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i4-?, rr "KNladcd ana Goofl
Health for nlltankina.
Jers vecetablTsrsaparilla.
'-ra.idc from
herbs, and
contains no
"trues or
ties through
proper chan
nels, joys
en. Joy's fJJtjCf
robs the
Mood or Ml
Its impuri
ties, and
courses all
these impuri
cures Dys-
n r rttiln
Uon, Uvfr
and Kidney
I prevents tirvl r,i
""gs, staggering sen
sauons, palpitation
cr heart, rush oi
uiooa 10 me head,
I cu runes, rinnm. ?-
cars, spots before the
cyw, headache, bil
iousncss,conttipation the bartteJancholr,
tongne coated, ford
breath, pimples on
fac&body and limb,
decline a rTtoi-i-A fstM
dizzy spells, faint
speUs, cold, clammy
feet and hand, sour
risings, fatigue, in-
i uu- i
eases of thestornach.
i imu tuanevs. v
cJs Vegetable Sar-
OMn. I . ..
drorsUa. Refuse a
uiuuiiiis. w&en you
I jwtciiacDcst,
JUNE 6. 1S05.
The Churches.
BarrtsT Chckch corner of Lane and Kos
ttrcets. Sunday Service: rrcachlns, linn.; Young IVopJe's
Sirs. G. N. Asses Frcsldent; Sunday School. 10
c a.; James Chamberlain. Superintendent
Vzxjci lieeiin:, Thursdij evening at 1:30.
Rxv. G. N. asses, rastor.
Residence, No. at Main Street.
MciUvWHST Chcecji comer of Main and Lane
ttrcets. Sunday Service: Preaching, 11 a. n.
and 7.3 p. a.: Sabbat school, 10 a. ta.; Dr.
James Barr, superintendent; Class Meeting at
close of the morning service. Epworth League
6 J33 p. m. Clare Home, President, l'rsycr Mect
in?. Thursday, at7:J p. a.
X- S. Bcckjcee. a D., factor,
ranoaage, corner Main and Lane.
rrxitTTtiasj Chckch -corner of Cass and
Kose streets, scaday Service: PcpKc worship,
11 a-n. and p. rx: SiMulh School. 19 a. m.;
Y. P. S. C t, T p. m. l'rsycr Meeting. Wcdnes-
ay,73 p. .
K. B. XKLVoeth, Pastor.
Tht . C. T. C. will meet a: the M. E.
church crery Tkimdcy eveaing until after
Slate CenvenUec All members should be pres
ent at every aeetlng.
M. E. Cecsck, Socth Comer Washington
and Ssephesu streets. Divine services at 11 a.
m. aad :j. m. every 2nd and 1th Sunday.
Sabbath school at H a. m., C V. Kirk, snper
lutendeat. I preach at ECenboTcr church at
3 p. b. sasstedcys. At Oakland every 1st San
day, monlic aad evening. At CaUpooia every
Sunday isornia; at 11 a. m. and at Day's
schoel nse a: Z p. rs.
noney to Loan
In Etuns of 1Q0 to $5000 on well im
prored farms. D. 5. K. Bncx.
yoo to exchatjee for wi acres
grazing land in Gray coanty, Kansas, a
fe miles soathwest of Dodge City.
Apply to L. IJ. L., Pi-aixdealee oiEce.
Look at This.
"?it Kaston's yon can set 15 pounds cf
granulated and 1C pounds of extra C
easar for fl.OO. And anything in the
grocery line at lowest cash prices deliy
erefree. Attention Republicans.
The mnlar meeting of McKinley club
is on Friday evening cf this week, Jane
7th, at 730. A general attendance is
desired as irnjiortant business will come
up before the club.
Horse breeders take notice. J. C.
Aiken will not take bi3 imported Clydes
dale stallion "Hawthorn" from bis farm.
Will stand at $5, 10and$15. Mares
pastured and handled for $1.50 per
Sheriffs Notice.
Taxes will be received till June 15th
without cost. After that date so taxes
will be received till tbe completion of the
delinquent list, about tbe 1st of July,
when tvo .t cent will be added to all
taxes delinquent on Jane 15tb.
C. F. Catucakt, Sheriff.
"Liverine," manufactured by the -Anchor
S Chemical Co., the great Liyer,
Kidney and Constipation cure. An in
fallible remedy for all curable forms of
diseases of those organs. The creates!
knowa remedy or Indigestion. Try it.
For sale at M. F. Kapp's drug 6tore,
Eoeeburg, Oregon.
Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed prior to July 1st, 1891, to present
them at the treasurer's office in the court
house for payment on or before June
10th, 1S05, aa interest will cease thereon
at that date. Wa. A. Fbateb,
County Treasurer.
Final Call.
All persons are hereby notified to
make immediate settlement Jof their in
debtedness to the late firm of S. 3Iarks
& Co.; otherwise the same will be placed
in hands for collection. Pleaee give this
call prompt attention and thus avoid ad
ditional costs. Asiiek Maiiks,
Administrator of Kstate of S. Marks
& Co.
Teachers and Wages.
