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OCTOBER 3. 1S93.
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i Mankind. 9
tits lliroush
.alurrVown chan
nels. Joy's
cures Dy
pep JU,
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And kidney
If life's YcsctoMe BH
i i-arsarUIa KH
headache, bil-
1 1 scscocstipatioa
! C.T t . ils. rims in
t - a ceded, loul
I V: rlmplcs on
f. vbcdy and limb.
uc. e cfrerro force
s;-. c;.-L c-iinav
feet azl hanIs, scar
G. A. Smith came in from Camas yes
C. W. Knox of Salem is at tho Van
H out on.
J. T. Spanli of Looking Glass is in tho
citv today.
S. 11. Croy of Camas is registered at
the Van Houten.
Addison Lovo of Myrtle Creek was in
town yestenlav.
G. W. Waterbury of Wilbur was in
tho city yesterday.
T. I.. Jones presiding elder of Grants
Pass is in the citv tod.iv.
E. Morgan of Iookiug Glass came over
to the city on business today.
Complete set of household furniture
for sale at a bargain. Inquire at this
Elder Geo. Kahler formerly of Jack'
son county, now of Wilbur, is in the
citv today.
Dave Gelwick's brother came to Hose
burg on the overland this morning from
G. W. Bower and wife of Myrtle
Creek were registered at the Van
Uouten yesterdav.
Will Madison took tho local this
mormug on a business trip to balctu,
Portland and Indetendence.'
A. S. Peters of Kellogg was in the city
esterday. lie reports hop picking in
i Cr-
-- a
a v-3
-1 'J
U. S. Department of Agriculture
Weather Bureau.
... Vei3c time SMi.
----" , . o.ittc ttoe-3B.ll
UNaperalane. -.
II j Vaiyarmin. hi.
.. ..!... tor UeJ boukaidins&p. ai-,. -.
-u. tmiaiaU &mk Ut at aMatk, 0.
. r arfJtB ior ti mum He IT jer
. .... ruaiaU trjaa L Mb, to ile, T
v ..--taatalrtalataHtNsaacpt.l.kS&.to
1, M6, to
X-.rmge mH'l1tMi tut b wet
-rxikOr.. OaMfcar S. MB; W . i
':cr hwrt for Tfce ant as fames, lor
-vji ami Fatter, fair t,hfr. warm.
Fun. tool Fonctst 0dtl.
mail; thus relinquishing him for the
present from tho charges of robbing pas-
sengore and citizens ol tuo slate, ino
accuecd will have a preliminary hearing
Wednesday ut 10 n, ni., boforo United
States Commissioner, Judgo L. Ixugh-ary.
Tlio Oakland dauber for tho Koviow
would deal moro nicely with tho pro
prieties of a correspondent it ho bade fare
well to his noin do phiinu of Gil Was
and gavo to his readers tho lights nnd
shadows of his literary tintinnabulations
half-tono effects under moro harinouius
intluonces of the nom do plume "Moro
U. F. Stephous has como down to Cot-
The Work of Vigilantes,
Ukiau, Cal.; Oct. 1. A lynchiug Jiuh
resulted from tho shooting of J. M. Vin
ton iu Hound valley, last Saturday.
Vinton lolt his stock ranch to look up
some cattle. Meeting souio Indians he
stopped to talk i hem. In tho midst of
a conversation Vinton full, shot by a
ritio which ho said was lirod from a tree
behind which ho saw Jack Littlelield.
Vinton and Littlctield wero rival cowboys
and enemies. Vinton was taken to bis
cabin and cared for. Ho is still ahvo al
though his recovery is doubtful.
Tho oflicers of Trinity county wero im
i,.oitintilv informed and n pobso was
tago Grovo from tlio Vesuvius mine, in ,)romtly organized for tho purpose of
tho Bohemia district, and reporU about
$30,000 worth of ore in sight at the mine.
Ho has a cut 30 feet iu depth and a drift
100 feet aud another shaft sunk west ol
that, '-"O feet, all showing good oro from
JlOtofjO )cr tou. Ore will average
about $15 to a three-foot ledge.
There pcenis to bo much moro than
ordinary interest taken in the Oregon
I 11 1 .. r.t T itttlt-
placing L.iuieueiu ununt untni.
OeM was found near his cabin Bhortly
thereafter but it was not until soveral
shots wero fired that ho surrendered.
Immediately after his arrest Littlefield
was placed on a horso and accompanied
by oflicers, was being taken to the Ukiah
About a uuarter of u mile from the
Durrant's Callousness.
Nkw Youk, Oct. 2, William Clack
under HhcrilT of San Francisco, in iu tho
city attending tho nupreme lodge conven
tion of tlio Soiih ol St. George. Speaking
ol Theodore Durrani whoso triAt in now
on, Mr. Glack said : 1
"Ho is tho most IndilToront and callous
man in existence). Under tho most try
ing circumHtauies ho has runiaiucd cold,
calm and absolutely fearless. Ho is a
peculiar-looking fellow. His forehead is
fairly do veloed, and his ojea aro full,
clear uud intelligent. Ho nover gives
'any trouble, nover asks any questions,
never exhibits any symptoms of feeling,
and has never referred in any way to
Blancho Lamont or Minniu Williams.
Ho acts as if he had never known them.
Ho seems to bo mado of steel and is tbo
Bamo Durrant today that ho was before
tho discovery of the bodies in the church.
