit of the few," and ibe great
mass of tbe American people responded
at the ballot box. 'That's so!"
Since then thev nave changed their
minds. They have come to the concln
eion that tbe republican system of pro
tection so far from being a fraud and a
robbery, is their especial friend and ben
efactor. Experience has demonstrated
to the American people that they robbed
themselves by falling victims to tbe
democratic fraud of free trade. They
will allow nothing to come between tbcni
and tb? niter overthrow of the parly
which led them to their own worst
enemy. You find democrats everywhere
attempting to ignore tho question of Iho
tariff, and seem to talk of nothing but
but gold and silver. But the tariff ques
tion will not be ignored. Our butchered
industrial prosperity is not to be donned
by ehifting the battle cry from "free
trade" to "free silver."
What Will They Do?
The democratic party of Oregon has
come out sqoare for free coinage of sil
ver 10 to 1 and for "tariff for revenue
only." The republicans on the other
hand arc opposed to free coinage of sil
ver and in favor of a "protective tariff."
Now the rank aud file of Iwth parties
are divided on both these measures. A
protection and sound money democrat
cannot consistently vote his party ticket.
On tbc other band a free silver republi
can cannot consistently vote the repub
lican ticket, if he considers free silver
parauiouut to protection. So what will
either of this class do? Evidently Hie
voter must choose which be considers
tho paramount question and vote accord
ingly. It is hoped the people's party conyon
ttou will make a strong, straight stal
wart ticket tomorrow, und go to the
county ou 1U merits. If iopiilisrn ts
correct let it be presented in its purity
and not weighted down with any other
ism. Let it not he a tail of the demo
cratic kite, nor carried aloft by republi
can breezes.
The senate committee on public lauds
has favoiablv reiwrted on amendment
increasing the amount for public lands
survey to f4.-50O.OOO.
Senator Morrill
j eare old Tuesday
man in that body.
of Vermont was SO
the 14th, the oldest
The free silverites of Missouri are
whooping up Richard P. Bland for presi
dent. Tho house, April Nth. passed tho for
tifications bill, appropriating $ll,3So,613.
At the Roseburg Theater Monday,
April 20th.
Morrison's Grand production of Faust
will be the attraction at the Hamburg
Theater Monday, April UOlb. The fol
lowing is from the Si Louis Republic:
The grand opera of "Faust" is sub
lime, its music fires tho very soul, the
stage pictures are grand to behold; but
notwithstanding the grandeur with which
the opera has been proiuced. it must be
said, and candidly admitted, tbat tbe
real beaut of the poet's idea was left to
tbe dramatist. The sense of feeling, the
wondrous thought, the real strength and
meaning are revealed most impressively
in the drama.
.Morrison's production was heralded as
something grand acd gorgeous, and
every exjectation has been fulfilled. All
promises hare been carried out. Not
only did it satisfy, but it surprised. The
story is one that carries tbe auditor into
other spheres. It makes bim think cf
other than worldly things. He realizes
during its progress tbat there is a here
after, and ere the curtain fills he is con
vinced, be he a Cbristain or atheist.
God's Regular Army.
This little band of religious workers
exhibit a zeal in their course that is
marvelous. Bat such is the case the
world over. Religious sentiments are
mccli like the love sentiment. It is
impulsive and is contro!cl by the emo
tions. Reason plays no conspicuous
part in its operation. An ideal hell to
shun ami an ideal heaven to gain after
death, is the prime factor in their work.
All else is subordinated to tbat idea.
With this idea paramount, they appeal
to fear rather than to reason, and by
working upon that line they are arous
ing the emotional fecliugs cf the more
impreskmal persons who listen to their
spiritual songs and exhortations, and
are making some converts to their ranks.
We learn that 17 have teen added to
their roll since they came to this city
about three months ago. They are,
withall, a very zealous people and for
their persistency in tteir efforts to
"snatch brands from the burning" they
show a remarkable tenacity of purpose
tbat calls forth our a'-airation. They
furnish Eome atnuseme-it also, by their
unique and harm'csj mode of proselyt
ing. They give a cake and coffee supper
tonight for ten cents. Give them a call.
To the Public.