At tbe annual meeting of the directors
of school distrect No. -1, June the 5th
inet. Prof. F. B. Hamlin w-w elected
principal with salary fixed at 720 dollars
for the school year. The following teach
ers were elected, viz. Miss Iula Bradley,
31iS Jennie Limbocker, Misa Ella Hill,
Miss Lizzie 1'arrolt, 3Ire. E. E. Kichards,
Miss Wirnbcrly and Mrs. Mary Wilson:
and salary Ifixed at $300 each, for the
vear. and Grant fcinslcton janitor at .5l.i
for the Ecbool year.
Go and see the ball game tomorrow.
Complete line of cultlery at Bahman'fl.
S. E. Segur of Rice creek was in the
city Tuesday.
.b. Barker of Oak Creek was in the
city Tuesday.
W.J. Jackson of Melrose was in the
city Wednesday.
ueorgo F. Reed of Coryallis was In tho
city last Tuesday.
There are no changes in market re
ports since la?t issue.
Albert Bitzer will leave Wednesday
night for San Francisco.
L. S. Gnrnoy of Battle mountain was
in Koseburg yesterday.
Alabaatme, kalsomine and white wash
at Maretere' drug store.
The strawberry season is fast closine
and prices ranging steady.
Fair westher now prevails and veget
ation is rapidly advancing.
Goto nor Lord will attend the pio
neers' reunion hero the 15th.
W. A. Forbes of Med ford was doine
business in town Tuesday.
S. E. Rose of Myrtle Point was doine
business in the city Wednesday.
E. G. Trowbridge ot Camas Valley was
visiting in Roseburg last Tuesday.
Remember the McKinley Retnblican
clnb meets next Friday evening.
Myrtle Creek floor, only SO cents ner
sack. Delivered free. A. C. Hoik.
Salzman sella his goods overlv low.
Why? Because he sells for cash only.
Don't eat stale candies. You can huy
it fresh and good just as cheap at Nieces'.
Salzman Eells his goods for cash. Buy
of him and you pay for no bad accounts.
The workmen have laid the iron doo
plates on the front of the Brook's build
ing. Jacob Denn, one of the most extensive
farmers of Camas valley, was in town
Society or family parties can get ice
cream and candies in any quantities at
Captain G. W. Peters of Oakland was
greeting his many comrades in blue, and
friends generally, Tuesday.
Fresh candies made daily and equal to
anything in the state, also ice cream in
any quantities at Nieces'.
John Bowman of Salem was in Rose
burg this week. He was the guest Mon
day evening of Mr. and Mrs. Will Madi
son. Jeptha Hunt one of the pioneers of
Douglas county, residing near Oakland,
gave the Pluxoealxk a friendly call
It is reported that the grain aphis has
again made its appearance and fears are
entertained that grain may be more or
less damaged.
We learn with pleasure that Mrs.
Tolles, who was shot last Thursday as
reportsd Monday, is improving with fair
prospects of recovery.
Messrs. Callahan and lock bait from
Marshfield have paid oar city a visit,
fulfilled their mission and left on their
return, Tuesday p. m.
Shflo's Care, the great Cough and Croup
Cure, is m great demand. Pocket size
contains twenty-five, only 25 cents.
Children love it. Sold by Druarists.
John Stapleton of Monmouth, Polk
county, was in Roseburg last Tuesday.
This was his first visit to the city and he
was much pleased with oarEarroundingt).
J. H. Hartin of Looking Glass was in
town last Monday. He is well posted in
Douglas county history. Perhaps we
will hear from him at the pioneer re
union. Conductors Hansbrougb and Houston
returned Tuesday evening from their ex
tended visit to Eastern and Southern
cities. They still think there is no place
like Oregon.
The K. of P. band and A. Co., O. N.
G., will cross bats at tbe Oaks tomorrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock. The game will be
an interesting one and a large crowd
ought to attend.
A panther was lying in state at Marks
& Co.'s freight and warehouse Tneeday.
Scores of people have gone to see the
monster feline stretched out at full
length, tail and all.
The shaft which is being sunk at the
Beaver Hill mine, Coos county, will be
down 300 feet this week, and they will
begin to open up gangways on that level,
the coal being from six to seven feet
thick there.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chatanooga,
Tenn,, says, "Ehilo's Vilalizer saved my
life. I consider it tbe best remedy for a
debilitated system I ever used." For
Dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney trouble it
excels. Price 75c.
The Wasco county grand jury finds
that 1311.f i in fraudulent script lias
been issued by its county clerks, and
recommends suits against tbe respective
bondsmen. They urge that the sheriff's
books bo examined.
William Long of Coles Valley and Mr.
Smith came in town Tuesday morning
with the carcass of a panther, which
they killed Monday evening in Coles
Valley along the public road. It meas
ured 7Jg feet from Up to tip.
E. Morgan and L. Buell, among tbe
solid men of Looking Glass, came over
from that burg of smiling lassei Wednes
day, for as the poet says:
There will always be lasses
Around Looking Glasses.
By request of tbe president of the
Douglas County Pioneer Association,
Rev. N. S. Buckner will deliver a pio
neer address on Sunday the 16th at the
pioneer stand in the grove. This will be
the day after the pioneer reunion.