"Durrant's life has been threatened on
sidos. Even old
Industrial Exposition than in former boundary lino of Mendocino county, the
fairs in Portland, and this is no doubt p088rt wtta ,not by n mob of masked cow
due to the fact that it is an enterprise hoys. Not only wero tbo men disguised
conducted solely for Iho general good, uut t,0 heads of their horses wero also
aud is being handled iu such a way as to covered with grain eacks. As soou as
bcucfit Iho t ntire section and not merely uulelield discovered tbo mob he sprang
sought to destroy it, aud wo duro not Corio Place, Delia Brown, LaAml Frater w,t1' ,uo translation ol eacn cuaracier.
tako him in tho prison van with ordinary and Anna Bushnell. luo b00lc coverB 1,16 cuapters
prisoners, as wo discovered rpcnntlv Hint K.onii, nrmia a f'hiRs ILmt- nnn. ot tuo subjecr. Egyptian, L-uamean,
thero was a plot amonc them to kill Dur- trvini? Gibson, averaco 98: others abovo A83J'naD' tiabyioman, xeraian, muian, ami ghoes call on Wollenberg & Abra-
rant. Whon tho jury aud Durrant were 90, Dalo Strange. Gillis Woodward and Chinese, ftia-nician anu uarinagenian ham
taken to tho place of tho tragedy, iu the Grace Hall. nistonans aro quoteu. auere u yerj jly and Sunday Oregonian, reduced
t.-if f .i . -i i .. . - i . ... v Mm rioairtntinn ni ami rifAvunH anu twa . . . .
uciiry oi uiu cuurcu, u was t wno u UlassKanic one, Julian Josepiison, . : to cents a week. Uenvereu at vour
the city in which it is hcll. It ia not a
money-making .scheme, and the price ot
admission his leen put at half that of
former, the io;sibie loss by doing
that vicinity ended and that tbo yield is I go being provided for by jHjpular sub-
A good apjetite aud refreshing sleep
are essential to health of mind and body,
and these are given by Hood's . arsapa-rilla.
Judge Kullertou came up from Coos
county yeslerdiy evening, called by the
severe illusess of his father-in-law, Dr.
There will be a dance at Long's tiall in
Coles valley, on Friday evening, October this mornin
Ilth. A good time is guaranteed to all Mrs. K. B
who participate.
Xiece & Williamson's oyster parlor
and restaurant is now open, where you Ceckloy, who have been visiting in this
can get fresh oysters m any style and I city, returned to Oakland this morning
meats at all hours. At the Canity lac- Bodges is haying built a fine ad-
Krom Wcilncvlay's Pally.
Fine eating apples at Kruse's Grocery.
Try them.
W. H. Smith of Salem is registered at
tho McClalleu.
John McClendon of Gold Hill is regis
tered at the McClellan.
Mrs. T. J. Connely went to Klkton
via. Drain, on the local.
Houston aud daughter Flo
from his horse aud made a desperate at
tempt to escajH'. Tbo mob immediately
beinin firing at tlidllecing man and when
the officers interfered they wero told by
tho mob to move on as they could attnnd
to their man. Tbo officers promptly
obeved tho command, and the firing con
tiuuett until Litlleficl.t fell to tlio grounu
wounded. He was taken by tho crowd
to a truo standing near by, a ro(e was
placed arouud his neck and he was strung
escorted them. Whon wo wero climbing averairo 90: others above 90. Daisv Tor
tile stairs to tho belfry we camo to a kins, Eva Howard, Thos. McCarthy,
landing, and Durrant turned to tbo jury Stella Hamilton, Georgo Wilcox, Vernon
went to Eugene on this morning's local. I -one, and I livc Rtned 20 pounds, and
I (eel a new woman. I was paK". thin,
Mrs. Tbil Pinkston and Miss Mollio bltlon. Had plvcn up, as I had tried 5
There has been a street preacher hold
ing f oi th nightly at Josephson's corner
for several evenings. He says there will
be l-HfiOO at the second coming of
Christ, who will not taste of death.
Miss ltosd McClendon of Sams Valley,
Jackson county, who has been visiting
Idition to her house on Washington street.
Mr. E. English is doing the carntry
Miss Grace Cevkley, who has been
visiting Miss Maude ltast in this city, re
tained to her home at Klkton on this
morning's local.
Kev. Win. Fentonof the M.E. Church
friends in Olalla and Boseburg the past SouUi, come up from Grants Pass last
:'.'-rs l Use KaJv Kitchen.
V rthaU dexter. U. C. Stan loo.
t'jj Bros, are the boss icerehanU.
!.ov'. tiooksst JJars'.fr' wrac store.
-;o t he Ruelef lor the best cigar.
.ier falowe eetsnd sB-ter aoaated
vi:.i: gsnrde t Salsms's
IV Go to Hester A Ilswe for
llv-e raa ceea Use latest ta LongaeUe
X.zh cheiss at Sabamm1.
iZzziier A. Haa.e, tX the iro(, keep
' eat io aad banmrs.
J :-t Keceived at J. T. Sryaa'e, Koper'
. - irmJ? sjiver-pUted ware.
- . id ere ckfea at J. T. Bryan
: : rests to 75 ceais a pair.
- UdeaJ eye &amt- in gold,
i.. sad s'-eel bo t J. T. Brvas's.
i! M. Urtiu will par cash ior irrain
i . i -red s. bis wmrtboow in Kicrg.
- .umui dis bis soodi for cash. Boy
.-; L:i aad yea pay for no bad accounts.
Jit reeied at the Boat Store & new
v . .ce of choice cktbtos- Cheap for
H. JI. Staitia the asm merchant of
Lj& inrg ciil pay catb far merchantable
I'r. Straose make a siioeiMty oi pasn-
.tsa exttaotion. Hij new remedy con
tiiLs no coaiue
Li laz your job work to the I'luxmul-
-. i :T;r We am Dceoared to do the
. .L ayeat aad beat work sooth of Port
A desiraUe locatwa for blacksmith,
e who csa alao Jo wood work. Ad
ireoreMaireof W. . Weill, Oialla,
K. IM e. Ptjyeiciaa and Soreon,
, in itarEten' buldias. Calls in
and eoantrr prompUy answered
v. or day.