I have bought the meat market for
merly run by J. Bitzer, and will continue
at the old stand. I shall endeavor to
furnish the people of Roeebnrg with the
best of meat, hoping to get a share of tbe
public patronage, and tbat Bitzer's old
patrens will stay with me.
I am, yours to please,
II. T. Blcmd.
Two Lives Saved,
Mrs. Thomas, of Junction City,
III., was told by her doctors she had Con
sumption and that there was no hope for
her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New
Discovery completely cured her and she
i says it saved her life. Mr. Thos. Eggers,
139 Florida St., San Francisco, suffered
from a dreadful cold, approaching Con
sumption, tried without result every
thing else then bought one bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery and in two weeks
was cured. He is naturally thankful.
It is such results, of whiclu these are
samples, that prove tbe wonderful
efficacy of this medicine in Coughs and
Colds. Free trial bottles at A. C. Mars
ters' Drug Store. size 50c. and
Crescent Bicycles.
Carle & Kichardson have justreceiveu
direct from the factory, ten wheels
model '90. More will bo here eooii.
Tho highest grade known to the cycling
world, the product of the largest bicycle
factory in the world. AH wheels nnless
otherwise ordered are fitted with thu
celebrated Morgan & Wright quick re
pair tire. Prices from f 10 to $75, oibIi
or installment.
Catalogues mailed to uny address free.
Delinquent Taxes.
The lime for taking county warrants
for taxes has been extended to April 30.
Alter this date no county warrants will
be taken for taxes. One per cent will be
added to all taxes not paid before May
1st, two per cent addd for all tcxes not
paid before June 1st, and three per cent
added for all taxes not paid beforo July
Price's Cream Baking Powdet
Forty Years the Standard.
A Crisis In Cuban Affairs.
New Oklkaxss, April 13. Tho Pica
yune tomorrow will print tho following
letter, dated April 5, from its special
correspondent at Havana :
The condition of affairs is continuing
to draw to a crisis, and soon thero will be
a clash which will either redound to tho
benefit of tho Spaniards or the Cubans
For tho past four days no official news
has leen given out nt the captain-gcner
id's oflico, and rumors aro received of a
battle in which the insurgents wore vic
torious. No details can be learned, but
thero has been considerable hurrying
and scurrying nmund the palace.
The landing of the expeditions have
caused a liad effect here, especially a?
the coast was supposed to be so well
guatded. I am infermed of the real de
tails of the Collazo expedition. It seems
tbat while the expedition was landing
its arms and ammunition, a cruiser hove
in sight and the vessel carrying tho ex
pedition put to sea, being pursued by
the cruiser, whose searchlight was used
to discover tiie vessel. In ttie mean
time, the force of the coast patrol came
up and captured a score of rifle boxes,
and carried them to the nearest town,
which was Cardcnar, and placed them
in a warehouse on tho outskirts of the
town. During the night, the Cuban
forces, which were to protect the land
ing of the expedition, and who had been
informed of the presence of the arms,
overpowered the guards at the ware
house, and before reinforcements came,
recaptured the arms and carried them
away, while a guard or insurgents pro
tected the retreat and held the Spanish
troops in check.
There ate two absorbing topics at pres
ent. One is the attitude of the Uuited
States, and the other is the action that
President Cleveland will take.
It Will Be Refused.
Loyno.v, April 14. A dispatch from
Madrid to the Pall Mall Gazette, says
Senor Canovas del Castillo, tho Spanish
premier, is ill, and cannot be inter
viewed. His relatives, however, con
firm the existence of a "communique"
from President Cleveland. But, in the
present state of public feeling, it will be
impossible for the government to accept
his offer.
Matters are verv complicated, and
while the government will do every
thing in its power to avoid a quarrel
with the United States, it will prefer to
fight rather than lose Cuba through ,
foreign pressure.
The cominng cortes will grant Cuba
every reasonable franchise which has
been enjoyed under the Spanish tlap.
It Rained Black Mud.
Lanuck, Wyo. April 13. A
this city
phenomenon was a shower in
last night. First red and then yellow
clay fell, followed a little later by almoet;
black mnd. People who were out in the
storm looked u if they bad been churned
in a tub oil of mnd.
The April Blizzard.