Everybody most cordially invited to at
tend, at 11 o'clock a. m.
it is rumoreu on tne streets that a
party from Marshfield has Ieaeed the
VanHouten hotel of this city for a few
years time and terms not yet made
public. This house is a good one, cen
trally located, and if properly conducted
cannot fail being popular with the pub
lic, and, as a result be profitable to the
Our reporter was presented with two
beautiful roses this week, one red and
the other white, with tbe following lines
One rose is red, and one is white,
And you are now my heart's pelight,
To which he responds:
With roses bright von will compare,
In beauty, health and brightness rare.
Mrs. H. S. Fronch, who has beon yisit
ing relatives at Oakland for several
weeks past, returned homo Saturday,
and Hito is himself again. Mrs. French,
your reporter was informed, picked and
put up 50 gallons cf wild strawberries
during her visit. Our reporter contem
plates calling oil Mrs. French about din
ner time some, day in tlie.noar futuro.
W. L, Laird of Sugar Pino was in town
Wednesday. Ho will bring in his two
ox teams Tuceday tho 13th, and will
train his teams on tho streets Friday, so
as to bo woll prepared for tho procession
on Saturday the 15th. Ho is tho most
enthusiastic man we have seen relative
to our pioneer reunion.' A freo rido to
all in his wagon und ox team on Fri
day. At the Peudlotou scouring mill, re
ceipts total up to dato aro 1,517,000
pounds ; of this there cnuio by mil, 1 ,337,
642; by team, 2S0.057. Tho week's re
ceipts were 331,475 pounds. Two cars of
scoured wool were- shipped during tho
week, and total shipments to date are
321 bales, or 134,750 scoured jniuuds,
representing about 400,000 pounds of
grease wools.
Tho closing quarterly meeting for this
conference year in tho church of tho
United Brethcren in Christ ou Roseburg
mission, will bo held at tho mission
church in West Rosoburg ou tho Stli and
9th of June. Services at two o'clock p.
m. on tho Sth, also at eleven o'clock a.
m. on the 9th iust. To these services
i ore cordially invited.
W. Reynolds, Pastor.
About two dozen lads and lassies gave
Miss Gertie Benjamin a social visit at
the residence of W. F. Benjamin on
Washington Etreet, Tuesday evening,
where a grand good time was had till the
"noon of night." These young people
are a portion of Roseburg'a elite youths
just immergtng into man and woman
hood and enjoy social festivities of this
character, especially during the straw
berry season.
Mr. A. J. Pickthorn, the aflable assist
ant agent of the S. P. Co., hero ill leave
Saturday night via. Northern Pacific for
London. England. He will sail from
New York on tho steamship Majestic on
June 19th. Mr. Pickthorn will be gute
about threo months. He will return via.
Southern Pacific, stopping otf at Chicago,
Denver, Salt Lake City and San Fran
cisco, liis many mentis hero wish him
a pleasant journey and a safe return.
Miss Ester Frielandar of San Francisco
is the guest of Mrs. N. Party. Miss
Frielandcr spent a large ortion of her
childhood in Rosc'bur- and doubtless
feels happy in reviewing the scenes and
renewing the acquaintances Iicre, and
with the joet may say ;
How dear to my heart are the scenes of
my cbiltltiocxl
When fond reccollection presents them
The orchard, the meadow, tht deen
tangled wildwood,
And every loved spot that my infancy
knew. ". 4 't
It is in contemplation to have a sham
battle representing tbe fight with the
Rogue river Indians at Table Rock, on
Pioneer Day. Thta will bo one of the
most interesting features ot the day.
There being no thought of celcbratins
the 4th of July here, let everybody join
in and make pioneer day, the loth of
June, be one of pleasing recreation and
social enjoyment. From all sections and
localities cheering words come which
give promise of thousands of people be
ing in attendance. Turn out, turn oat,
and enjoy the day.
The president of tho Douglas Coanty
Pioneer Association has been challenged
to ran a toot race on the occcasiou of
the reunion June loth. After wrestling
with this banter for a few days and
nights he has finally accepted the chal
lenge and is now in training for tho or
deal. Although past three score years,
he is as agile as a fawn. To beat him for
prize offered, a pewter plate and spoon
brought across the plains in the early
forties, his competitor must have a
spring in his heel, equal to Pap Gilder- j
sieeve me lamous racer ot Long island.
A Basket Dinner and Picnic at
Fair Orounds.
There will be a picnic and basket din
ner in connection with the races at the 1
fair ground on the Fourth. Every body
is invited to come and have a good time.
Following is the i
Trotting Three minute class, puree
f50, two in three, I
Running (300 yards, and repeat, purse
Special running race, 150.
Entries 10 per cent of purse. The
winning horse to have 70 per cent. Tho
second 20 per cent, the third 10 er cent
of the purse. No money given for a walk
over. In all rarea4 horses 'Rill bo re
quired to enter and three to start.
In the event of the net gato receipts
falling ihort of the amouut advertised in
purses, the association reecrvee the right
to reduce purses to a sum not less than
CO per cent of the gross gate receipts.
June Term Jury List.
Charles Barker, Mt. Scott, farmer.
W. F. Gilham, Doer Creek, farmer.
Harry Williams,' East Umpqua,
Wm. Coats, Ten Jlile, farmer.
D. B. Redfield, Glendalo, farmer.
S. C. Miller. Civil Bend, farmer.
D. Looney, Deer Creek, marble dealer.
L. 31. Parrott, Deer Creek, farmer.
Wm. Wise, Pass Creek, farmer.
