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! The Plaindealer I
Tlie Plaiudealer
i You Don't Get tub News.
No. 85.
Attorney at Law.
Roam S. SI inters BuUdlne. - ROSEBURn. or
rsy-Buslnejs before the TJ. S. Land Office and
raining cases a specialty.
Late Receiver C. S. Land Office,
run. rAQs-Tvrnjt,
Rooms T and 8
Ta o & Wilson Block.
Attorney and Counselor atXaw,
"Will TinvcUc in all tin eourU of tte St- Of.
Sea la the Court House, DoufUs count. Or.
Attorney at Law,
Kateiurff, Orrfn.
OSes ott the FoatofiM on acksoa strt.
Attorney at Law,
La Fiyxttje Lose. Judge L. Locoomst
Attorneys & Counselors at Law
Xottbnrff, Oregon.
Vr ill practice in all tie court of Oregon. Ot
ic ia tie Taylor-Wilson fcJoci.
Physician and Surgeon
(C. 3. Eiaialalng Surscon.)
OFFICE. Boons 6 and 7 Maulers' Building.
Residence. First door South of Mrs. Currier i
Boarding llouse.
Special attention to Surgery and to
Diseases: of Worsen.
j. ozias, yi. D.
Physician and Surgeon,
02cc in S. Marcs Co-'s Block, upstairs.
Calls promptly answered day or night.
J L. MTT.T.KR, M. D.,
Surgeon and Homoeopathic
Botebmrg, Oregon.
Ei2r"CfcruaIe Ji-v"i a peeialtr.
Graduate Vetinary Surgeon
nand Deutist.
Residence, 1003 Cass St.
Uasbccn appointed Manager for
ioagias tauaxy oy ue
OSce ia Taylor WiUoa Bailding, Room 3,
Hours from 2 to 5 p. in. Sa tarda jt, f rora 3 a. ra.
County Sur'oyor.
and Notary public
Omcx: In Court House.
Orders for surrerlng and Field Kotes should
be addressed to Will P. Ueydon, County ur.
reyoT, Eoeeburg, Or.
V. 8. Deputy Jllneral Scu-rcyor
and JSotary Pabllc.
Orncz: County Jan Building, up itairs.
W Special attention paid to Transfers and
Address. E03EB0RG, OR.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
411 Jackson Street,
At Luerasen's Cigar Factory. BOSEBURG.
Ua-A.ll Repairing: eatmated to
ray care will toe PROMPTLV aad
carefully done.
Does Up
We axe always in the Lead, and mean to
keep there.
The Golden Harvest u upon ns, and arm
crs are smiling because Woodward
locis to their intercut.
Full Trimmed
These are all Leather and Warranted.
At Beduced Price.
Consult your purse and be suro and see
Woodward bciore buying.
(Successor to J.
Prit&k&I : Watchmaker, :
Cwcmiiuo Brazilian Eyo
Cutlery, Notions, Tobacco, Cigars and Smokers' ArticleB.
Also Proprietor and Manager of
Oh! no; Not Ours,
But you will certainly throw yOUV old smoJilf
lamps JlWCl? if you once see the fine center draft
lamps we have on exhibition.
Roseburg Hardware C6.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and small, to Rent,
Stock Ranges, Timber
Prune and Hop Lands of best
in quantities to suit intending purchasers, at reasonable
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
Of capacities varying from 1 to25
horse power affords the most con
venient, economical and reliable
power for all light service. One of
these may be seen running at this
office. Send for circulars.
121 Main Street; San Francisco, Cal.
If Business Is Not Good
S The Plaindealer's
Are the Rooters for the Business flenof Douglos County.
Jeweler : and : Opficitin.
Glasses mitl Hpccincles
Rosebnrg's Famous Uargaln Store
Lands aud Mining Properties,
quality, in choice locations,
s. kl bxjiok;
But Root.
Helpless Armenia.
