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The Plaindealer
The Plaindealer
i You Doh't Get tub News.
Voi,. XXVI.
No. 82.
I j
Attorney at Law,
RoomtMusteaBuUdinr. - ROSKBURQ, OB
Or-Baxlnw before tht U. 8. Land OOco aad
mining ck & specialty.
Late Receiver P. B. Land Office.
Rooms 7 and S
o 4 Wilson Block.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
flee in tL Court Hooae, DoujUi coiiaty, Or,
will mts
Uee in all u eooru or ue oiau. ji-
Attorney at Law,
OSe or ex ths FottoBca oa Jaeisem stxtet.
Attorney at Law,
Li. Fatxttx Ljlsx.
Judge I Locohxkt
Attorneys fc Counselors at Law
Will sruticeia all the oouru of Orem. Ot-
tc In ti Tjlur-WllJn block.
Physician and Surgeon
(C. S. rnmlnlns Snrseon.)
OFFICE. Roocs 6 and ? MarrterV BollJlaz. I
BtsUcnoc First door South of Mrs. Currier's I
Boarding Hoosc
DW" Special attention to Sargtrr and tb
Dlscaee oi Women.
jq" J. OZIAS, 31. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Office in S. Harks 4 Co-s Block, npiUlrs.
Calls promptly aanrertd day or night.
J L. MTTiTiTTR, M. D.,
Surgeon and Homoeopathio
j:asirry, Orrgtr.
tgCanmic Otet a pedaltr.
Has been appointed Manager for
uocgias uoonij oj ue -j
OS5ce In Taylor & Wilson Btxlldinz, Roost 3,
Honrs Iros 3 to 5 p.m. SstsrdaTS, boa 9 a. ra.
tttt p. a.
County Surveyor.
Omcx: la Court Hocscl
Orders lea Sarrarin? and Field Kotes ahoald 1
be. addressed to Will P.Hejdon, Cotmtr Scr; I
rejor, Boseburp.or.
17. 8. Dcpatjr 3UneraI Sorreyor
aad TCotary Xabllc.
Omcx: County Jail BnUdiaf . np suln.
spai attention paid toTranutnand
Address. ROSEB0RG. OB.
Watchmaker aHd Jeweler,
4x1 Jacksoa Street,
At Laeasen,s C!ar ractorr- EOSEBCRG.
TmA.ll xteBalriaK ca trusted to
mT care vrlll be PROSSirrz.'r aad
carefully done.
:s mm. C7U-
Family Groceries,
Books and Children's Toys.
Pruits, Kuts, French Candies, Confectionery
Craned Goods, Coffees, Teas, Etc
Mineral, Railroad. Aricultural. I
fl. G. POTTER,
1106 O EL, . W. Washington, D. C.
n mtiTTfr In the General Land Office.
Ezatalner of Contests, Mineral ts. Mineral ti
TlxUroad and Agricultural claims, and Late
Chiel o! the Miners. SIrlslon.
Correspondence lted.
o-l nyzv pjt 1 r-ilr from iUru
1 Eicern anoFy. I'reolUrC
I driiafeitoU8lnrii.LUerJ
eomalJilon to keI pan-
I .i r.mft jst
liinSr.nuaoJejjgTM aMortroret
norser CH fortbcoTcirt,
V,e H 70U BOW, in
1. i!t lutnilrr Is to
'import nt. Oood chne ivr
' V ' ... . mtji
(Successor to J. JABKDLEK. j
radical : Wafckiiaker, :
Wonulno Brazilian Evo
Cutlery, Notions, Tobacco, Cigars and Smokers' Articles
Also Proprietor and Manager of Roseburg's Famous Uargain Store
'm I4MPS
7 ' Mftfl
' 1 Li I
Oh! no;
But vou will certainly throw VOUV Old 8iH0K
lamps JlWdy if you once see the fine center draft
lamps we have on exhibition.
Roseburg Hardware Go.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and
Stock Ranges, Timber
Prune and Hop Lands of best
in Quantities to suit intending
pces and easy terms. Inquire of
Of capacities varying from i to?25
horse power affords the most con
venient, economical and reliable
power for all light service. One of
these may be seen running at this
office. Send for circulars.
121 Main Street, San Francisco, Cal.
if Business is Not Good
The Plaindealer's
Are the Rooters for the Business flenof Douglas County.
Jeweler : ant! : Optician.
GlassoH and SwoctnolcH
Not Ours,
small, to Rent,
Lands and Mining Properties,
quality, m choice locations,
purchasers, at reasonable
s- k. buick;
But Root.
A Commission of Five.