R. E. Dimmick, Calapooia, merchant.
H. Estabrook, Deer Creek, blacksmith.
Harry Cutlack, I'asaCrcek, farmer.
L. F. Wolcotl, Camas Valley, fanner.
H. C. Gaidner, Posb Creek, farmer.
Geo. W. Puckett, Canyonvillo, miller.
U. S. Nichols, Riddle, farmer.
A. II. Churchill, Mill wood, farmer.
3Iyron 3IcGuire, Gardiuor, laborer.
John Haight, Cow Creek, farmer.
W. H. Kelly, Myrtlo Creek, farmer.
A. W. Stanton, Civil Bend, farmer.
W. T. Turner, Calapooia, merchant.
R. W. Long, Yoncalla, farmer.
W. J. Newman, Elkton, farmer.
Wm. Burchard, Scottsburg, farmer.
3Iack Smith, Elkton, farmor.
J. R. Dean, Tiddle, farmor.
Albert Clayton, Colea Valloy, farmer.
John Kent, Elkton, farmer.
Joseph Champaigne, Coles Valloy,
J. A. Belieu, Camas Valloy, tanner.
Get Kalzninn'H
and tinware.
latest price on granilo
Now is tho tiuio to subscribe
Uiubrellasaud parasols uttho Novelty.
For a good 5-cent cigar call on Mra.N.
Go to tho Novelty etoro for children's
Pure fresh camlies, fruits aud nula at
tho Kosoloaf.
A lino liuu of gent's furnishings at the
Novelty storo.
Buy your furniBhiug of Jack Abraham
aud Bavo nionoy.
For Sule Old papors, at this ollico,
at 25 cents per hundred.
Try the ico cream sodu al the Kundy
Kitchen. It is delicious.
School books, u full and completo
assortment nt Marsters' drug store.
Hats! hat! hats! Tholatost. Where?
Just arrlvod at Osburn's now store.
Dr. Coflmati has removed his ollico to
tbo Mareters' buildiug, rooms U and 7.
Smokers' articles of every description
and tho best brands of tobacco at tho
Small profits and quick sales is tho
principle of success. That's Jack Abra
ham's policy.
The Kandy Kitchen, in tho Taylor &.
Wilson building, is tho place to go for
puro fresh candies.
Try tho
Kandy Kitchen
Ico cream soda.
Wo have no seconds or job lot goods.
Our stock is best in quality for tho
money. Novelty store.
If you are in need of any thing in tho
hat line it will pay you to examine the
wo stock at Osburn's new store.
Wall paper in all designs from 25 cents
up, hanging thrown in. Call on A. C.
Marsters, who is prepared to executo
your orders.
What's tbe use of paying 25 cents
when you can got a good square meal for
15 cents. Stop at the Central hotel and
be convinced.
If you waut a good suit of clothes for a
little money call on 11. C. Stanton, ex
amine samples, get tho prices and leave
your order with him.
Mrs. Lynne, a pupil of the Iato Prof.
Speranzi of Milan, Italy, gives vocal aud
piano forto lessons. Terms reasonable.
Residence at Mrs. Parties.
If you don't waut to sutler with corns
and bunions, have your boots and shoes
made at L. Lanuenburg's. Repairing
neatly aud promptly done.
E. Du Gas, physician and surgeon.
Office upstairs in Marsters' block.
Residence opposito L. B. church. Calls
in town and country promptly answered.
Why patronize traveling dentists when
Dr. Davis will do your dental work a
great deal cheajer and as good again.
Call aud get his prices aud be convinced.
Just rteeirtd our tturk of tlnitr halt
and flues. Straw hats at 7 cents and
up. Men's tine calf shoes at $1.40 and
up. Call and see them at Richards Bros.'
Racket Store.
Dr. F. W. Uaynes has just returned
from the East and opened dental parlors
in Mark's building, where he. will bo
pleased to welcome persons desiring den
tal work.
ii i
L. Langenbcrg is still ou top,
carries a full stock of choice music, mu-'
steal instruments, violin, guitars, accord- j
eons etc., violin strings of best quality i
always on hand.
J. J
Welb, the second hand furniture
dealer in the Floed building, can furnish Property or said estate at private sale,
goods in hid line on the most reasonable j "r ca
tenas. Give him a call and examine 1 Strand was appointed admisistra
goods and prices. lor - the estate of Geo. M. Brown, de-
Ten cents eavedis ten cents earned. ' ceas;t' ulon filing bonds for foX).
Save ten cents bv stopping at tho Cen- In the wMer oi t,ie cstate of Jobn
tral hotel. A good square meal for 15 sll,raiuui rt ordered that citation
cents, beds the same. Board aud lodg- ,ssue relurnab!e Jly tith at 10 a. in. for
ing only $3.50 per week. t,w 8s,e ol reaI Prpcrty of estate.
In llm m.Onr ..t: 1.:.. f
Those having second hand stoves.
having second hand stoves,
furniture, etc., for sale can rcceis-e the
hiht l'.
price by calling upon N.
Rice, the farnituro and supply dealer,
j 221-23 Jackson street Roseburg, Or.
