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- OCTOBER 7. 1895.
The Water Company, by ita mouth
piece, tbe Revfew, cornea out this morn
ing asserting that: "There Is not a citi
zen of Hoeeburg who honestly beliores
tbil the candidate for couuciliuen m tho
taxpayers' ticket art) in any way what
ever pledged to tho interest of that or
any other corporation."
As a denial cf that assertion it is suffi
cient nnswcr- to Mate that David Moore
and fl. C. Slauton arc known to favor
the Water Company. Thcso two men
wo know, from their action on the ali
xen'fl committee rabod a few weeks ago,
and it is reasonable to suppose, that tho
uther gentlemen aie of a like opinion or
tbey would not be so ardently supported
by tho llamiltona and Sheriilaue.
ThcSht is net againat that ticket on
personal grounds, but upon the attitude
It hold on the question of renewal of
that one-sided contract with the com
anyr.for, disguite it a thej may,
that ia tbe .only lasue. Tbe Re
view extra" worked up Sunday and held
back till near tbe opening of the polls,
tries to ehow tbat as Mr. Marka pays
$1,000 taxes, he is the man. Admitted
ho does, lie don't pay more than bis
jost proportion of taxes, if be doea that.
The $1,000 tax is his tax on about 190.
000. The tax be pays doubtless covers
tbe tax on the company of which ho is
administrator. That estate was ap
praised at 2lB,'00o.
Aa to that dodging the issue by assert
ing tbat "several candidates on tho so-
called citizens' ticket nave no property
interest to protect and no taxes to pay,"
it is sufficient to say that any elector is
eligible to office, and not one on the citi
zens ticket has had paid for him a nom
inal tax by the interested parties to make
them eligible. Every candidate on the
citizens' ticket is a leg-! elector and is
Tho contest in Monday's election
teems ttf be between tho "Water Com
pany and ihose opposed to having tliat
company fastened upon them like a
leech, sacking the life blood out of tho
city's prosperity. Let all citizen's de
sirous of the city's welfare stand up in
. plialanx, determined tliat no monopoly
of any kind or cliaractcr shall receive
their suffrage. The Water Company, as
we judge from observation, is determined
and active, putting forth every effort to
bring the city's future in subjection to
their demands, and should they be suc
cessful in their efforts, the taxpayers
will then have an onerous burden im
posed'utKMi them without any corres
Ionding benefit. It is to the interest of
every citizen of the city to see to it that
no monopoly sliall gain control of any
franchise tliat will inuro injuriously to
the city's welfare, or the imposition of
heavy taxes upon her citizens. Should
the so-called taxpayers' ticket gain the
victory'next Monday, they then may be
prejared to suffer the ill consequences
resulting therefrom, and for a decade of
years they will regret that they havo
brought themselves under the domina
tion of a monopoly, greedy and insatiate,
and which knows no law other than
tho doctrine that "might makes right."
Citizens, it is in your power to prevent
this monopoly from fastening its fangs
upon you. See too it that you exercise
that rower by voting the Citizens ticket
next Monday, and you will then have
the consciousness of having performed
your duty to yourselves and to the city's
lK'3t interest?.
The fight is on, and on next Monday
must be decided whether cororulion
rulo shall control the interest of tho city,
or whether tho citizens shall bo left free
and untrainmeled in the administration
of municipal affairs. If tho citiiona aro
desirous of living under corporate rule,
then voto tho Bo-callod tax (layers ticket,
for bo by doing you will havo taxes to
pay to saiety, for it la well known
wherever corporato power has tho
ascendencyin municipal affairs, taxes
aro alwayslncreased bo as to advance the
financial interests of tho corporation
holding the reigns of power. Any ono
conversant with tho affairs of tha city
uitiRt bo well awaro that corporate power
has for some past months put forth all
aud every effort ikjbsIuIb to keep tbe
citizens iu subjection to their avaricious
demands, an t should this bo called tax
payers ticket, alias corporation ticket, bo
victorious next Monday, then may tho
citizens kneel to that corporate power
and virtually surrender their best inter
ests to those who through pecuniary con
sideration would sacrifice private and
public interests to fill their already
plethoric purses.
Tho citizens ticket headed by A. C.
Marstera was nominated in n fair and
impartial manner, every citizen of the
tho city having the right and privilege of
being heard at tho lime the nomination
was made, and on that ecoro no excep
tions can bo takon to the ay find man-
uer in which the ticket was placed in tho
field, and the nominees belug citizona of
unexceptional character thoy should bo
most overwhelmingly elected. Vote the
citizens ticket and tho interests ot the
citizens will bo in trustworthy bauds.
