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MA KG 11 12. 1800.
Mr. Palmer's Lecture.
The Opera House was packed to its
utmost capacity Tuosday night to hoar
Uov. Roy Palmer lecture upon "The
Heroes of tho Nineteenth Century." Air
Palmer spoke for two hour?, holding tho
vast audience, in rant attention. Ho
poured a broadside into tho political
schemers, who have resorted to trickery
and cajolery to eeryo their own selfish
purposes. He favored u full and coin
pletc separation of churrh and stato. lie
favored taxing church property, saying:
"If Christianity can't stand on its own
merits, let it go down." This sentiment
was applaudod by tbo entire audience,
lie also said: "Baptist at I am, believ
ing in the doctrine of my church, deep
down in my bcait, I would not favor my
church having full control of the public
school system."
Commenting on tbo attitude of the
Ctholic church ton aid our public school
system, Mr. Palmer read extracts from
the utterances of Catholics of high ecle
eiastical authority, which, if correct, (and
he cited authority of several), shows that
our public school system is menaced by
that church. The speaker thought that
Satoli should go back to Italy and edu
cate his own pple, 70 per cent of whom
he said can neither read nor writo, in
stead of coming hero to destroy oar edu
cational sysiem ny substituting the pa
rochial for our public schools.
Crescent Bicycles.
Carle & Kichardson have just reoeiveu
direct from the factorv, ten wheels
model More will be here soon
The highest crade known to-the cycling
world, the product of the largest bicycle
factory in the world. All wheels unless
otherwise ordered are fitted with the
celebrated Morgan AWiigbt quick re
pair tire. Prices from ffO to $75, cash
or installment.
Catalogues mailed t? an v address free.
Notice of Stockholder's fleeting.
Notice is hereby Riven that a meeting
of the stockholders of the Applegate
Gravel Mining Company will be held at
Roseburg, Douglas county, Oregon, be
ing the place of the principle business
officu of said corporation, at the office of
Wo. R, Willis, in the county court
house, at 10 o'clock a. m., on the tenth
day of April, 1S90, for the purpose of
electing three directors to serve as such
for one year and nntil their successors
are elected and qutliGed. Dated March
9, ISM.
Vim. R. Wiujs,
Presilent of tho Applegate Gravel Min
ing Company.
Attest: W. T. ooley.
Secretary of the Applegate Gravel
Mining Company.
A.J. Barlow of Grants Pass la at the
Van Hotuen.
G. W. Woodruff of Uleyelaud is a guest
at tho McClalleu.
0. Whitehead of Eugeno is registered
at tho McOlallen.
Mrs. Alice Weaver of Myrtlo Creok is
nt tho McClalleu.
Chas. M. Eplov of Salem is n-LMHtnrml
at the Van llouteu.
E. O. Hyde of Scio, Or., is registered
at the Van Houten.
A. W. Stanton of 1! rock way is regist
ered at the McClalleu.
Go to J. R. Beard's and try Sodaville
natural mineral wator.
Born, this morning, to tho wife of J.
Milliken, an 8-pound girl.
F. 8. Younger of Cottage Grovo is ree
ntered at the Van Ilouten.
The Carle-Richardson Crescent bicvele
drawing will come off tho middle of this
Sleep, sleep, why don't you Bleep?
You will be wide awake when pay-day
Jndgo Fullerton returned this morn
ing from Eugene, where he has been
holdiog court.
Tho Elks will hold a regular meeting
at Odd Fellow's hall tonight for degree
work. A ceneral attendance in ilrwirnri
1 ure, rich blood is tho true cure for
nervousness, and Hood's Sarsaparilla is
the Ono True Blood Purifier and nerve
Hon. C. A. Scblbrede returned this
morning from Albany and other Yalloy
towns, where his professional services
called him.
r.Ider Sundermau of La do couuty will
preach at the Christian church on Satur
day evenim;. March 14, at 7:30. All are
cordially invited to attend.