! Buy your berry boxes and crates at
home and save ttie ireigut. iou can
get them at Hunters' box factory for less
than Portland prices
Call and see my
J. IIuntek.
Frank Bigger, tbe genial proprietor of
tho Central Hotel, is doing a flourishing 1
business notwithstanding the general de-:
pression. He sets a good table, his
prices are low and ho makes every effort
to please his patrons.
J. J.Webb hasopened a second hand
store in the old Floed building at the
corner of Main and Washington streets.
Second hand good of all kinds will W
bought and sold, and the patronage of
the public is respectfully solicited.
Parties desiriug monumental work
will do well to call ou D. Looney, at the
Roseburg marble works ou Oak street
opposite the hardware store of Churchill,
Woolley Si 3IcKeuzie. These works are
tumiug out some fine specimens of mon
umental work.
Our readers will consult their owi in-1
terests in having their dental work done
by reliable, experienced and resident .
dentists and that Dr. Straugu it Toye,
who are here to stay, guarantee all their
work and make good their guarantees.
All their work ia tirst-clasH aud as pain
less as consistent with gcod work.
Albert G. Osburu, successor to louis
Langcuberg, is a natural born American
citizen, he sieaku the American language
and conducts his business in an Ameri
can way. Mr. Unburn carries n full lino
of ladies' and gent's furnishing goods,
fancy goods, etc., besides u line slock fo
shoes wuich have just arrived from tho
En;t. Kxamino his stock; ho will treat
you well and will be glad to get ac
quainted with you aa ho oxects to uiako
Roseburg his homo in tho future.
"Murder Will Out, and the Truth
Will Prevail."
At the pioneers reunion will be Eeeu
men and women handsomely arrayed in
lino apparel, and when naked where
thoy purchased such fino goods, and how
they can afford to wear such costly
thinga, thoy will tell you they bought
them of Wollenbii'-g & Abraham, and
they Hold them al such low and reason
able rates that wo were induced to make
our purchases at tho Square Deal store.
let everybody do likowiBO and buy their
Memorial day and 4th ol July suita at
once of Wollenburg & Abraham.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Forty Yean tbo Standard.
Among the most pleasant of pleasant
things In life is tho association of men
and women ou tho fraternal plain. The
pure esthetic courtesies which naturally
ariso in cultivated society develops and
rounds out tho highest dogree of human
refinement aud creates a longing dosiro
for its frequent Indulgence.
Theso atnonitios grow and ripen into
perfect friendship, which ia tho bond ol
human society, und uiako all mankind
muro intimately relatod, and tonds to
polish off the rough asperity of our na
tures. Thus moralizing, a Plain-dealer
reporter ntteuded asocial gulhoring at
the Odd Follows' hall last Tuesday ovo
uing, after lodge hours, to witnosa und
participate in an entertainment given by
the Rebokahs of this city.
The hall was ablaze with light, adorn
ment and beauty, and joy waa depictod
on every countenauco. While there was a
preponderance of ladies, there wero of
tho sterner sex a goodly number and not
a fow of tbe developing buda of promise.
All wont morry as a marriage bell, and
joy was uuconOned, aa ia the case where
youth and beauty meet to chase tho
houra with Hying feet (but they didn't
dance), "they ran, they leaped, they re
joiced that thoy wero more excellent
than the rose." They played at inno
cent gmes ; crokinolo, whist, shooting at
a mark with sacks of beans, and one with
sibylino proclivities amused her compan
ions by revealing the past and foretelling
tho future, to the delight of all and the
edification of a few.
Presently all this hilarity was inter
rupted by an invitation to tho banquot
hall, whore, lo! and behold, a sight
meet for tho gods was presented. A
table spread with edibles that gladden
the heart; cakes, strawberries and
sugar aud cream, etc., embellished with
a profusion ofiloral adornment "was a
sight to behold," such as the Rebekahs
are renouned for making.
After duly canvassing this superb
spread, they returned to the lodge room.
One imaginative genius, prolific in
schemes proposed to tae a vote to ascer
tain by ball ballot, who among the
ladies wai the handsomest
One black ball waa to Ins considered as
a possible mistake of the voter, hut two
black balls would reject without right of
appeal. But this scheme failed aa the
balloliug would be to tedious. So it was
determined that the ladies should all
"draw cuts," the one drawing the long
est straw should be considered tho
preltfrat woman in the crowd. Your re
porter not being able to get his life in-
i sured, refuses to givs tho names of the
, competitors including the name of tbe
; lucky one, for, should he do so, a funeral
' might be the result of this most en-
joyablo episode in Roseburg's history,
and thus destroy tho force of his moral
izing introductoay to thi6 notice.
Stsii: or Ohio. City or Toledo.)
Lccts Coumv, j w
Fes.- J. C'HZiSY makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the firm of V. J. fiiE.Nr.r i
Co., Uolns business In the Citv of Toledo,
County ami State afurvaM. anil tW mid Arm
will pay the sum of ONE UU.VUKEI) DOL-l-Ula
for each and every case of CiTitnu
that cannot be euro! by tho use ot Hill's
Catacxii CCre. FRANK J. CUENKY.
saroru to before me and subscribed in my
presence this eth day of December, A. D.f 1&-6.
Notary Public
Hairs Catarrh Cure it taken internally and
acts dirtclly on the blood and muctios ur-
fSCeS of I hp mfam .h.t f..- ttlmAt.f.T.
tre- . , . f 'J- CHENEY i CO., Toledo, O.'
