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    Joy's Tor !!" Jndcd and Goo4
Health for all Mankind.
'fi VTrwtt
herbs and
contain no
n t n c t n 1
drops or
deadly poi it
ch. Joy's
robs the
Hood or all
Ms impari
ties, and
courses all
these impuri
ties through
proper chan
nels. Joy's
cures Dys-
Com plalnu
nd Kidney
W . . . . s
ny's icgetablo
Crcvcots Urtd feel
JKS staggering sen
ior, palpitation
or heart, rash oi
blood to the head,
dimness, rinsing in
oars, spots before the
fyos, headache,- bil
ioasness,cQostipatioa of boircls, pains in
the hack,taeUncholr,
tongoe coated, foul
breath, pimples on
facs. bodr and limK
decline orncrre force
dim- spoils faint
spells, cold, damra'r
feet and hands. 6oar I
risings, fatigue, In-
K'uuua, ana au dis
eases cf the stomach,
liter and kidaeTs.
i Joy,s VestUble Sar-
Boa oy au
crnstlaa. Refuse a
Isarauuie. wnca you
piy for the best ieetiit
i yciKCiiacDest.
Reno Post. No. 29, G. A. It., tender
W A Will s a I vuouaD w iruu muiu) ut ivvouuu g)
. a. Willis was In town Saturday. for flQWors. and to tho civic Bocielica for
N. LaRaut of Garden Bottom camn nrt I thnir klndnpRR nnd Mm itir.ntm rrnnr-
Saturday. .11 v ror conlribulinii to llio" success of llio
Mr. Ewertot Wilbur catneuuto the Decoration Day exercisos.
city Saturday. Wt. Pkiuiv, Adjutant.
John Rice of Oakland was doinn busi- Governor Lord has acknowledged tho
ness in the city Saturday. acceplanco of au invitation to be present
P. Cooper of Roberts crik w. .inl Rl 11,6 Pioneer Reunion on tho 15th of
business in town Saturday. June, and is oxpected to bo with us on
F.B. Waits of Roberta creek cam V UBy '"T"8 rom au ,ocam eB
down to Ihn , r...,i... give,proiniBO ot an imuionso gathering
- vi ionu umpqua came over
from that section Saturday,
Don't forget the lecture at the opera
house Friday evening Htb.
Wilbur Brown of South Deer creek
came down to the city Saturday.
JUNE 10. 1S95.
The Ctiurclie.
lUrmr Chcech comer ol Lane and Kos
streets. Sunday Service--. Presenilis, It a. ra.
and 7 JO p. o. ; Young People's Union. 630 pan.;
JIw. G. Jf. Aaaes. President; Scndsy School, 10
c n., Jia& Caaraherlaln, Superintendent
ITayer Heclia;, Thursday cTealae at 7:30.
Kcv. G. K. Anses, Pastor.
Residence, No, SI Mala Street.
UcraoTHsr Curccn comer ol Main and Lane
streets. Sunday Service- rrcacainc, 11 a. ra.
and 7.30 p. ra.; SabVala school, 10 a. ra.; Dr.
James Barr. Superintendent; Class Meeting, at
dose of the morning scrricc; Epworth League
(33 p. ra. Clare Home, Frc-Mcnt. Prayer Mcet
Ic;, Thcrsy. at72 p. nr.
N. S. BlTKNEX. D.U., rattor.
l'xrseaase, corner Main ted Lane.
russncctjuc Chosch-earner ol Cass and
Esse tercels. SaadaySerrice: Puplic worship.
11 aia. and 7JSi p. Q.; Sabbath chco!. 10 a. m.;
T.P.S.C.E7p.t3. Prayer Meeting. WeJne-
ay,7a) p.s.
Mrs. A. Parks is visitins her dauchter It Is another grand national enlorpriso
in Washington countv this week. Ind will revolutionize the commerco of
Harvey Jones of Garden Bottom was Europe
dome business in town Saturdav. L. M. Simmons lato of United Stales
C. W. Smith ot Roberts creek and 8ervco w Man- at tho opera
family were trading in the city Saturday. h0U8e J evening. Mr. Mmmons
W.C. Sanderson has been .ppdnW T,," au"nK ",
poetmsbter at Kiddles, Douglas county, I ... . , ., . . . ' .
' -" will doubtlesu give a very interesting
vruo uron ictr ot a man ana me arms t.iw ..t
I "i Utnvu IU DVVtl VO HUU a UtilUb 1 1 lO V
otiwo women occurred at Medfonl last lhat unhappy ruxl of our country
Don't fail to hear liitn
A a a. - 1
vou ana ner aauguier Martha n,. Rum,,, nf I'-n.inn.
ouuusj Wlvu relatives at win- 100 clerks. Ono was a granddaughter of
Chester. vnn-. ..ii. i
"SUr Snancled Banner." From her
changing congratulation ons the streets salary she supported her aged mother,
oaiuruay. now so years old and blind. Pensioners
Rev. E. M. Marsters of Cleveland E0W bare to wait for their pensions
made the Plaikuealeb a friendly cadi I until, like tho old grist-mill plan, his
Saturday. turn comes. Hoke Smith is a hoax
The castings for the Brooks buildinel E. W. Achison it Co. have completed
have arriyed, and the work was resumed I 6e' 'n place a beautiful monument
this morning. I for Geo. W. Kimball, in tbe Masonic
Simon Caro. wile and Bnnv. m-. cemetery, it is of Barre, Vermont, gray
X. P. Bunnell lelt on the local this morn- F5"11"5 and 001381815 ' Dase' .a,e ana
inc fnr Twil.n.i i oi same stone, wrougnt m 111c uigu-
est degree ot workmansuip by (.1. .
Bell, the artist at their works iu this
city. It is one of the finest monuments
Rev. E. M. Marsters will preach at the
Coles Valley church, Sunday. June lGth
at 11 o'clock a. m.