Come and get your dental work before
April loth. Dr. Davis wishes to an
nounce that he will spend onu or two
months in Portland after April 15th.
air. uimsieau ot fciiensDurs, Wash., is
in the city looking over tho field with a
view to establishing a creamery here if
the outlook is favorable. Our farmers
would do well to interview him.
Rev. Mr. Palmer, the evangolist and
lecturer wno tins ueeti entertaining as
well as edifying the Rosehurgers for the
past two weeks, left us last night, taking
with him gulden opinions ot our citizens.
James Millikcn'a houso was burglar
lied Wednedsy night. The burglar was
captured and is now plaintively appeal
ing h.r clemency. Jame s heart is too
big to tnrn a deaf ear to the cry because
its a girl, so James has adopted it and
calls it "my daughter."
We give place today to Mr. Geo. T,
Russell, announcing hi candidacy for
representative to the state legislature,
before the republican county .convention
Mr. Russell is a gentleman of good abil
ity and doubtless would redeem his
pledge. If Mr. Russell gets the nomi
nation, the Plalndealer could support
him with pleasure.
native ore and whon fully developed will
be a bonanza for them and greatly add
to the material wealth of this countv.
To poll tax payers of Douglas county,
Oregon. The law regarding poll taxes
is: The assessor shall require every
person to pay his poll taxes at the time
of assessing the same, and in default of
such payment the assessor shall imme
diately give to the sheriff a list of such
poll taxes.
And as the couuty court requests the
law be strictly carried out, my deputies
and self will demand all poll taxes, and
those unpaid will be returned to the
sheriff at once for collection and mile
age. J as. A. Stekuso,
Assessor of Douglas Co., Or,
A Fine Piece of Work.
We were shown a wardrobe at Mr.
John Johnson's today, made by Mr,
Johnson in excellent style and finish
and painted and grained by Fred Tolles,
that is as fine a piece of workmanship
as can be produced on this coast. The
graining represents several kinds of
woods, viz: atli, oak, maple and burl
walnut. There is no just reason to go
abroad for furniture when it can be
manufactured here, in such style and
finish as ouzht to satisfy the taste of
From Wednesday's Daily.
G. W, Peters of Oakland is in tho city
J. Beckley of Oakland is a guest at tho
Van Ilouten.
S. C. Powell of Ashlaud is registered
at McClnllen.
R. Cranflold of Coles Valloy came up
to tho city today.
T. J. Wilson of Oakland was at Mc-
Clallen'a Tuesday.
W. G. Leo of Peoria 111. is registered
at tho Van Ilouten.
Frazer Ward of Wardton camo up
from that villo today.
G. W. Stevenson of Oak Grovo is reg
istered at the McClallen.
W. B. Kernan of Portland is regis
tered nt tho Van Ilouten.
Lon and Oliver KobinBon ot Myrtlo
Creek came down today on business.
J. S. Dunham of French Settlement is
in the city today on business with tho
county clerk.
If you have daily mail Bervico, try tho
daily Plainuealer for a month. It will
cost only 25 cents.
W. W. Brethertun of Portland and
employee of tho S. P. railroad company
is a guest at the McClalleu.
E. Witnberly of North Roseburg, who
has been in fecblo health for some time,
is again ablo to bo on our streets.
II. T. McClallen of Portland is visiting
his parents here on his way home from
Jackson county, where ho has been for
several days.
At the house of W. II. Fairfield, March
, ISOo, McClallen Burkhart and Miss E
15. tairheld were joined in marriage.
L. Churchill, J. P., officiating.
I'.os-, Lemihieu and Shafer left the
city today on a prospecting tour for min
eral upon the head waters of Myrtle
Creek and East Umrxjua Rivers. They
will be out several weeks unless storms
drive them iu from the auriferous sec
tion. It is believed to be unexplored in.
those regions. May success attend them
is our prayer.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great in Ieav
enlng power as the Royal.
$55.oo Prize.
Wheaton College of Wheaton, III
offers a two year's scholarship for the
best oration, to be delivered at the fair
hel l in this county in the fall of 1896.