Wsold by Druariats.Toc
Probate Court Proceedings.
In the matter of the estate of Eliza
beth Hancock, deceased, tbe court or-
"ered that the executors sell all personal
. . . ., ' ..
I oiepnen anu aha u. uutnngton, A. t .
, Brown mado 3d semi annual report and
was approved.
An Historical Relic.
Mr. James Hansbrough, who has just
returned from a tour of the East, hag
presented to Laurel Lodge, No. 13, A. F.
& A. M., a beautiful gavel made of wood
taken from the battle grounds of Look-
out -Mountain. It has inierted in it a
minnie ball ttiat was picked up ou this
fmous place. It it a fine piece of work
aIul '! doubtless be highly prized by
'da brother Masons as a souvenir of their
esteemed brother, and of tho place
li.oni ah., which is engraved on
one side.
Particular Notice.
Tho officials and members of all the
fraternal, benevolent and literary socie
ties are most cordially invited to bo pres
ent and participate in the pioneer re
union exercises on the 15th of June.
They are also requested to take a part in
forming the procession at tho court house
and marching in it to tho grove. Com
pany A, O. N. G. ie alBo included in this
i luvt'ation. Respectfully.
SrEriiEN Stattb, Pres.
For Over t 'Illy Vear.
An Old aud Well-Tried itcmedy. -Mrs. Wiu
(.low's Soothing Syrup hai been used tor over
HUy years by millions ot mothers for their
children while teething, with perfect nicccss.
It soothe the child, fottctis the gums, allajs
ill rain, cures wind colic, aud Is the best
remedy for dlarrhu'it. Is pleasant to the taste.
Sold by Druggists in every part ol the world.
Twenty-live cents a Iwttle. Its value- is incal
culable. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Winslow'i
Soothing Syrup, ami take uo other kind.
V. L. Arrlngton's Fi c.
In tho matter of the caso of V. L.
Arrington, the county has compromised
tho inattor by accepting $1000 from
Wollenburg aud Rose as tine and costs
in tho caae. This makes final settle
ment of the affair.
At Last They've Arrived.
i no now stock ot slioea lias just ar
rived from tho oast aud Oebnru is pre-
pared to furnish you with shoes at most
reasonable prices. Examine hia stock
Successor to Louis Langenberg.
I ho gentlemen of the Presbyterian
cuurcn win give a strawiierry ami ice
cream festival at Sloeum's hall, Friday
evening, Juno 7th. All aro cordially in
vited lo uttend.
II. J. 3Iattoon, attorney and counselor
at law, Elkton, Oregon, office in black
smith shop. Special attention given to
canes of women and children.
Compliance Would Cost President
Cleveland $10,000 a Day.
VYAHHiMiTo.v, I). C , .May 27. Ever
aincu fa'ouie wag put ulloat tho Mtory that
the president had given a prrcwit of
sum of money to tho pair of tuiua and
triplets, the ollico al Hie White House
has been filled with letters ot applica
lion on that score, an. 1 it ia estimated
that 10,000 a day might bo disbursed at
tho ralo of $500 to oach applicant.
Buiupio oi mu Kind oi letters that come
in tho mail to tho president is the follow
ing, which was sent by a man in Texas:
"Mr. President Cleveland Dear Sir:
I see you are giving $500 for twins.
Plcaso sond mo $100 right uway for I am
going to get married this week to a girl
that is a twin. I come from a twin-getting
stock, so you will see that there ia
no risk to run and when my wife has
twins, I will draw on you for the balance.
I need tho money to start housekeeping
with. I am in good health, aud so ia
the girl I am going to marry. I have al
ways been a democrat. I voted for you
the first time and will vote for you again
and name the twins after you. Don't
disapiwint me, for I may have to get
married sooner."
In another case the woman writes that
she haa failed after waiting a year to get
that $500 that the president is said to
give to the parents of triplets, aud now
she is willing to compromise on the basis
of tbe money for tho first pair of panta
for tho little Clevelands.
The clerks at tho White House do not
permit any of these effusions to reach
the president, and they are not even dig
nified with an answer, now that they
have become so numerous and annoy
ing. Ot course there ia not a word of
truth in the story that tho president has
ever bestowed such bounties.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great In leav
ening power as the Royal.
Cleveland Items.
Sunshine and rain.
Strawberrica are in full blast.
How waa the festival Friday night?
Out of sight.
-Miss Mollio Liyiughtou of Koseburg
came home on a visit.
Wm. Callahan waa in attendance at
the League Sunday evening. Come
again, Will.
3Ii6H Alice Clinkenbeard came home
Sunday to see her sister, -Mrs. E. T.
Launcc Nelson made a living trip to
Coles Valley Sunday.
Mr. Clinkenbcard went to French Set
tlement Sunday ami reports a good time.
Mr. S. Uuutly. Mr. Nolen and the
3Iessrs-. Huntly and Miss Bertha Nolen
camo down from Itoseburg to attend the
party. Their presence was very highly
Crops are looking excellent considering
the cold and rain during the past week.
but the corn Is not making a very rapid
The strawberry festival at John Long's
last Friday evening was one of the best
and most sociable entertainments that
has ever been given in this commuuitv.