Mrs. A. S. Whiting came up from
Portland Saturday on a visit to her
mother, Mrs. Party.
L. . Simmons wul lecture at the
opera uouse rnaay nignt, Jor tbe beuebt Bbot Long, inflicting a serious, though
ox me .pwonn League. no( tatal wound iu the facts. Friendly
Miss lula Bradley, one of our ex-1 attempted BuiciJe by jumping iuto the
cellesl teachers, returned Sunday even-1 Willamette liver but was rescued and
ing from a visit at Oakland. lodged in jail on a chargo with assault
Turn out averv hod Fridar vnin. in with intent to kill
Tax Tft.C. T. I. vm BKet at the M. i
church every Ttmralay creaiBC until alter
SUte Coutc&Um. AM aseiabers teald be pres
ent at crtcr Beettac.
M. E. C'KCCiH. svtui Coracr Washington
and Stcpaeas ttrccts. Wrtne crrices at 11
a. and TJB m. ctctt Z&A aadlth -Sunday.
Sabbath jekorf at M a. bl. C. W. Kirk, supcr-
in terpen t. I jorcfc at Edenlwacr church at
3 p. ra. stmt days. At Oakland every 1st San
day. taEBin aad es esis. A t Calapooia every
Sonday smdas at 11 a. ra. and at Dsy"
Kboct baaie !!..
J. A. CxncariaXD. I. C
Have you to exctiange lor WO acres
graxuig land in Gray county, Kansas, a
few miles southwest of Dodge City.
Apply to L. II. PiaiNDEAt-tt: ctBre.
hr .
Look at This.
At Lxsioos 50a can et 13 oumla of
crasnlated and 10 peends of extra C
Eogarfcr fl.W. And anything in the
grocery line at lowest cash prices deliv
ered free.
At Last They've Arrived.
Tbe new stock of shoes has just ar
nred lrom tbe east and Uiburn is pre
pared to furnish yoa with shoes at most
reasonable iriccs. Examine bis stock.
Socceseor to Loois Langenberg.
Sheriffs Notice.
Taxes will be received till June 1Mb
without cost. After that date no taxes
will be received till the completion of the
delinquent list, about tbe 1st of July,
when I cd kt cad will be added to all
taxes delinquent on June 15th.
C. F. Cathcaet, Sheriff.
Indian War Veterans.
Remember that all tbe veterans and
their wive: and children that attend tbe
grand encampment meeting, to be held
at Portland, June 13th next, will be re
turned at 1 educed rates of fare by ob
taining a certificate from Captain M. 11
Hathaway, who, as grand adjutant, will
b: in attendance.
Auolher triumph of scieuco is llio com
pletion of thu Baltic and North sea
canal which has been accomplished.
Tbe canal crosses the p-cnitiBtila Schles-
wig-HolsteJn, is 5'J miles long, cost f;S-
500,000 and was eight yoars in building,
A Salziuau, tho roliablo jowolor.
J. T. Bryau, the Busy Watchmaker.
Seo tho Novelty's new advertisement.
L. Bel ills, watchmaker, RoBeburg, Ore.
Go to tho Rosuloaf for tho best cigars
Complete liuo ol ctittlery at Salzmau's.
For Ural-class dentistry go to Dr. Littel
of Oakland.
Got Salzuiau's latest price on granite
ami tinware.
Harness of all kinds al low priced at
G. W. Woodward's.
PriceB on wall paper ate just right at
Marsters' drug store.
Koy West, imported and
cigars at the Rosoleaf.
Three Thousand Dollars Worth of
Lumber Destroyed.
Dkain, June 0. Fire broke out yester
day at 11:15 in tho roof of the ofllce
of the Hudson Mills & Lumber Co.,
which joins their store, and was uot dis
covered until beyond control. Burned
both buildings which were about 25 by
50 feet and spreading from there to the
mill yard which was about 50 feet dis
tant and joining the mill, burned
Proceedings of the Last Regular
Tho board of trustecH or tho Oily of
Rosebnrg mol Thursday evening, June
6th, and transacted tho following busi
Oil calling tho roll llm following mem
bers wero found present : Trustees
81iuhj, Wright, Strong and Rico. Re
corder Zigler, Marshal Carroll and Day
Police Clements. Trustee ltapi absent.
The minutes of Uiu previous meeting
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
over 200,000 feet of nice lumber,
also the depot house, two cars and about wero read and approved.
half tho side track helonciue to the H. P. Day Police David Clements tendered
R. R. Co. ABthe fire progressed towards Iiib resignation, which was accepted.
the mill, alone throuch the yard, tbe On the referred bills of J. V Mullen
domestic crowd of iire-fiuhters increased till finally for f 1.50 : F. W,
" 1
when it was just beginuiug to catch the Matthews $1.50; C
Cxrroll 8; It. 15.
A. Gibler ifl.50, tho
Alabastino, kalsomino and whito wash mill they got it under control and saved committe reported favorable and war-
at Marsters' drug store.
If you don't see what you want rsk
for it at Marsters' drug store.
Ice cream made for parties on short
notico at Niece's candy factory.
tho mill and about 75,000 feet of lumber, rants were ordered drawn for the amount
also all of the stock of goods and safe. On the referred bill of Holylleld &
Loss being about $3000. Tho owners of Heald for lumber for $19.23, the commit
the mill property are J. B. Heald and the tee reported that the hill be allowed less
' estate of Chas. Hollyfiel J. While it was 83 cents for hauling. The report was ac-
(tuilo a loss to the company they still I cented and a warrant ordered drawn for
Myrtlo Creek Hour, only 80 couts jwr j,ave H vciy arg0 BUp,,iy 0f iog8 and will the amouut as reported.
sack. Delivered freo. A. C. Uoxis
Salznian sells his goods overly low.