Washington, Jan. 1. President
Cleveland today announced tho ap
pointment of the Venezuela boundary
commission as follows:
David J. Brow?r, of Kansas, asaociato
UBtico of tbo United States supremo
court ; Richard H. Alvoy, of Maryland,
chief justice of, the court of appeals of
tho District of Columbia; Andrew D.
White of New York; Frederic R. Cou
dert, of New York, and Daniel C. Gil
man, of Maryland.
Tho commission is regarded here,
among those who halnn opportunity to
see tho list of names after they were
mado public, as a;very satisfactory one,
whoso opinions and conclusions will le
received by tho American public with
that confidence which the standing of
tbo members of tho commission in the
public eyo inspires.
Brewer and White are republicans,
and Alvey andCoudort democrats,
while Gilman hasnever figured prom
inently in politics. At the White
House it is statedthat he has no poli
tics, but his proclivities are understood
to be republican. Thus both parties, it
will be seen, are equally represented on
the commissionTwith the fifth member
having no outspoken policy. All will
accept tho places to which thcy have
been appointed.
Washington, Jan. 2. It is authorita
tively stated in bcbalf of the adminis
tration, that the Venezuela commission
will bo absolute master of its own pro
ceedings, fixing tho time and place of
its meetings, and determining for itself
whether or not it shall visit foreign
countries, what class of evidence may
be taken into consideration, and how
the interested governments may be rep
resented before the tribunal. This in
dependent action is deemed necessary
to secure the commission's finding that
degree of weight and respect among
orber nations that can 1m attained onlv
through a knowledge that the body is
free from any restraint or obligation to
the United States government. Our
government will occupy the status of an
exact neutral in the proceedings.
Exciting Day In London.
London, Jan. '2. When business
opened on the stock exrlnngf ttvlay it
was notice J tbat operators felt a decided
uneasiness, due to the se'ious nons from
the Transvaal republic.
Kaffirs" and the securities of the
British C larlered Companies onened 3)
lower, but "Kaffirs" subsequent!) rallied
os the receipt of a Berlin dispatch faying
Dr. Jamieson and his expeditionary
force had arrived at Johannesburg and
ho was in friendly communication with
President Krueger.
The Times asserts that Queen Victoria
has peremptonly ordered tho Duke of
Fife, husband of Princess Louise of
Wales, to reiign tbe directorship of the
Chartered British South Africa. This
the Duke of Fife denies.
Secretary of State for tbe Colonies
Chamberlain has issued the following
statement regarding events in the Trans
vaal: "The High Commissioner is leaving
Cape Town this afternoon for Pretoria to
deal with the situation in furtherance of
a peaceful and satisfactory settlement."
Disavowed by England.
Beujn, Jan. 2. It is reported here in
official circles that tbe German govern'
ment has been informed by the govern
ment of Great Britain that tbe latter
strongly disavows the invasion of tbe
Transvaal republic by the British South
Africa Company's forces, and has sent
positive orders to Capo Town and to all
officers concerned for tbe Chartered Com
pany's representatives to withdraw from
tbe Transvaal territory at once.
A dispatch from fretoria announces
that the British agent there had tele
graphed the governor of Capo Colony,
the commandiug'gencral, of his positive
information that 800 Buchuanaland
troops, with six Maxim guns and other
cannon, carrying the British flag, had
arrived near Rustemburg, and are on the
march to Johanesburg. Tbe dispatch
added the president of tho Transvaal re
public regards tbis incursion as a sen
ous violation of tho convention with
Great Britain, and hopes immediate
steps will be taken to stop aDy further
advance of tho intruders, as ho cannot
ailow his country's rights to bo violated
in this manner.
The governor of Capo Colony reports
"I declaro if the report is truo the
Bteps were taken without my sanction or
previous knowledge. I immediately
wired my disapproval of tbo action, and
directed the' troops to retire without de
Cubans Victorious.
Havana, Jan. 2. An engagement be
tween Spanieh troops and the insurgents
has taken place at El Estante, south of
Alfonzo XII. not far from tbe frontier of
tho province of Havana.
An official announcement says tho
troops captured the insurgents' position
but tbe loss of tho enemy is not known
It is admitted two Spanish officers and
four soldiers wcro killed and 1!) wounded
Tbo insurgents, following tho usual
tactics, did not attempt a decisivo en
gagomcnt, but, after a skirmish, pro
ceeded westward, devastating tho coun
try. The authorities here, in announc
ing this skirmish, added the significant
statement that tbo troops "were moved
closer to the province of Havana," which
would indicate that the Spanish forces
are once more in retreat.
