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JULY IS, 1S95.
U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Weather Bureau.
Rosebcrq Ore., July 17. 1S3.V
hitAvtTEi I5 m- Pacific time axis.
BiEOXtiER j5 m pad,,; time CO.OS.
Maximum temperature, "I.
Minimum temperature, 1".
Rainfall for the 21 hour ending 5 p. m., 0.
Total rainlall since 1st of month, 7.
Average rainfall for this month for iT years,
Total ralnfaU from Sept 1, 1S91. to date. 25.56.
Average monthly rainfall from Sept. 1. ISM, to
date. 2.93.
Accumulated deficiency from Sept 1, ISM, to
date, 6.2?.
Average precipitation for 17 wet bcasous,
Titos. Gibson, Observer.
1Vethm, 0rn July IS. 185; 10 a. in.
Weather forecast for the licit 36 hours, for
Roseburg and vlclulty:
, Thursday and Friday, fair, warmer wca
Pad's, Local Forecast Official.
The Review Is- constantly harping on the
-county printing," and tries to make ltrpcar
that exorbitant rates are bciug paid the Puts
oeaucb, and lEat lu its great desire to benefit
the taxpayer it would cheerfully do the work
for half price. It says:
The Review wishes to state plainly that it will
print the delinquent tax list mis year ai a raw
of JO per cent lower than that paid last year.
This will mean a saving of probably W on a
single item, and it remains Mjlely with the
onnntriwirt nhnhfr ther trill let the work to
the lowest bidder, in which cae the saving
might be more than 50 per cent.
To expose the hypocrisy of the Review, it is
only necessary to produce the bills of the Re
view for the same work when it had the
county printing. They are as follows:
January 7, IS33.
Douglas County,
10 noseouig
Y" 1 VW
To publishing 13-3 squares delinquent
tax saie aw per square j
January T, ISM.
' Douglas County.
To Roseburg Review. Ir.
To publishing Sheriffs sale of delln
onent txir. 1SI vim its fd Hft) per
square) H70 CO
January N 1't
Douglas County.
To Roseburg Review, Dr.
To tmbiiifcinr delinauent tax sale of S5
squares OO lines liW per square) 1 130 00
In January, the Phindliixx bill for
the delinquent tax list was CIS. toe same rate
per square bring charged, rrevious to its pub
lication, the Review made a great roar, and
offered to do the work O per cent cheaper, or
for TJU less than the Puwiiui. As the
Pmypmra bill was only21, it hot what
reliability can be placed in the Review state
ment. If, as the Review says, the work is only
worth CO per cent of the price charged by the
ri.TvnriTrt, and the price charged by Puts
sraiXE being xorsorc than charged by the Re
view, the Review must acknowledge that it
has robbed the county out of over WO in the
last two years of its innings, on the one item
ot delinquent tax sale alone, and to tic cun
sistcntent It should pay heck into the treasury
of the county the J-XO it has stolen.
WhenTa man advertises himself as
only the friend of the neb and too
rood even to speak courteously of
his fellow political workers because
he is poor, or advocates what he con
eiders the voice of the people, ha is a
rascaL That is the kind of political
service tbe x'laindealer deals in.
Florence West.
The PLACipr.,tr.rK invites attention
of its readers to the gentlemanly
words of praise the West applie to
the Out of its month
let it be judged. The Plaisdealte
does not arrogate to itself the resid
nary of all Iknowledge or claimto have
arrived at the acme of wisdom, but it
does claim to be the friend of the
laboring man, and gives a reason for
the hope that is in its claims, without
calling its opponents hard names.
That advertising pays is sh own by
the practice of all successful business
men and companies. The circus,
which will exhibit here bat one day.
will spend about $10 putting up bnl
letin boards on which to display
their bills, and then liberally adver
tise in th6 city papers. They have
been in the business long enough to
know that advertising pays.
If the Beview overcharged the
county $600 for printing the delin
quent tax list for 1892 and '33, which
is as good as acknowledged in its
issue of July 15 (and a score or times
besides), how much did it get away
with during the eight years incum
bency of Agee and Miller?
It is estimated that 300,000 per
sons will leave New York for Europe
the present year, About 00,000 will
go first class, 40,000 second class, and
200.000 in the steerage. The total
expenditure, not including passage
money, is roughly placed at $100,
000,000. At tbe Boston meeting of tbe
Christian Endeavorers the 13th the
rain descended on tbe jnst as well as
tbennjnst. It came down in torrents.
The meeting was driven frotii the
Commons to tents, where 15,000
found seats and about 30,000 went
It is rumored that Hiro!. editor of
the San Francisco examiner, has
purchased the Portland Sun, with
tbe yiew of competing with the Ore-
gonian. 31r. Hirst will have a big
iob on hand to down the Portland
Lillian Bussell wears bloomers, of
course; but she thinks them awfully
cumbersome and uncomfortable at
times. Sun.
uoseourg ass now a system 01 sew-
erae but so far as beinR or general
benefit to it, is useless. Without tbo
city can command tbo water bo as to
be able to flood the sewers wbeu
nnaul Dm cmrore urn .if 1 in In imn.