Washington, Jan. 13. Today lieini;
the second Monday of the month, was,
under tho rules, set aside lor the consid
eration of business relating to the Dis
trict of Columbia. Beforo Chairman
Babcock claimed tho day, Morse pre-
sented the following resolution for refer
ence to the committee on foreign affairs:
"Whereas, The most mournful tragedy
of tho 10th century baa been and is now
being onacted under the apparent sanc
tion of tho sultan of Turkey, .by which
hundreds of thousands of Armenians aro
beins ruthlessly slaughtered in cold
blood ; women are being driven in cap
tivity worse than death, and (lie inhab
itants who have fled to the rnountaius
are dying of cold and staryation, and
"Whereas, Tho blood of these mar
tyred dead cry to heaven for justice ;
"Resolved, That the committee on
foreign affairs consider the expediency of
reporting forthwith some expression by
this government in denunciation of these
atrocities, and if they find we as a na
tion are powerless to act, that we invoke
the co-operation of the allied powers to
wipe tho Turkish government off the
face of the earth and secure the freedom
and independence oi Armenia."
Tho resolution was referred.
The house then entered upon the con
sideration of district business. Two un
important bills were reported, nfter
which the house went into a committee
of tho whole for consideration of the pen
sion appropriation bill.
An Important Discovery.
Washington, Jan. 13. Public opinion
in Great Britain basclianged in the
moat wonderful manner since the Mon
roe doctrine was first'promulgated. An
unexpected discovery in the old filc3 in
the house of 'representatives has given
to the state department a valuable state
paper, with which Lord Salisbury's
claim that the Monrcc doctrine has
never been recognized by England, will
be completely upset.
In going over tho" old records Walter
H. French, the file clerk of the house,
discovered a collection of clippings from
English papers, all beariug on the mes-
sage-of President Monroe, in whicii he
gave to the world the famous doctrice
which bears hb name. The message
was Senfon the ojv.nin!: of ggrerw-p. hc
drst Monday" in December, 1S23. The
British papers without exception, com
mented on the message in the most fa
vorable terms. France was then con
templating lonquest in outh America
and Great Britian was prompt to seize
on the Monroe message as a notice to
continental nations that conquest in
America meant war witii the United
Mr. Frenche's discovery has been
copied and sent to retary Olney.
Members of the foreign affairs committee
say that Mr. Frenche's discovery is the
most important made in the matter, as
it presents contemporary evidence of tiie
fact, which Great Britain lias since for
gotten, that at the time President Mon
roe's message was delivered it was ac
cepted, and even welcomed as sound
doctrine bv the people of England.
More than that, the newspapers then
distinctly pledged Great Britain to aid
in the enforcement of the Monroe doc
trine. Break In the Clouds.
London, Jan. 13. It was learned this
afternoon tiiat the cabinet council Sat
urday considered the question of re-establishing
diplomatic relations with
Venezula, but no definite conclusion
was arrived at.
The Westminster Gazette this after
noon, touching upon the misunderstand
ing between Great Britian and the
United States, says it sees a distinct
break in the clouds, and hopes a settle
ment satisfactory to Great Britian and
the United States will be effected with
Venezuela direct, and intimates that the
Brazilian minister is closely identified
with the latest proposed solution of this
Torpcdos Being Planted.
Chicago, Jan 13. A sjwcial from
Washington jays:
Torpedoes are beiug planted in the
harbor of Havana and heavy siego guns
are being placed in position. This was
the private information received by the
Cuban junta and given out by Senor
Ruben3last night. As tho insurgents
have not a ship afloat, the iuferenco is
irresistable that Spain expects inteifer-
ence by tho United Statos, and is prepar
ing to defend tho capital from an attack
by tea. Action by the United States
looking to tho recognition of the bolligor
ency ia expected.
It is stated on apparently good author
ity that President Cleveland's Venezuela
message was a double-barreled affair,
which hit Salisbury in two places at tho
same time. Acconlihg to (ho secret
agents of tho Cuban?, Spain is at the end
of her resourcoB, aud will have to sus
pend Bpecio payments entirely within
tho next 30 days. With bankruptcy
staring her in tho face, Spain, it is said,
made a proposition to sell tho island of
Cuba to Great Britain. Lord Salisbury,
it is intimated, according to Cuban
authority, sounded tho United States on
the subject, and the reply was President
Cleveland's vigorous enunciation of tho
Monroe doctrine.
The senate comrnitte on foreigu rela
tions has bec.u holding several confer
ences of lato. Senator Davis of Minne
sota, at the head of aBub-commitleo hay
ing the matter in charge, is now drawing
up a formal definition of the Monroe doc
trine, which expands the original decla
ration and makes it clear ns the formal
doctrine of the American congress.