Why? Because ho sells for cash ouly.
Don't eat stale candies. You can buy
it fresh and good just as cheap at Nieces'.
Salzuian sells his goods for cash. Buy
of him and you pay for no bad accounts.
Royal Rose aud Myrtlo Crook flour at
Johnston Grocery, delivered freo of
F. W
Society or family parties can
commence running again Boon.
The World's Fair Tests
showed do baking powder
so pure or so great In leav
ening power as the Royal.
Hayues, dentist, iu Mark's
All kinds of dental work guar
Basket Dinner and Picnic at
Fair Grounds.
There will'be a picnic and basket din
ner in connection with the races at the
The reports of the recorder, marshal
aud day polico wore read, accepted and
ordered Clod.
Tbe following bills were allowed:
F. W. Zigler, rewirder's fees $27 10
D. Clements, day police salary. . . CO 00
A M. Crawford, attorney's foes. 00 00
C. W. Wright, uightwatch salary CO 00
J. K. Fitziiugh. witness fees 1 50
F. W. Carroll, marshal's fees. ... 11 00
Roseburg Llectric Light Uo.t city
hall Uehts 0 Sj
Roseburg Electric Light Co., htreot
lights 20a .2
Tho marshal was ordored to notify all
persons delinquent on their license to
Royal Kg
Reaping the Harvest.
New Youk, June 7. Tho Herald's
Washington corretondent says:
England is reaping a sorry harvest as
a result of the Corinto affair. By land-
Roses and Strawberries.
The Eldridge block room is splendidly
adapted for the Rose show, being admir
ably 'suited fur decorations Tbe galler
ies around the sides are festooned with
ing her marines on Nicaraguan soil to sea green and rose draperies and hung
secure the payment of the indemnity for with honey locunt and roses, set with
the expulsion of Consul Hatch she sowed palms and ferns. From the ceiling are
for herself seeds of hatred in the native suspended orchards and air plants,
breast that has produced a crop of most On the tables about the hall is the
bitter animosity, and basalready affected most beautiful collection of mosses and
her interests in Nicaragua, and will un- ferns, potted plants and rare flowers,
doubtedly continue to do so.
This is made clear in the first report
on this subject which has been received
at tho navy department from Com
mander'Ide, of the Alert. The Nicar-
whilo there are several large tables -of
wild flowers. Two little girls brought
fifty varieties. Tho columns are twined
with ivy and roses. Roees are every
where. The display of palms from Mrs.
aguans and, in fact, all residents of I Taylor's greenhouses surpasses any ever
Centra! America, be says, consider the Iseen in Salem.
in the cemetery.
AtCorvallis last Thursday, says the
Albany Democrat, one Max Friendly in a
quarrel with John Long over a proposi
tion to purchase Long's saw mill Friendly
hear the popular lecturer oa the scenes
and incidents of the rebellion.
Karl'B Clover Root, the great Blood
An alaim of fire called out the firemen
Friday afternoon. Tho roof of tho depot !
freight building had taken liru from
purifier gtvee freshness and clearness to "P"8 ''om,u cugine, and as a strong
the Complexion and cures Constipation,
25cts., 50cts., $1.00.
The militia went out for a target shoot
Saturday. The strong wind inlerferred
considerable with their marksmanship.
yet a good score was made.
Shil oh's Care is sold on a guarantee,
11 cares incipient Consumption, it is
the best Cough Cure- Only one cent s
dose, 25ctB., oOcts., and $1.00.
The travelling public wul do well to
call on Katie Churchill at Churchill Ho
tel, Oakland. Terms est to suit dull
times. See card in today's issue
Hon. C. A. Sehlbrede has placed the
Plaimalk under obligation for a copy
of the General laws of Oresun passed at
tbe last session of tbe legislature.
lira. W . I. Benjamin who has teen
Tuiringfi iends in Portland lb last three
weeks, returned home Thursday evening
much improved in health and spirits.
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego,
Cal., savs: "Shilch's Catarrh Remedy
is the first medicine I have ever found
lhat would do me any good." Price 50c
There will be a strawberry festival at
the residence of John Long, Cleveland,
on Saturday evening, June loth. Every
body is invited to come and have a good
wind was blowing at the time there was
a fine prospect of haviug that long talked
of new depot in tbe near future, had not
the firemen, in their excitement, lost
their beads and put the tiro out. No
particular damage was done.
Tho Coos Bay Fair Association's racu
track presents a lively appearance uow
with the following horses there trainiug :
F. P. Norton's Bonuer, X. B., O. J.
Seeley's Clatawa, L. M. Noble's Iliac, 1 taking orders for
J. C. Summer's Grand Roude, .Smith I clothing
Bailey's Winchester, 1. Hacker's Mat, '
cream aud candies in any quautitieB at
For good substantial blacksmithing
cheap, go to McKiuuoy & Manning,
Seo new line oi mens, boys, and child
ren's hats at Osburns. Next door to
Review office.
Ready mixed paints iu all shadeB and
colors, and auy size packages at Mars-
tors' drug store.
Jack Abraham is in receipt of a choice
liuo of balbriggan underwear just the
thing for hot weather.
Fresh candies made daily aud equal to
1 auything in tbe state, also ice cresm in
any quantities at Nieces'.
Protect yourself againstcold aud pueu
inotiia by weariug a chest protector.
Fine ones at Marsters' dnig htore
Now is tho time to spray your fruit
trees. lime, sulphur and blue vitriol for
that purpose at MarBters' drug store.
Jack Abraham still carries a complcto
stock of men's aud uojb' furnishing at
get ice fair ground on the Fourth. Every body I p8y u,0 8aID0 on or before Monday, June
is invited to come and have a good lime, ji jgj5 or proceedings would bo com
following is the menced to force collection
sited l'BOUKAiuii: : I In regard to the sewer being stopped
Trottinc Three minute class, puree up m tue city nan, tue matter was re
$50 two in three lerreu to tue commiuee on city improve
1 .