The city should own the water
works in connection with the sewer
age. If the city owuod the water
works it would not be at tho mercy
of a few men who can, if they so
desire (and ibey have a desire always
when there is anything desirable in
sight), compel the city to accede to
their demands or ao withont water.
Thin ; n nmwlmnn nf tliirum thai Iho
city ought no, to suffer long to exist,
if within its power to avoid. It
u r . ,i.-:iMi
thousand dollars to own the works,
and would necessitate the payment
of interest, but the taxpayer would
make a saving in that way by getting
his water cheaper, for the city would
not want to make anything over ex-
nensa of fnruishmir the water. And
then it would not be at the merer of
Rnnllrrw,rl,.,n. nn:l when its
sewers needed flushing it would not
be told, pay us extra or let
SeWerS fOUl.
isow me company uas put nn ue
screws and the city, in case of a lire,
are at the tender mercy of the com-
pany, which, like the highway man,
cries: "Deliver or die" pay us what
we ask or suffer tho consequence go
without water and let the city burn
down. If the present company will
not soil their works at a reasonable
figure, let the city couslruct an inde
pendent system of its own. There is
nothing to prevent that, for we un
eerstand the contract with the water
company has expired.
The Keview tries awfully bard to
pose as the friend otthe dear people,
the taxpayers. It pathetically, and
with tears in its eyes, tells Vhat it
would do for them if the wicked re-
publican administration of county
affairs wonld only a chance.
The loss of the delinquent tax sale is
a particular thorn in its side, and
whenever it thinks upon the great
s it has sustained by being de
prived of the chance to biiog in a
bili oliU against the county for ger w-,n bare pawed. A careful eU
wbatit now pitionsly whines to be I male ot losses to pettlert and lumbermen
permitted to do for less than half
price, it weeps and wails afresh.
Poor Beview! it is indeed sad.
Between the pangs of remorse it
must suffer for having over-charged
the county more than $600 in the last
two years (6ee bills printed in an
other column), and the spasms of re-
gret that now oppress it because it is
not allowed to continue to hog it all
perpetually, the Beview must be in a
bad fix. Yet it neglects to make res
titution to the county, and begs pit
ionsly to have ju6t one more whack
at the delinquent tax list, even
though it has to bid for it.
The fact of the matter is, as the
county records will show, the Beview
charged in every instance full rates
2or all printing done for democratic
sheriffs (8 years) and moved heaven
and earth to secure the election of
the last candidate for that office,
sacrificing every other man on the
ticket (except perhaps the editor of
the Beview), and having inglorionsly
failed, lapses into a stale of chronic
ine miracle or tbe ited Sea, which
enabled the children of Israel to es-
cape from Pharoab, has haDDened
again, reports Major-General Tnlloch
to the British Government. He has
been surveying tbe route of the exo
dus and saw it with his own eyes last
spring. A wind arose to tierce that
within a few hours it had driven the
entire waters of Lake Menzaleh ont
of sight beyond the horizon, leaving
all the sailing vessels resting on tbe
sand bed.
Another Dastardly Outrage on Elk
Ki r Ci- . Jul 1.V Kin.- ! rrt
of the Poola brothers on lh char of
in;nn,i,w ..t ...n ..-,!,, ,i,.;J
nronertv on Kit Crwsk. which mn.iata
nrincinallv of hoo-eft and cUl. ha rn
rnnmncatUnrewilhno oeraon to look
after them, and noma daatardlv mi
creant has mutilated three of their best
horses in a shocking manner with a knife
or other sharp weapon, completely ruin
ing two of them and disfiguring the
In the long catalogue of crimes ittri
buted to Elk Creek, there are none so
mean, cowardly and inhuman as this
train robbers, cattle (nievesand even
mmdVrprfi srn rmttempn in cotnDariwin
of the cowardly wretch who will inflict
BnfTp.r?nff m, !nmh animala in .rratifr hfa
spite against tbeir owner, and if the in
human brute is detected I sincerely hope
an example will be made of him that
will effectually prevent a repetition of
such diabolical crimes on his part. A
house belonging to Albert Poole in tbe
same section has also been burned.
A Modern Lothario.
N. A. Foster of Ouklaud, was arretted
on a clutrge of seduction and had n pre
liniinary trial before U. J. llovhigton,
justice of tho peace and was Iwund
over to tho next term of court. Bonds
fixed at 300 and in default of bail he
was brought up by Constable W. It
Nedley and is now in durance vile
The crime is that of seducing Mrs.