Ceiitlk Cheek, Colo., April 13. No
fatalities have been reported as the re
sult of tbc storm yesterday, which was
the most severe ever wittnessed by any
one here. Tbe damage caused by the
blowing down cf buildings and shaft
houses throughout the camp may reach
At Gillette, a big dance ball and two
new blocks were demolished, a dozes
houses unroofed and 20 tents scattered
about. Gravel was hurled through
plateglass, leaving only a hole as large aa
tbe stone.
Cyclone in Nebraska.
Omaha, April 13. A heavy wind and
rainstorm has swept Nebraska during
the last 30 hoars. In the southwest
portion of tbe state the storm became
violent and did a great deal of damage.
A dispatch from Ked Cloud says a vio
lent gale swept that section. Many per
sons rushed to the storm-cellars, panic
stricken. The only fatal disaster oc
curred at the farm of Andrew Uawley,
near Ked Cloud. The cyclone struck a
barn, wrecking it part of the roof strik
ing liawley's little 1 girl, crushing her
shoulder and leg. Tho child cannot
live. It is impossible to learn the ex
tent of the damage done by the storm,
as it rained all day, and communication
has been interrupted.
Venezuela Question.
Washington, April 14. Tho Voneru
clan commission met today after a re
cess of 10 days, with all members pres
ent. Much time was consumed in read
ing reports from individual members up
on the progress they are making with
the particular matters of investigation in
trusted to them.
Scruggs, 'counsel (for the Venezuelan
government, submitted 40 maps and
charts, which are receiving considera
tion. Also he had presented a few trans
lations of documents included in the
mas' of evidenco prepared at Caracas
and transmitted to the commission
through Minister Andrado.
Word has come from London to tho
effeci 'tat the British government ia
pre. ug a supplement to tho blue book,
conti -uing translations of documents gen
erally referred to in the first volume,
which is expected to roach Washington
eooii, but saving tho presentation of tho
blue book, and even this camo indirectly
the liritish government has so far
failed to follow tho example set by Vene
zuela and submit a formal caeo to the
commission, and to accept the invita
tion lo Imj represented by counsel.
Unheard of at Washington.
Washington, April 11, Nothing is
known at tbo state department of any
such communication from President
Cleveland to tin; Spanish premier, Honor
Castillo, as is referred to in the telegram
from Madrid. It is surmisscd, however,
that (he matter is entering into Spati-
ish policies and is, perhaps, being more
or less distorted to servo party purposes.
Treasury Statement.
Wasuinqtox, April 13 Today's state
ment of tho condition of tho treasury
shows :
Available cash balance $27 1,903, 102
Gold reserve 12S.031.291
The treasury today lost S92,400in gold
and $10,500 in bars, leaving the true
amount of tho gold reeervo $120,899,931.
Of the in d coin withdrawn. $700,000 is
for export.
On Coast Defenses.
Washington, April 14. Senator Mor
rill of Vermont, reached the age of Sfl
years today, and the event was referred
to in the opening prayer of the chaplain,
who spoke of tho white-haired senator an
hale in body, clear, sonnd and vigorous
in intellect, aud esteemed by his brother
Benators, Ly his state and by the whole
country. At tho conclusion of the prayer
Morrill received congratulations from
many of his associates.
Shortly after tho session opened Mor
rill announced that Thursday next he
would speak on the necessity of addi
tional quarters for tho national museum.
Squire was then recognized for a speecL
on coast defenses. Ho said all the evi
dence taken by the committee cn coast
defenses is lamentable in the extreme
The defensive works aro of a character
incapable of resisting modern attillery.
Tho evldeuco is overwhelming that
case of war our whole peoplo would suf
fer immeasurably. Ho concluded: "We
are encircled as a nation with a chain of
foreign fortresses and while our rich se.i
coast cities or parts, coaling stations im
pervious to attsck, including San Diego,
San Francisco. Portland and Paget
Sound lay exposed and helpless against
the attack of foreign powers that josses3
Lee's Appointment.
Ni.w York, April 15. A special to tho
World from Madrid says
The Spaniards are so much engrossed
in their elections (hat only a few papers
have commented upon the appointment
of General Fitzbugh Lee as consul gen
eral to Havana. El Imparcial alone, in
a telegram from Washington, challenges
the expediency of the selection of such a
representative by President Ulevelaud.