The oration ehall bo tho competitor's own
composition and not less than five nor
more than fifteen minutes in length
Competitors must be residents of Doug
las county between the ages af 10 and 24
vears. For further information enquire
of F. A. McCaix, Secretary
To the Electors of Douglas County
I again am a candidate on the republi
can ticket for the office of county as
sessor, and shall be pleased to receive
the support of all who can honorably ag
ist me. I owe nobody a cent, am there
fore free to act fairly and justly to and by
all, and for the best interest of Douglas
county. I belong to no ring or combine.
Youra Faithfully, Geo. Cutlack
Delinquent Taxes.
The liino for taking county warrants
for taxes has been oxtended to April 30
Alter this date no county warrants will
be taken for taxes. One per cent will be
added to all taxes not paid before May
1st, two per cent added for all taxes not
paid before Jane 1st, and three per cent
added for all faxes not paid belore July
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awirded Gold MrfJ Midwinter Ftir. Cn Ftuulsco.
Fruta TurnUj't Daily
J. Shafer of Drain is a guest at tho Van
J. B.ileald of Drain is a guest at the
Van Uouten.
H. Wray of Portland is registered at
the McClallen.
W. L. Rogers of Cohoes, N. Y., is
guest at the McClallen.
R. A. U00U1 of brants l'ass is regis
tered at the McClallen.
G. H. Stevens of Myrtlo Creek is reg
iste red at the McClallan.
J. H. Andrews of Portland is regis
tered at the Van Houten.
Thos. Wiley of Myrtle Creek is regis
tered at the Van Ilouten.
James and Harmon Conn of Melrose
is in the city today on business.
N. L. Roney of Eugene was in the city
yesterday, interviewing bis many friends
J. T. Henderson of Scottsburg is in the
citv today on business before the land
D. Loring of Portland, an employee in
the lend department of the S. P. railway
Co., is a guest at the McClallen.
Once a year the emperor of China
plows a furrow in order to dignify agri
culture in the eyes of his people, The
ceremony is invested with great pomp.
The young groceryman at G. W.
Ripp's when addressed as "Master
Cleveland" made a vigorous protest by
several vicious kicks and a scream of
contempt at the indignity offered.
J. B. Cannon has just received a let
ter from his old friend, C. A. Sprandcl,
Little Falls,? Minn., staling the loss of
his wife. She died February 28, ISOu",
of typhoid fever, and was buried March
L. Schmilt, late of the Roseburg bak
ery, has purchased an interest in me
Roseburg brewery and went to Portland
this morning to purchase Hupplies, etc
He will be ready for business in a few
Cherrincton was elected school di
rector yesterday at Salem by tho A. 1'
A's. over Dr. Uyrd, a very popular man.
Eugene gave 130 majority for A. P. A
candidate. In Portland Warren, the
anti-A. P. A. candidate, was elected
Simmons & Tooley have sold their
livery stable and fixtures to Messrs. J
T. Fisher A M. S. Finley of Wilbur, two
gentleman known for their obliging and
accommodating qualities. Wo bespeak
for them a liberal patronage of tho
couuty tributary to Roseburg. Messrs
Simmons & Tooley retire with tho best
wishes of their many patrons
Messrs. Flint and Rico left tliis after
noon for their quarlz miue east of this
Ray Palmers' Second Lecture.
The Opera House was filled to its ut
most capacity last night, the orchestral
space and aisle being provided with
chairs till every available room for
seat was occupied, to bear the eilrer
tongued orator. Rev. Ray Palmer, lec
tore upon "Tho Enemies ot Liberty."
