The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 09, 1895, Image 4

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One of our ettaemcd friends who, by
the way is an avowed populist, continues
in harp upon the advantages of free
trade. He claims that the tariff is a tax
and that tho conaumor has In pay it.
For the sake of argument we will allow
that he doe pay it though wo assert it
is not a fact always. If by any system
of trade arrangements we have to pa,
way, twenty por cent more for an aiticle
uo use, (and that is the avorno rate un
der iho McKinley- tariff) and by nrraogc
luenl e can make forty per cent in the
trade in which we are engaged, it cer
tainly ia to our advantage to go into that
Thus under high tariff, wages are
alout double what they are under free
tiade. In addition to this increase of
nsges to workingmeo, they are assured
f constant employment. This fart must
net be lol fight of. It i an important
thing "to consider permanent employ
ment. Let us instance certain facts. Three
cars ao a uit of clothes con hitn ISO,
which now can te had for $15. That is
percent les now than three years ago
umlt-r the McKinley tariff. Then wauep
-re Ii5tl kt day. Now wagen are
tl.5, 4U per cent les-s, and most ol the
tim no wo k to do out of employment.
A suit of clothes will, at least, last
a man 'is months or UO da a, which at
$2.50 per day will yield him $3S0.
'lw, at f 1.50 per day, allowing he can
hare constant employment, will field
him only $234. Now subtract that from
3W, it will show a loss of $150. while hi
train on a low tarit! coat will be only $5.
or a clear loss of $151 In six months.
But when we como to consider that
under low tariff, as at present, he cannot
secure work more than half the time, it
makes $75.50 more he looter, or $226.50
in the six months under low tariff.
The more we investigate the measures
advocated by the presidential message,
the more, aside from party views, we see
to condemn. Hie tariff question is a de
batable one. There are, tosay the least,
two sides to it. But the finance position
of his message, it seems, ia so clearly ose
sided that thB "waj faring man though a
fuol" need not err to the extent of the
pn-sident The caneellins of all redeemed
b. notes, treasury notes and silver
certificate and allowing the national
banks to issue to the par value of their
deposits, the reduction of tax on them
from 1 per cint to of 1 per cent and
allofin private hanks of isue, and the
sale of bunds to foreign capitalists for
gold to retire government paper currency
are, in oar opinion, the acme of folly
and unworthy the head of a great nation.
It appears that in view of the fact that
he" perceives the hopelessness cf his party
further controlling the government he is
qo purposely aiming to throw the gov
ernment into the bands of the popniis
pany, wnose extreme views in an oppo
site direction wuold tend to make his
views by comparison the proper thing.
Uit tne'ge will populize democrats Ly
tlw thon.n(L.
The Plaisdejileh has a scheme for re
planishing tn United Slate's treasnrv
It is that of cutting down the expenses
. !n-ring the salaries of all the chief
"i-i-uuve nd ministerial officers to at
lean 25 per cent, 50 per cent would be
better. A few incumbents might kick
aptirut this scheme, bat there would be
found competent men enough to sopply
th. places of all who might resign. We
would be willing to take tho president's
place shonld be resign and wo would
guarantee to do as good service.
We onre knew a doctor who bled for
all diseases he was called on to treat, on
the theory that bleeding drew off the
vims of disease. So Cleveland teems to
think that depleting the treasury of Unit
ed States and treasury notes and silver
certificates will draw off the ills he says
the government is laboring nnder. Junt
so, but like the quack doctor bleeding
his patient, the good blood goes with the
bad. So drawing the treasury of paper
takes good monev from circulation.
The production of wool in the United
fctatee steadily increased from 1840 to
1669, when it decreased for four years
then 6 eadily increased till 1893. Since
then it has fallen off again. The impor
tation of foreign wools, except 1872 and
18$.), has been almost stationary until
Cleveland's election in 1892 Since
then it baa fallen off again about 25 per
cent, showing that protection does pro
The president says in His message that
"the country is ill and needs heroic
treatment." The president has correctly
diognose-d the patient. It is sick, yery
nick. The republican party will admin
Hter heroic treatment as soon as it can
reach the patient next November. It
will administer an emetic that will cause
Uncle Sim to eject that cyst of political
microbes infesting his corporosity.