V. C. Avkwortls, teacher of rocal and
! rn;nulal tuoaic and tboroogli bass.
hnnniiicir jX cnoaire at Mc
LU :en Isocae.
Oood pafltoteaw tor atoek at reason
ratea br the Dioatfi. All Etock
Litcu abeoloteiy aod entirely at
u-iij-f'j rink ia everv wtrticttlar. For
T,ru-nUrK ennaire of C. A. Black man
KjberU creet.
'that tbe people of tltia place appreciate
work is evideneed by the fact that
f-incebfcretnra Dr. Strange has been
bow than ever before, lie
few days returned to her home on this
morning's overlaid. Miss McClendon
is a most cstimableyoung lady and made
many friends during her brief visit in
tli is city.
J. E. Johnson, architect and builder,
has neatly completed a beautiful resi
dence on Jackson street near Odd Fel
lows temple for Jacob Bitxer. Mein
Herr Bitxer never does things by halves.
He has, like the wise man, bailt upon a
solhl lounudlion and reared thereon a
handfome residence that is an ornament
to i he city he has done eo mnch to build
A representative of the San Francisco
Examiner has swooped up about a bun
dred subscribers who anticipate getting
that bis chunk of gold or of a bigger one
of silver if not the farm or bouse and lot.
The law against lotteries baa no terrois
for Oregonians. The hope oi getting
rich for $1.50 finds a way to the common
mind that no legislative bars can shot
.Mr. J. lv. Johnson while engaged in
architecture has not forgotten to tackle
the bosom of Mother Earth with the hoe
this season. He has produced from a
tJat of ground 22 by 50 feet, or 1100
j-utre leet the enormous yield ot ibis
pounds of onions, probably unparal
leled on the coast. Won't some of our
school bovs tell how many bushels that
is per acre.
The opposition ticket, so it is reported,
it composed of the following named gen
tlemen : For mayor, Asher Marks ; for
marshal, F. W. Carroll; for recorder,
Vclney London; for treasurer, S. K
ykea. For councilmen, first ward, R
M. Veaich and W. C. Uildebrand ; sec
ocd ward, Dave Moore and II. C Stan
ton; third ward, J. M. rletcherand Wm.
Madison. No opposition in fourth
NcrvouH Slioclt.
t.- iv i.w rvtw . w fionllemcir This Is
th"fl" ilmo I have attempted to write tor
hw..r llaro been so nervous and weak
:L. . i'. .. i.i.i in 1.1 r,ir mMt ot the time.
i i.i..,i wvi had taken TOoT Sarsapamla
sent me two bottle. The second one U most
AMU ..... J
no am
so man
mtilnrtnn. hut loutid no Peneiii. I
r.m t,. t.ubllsh this roa have my consent,
(.igueui Alameda. Cil.
n..,.i.,.l, nlllin.ns and Toruld 14vcr"dls
appear when you Uke Joj'a Vcgetatile Sana
To Disfranchise the Blacks
Xr Yurt. Oct. 1. A 8iceial to the
World from Columbia, S. C, says:
Five of the six negto delegates tu the
South Carolina constitutional convention
which proposes to disfranchise the
blacks, have joined in an address to the
N'orth through the World. The address
says, among other things :
"The seventh constitutional conven
tien railed iu South Carolina is iu scs
sion. It baa been called for tho purose
of dealing with the negro problem
Those who have advocated its asscmb
night, lie lett on the local this morn
ing for Oakland.
Married, at ttie residence of the offici
ating minister, by Kev. G. N. Amies,
Mr. Earnest J. Arant and Mias Belle
Champagne, on Sept. 30, 1SVV5.
Atlanta Constitution: Suanger I ijns naVe been explicit in their declara
would like to see your bill collector a I ioa 0f the purposes to lw accomplished
moment? Editor Ceitamly : Jolin, I -the disfranchisement of the negro and
hand the gentleman that shotgun. I tj,e climintion of him entirely , not Irora
rimn.. tr. invm illnr nf Fr Itti t-1 t inn iri i) ition in election, for he has
j ntutj av iuv 4. v . v. m vs - f
noil Mr Int.n Fnltortnn iliit not lav far not since ISsG had SUV SHOW a' all in
Portland as stated in Mondav's daily, any of the elections held in tho state,
He will leave Thursday morning on the bat of tho possibility ol his uniting with
local. the conservative democratic tactiou, and
r- i uw-r f Mvnl.. nr.w.Vi in thus oust from place and power those
. . . ... . Tl.
.i :. r. iv... : now in coutroi ot ino Kovetuiucui. "c
;niomst.i ;n frn!. niltnro. !! rpirt. chief obstacle in the way of accomplish
.:iV.hela(fct applianoM.which combined
a. m, an Uoiled experience and skillful
work eeabke him to do the best of den
tal work.
What Will the Harvest Be?
The above is an important qneotion
the wilatioit of which involves
the weal or woe of the Oregon farmer.
Another queetion of fiual imiKirtance
is, where ahaM we pi to lay in our ucp-
, lrJ r-Lnthiu and lrV -KOO'lB ill
y -- n -
answer to the latter question might
realiiv answered by saying, -'Go to the
.-voare IJeal store of Wollenberg & Ab
raham, where are kept large supplies
tuiUbks for the wants of all, and which
they will dispose of for greenbacks, gold
or silver, at very reasonable rates."
From Tuesday ' Daily.
The Ewart brothers of Winchester
were in town today.
311S3 ettie Gibson of Gold Oeach is a
guest at the Van Houten.
Chas. Schmid and daughter of Houb
ton, Texas, are stopping at the Nan
Douglas comity day at the Portland
Exposition is the first day apportioned
off to any county in the state.