Hamilton Patterson. It is claimed that Japan aud Uussia over boundary setlle
Foitcr is a "much married man" huv- monls. That is nearly all talk. Uussia
iiiL' now tun wivea livinif.
Call on Mrs. N. Boyd and test the
quality of her newly imported Swiss
cheese, the richest and best flavored
cheese ever put on sale iu Roseburg.
Fine Lawlon blackberries and the Win-
ston peicbes now on band. Her fresh
line of groceries just received excel Is any
imported in tbo city, and lior prices are
as low as homely Hying will admit of.
Diplomatic Scandal
New York, July 15. A (special io tho
World from Washington Rays: "Spain's
payment for tbo Mora claim, as indicated
by cablo, will, at least, defeat the intrl
uues ol American and foreign claim
sharp. For years a coterie of diplomats
at Washington and Madrid huvo sought
to make tbo eentimcut of tbU historic
award conditional on the acknowledge-
ment of counter claims by tbo United
"The story ot all Ibis plottiug to mulct
n,u government brings to light a serious
diplomatic scandal and shows how the
Mora claim has secretly tcon utado to
fisruro rb .an important inciUcnl in a
ceme for teeurinR the transfer of Cuba
ltll "n!led Stat.eB N!han,le! p&
iue wcu-anown imuroauunai lawyer,
who lm has represented the Mora
fami,yi fuin;slie3 doenmeuta and letters
to lhro . flood of i;ht on
,j1Q obatrucliouB to prevent tboiaymont
0f tbo Mora award. Mr. l'age specitlc-
allv charges ex-Secretary of Slato and
Minister to Spaiu John W. Foster with
this work. Mr. Foster has denied tbo
charge and Mr. Tgo now comes for-
warJ with papers which he claims sub-
i . . ...... i . ii . .
,UB( " lB; uo,w
inlAtti nf thin mtinlrr. n woll ita utfttclinft
If ai,- CVo,.,.l. L.tatmn lwlrM..o,l Mm
Mora interests and did all tbev could to
induce him to bold up the Mora claims
"Mora is living iu West Sixty-third
street, New York, with bis daughter
New Yokk, July 13. The New York
council of tho Irish National Federation
of America, met last night in Cooper
Union, J. U. Murphy piesidiug. Reso
lutions were adopted denouncing as
idiotic folly and as convert treason any
suggestion of dcertiug the men who
were facing Ireland's foes. The meeting
repudiated any yielding to faction,
wbeieby it will work in the future the
same evils of division that it has in the
All tbosa citizens of Now York.
wliether of Irish birth or not. who love
justice, liberty and humanity, were urged
to contribute to tbo Irish party moral
land financial support.
nichlgan's Forest Fires.
TnoMrtoNviLu:, Mich., July 15. Re
ports from the various districts in which
the forest fires baye been raging the past
week indicate that w hile the flames are
spreading, Ibey are not so serious as
they were. If rain cornea today, ol
which there is every proepect, the dsn-
aggregates abtxit f330,0(X),
The people of Wallain, who are com
pletely burned out, are in a sod condi-
lion. They have lost homes, clothing,
eventtnu except their lives, ana are
dependent upon charity for food and
clothes. They are being provided for,
but as the fue sufferers number over
100, this village is sorely taxed. Most
of them will go back to Wallain with the
! lumber cotnpanv, which intends to re
build its plant.
As far as known, not a life has been
lost, though scores are suffering from
eeriuus burns, incarred in fighting the
fire. Live stock has Buffered much, and
extensive damage has been done to
standing timber, bnl most of this will be
saved by immediate cutting.
The Nicaragus Canal.
New OrxiANS, Jnly 1C A private let-
tar received here from Managua, NicaJa'
gus, contains lue loi towing, wnt'oi
stated with every degree of authority :
"The concession granted several years
ago to the Maritime Canal Company by
the Nicaraguau government for tbe con-
alrnetion of Ibft Niearaimin canal, ia for
u,e ,ime in jtDg0X 0i be;Dg
canceled, and if annulled this second
time it will be otherwise disposed of.
This second trouble is caused by the
promise to build a canal at a point called
ITipitapa, which would connect Lake
Nicaragua with I.ake Managua.