It r asserted that Indiana Populists
wieh to nominato Debs for governor, but
Debs ia too well pleased with liberty juet
now to crawl into a hole like that.
We will wager a cookie that congress
will not endorse Cleveland's financial
The democrats would do well to i.ooii-
nato Cleveland for president next year.
They nre already beat. So they may as
well run Cloroland, tho man to whom
largely thoy owo their defeat and let the
people eet down on him bo ho can bco
himself a3 others eeo him a dead duck
According to reports of the hop market,
the prospect of Dotiglun county hop
grower ia not cheerful. This will prove
a great drawback to this industry hicli,
if remunerative, would be of great bentit
as a distributor of wages to tho needy
laboring class.
The announcement that Yale and
Princeton each icceivsd $14,000 from the
piomds of their leieut football game
ought to put an end to tho old theory
that college training doesn't fit u man fnr
Although the cold hhcoii has barely
legnn eastern exertiet-titiiatethut mote
of the United Slates is now roveirduith
snow than at any time Inst winter.
The Woodmen of Roseburg.
Oak camp, No. 125, Woodmen of tho
World, of this cityT gave an entertain
ment Thursday night in their hall in the
old Masonic building. F. J. Mcllenry,
of Portland, deputy head consul of Ore
gon, was present, and delivered an elo
quent address on the principles of wood
craft. A special dispensation was grant
ed for the evening, and 25 applicants
presented their names for membership,
after which they repaired to the ban
quet hall, where nil did ample justice to
a well prepared supper.
.In Walter Parlance.
They have a new waiter in one of the
Vine-street restaurants. He is quick and
deft, and promires to be a great favorite
with the customers. Tho proprietor had
to call him down., however, on the see
ond morning and ask hiai to .'peak Eni;
lieh as it is f poken in Cincinnati.
An early breakfast ordered "sausasre,
hot cakes and toadied eggs."
And the new waiter made the back
part of the planning with, "A cable line.
a stack of wheat and two jwliccmen on
horseback!" Cincinnati Trlbnne.
Denied at Paris.
1'akis, IVc. 0. It was Feini-othcially
denied this evening that there was any
troth io the story telegraphed the Pall
Mall Gazette from Uouie that I!usia and
France bavo withdrawn from the con
cert of the poer. regarding the Tnrtith
question and that efforts Jare now being
made to hold a European coi.ferenre.
Similar reports have been circulated, it
is claimed, uy agents of the Turkish gov
eminent frequently during the past
month or two. In fact, the same rumer
has Iten started several times in differ
ent rhapes duiingthe fast seek.
Fired Two Shots.
Pasis. Dec. 0 In the chamber of dep
uties today, at the conclo?ion of the de
bate on' the bndget of the ministry of
jotice, a stranger io the gallery fired two
shots from a revolver. Thereupon the
electric btlls, which were placed nil
or the boilding a.W the bomb outrage
was committed by Valliant, tho anarch
ist, were mug. The door were instantly
closed and susrded. The stranger was
arrested. Nolody wa- hurt.
Cut His Throat.
SiocKTOjf, Cal., Dec. C Albert Mc
Reynolds, one of the suspects in the
Sonora jail, for the alleged mur er of
George Morris, killed himself last night
in his cell, cutting his throat with a
pocket knife. lie was found dead this
morning. His euicide has caused all to
think that the assassins of Postmaster
George Morris have bn captured. The
grand jury is investigating the chargt-s
against Westley McKeynold, the other
Turkey Successful.
London-, Dec. 6. A dispatch to the
Pall Mall Gazette from Home, published
this afternoon, fays much excitement
has been caueed there by the statement
freely 'made in diplomatic circles that
Russia and France had withdrawn from
the concert of the powers regarding the
Turkish question, and efforts are now be
ing made to hold a European conference,
probably at Vienna.'
Paris, Dec. G. A special from St.
