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! The Plaindealer
The Plaindealer I
1 You Don't Get tub News.
Vol.. XXVI.
No. 84.
Attorney at Law,
Room t, Marstcn Buudlns. - ROSEBURG, OR. I
C0Basincss before the U. 8. Land OEoo and I
milling cases a spcciaitx-
Lato RecclTCt U. B. Land Office.
ruo. rAOt-Ttrns.
Rooms 7 and S
Ta o & Wilson Block.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
wai practice In all th coorU of the But. Of-1
Cm la the Court Uoaie, txnif ui eounix, ur.
Attorney at Law,
OAs oxer the Foato&ee on Jaekacn (ttett.
Attorney at Law,
ti Fatote List. Jcnes L. locchaxy
Attorneys & Counselors at Law
KMfnrv, Oregon.
Vi ill practice In all the eonrU ol Ortson. Of-1
See In the TTlor-WUm Nott.
Physician and Surgeon
(U. S. Examining Surgeon.)
nrnrE ten e and 7 ManScrs BoUdiax.
Residence. First door South of Mrs. Currier 1 1
Boarding Uoosc.
Special attention to Surgery and th
J. OZIAS, ?1. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
OSce in S. Huts & Co-'s Block, upstair.
Calls prompt! j- answered da; or night.
jg- l. mlller, m. d..
Surgeon and Homceopathio
uhny, Oregon.
CaJ-Chroaie disease a pccialtr.
Graduate Vetinary Surgeon
and Dentist.
KesidECe, KOS Cass St.
lias been appointed Manager for
uoogiaa uouaty oj tne i
OSce in Tajlor & Wiboa Banding, Room 3,
Hotm irom 2 to 5 p. m. 5atsrdaT,irora9a.B.
loop. a.
Will. p. hbydon,
Qj-j-y- suryoyor l
BnuNotary pabuc
omcx: in cortHoase.j
Orders for Sarreyin? and Field Notes should I
be addresed to Will P. Hejdon, Conntr Sor,
rejor, uosetinrff.ur.
U. 8. Deputy Mineral Sarveryor
still Settarr Pnbllc
Omcx: Connty Jail Balldlnj, op stain. I
E&T Special at Nation paid to Transfers and I y
Watcbinaker and Jeweler, 2
4iz jacltson Street,
At Lneraen's agar Factory. ROSEBURG.
Itepalrinsr entruHted to
my care -will be PROHPTW aad
carefully done. j
-C5 2UC3 MM. Ctsll.
Does Up
ATT nnwiWTTvniia i
We aro blwayi in the Lead, and mean to
keep there.
The Golden Ilarvcst is npon n, and farm-
era are trailing became Woodward
losis to their intcrwt.
Full Trimmed
These are all Leather and Warranted,
At Reduced Prices.
Conault yonr pane and be tare and seo
Woodward before buying.
(Successor to J. JABKULEK. )
Pradk W Watchnukcr, :
Kejiaalpliiifl am. Hpcctnlty.
oxxiiiup Brnzlliau IDj'o
Cntlery, Notions, Tobacco, Cigars and Smokers' Articles.
Also Proprietor and Hanngcr or Kosobnrg's Famous Bargain Store.
-. , , , Jpfcsa TI70WH
Oh! no; Not Ours,
But you will certainly throw your old smoldj
lllMjpSJlway if you once see the fine center draft
lamps we have on exhibition.
Roseburg Hardware Go.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and
jjtocK ranges, iiniDer
x a uuv. uuu a. jlv jauu7 uj
m quantities to suit intending
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
tosMlbavt, . SoaalaaB
Of capacities varying from i to25
horse power affords the most con
venient, economical and reliable
power for all light service. One of
these may be seen running at this
office. Send for circulars.
121 Main Street, San Francisco, Cal.
If Business Is Not Good-
The Plaindealer's
Are the Rooters for the Business Jlenof Douglas County.
Jeweler : aid : Optician.
Glasses u ml Spectacles
small, to Rent,
juanas ana Aiming rroperues,
w juaii j iu uuui.v iuv.ubiuujj
purcnasers, at reasonable
?."sv Ossfjtam
But Root.
The Story Repeated.