Mr. ralmer labored to show the aim,
object and par pore of the Roman hie
rarchy is to rulo the world, both reli
giontly and temporally. Tothisoad he
quoted the declarations of several popes
Pius VII, Gregory XVI, Piusl IX. and
Leo XIII, reading portions of their ency
clicle letters and other utterances of bigli
authority in the church, ehowiug their
views of reliciou and civil liberty. His
lecture abounded in quotations from his
tory and the sayings of many eminent
men who regard tho policy of the rati
can as inimical to the liberty of con
science. The lecturer, speaking for the
A. P. A V. declared that they are not
intolerant and prescriptive of Catholics
on account of their religion, but were
only opposed to their getting control,
a religious body, of the secular power of
the nation ; and not only are they op
posed to tho Catholics but to any re
ligious body having full control of tho
civil government. He is opposed to pub
lic money being appropriated to any
ecclesiastical bodies, and that church
property should be taxed should pay
its portion for legal protection. "That
Christianity must stand upon its own
legs or die."
His lecture was interspersed with an
ecdotes aptly illustrating the peculiar
points of his discourse, thus amusing and
entertaining his bearers as well as in
6tructing them.
citv and will bo gone several days, to
further inspect and develop their mine
Wo may anticipate marvelous results
from this vinit It is doubtloss rich
riust Not Interfere.
Wabuisoton, March 10, As soon ns
tho senate journal had been read, Lodge
rose to a question of personal privilege.
Ho sent to tho desk and had read I ho
Spanish minister's referenco in an inter
view to Lodge's utterances, calling in
question the translation of a statement
attributed to General Woylor, in which
latter declared ho would "exterminate"
the insurgents. Lodge said the literal
rendering of Weyler's language would
bo that ho would "clean out" tho largo
insurgent bands and "exlerminato" the
small ones. Lodgo said ho did not won
der at tho extreme sensitiveness of the
Spanish people, but ho did not think
this offered an excuse for tho .Spanish
minister adopting tho coureo he had.
It was pretty well established that the
donates in tho scnato and houso wore
purely domestic mailers, and it was not
proper for a representative of a foreign
country to communicate with them ex-
ept through tho state department. If
American minister in Europe dis
cussed political affairs there, he would
bo sent home.
Lodge then read from a letter of Daniel
Webster's, when secretary of state, pro
testing against the statement by an Aus
trian minister as to a domestic matter.
The senator added a most emphatic pro
test against public comment by any diplo
matic repreaontativo on the debates of
congress, ihe conttitution protectee
the senators in language used in debate.
It was ono of the safeguards of free
Gray said the United States should
proceed according to the judgment of a
self respecting nation, unmoved by em
eutedat Valencia or Madrid, and without
beiug turned aside to discuss the ques
tion of a translation between senator and
minister. Gray said hb would ho quick
to resent an attack on the privileges of a
senator, but in nil fairness he thought it
hardly worth while to stretch senatorivl
prerogatives and privileges in order to
jueslion a gentleman who had no power
to reply in behalf of Spain. There
should be eome concession to tho stress
of tho situation.
Teller raid the rule was unvarying
against communications by a foreign
minister except throughout the Blate de
partment. Twice had a foreigu minister
been sent home for statements of less
in port a nee than this.
But considering tho circumstances,"
added Teller, "had I been in authority I
would not havo sent him home for this
offence, but I would have had the secre
tary of state iu a most kiudly way sug
gest that repetition of the offeu&e would
lead to hi going home."
There was no probability that Spain
would dissent in an ofiensive way to the
jtaesase of the pending resolutions. Tel
ler said Spain knew we had right to
recoguire the belligerents. Spain would
naturally show some feeling, but she
would not go to war. There was a ripple
of applause, which the vice-president
checked when Teller referred to his sj m-
pathy with I ho Cubans.
"I would be delighted if the insurgents
had run the Spanish soldiers into the
sea." But, the senator added, he telt no
irritation over the student ebullitions in
paiu. Iu conclusion Teller vigorously
asserted that the American people would
not tolerate any dictation or critism
from foreign representatives accredited
The Cuban discussion ended and Tur-
pie took the tloor on the Dupont case.
Hoar's resolution introduced yesterday
providing that the Cuban question go
over until April 6, went over until to
morrow. Hoar said he was in poor
hejlth and unable to speak today.
Mr. Hunt, a photographer, is camped
in tewn near the post office.