However, General Lee will certainly le
granted" the ordinary consular exequator
by the Madrid government, unless the
Spanish minister at Washington finds
ground to object to his appointment.
The colonial authorities in Cuba will
also afford General Lee all the facilities
usually granted to foreign consuls within
, , m6tQmZTX ytmits ol their consular
I mission and dutits. General Wetter
alone can ueietmine now lar tne new
American consul general can be allowed
to go over Cnba or report on the situa
tion. In any event General Iee will
probably not be allowed to visit tho in-
anrgent lines. liis predecessor, Consul-
General Williams, has been often bitterly
critirised in tbe Madrid press for having
exceeded the instructions of the Ameri
can government to claim indemnities for
fulfillment oi the convention of 1S77,
which expressly stipulates that Ameri
cans would never bo tried by courts-martial,
but always by the civil courts with
tbe assistance of civil counsel, even for
alleged complicity in the present war.
Many Madrid papers haye asked that
tbe Caban and Porto Rico elections be
annulled, bnt the government ;3 not jn
the least likely to listen to it.
Tbe literals and republicans and the
ministerial press again deny that Presi
dent Cleveland has taken any steps, by
nolo or otherwise, to sound the Spanish
government about Cnba.
.May Bear Good Fruit.
Chicago, April 15. A special dispatch
to the Times-Herald from Washington
There is now hope that the efforts of
tbc United States to mediate between
Spain and the Cuban insurgents will re
sult in the bringing about of negotia
tions between the rebel leaders and the
Spanish government. At least, Spain
shows signs of acceding to the request
recently made by President Cleveland
for the acceptance of the good offices of
tho. United Stales.
Tbe negotiations are in the hands of
Secretary Olney and Senor Dupuy de
Lome, the Spanish, minister at this cap
ital. Senor de Lome, acting under in
structions from his government, has
made cuitain inquiries as to the method
which the president proposes to follow,
II tho Spanish minister of foreign ai-
fairs finally accepts the good offices of
this government, General Fitzhugh Lee,
our new consul general at Havana, will
be instructed to sound the insurgent
leaders as to their willingness to accept
reforms in Cuba, and on these being
guaranteed, to lay down their arms.
Schnaufer Replies to Byron.
Iu answer to Mr. J. Byron, about him
enlisting and carrying the democratic
cross to Salem, I meant it for a fling at
at you, a populist, believing in the pop
uliBt reform movement, or at least pre
tending to. To give your hand in a reli
gious fight for or against any denomina
tion whatever is not populism. We waut
reform and can get it without the church.
Furthermore you say you carriod the
banner, Old Glory, from a bloody field in
Virginia. I guess you did that part for
the monoy that was in it, liko many
more foreigners, and 1 was not then nor
never was a loyal slave to the Emperor
of Germany, but was in Baltimore, Md.,
taking in tbe sights of the would be slave
freer a and hirelings of monopoly.
ClIAS. ScllNAfFElt.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great In leav
enlng power as the Royal.
Oct on to the Norliieni i-ocmt.
k 1 Ml
Tho change of time via tho Northern
aciflc enables passengers to leave Port
land daily at 5 p. m., reaching bt. rum
and Minneapolis in three days, Hi. Louis
and Chicago in three and one-half Jays,
Lincoln, Neb., at 12:55 noon of tlie
third day, Omaha at 4:05, St. Joseph at
5:50,Atchieon at 0:30, Leavenworth at
7:35 and Kansas City at 8:03.
You can too by this that the Northern
Pacini equals all oilier lines to all poinlH,
Uliu, aim 11 juu 111 i-.iiv j
I . tf ...til (...miLrfl Cf-IWXllllPH.
you will see that the Northern P.u-itic
beats all other lines Into Lincoln lour
hour;?, St. Joseph twelve hours, leaven-
wjmh fourteen hours and Kancas 0y
ten hours and forty five nuntite, where
immediate connections arc made in
Union depots for all points south.