Runninc 000 yards, and repeat, purse meats with power to act.
150. u. A. eeuiureue appeareu iciore tne
Special running race. $50. board m regard to a judgment against
Knrip in nor PAnt of nurso. The the city in the case ot inos. rarquar vr.
wiunine horse to have 70 per cent. The The City ol Koseburg, where the plain
second 20 per cent, the third 10 per cent tiff procured a judgment for $55. and
n( IIir tnrw. Vnniormv ..iinii for a walk suteu ttial ne would lino to nave a set-
nwr. Iii all ranj4 ImrsM nill bo re- tlement of tbe 83iue. lue matter was
nniro.1 in nnipp anH Hir. n start. referred to the committee on ways a-.d
In the event of the net gate receipts means for investigation
tallini? short of llm amount advertised in There being no further business tlio
purees, the association reserves the right meeting adjourned to meet Thursday
to reduce purses to a sum not less than evening, June Id, Ib'Jo
60 tier cent of the cross rale receints.
Tbe Discovery srsvcu ms i.tie
Mr. G. Cailloutte, Druggist, Beavers-!
vilie, 111., says: "To Dr. King's New
LiBcovery 1 owe iuv inc. iiu? uucu
United States aa their natural protector,
and look to us for assistance when in
trouble. They have an exacgerated
notion of the Ecope of the Monroe doc-
Irino, as well as the size of the naval and
military service of the United States,
Master of Ceremonies Dan Bronson
says there will be fifteen lady cyclists
surrounding the Queen's float. These
will be dressed in white with rose twined
wheels. Following will be the ladies in
dark and the whole will make a charm-
and believe, with the majority of Ameri-1 iug appearance.
cans, that the United States can trounce
the remainder of the world if necessary.
It was feared by the Xicaraguans,
Commander Ide reports, that the British
intended to obtain control of the canal,
and they declared they would rather see
the canal project defeated then have it
pass into British hands.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nicaraguan Maritime Canal Company
will he held today. It is stated that only
routine business will be transacted.
Nervous Sliock
K. V. Jor Coxpaxy Gentlemen: This is
the first time I have attempted to write for
three years. Have been so nervous and weak
that I h.r. 1.1.1 In Jul tr mnri nt tho ( i tn
A friend who had taken your Sorsaparilla
sent me tivo bottles. The cccond ouc is most
cone, and I bare gained 20 pounds, and surely
This morning arriyed a shipment of
over a hundred varieties ol roses from
Roseburg with the compliments ot Mrs.
Sol. Abrabam, Mrs. C. A. Sehlbrede,
Mrs. S. C. Flint, Mrs. L. H. Zigler, Mrsj
C. L. Hadley, Mrs. Chas. Clements, Mrs.
G. F. Oehme, Mrs. W. R. Willis, Mrs, J.
Bitzer, Mrs. A. B. Richardson. They
were tbe richest collection from amateur
growers bent from any city in Oregon
aud are the cauEe of much favorable
comment. Capital Journal, Salem, June
7th, 1805.
feci a new woman. I was nale. thin, no am-1 Jc?"'
tiiuon. llau rtven up, as I naa tneu so many
remedies and doctors, but found no benefit. If
you care to publish this you have my concnt.
(Signcuj ana. .. uili.u,
Alameda. CsL
Headache, Biiliousncs and Torpid LivcrXdis
appcar when you take Joy's Vegetable Sarsa-
K. V. Jov Comfasy Gentlemen: 1 hava
buffered from kidney trouble for two or three
i womu nave to get up in tne nlzht to
void my urine from ten to fifteen times. My
Citizen's fleeting.
In the county court room last Friday Mors vegetable saksaparilla.
Served Him Right
Hie editor of the Cottage Grove Echo-
eader got himself into trouble by openf
Ini nl n liwil millinprv adirn fepnt liv a
...i:.-ui i-.i i i. I rroo ..Ivor. ,11, ami (rib! I prMiiil nut ivi i uusiucaa ujuu mew to uuuaiuer U1B luai-
verv clad to see her stockinn ut) ving ur. rvin -vu iy4w.-uvci iu uij , ier ui au earij uiuaiiuuiuu ui iuc jwbc-
- nn I iip nr. tnr fl nomn mill itv'in us lis! , i r i .. i f :i .1
After tbe paper came out Brother Thorp ad from the first dose beWu to get bet- "!f, . . "T7',
sleep was disturbed, and i became verv thin
and nervous. No appetite; bowels constipated.
1 have taken two bottles and gained nftees
pounds. Sleep well. Have to get up about
three times during night, and am very much
belter in every respect. Will conUnue to take
your Vegetable SarsapariHa, for believe it will
entirely cure me. (Signed.)
Stockton, Cal.
jui a rUK lilt J.wcv.
. . . . . i . . i .ii ,... i :
wi;n ia unppe anu ineu an me iniyai- ,, i , r,i
ciaus for miles about, but of no avail and - "
lowest cash prices ilou't you forget it.