Nkw York, Jan. 9. A special to the
Herald from Caracas eaya:
The Government has rtcehed news
from the Venezuelan boundary stations
near the frontier of British Guina, to the
effect that 100 men of the British colon
ial politics have been sent to guard the
EngltBh station, in thedispuled territory:
The government regards this action as
a direct menace on the part of England,
following, as it does, eo closely the rues
sago of President Cleveland relating to
the boundary question. : The govern
ment officials say, however, that notwith
standing the report that Great Britain is
fortifying her position, ju apparent de
fiance of tho republic, great prudence
will be observed by Venezuelan officers
in tho territory, and an attempt will be
made to avoid all perilous disputes. The
point to which tho British police have
been dispatched is that first point or
dered to be fortified with Maxim guns by
Mr. Chamberlain, English minister for
the colonies.
Startling reports have been received
from Barcelona, to the effect that the
British vice-consul in that city is concen
trated in the revolution against the gov
ernment. Barcelona, which is in the
stato of Berrundez, while not directly on
the Bhores of the Caribbean sen, is only
a few miles distant from that body of
water, has a port of its own, called Guz
man, Blanco, and is a great rendezvous
for revolutionary bands. If escape
should bo cut off by sea, the insurrection
ists woold still have the mountainous
region to the eastward in which to find a
refuge, should they be overpowered.
Tho Koverument has already sent
mtiuy troops to Bermudez, and is rapidly
enrolling all citizens in the national
guard who are fit fur service in tho field.
Eleven thousand men have thns far been
Minister Castillo, who holds tie port
folio of interior, baa addressed a letter to
the president and governors of all the
states, advising change in the law which
shall declare every mau who engages in
insurrectionary movements to be a
traitor. Under the existing laws of the
state, treason is punished Ly death.
There has as vet been no official notice
that such a decree will be issued by the
The government is now makiug ar
rangements to sell nil of its old cannon,
which it has replaced with new ones of
modern types.
New Gold Discoveries.
Bocloer, Colo., Jan. 9. Intense ex
citement prevails in this city over the
new gold fields, situated at South Boul
der creek and Magnolia, and there are
rumors of riches being uncovered by
prospectors in holes not even five feet
deep. The strike is alleged to be worth
$100,000, and an offer of this amount is
said to have been made and refused.
Frank D. Baker came down from
Walker's ranch, and reports that sev
eral sacks of quartz had been sent to
the sampling works from the claim dis
covered by the White brothers. The
gold was sticking out all over the quartz,
and no accurate estimate could be
formed of the value of the stuff, but it
will be sold by tho pound instead of ton.
The paunings made from the ore arc
said to be wonderful, as great rings of
gold form around the pan with each
test of washing. The prospectors are
wild over the outlook for a great mining
boom, and 500 men are working night
and day in search of veins.
The new gold discoveries aro on the
same mineral belt as the rich Tellurite
mines of Ballarat, Jamestown, Gold
Hill, Sunshine and Magnolia. In each
of these districts mineral has been un
covered at the grass roots.
War Clouds Less Dark.
London, .'an. 9. The chances of war
between Great Britain and Germany are
looked upon today as remote, there be'
lug a decided tono of back down in the
utterances of the German press toward
Great Britain.
The 1'all Gazctto eaya: "bteps were
taken in the highest quarters to obtain
by family influence a full explanation
from Emperor William, and the com
munications which passed have done
moro than anything to bring about
cbaogo of tone in tho Gepnan official
press toward Great Britain. German
newspapers, official, Eemi-ollicial and
hostile, aro tumbling over one another
in their anxiety to explaiu that the ten
sions was tho fault ol England."
Tho receipt of a dispatch from Pretoria,
announcing tho extreme demands of the
South African republic for tho surrender
of nil British rights and suzerainty, etc,
ovor Transvaal and Bolagoa bay, how
ever, and has again changed tho com
nlexion of affairs. Meantime there is
liltlo or no abatement of tho anti-Ger
man feeling hero. At a meeting of the
Loudon radical federation hero today a
resolution was paseud demanding tho re
moval of Emneror William from tho
British army and navy lists.
A baseless that roport tho ofticora of
tho First Dragoons, ia garrison at Dublin
of which Emperor William was made
honorary colonel by Queen Victoria, had
burned his majesty in efiigy, was re
ceived with cheering. The colonel of tho
First Dragoons this afternoon telegraphed
that thero is no ground for this story. It
is Baid that before tho receipt of this
official denial tho German ambassador,
Count von Hatzfeldt Wildenburg, made
representations on the subject to tho
Marquis of Salisbury, asking to be in
formed aetto the truth of the report.