Dr. Flannagan of the Pass was. in Rid
dle Saturday. Ho purchased iho pump
that belonged to the Ball mining prop
erty of J B. Riddle, for mini' g pur
poses. Grandma Ciow, who hs been S tid
ing several months with her son -I Ta
coma, returned to her home Sunday
We are looking every day for our
Byrd to soar. We are getting a little
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crow,
March 7, a daughter. Mother and child
doing well.
Reverend Wallace of Myrtlo Creek
filled his oppointment here Sunday.
Our directors have employed Prof.
Robinette as principal, and Miss Blanche
Riddle as assistant. Our school opens
the 23rd inst.
Reverend Day closed his meetings at
Riddle the evening of the 10th. He
goes from here to Myrtle Creek to com
mence n series of meetings.
J. D. Cornutt had his cart horse se
verely crippled by barbed wire a few
days ago.
Riddlo is to have a pie social in tho
near future.
Frank Lect paid a visit to his friend,
Mr. Elliot of Central Point, last week.
The grouse can bo heard hooting
the hills now.
Mrs. Jude Catching went to Portland
the 5th' inst. to spend several weeks
with her parents.
Miss Milla Riddle is in Roseburg now
dress rcakine. She will remain several
Mrs. Matuie Riddle went to the Pass
.Monday on a visit to her mother.
James J. Yokum and family have
moved back to town from their mines
Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman started
back to their home in Wyoming Friday
evening. They Etopped off one day in
Mrs. Dora Catching ami family have
returned to their home at Union creek
after visiting several weeks with rela
tives and friends .
It became necessary for quite a uunr
her of our citizens to read the riot act to
some iu our neighborhood last week.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Pioneer Reunion.
tue pioneers ot Douglas county an
all others interested in having a grand
reunion at some point in tho county the
coming summer are invited and earnestly
requested tu meet at tho court houso in
Roseburg on Saturday, April 18th, at 2
o'clock p. m , for tho purpose of electing
officers for the Douglas County Pioneer
Association, and also to set a time and
place for holding our next annual re
union. Oakland has somo claims to
having the reunion at that point. Let
the citizens of Oakland and vicinity turn
out at tho designated time, prefer their
claims and make some propositions to
that end. It is all right and proper to
hold theeo reunions at different points in
the county that all may have an oppor
tunity to attend without too much inconvenience.
Lot all bear in mind the time to take
these matters into consideration, which
is Saturday, April 18, at the court house
in Roseburg at 2 p. in."
Stkpiikx Staats,
Two Lives Saved,
Mrs. I'liii.'bo Thomas, of Junction City,
III., was told by her doctors she had Con
sumption and that there wns no hope for
her, but two bottles of Dr. Kiug's New
Discovery completely cured her and she
says it saved her life. Mr, Thos. Eggors,
139 Florida St., San Francisco, suffered
from a dreadful cold, approaching Con
sumption, tried without result every
thing else then bought one bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery and in two weeks
was cured. Ho is naturally thankful
u is such results, 01 wincu ttieso are
samples, that prove tho wonderful
efficacy of this niedicino in Coughs and
Colds. Free trial bottles at A. C. Mars
tors' Drug Store. Regular sizo 50c. and
itfl U.00.
La grippe is our unwelcome visitor.
Catching colds and running noses are
very common occurrences among our
more venturesome citizens.
Mr. Ellison brought over a bunch of
cattle last week and will have them fed
for the spring market.
Rev. Shangle of Oakland preached
quite an interesting sermon to the people
of Calapooia last Sunday.
Mis3 Ida Harness and Willie Deardoff
of Fair Oaks, who hae been visiting a
few days on tho Creek, returned home
Edward Thompson of Coles Valley is
able to be on the road once more.
There is reported several cases of
chicken pox on the Calapooia.
Edwanl Stevens and sisters of Tyee
passed through hero last Sunday.
Miss Emma Winniford, May Kellogg,
and E. J. Farsworth are on the sick list
this week.