Those who claim to know, gay that this
declaration is intended to meet both the
Cuban and Venezuela cases.
As the dry season ends in March, it is
now said if Spain does not succeed in
stopping the rebellion by that time the
United States will certainlv recognize the
insurgents as belligerents.
The Cuban colony is in a ferment over
rumors that recognition by the United
States is at last at band.
Cap, Maupin was in town Saturday.
Mrs. Thomas weut to Portland Sun
day. L. D. Carle of Koseburg was in town
one day last week.
Mrs. Bloomfield was quite ill last week
but is much better now.
If you are troubled with a cough or a
cold, call on Gary Young and he will
giyc you the latest remedy.
Cap. Hall was taken seriously ill last
week, and has suffered a great deal.
The latest reports stato a marked change
for the better.
Kev. Leonard assisted by Rev. Day is
holding protracted meeting at the Bap
tist church. The meetings are well at -tended.
Dick Nease is erecting a larce wood
house, when completed it will be a great
convenience and quite an improvement
to Inck's property.
The ladies of our village are making
preparations for a ball at Young's ball
next Friday night in hotior of the present
year. We wish them success.
John Canaday left Sunday night for
I'hiunix, Arizona, wherohewtd remain
until ulter the leap year ball.
5Ir, Batty returned the first of last
week from the search after Sam Brown,
the man that was sentenced to be hung,
and escaed from thn jail at Itoseburg a
short time ago.
Large quantities of steel head salmon
are. Lcius shipctl from here to 1'oilUnd.
These flsh are caught in me Umpqua
river and hauled hero by the fishermen.
Mark A. Katz, of the firm of Chas.
Jacobson & Co. of San Francisco, was
here during last week "making arrange
ments with E. G.Young & Co., for a
part of a carload of chickens to be
shipped this week. The car will leave
Eugene partly loaded and will stop here
for the above lot to be put aboard. This
Sau Francisco company will run a car
once a month hereafter, gathering up
poultiy along the road from Portland to
San Francisco. This will be a great con
venience to shippers. Tr.iLnv.
Mining is rather tedious jnst now owing
to the scarcity of water, yet there is some
work going on.
All the old mines are in operation ex
cept the Bushnell claim, Nevens & By
ron's claim and the old K. B. Ireland
Pursuant to previous noti.-e a few of
tho citizens of Olalla met at the school
house and organized a social club or lit
erary society. 0. II. Flook was elected
president; II. Z. Ireland, vice-president;
G. Byron, secretary; Zelia Byron, treas
urer and W. L. Short, sergeant-at-arms.
A committee having been appointed to
draft a constitution and by-laws, handed
in their report, which was read and
adopted. There being no further no fur
ther business tho meeting adjourned to
meet Sunday, Jan. 10, at 2 o'clock p. m.
When the civil war opened the wealth
of this country was estimated at $16,
000,000,000. In 1S00 it had reached
$03,000,000,000, and in case of a foreign
war we should now be an undivided peo
ple. The most remarkable fact con
nected with these figures is that the
United States accumulated three times
as much wealth during the thirty years
ending with 1S90 as in the 230 years
preceding 1SG0.
The receipts of the American Bible
Society last year were over $228,000, but
this was much less than was needed for
its purposes. It prints the Bible in
ninety-live different languages and dia
lects, and while many are of a high class
and purchased by the well-to do, the
most of them are cheap, and find their
way as gifts into the homes of tho poor
Since 1801, there has been an aggregate
of 230,000,000 Bibles printed in the
The fact that the exports to the United
States from Sheffield, England, during
1S'J3 were $750 000 larger than thoso of
1S9I is worth uoting as au example of
tho way in which a democratic tariff
policy does not bonellt tho manufacturers
and laborers of tho United Statos.
Fiuo hand-engraving by the Lightning
Engraver at 25 cents per name. Leavo
orders or jowelry with A. Salznian the
From Tuesday's Daily.
Robert Anlaugh of Comstock is at the
Van Houten.
R. B. Mathews has not given the re
quired bonds and is still behind the bars.