IVlercbnrg says: It is reported tho Chi
nese government has asked the govern
ment of Ru'ia if, in the event of being
requested to do so, it would send an
army w rps to puppres the rebellion of
tlie Dungans. The rebels are reported to
have captured Lan Chuan, 2000 men, 30
guns and large quantities of stores and
Administratrix Notice.
JOTICE Is hereby Riven that the undersigned
has been by the Countr Court of Douglas
county, Ort-Ron, appointed administratrix of
the estate of Mary T. Ullllland, deceased. All
person having claims agalnU sold estate are
required to present the same, with the proper
vouchers, within six months from the date o(
this notice, to the undersigned, nt tho oiricc of
Win. H. Willis. In the Court house, Koeburg,
vougia county, uregon.
Dated, this 5th day of December, lfOi.
Administratrix of the Estate ol Mary T. Oll-
iiiaim, sjeccofca.
TVTOTVK is hereby given that the under
signed has been apiKilntcd tho executor
of tho estate of James Dixon, deceased. All
persons having claims ngatnst the estate are
hereby notified to present them with thcprojcr
vouctx-r tn the undersigned within six months
rom i'. laic oi mis notico nt nis place ol resi
dence .'eh is tn Deer Creek district, Douglas
coair. it.ite of Oregon.
Daud, this Cth day of December, 1S03.
Executor of the (state of James Dixon, dc-cesfed.
Notice of Sale of Real Property for De
linquent Taxes for the year 1894.
Xotlools herebT Ktvon. that bv virtue of a
warrant duly Issued out ol and under tho seal of
the county court ol Douglas county. Btate of Or-
cKon, on the IStn day ol October, 1&U5, and to mo
directed und delivered, commanding me to levy
uihju nnu mate tmo 01 trio goous and c rumen 01
the dcllnauent tax TinTcn namud In thu delin
quent tax roll of said county, for tho year lsiH,
thereto attached, and It none bo found ttu-n
upon the rem properly m eet lortii and acicnucu
In mid delinquent tax roll for lbl. for laid
coiiutr, or mi much a may be nufflclcnt to sat-
my ino arnouui ui uciinquciii iaxm runrHCi
thereon lor lbSH, together with the cost nnil ox
joiiH' of making tuch sale. In purnuanrc
hereof 1 lmvu levied upon the following de
scribed renl property in ald county and stato.
which mid rvul property U owned, described and
nascocdai follows:
Archaiubenu, F. A., one-sixth Interest In
the v. and J. Arcnambeau estate IP 27
a.r7w S 11 U
Archambcuu. Lee one-sixth Interest In
the r . and J. Arcnambeau estat, tp 27
k. r 7 w
10 yi
5 12
llates, 1'. S , uM, n. nwi;, not 1, tp 31
s, rO w .... .
Beukmau and wlte, w aw, ne wj,
e.1 svtj, rc 6, tp 27 s, r w; se ex-c-nt
vol C Deeds, naze 153
2! -14
7 W
Iteiiuetl, W. J.. Itosebunr, lot 10, block It
Dldwell, JI., y, sw4, n!ie'X, pt nc.i
sMJi, sec 1:, tp a s, r t w, so u tea, sec
11. in-JO . rO w
12 W
43 &
Uonauia J d mining Co., Irsc nwJJ sh,,
e'i nn'i am: in sec it, tp , r -i w, .
Uie. IiOiiis Kst.. cj Ki iiwij seJi, sei
hm1. ntjsi. nwJi sw)i, secsul and
V.', tp SOn, r 1 w ............. ...