Briu" vour job work to the Plaindkal- wa3 astonished when tbe lady met him ler.'and after using three bottles was up (
Mice Wo are prepared to do the nd 8,ruck uim over b5s Ibink-dome ana about ain it
with an umbrella, at the same timo tell
ing him he was a liar and hadn't seen
anything of the kind. Ex,
Brother Thorp need not apply at this
office for sympathy. Tho little bald
tin ollice We are preiared
cheapest and bet work south of Port
Jack Abraham has accepted the
I agency ot Xeander, Pershing & Co., for
tailor made suits
E. Du Gas, physxiau aud surgeon.
After discussing the matter aud decid
ing by a unanimous vote that the early
iucold. We won't keep store or house i completion of this road would be highly
without lU" Get a free trial at A. O. lnnficial (ho citv and conntv eener-
a t n t t i CM '
arsiers w. s ' My. a committee of three, consisting of
A New Marriage Bureau. ; S. C. Flint, C. H. Fisher and C. Y. Ben-
.Cnvprl months in onn of Domdas ! jamin, was appointed to interview the
hPAiW. hflncl.-hI old-bachelor met a couuly's meat estimable" young ladies, ' mauagers of the road and get, it practic-
OD I . . . ti TkT t at i s I i it i. .a r riai t tii
proper fate. Brother Thorp has been the daughter ot a prominent fruit grower, j aoie, a propotiuon irom uiem emuwij- tuor nue uuaiuma ioi uuiuui anu win
Binger Hermann.
Hon. B. Hermann having completed
his labors before tire department at
Washington, D. C, looking after mat
ters in which his constituents are inter
ested, has turned bis steps homeward
and will be here soon. At Buffalo, X.
Y.. the 29th, Mr. Herman inspected the
Buffalo harbors and was feted by the
municipal authorities of that city. Mr.
Herman left Buffalo the oOth on the An-
Office ti stairs iu
Residence oposile
Calls iu town and
Call on tho J. G. Floo. Co
Marsters' block
of U. B. church.
country promptly
for prices
Snlrnn V,-an.l f.milr of M.rltB That was a pretty good advance for a few
Pninin.inih.riir R,tM -nront day's work gathering up aud driving
to Portland. 3Ir. W is one of tbe ,were. thJP to 1,or!,and. on
merchants and bosiaeee taea of Myrtle
Professors Berger, the grand pianist.
and Col lea, the solo violinist, will give a
musical entertainment at the "Senate
in Rosebcrg, on the 15th, Htb, aad 15th
of this month.
Ed. Patterson and Dale Willis, who
have been playing Ximrod in the vidn
ity of Brewster valley, returned Sunday
evening with the trophies of the chase,
one bear and lots of fish.
Xicholl's Buzz, Williams Spcigle's Bur
lingame, S. H. Hazard's Flying Hood;
and also several colts. Coast- Mail.
We call the attention of the public to
the card of Hon. E. D. S1 ralford in today's
issue. Mr. Stratford liears letters of in
troduction irom onsine&s menan.iirom of sugar piue, neat and durable. Just following his former wild career, and
the legal fraternity of butler county, i Mi tliinp f,, t-pt vmir ivrripi in market h;,.;,. ; ...lno i,
- o J . . . - - - I iitU a a oiii,!! i,uvi t uuu
R-ansas, as an attorney oi many years j first-class coudition. belter, for personal safety, fortify tbe
experience, an:e, acconipusucu ar.u non- , N. ,. n K-lM.timml A. ia(inn frontdoor with the cook stove an.l other
est- Upon these recommendation we I - , , .. , , r
I UJvvlO IU AUUUfll 1 UaAtlUtl W Lii V luiuuuiw, uu vaasvj aj w wuuwna .w aaav
welcome him and trust that our ciltwus L, -n JnJy mxU .v special rate of $70 1 luxuriaut office since our Ust visit.
wm Buowuiui m. ul3 iauu.j ) froul Koeeburg to Denver and retnm has This old bachelor buriuess is getting
courtesy in llieir poiicr. ;iw. Rtp.1 fnr nn-asi.iii Stwvial monotrjiioii'i and oairht to be sutmresied
A few days ago Russell Dement of tirketa at ibis rate will bo sold on Julv Miner.
Curry county brought eighty head of beef ' , t0 5lh inclusive. They will bo good
cattle of Roseburg, and sold them here going only for "contiuuous aasago com
at an average of fo0 ir head, which mencing on date of sale, They will be
cost him in Curry county t IS a head
toilinc in the journalistic vineyard these while engaged in packing fruit for ship- ug sucn terms as mey mignt oe um- stop ai an mc iraponani pomia on uie
J J I ........ 1 a i i it 1- TV 1-. I r a f a I Tflft
.I.m U l..o r,.i,l liil.p. inrl mpnr. cjre ess v Ecnbb ed her name and ilKmcu io make iu iuu ucuijio ui uuu(jua ay. rruui a report oi uic ounaio
to thn noor: bnt he must learn. Paddress on a slip of paper and
vn t rJ.ia lali. .lat... thai bis PiTorta to aecidentlv on purpose like" dropped It pvors: at una enu oi iiuo-uie cuui-
h ri will pvpr .nPAt.itha nmnpr r. into a box of the choicest variety of mitteeto mase report at an eariy aay.
1 lioIinM. vhtn she. A committee was also raised, consist-
Coutier it appears Mr. Hermann is well
pleasced Tvith and mtasurably surprised
at the magnitude of Buffalo's com
I O I - i a . . . .
ou their up to date berry crates. Made ing an old bachelor; and if he insists on happeued to think of it and looked for! ing ol J.
the thing to get your bcrriei to market
The Xalion Educational Association
Hamilton, Asbor Marks,
that little scrap of paper it could no 1 u. turn, ii. a. snenuan anuu.s. h.
where be found. A few davs a-'j the 1 Buick to canvass the county for subscrip-
young lady was very much surprised to tions for a bonus to said railroad corn-
receive a letter bearing tho i03t mark of pany and to secure the right ol way lor
said road along the projused line. This
committee was given authority by its
chairman, J. W. Hamilton, to call a
a little town in Pennsylvania, not. far 1
from Philadelphia. It from a dash
ing young grocerv clerk, who told, in
cushiuglauguage, bow be had discovered! mass meeting ol tbe citizens at such
the lorn: lost precious scrap of paper iu time as he might deem proper, lo further
opeuing a lx of the world's reuowned ! consider the matter.