At tho foreign office this afternoon the
dispatch saying that the Boers demanded
the banishment of Mr. Rhodes from Af
rica and the abandonment of the rights
of Great Britain regarding the Transvaal
and Delagoa bay were discredited on the
grounds that Sir Hercules Robinson, gov
ernor of Cape Colony, in his dispatches
to the colonial office made no mention of
any such demands or intentions.
Favors Arbitration.
London, Jan 10. The movement in
favor of arbitrating tho Venezuela ques
tion with tho United States is growing
day by day. The Westminster Ga
zette, after having interviewed states
men of all parties, 'bankers and others,
says this afternoon :
"Everywhere there were enthusiastic
expressions in favor of the proposal to
establish a permanent court of arbitra
tion." From diplomats who have had recent
interviews with the foreign office, the
Associated Press learns tliat there is a
decided change of sentiment there.
The unbending antagonism to arbitra
tion of the Venezuela boundary dispute,
first shown in high circles, has almost
completely disappeared and matters look
much more satisfactory than they have
at any time since the dispute com
It is semi-oflicially stated today that
no such movement of British forces to
ward the boundary or in the neighbor
hood of the disputed territory in Vene-
uela, as indicated in the dispatch from
Daracas, via Nicaragua, has been con
templated by Great Britain, and no ad
dition has been made to the small force
tationed for some time in the Urnan
district. Regarding the attitude of Ven
ezuela, is added, that there is no reason
to suppose hostile attion upon her part
is intended.
Anxious for War.
Demon-, Jan. 10. The German press
of this ciiy is red-hot for war between
Eo gland and Germany, and wants it
right away. Abenhorst, the German
organ of the state, and intensely conserv
ative, says that Germany must intist on
her tights. It then says:
"England won't fight: she will bluff
awhile and then crawfish. The German
torpedo fleet is a match for tho English
any day."
The Yolksblatt says :
"The German emperor has made him
self most popular by his unexpected
movement. Germany needs colonies
more ttiau tnglanu. .hnglanu is the
enemy of Germany everywhere.
"So long as Canada remains British we
can never teel at home in our adopted
couutry. It will be America's opportun
ity. Canada must be ours. Oh, if only
the German-English war would come!"
Tho German citizens generallv are of
the same opinion, and at an informal
meeting mny declared their intention
of returning to Germany to enlist if war
should be declared.
Favors the fl'KInley Law.
Washington, Jan 10. Pritchard, of
North Carolina, called up in the senate
the amendments lie had offered to the
revenue bill, to increase the duties on
certain kinds of clays, marble, iron ore,
tin-ber, live stock, cereals, fruits, wool
and coal. Ho tavored the re-enactment
of tho McKinley law and the free coinage
of silver. He denounced tho Southern
democrats for their recreancy to their
own section. Their tariff law had
brought unexampled prosperity to New
England manufacturers and bankruptcy
and ruin to tho farmers and producers of
the South. When Pritchard had fin
ished, Hill eluded the former for incon
sistency in his statements. North Caro
lina, he said, occupied a peculiar situa
tion in congress, aud ho did not see how
her people could be gratified. Some timo
ago the same legislature in North Caro
lina had elected two senators by the
same combination. A faw days ago one
of them (Butler) denounced tho detno
cratic party for being falso to its pledges
of tariff roform. Today the other end of
tho combination told tho senate lie
favored tho re-enactment of tho McKin
ley law.
The senate, oil Hale's motion, agreed
to adjourn until Monday when adjourn
ment was taken today.
White consumed the remainder of the
timo before expiration of the morning
hour with n speech in favor of soma
practical modification of the senate
rules He did not mince words in his
characterization of the rules and the
ancient fictions" they perpetuated.
The great evil he especially inveighed
against was that which permitted an
interminable debate on any question,
and placed it in tho power of a singlo hold the senate at his mercy
for so long.
At the conclusion of White's speech,
Morgan, formerly chairman of tho com
mittee on foreign relaticna, introduced a
joint resolution congratulating tho re
public of Transvaal for the stand for
liberty which it had taken, and direct
ing the president of tho United States to
transmit this action to tho republic of
Transvaal. Tho resolution was referred
to the foreign relations committee.
Jones niado n speech on tho free-
coiuHgo substute for the house bond bill.