Bayer, J. U. and wife, nw, und ne.
tec ', ip j 1, r 7,
2 CO
1 10
8 71
Brown, C. U, uU uA i, sec SO, tp 'il , r 4 w
iirown, u., nc;i nn;.
sec 21, tp Si s, r
Bulktcy. K. A., snji. sec 22, tp 21 s, r 5 w,
liuruliBin, Geo. C, In sec 31, tp 27 s, r 6 w,
Capplous, W. C. Kst., ti iwJi, scJJ swjj.
r 7 w 11 16
Cavanntik'h. Marr C. st"i UtAi. sc 30. tti
Sl,r7w 1 1J
Cooper, J. T.,winwlsec, tp 2C s, r 5
w, sjj ne'i.sejswji.lotslto 7 and 0,
sec 3, ip Si s, r a w, an nc;i, sec
25 s, r a w, S swJ. ec 37, tp 25 s. r 5 w,
5iie'.ec2S, tps5s,r5w, w H se,
nw 4.Ji sw;, nwi sw.i, sec SS, tp 25 ,
r 5 w. Mclalnis Stands. tps25and2C.
r 5 w, lots 5 and 6, sec 32, tp 25 s, r 5 w, 107 S3
Crother. Eva A., lot 3. cc 10. tp 24 s. xi w 23
Dixon, w. u. u., sj sw, sec i, ip j- .
r i w, pt claims &, aud M, secU, In 27
s, r5 and 6 w, ni sec 3, tp27 , r 5 w,
&i e?s wj. lots jnd i, secO, lp27 s,
r 5 w, sec s, tp 27 a. r 5 w, ejj nwjf,
neX4. ncj awj. lot 1 to S. sec 7, tp 27 .
r 5 w, lrim land sold McLallen and
othen, sis, tc&, tp27 s, r 5 w, nc-4,
lou 1 and 2, sec 6, tp 27 , r 5 w, lots 7
nndS, sec 30. tp26 , r 4 w, sej nei,
ce lots 3 and 4, sec 31, tp 26 s. r 5 w,
w, sec 3?, tp 20 s, r 5 w, s in,';, sec 21.
Ipa;,r5 w.lots 1,2 and 9. nc;,
Hrc2S.r5.w. nU neii. scc31. tp; s. r o
w, p: claim 50. tp27 s, r&ando w 223 51
Duncan. A. F.. ceji sec 3. IB 21 1, r 0 w . It i5
Kavcs. Luclau. wU fl4. eV4 e!4. sec 16. tp
l'J MS.. 0 to
Uowctt. J. 1I-. elj tH, swJi scJi. se'i iw4t
see 1 . tp Jl s, r w. . 13 :
llarrif , 1". A., cl 37, tp 21 s. r w, nei sei,
sw.. nJ4 sJi, cc6 tp2l s, r -I v,
nt1. nd. lot 1. !;. c?i sec 7, to
2s. rw. M -
Hcald, ilary L, South Drain, all bloct 10,
lots 7 and S. b!k 1 lots 1 to i, 0 and 7.
blk 2J.. . s M
Henderson, V. A., srdlncr. lot 1. blk 10,. 7 70
Ileieht. ucuvlu). s4i. nV;. sec X , tp 27 .
r3w 13 11
Hill. y. it., Est., e e, swJ ncJ-4, 33,
tp2Js.r5w.nc4sii,sc33,tp25, r
5 w, pt Gardiner1 II. C, and his D. C. In
tp 20 , r 5 w. Lot i, (cc , lot 5, cc 5,
lot 2. sec :. ti 2i s. r 5 w. nw';: xc 4.
n!4. C9. kc 5, ... C7
Hill. W. O.. In tp5, r5 w. 3 ui
Johnon. 5Irs. Fannie, nud 1-7 Itobt.
Smith's D. C..tp23.r5 w, . s 71
Kelettc. Maria II., nej nei. tec 1, tp
2Jt, rSw, 1 t
Kcjtcr. W:u- In Sec 10. tp SJ . r 3 w, 2 C
Kravrj, W. II., lots 1 and 1 Hazel's add 2 I)
Lei.nard.M.. nri4. nw4seI. ec II. tp -J
f.rStv.. 9 UJ
Ldbman. Jo.. t: cl 43. tp 3) s. r 5 w. let 1.
hc& tp3i s, tlw . a .
Union. 'f . E.. lots 1 and 2, s.s c?., kc SC.
tpli.rl2w, 4 li
JleClnre. John, sw.'i, swJi neji. sec 10, tp
2S. . rS w. swli nrii. ncli cc?i. tve 14.