Uinpqua valley pruues, and with what j
S. P. R. R. They were a fine lot of cat
tle fattened on the evergreen gra;s of
Curry county, one of the beet grazing
counties in the state.
Brakeman Agler met with a
muhaplast Saturday,
just started, he was between the cars and ; 0f graining, sign and carriage painting
a young man pitciied iuc coupling pin as ;
usual on tbe car. The train moving a '
little faster than thought, the pin fell on
top of Agler's head, stunning him for the
instant and causing much dizziness. He
was brought lo Mrs. Madison's aud
To the Eurruit: In the Plaimikalkh'
issue of June the Cth, you give notice! deep feeling of emotion he had viewed j
,v.iu,im, f-. iv,n, f, Tnirtnaiiue president oi tne pioneer society the lair ones "sis., etc., etc. wnne
. - i ......
12th to loth inclusive- but if deposited 01 LHug'aa nd been cnaiienged io run a sampling the deliciouj irun autt arrang
, ,,nt i i.rmn.,1 im ai foot race ou the loth of June at the iuc it in temnliue display, la'Killcd 15
pioneer reunion, l he race is on, as tue I cents per pound iliome pnee, o ci:uis
challenger alter viewing our phiz and I What else was said wo kuou not. nor
learning tbe distance to be run, sur-jcan we guess the lady's reply. Wo
rendered tbe forfeit, an old pair of moc-t leave that to the imagiuatiuu of our
casins which he wore across the plains, readers
He concluded that be was no jack rabbit,
but another kind of a Jack with !ong
ears, whose braying might astound tho
multitude, but could not scare us off the
track. That lin plate and cup would be
Denver, will be made available for re
turn on any date up to and including
Avgust 25th next.
Established In Roseburg 15 Years,
serious We are prepared to do vour work at
The train had i barJ times prices. We make a specialty
P. J. Collins, Amelio Garcia and An- Bradley sent for, who dressed the wound
thony Azoff were hung at San Quentin and left him as comfortable as cireum
prison at 8 o'clock a. m., Jane 7tb. stances would permit. Ho is not danger
Father Logan and other Catholic priests oasir hurt.
"Liveriue," manufactured by the An
cbor S Chemical Co., the great Liver,
Kidney and Constipation cure. An in
fallible remedy for all curable forms of
diseases of those organs. The greatest
knows remedy for Indigestion. Try it.
For sale al M. F. Rapp'e drug store,
Roseburg, Oregon.
offered consolation to the men
The republicans of Kentucky have
made a state ticket and have good
Bhow of electing it- The democrats are
hopelessly divided. "When rogues fall
out honest men may get their dues."
Six head of work horses, weight 1200
pounds, 4 years of age, for sale cheap for
cash, or note; will tiade a span for light
wagon and harness. Apply to
J. E. Frrz'JABOLD, Flosnwy Valley.
There will be a basket meeting at
Lecture on Y. P. S. C. E.
The eecretday of the Y. P. S. C. E.
Union of San Francisco, Cal., Rev. H.
E. 3Ionser, will deliver a lecture at the
Christian church,Sunday, June 10,8p.m.
oa the subject of Christian Endeavor, to
which the young eoplo especially and
the public generally are invited.
Final Call.
Ail persons are hereby notiried to
make immediate settlement of their in
debtedness lo the lale firm of K. Marks
& Co.; otherwise tho same will be placed
in hands for collection. Please give this
call prompt attention and thus avoid ad
ditional costs. Asutu Mauks,
Administrator of Estate of S. Marks
Jacob Bitzer's delivery horse Eli,
driven by Joo Louuian took a notion Ibis
morning lo deliver the driver, a feat he
accomplished in short nioUr. One of
the tbills to the wagon became detached
and dropped down. Eh did not like the
arrangement and began to move rather
irregular and more rapidly than usual
The steering aparalua allowed the wagon
io come in contact with a tree in front of
A. C, Marsters' and Joe went forward
striking on tbe ground more forcibly
than was his custom. Though slightly
bruised but no 1wnes!were broken. Tho
"wagon however, was completely wrecked
One thousand dollars invested iu
Crescent Bicycles direct from the West
ern Wheel Works of Chicago, eight
wheels were sold aud all are giviug the
best satisfaction. This factory is turning
out 300 bicycles erdayaud are 1,000
short on Coast orders. They are fur
nishing us with four wheels jier week
nnttl they get caught up with their
orders. In 1S04 this factory turned out
Do you need your Buggy Painted?
Do you need your Parlor Decorated
Do you nted your Dining Boom
Do you need your Kitchen Painted,
Dr. Kalsomincd or Papered?
If bo, call on Tolles & Cordou, who
are ready to do it for $2.50 and upwards,
according to class of work required.
We refer yon to our work which
speaks tjr itself. We are neither Btran
cers or scabs but first class Practical
Cau be found at A. C. Marsters' diug
store at any time.
State or Ohio, City or Toledo,)
I.CCAS count v, 1
Kkink J. Cheesy wake-ontlt lliat lie is the
senior partner of the firm of l.J- Ciiesey Js
vo., uoins uusiuo in ine ny ui nuvuu,
Countv and Stale aft)rvId, ami that ?aid firm
..mi .1... ..r nvv ui-vimi-ii 11111.
highly prized by ub, and if any other la Kn for each and ccry ca- of catarrh
wants to amuse the crowd and test his ht.5n.i curctl v-'i? f'tSfvpv
Grain In
San Francisco,
June 0. Tne
agility with ours, we will gratify his am
bitious desires, we naming the distance
aud you holding the stakes, for we well
know we can overtake you if you skip
with them. SrA.vro.
Snorn to before nie and nib-cnbcd in my
presence this Cth day of Decein'jcr, A. D., l!0.
W. liLEAsON,
Notary Public.