A. L. Roadman returned Monday from
Millwood, where ho has been spending a
week visiting friends and relatives.
H. A, Strange, oneof Wilbur's promis
ing young men, is in the employ ot
Dwight Reed.
Bigg II is growing less jubilant this
week. The Pony Express goes through
on time now.
C. G. Durling has decided to cultivate
his hops once more. Mr. Durling thinks
that so many are going out of the hop
business, that tho prospects are fair for
those that can stand the expenses until
times are better.
J. R. Richard who has been hunting
and trapping in tho mountains at the
head of Calapooia 13 home on a visit.
Our genial friend, the Editor of the
Millwood Times was talking "Senator,"
on the streets of Stephens one day last
w eek. Alonzo.
Several Head of Thoroughbred
Minnesota Trotting Horses.
At my stables known as MiGregor's
barn, at 2 p. m. on the 14lb day of
March, I will 6ell to the highest bidder
the following described horses: Prince
Colossus, five years old, sired by Colos
sus, P. R. 2:273j ; sire of Helen Marr,
four years old, trial 2:25, Mollie O
2 :32?4 ; Courser 2 :35?4 , by Colotna 4635,
by Belmont G4, by Abdalla 15, by Ham'
bletonian 10. First dam Doilie, by
Archer's Almont, sire of Female Pira'e
P. R. 2:17; was started seven times in
1S04 and won six monies eome of the
heatB being paced in 2:15s ; and Fre
monl paced trial 2 :16, and other good
ones by Almont 33, sire of 33 in 2:30 list,
second dam Bell Damon, dam of Lary
R. 2:32 at Rochester, Minn. Daisy D,
six year old pacer, half-sister to Prince
Colossus. A bay pacing horse colt two
years old from high bred running mare,
sired by Kentucky Whip; of Kentucky.
A two year old mare colt, dam and aire
having record of 2:10.
Terms of sale one third cash, balance
on six or eight months time at a per
cent interesi on approved notes,
Sunshine and showers on the 8th.
The grouse are hooting on the hills.
Our weather prophet baa taken down
his shingle since the late snow storm.
Hugh Wardlow U laid up with the
The snow is all gone excepting on the
The Plalsdealeu'h editorial on good
roads is endorsed by many here.
R. E. Winniford of Little Tennessee
attended church on the Calapooia last
We have experienced the worst
weather of the winter on stock during
the pist week.
W. H. Cole, deputy assessor, is entcr-
viewmg our farmers in regard to their
assessable property.
Rev. H. S. Shangle favored us with
one of excellent sermons on tho 8th inst.
We hope he may continue to preach for
us occasional).
The Calapooia Sunday school will be
reorganized in the near future, a number
having expressed their willingness to
donate money and assist in the same,
The Calapooia creek was putting on
river airs on the 7th inst. It was caused
by the melting snow and warm rains.
Big U. attended church on the Cala
pooia with his pocket full of nails. The
contribution box was not passed around.
John Richards has returned from the
head waters of the Calapooia, where he
has been trapping and will enter into a
copartnership with his brother, E. L,
and trap for fur here.
From the report of the clerks of school
district No. 23, wo learn there is a total
enrollment of forty-five twenty-eight
males and seventeen females in the dis
trict. Other affairs were found in good
shape, excepting the school houe which
needs a new roof.
The box supper was a failure. This
being leap year we think if the young
gentlemen of Calapooia would get up a
few boxes ai.d let it be known the pro
proceeds were for the benefit of the Cal
apooia Sunday school it would be a sue
While their is no question about the
success of the republican party next
June, let all member of the parly help
to roll up as big a majority as possible,
and thus make success doubly sure
all around. Our pjtrtv w.U be saown no
favors by its enemies and we urge all to
prepare to give a severe blow to those
who have cursed and villified you for
maintaining a principle when our party
was not so strong as now. Let 113 rally
strongly and not he satisfied with suc
cess-hut let us gain a big majority over
all opposing forces and combinations
We are not fighting for the spoils of
office, but for principles that will restore
prosperity to the American people.
through the mountains without food,
and came near having to kill their favor
ite dog to keep from starving.