Later in tho day it was announced
here that further fighting between the
Spaniards and Cubans is taking place in
the vicinity of El Estante, which leads
the people here to believe that the insur
gents have been in pursuit of the Span
ish troops in that vicinity. The latter
were commanded by Colonel Galviz,
who was also in command of the troops
first engaged in tbe vicinity of El
Estsnte, which seems to be a confirma
tion of the supposition that tire Spaniards
were worsted and tho Cubans are mak
ing for the frontier of the province of
It is announced this afternoon that
Felippe Roderiquez, an insurgent leader,
has been killed in battle.
Jamieson Defeated.
London, Jan. 2. A dispatch to the
Exchange Telegraph Company this eve
ning says Dr. Jamieson has been se
verely defeated by tbe Boers before Jo
hannesburg. The same agency adds the
news is confirmed, and Secretary of
State for the Colonies Chamberlain has
been summoned to tbe colonial, office,
here a conference will be held tonight.
It is added the defeat of Jamieson is such
as to compel him to retreat across the
Montana's Mines.
Helena, Mont., Jan. 2. Montana
produced in metals about $47,115,000,
during the year 1895, just ended, taking
the value of the silver at the coinage
rate and estimating the last two months
of the year on a pro rata basis. The
official report of the assayer for this
office will not be readv until some time
in March, but it is believed that the
figures given-will not vary more than a
few thousand from the real amonnt.
The production of gold was $4,100,000;
ilyer, 4,500,000 ounces; of copper,
12,000 pounds; and of lead, 24,500,000
pounds. The output of copper is esti
mated as being 65 per cent, of the pro
duction of the United States. The re
ceipts of bullion at the Helena assay
office during 1S95, were 10 per cent.
greater than last year, and 4'
cent, greater than during 1S93,
Another Victim.
Chicago, Jan. 2. A special from De
catur, Mich., says: Tbe faith euro
scored another victim Wednesday when
Mrs. James Harris was borne to her
grave after an illness in which no physi
cian was permitted to administer to her
wants. Deceased was a member of that
peculiar sect which flourishes in tbis
region known as "Children of Ood," or
"Saints of tho Evening Light." Two
other members of tbe family died under
similar circumstances.
Sugar Advancing.
Chicago, Jan 3. A local paper says:
The effect of incen.liarism in the sugar-
caue fields of Cuba, by Jhe insurgents,
has reached this market with greater force
than that noted last week, and sugar is
on the up turn. Tbe net advance this
week has been lc, tho wholesale price
of granulated being 5c. Conservative
dealers aro predicting a further advance
of fully '"C, and others look for an ad
vance of 1 cent. The latest news on the
street is that the Cuban crop is rapidly
passing out of sight in smoke. The in
surgents, according to reports, seem de
termined to destroy the entire crop.
Best information from the central-pro
ducing localities state there is remaining
only 15 per cent of a crop. Early in the
crop year the yield was estimated at
1,100,000 tons. Later estimates reduced
it to 700,000 tons, afterwards to' 500,000
tons, and thb latest dispatches to whole
sale grocers make the Cuban crop only
300,000 tons.
In view of the fact that the European
beet sugar outlook is poor, there is prepa
ration for higher sugar prices.
It is a time of the year when retailers'
stocks have run low, and they are rush
iug into the market with orders.
Jobbers are buying everything they
can lay their hands on. Refineries have
been compelled to shut off large specula
five orders, and cau scarcely keep pace
with what appears to be legitimate con
sumption. Tho Loudon market is active
and advancinir, and the raw product the
world over is in big demand.
The Louisiana planters are holding
back supplies, expectiug higher prices,
Dr. Jamieson Shot.
London, Jan. 3. ibo ataniiani says
it is rumored that ur. Jamiesou was
shot today after a drum-bead court-mar
Followers Will be Released.
PnnToiiiA, Jan. 3. It is reported that
Dr. Jamieson will be tried by court-mar
tial, and his followers will be released
Tho Black Watch Highlanders have
been ordered to stop by force tho ad
vance of a ' second body of the British
Chartered Company's troops in the
WlUielm to Kruger.
Bluijn, Jan. 3. Emperor William to
day telegraphed President Kruger as fol
lows: "I express my smcero congratu
tiona that with your own 'peoplo, and
without appoaling to tho help of friendly
powers, you havosucceeded, by your own
nergetic action, aguiuat the armed
bands which invaded yonr country as
disturbers of tho peace, and have thus
been enabled to restore peace and safe
guards in tbo defense of the country
against attacks from outside."
Editor Hesse Talks.