V) (W) nlipptR. Sincn then thev have in
rrencn settlement scnooi uouse, oune lhe;r capacity to 75,000. They
lb. Preaching at 11 a. ra. and at 2 P- Lw D0 trU6l or combine. They
m. Preaching by Rev. t. a. Annes. ... .
Everybody is invited lo bring their
Iet all the officials and the committees
ship no wheels to any one on consign
ment. All wheels aro sold outright be
fore they leave the factory. The Crescent
wheels need no recommendatiou. They
appointed for the Pioneer Reunion meet K on tbeir merits aud are fully war-
at W. W. Cardwell's office on Thursday
evening at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of
regulating the exercises on the loth.
The President.
Mrs. Will Madison and Mollie Ruckle
took a buggy rids to Oak Grove last Fri- stallment.
day on a visit lo George Stevenson's fam
ilv. Tber climbed the cherry trees. A
helped themselves to what they wanted,
and put the whip on old
started for home.
ranted for twelve months. Call and sec
our Gent's Special, 25 pounds, price $50;
Crescent No. 1. 23 pounds, $75; Ladies'
Crescent Xo. 5, 21 jiounds, $50; Ladies'
No. A, 22 pounds, $75. Cash or on in
Carle A RiciiAiiubox.
Attention the Public.
Call ou Jack Abraham at ouce.
His gent's furnishing goods are of the
latest style and best quality.
His prices are within the reach of all
Shirts, hats, caps aud overalls in all
shapes and variety.
Gent's can bo accommodated with auy
thing in his line al prices sure to giye
No shelf-worn goods iu (lore, but all
new and of first-class material.
Jack's store is next to the National
Bank, where he cau be fouud at all times
to greet bis customers with due courtesy
Call ou Jack aud inspect goods and
you will then conclude that at Jack's is
tbo placo lo make purchases.
Nash and the Sewers.
Captain Nash has become disgusted
because the Med ford city council would
uot assure him of proper sewer accomo
dalions for his new hotel, aud advertises
tho building for sale at cost. It looks
liko poor policy to allow the opportunity
of eecuring a hotel second to none south
of Portland to slip by for fear of expend
ing a few thousand dollars on a system
of sewerage, which will become a ueces
Bity in a few years anyway. Jackson
ville Times.
And why, forsooth, should the city of
Medford build a sewer for Captain Nash's
hotel, or for anyone else for that matter.
Let Capt. Nash throw his slops in the
street, even though it smell to high
heaven. Our forefathers have stood as
bad, and who are we that we should be
more holy than they. Medford Moni
Mall's Catarrh Cure i taVeu internally and
acts directly on the blood aud iuucuos ur
faees of the .vsteni. Send for testimonials
free. 1". J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Urugsists. .jC
Francisco Troducs Exchange today issued
its usual statement of the amount of
grain, etc., on band in this state Jnne 1
The report shows that there are 51,607
barrels of flour, against 80,310 for June 1,
1SW. There are 0,300,340 centals of
wheat in store. This is over 1.000,000
centals less than were in store at the
same time last year. I here are 1 13,440
centals of barley, against 1,370,305 for
Juncl.lSOL In oats there are 10S.0C0
centals, 20,000 more than last year. Last
year there were 131,300 sacks of Leans,
bnt this year the figures have dropped to
C5.S10. There ii a decrease in tho sup
ply of corn also, the figures being 03,340
for this year, and 94,300 in 1S04. Rye
has dropped from C.5S5 rentals, in June,
IS04, to 44S0 centals this year.
and those about to
become mothers,
should know that
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription
robs childbirth of
its torture, terrors
and dangers to
both mother and
child, bv aiding Nature in preparing the
system for parturition. Thereby "labor"
and also the period of confinement are
greatly suortenea. it also promotes an
abundant secretion of nourishment for
the child. During pregnancy, it pre
vents "morning sickness" and those
distressing nervous symptoms from
which so many su3?r.
Tanks. Cotlle Co., Texas.
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Bufialo, N. Y. :
VearSirl toot your tavonte Pre
scription" previous to confinement and
never did so well in my life. It is only
two weeks since my confinement and I sa
able to do my work. 1 teel stronger una I
ever did in six weeks before.
Yours truly,
The 10th annual meeting of the Pion
eer Society of Southern Oregon was held
in Jacksonville Thursday, President
Dunlappresiding. The following officers
were elected lor ins ensuing year:
President, Jacob Thompson; first vice-
president, George Isaacs; second vice-
president, A. D. Helman ; treasurer, V.
C. C. Beekman ; secretary, 8. J. Dy.
Parties claim to have found tbe finest
coal property yet discovered in this
county. It is located up the middle
fork of tbe Coquille country and within
a few miles of the line of tbe railroad.
Tbe vein has been dressed down and
shows a face of 12 feet of clean coal.
There is considerable excitement over
the find in that part of the country.
Coast Mail.
Brave Woman. I
Sunday night Mrs. Ernest Evertou of ;
Grey and this city was awakened by a noieo in tho
house. After listening attentively a lew
moments she perceived it was a man
who did not belong to tho premises, and
she decided to eject him instanter, so
without proceeding according to the rules
of etiquette saye that which belongs to
burglars, she seized her husband's nllo
and fired at the object of disturbance,
but without effect except to accelleralo
the burglar's flight. He was pursued by
one of Mrs. Everlon's neighbors, who
was arroused by tho shooting but was
not overtaken. Nothing of valuo was
found to be missing.
Oucklcu'H Arnica Halve.
The Best Salve iu the world for Cuts
Bruises, sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum,
the Truth t ever bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
UhiiiDaiDB. uorus. aud all skin fcrun.
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
At 1 tic pioneers reuuion will be seen pay required. It iB guaranteed to give
men and women handsomely arrayed in PfICC,L satisiaction or money reiuuded
...I..... .b..t -.l.orn I asimj-u wuui uur O'JA. ror saio ai ft.