Mrs. Phil Pinkston of Boby City,
Washington and Mies Mollie Beckley of
Elktou -arc visiting relatives in this
Geo. Laingor, the stage driver who
was held up on Camas mountain last
August, is in the city today to testify in
that his prunes this year are exception
ally fine and that he anticipates ruling
prices for his crop.
There will be preaching at the old
Grange hall on each lord's d.iy at 1 1 a.
m. and 1 30 p- n,- Sunday school at 10
a. m. bv J. M. Hudson, the evapgel-
ist, and others. Bible reading on Tues
day night and prayer meeting on Thurs
day night of each week.
The M. E. Conference at Portland has
assigned G . W. Kennedy to the pastor
ate of Koseburg. D. T. Sumraerville,
once of Roseburg goes to McMinville.
Kev. I. D. Driver, lecturer on theology
in Willamette universitv. E. Gltteus,
formerly of Iioseburg goes to Medford.
The products from Djuglas county.
which were exhibited at the Kosebnrg
fair have been allotted a very prominent
place in the state and county exhibits
department in the exposition building at
Portland, and will attract a great deal of
attention to this county and its resources.
Elda Wood, alias MvCarty, who was
arraigned before the United States Com
missioner L. Laughary, charged with
robbing the United States mail on
Camas mountain August 13, had a par
tial hearing today at 10 a. m. On ac
count ( f the absence of several important
witnesses on the part of the prosecution,
the case was continued to Thursday at 1
p. in.
Oar energetic and vigilant county
school superintendent, J. A. Underwood,
ing wha. is desired is the Itth and loth
amendments to the federal constitution
This difficultv removed, there will be
plain sailing.
For tlcr I-'lfty Vcars.
AS Ota AM WciX-Talto Kemiot. Mrs.
WinnUm's Sjothin? syiup has Uxn ami for
over nfty years by millsom ol mothers lor their
children while tecthlns, with perfect fucccs.
It soothes the child, vjltens the sums, allays all
pain, cures wind colic, ami is the bct remedy
fnr I rlent to the tsjtc. Sold hy
drapriL5 in even part of the world. Twenty.
five cents a bottle. Its value ts Incalculable.
Be sore and ak for Mrs. wlnslow's southing
Syrup, and take nu other kind.
Following ia repottof Itosebuig Public
School fir month ending September 27,
N timber of dayB t.itight, 18C.
Niltiiber of days ullou lance, TiSSO.
Number of days, 031 .
Nutulier ol limes tardy, -13.
Number of boys enrolled, 1(17.
Number of girls enrolled, 208.
Total number enrolled, 375.
Avorago number belonging, 314.
Average daily attendance, 310.
Number new boys onrolled, 30.
Number now girls onrolled, -10.
Number boys readmitted, 131.
Number girls readmitted, 108.
Monthly examination in tlio various
grades resulted as follows:
Eighth Grade, B Class Bank one,
Minnie Shupe, average 98; others above
criminals have 90, Luella Kennedy, Lillian Wollenberg,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
History of Grain.
We have received a copy of a unique
publication called H. M. Greene & Co'sl
'History of Grain and tho Grain Trade
of the World." It is priuted in colors
and is illustrated with a picture some
0000 years old, from the tombs of Thebes,
representing tlie ancient Egyptians ele
vating their wheat intogranenes. There
ia also a threshing song hi hieroglyphics,
Buy your cigars at tho Koaeleaf.
Wood taken on subscription at
Fresh oysters this evening at
Knndy Kitchen.
A cottage to rent. Inquire at this office
or of owner at 405 Washington street.
Daily Oregonian only 15 cents a week.
Leave orders at City News Stand.
For dress goods, clothing, hats, boots
and Bald:
'Thoy :lalm that this is the place,
gentlemen, whero the body of Blanche
I-amont was found.'
"Everybody but Durrant involuntarily
shuddered and drew back a stop or two.
Ho stood there impassively, without
even the tremor of an eyelash, ami then
looked around him as if ho had nover
seen the piece before.
"Tho trial is now drawing to a close,
but the excitement of the people does
not abato. Thoy beliet e that there is no
doubt as to Durrant's gnilt. He does
not seem to caro what anybody thinks.
His father and mother are like him, and
show no feeling of concern as to their
son's fate, although it is eaid that they
lovo him pajsionately."
Chinese Cannibals.
Sax FiL.NcihCO, Oct. Two large
village?, Pieo Chen g and Tang Cl.eng,
distant seven miles from Ty Sami, in the
Canton province, Chins, were recently
the scenes of shocking deeds in cannibal
ism and wanton destruction of produc
tive property.
The Swatow correspondent of the
China Mail on August 29 forwarded the
details of the fight between the two
communities, which was precipitated by
a row over water rights. By a nfcht at
tack Iho people of Taug Cheng cut the
sea embaukment and let in the water so
as to destroy a large part of their ece-
miea' rice, then almos' ready for cutting.
Reprisals followed, and though the vill
ages are distant only 'JO miles front the
two district cities, Hao Hong and Loik
Hong, the fighting continued a month,
involving many villages and causing a
large number of deaths.
The worst feature, however, is this :
By one side three, and by tho other four,
prisoners were taken alive. These men
wero killed and eaten seven in all. It
was not in this case as others, an eating
of the heart only. Every eatable por
tion was consumed, moat of it being
given to the children of the villages.
Although not unprecedented in that dis
trict, sach an act is unusual, and led to
the appointment of a special deputy to
inquire into the case.
caravans, me history oi wueat in
Greece, Rome, Anlioch, and among the
Scythians, Celts, Gauls, Germans,
Goths, Scots, Britons, Irish, Africans,
Mound Builders, Peruvians and Amen
can Indians, finishes the hrst part, or
Patterson, George Richards, and Minnie
Sixth Grade, A Class Rank one.
Helen Willis, average 93; others above
90, Dee Howard.