Jack Brady and Jas. Melvin and wife
of Oakland arc registered at the McClal
len. G. J. Green, D. S. Lashier and C.
W. Cotton of Portland are registered at
the Van Houten.
Cal Simmons who was sent to the
asylum a few months ago has been dis
charged and is now in the city.
J. L. Cole of Oakland, H. B. MUler of
Grants Pass and C. A. Foster of New
York are registered at McClallen's.
John Canady of Oakland left this
morning lor Arizona to spend three
months, possibly longer, on a tour of
pleasure and recreation.
At the house of G. W. Benedict. Jan
uary 1st, 1806, Frank Elliott and Effie
J. Benedict were united in marriage;
J. A. Smith, justice of the peace, of
ficiating. "The Poket house" referred to in the
testimony in the case of the State vs. R.
B. Matthews was to the vacant building
on Stephen's street formerly occupied by
Sir. Poket.
The directors of Roseburg school dis
trict No. 4, have called a meeting of the
district at the school house on January
20th for the j urpose of levying a tax to
defray the expense of the school re
quired in excess of state and county ap
propriations. Following is a list of the A. O. U. W.
officers installed at the regular meeting
last night: C. L. Hadley, 31. W.; C.
Y.Benjamin, Foreman ;. J. W. Mullen,
Overseer; W. T. Wright, Receiver; J.
B.Cawlfield, Recorder; C. E. Happer
sett, Guide; II. S. French, I. U.
At the residence of Mrs. E. J. Ham
lin of Portland, January' 8th, 1S96, the
prettiest wedding of the season was
solemnized by the Rev. Mr. Bovd. the
contracting parties being Mr. Andy
Hamlin, a highly esteemed and popular
employee of the S. P. R. R., and Miss
Ethellinie Warde, one of Oregon City's
fairest daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Ham
lin departed for a short trip south.
Resolutions of Condolence
UiKin the death of Hon. John Follerton,
ajt rnpoHcd by tho comiltw-nf tPhilo.
tanan LodgoXo. S, i. O. O. F.:
Whereas, In pursuit of a divine and
mysterious purpose the Supreme Ruler
has removed from the scenes of earth to
the Grand Lodge aboye, our well-beloved
brother, John Fullerton, Past
Grand, who, at the time of bis death,
was a member of Douglas Lodge, No. 14,
I. O, O. F. of Canyonville. Oregon, and
WiiEnEAS, Our deceased brother be
came a member of this Lodge at its or
ganization in 1S30 and labored earnestly
and zealously in laying the foundation
upon which this Lode is builded, incul
cating its noble teachings, advocating its
broad and charitable doctrines and ex
emplifying in life its fraternal principles,
Whekeas, While the deceased brother
has been for many years past a member
elsewhere, he was of late a citizen of
Roseburg, and an attendant upon the
meetings of this Lodge so that in the
early days of its existence he was a zeal
ous member thereof, and of late years a
warm friend, wise counselor and living
example of all that is noble and good in
the order. Therefore be it
Resetted, That in tho deaih of Brother
Past Grand Fullerton, not only has his
own Lodge lost a faithful and active
member but the loss is equally as great
to this Lodge and to the Order in gen
eral, and.
Resolved, That his family loses a lov
ing and devoted father and the com
munity a valued citizen.
HetoUtd, Further, That the charter,
as also the portrait of onr deceased
brother, lately presented to this Lodge,
be draped in mourning for thirty day;
that theso resolutions bo spread upon
tho Journal of the Lodge and that copies
thereof bo furnished the city papers for
R. M. Conkling,
J. W. Stkaxge,
W. T. Wright,
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great in leav
ening power as the Royal.
The State Levy.
The stato board to levy tho state tax,
composed of governor, secretary of state
and state treasurer, have determined the
stato lovy for 1S03 assessment at 4 and
eight-tenths mills,
Followiug are the levies for tho last
nine years.
Levy. Revenue
18S7, 5.1 mills $ 441,420 00
1SSS, 4. mills :4o,573 71
1SS9, (. mills 009,584 04
1890, 4. 12-33 mills 405,423 52
1S91.3. mills 73S.500 99
1S92, 7. mills 1,121,843 52
1893, 4.3 mills 022.7S2 29
1S94, 3. mills 451,198 15
1S03, 4.S mills 093,33S.00
Munyon Remedies are taking tho lead
over all other medicines. Sold at Mars
ters' Drug Store.