Bought Deloaga Bay.
London, Jan. 10. The most important
development of the South African affai
today is tho fact that in spite of nil de
nials it is now believed in many quarters
that there is some trnth in the rumor
that Great Britain has purchased De
logoa bay from Portugal. It may turn
out to be an excuse for assembling such
a powerful British fleet as the one wbicli
will be anchored off Portland Tuesday
next. As it is announced tho govern
ment of Transyaal has demanded, among
other things, that Great Britain forego
her right to obtain possession of Delogoa
bay, and as Germany may look upon
this as a move which will serioualy
threaten the future of the Transvaal, the
situation, if the roport is true, will be
come mere critical.
A dispatch from Pretoria this morning
says the governor of tho Transvaal has
announced that ho has determined to
foster mining, aud thoso interested in it
need not sacrifico their holdings for the
benefit of the "agitating clique" of the
Rand. This dispatch says only 10,000
Boers are under arms, but adds signifi
cantly that they will not disband until
the conditions of the surrender of the
Uitlanders of the Rand have been fully
carried out.
Great importance is attached here to
an article in the Hamburger Nacbncn-
ten, said to havr been directly inspired
by l'rinco iiismardk, in wiucli it in
directly disapproves of the government's
attitude, and adds: "The duty of ibe
government is more to defend the in-
ternrl and external peace of the country
against disturbances than to promote
foreign enierprises."
President Kruger has sent a telegram
to Sir Hercules Robinson, governor of
Cape Colony, ior transmission to Mr,
Chamberlain, acknowledging the re
ceipt of the queen's message and adding:
"It is my inteution to hand oyer the
prisoners so that Dr, Jamieson and the
British under him may be punished by
her majesty's government. I will make
known to your excellency my final de
cision in '.he matter as soon as Johannes
burg shall have reverted to condition of
quietness and order. In the mean time
I request your excellency to assure the
qneen of my high appreciation of her
words, and in proffering my respectful
good wishes, express my thanks for the
British Advancing.
Chicago, Jau. 10. A special
to the
Journal from Washington says
report that the British are strengthening
their outposts in Venezuela and advan-
mg into enezueia is true. i nave my
self received todav a private dispatch
from there corroborating it."
So said Congressman Livingston, of
Georgia, this afternoon.
He added: "I cannot show vou the
dispatch ; it is private. Yon can, bow
ever, rely upon it. I called on the Ven
ezuelan minister this morning and asked
him to use his influence with Crespo to
keep back the Venezuela troops. Should
they advance it would precipitate the
conflict at once. That would render the
Venezuela commission useless, We
wouldlie compelled to back up Venezu
ela, and we would tie plunged into war
at once."
A Breeze In the House
Washington, Ian. 10. The committee
on rules reported to tho house today and
the rules were debated section by eection,
The house refused to adopt the amend
ment to tho rules providing for deduc
tion from a member's pay for absences,
not due to sickness.
When the rule giving certain commit
tees leave to report to the honse at any
time was reachad, it created a decided
breeze. Walker, chairman ot the com
mittee on banking and currency, asked
why that committee had heen omitted
from the list and offered an amendment
to include his committee.
Bailey offered an amendment to Walk
er's amendment, including tho commit
tee on coinage.
Alter a somewhat animated debate, in
which Walker accused D.ilzell of having
taken his committee to tho door and
kicked it out. Biiley'.s amendment was
defeated by 111 to 1S3.
Walker'a amendment was then de
feated, 112 to 1G0.
A Third Encyclical.
Nuw Yofk, Jan. 10. Special advices
to the world from Rome say :
The central object of Pope Leo's policy
has always been to bring about or pre
pare a grand reunion of the Christian
churches. The holy father has already
published two encyclicals devoted to that
end, Ono was addressed to the princes
and tho peoples. Tho other took tlia
form of an appeal to Anglicans. A third
etu-lyclical will shortly bo made known.
It is to Lo addressed "Ad Omnes Chris
tianos," (To All Christians.)
Thus one moro innovation will be
added to the others of the present pope.
In former iimes it was tho custom to ad
dress the papal documents "To the
Bishop and the Faithful in Communion
With thu Holy Apostolic Church." Leo
XIII has defied tradition by dedicating
his enclyclicals to non-Catholics as well
as Catholics.
To Trade.
Two lota in Marshfield for hoga.