Vote tho taxpayers, alias cororation
ticket and bo prepared to suffer tho con
sequences of monopolistic rule, a rule
under which r.t all times and under all
circumstances tho tax payer has Buffered
grevious burdecfl. Voto .tho citizens
ticket and thus consign monopoly to tho
maelstrom of political death.
Cuba's Present Condition.
New Yokk, Oc. 3. Tho World tomor
row will print extracts from a .private
letter from Cnlu, which predicts a fan
ine it tho war continues. Tho troops in
tho interior jiart of tho island aro suffer
ing unheard-of harpships. They aro
famished, clotheales, shoeIese,and with
out medical attendance. The officers
confess the total demoralization of the
army aud pronounce tho difficulty insur
Tho departments of Santiago, l'uerto
Principe, Santa Clara and Mutanzas,
that is tosay, nearly all of tho island,
aro betas devastated. Every ho re small
parties of rebels patrol tho country with
perfect impunity, robbing and firing
In tbe port of Havana, there is a tittle
ol sugar of 300,0(0 tons without buyers
The sugar estates have no money to pay
their workingmen, who aro driven by
starvation to join the robels, and no life
is safe in tho country. The money in
circulation is tbe $5,000,000 monthly pay
of the army, of which eomo is remitted
to officers' families in Spain. The sugar
planters are mined completely. They,
at least thus far, have constituted an ele
ment of production.
The picture that Cuba presents today
is very gloomy, and the futuro is very,
very dark.
Cuba's Independence.
Chicago, Oct. 4. The Times-Herald
prints tho following, dated September 23,
from tbe headquarters of tho general of
the rebel army," at Tnerto Principe,
"At a meeting of tho Cuban provincial
delegates in this place today, tho report
of tbe special commit tec appoiutid to
draft a constitution was adopted without
debate, tbe fundamental laws of tbe re
public were formally proclaimed and tho
indepence of the island from Spain sol
emnly declared. The provincial govern
xnent of General Maceo gives way to this
permanent organization:
Tresident, Salvador Cisncroa of
Puerto Principe ; vice-president, Barto
molo Maceo of Manzanillo ; secretary of
war, Carlos Koloff of Santa Clara; for-
eisn affairs, Rafael Portuondo of Santi
ago; treasury. Severs Pina of Sancti
Spiritu; interior, Santiago J. Kaninares,
of Remedios ; gencral-in-chief. Maximo
Gomez; lioutenant-general, Antonio
"The province of Santa Clara, Santi
ago, Havana, l'uerto Principe and Mat
anzas aro all represented in this new gov
County Indebtedness.
Tho following figures show the county's
ct. 1, ISiH $172.15)3.15
Oct. 1, 18S5 144,397.88
Decrease 27,705,-'7
A reliable dealer. II. C. Stanton.
To the voters of the city of Roseburg,
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for city marshal, at the election to be
held the 7th day of October, 1895.
T undersigned hereby announces
liiniM-lf a candidate for the office of city
marshal, at the coming election, Octo
lwr 7th, 1893. F. W. CARROLL.
flust be Arbitrated.
New Youk, Oct. 4. A 8iecial to tho
Herald, from Washington, Bays:
The great international quostion ot tho
hour is tho Venezuelan boundary dis
pute. Secretary Olney has prepared a
dispatch to Ambassador Bayard which
will 60on bring tho matter to an isjue.
This dispatch is of a most positive and
unequivocal naturo. As soon aa it shall
lj placed before tho Uritish government
it will raise an issue which can be set
tled only by tho retreat of ono or tho
other governments. Tho stand takon by
tho United States in this dispute ia ono
which involves one of the oldest and
most sacred traditions of tho government
an enforcement of the Monroo doc
trine. Secretary Olney's dispatch is, in
substance, a declaration in tho most pos
itive language that tho United States will
not content to British occupation of tho
disputed territory in Venezuela unless
that nation's right thereto is determined
by arbitration. This declaration ia sub
stantially the same as that which was
made soino months ago and to which the
British foreign office replied with a state
ment that while England's right to a
part of the territory in question could bo
submitted to arbitration, tho right to an
other part of tho region iu question could
not bo submitted to such adjudication.