Come, Pioneers.
On Friday eve just come along,
And camp and talk and have a song
About pea coffeo and boiled wheat,
Which we iu olden times did eat.
Make cauiptires glow beside tl.o stream,
Tbo Umpqua's waters pure and e'ean.
Where iu the past the Indian yeli
Was heard at dawn, at night as well.
Let Pioneers each other greet,
As on Friday eye they meet.
With oldtimo friendship grasp the hand
Of those who early sought this hind.
Tho years are short, tho day is nigh,
When you and I must lonely lie
With jiioueers beneath the soil,
There resting from nil care and toil.
Then come up ou reuuion day,
Let Peaco aud Joy have full sway.
Tho loth of Juuo will soon be here,
Let's greot it with an old I hue cheer.
S S.
Price's Cream Baking; Powder
Forty Years the Standard.
Will Out, and
Will Prevail."
fine apparel, and
thoy purchased such fine goods, and how
they can afford to wear such costly
things, thoy will tell you they bought
them of Wolloubu'g & Abraham, aud
they sold them at such low and reason
able rates that we wero induced lo make
our purchases at tho Square Deal store
C. Marsters & Co.
Suit For Libel.
Jacksonville, Or., June C Charles
.T( .111 a m a
imckoii, euitor and proprietor 01 tue
Democratic-Times of this place, left for
Purtlaud tonight to appear as defendant
in a suit instituted in tho United Statea
Let everybody do likewise and buy their district court by Ezra Poppleton, who
Memorial day and 4tb ot July sunn at Wants $10,000 damages for au alleged
once of Wollenburg & Abraham.
Base Ball.
TheO. N. G. and the K. of P. band
put up a tolerably fair game of ball Fri
day afternoon. Tho O. N. G. was victo
rious by a score of 14 to 11, and immedi
ately issued a challenge to tho firouicn.
To the Public.
On and after this date, I wish it under
stood that my terms for all undertaker's
goods are cash with tbo order. 1 find it
impossible to do business on a credit
bas'iB, and belive that I can do belter by
my patrons and myself by selling Btrictly
for cash. P. Benedick, Undertaker.
Rosoburg, Or., April 12, 1805.
libelous publication coucerning blra in
tue limes. Air. isickell was accom-
psuied by A. W. Sturgis, Chris Ulrich
G. D. Owings aud E. Hubert, who will
be his witnesses in the suit. Judgment
for plaintiff, $1.00
Jackson County Assessments.
Why were lots 11 and 12, block 31, as
sessed at $25 each and tbe improvements
at $250, while twelve lots in block 30 and
twelve lots in block 32, adjoining' and
similar iu character and equally as good,
were assessed at 25 cents each ?
Lot 7. block 14, was assessed to two
different parties. To one tho lot was as
sessed at $50, while to the other it was
assessed at $10 Gold Hill Miuer.
They do things better in Douglas.
South Bend. Pacific Co., Wash.
Da. R. V. Pierce, Bunalo. N. Y.:
DearSir began taking your "Favor
ite Prescription" the first month of preg
nancy, ana nave con
tinned taking it since,
confinement. I did not
experience the nausea
or any of the ailments
due to pregnancy, after
I began taking your
" Prescription." I was
nnlr in lahor" a short V
time, and the physician'
said I got along un-
ttCltall.- W7ll
We think it saved me M&s- Bajuu
a great deal of suffering. I was troubled a
mat deal with leucorr'nsa also, and it has
done a world of iroed for me.
Yours truly.
Mils- W. c bakes.
for Over Fifty Yearn.
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy. Mrs. WIu
tlow's doothlug s'yrup has been used lor over
Ally years by millions of mothers lor their
children while teething, with perfect Mieccss.
It soothes the child. Mjttcus the gums, allays
s.11 pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best
remedy for dlarrha-a. Is pleasant to the taste.
Bold by Druggists In every part of the world.
Twenty-OA c cents a bottle. Its value Is Itieal
culaulc. Be sure ami ask for Mrs. Wluslow'i
Soothing Syrup, and take 110 oilier kind.
Cure For iicndnclic.
As a reiuedv for all forms of Headacho
Electric Bitters has proved to be tho very
best. It etlects a permanent cure anu
tho most dreaded habitual sick Iiead-
aclins vieid to its influence. We urge all
who nri! aillicted to procure a bottle, and
give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of
habitual consumption r.iecinc lmiuns
1 . ...... I.,. 1 I...... In ,l,n I
CUreS OV giving lllU ltr-uw nuo iu iub , , 1
bowels, and few cases tons resist Uie use "cii lcpreseniea in our
of this rocdicino. Iry it once, l-nrgo pi1nr.0 rw t.f..1. :.. t.
bottles oulv Fiftv cents at A. U. iMarsters alu me
& Co.'s Drug Store. lartrest we have ever rind irv
this line.
Awarded Almost anvthiner vou want.
Highest Honors-World's Fair, We liave-a h j b h f
twenty-five cents that" can't
Qold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powdet
superior to all others.
Town Ball.
There will be a rattling gime of town
ball on Pioneer Day between the old
time ball players. Tho old chaps will
show the rising generation of haso ball
cranks how their daddies used to swat a
sheepskiu -covered yarn ball with rubber
core, clear across .1 forty-aoro lot aud
over the baru in the next field, while
the batter nukes a homo run. There
will be no "hole in tho bat" and no "fan
ning out," for the old boys will use a
good broad paddle.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
be beat for anything like the
price. From that we have
them at nearly an1 price to
three and:four dollars each.
You should examine our
fifty cent clothes brushes
there is nothing in tv;n to
compare with fhem. ''We can
suit vou.
Hamilton's Pharmacy.