There was quite a gloom cast over this
community last week, on account of the
the arrest of Warren Conway charged
with the crimi of rape on a 13 year old
girl, formerly an inmate of the Orphan's
Home, but who was kept fora time by the
young man's parents, with a view of
adopting her, hut who for some reason
unknown to your reporter was returned
to the home some time since, from
which place charges have been prefered..
What will be the result of the prelimi
nary hearing we are unable to state at
present. Sceibe.
"Liverine," manufactured by the An
chor S Chemical Co., the great Liver.
Kidney and Constipation enre. An in
fallible remedy for all curable lorms of
diseases of those organs. The greatest
knows remedy for Indigestion. Try it.
For sale at M. F. Rapp's drug store,
Roseburg, Oregon.
For Over Fifty Yearn.
AN Old and Well-Tried Kenedy. Mrs
tVinslow's Soothing Syrup lias been used for
over fifty years by millions of mothers for their
children while teething, with perfect success,
ft soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, cures wind colic, Bin! Is tho best remedy
for Diarrhica. Is pleasant to thu taste, bold by
druggists in every rart of the world. Twcnty
llvc cents a bottle. Its valuo Is incalculable.
Be sura and ask for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrup, and take no other kind.
Mr. Britt of Portland was in town last
week. II intends to take a view 0
Loon Lake and vicinity.
Mrs. Now Kirk of Loon Lake has been
visiting Mrs. Wm. Sagabard.
Mrs. Martha Butler and children have
been visiting in this section for eome
time. She will return home in the near
We understand that Charles Wade
will teach this school during the en
suing term.
Long Prairie will havo no spring term
of school. The teacher who will fulfill
all necessary requirements, for the low'
est waifes is the ones who will be most
likely to secure situations in the future
Tho Eecond leap year dance was well
attended by old, middle aged and young
Such affairs are much better carried on,
and are belter spoken of when well regu
lated elderly persons give countenance to
them, by putting iu an appearance with
the vounc folks. Miss Emma Gloss ful
filled her duties creditably aB floor man
ni7o:i. and the basket supper was of tho
best quality, and abundant as to quau
titv. W. G. Grubbe furnished the mu
The political situations are the increas
ing and absorbing interests jof the hour.
Each voter should attend the primaries,
conventions and elections. There are
men in this and other sections .who do
not give their aid to the olection of the
required officials who have as much, if
not more to say about corrupt men in
office. This is assuredly wrong and not
the prescribed duty of what belongs to
every American citizen.
Asa Hendeison has been quite sick for
same time.
John Frever ot Kellosrg was down in
our midst the past week.
The snow which laid a foot or more in
depth, on our hills and vales, has disap
peared liko magie in the recent heavy
Special Notice.
Tho Bushey addition in North
burg, consisting of 200 acres of choice
land, having been platted into large
residence Jots and acreage property, is
now placed upon the market at cut rates,
payable in yearly installments, bearing
six per cent interest per annum. The
title is perfect and every parcel sold wul
be released bv the mortgager from the
operation of a certain mortgage now up
on tho nrooertv. To examine plats and
learn prices, etc, call upon
D. S. K. Bcick, Agent.
The Coyote Club met pursuant to call
and about fifty were present. After the
election of officers, Pres., F. M.Gabbert;
Sec, J. B. Ford; Treas., Wm. Ledger-
wood ; twenty-seven joined the club and
quite a dissension was raised over the
question of initiation fee of 50 cents and
extension of privileges of the club to
others besides club members and their
minor children. This question was de
cided iu the negative. The meeting
passed a boundary act. The territory
includes ino3t of the watershed of North
and South Myrtle creeks and the water
shed from the great bend of the river be
low the mouth of Cow creek to the line
of the Dillard Coyote Club boundary.