B Class Rank one, Chas. Stratford,
average 93; others above 90, Efiie Col
lins, Frank McKenzic, Dwigut Berry,
Hattie Linser, Lillio Stanton, John Boyd,
Clvde Faulkner, Katie Fullerton and
Edwin Langenberg.
rniMaiiv nEfJirrMEST.
Fifth Grade, A Class Rank
Maud Sheridan, average 94; others gumption and that there was no hope for
- .-., I 1. l.... 1 l... 1 1 1 nn Tl.. VT t rt rr' a Vnir 1 1. a
Everybody is pleased who buy their
jewelry and have their watches repaired
at Salzman's.
Beer at the Roseburg brewery ten
aboye 90, Maud Annis, Ethel Evarts.
U Class Rank oue, Hazel Bigger,
average 93; others aboye 90, Arthur
Fourth Grade, A Class Bank one:
Hilda Ring, average 93; others above 90,
Sadie Guild, Lillian Flynn, Lillio King,
Vera Dyers, A.J. Cox, Anna Gilbert
B Class Rank one, Jennie London,
average 97; others above 90, Milton
Brooks, Eddie Morris, Reece Wright,
Milo Atterbury, Gertie Moore, Esther
Third Grade, A Class Rank one, Alice
Sweeney, average 100; others above 90,
Frank Page Tustin, Lyle Croxton, John
TutTt, Joo Vose, Ethel Shupe, Ralph
Kearney, Rollio Burtis, Vera Haynes,
Alberta Bcggess, Elsie Benedick, Emma
Sehlbrede, Millie HeUner, Bennie Lobr.
B Class Rank one, Oscar Stratford,
average 93. Others above 90, Bessie
Schaeffer. Pauline Thompson, Maud
Davenport, Floyd Boggess, Harry Griff
iths, Bertha Reese, Walter Pearson,
Lloyd Burtis, Willie Morian, Lena Mc-
Curdy, Annie Hume, Ambler Allison
Edith Cardwell, Veil Barker, Earle
irecond Grade, A Class Kank one,
Ancient History of Grain. It is the pub- cents Pr 'Krt, tmeen cents per pucner.
lishers desire to present a copy of the Free lunch of a11 kinds-
work to every miller, grain dealer and Do you read. If so, try the Daily
interested party in the United Stales, Oregonian, only 15 cents a week. Sun
aud all such wishing a free copy should day included, 20 cents.
address H. M. Green & Co., Kialtol For choice family groceries, call at the
Building, Chicago, III. People's grocery, corner of Cass and
Pine street, G. W. Rapp's.
Two Lives Saved. Remember that cheap watch work is
Mrs. Pin L' be Thomas, of Junction City, verv expensive. Salzman does eood
III., was told by her doctors she bad Con- wateh work atiowegt priccg.
her: but two bottles Dr. King's New Dis- For a good hat, stylish and cheap, call
covery completely cured her and shf says on Wollenberg & Abraham, whose stock
,t ... . r rt-, t- tool
u sayeu uer inc. air. auos BS", embraces all grades of bead gear.
Florida St., San trancieco, suffered from "
adreadful cold, approaching Cfcnsump- .gth
tion, tried Without result everything else brines new life. Ask yonr drugcist for a free
then bought one bottle ot Ur. King 8 sample, bold oy a. u. iiaratcrs & Co.
New Discovery and in two weekswas , . ... . .
cured. He is naturally thankful. It is u u vuUICD,
such results, of which these are samples, good tobacco and cigars, call on G. W.
that prove.the wonderlol ethcacy ot this ltapp, People s grocery, corner of Cass
medicine in Coughs and Colds. Free amj pjne
trial bottles at A. C. Marstcrs & Co.'. ...,, . ,., ,
Drug Store. Regular sizeloOc. and f.OOs K VrMeA itutaT A.k y'our
gists for a free famide package. It heals and
cures, bold by A. U. Manners & Co.
Slow Jerry, the reliable jeweler, has
just received a large invoice of spectacles
and eye glasses. Give him a call and ex
amine goods.
All parties desiring first-cla&a lumbar.
Bishop Bowman has made the follow
ing assignments of ministers to various
charges for the coming year:
Grants Pass district T. L. Jones pre
siding elder Ashland, i;. i.. Aleninger;
Althouse, J. C. Bolster; Canyomulle, A. I gash, mouldings, window frames and
P. Gillett; Central Point, R. C. Block- door frames, fruit boxes, etc., at lowest
well ; Cresswell, M. O. Brink ; Drain, J . cash prices, call at Bear Creek millr.
C. A. Biuggb.
Eitwrieiicc and money cannot imorove Da
Sawyer's Family C"cee, because it radically
cures Dyspepsia, Liver complaint and Kidney
dimcmty. tola Dy A. u. aiarsiers oc lo.
L. Stratford; Gardiner, G. F. Rounds
Grants Pass, J. N. Denison ; Jackson
ville, W. B. Moore; Keno, H. H. Buck-
ner: Klamath Indian mission, Thomas
Starns ; Klamath Falls and Bonanza, X.
Ttiirknor: Lakeview. R. Fvsh: Lor-
ane, J. -u. fweeney; Jiarsnneitt anu
Bandon. R.T. Baldwin; Medford. E.
Gittins: Koseburs, G. W. Kenndey:
Irank Kirk, average 93. Others above Fprimrfield .David Wolfe; Ten Mile, X.
90, Looney Unthank, Frank Chapman, Uv Hampton; Walker, Joseph Sams;
Charles Smith; Uilbur,
See new line oi mens, boys, and child
ren's hats at usburns. ext uoor to
Review office.
Ladies l)r. Sawvcr s Pastilles are effectual for
lemaie weakness, pain on lop oi ine neau ana
lower part of the
cures. Sold by A-C.
back. It strengthens and
Manters & Co.
Arnica Halve.