Don't forget that tho Northern Pa
cific is the only line running two twins
daily to the east, the only dining car
route from Portland, the only line run-
uing a first class Pullman sleeir through i
from Portland to Minneapolis and St
Paul without a eha-ige, mid the only line
to the Yellowstone National Park.
For full information, tickets, sleeping
car reservations, etc., call on or write D.
S. K. Buick, resident gent, Roseburg,
Oregon, or to A. D. Ctiarlton, Assistant
General Passenger Agent, 250 Morrison
street, corner Third Portland, Oregon.
Evolution The Potato.
Three hundred years ago, Sir Walter
Raleigh took to his home at Youghal
near Cork, Ireland, a few tubers of the
potato from America, and planted them
on his estate, thus introducing into that
country a plant which at that time was
bitter, nauseous and somewhat poison
ous in character. But through cultiva
tion the33 originally small,waxy and bit
ter tubers have swelled out into large
farinaceous palatable potatoes which
for food for men has become almost in
dispensible. Its destruction by a
disease a few years ago caused a famine
in Ireland.
The developement of the peach from
the bitter sloj, the apple from the wild
rose and the potato from the waxy Solo
mun of the night shade fimily are
proofs of evolution.
'Athletic Entertainment.
A grand athletic entertainment will be
given at Armory Hall, iraluruay eve
ning, April 13th, in which some cf our
best local talent will meet in tbe arena
and display their prowess, and in ad
dition there wl'l Le foveral celebrities
from abreti-i. Ed. !lu"he3. the cham
pion of Coos county will spar four rounds
with Ed. Hamlin, a well known Koae
burg boy. "Slow Jerry" and John
Beard, whese combined weight is 550
pounds, will spar for points. Ben Schuy
ler, the champion welter weight of Ore-
gou, will wrestle aud box for points.
The Lids u ill also take a hand in the
sport, and there will be comic songs and
dances by Hughes brotfiers, tbe well
known song aud dance artists. The en
tertainment promises to be the best of
the kind -ever given in Koseburg, and
doubtless will ba well patronized.
Important To the Ladies of Roseburg.
Mr. H. B. RamsdeH wilh Lipman,
Wolf it Co. of Portland, will be at tbe
sample rooms of the McClallen house
with an elegant assortment of novelties
in silk waists, suits, dress goods, etc.
Mr. Itamsdell will have them esbioited
for inspection todav and tomorrow,
April I tit It aud 17th, and invites the
ladies to call and inspect the same.
Call earlv.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powdei
siwcrior to all others.
Medical valui n..'- :!
lliau in .in oils
More skill luorv ar
cl ll-ioir.sisirsjiar-.lla
i i'..r.i on.
.. -r 1 iuv. .u nunu-
factiirc. It ci;- pioprivd.r ami dealer
fYloro ont 'l costs tlie csiMiuu-r less. 11$ Ue gets
more doses lor r :iHi:--y
Moro curative power i-.n-cireil l 'tperuliar
comtmiatioti. prort -n ami proves.
MorO w onderful ctin s rli- t-' I moretf-tinH'ii-iminuiN.
more sales a .-l mon iiicn-jse.
M:iy more rvaMntt w Ii s!i - M take
The One True Wood riir.fiei All ilnippsts. St.
u n i-!t are t'- o; Iv j lis to take
liOOd S HlllS witIilluolsSirs.iiiarilU.
TJje MarJVeloug "IfrQCrp" $cene
Produced Here in its Entirety.
Lumber for Sale or Trade
IjouImvoJry cowa or lieifr yoti
want to trade lor lumber, or if you
want to buy
1 I.... ."Ml
u hill 01 any 1
wilt do wiill to addretBi
..or n.,.1.. lrwii.
V, 'J. lOX - 1
In Our Great arandfather's Time,
1 :,. t.,,1 w ..ill nrre in
general u-.
... I. .t.,ra" f T
ntnu(ii:iiju7i7 '
that decade tliey
were big and clum
sy, but ineffec
tive. Jnuusceni-
ury of eniiglit
cninent,wehave Dr. riercc s
Pleasant Pel
lets, which
cure all liver,
stomach and
bowel derange
ments in the
most effective
Assist Nature
cleansing laxative, thereby removing ; of-
then, with a eentle,
r.i:,,. niHr from me stomacn anu
bowels, toning up and invigorating tne
liver and quickening its tardy action,
and you thereby remove the cause of a
multitude of distressing diseases, such jas
headaches, indigestion, or dyspepsia,
biliousness, pimples, blotches, eruptions,
boils, constipation, piles, fistulas and
maladies too numerous to mention.