Two and ono half lots in North Roeo
burg, for stock ; hack or buggy iu part
payment. Call on I. F. Rico & Co. .
One of the most exciting episodes in
the history of Roseburg, transpired
Thursday night, Jan. 9th. It has
stirred the community from center to
circumference, to such an extent that
but little addition would have enkin
dled mob violence. The occasion was
that of an attempt of one R. B. Matthews
to commit rape upon Grace, daugh
ter of Judge Thos. Smith of this city,
by forcibly seizing and thrusting her
into the basement of the school house,
through an open window, and there, be
tween the honrs of 10 and 12 o'clock at
night, trying to accomplish her ruin.
Miss Smith screamed and struggled as
appears by her testimony, corroborated
by the testimony of Mrs. O. L. Willis
and W. G. Woodward, who heard
screams at about that hour. in the night.
It appears Miss Smith had attended the
meetings of God's Regular Army in com
pany with Mns Nelly Wilson, and alter
the meeting was out started home to
gether. Matthews followed- and over
took them on the corner of Washington
and Rose streets, and went with them to
the corner of the next street west, when
the girls turned north across the Echool
house grounds past the school house,
where she parted with Miss Wilson and
turned homeward. As she camo back
past the school house Matthews, as it
appeared, bad followed them, evidently
knowing Grace would pass that way on
her return home, and was in waiting for
He met her, and at first tried to per
suade her to enter the basement with
him. This she refused to do. He then
seized her and forced her through an
open window of the basement and there
kept her nearly two honrs, trying, by
pei suasion and threats, to effect his
hellish purpose. But she fought him,
and, as admitted by himself to a com
rade, he failed to accomplish his object,
being interrupted by the appearance of
parties in search of her.
Laid to Rest.
"Well, we bnried another old pioneer
today. He was a good man, one of the
best in Oregon."
Yesterday, the above and similar ex
pressions relative to John .Fullerton, so
recently deceased, greeted our ears as
we passed through tbe streets. What a
consolation it must be to the relatives of
the deceased to know that ne was held
in so high esteem by his fellowmen, be
ing at the same also, a guarantee that
his memory will be ever green in the
heart of bis surviving friends, who now
lament the loss of his companionship.
Pioneer, after pioneer is fast succumb
ing to the grim monster Death, passing
to the sleep that knows no waking, until
the resurrection morn when the last
trump shall echo and re-echo tbe declar
ation that time shall be no more.
An affectionate father, a devoted bus
band, an honest and esteemed citizen
has passed from our midst, and in the
demise of John Fullerton, a valued and
revered ineml-er of the community, tho
city has sustained a loss that time only
in its rapid flight can repair. Yet one
consoling thought remains ; for, as at the
close of day the sun, sinking behind
the western gates, given a roseate hue to
the evening sky, so at the close of life
the knowledge that even death cannot
sever the bonds of fraternal affection,
lends a radiant glow of hope to the hori
zon that marks ont the limits of our
earthly pilgrimage. That glow of hope
gives promise of fruition in the life to
come, when a happy reunion shall have
been effected.
Washington, Jan. 10. A statement;
prepared by the director of the mint
shows the coinage executed at the
United States mints during the calendar
year just closed to have been as follows :
Gold $59,016,357
Silver 5.5SG.010
Minor coins , SS2.430
Total $G6,S40.79S
New York, Jan. 10. Exports of specie
from the port ol New York for Jbe week
amounted to $1,577,034 in gold, and
$928,119 in silver. The imports were:
Gold $ 124.S71
Silver 37,3St!
Dry goods 2.973,827
Genr'l Mdse 8.104,302
Nsw Youk, Jan. 10. The steamship
Paris, La Champagne and Aller. which
are due at this port within tho next 10
days, will bring $1,500,000 in American
gold coin ami gold bars to Zimmerman
& Forshay of this city.
Washington, Jan. 10. Today's state
ment of the condition of the treasury
Available cash balance $l73,405,29i
Gold reserve 62,6S6,393
Final Call.
porsons are hereby
notified to
make immediate settlement of their in
debtedness to the lute firm of S. Marks
& Co.; otherwise tho same will be placed
in hands for collection. Please give this
call prompt attention and thus avoid ad
ditional costs. Asuer Marks,
Administrator of Estate of S. Marks
For Sale or Rent.
The Palmer sawmill. For particulars
address. E. C. Palmer, Drain, Or,