"When the concession was granted, it
was agreed that in return for the conces
sion a canal would be built at this point
within three years after the beginning of
the work on the main line of the Nicar
aguau line. The time limit placed upon
tbe completion of this waterway expired
in October, IRC, and the company has
made no steps toward carrying out their
1 contract. Tbe Nicaraguau government
threatens lb& annulling of the concession
and tbeir threats come in the form of a
resolution on tbe part of tbe president
nu ulB "uinei, so an apar-
nces, IB nnai
"The Nicaraguan Canal Company will
I t ,
00 nouneu soon tuai me .caraguan gov
ernment will bold them to their original
proposition and the canal must be com
I t f !.L! . .1 a 1
P,eleu w,lu,a 81,011 irluu
within a short period. In this
Uie' r. firn)- and 8bouId. lU6 cangl cora
pany oither refuse or neglect to carry out
tbe original pi in. tbe concession will be
annulled finally and forever. It is gen
erally understood in Managua that if tbe
work is not tet;un very shortly or if the
canal company does not take almost im
mediate steps to convince the adminiu
tration tbat the Tipilapa canal will be
constructed, the next meeting of the
C0.DgrcM of Nlcr8gua wlU rati,y ,he cau
Collation Ol the Concession, Which MlR
ter GoniPz
would not hesitate to bring
Japan In Good Shape.
New York, July 10. Shinichiro Kur
ino, Japanese minister to the United
States, was at tbe Imperial hotel last
night, lie had just ret ur Jed from New
port on his way to Washington, and
talked freely of affairs in tbe Orient. Ho
"The war has left Japan iu first-rate
shape. I think that peace is perma
nently assured in the far East. China
manifests a determination to stand by
her agreement, and this has done much
to win her favor in Japan. You hear
great deal of talk about Russia's attitude,
aud the probability of a clash between
is friendly to Jupau. If she wero not tbo
I ... .
treaty ol three weeks ago would not iiav
been completed. It is said tbat Japan
tallowed Russia to impose upoc her the
settlements after tho war. That is
wrong. Japan is not afraid of Russia
but she is consistent. Russia asked. cer
tain thiugs, and they wore granted
Russia today is as friendly to Japan as
tho United States is, and so nn war is i
Mr. Kurino was asked about tbo report
that tboie was trouble between tbo mis
sionaries in Japan and the authorities,
and that as a result tbo .Inpaneeo govern
ment would take all tbo missions under
its supervision, excepting thoBO tboy bad
trouble with. Mr. Kurino Baid :
"That report is wrong. I know of no
trouble botwoon tbo Japanese govorn
mont and tbo missionaries, and if tlioro
has been any it has been of a personal
Alban N. Towne Dead.
S.n Francisco, July 10. A. N. Towne,
second vice-president and general man
ager of tho Southern Pacitic, died sud
denly at bis residfnee in this city this
Towne bad been in bis oflico all day
yesterday and until 5 p. m. transacting
the usual business of tbo oflico. Ho
spent last evening at home and totirod in
good spirits. Ho retired feeling quito
well, but nt 2 a. m. complained of vio
lent pains in tbo stomach, suppoeed inci
dent to indigestion, from which bo suf
fered, flio phjsician tjuuiinoitcd ap
plied remedies which seemed to allbrd
relief, but symptoms of congestion und
benimorrabages followed.
At 4 a. m. Towne complained of vio
lent pain in luo Heart, and 15 minutes
later ho was dead.
it., . .. . j .
ruon in now torn live years ago
Towno bad la grippe, which impaired bis
heart action. Sinco tbeu ho. lias bad
several attacks, but latnly bos bei n in
excellent health.
The Wilholt Stage Robbed.
OiitooN Crrr, July 1(5. The stage from
al .fa.. a . ...
hub city io lYiinou springs was Held up
al tho Howard hill, about nine miles
from this city yesterday morning, by two
highwaymen: The driver uutl only pas
senger were robbed. Thatbiovoa aro
said to have secured altogether about $00.
The robbers are des :ribcd as one short,
heavy net fellow, aud ouo taller man,
both wearing workingmen'a clothes, and
having their faces covered with white
A later dispatch from Oregon City
states tht the Portland man, whoso
name is unknown, cave up 35. The
robbers did not tako his watch. When
the robbeis asked tho driver it be had
any money he said, "Not a cent." and
without pressing they let him go.
The stage carried but one passenger,
who continued his journey to Wilboit
Springs, which is a distance of about 25
miles southeast of Oregon City.
The Wilboit stage runs through a very
wild aud isolated portion of tho country
beyond MolalU corners and the opor
tunities for holding up outing' partits
bound for tho Springs are considete-1
The incomiuK stage from Wilboit ea-
terday passed tbo outgoing one within
SO minnles of tho hold-up on Howard
hill. It carried tbrco bouieward-bound
passengers, two of w bom had been out
hunting and carried guns in plain view,
which prol'ably accounts for tbe fact they
were not molested.
Chase's Daughter.
New Yobk, July 15. A Washington
special says a temporary stay, granted by
a district judge, is all that stands between
Mrs. Kate Chase and a chattel mortgage
foreclosure of all her household goods.