If people would pay more attention to
properly regulating the action of their
bowels, they would have less fre
quent occasion to call for their doctor's
services to subdue attacks of dangerous
That, of all known agents to accom
plish this purpose, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets are uneqnaled, is proven by the
fact that once used, they are always in
favor. Their secondary effect is to keep
the bowels open and regular, not to fur
ther constipate, as is the case with other
puis. ncuu;, int.. tr . - '
with sufferers from habitual constipation,
piles and indigestion.
A free sample of the " Pellets," ( 4 to 7
doses) on trial, is mailed to any address,
post-paid, on receipt of name and address
on postal card.
Address, World's Dispensary Medi
cal Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
The American Protective Tariff League
is a national organization advecatsj
" Protectior. to American Labor anc
Industry " as explained by its constitu
tion, as follows :
- TK abjet cf tfc'n Lmju shaB is w
Amric- Wrr by a tin'- or t.-'.ra. wh-ch s-n' fecure America i-jstr ! predjexs
tja;st tft csmfwtiticn if fsrgr labor "
There are no personal or private
profits in connection with the organiza
tion and it is sustained by mer ibrs.'- ps,
contributions anti the distribution of its
FIRST Corrfcpci-d--r- ". 6jt) rsgar-f
Ui-St'iHij " and " Otfical CvrttnAarU.
SECOND W -iJ a-i csnirfiyjtiMM.
whtii- sraaB ;r Urgn tsc-rcje.
TH.RO V.'e pubCs a la-g fcnf zf dsr-awts
ccisr.ig all prs cf t'-e Tar.f questi:". Coo
plie st will be nai!d tc sny address far 50
FOURTH Send psti. ea-d request f: free
a-nc-e cry cf tfc ' Ar-ve-ian Fc5-2-ni.r
Aod--i w'.ie jr r Wa-r. General Secretary,
135 Wei; 231 Strst. Nc Ycrlu
Administratrix Notice.
NiHievi hen-bv -iren that the nmleiBeJ
has been by the Coonty Court of Doccla?
foamy, orrcon. appointed administratrix of
the estate of John Conway, deceased. All per
son ha viae claims against ail estate are re
qairvd to jrv-nt the same, with the proper
voucher;, withia six months from date of this
notice, to the nnderslsactl, at Elktoa. Douglas
County. Oregon.
Dated, this 6lh day of April. l.3r.
Administratrix of the Estate ot John Conway
Deceased, ;
7y v
liA, P.T
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I IFLoseTcnari
Notice of Sale of Real Property
under t oreciosure
k.i.. y..u,A.o. r-'Mguviti.J. ,
f Urarn, vnrltm lli JUiim';
uiKlr Hut f.rm u:i ' 1
Y,. U Kwuie t . J'UJiititft. ,
jwjm n.
Ijiu'UiB t :
.V,uw! wiettf J rttUiv of n
tbcittxvv uml wt m4 eauw. mi the WW
ffiTwit, on tfc 1Kb UJ Of March.
Ke3 jrflnUBVaa alDt .aid de
.rSlrfttcrlbcd wwrtgaswl real prowrtr for trie
ftiUarV ltii iDUrot tWwn at the
' flay ol Mr'. WA and " 7 U
ami tfceW of tod cwm tbU writ, and the
CO.U! aud KXtW. 'A tw Me.
Now tbreso.'e I 111 00
Saturday, the 2nd day of May, tHo6,
Atr.neo'eklc I. X. of M "lay at tie Court
! !nJhlchtb-id de&wunt or el hw of
;,f the execution of iW mortgage or at any
toelLSSfW i.. or to the Mtewbis JU
rSl r.lrty tituat m the County of Donjlaj
aad elite of Ortsou, V-wit: ..,..
EednniDS at a point U chains and links tart
ancbainiaad W l!nx wott, from tie Jr
terictlr.nt.ot on tbe nut Detneen feecUoni 1
iSaSta Ton hip -3. cootb.Ean? 7 t and
rannlDK tbenee tt ehtin and 0! link.