When Great Britain took this ground
the question which President Cleveland
and his advisers had to decido was
whether the United States waa bound by
the Monroo doctrine and by her dignity
to insist that all of tho torritory iu dis
pute should be submitted to arbitration,
or whether by conceding England's con
tention we should virtually abandon tho
field and Ieayo Venezuela to light it out
alone. Few more serious questions havo
presented themselves to an American ad
ministration within recent years. The
decision of Uie president and his cabinet
advisers, after careful discussion aud
painstaking investigation, is that a bold
and consistent policy shall bo adopted,
and this policy has been formulated in
the dispatch which Ambassador Bayard
will lay before the British government as
soon as he returns from his present jour
ney to Scotland.
The dispatch meets England's rejoin
der with a reaffirmation of tho principle
of tho original contention expressed in
phrases which leave no possibility of
doubt aa to tho meaning ot tho earnest
ness of the United States.
It does more. In polite, but firm and
significant words Secretary Olney de
clares it to bo the belief of the United
States government that the territorial
claims which Great Britain has set in
Venezuela are in tho nature of an at
tempt to seize territory on iho American
continent to which she has no legal right.
Tho eecretary joints ont two horns to the
dilemma, leaving Great Britain to choose
which it will accept.
First If the quarrel with Venezuela is
an ordinary boundary dispute, having ita
origin in fanlty descriptions, imperfect
surveys or other misunderstanding, a
refusal to arbitrate tho samo is contrary
to tho precedents set by Great Britain
herself and contrary to tho practico of all
civilized nations.
Second If, on tho other hand, as ap
pears to bo the case, and, aa is the belief
of tho president of the United States, tho
dispute as to the location of a boundary
line is a mere disguise under which Great
Britain is attempting by superior force to
extend her territory in America, this is
directly violative of tbo Monroo doctrine,
and will never bo submitted to by tbo
United States.
This is tbo substanco of the dispatch.
which, in all probability, will become
one of tho most famous dispatches sent
out of tho American stato department.
It is a direct, positive and practical ap
plication of tho Monroo doctrine in its
broadest aspect to tho quarrel between
Great Britain and Venezuela. It com
mita tbo Lnited States to a position
which must bo adhered to.
Rev. Gibson on the Stand.
5as I-kascisco. Oct. 4. A great
commotion was caused in court
when General Dickinsou called the
name of Rev. J. George Gibson as the
next witness. Gibson was handed sev
eral pieces of paper, ono at a tim, and
asked to stato if the writing contained on
each was not his own. In each case the
witness replied that while the writing
bore a remarkable resemblance to his
own, he could not swear that it was
actually his writing.
On crosa-exaaiinatiou District-Attorney
Barnes asked tho witness to writo from
dictation a letter to Georgo R. King, in
which tho names of Professor Schern
stern and Mrs. Charles G. Noble oc
curred. Tho purpose of this was to com
pare the names with thoso on the paper
in which tho rings of Blanche Lamont
wero returned to Mrs. Noble. As Mrs.
Noble's name and her address were
printed on the wrapper containing the
ring, Attorney Deuprey asked Rev, Gib
son to print Mrs. Noble's name an ad
dress. Witness complied with tho re
quest and tho writing was introduced in
When tho court took a recess until 2
o'clock, Rev. Gibson was told to return
this afternoon with specimens of his
handwriting contained in sermons, one
of which should havo been written be
foro and the other alter April 3.
Heartrending Scenes.
Constantinople, Oct. 4, (Thursday ,
evening, via Sofia, Bulgaria,) The Ar
menian church in Constantinople .and
other churches in different parts of tho
Turkish capital aro still crowdod with
refugees. There aro nearly 500 Armen
ians in the Patriarchal church alone.
Tbo scenes in tho churches are heart
rending in tho extreme. Many women
and children aro bewailing the loss of
their husbands and fathers.
The Armenians declare the Turkish
mob committed tho moat terrible ex
cesses in the Karaghio Mkulc quarter of
Constantinople during the night of Mon
day, when tho rioting first broko out. A
woman named Aghavni, who was eight
months enceinte, wob ripped open, it is
claimed, and tho child was exposed to a
jeering mob. It is added tho same
woman's daughter, only 11 years old,
waa ravished.
It is still impossible to give the exact
number of killed or wounded. All ac
counts concur in saying the Turkisli po
lice countenanced tho excesses. Accord
ing to the Armenians about 200 persons
havo been killed during tbo rioting.
A deputation of 40 leading Armenians
called at tho British embassy today to
seo tho Britis ambassador, Sir Phillip
Currio. They wero informed that Sir
Phillip was absent, but they said they
had come to seo him and would wait un
til ho appeared.
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Coles valley, on Friday evening, October
ilth. A good titno is guaranteed to all
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