It3 , r 5 w 11-4
McDonald, F. V., neJ4. scii nwi,wj,
u, sw'i, (U sn'i. C VS. IP22, I
Moure. J. U, sw!4 wHi, ec2. Ip33s, r7w. 1 15
Moorv. Luclnda. !;:,;. s!i sw'i, sec
II. tp27s. r w. .. 4 37
MorrlKHJ. J. I)., pt claim 42. sec 21, tp2s.
Morrion, W. T.. pt cl It, sec 21, tp Z) . r
4 w.
Myrtle Crek Consolidated Gold Mlnlns
and Manufeeturing Co. nn4.ev2l, tp
. r 4 w. M K
Nobte, Harry C. lou 12 and 13, sec 31, tp
Max'h,rilT&' nejlcwji'scc ji. tp"U3 s, r
5 ir...
Stephen. A. Vi., lot 3, sec 11, tp 27 s. r 3 w,
Smllh. A. A.. nn'i. sec 21. to 25 . r
1 10
1 13
4W. - . 110
Palmer. Caroline E., end ; net, xe V2,
l'autou, A. C, sjj sec 16, tp 22 s. r t w,
w!4. s3s nw;., ic3S. tpl7 . r 5 w,.. -ialtrron.
Hamilton Est., n nw', J4
9 i'-
10 0
nwt nuV: sl.. Hf. tni . r t. w.
Patterson, is., ri nri:, sec 2. tp 24 .
r 6 w. ail stc2S Ip2l , r6 w. . SI S7
retcr, G. w pt ti neil. e'i tril. sec 32.
tp2ls. rSw 1143
Putnam, C.F., sco F. lulnam' D. C and
Jo. Dalslcy's D. C, tp 26 s, r 6 w, swj4.
nw!i, sw), lots 1 and 2. sec ?, tpas
,rnr, n;-,, s7.4, lou 1 and 2, see 15, tp
22 , r 6 w. lots 4 and 5, n- Jcseph. Put
Dsai, D. C, -c 17. tp 23 , r C w 190
Putnam, Mrs. S., Si, neji nc"i, lot
6, sec!1, tp22s. rs w .. 23 CO
Ramlt. Bruno H .sn'f, sec 30. tp 21 s, r
nernoidsT Milton. 'awf swji. setT f." tpSl
. r7 w. . 1 13
I'.ob-on, E. F., eJ4 neJi, sec!6,tp 15s, raw 2 JO
Roche, John, njj nej-i. sec 20, tp 13 . r 11
vr. nw'i nwji. wcl, tp 13 s, r 11 , w'4
te?;. See 17, tp 19 s, r 11 w, I
nondvau. Frank, Est.. nU nw'i, sec 21. tp
25 , r7 w. . 4 CO
Roe, Aaron, Boseburg 3rd southern Add.,
lots 12 and LT. block 91. 6 1
Roc, A.. 3rd Southern Add., Roscburx, lot
1. block SO, 3 2;
Shangle, F. E., wj seii, ne"i nw'i, sec 4.
tp 23 s, r 5 r, 2 S3
shehan. E. J., nw'l sec 36. tp 20 s.
shutram, Geo., lots Sand 9, blk 1. Shut
rum Add. to Yoncalla 3 Z4
Simmons, I., Oakland, I'.. R. Add., lot 3
block b,. .. . . 2 4
Small, ucorge, wjscj.;, neJtseJJ, teJX no
ii, sec 20, tp22s, rl2w, .