Ed ee wood is already gone and tbe trost
company which foreclosed tho mortgage
has notified Mrs. Chase to surrender
Salmon P. Chase, governor, senator,
secretary of tbe treasury and chief jus
tice of the supreme court of the United
States, died 22 years ago. In every pub
lic position which he occupied, he wa3 a
leader. To him was due tbe formation
of the national bank act. As a senator
frooi Ohio, be originated some of the
most important legislation of tho day,
Though millions of dollars usscd
through his hands he died comparatively
poor, leaving fcdgewood, with its price
less associations, to his daughter, Mrs.
Kate Chase. Misfortunes have come to
her. Her eldest daughter, Ethel
Sprague, is on tbe stage with Richard
Mansfield's "Portia;" tho second daugh
ter has taken a position as a governess;
Nettie, the youngest, is an invalid, re
quiring constant attention,
Mrs. Cbaso has been assured tbat in
case she is able to raise sufficient funds
to redeem tbe estate, it will be again re
stored to her. She is now in New York
making an effort in this direction. She
writes to intimate frienus in Washington
that she is almost exhausted, mentally
aud physically, and despairs ot success.
Swift Vengeance.
Omaha, July 1G. A Bpecial to tbe Bee
from Butte, Neb., says: There is a gen
eral belief here tbat tbe rustlers raptured
by tbe vigilantes Sunday have been
lynched. The vigilantB found the rust
lers in a stockade at Fort Randall ready
to protect their stolen proiieity. Tbe
fort was quickly surrounded and tbe men
realizing lue luiiiuy ol resistance, sur
rendered to the vigilantes. They were
quickly disarmed, bound hand and foot
placed on horses and started west, pre
sumably tor Keva Paba county.
The men captured are Louis Zoalaud
a resident of Spencer, Neb. ; S. C. Clark
C. S. Murphy and C. H. Jackson, who
live west ot Springview. Nearly 100
beii1 A cattle were found.
The Armenian Troubles.
Van, June 3. t From tho Associated
Press correspondent in Armenia) Tbe
prison of Van, wboro tbe Armenian pris
oners are confined is located under tho
shadow of the city wall and at a point
wbero tbe ground is so low as to receive
tbe drainage of tbe rest of tbo city, Liko
tbe other buildings of tbe city it is built
of sun-dried brick laid iu tho mud. Tho
prison is only a one-story building, and
with no provision lor keeping it dry.
The prison consists of six long roon-s
turee ou eacu biuq oi a common passago
way, into which they open. Each room
is about 12 feet wide aod froji 30 to 40
feet long, and has two windows at th
outer end and two small windows and
door at tbe inner end opening into tbe
passage. During tho'.laet winter from 30
to 10 meu wete crowded into each of
theso rooms, sleeping on tho floor, a row
along each wall, so that if their feet weru
a little moro than ordinarily extended
tho two rows woulu intorfero with tbo
other. Sometimes thero weru 22 men i
each row, allowing only about 13 inches
lor each person.
ine uve small ceils mentioned aro
damp, dark and entirely unwarmed for
winter. A prisoner, Karakcon Pnghesh
(ecan by name, was kept in ono of tho
cells 14 conoeculivo montbB with foot
fottors all t ho lime, and with hand and
neck fetters much of tho time. After
wards ho was removed toono of tho inner
cells, which aro oyen worse, and wbero
ho uow is. He was flogged on an uver
ago ot ouco a day.
Apart from the actual butchery of Sas
soun, tho most painful featuro of the sit
uatiou is tho position of Armenian
women. Ouu cannot investigate this
phaso of tho subj ect without feelings of
rago and horror. Aflor tho most carelul
personal inquiry tho correspondent is
abld tostato that in hundreds of villago.1
in Armenia thcro is hardly one woman,
told or youug, who is not from time to
imo ma do tho victim of passion of the
Kurds and Turks In all tbo villages of
Armenia, tbo Christian women, both old
and young, aro absolutely at tbo mercy
of their Kurdish und Turkish neighbors.
This is not tbe case in tho larger cities of
Van, Ritlis, Moush and Erzeroum, be
causo in theso cities tbo largo Armenian
population is iu itself a protection to tho
women, but in the village9, wboro the
Armenians aro iu tho minority, protect
ion is impossible, aud the women are at
tho beck und call of any Turk or Kurd
who happens to lake u fancy to them.
Moreover, this statu of things is Haid to
bo well known to tho Turkish govern
ment. It is the custom of the government to
sell to the highest bidder the tax privi
leges of tho various villages, Iho pur
chaser having the right to collect all cf
tbo laxoa from tho people. In many
cases tho numbor of young Armenian
women in a village has a great deal to do
with the price paid for the tax privilege.
When the public sale is made of the tax
privileo it is no uncommon thing for the
auctioneer to call out in (lie market-
hue that (o many girls aro available in
tbo villagu. When a man has pur
chased the tax privilege of :t village, he
considers that bo hIsi buiijht and paid
fdr the women of the village, and any at
tempt on the patt of the Husband'',
brothers or fathers to resent this interp
retation of tho law is looked upon as
high treason, puuisbablo with death.