London, Jan. 3. Editor Hesse, of tha
South Africa Critic, says he ha? a cable
dispatch referring to the recent events
at Johannesburg, sent eince Dr. Jamie
son's defeat, of such a grave nature that
he declined to publish it, until it is con
firmed from other aources. Hesse has
bad a long experience in the Transvaal,
and his' previous news regarding points
in the crisis has been accurate. In the
course ol an interview today ne was
quoted as saying: "If Johannesburg is
the same town I knew, the city has
risen, and either succeeded or failed in
tbe attempt to liberate Jamieson. I am
satisfied that all foreigners there, includ
ing Americans, would help the English.
There are practically no Boers 'at Johan
nesburg, except armed bergbers who are
parading the streets.
England not Responsible
Chicago, Jan. 3. J. B. Weinberg, of
Johannesburg, who is a present sojourn
ing in tbis city, says the invasion of tbe
Transvaal was in no tense an effort on
the part of England to annex the cele
brated South African cold fields. Tb9
people of Johannesburg would fight to a
man against coming under British rule.
"When the Transvaal was unknown
for its riches in gold and diamonds,"
Mr. Weinberg said, "the law concerning
tbe naturalization ot newcomers were
the same as in the Orange Free State,
and very smilar to naturalization laws of
the United States. When tbe country
began to fill up with miners and people
interested in the gold and diamond in
dustries, the Boers changed the. laws and
made it impossible for any one to be
come naturalized. Then a high tariff
was placed on everything the Boers were
not likely to use. Particular enmity was
shown to the mining industries. In Ibis
way the republic succeeded in levying
fully 90 per cent of the taxes on the new
population, which was denkd citizen
ship, in-order to prevent newcomers
from making an effort to equalize the
'It was fiye yea-a ago that the national
union, to remove the gross abuses, was
organized at Johannesburg, it took in
Its membership all the more progressive
mining men, many of whom were Amei-
icans and Germans, who would bilterly-
oppose any attempt on tbe part of Eng
land to annex the country. Even the
English residents would oppose any
scheme for the country's subjugation.
In my opinion the national union has
given up peaceful means for obtaining
reform, and is calling Dr. Jamieson to
help its members overturn tbe republic.
After trying all these fiye years to secure
some concessions from tbe Boera, the
national union has doubtless concluded
they will never make any tieadway until
tbe old government is overturned. That,
it seems to me, is all that Dr. Jamieson's
invasion. He has evidently determined
that he will aid the foreign element in
upsetting the Boer government, and the
next that will be heard of it will be its
accomplishment. The movement has
been on foot for some time, and the doc
tor will not stop halt way when once
Driven Out of Tacoma.
T.icoma, Jan. 2. The- Chinese have
again been driven out of Tacoma. , Tbe
two Chinese that Thomas Riggs estab
lished as servants in his home a month
age were this morning put on the train
and returned to Olympia, whence 'they
came. Mr. Riggs was tired of agitation
on the subject, and surrendered uncodi-
tionally. The public meeting called for
the 15th instant by the committee of 15
to further consider the Chinese question,
will now probably be turned into one of
Officers Installed.
The newly elected officers of the W,
K. C, No. 10, and Reno Post No. 29. G,
A. K., were installed lhursuay evening,
at the ball in the Odd Fellow's Terriple,
in tho presence of a large number of in
vited guests. After the installation cere
monies, which were impressively on
ducted by the installing officers, Mrs
Julia Abraham and J. G. t'look, eyerj
body was invited to the banquet room,
where refreshments were served. ,Fol
lowing is a list of the officers installed :
W. R. C President, Mrs. Jano .Wil
lis ; Sr. Vice Pres., .Mrs. Sadio Cannon
Jr. Vice Pres., Miss Susie Lewis; Treas,
Miss Regenia Rast; Sec, Mrs. CJara
Berry; Chaplain, Airs. YY. A. b rater
Con., Mrs, Susie Bales; Asst. Con., Mrs,
Luella xates; uuard, .Mies ivy van
Buren; Asst. Guard, Miss La Ami
G. A. R. P. C John Hamlin; S.
Adam Helfner; J. V., Silas Do
Mater; Adjt., AVai. Perry; Surg., W,
II. Byers; Chap., Geo. H. Churchill; O
D., A. O. Parsons; O. G., Malancthon
McCoy; Seriit. Major., J. W. Wright
Q. M. Sergt., J. D. Gelbert.
The Germans are now denouncing the
English for their greed. They did .not
do it when England attempted to grab
a portion of Venezuela, but when John
Bull invaded the Transvaal they became
convinced that John Bull is a hog. Tel
From Saturday's Daily.