Stearns Frnlt Land Co.. between lota 1 to
20, tp 27 s. r 5 w.... . tl 1-0
Steel, W. G.. pt Chitwood's D. C IS IrJ
EUthcrlln. Msud. Oakland, it. It. Add.. 1
block 23 5 20
butherltn, Thomas, Mj; se'J. sec 9, tp 25 s,
r 5 w, f r wU. wU neii, sec 22. tp 25 s. r 5
w, cU cl), tp -ii s, r 5 w,. ..... bd 'Z
Smith, A.M.. swU nw'i, nwi ivt i sec
IMP 30 s, r4w 2 DO
Terrill. W. D., pt cl 46, tp 30 s. r 4 w, 27 34
walker. Thomas M. sw!i tvtli. sec 3S. to
20 s, rlOw 190
W heeler. C. H.. itK ttli. self ivii . sec X.
tp23s, r5w, . 3 31
hethem. James, Roseburg, lots 4 to 10,
blk 4, Tp. Add.; lots A to D, blk 4, Tp
Add.-, lots 4 to 11, blk 5, Tp. Add.: lots 4
to II, blk C.Tp. Add ; lots 2 to 11, blk
10. Tp. Add.: lots 1 to 5. blk 11. To. Add.:
lota 3 to , blkl2,Tp. Add.. 21 C5
Whltteek, Mary, Roseburg. lots 12 and 13.
blk 71, 1st a Add , 12 i'J
W hlte, C O., $ neJ. cc 19, tp 29 , r o w,
nwj4, sec a). lt29 s. r5w.... . E0
okum, J. I., In tp 30 s, r 5 vr, .. 13 23
oung, A. M in tp 21 s. r 7 w. Elkton. 3
to 6. blk 15, . 7 Cfl
Chattlcld. A. O . Yoncalla, lot 2, blk u 63
Tenant, Mrs. Phoebe, se'i, sec 10. tp 32. r
C w C W
And will on
Tuesday, the 17th day ol December, A. U,
between the hoars of 0 o'clock in the forenoon
and 4 o'clock In the afternoon, to-wit: At 1
o'clock in the afternoon k-11 nt public auction
at the court house door In Koeburg, Douglas
coiiniy, uregon, 10 ine jngnesi oiuuer lor easn
in nonu, an i:ie nioe iueribrt real property,
or so much thereof as will U' lu-rrSMirv to sal
isfv the amount of the delliinueiit taxes ehsrs-nl
therein for said Douglas comity, Oregon, for
isi, nun lor 111c costs ni nils sale.
I)ntelnt Roseburg, Oregon this 13th day o
Sheriff and Tax Collector for
Douglas County, Oregon
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face, bodjr and limb,
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spells, cold, clammy
feet and hands, sour
risings, fatigue, in
somnia, ana au dis
eases of the stomach,
liver and kidney?.
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All the Leadinp Feature that have the monthly bo popular are retained
and many New Feature added, such a (jeneral and Local Market Prices, Crop
Reports in their Feason, ( on.iensfd Farm K wo, and Letters Amonjr the Farmera.
Its Fairm Feafcufcs.
Live Stock, Dairvinir. Horticnlture, I ultry, Market Gardening: and other
opics, written by Practirr ai d Sncce?8ful farmers, supplemented tvith Illnetra
ions ,by able artists, contine t make it nvaluable to those who "farm it for a
The Latest Maiket -id.I Agrii'itltnre are Leading Features, Ir
which the Agriculturist ir not excelled. li.. ! Special Correspondents at tie
General and Local Murat-t LVnters A over ?r- United States enable ns toreport
the latest prices on everv'iiii'i; the Farmer 1. im to s-ll. This Department alone It
wortli many timet) the co-t if a year's gubst -iption to any Farmer.
Five Editions!
. are lfat.,itli for five dijjerent sections of the
country, Em rem, Middle, Central, Western. Southern.
liacit Kditioa contains hpo--Ul Local Fea'" res characteristic of its Eection, per
fectly adapting it to the uan'u ol the farmei- f.f the different states in that section.
Thns each edition beeome.-' U tbe Farmers - - much their home agricultural papers
as though pul liehed at th-ir own state capral.
The Family Features,
Short Stories, Latest Fashions, Fancy "Work, The Good Cook,
Talks with the Doctor, Fuzzlo Contests
and Toungr Fclka' Fsge,
combine to make this Department of as mn i value and interest as moat of th
Special Family Faptrs.
Questions answered on La, Medicine. Veterinary and other topics FREE.
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