If tbe Armenian men object to litis they
are beaten aud driven from the villages
and, in mauy cases, killed. The women
who suffer the most aro tbe brides.
Kurds an 1 Turks think it great sport to
carry off a lit idu from tiie verj arms of
her husband, and to keep her in tbeir
houses until they have become tired of
her presence.
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ing diplomas from four leading optical
aad aptbalmic college?, is mw m the
city. Consultatiou free.
Mrs. W. H. Downin.: of Salem, who
has been xisitingwith her sister-in-law,
Mrs. C. . Sehlbredti of this city, left for
Oakland this morning.
Dr. C. W. Ijwe occulist-optician o
McMinnvillc is in the city. All persons
whose eyes ate defective will Und it to
tbeir interest to consul him.
Tbe W. C. T. U. will meet at the M.
. Church every second and fourth
Thursday eveniugs iu the month. All
are invited to these meetings.
Lack of vitality and color-malter in
the bulbs causes the hair to fall out aud
turn gray. Wo recommend Hall's Hair
Rcnewcr to prevent baldness aud gray
ness. Tbe workmen arc putting on Iho finish
ing touches to the galvanized cornice on
the Brook's building. It is a splendid
finish and in de3igu is an improvement
on the old style brick cornice.
Timothy hay is Belling for $7 per ton.
By a mistake in Saturday's paper our re-
portct stated that Mr. Chas. Barnard
was relliug timothy for $0 per ton.
Seycn dollars is the ftgnro for timothy.
On Saturday, July 20th, there will bo
a basket picnic at the fair grounds given
by the L. T. L. 'Busses will start from
the M. E. Church at 7:30 a. m. Bring
dish and spoon for ice ct earn and a nickel
lor fare. Rt'uv Baujcy, President.
it Wuienea a greatest couulry news-
pj(cr" has robbed the coutuy, and there
by the taxpayers, by overcharging for
work doue, upon what basis does it lay
claim to being the friend and advocate
of the taxpayer? Tho lxml preserve us
from such friendship.
By the written request of mauy citi
zeiis no print today the huo oration ol
Rev. G. N. Amies ou our last natal an
niversary. Uy patriots it will be perused
with pleasure, by all who beam it it
was listened to with delight and set
every cord of patriotic sentiment vibrat
ing in unison.
And now that the chief engineer of tho
fire department has been ordered not to
use tbo hydrants in case of tire, the city
is left unprotected and at the mercy of
tho flames, which are now estimated 'to
be about due. For several years this
city has been ery fortunate and has
suffered very little loss by tiro. How
long fortune will favor us remains to bo
seen. It isn't likely, however, that
tiro once started during this dry weather,
will go out of its own accord at the com
maud of tho chief engineer or tho shouts
and cries of I ho firemen aud citizens.
Tho Reviow begs tbo privilege of be
ing allowed to print tbo delinquent tax
list for 1891, for 50 per cent less than tho
prico paid last year. Tho Plaindealku
printed thu delinquent list last year, and
tbe Review intouds to convey tbo idea
either that exorbitant rates wero charged
by this paper, or that becauso of its great
sympathy for tbo tax payors it is williug
to do Hie work for half prico. Tho prico
charged bv tbo Pl.umiealek was ex
actly tho samo per square as that charged
by tho Review, and reachod tho buiu
total of $213 for 1893, whilo the Review
bill for 1892, was $130. nnd for 1S91 $770,
as mo recorus win biiow. xitero aro
none bo blind that they cannot see thu
tuotivo that actuates tho Review. Such
tactics would sbamo a chicken thief.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Forty Years tho Standard.
In The Circuit Court.
In tho caso of Peter Hume, assigne of
the estate of L. 0. Beardsley, au insol
vent debtor, plaintiff, vs. L. C. Bcardi
ley, defendant, tho court finds upon facts
submitted and the laws in such case pro
vided, that plaintiff is entitled to take
possession of tho premises as assignee of
the said insolvent defendant, L. G.
Beardsley, and sell and dispose of tho
saino as required by law ; to collect from
the Douglas County Building and Loan
Association tho balance duo from same,
tbo amount of tho withdrawal value of 10
shares of stock of said association held
in default of L. C. Beardsley and apply
tho same in payment of claims against
tbo said estate; that plaintiff have and
recover from defendant, L. C. Beardsley,
his cost and disbursements.
Tho claim of G. M. Brown, district at
torney for $103, allowed.
Bennett ye. Bennett; t'.ivorce, Tried,
argued and submitted.
Emil Piagens vs. W. T. Creuson,
Decree for defendant and caso dismissed.
Creason vs. Plajens. Confirmed.