Roseburg B. & L. A.
To the officera and stockholders of the
Roseburg Building and Loan Associa
tion of Roseburg, Oregon :
Your secretary respectfully submits
this, the seventh annual statement of
the Association, for the year ending
December 31, 1895:
Cash, on hand last report 455 59
Monthly Installments 4828 00
Expense fees 192 00
Interest 3212 41
Fines 229 33
Total f8917 33
Real estate mortgages $2675 00
Stock mortgages 5804 90
Surrendered stock 93 36
Secretary's salary 120 00
Printing 7 00
Safe repairs l 50
Attorney's fees 10 00
Rebate to Orcut 200 00
Total $8911 76
Bal. on hand Dec, 31 , 1895 ... . $5 57
Notes and mortgages $35,925 00
Notes secured by stock 10,108 70
Delinquent dues 37 00
" interest 79 71
" fines 55 25
" expense fees, 8 50
Safe 125 00
Cash on hand 5 57
$46,374 73
337 shares of stock for 84
months $31,668 00
Unearned interest 937 35
Unearned dues , 120 CO
Unearned expense fees 5 00
Balance duo borrowed 225 00
$32,955 35
Gain 13,419 58
No. of shares on roll last statement. .378
No. of shares canceled 1
Now on the roll 377
Actual cash value per share.
January 1, 1896 $ 119 59
Actual cost value, 1806 123 09
No. of share holders 66
No. of loans made, 1895 14
No. of loans made to data fis
Highest No. months advance interest. 21
Lowest No. months advance interest. . .1
Average 14 6 7
Jo. of shares borrowed on 82
Largest loan $1,000 00
SmaUig - - -' , lUUalir;
Withdrawal value 181 79
Cahrik M. Svkes. Sec.
Per H. Wollenbubg. Deputy.
Rosebubg, Ore., Jan. 13, 1806.
To the officers and stockholders of the
Roseburg Buildingand Loan Association:
e, your auditing committee, hereby
certify that we have examined the books,
vouchers and reports of the secretary for
the year ending. December 31, 1S95, aud
find the same correct.
F. W. Benson,
K. L. Miller,
F. M. Rapp,
Auditiiig Committee.
Marvelous Results?
From a letter written by Rev. J. Gund
erman, of Dimondale. Mich., we are per
mitted to make this extract : "I have no
hesitation in recommending Dr. .King's
New Discovery, as the results were al
most marvelous in the case of my wife.
While I wa3 pastor of tho Baptist church
at Rives Junction she was brought down
with Pneumonia succeeding La Grippe.
Terrible paroxysms of coughing would
last hours with little interruption and it
seemed as if she could not survive them.
A friend recommended Dr. King's New
Discovery; it was quick in its work and
highly satisfactory in results." Trial
bottles free at A. C. Masters & Co.'s
Drng Store. Regular size 50c. and $1.00.
Special Notice.
The Bushey addition in North Rose
burg, consisting of 200 acres of choice
land, haying been platted into large
residence lots and acreage property, is
now placed upon the market at cut rates,
payable in yearly installments, bearing
six per cent interest per annum. The
title is perfect and every parcel sold will
be released by the mortgager from tho
operation of a certain mortgage now no
on the property. To examine plats and
learn prices, etc., call upon
D. S. K. Buick, Agent.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing between
J. A. Hein and C. G. Meyer under the
firm name of Roseburg Brewing Co., is
this day dissolved. C. G. Meyer will
continue the business, collect all ac
counts and pay all bills of the laie firm.
J. A. Hein.
C. G. Meker,
Roseiicrg, January 11, 1S96-
Flnal Call.
All persons are hereby notified to
make immediate settlement iof their in
debtedness to" tho late firm of S. Marks
& Co. ; otherwise tho same will be placed
in hands for collection. Pleaso give this
call prompt attention and thus avoid ad
ditional costs. Asuer Marks,
Administrator of Estate of S. Marks
Household Furniture For Sale.
The undersigned, on account -of re
moval from Roseburg, offers her house
hold furniture for sale very cheap.
Mrs. L. Belfils.