If the weather had permitted, and those
who intended to como, the party would
have been one of the largest that ever has
been in the country. He will yve an
other one about the 14th. '..
Exceeded Their Authority.
In the circuit court, Judge Fullerton
in chambers, Juno 5th, in the case of F.
W. Carroll vs. The City of Roseburg on
a writ of review on May 20th, was heard
and argued by attorneys, and taken un
der advisement. The court finds that:
"The defendant Shuie, Strong, Itice,
Wright and Rapp as tho board of trus
tees of the citv of Roseburg. exceeded
their judicial functions erroneously and
exceeded their authority and functions
as alleged in said complaint of plaintiff.
wherefore, it is ordered and adjudged
that the said proceedings of said defend- j
ants, as a board of trustees of the City of
Roeeburg bad on the 29th day of April,
1S95, declaring the plaintiff, as marshal
of tho said city guilty of malfeasance and
declaring the said office of marshal va
cant, ba and the same is hereby set
aside and he'd for nought; aud that
plaintiff have and recover from tbe do-1
fendant, the Citv of Koseburg, his costs
herein to be taxed.
"Done at chambers at Koseburg. Oro
;ou, the 5th day of June, IS'.C."
J. C Fillluion, Judge.
Attention the Public.
Call on Jack Abraham at once.
Hia gent's furnishing goods are of
latest style and best quality.
His prices are within the r.ach of all.
Shirts, hats, caps and overalls in all
shaes and variety.
Gent's can be accommodated with any
thing iu his lino at prices sure to giye
No Bhclf-worn goods iu store, but all
now and of first-class material.
Jack's store is next to the National
Bank, where ho can be found at all times
to greet his customers with duo courtesy.
Call ou Jack aud inspect goods and
you will then conclude that at Jack's is
the place to make purchaea.
That Camp Fire.
Let pioneers, friends of pioneers, and
everybody that possibly can come to
Roseburg, Friday tho 11th of June and
camp at tho grovu, and have a grand
jhjw wow relalivo to early times in Ore
gon, and then be prepared to join iu tho
procession on Saturday, without the
fatiguo of traveling to Kosehuig ot. that
day. This will lea leisure time with
farmers, and let tliem lay aside toil and
euro and enjoy a day or two of pleasant
recreation. Indications point to th. loth
of Juno as being, or pi-umtsing to be, the
greatest giila day experienced in Kose
burg. Then pioneers, be sure to cnu-.e.
Your years of life w ill soon be run.
S. S.
In Judge Hamlin's Court.
.Mrs. Dr. Hoover brought action against
1). A. Brock to recover possession of a
Block branding iron and damages iu con
sequence. Judgment was given iu favor
of plaintiff for damages and costs.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Hlahest Medaland Diploma.
Camas Va.
Clouds and sunshine.
Camas valley people..
wild strawberries, sugar a;
are getting their pictures iakt
Ed Trowbridge has a lino re.
course ot construction on .Mart,
street, on which two ot Camas valh
choice carpenters are busily engage.
Thats right Ed, the cage first then the
Mr. II. 1). Maxum ia having an addi
tional attack of la grippe.
The oat and wheat crops aro looking
fine and the prospect at present ia a
bountiful harvest.
There ia some sickness in the valley.
Mr. Kennedy's daughter .Miss Ada ia
very low with pneumonia, and her re
covery is thought doubtful.
3Ir. Cook, the storekeeper that lay sick
all winter, ia again in his store and with
teaming smiles for all old friends, and
new, is ever ready to wait on hia cu3
tomera. The latest uewa from tho cheese fac
tory manager is that the company bureted.
The Kirkendall mill ia steadily turning
out lumber of all sorts.
The shingle mill company have
moved to the Judson grist mill to con
tinue in business.
Gardens are looking well along String
street, up aud dow n which Mr. Petlits
cultivate- nas made repeated marches.
JIi&- Laura Maxutn of Camas valley,
wl"; wrote items occasionly under the
non de plume oi Cornucopia was married
3Iay ISth at Klamath Falls to a prosper
ous young rancher and stockman by the
name of Thomas Offield.
J. W. Wiley returned last Saturday
from the Fmpqua regions. He had
taken a load of lumber from one of the
Camas valley saw mills. He reports the
Camas mountain in no condition for
bicycling, and a heavy drag for wheels
of a more ancient paten!.
The fruit crop of this place is badly
damaged by tho cold wayrs and heavy
frosts of recent date.
Our egg market is at ebb tide at six
and eidit cents per dozen. And the
North American egg-eater comes to the
breakfast room with a sunny smile, as he
beholds that nutritious fruit served in
tempting style.
Onr two public bchuols presided over
by W. 31. Stilton- and 3Iiss Dolly Davis,
were progressing in gcod order, till last
week a traveling artist came along and :
made faces for both schools, teachers in
cluded. The pictures are pronounced a
true fac simile. Now each scholar wants
the whole school, and the artist being an
accomodating gentleman said that he
would take sny thing that he could eat,
for pictures. Then the ieopIe took him
butter till he said that iie would not at- j
tempt to eat any more butter than what J
he had already purchased. Then came
strawberries till he be-jged off there, so
here is the great predicament ; supply
and demand control.'s the market, and
when the market is supplied and some
one has not got a picture he must think
of the good times coming by and by.