. II. n I.IIV1L' lilt IV npf hlnnrnn I ..... , ...
v' " " w nuerniie,
B. Class Rank one, Beryl Stephens, Kopler.
aTrage vo. utners aoove w, iwuie
Jackson, lUtlph ollcnberg, Louis ol- Buckien'n
lenberg, Louis Barker and Arthur The Best Salve in the world for Cuts- dicatine
e' I . c- tju I in the blood should tate Dr. sawyer's UkaUne.
cweeney. i .Bruises, sorea, uitvra, oii. ucuui, isoiudta.c. .arsiers oi:uo.
rirst Grade, A Class Those averag- Fever Sores, letter, Chapped Hands, If you have daily mail service, try the
mg above 90, Mand Laugh. Walter Ckillbains, Corns, and all skin .rup, I dailv Pl.vixpe.vlek for a month. It will
I have several huadred nice red cedar
posts for sale at three and one-half cents
a piece. W. R. Wells.
Oialla, Or., Aug. 3, 1S95.
Children with pale, bluish complexions. in-
High Price for Lemons.
New Yoaic, Oct. 1. Tbo tram
steamer Svlvia, from Messina and Pal
ermo. has iust broucht 26,000 boxes of
lemons to this port. Owing to ttie en
tire failure of the Florida crop, together
with short production in Sicily, lemons
had jumped to $10.2.5 a Iwx, and tll'.oO a
case, A box holds from 100 to 150 1cm
ons.and a case just as many, only the
fruit in the latter is larger aud finer. In
a day or two the steamer N ictona. from
Malaga, Spain, is due with 22,(X boxes
of lemons. Prices will then drop again.
The normal rato is from $3 to f 1 a box.
Not since 1SS3 when, owing to very
small crops in Italy and Spain, lemons
sold at $10 a box, havo they been so
high as within the last 30 days, let
fruitmcn say this year invoices are only
about 10 jh-t cent less than last. In the
early part of the season there was a sur
who has been visiting the echools oflici- plus iu the market, while tho August
ally, reports that the schools visited so
far are progressing finely under the cUI
ci tient managonient of the teachers. As
a result the "Young America" of Doug
las are niakicig rapid movements along
the educational highway, and the Star
of Empire is risiug upon the hills and
valleys ofibo Urapqua.
The Oregon Fruit Union has fitted up
ii - r r. . r - t t.-ij-
mouuu.iviC(,Uu "fc""" (,n o d Flow! wnrn ImiiBi? fnr fruit iiipb
oous. :.! .i.:n..:,. ti.: i-; ,;ni...:
I iUfj OUVI CUIJ'j'lUpi a 1113 V IIIUU Ita lVIU
fcpeak a good word tor the Plain- u, receive fruit and commence grading
uealek. Ask your neighbors to taKo and packing tomorrow. Tho Union has
the PLAisuEALni. rite lor the 1'l.ux- contracted with a Ijox factory in this
dealer and don't fail to take the Plaix- cjty for tue manufacture of 10,000 boxes
dkalkk yourselt. I for dried prunes. These boxes aro mado
Thos. Guthrie of Winchester left this neatly, of uniform size and will bo la
morning for the Atlantic coast, where he beled with registered trade mark as Ore
will sail far Liverpool and the Old con prunes, packed by tho Oregon Fruit
World. He goes on business and pleas
ure and will probably be absent about
eix months.
Henry Bushnell, W. It. Wells, S. W
Reynolds aud A. S. Ireland of Oialla are
in tho city today as witnesses in the case
before Justice Hamlin, of State of Ore-
supply ran short 100,000 boxes. Ist
year Florida supplied New York with
150,000 boxes, aud tbo total consumption
in tho metropolis was 2 000,000 boxes, or
about 140 lemons for every man, woman
and child.
Btaie or Ohio, City or Toledo, (
Lccas Cocsty, i
Kr.iSK J. CilEENr ninVcs oatli that lie Is the
senior partner of the firm of K. J. Cheney A
Co.. lolns business In the City of Toledo,
County nml Stale aforesaid, nnd Hint Mild linn
will pay the sum of ONE Ill'.NUKKU DDL
LA lib for each nnd every ra.c of Catarkii
that cannot lie cured by the use of Hall's
Btt'orn to before me and sulwcrlbtM in m
ember, A. P., ite.
Notary I'ubllc
Union. This is a worthy enlerpriso and
will doubtless ultimately establish a
reputation for Oregon prunes they so
much deserve.
prcxenco this Cth day of Decern
lfnll'i Catarrh Cure is taken internally nnd
Rrtn illrrcllv on thu blond nnd muetlos sur
fitccs ol the system. Send for testimonials,
free. F. J. CHKNKV A CO., Toletlo, U.
ooUI by Druggists, 0c.
SlnrvcIotiH itcftultft.
From a letter written by Rev. J.
Hangcd at Pomeroy
Pomekoy, Wash., Out. 1. Charles
Myero was hanged in this city yesterday
forenoon for murder committed by set
ting fire to the Asolin hotel, ut Asotin
.uicu,kl ,s w w.. erman, of Dimondale, Mich., o are per- Citv, over two years ago, when Frank
gonvs Elda Wood, arrested for robbing fitted to make this extract: "I have no sherry was burned to death. Ho stoutly
stage paesencera AugUBt 13th on Camas hesitation in recommending Dr. King's . n n i.f
Armenians Revolt.
Co.nst.vxtisoi'li:, Oct, 2. Five hun
dred arrests have been made in connec
tion with the recent rioting o( Armenians
here. The government is greatly
alarmed, and tho garrison kept under
The trouble among the Armenians in
this city has been brewing a long time.
The bitter feeling agticst the authorities
is growing strong as week alter week
passes without adoption by the Turkish
government of the scheme for reform in
Armenia proposed by the representa
tives of the powers.