E. C. Michael vs. J. A. Sterling, re
ferred to J. B. Riddle for testimony.
F. A. Kent vs. B. M. Kent, confirmed.
O. F. Godfrey, vs. John Gotsell. Judg
ment for plaintiff for $73.15 and $20 for
attorneys' fees and costs.
State of Oregon vs. J.-H. Perkins, de
fault of defendant. Judgment for
plaintiff. Bonds for $100, with J. J.
Coon of Camas Valley surety, forfeited.
HiicUicii'M Arnica Snlvc.
Tho Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, botch, Ulcers. Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chillbains, Corns, and all skin Erup,
tions, and poeitivory cures rues, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or monoy refunded
Price25 cents per box. For sale at A.
C. MarsterB fc Co.
B. F. O. Roke and Daughter
He Can't Live
gold my friends and neighbors. I had Bra
pepsin IS years; physicians and chanjs ot
ellnut id not help me. nut Hood's Sarsap
parilla rills, did me more good
than all the doctoring.
I can now aat. Wn and
and work. UTdaur jter
also had distress and rheumatism. Hood's Sar
saparilla made her stout, tvell and healthy. B.
F. O. Boxz, Falrrlevr, Kansas.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, and do
not parse, pain or grip?. Sold by all druggists.
ITonpily secured. Trxfio-ilirfs. Coprnsiita
and Label registered. Twenty-Sre years ex
perience. We report whether patent can bo
reenred or not. free of charge. Our fee not duo
mall patent Is allowed. 3paae Book Free.
H. B. WILLSON A CO., Aoror L-.
Orp.U.S.m.oace. WASHINQTON, D.C,
Adminstrntrix Notice.
VJOTICE is hereby given that Uie undcr
' sizned has been annolntnl Administratrix
of the Kstatc o! Ansel cathcrly, late of Done
las county, OrCKon. deceased. All persons
bavins claims nzainst said Estate are hcrebv
rejuirci to present the same to mr at my resi
dence at fclktmi, Douslas countv, Oregon,
duly verified, within six months from the date
of this notice. All persons indebted to said
Estate arc requested to make immediate tuit-
mcnt to rae al said place.
iaicti mis -ini nay oi .Mar, is.
SARAH 31. WEATHEKlA , Aministratrix.
C. A. Seiilbrede. Attorney. msto
New !
To the Ladies of KoMjb'ars:
Buy one of the Bcveridge
And Take tile Easy.
suited to Families. Boarding Houses,
and Hotels.
Housekeeping Made Easy.
At Hotel Van Itouteu. ROSEBDKG.
A .
Waist Goods,
Wash Goods,
Dress Goods,
Good Goods,
Honest Values,
Low Prices, -Novelties,
Furnishing Goods
Hats, all kinds,
Trilby Ties,
Best Suspenders,
Nickle Counter,
Dime Counter,,
Youth's Clothing,
TheNovelty Store
Taylor & "WllHoii niocit.
The Finishing Touch.
In putting the finishing
touch to your toilet do you al
ways see that your shoes are
in keeping with the rest of
your makeup? lhe shoes
3na' be better than the other
garments and still be appro
priate, but if they are not up
to the raiment in style and
quality the effect is unpleas
Mrs, Grace Osbiirn's
ne line of Shoes stand on
their merits, is infinite in va
riety, excellent in quality,
and moderate in price.
406 Jackson St.
One door south P.O.
Choice Teas, Coffees,
Tobaccos and Cfcaj
And every thing else in
the Grocery line.
Hlgtiest Harkct Paid for Country Produce.
Give him a call and be convinced.
Uncle Sam Just Arrived
On a Crescent Wheel !
The Crescent is proving itself to be a
strong and durable wheel.
Jerry J. Wilson, the Slow Jeweler, the
heaviest man iu Douglas County, rides a
nnr ndTertlse-
t ments In part pa jjnent for a high Krade Acme
bicycle. Which we send tbem on approralwo
wort done nnUl tho bicycle arrives and proves
t satisfactory.
Youne Ladies TtermT
I If boys orgtrls apply ther mnst be well recom
t mended. Write for particulars.
A Sovereign Remedy frCpughs.
CoIdaLaGrippe udall Affections
a wc i nroax. nesr and Lungs.
Sold by A. C. Marters & Co.
W. L. Douglas
d0 dnULnTroR akino.
43 s? Fine CmKjwwea
Over One Million People wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our shoes are equally satisfactory
They give the best value for the money.
They equal custom shoes In style and fit.
Thilr wearing qualities are unsurpassed.
The prices are uniform, stamped on sole.
From $ to S3 saved over other makes.
If yoar dealer ranr.ot supply you ire an. Sold by
dealers everywhere. Wanted, agent
to take exclusive sale for this vicinity.
Write at once.