The public school commences here
next Monday morning, with J. B. Ford
as principal. Edw. Weaver, director,
and Caas Richey, cler'v, were, re-elected
for their respecttV'- positions. Twenty
five or thirty .egal voters were present.
The meeting indica ed pom- dear" of
interest in publ-c 6C .ool work. 1 'u'i
the Myrtle Creek sc ool is emr.arra e-1
financially, yet the quiet, earnest and in
telligent citizen, more or whom arefoiin i
here than many p ices, g ves an-urnnc
in their manly energy ana g -If sacrifice
of solid support u good ecnool in the
future. A new era is dawning for the
Myrtle Creek tchoo s.
Citv election cam off quie ly. A f-w
candidates bestirred themselves to colicit
votes. There was no very apparent is
sue. Jno. Hall was elected mayor: cunn-
cilmen, B. F. Fallen, H. Dyer, E. A.
Strong, W. Kramer; recorder, F. M.
GaDbert defeated Mosfl Rice by oce
vote ; treasurer, Uhaa. Richey ; marshal,
Willard Willis.
Chas. Kelly will soon erect a store
building and residence on Main street.
Jno. Metzis about completing a hand
some residence on the crown ot unurch
Uncle Jakey Miller has enclosed the
eide of the mountain and sowed in grain
a three acre tract which is intended for
an apple orchard.
Politics are light. Dillard has a strong
following among all classes for sheriff.
Cathcart has some good friends, demo
crats and republicans.
It. R. bridge men are fixing up the
bridges here.
Tho Long Prairie Lyceum still contin
ues its session, Theo Andrews of our
town being a member. A. L. Buller,
preseident; W. Hurd, vice president aud
W. G. Grubbe, secretary.
The snow has now gone, aud vegetation
assumes the appearance of spring again.
Mr. Hubbard Wilson made a business
trip to Salem last week, returning Fri
Mr. F. F. Wells had iitteen sheep
killed by coyotes one night last week,
and not a verv coed night for coyotes
Mr. Young of Scio is here looking into
the mill business, and it is hoped that
he will take hold of the matter and
build us a flouring mill, as he is a man
of laree experience and will build us a
first class mill.
Deputy Assessor Alfred Haines has
been interviewing the people in this
vicinity during the past week, assessing
proderty, and collecting poll taxes.
At our annual school meeting last
Monday, Sir. II. Beckley was re-elected
director, A. E. McFarland clerk, and
Mrs. W. H. Stark was elected principal
for tho spring term.
Mr. H. B?ckley met with the mis
fortune to have a valuable horse badly
injured by the falling of a bridge, over
which his son was driving when the
team and wagon was precipitated into
the stream, a distance of ten or fifteen
There was quite an oxcitement in
town last Saturday on the account of a
lawsuit that wns to be here between the ,
widow Smith and A. F. BiownofOak1
tnnfl innpninlni Knnm rntt! but Oil I
account of some irregulariiies in the
papers, the interested were doomed to
The loggers on Smith River had a
rough experience last week in trying to
descend tho river. They had the misfor
tune to get their bojta "swainpeJ," j
losing their tools ami grub, also getting j
tho benefit of 11 fico bath. One party j
was compelled to travel about 40 miles
Tbe Square Deal Store.
Seeing is believing, so walk into
Suuare Deal Store and see the fino
play of fashionable spring goods daily
arriving. Pricing goods is also the best
way to learn where to buy cheapest.
Call on Wollenberg it Abraham and price
goods and you will then come to the con
clusion that the Square Deal Store is the
place to make your purchases. Wollen
berg & Abraham haye received and are
continually receiving a fine stock of new
spring goods, which they are selling at
new prices. These are the times when
we want to talk new goods to you, and
we feel assured that the ladies in particu
lar will go into raptures when they see
our fine stock of spring dress goods and
learn their prices. Gentlemen will also
brar in mind that the Square Deal Store
will fit them out to perfection.
The tax roli of Douglas county for
lS'Jo is now in my hands for collection
and is now due and payable at my office.
C. F. Catiicakt. Sheriff.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.