It. S. Ingram of Deer creek is in the
city today.
David Grenot of Ward ton came oyer
to the city today on business.
A. W. Stanton of Brockway is in tbe
city today on business at the court.
G. J. Burning and R. E". Veatcb of
Portland are registered at tbe McClallen.
T. D. Amngtoa. and J. S. Duffy of St.
Louis, Mo., are registered at the Mc
W. E. Cochran of Looking Glass and
H. Hampton of Goshen are guests at the
Van Houten.
W. H. Howe of Portland, Julia Ara-
menti, Celia Schiller of New York, are
registered at the McClallen.
C. Chapman, G.W. Stanton, M. W.
Laurence and J. H. Lee of Portland are
registered at the Van Houted.
The Burns Times says the Jordan
boys, who escaped from the Harney
county jail, have gone to the Owyhee
Rather a slim audience attended the
concert at the opera .house last night,
and a large portion of Roseburg missed
a rare treat.
Dan Craft and his partner got over
$600 from 40 pounds of rock taken from
a vein on Louse creek a few days ago.
Mining Journal.
One hundred and fifty-five conversions
are reported as the result of Rev. Emma
Barrett's revival work in Grant county
since November 30.
At the auction sale today, A. J. Bel
lows bought the team for $32.50 and the
harness for $17, and Tony Thompson
got the buggy for $60.
Jail breaking seems to be the rule all
around. Four men have escaped from
tbe Oregon City jail Sunday night and
so far have not been recaptured. -
Fred Wright has gone in with David
Gelwick in the restaurant business on
Jackson St. Call on Fred and Dave
when you want a No. 1 beefsteak or a
"fine oyster stew.
The Eugene Guard is clamoring for a
bachelors' club. What Bro. Campbell
wants to do with a club is a mvstery.
unless it is to protect himself from old
maids during leap year.
Junction City people think that a
crpamerv for lliat Icwd JanovrflSsarDj.
Tho plant will cost about $2000, and will
be able to work up the milk from 1000
cows. The product of 215 cows bas al
ready been promised.
The day is fine, the air is soft and
balmy and tbe streets are thronged with
pedestrians 10 enjoy the invigorating
sunshine. A large number of farmers
and their families also are in town shop
ping, and all nature seems jubilant.
As we go to press, the ladies of Rose
burg are holding a meeting in the city
hall for the purpose of completing the
organization of a woman's clnb, for
mental, moral and social culture. A
worthy move, and may success attend it.
The state board of equalization
turned over to the secretary of state the
equalized assessments, and adjourned
yesterday. The governor, secretary of
state and treasurer will convene soon to
fix upon the amount of revenue to be
Mr. Baird, of the firm of Wilson &
Baird, owners of the Tolo mine, was,
last week, exhibiting some fine nuggets,
eof which was worth $115.00, and
and another $40-00, taken from this mine.
The ares are run at the Ashland mill.
Mining Journal.
The public school begins again Mon
day and the army of boys and girls will
be wending their way, happy as a lark,
to the temple ot learning. 'Tis well ;
the public school is the hope of America,
the paladium of liberty. Cursed Le the
hand that shall assay to tear it down.
The Aramenti Concert Company gave
a musical entertainment in v lilanl iiall
last evening. The attendance was not
what it ought to have been considering
the high ment ol the perlormers, as
each of them is a star. Eugene Guard.
Same here. Oregonians don't take to
music, and a "corporals guard" couldn't
be mustered to hear the divine Patti.
Quite a number of citizens met at
Grange hall Thursday and discussed the
question of a co-operative store and
warehouse at Roseburg. Without com
ing to any determinate conclusions the
meeting adjourned to meet again Feb.
11th to mature plans and mode of opera
tion. The populistic sachems met in solemn
conclave at Medford last week to discuss
tho proposition of establishing a news
paper in Jackson county, and decided
to desert the Valley Record and pin
their faith and a bonus of $500. to tho
Gold Hill Mfner, says the Jacksonville
Democratic Times.
The holiday season is past, but the
season for weariug good warm clothing
will continue tor sooio months yet. So
you who wish to be warmly clad and in
fashionable attire, call on Wollenberg &
Abraham, where you can be supplied
with tbe beet at- the lowest prices. Also
bear in mind that we have in stock at
the Square Deal Store an endless variety
ol dry goods, such as is kept in a first
cUm mercantile establishment. Thank
ful for patronage during the past year,
wo, Wollenburg & Abraham, your hum
ble seivants, ask a continuance of the