An agreeaHa Xazstfvo andHtHVzJ Tosia
SoldbyDrnggistaoreent by mail. 25c60c
and 30Qper package. Eaarplea tree.
Vifi The Favorita 5CCT3 PffnES3
AU H.5UfortheTeethndBreath,25c.
For sale by II. F. Kapp. Druggist.
Sheriff Sale.
-1- of Oregon, for the County of Douglas.
Caro Bros., Plaintiff, i
vs. J
John Grills and (
Maggie Grills, Defendants.
State of Obetjok,
County of Douglas.)
Whereas, at a regular term of the Circuit
Court, Sute of Oregon, Countr of Douslas, on
the I6th day of December, 1S33, the plaintiffs
"above named recovered a judgment against the
above rutin ed defendants, for the sum of $3m.6o
damages and costs, and in pursuance thereof I
have levied upon the following described prop
erty, to wit :
hot number 6 of section 21 and lot number 1
of section 22. and lot number C of section 27, and
lot number 1 of section 2S, townsip 21 south, of
range 12 west, containing S5J0 acres, more or
lest, all In Douglas County, Oregon, together
with the tenements, hereditaments and appur
tcnaneea thereunto belonging or in anywise ap
pertaining. Xow. therefore, in the name of thcStatcof Or
egon, I will on Tuesday, the 30th day of July,
1;S, at 1 o'clock p. m. of said day, at the court
house door In Roseburg. Douglas County, Ore
gon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest
which the above named defendants, John Grills
and Maggie Grills, or either of them bad in or to
the above described real property or the 16th
dav of December, 1SB. the date of said judg
ment,oratany time thereafter, together with
all the tenements, hereditaments and appurte
nances thereunto belonging or in anywise apper
taining,, and will applythc proceeds arising
therefrom: first, to the costs and disbursements
of this sale; second to the payment of plaintiff's
lodgment of the sum of fJ6j-6o damages and
costs, and the overplus if any there be I will
pay to the defendants herein or their legal rep
j27td Sheriff Douglas County, Oregon.
Executor's Sale of Real Property
undcrsicned executor of the Estate of M.
R.Shupe by virtue of a decree, issued out of the
County Court of Douglas county, State of Ore
gon, will on and after Friday, July 5th, 1535,
sell at private sale, the following described
S remises belonging to the Estate of M. R. Shupe.
eceased, to wit:
EUof D.C. of M.R.tShupe and lot 3. all in
NEi, and S&'.i. Sec- SI; SW.U and S'2
XVi (excepting 3.U1 acres heretofore sold to E.
G. Young) U Sec 32, all in T. 21 S., R. 5 W.,
containing 617.4? ares.
Dated this h dv oi June, A. D., 1S35.
36t5 JOHN H. SHUPE, Executor.
Administrator's Notice.
OTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
-Ll has been appointed administrator of the
estate of Nat Mitchell, late of Douglas county,
Oregon, deceased. All persons having claims
against said estate arc hereby required to present
the same to mc at Canyouvilie, Douglas county,
Oregon, duly verified, within mx months from
the date of this notice, All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to mate immediate
payment to me at said place.
Dated this 23d day of Mar, 1SW.
m23t3 Administrator.
Administrator's Notice.
vrOTICE is hereby given that the undcrsigucd
i-' has been appointed administrator of the
estate of E. M. Bates, late of Douglas county,
Oregon, deceased,. All persons having claims
against said estate are hereby required to pre.
sent the same to me at my store in Canyonville,
Douglas county, Oregon, dulv verified, within
six months from the dato of this notice. AU
persons indebted to said estate aro requested to
maVe Immediate payment to mc at taid place.
Dated this 23d day of May, 1S95.
mat3 Administrator
Administrator's Sale of Real
ii undersigned administrator of the estate of
John Sen ram, deceased, will bv virtue of a de
cree of the Countr Court of Douglas county,
Oregon, on and after the 10th day of August,
1S95, sell at private sale the following de
scribed real property belonging to the estate of
John Schrani, deceased, towit: The southwest
quarter of section 22. iu township :g south, of
range 7 west, W. M., containing ICO acres, in
Douglas county, Oregon.
Terms of sale as follows: One-half cash, the
remainder to be paid in two equal pavments In
twelve and eighteen months, securvd"by mort
gage. Dated, this lOtli dav of July. 1SD5. .
Administrator of the estate of John Schram,
Notice is hereby given to all whom it may con
eern that I hvrc appointed D. W. Btearns of Cala.
pooia precinct Deputy Inspector of Stock for said
precinct; postoffice addrrsa, Oakland; also A. J.
Chapman of Wilbur, and Ralph Smith, at Rose
burg, to act daring my absence, and others wil
be added as partiea inspected make their desire
known to me.
Roaeburg, May 4th, 13S7 .
Inspector of Stock fir Douglas county Or.