Sence ioath ehaliu and - Unk, thence et
ITcrSin. and -1 link, to rirer. thenee wjth e
andersof rirer DOrth T. d?rte eat j chaicj
and 70 links, thence (leaving riven north K
Sains and 71 link. IMD' east 17 chains and J)
link and thence nonh T. chains and 10 1 links
& the place of linuing. taininS MOj
7i sera, alto loU uniubered 2 and 3 of etctlon
tin Township -K South, Kange . West of Wil
lamette Meridian. containing pcre. all in
Douglas cjnnty, Oregon, together with the tene
ments, hereaiiameni aau jiipuii&Mvj.
unto belonging or in anywUe apwrujiinz.
That the plaintiffs may be permitted to bid at
the t ale of aid prot-erty and tcome a purchas
er thereof. That the purchasers be placed m 1
awliab: poeMion of taidjireioises.
Dated this 1st TolXl
Sheriff of Doogias County, Oregon.
By D. E. hamueook, Deputy. a2td
Notice of Sheriffs Sale of Real
Property Under Foreclosure.
Wm. Love.
James F. Chadwiek. Asnes r
Chadwick and W. J. t had-;
Defendant;. J
State of Oeesojc. i
Coontr of Doogias. S
Tinoe of an execution and order of tale
dalT iiiod out of the above named court and
in the above entitled cause, on the Sth dar
of Marer. l5W,npona judgment and decree of
loreelo-nre made and entered of record in said
Circuit Court on the 16th day of March, ViA,
foreekKin? a certain mortrae in favor of said
above named plaintiff and arairist said defen
dants, and against the hereinafter mentioned
maA rftihi morirarfd real DrOT-ertT for tie
am of fac.a with interest thereon at the rate
of ?ver cent per annum from the ISta day of
March. liSC, and the Him of JH aKomeys lees
and f-j.tfl costs and ditbnrsementi, ana tne
costs et and upon said writ and the costs and
expenses of this sale.
Now therefore I will us
Saturday the 35th day of April, iSoo,
at 1 o'cloct P. M. of said day at the Cosrt House
door In Eoseburg. Douclas county. 5 tate of Ore
con, sell at public auction to the hisfcest bidder
lor cah in hand. a'J. the right, title andnteret
which the said defendants cr either of tnern had
on the 17th day of December, IsST, the date of
the execution of said mortare or at any time
thereafter in or to tbe i--'Jowin5 described real
property, situate in the County of Doaas and
state of Oregon, in Sections II and S: in Town
snip 23 south of Banse S West of the Willamette
Meridian, and bounded bv a line beginning at a
point Si rods 1-V j feet north of a point 16 chains
west of the '-mile post between said Sections
31 and SiT running thence north 1.6 rods,
thence east IT rods, thence north 75 rods, thence
eat 29 chains, thenee south chains, thence
eastir.enains. thenee south 51-5 rods, thenee
west SI. "73 chains t. the place of beginning coa
tatains eighty acres more or less also that por
tion of land described as Lot No. S in James
Fattens eertiueate No. til and the Southeast
quarten1) of the Northeast quarter of sec
tion Si in Totrnship Z Suth of EaXitre West in
the district of lands subject to sale at Eoseburp,
Orecon, containing seventy-seven acres more or
less also lot No. 1 of Section -il in township 25
South of Ranre 5 West of WOlaniette Meridian,
also all that portion of the donation land claim
of K. E. stratum and wife, claim No. SS in Doa;
las county, Oregon, beinsrand lyms north of a
line running through said donation land claim
parallel t- and :tL forty-two rods north from
the southeast boccdry line of said donation
land claim No. 3 of It- E. Straiton and wife,
also the south half 'J-) of the Southeast quarter
and Lot 7 of Section S in Towns hin 25 South of
Kange 5 West of the Willamette Meridian, con
taining one hundred and eleven and Jil acres
of land more or les.
Dated this 25th diy of March, 1SSS.
sheiiffof Dousrlas Cocntr, Orecon.
By V . W CiTHCACT, Deputy. mStd.