N. E. 3I.
E . Joy i ompany -i.tiitlimcn. I have
tillered irjui kidney tn.uMt- f.r two or three
years. I would hae to get uj. m the night to
void i:iy urine from ten t-. tntrcn times. Mv
! ami nvrmuv No apueliu : b-.uels constituted.
I have taken t bottlet and enined fifteen
jnMinds. .leep well. Have to set up about
three times during night, and am verv much
better in every rfi-ecL Will continue "to take
your Vegetable Sar-aparilla. for believe it will
entirely cure me. (signed.)
Stockton, Cal.
Browntown Items.
Fine weather.
This iart was visited by a nice rain
last week.
.Mr. Peter Hume of Koseburg was on
the crenk a few davs since.
3Ir. Riece cut his foot quite badly and
u'l l laved up for some time.
The Althoiise Mining Company have
made a clean up and now the boys are
all gold bugs.
V. G. Wells is on the sick list at pres
ent writing, but we hope he will soon be
I able to wrestle the boulders agaiu.
Messrs. Wallace Baldwin, Jas. Wells
and .las. byron arrived here yesterday
from Otalla. The latter intends return
ing home soon but the two former gen
tlemen will remain for some time.
.Mr. O. II. Fiook of this place expects
to attend the Pioneers reunion at Rase
burg June loth. Hurry back, 3Ir. Flook,
you are needed here.
Browntown is located 45 miles &outh
west o Grunts Pass on Althouse creek,
in Josephine county, and contains a post-offii-e,
general storo and notary public
ollic and lias a population ot one.
Tho Althouse 3Iining company tender
a vote of thanks to chuyler Ireland for
a caso of nice butter.
The beautiful wild Oalea is blooming
profusely over the hills and rHlinjj,5Je
air with their fragrance.
Aslier Ireland ib tins musician of ihe
company and keeps tho camp enlivened
with both vocal and instrumental music
Old I tow.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
very pi
of litth
parts wi
Kenzie anu
graphed, by-
Song, Drc
From Feuda.
- and
.om feudal
of minded rec.
tableaux, ahowin,
which society has
times to the liberty eL
. by the peo
ple of the United, 1895. The
scenes presented were very good and ap
propriate. J ,
Inatrumental'duett by 3Iis3 Ora Perrv
and 3Iaude Stephens.
Dialogue, The. Census Taker, a verv
ludicrous travesty on the enumeration of
tne people a3 provided by statute, where
many silly questions are required to be
asked, and the apt answers, not so silly,
wero well done and elicited much merri
ment to'the audience, and waa heartily
3fay' Day Festival by 3d and 4th
Essay, Life ia what You 3Iake It, by
31iss Ada L. Smith.
Recitation, Drafted, with moving tab
leaux. O. II. Roberta the elocutionist from
California gave a humorous recitation
and was encored. He 'again rendered a
liumorous piece to the infinite delight of
The entire entertainment was a series
pleasantries of an entertaining and edify
ing character and evinced much taste.
care and painstaking to prepare, and
waa highly creditable to all taking part
the exercises, both teachers and
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powdei
superior to ail others.
Committee Meeting.
According to previous arrangement.
the people's party countv central com
mittee will meet in the Grange Hall,
Koseburg, at 10 o'clock a. m.. Saturday.
J une S, 1S95, and every thre months
thereafter until after the nominations in
ISOtf. H. 31. 3Iaktlv,
Chairman County Central Committee.
Baseball tomorrow at the Oaks.
and those about to
become mothers,
should know that
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription
robs childbirth of
its torture, terrors
and dangers to
both mother and
child, by aiding Nature in preparing the
system for parturition. Thereby "labor"
and also the period of confinement are
greatly shortened. It also promotes an
abundant secretion of nourishment for
the child. Duringj pregnancy, it pre
vents "morning sickness" and those:
distressing nervous symptoms froat
which so many suffer.
Tanks. Collie Co., Texas.
Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, X. Y. :
Dear Sir l took your "Favorite Pre
scription" previous to confinement and
never did so well in my life. It is only
two weeks since my confinement and I am
able to do my work. I feel stronger than X
ever did in six weeks before.
Yours truly,
South Bend, Pacific Co., Wash.
Dr. R. .V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.:
Dear Sir -I began taking your "Favor
ite Prescription " the first month of preg
nancy, anu nave con
tinued taking it since
confinement, I did not
experience the nausea
or any of the ailments
due to pregnancy, after
I began taking your
"Prescription." I was
oritur in l.ihor a slinrt r
time, and the TJhysician
said I got along un
usuallv well.
We think it saved rne
a irrcat deal of sufferinz.
Mrs. Baxxx.
I was tronbh a
great deal with leucorrhea also, and it Hx
done a worm oi cooa tor me.
Yours truly.
v Mrs. W. C. BAKSJr.
Arc well represented in our
PJtgrniacy. Our stock is the
largest we have ever had i
this line.
Almost anything you want.
We have a hair brush for
twenty-live cents that' can't
be beat for anything like the
price. From that we have
them at nearly any price to
three and four dollars each.
You should examine our
lift' cent clothes brushes
there is nothing in town to
compare with them. We cars
suit you.
Hamilton's Pharmacy.