Finally the Armenians determined at
all hazards to attempt to present a peti
tion to tho sultan through the grand
vizier, and a large body of Armenians on
Monday marched with this intention to
wards the palace of the porte. The
authorities in anticipation of trouble,
bad stationed a strong force of police
about tbo palace, and other buildings
wero all guarded.
The arrival of tbo Armenians at the
palace was tho signal for several desper
ate encouuters between tbem and the
Kjlico, during which several Turks and
a number of Armenians were killed or
wounded. A conservative estimate
places tho killed at 10, with 40 severely
wounded. Many Armenians wore
thrown to tho ground and severely
beaten by Turkish policeman, after
which they were securely bound and
carted away to prison. One Armenian
alter having been terribly beaten with a
bludgeon was shot and killed by a police
man. Tho rioting was continued for the
remainder of tho day and so alarmed the
government that the garrison was hastily
ordered under arms and has been bo
ever since, tho troops leing rigorously
confined to tho barracks. Students took
an active part in the rioting. A crowd of
these killed two Turkish oflicers and
wounded a number.
The arresting of Arnieninns went on
all day Mouday and yesterday, accom
panies by more bloodshed, several Ar
menians who resisted attempts mado to
tako them into custody being killed
wfiilo fighting tho jiolico. Iu addition
eight Armenians were killed within tho
precincts of the ministry of the polico,
where besides many persons wero
wounded. Tho Turks, greatly enraged
at tho outbreak, threatened vengeance
upon Armenians, aud as a result, during
tho ovening of Mouday a body of Sottas
Mary McCarty and Edith Patter-
F. B. H.vMLi.v, Prin.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great in leav
ening power as the Royal.
lions, and positively cures Piles, or no onjv 05 cents
pay required, it is guaranteea to giw
perfect (.atisfaction or money refunded
I'm-fiL'.! cents ner "m. ror saie ai a
C. Marstcrs & Co.
Sorry He Left Oregon.
A letter received by us from N. M
Kimmey, a resident of Kansas, aud who
crossed the plains with us in 1S45 is ex.
pre-"sive of regrets that ho ever left Ore
gon, and is deeirous of knowing our sur
roundings. In his letter he says: "If
you will think away back to the year
1845 the year you crossed the plains in
W. G. T. Vault's company I was there
too. I am the young man who was the
artist of tho company, I used a firecoal
for a crayon or paint brush, did my
work on wagon covers and tents." Ho
says when he left Oregon: "I took with
me a full volume of the Oregon Spectator
Dr. A. P. Sawyer: I have had Rheumatism
since 1 was a) years old, but since usimr your
Family Cures have been free from it. It also
cured my husband of the tame disease.
Mrs. Kobt. Connelly,
Brooklyn, Iowa.
Sold by A. C. Marsters & Co.
Dr. F. W. Haynes has just returned
from the East and opened dental parlors
in Mark's building, where he will be
pleased to welcome persons desiring den-
Cleveland Needs Money.
Olalla, Ore., Oct. 1st, 1S95
En. : I thank you for the
advice you gave me last week regarding
the navment of that demand upon me by
the postoffice department for 7.S0 worth 1 work
f ntnlan r.nni mr nlUco n vpar I Dr. A. P. ifawver.
Ul oiu.i -J , --7- Sir:-After Miffcrin
ago. President Uleveiand is so mucn in
need of funds to keep up the interest on
bonds and keep tbe raacnine running
ttiat the payment of this little.demand is
a necessity. I am also tbanktnl to the Subscribe for the Dailv Pl.visde.vler.
department for its liberality in aiding rt ;8 the ouly live paper in Southern Or
country postmasters to protect United egon. It furnishes the latest news up to
four years with female
weakness I was puruaded by a friend, to trv
your Pastilles, and after uing them one year, I
can sar I am entirely wclL I can not recom
mend them to highly. Mrs. M. S. Brook,
uronsou, uetnei uraiicn Co., ancn.
Sold by A. C. Marsters it Co.
States propel ty.
R. Wells,
Oialla P. M.
State Agricultural Colleg
The scientific equipun nt of this insti
tution in the best m tlio state; in-
1. i..;.i...i n.i:i;nn nrn,a
... , ,. v 1 ... t structors ; 261 students; 200 graduates;
elementary spelling book by oah Webs- l,ut ' ' ,.".-., , T
Pale, thin, bloodless ieopIe should n Dr.
Sawyer's USatine. It is the sreatest remedy in
me worm ior rara; tne wcat strong, torn Dy
A. C. Marsters i Co.
Frcsli oysters, tho first of the season,
at tbe Kandy Kitchen, Tav lor & Wilson
To the Public.
On and alter this date, I wish it unuer
utood that my terms for all undertaker's
Hoodt are cash with the order. 1 find it
impossible to do buino8S on a credit
basis, aad bcllve that I can do better by
my patrons and myself by selling strictly
for cash. P. Bexsimck. Undertaker.
Iloaoberg, Or., April 12, 18ft5.
Dr. Paetocr, the eminent French phy
aifian. dlod latl Saturday ol iicart
trouble and other coin plication?.
stage passengers AugUBt
Oregon manufactures will be a promi
nent feature of tbe exposition at Poit
land. The leading manufacturers of the
stato will have exhibits in which the
processes of manufacture will be carried
on. ihe lair win do a oee-mve 01 inuus-
try, making the most interesting exposi
tion ever given in Portland.
After hearing the evidence of five wit
nesses in tho case of tho stale of Oregon
vs. Elda Wood cbaiged with holding up
the stage on Camas mountain, August
13 last. The district attorney, George
M. Brown, moved to dismiss tbe defend
ant for tho presont, as ho is aleo under
arrest for robbing the United State's
New Discovery, as the results wero al
most marvelous in the case of my wife.
While I was pastor of tho Baptist church
at Rives Junction she was brougbt down
with Pneumonia succeeding Lit Grippo.
Terrible paroxysms of coughing would
protested his inuocenco to tbo last
Alter hanging eight miuutes physicians
pronounced him dead, aud he was cut
down and placed in a coflin
The execution was private, only the
last hours with little interruption and it representatives of the press and officials
seemed as if she could not survive them.
A friend recommended Dr. King's Iscw
Discovery; it was quick in its work and
highly satisfactory in results." Trial
bottles tree at A. u. .Mar,tors & co. s
Drugstore. Regular size 50c. and $1.00.
If you don't want to miller with corns
and bunions, have your boots and shoes
made at L. Langenburg's. Repairing
neatly and promptly done.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Forty Years the Standard.
ol Garfield aud adjoining couutios being
present by invitation. A largo crowd
assembled outside of tbo jailyard where
the execution took place, but no no was
allowtd to enter. Thero was no excite
mcnt, and 15 minutes after tbo hanging
tho little town was as quiet as usual.
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego
Cal., savs: "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
is tho first medicine I havo over found
that would do me auy good." Price 50c.
(Mohammedan students ol theology),
armed with ugly-looking sticks, assem
bled in tho public Eiuare, threatening to
start out and massacro the Armenians,
but tho authorities hurried soveral do
tachmcnts of polico to tho spot and the
Mohammodan students oveutually dis
posed. Tho managoment ol the Exposition
at Portland aro ofleriug an exceedingly
low rato of $7.50 from Roseburg, Myrtle
Creek, Ruckles, Round Prairio, Dillard,
Greens, Winchester, Wilbur, Oakland,
Isadora, Rico Hill, Yoncalla, Boswell
SpriugB, Drain, Comstock, Divide,
Latham and Cottage Grove to Portland
and return, including two coupons for
the Exposition.
ster. This book was published and
printed by the Oregon printing aesochv
tion iu February, IS47, and was tbe first
book ever published in tho English Ian
guago on tho Pacific coast. Well, for a
smart trick, some years ago I sold it to
Judge M. P. Deady for $100. By my
brother! if I had it back I would not
tako a thousaud dollars for it." Again
ho writes: "Every thing in tho oHtical
Hue is atheistical, diabolical rascality,"
and continues thus, "it was a great mis
lake in Henry Ward Bcecher that he
knocked tho bottom out ol the lower
regions, ho had to do it on account of
his intrigue with Mre. Tiltou.
Again he says, "I havo regretted a
thousand times that I ever left Oregon,
all that stayed thero are much happier
aud better oil' than iu America. I intend
to visit Oregon before tho filial wind up,
as I havo a son-in-law at Edonia, Lewis
county, Washington, and oceans of ac
quaintances in Oregon and Washington."
Ho says many are talking ol coming to
Oregon next year, and desires informa
tion as to this locality. We havo sent
him tho Plainde.vlku aud some pamph
lets on the resources of Southern Oregon,
which we hope mav prove interesting to
tho readers thereof.
Twould be well for tho onterprising
men of Southorn Oregon to awake from
their lelharcy. and to put forth some
efforts to induce immigration hither-
ward .
four courses of study, Agricultural,
Mechanical, Household Economy, and
Bachelor of Science; military training by
United States officer; society elevating;
surroundings healthful ; tuition absolutely
free; no incidental fee; expenses includ-
ini? clolhimr about $141 per school year.
For further particulars address
John M. Blos, President,
Corvallis, Oregon.
The J. G. Flook Co. is prepared to do
any kind of mill work at the lowest liv
ing rates, and those who are preparing
to build should consult them. They can
save vou moiuy.
State Normal School,
Drain, Oreuo.v.
First term begins September 16th.
Entire new faculty, .end for catalogue.
Louis B.VK2EE, President.
For Sale or Exchange.
A two-eeated Studubaker spring wagon
almost new. Will sell at a bargain. Or
trade for a 21.. inch road wagon. Wagon
must lie in good condition. Impiiro at
this office.
Grain bags and twine for sale by Sol
Abraham, and the highest market price
in cash will be paid by him for grain,
delivered at his warehouse at Roseburg.
Roseburj; Academy.
Second year will open September 2d
Tho acadjmy mcludes a kindergarten
a grammar school and a college-fitting
school, Pupils may prepare for the
second year in Priuceton or Wellesley.
Address: Roskiicko,
Roseburg, Oregon.
For Sale.
A tine organ at a great reduction.
Part cash, balauco on time. Inquire at
this office.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.
Largo invoice just arrived at Caro
Bros, Boss Store, direct from tho Eastern
manufactory, consisting of ladies', gluts'
bovs' missus' and children'H shoes, at
prices to suit tho times. Shipments of
ladies' capes and mackintoshes and
Populist County Committee Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe next
county quarterly meeting will be held in
Roseburg at ten o'clock a. m., Saturday,
h Tib dav of October. 1S'J4. Precinct
committee please take notice.
II. M. Mauris..
Chairman Couuty Committee,
To the volets of the city of Roseburg,
1 lierehv announce invself a candidate
gent's rubbers aro on tho way aud will for c;iy marshal, at the election to be
arrtvo in a lew unys. wait tin tney
come beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Tin: Boss Store.
For Sale Cheap.
Oue Story & Clark organ in elegant
walnut case. .One solid oak bed room
suite of three pieces. One 8-foot hard
wood oxtonsion tahlo. Call at M. E.
held tho 7th day of October, 1S05.
The undersigned hereby announces
himself a candidate for the office of city
marshal, at the coining election, Octo
ber 7th, 1805. F. W. CARROLL
For Rent.
The old Catholic church building for
rent, very cheap. Apply to
For Sale or Rent.
Ihe Palmer sawmill. For particulars
address. E. C. Palmer. Drain, Or.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard