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Tbe Story or tbo Search For It Sarins
Tjro Centuries Lako Itasca and tho Lit
tle Stream That Nicollet Christened tho
"Cradled Achilles."
"I have stepped across tho Mississippi
liver,' saidDr. Cones. "It was easy, for
tho stream -was only about 6 inches wido
and 2 inches deep. I havo seen tho Fa
ther of Waters whoro ho rises litcrally
outof tho ground and starts as an infant
rivulet; destined to cnt tho United States
in twain with tho mighty volumo of his
adult flood.
"Tho story of the search for tho source
of tho Mississippi reads liko a romance.
After tho discovery of tho upper river in
1673 by Joliet and Marquette, and tho
discovery of tho falls of St. Anthony in
16S0, by Hennepin, littlo more was
known of tho Father of Waters for near
ly a century. In 176C Captain Jonathan i jj
Carver ascended tho stream as far as tho
mouth of Bom river. In 173S tho fa- ' S
mous English astronomer and surveyor, j j?
David Thompson, in the sexvico of tho
Northwest company, reached Turtlo C
lake. This lake, which sends a tributary I 5
to tho Mississippi, was for somo timo
supposed to ba tho source.
"Tho first whito man known to have
visited the neighborhood of tho actual
source of the Mississippi was William
Morrison, a fur trader, who was certain
ly at Lake Itasca in 1S03 or ISM. Ho
never published anything on tho sub
ject, and it is only very recently that
his priority of discovery has been known.
The next explorer of tho sources of the
river was Lieutenant Zebulon Mont
gomery Pike. Ho was tho first American
citizen to carry the flag of tho United
States into northern Minnesota. Ho was
sent by the government to treat with
tho Indians and stop the sale of liquor
in that region. Incidentally ho purchased
far $250 and some whisky a tract of
land nine miles square, which included
tho present site of Minneapolis. Con
gress subsequently voted an additional
pavment to tho Indians for this tract of
"Lieutenant Pike proceeded by boat
to the vicinity of tho present Little Falls
in Morrison county, Minn. Ho got no
farther with boats, and so continued his
journey through tho winter of 1S05-6 on
srtowshoes and with sledges northward.
He finally reached Leech lake. This lako
bo mistook for the source of the Missis
sippi, and his report on this subject was
held to bo correct for somo years after
ward. "In 1S20 the Hon. Lewis Cass, ac
companied by Henry R- Schoolcraft, the
historian, went an an exploring expedi
tion up tho Mississippi as far as Cass
lake, so named at tho time by School
craft. In 1823 an Italian traveler, J. C
Beltrami, went over David Thompson's
route to Turtle lake and reported that
lake to ba tho true source. Evidently,
however, he heard from the Indians
about Lako Itasca, for he mapped it with
approximate accuracy, though ho was
never thre and did not imagine that
ths rather of Waters sprang thenco.
"Lake Itasca was rediscovered in
1832, when Schoolcraft, accompanied by
Lieutenant Allra, United States army;
the Bev. Mr. Boutwell and others, was
guided to tho lako by a Chippewa In
dian, known as Yellow Head. On this
occasion Lake Itasca received its present
same, which was made up of parts of
tho wards Veritas Caput, signifying tho
truo head of the river. Tho Latin was
bad, far it ought to havo been Verum
Caput Tho laka had previously been
known by tho French name of Lao a la
Biches, meaning Elk Lake. This was a
translation of the Chippewa Omoshkos
"Schoolcraft's party made an exami
nation of Lake Itasca, being satisfied
that they had found the truo source of
the Mississippi. Not again until 1836
did any scientific man visit the spot
This was a Frenchman, J. K. Nicollet,
who tried to ascertain the sourco of the
feeders of Lake Itasca. Exploring south
ward, he reached the springs from which
the infant river takes its rise. It should
bo understood that the Mississippi runs
from its source directly northward far a
distance of 50 miles before turning about
in a sort of fishhook bend and starting
southward. To the baby stream, before it
enters Lake Itasca, Nicollet gavo the po
etic name of 'Cradled Achilles. ' He es
tablished its course in connection with
three small lakes, since named Upper,
Middle and Lower Nicollet lakes that
is to say, he found that the littlo river
ran through two of these Email lakes
and connected with the third. This ex
plorer mapped the wholo of the Itascan
basin and determined tbe latitude, Ion-1
gitude and altitude with such accuracy j
that subsequent surreys havo only con-1
firmed and amplified his observations, j
"The whole subject of which I have .
been speaking was befogged and thrown
into dispute recently by a certain Cap
tain Glazier, who, apparently for no
other purpose than to advertise himself
published his alleged discovery of a new j
and true sourco of tho Mississippi. By
reducing tbe sizo ot Lako Itasca, ignor-1
ing Nicollet's Cradled Achilles, magni-1
tying a Email ride lake which be called .
Lake Glazier, and by stretching out one
of tho feeders of the latter, ho produced I
a distorted map which actually imposed
on tbe Royal Geographical society of
Great Britain. Many of tho errors thus
originated hare crept into the standard
maps of tho United States.
"It may bo said that there is nothing
further to be learned about tho true
sourco of the Father of Waters. As a
matter of essential fact, the true Upper .
Mississippi is the river called the Mis-1
souri. Tbe stream that flows from Lake
Itasca is merely a tributary. I ought not
to forget to mention that I walked along
tbo bed of tho stream termed by Captain
Glazier tho infant Mississippi for a con
siderable distance dry shod. The littlo
brook was drisd up. Lata measurements
have reduced tho length of tho Missis
sippi from 3,184 miles to miles."
Notice is hereby given to tbe public
by the undersigned that I do not allow
dead animals to be buried on my prem
ises, at Bosebnrg, Oregon, or garbage
dumped thereon or sand or gravel taken
therefrom, unless the party taking sand
or gravel first contract with me for the
right to eo do.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. Aaeok Bose,
Eosebnrg, Oregon. 3Iarch 17th, 1891.
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il.L IT.Uaai3T0 DELL 17.
ajppsyaara bros.
Urruisn'a Uloci.StoTaaunh. da
Mining Application No. 54.
United States Land Office, Koscburg, Oregon,)
Marchl8,18'J5 i
Kotlco Is hereby given that tho Green Mount
ain Mining Company, a corporation duly lncor-
8 orated under tho general law ot tho State ot
rcRon, with Its principal oalco or place ol
business at Portland, Multnomah county, Ore
gon, by Its duly qualified and acting president,
W. C. Wilson, whoso post ofllco address Is Cleve
land, Douglas County, Oregon, has, on tho 17th
ol August, 18S7. filed Its application for a patent1
lor thrco hundred lect in a southwesterly direct
ion from tho discovery cut, and twclvo hundred
feet in a northeasterly direction from said dis
covery cut, in tho aggrcgato flltccn hundred
linear feet of tho Orecn Mountain Quartz
lode, bearing gold and silver quartz, together
with surface ground tlx hundred lectin width
I t ...1 ln 1 .. t r ...... t t .. l. Ill,
nitumivA in jii;i.'ii muuuhuiu immu iisiiii...
County of Douglas and State of Oregon, ana
designated by tho field notes and ofucial plat on
flic in this oittcc as Survey No. 5 and Claim SS,
on nnsurvcyed lands but in Sections 32 and 33.
Township south, Itango 4 west, when tho pub
lic surrey is cxicuueu, earn jioc no. M uemg
dl.scrllcd as follows, to wit:
Ilcglnulngat a point threo hundred feet toutli,
S3 degrcts west of discovery shaft or cut at post
No. 1 at tho center ol Koutherlv end ol said
Claim No. 3, from which the southeast corner
of section .12, Township 32 south, Itango 1
west, Willamette Meridian, on llio 7th Standard
Parallel South. Douglas County. Oregon, bears
south 5 degrees east C0.37 chains distant, a lir
30 inches in diameter bears north 41 degrees
west one hundred and twenty links
distant, a fir IS inches in diameter boars
south &1 degrees cast 10 links distant,
thence north r. degrees west 3W) lect
to post No. 2. from which yellow flr 30 inches
In diameter bears south M degrees east 17 links.
yellow flr2i inches in diameter bears north 4U
degrees cast 78 links, mathrono C inches in di
ameter bears south K degrees west si links;
thrncR nnrlli 35 decrees east 1300 feet to Dost No.
3 from which a flr 20 inches in diameter bears
south 20 degrees west 23 links distant, n llr 12
inches in diameter bears north CI degrees cast 31
links distant; thence south &" degrees cost COO
feet to post No. 5, Irom which mathcronc C
Inches in diameter bears south 23 decrees west
32 links distant, mathcronc n Inches in diam
eter bears north 20 degrees cast 13 links distant;
thence south S.) degrees west 1M0 feet to post
No. C, from which flr 12 Inches In diameter
bear north 53 degrees west 2fl links distant, fir
ten inches in diameter bears south 57 degrees
west 27 links distant, flr 8 Inches in diameter
bears south 0 degrees cast 31 links distant,
thence north 55 degrees west 300 (hundred)
feet to place o! beginning, magnetic variation
l'J degrees cast, containing 20.65 acres.
The locution of this mine, W. J. Worley
locator is rcconlcd in the recorder's office,
Douglas county, Oregon, in Book of Record of
Mining Claims Volume 2, page T2S. The ad
joining claimants arc It. S. Jones and A. S.
Whiting on the northerly end and l Clarno
Co.. on tho southerly end.
And any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said Orecn Mountain Mine or
surface ground, arc required lo flic their ad
verse claim witii tiic ltegfetcr ot tiio united
Slates Land Ollice at Roscbcrg, In tbe State of
Oregon, during the sixty days period of Pub
lication hereof, or they will be barred by vir
tue oi ino provisions oi tnc statute.
It. M. VKATCII, Register.
ingr Notice is hereby given that there is a mort
gagor trust deed covering all the property of
the Victory Placer Mining Company, securing
the payment of 1125,000 in Coupon Bond. That
the undersigned Is one ot the owners of sJld
Ilonds, holding and owning f.COOO of the same.
and that neither the undersigned nor any
holder or owner of any ot said Bonds will be rc
tponsibic forany work, labor or service done or
lerformcil for the Victory Placer Mining Com
pany, or lor any material oi any xinu wnatso
ever lurnlshcd to raid Company for any purpose
whatever, or for the transportation of the same.
or tor any work, labor or services done or per-
lormcu upon, or tor any material lumuneii ior
the construction, alteration or repair, either in
whole or in part, of any building, wharf, ditch.
Hume, tunnel, fence, machinery, aqueduct or
omer strncture or structures, repaired, bunt,
constructed, or placed upon the property of said
Victory Placer Mining Company, for any new
machinery or material famished sold Company
or piaceu upon meirsaia property.
Dated this ith dav of March, 1M.
m 11 M0 J. T. C. NASII.
Final Notice.
of Oregon, In Douglas Conoty.
In the matter of the estate of Joscphus
Brock, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
administrator of tbe above entitled estate has
filed his final account In settlement thereof,
and the Court by order duly made and entered
ot record, has flped Monday, May Cth, 1S95, at
one o'clock p.m., forbearing objections if any
there be, to aid account, and tbe final settle
ment oi salil estate. DAL.Y W'.OCK,
J. W. Hamilton, Administrator.
Attorney for the I jute. !2St6
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7:23 r. M. ! Ar.
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Ar. . !:: a. x
Lv. 5:;Oa. m.
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Assistant General Tassenger Agent,
No. 121 First St.. cor. Washington.
Dr. Gibbon's
ui" corner of Com
mercial. San Francisco,
'fA l;5l", for tho treatment
Xn of Sexual and Seminal
5 Diseases, such as tlon
fMorrArn, Olert. Striet
M 11 rr, all Us
ilorms, Armmat Weak-
iScSyLost Manhood perma
nently enred. Tho sick and afflicted should not
fall to call upon him. Tho Doctor has traveled
extensively m Europe, aud inspected thoroughly
tho various hospitals there, obtaining a great
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petent to Impart to those in need of his services.
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DK. J. F. GIBBON. Box 17. Sau Francisco. Cal
Notice it hereby given to nil wboru It may con
tern thai I htveappointe'l I). V. Strnsnt Cala.
pooi recinet Deputy Inspector of Stock fcr wiid
rcinc';pitolEcttMre3. Oakland; also A. J.
Chapman of Wilbur, and Ralph Smith, at Rose
burg, to act dnrinir my absence, and others wil
be added as jnrtie.i tnjpecteil make their desire
nownto ine.
Roaeburg, May 1th. 1SS7.
lnarotor ot StocK tor Douglas county .'Or.
Two Doors North of Dcjwt Ilotcl.
Tnblo supplied with tho best tho mar
ket affords. Jleala at all hours, 25 cents.
Special rates to families, and particular
attention civen to immigrants.
W. I. D, DEARDORfF, Propr.
Sheriff Sale.
of Oregon, for the County of Douglas.
James Pitcher, Plaintiff".
TS. (
Annnic Consolidated ilin-i
ing Co., Defendant- J
State op Osegon, (
County of Douglas. J 43
Whereas at the regular December term, 1S9L
of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
Donglas County, to-wit: on December 4th, ISM,
James Pitcher recovered a judgment against the
above named defendant for the sum of $61L39
and 561.23 costs and dlsbnrsments herein taxed,
and- against the following -described attached
property, to-wit:
The Emma lining Claim extending 15C0 feet
north 21 degrees east, said claim being located
on the north east slope of Grouse Mountain,
about 400 feet from the main tunnel on the
Ansa, Mining Claim in a northeasterly course.
Horse Haven Creek on tho north east. Grouse
Mountain on the south west, a rockey bluff on
the east, distant about TOO feet from end, centers
and corners being distinctly marked by stakes;
also the Maggie Mining Claim, described as fol
lows: Commencing at the south east comer of
Anna Claim, running 1500 feet easterly and par
allel with. Saran Claim; thence 600 feet southerly
to a fir tree; thence 1500 feet westerly to a fir tree
about 2 feet through, blazed on four sides;
thence northerly 600 fet I to Anna four comers
and place of beginning.
Also Lucy Mining Claim described as follows:
Said claimiToOJeetSl'degrees north of cast and
750 feet 51 degrees south of west, from center of
said claim, which claim is situated on the head
waters of Horse Haven.Creck, Grouse Mountain
on the south west, distance about one
half mile from said center; a rocky bluff on the
east, distant about two and one-half miles; west
end center a lone pine tree marked W. C. L.; east
end center a lone(nr tree marked E. C. I, end
line running 31 degrees west of west and 54 de
grees east ol south. Comers distinctly marked
by Slakes, also the timber and water rights and
privileges belonging to said claims being sit
uated in Bohemia Mining District, Douglas
County, State of Oregon.
Also the following named mining claims situ
ated in the Bohemia Mining District, Douglas
County, State of Oregon, to-wit: Anna Quartz
Mining Claim, Little Joe Quartz Mining Claim,
Henry Quartz Mining Claim, Mystery Quartz
Mining Claim , Grey Eagle Quartz Mining Claim,
and more particularity described as follows, to
wit: Anna Mining Claim, being situated in Bo
hemia Mining District, exterior boundaries
Fairview Mountain west two and one-half miles,
Johnson Meadows east seven miles, Rocky
Butte north one mile. Old Knott Mill south one
and one-half miles; Henry Mining Claim being
located in Bohemia Mining District near.Gronse
Mountain, exterior boundaries a lone flat ridge
north cast one and one-half miles, south west by
a lone fir tree with top cut out, north by Rocky
Butte, south by the Knott MilLQMystery Min
ing Claim being located in the Bohemia Mining
District, exterior boundaries on tho south by
the Johnson Claim, north by low divide be
tween Bohemia and Grouse Mountains one-half
mile away, cast by south end of Grouse Moun
tain, west by Bohemia Mountain. Grey Eaglo
Mining Claim being located on the east side of
Grouse Mountain and about one-half mile
south east of the shaft on the Excelsior Mine,
also the mill and mill site which are of record
in the office of the County Clerk of Douglas
County, Oregon, in VoJ. 3 ot miscclaneous mln
.ng records of said County, together with all the
dips, spurs and angles, also all the metals, ores,
gold and silver bearing quartz rock and earth
therein, and all the rights and privileges and
franchises thereto Incident, appendant and ap
purtenant or therewith usually had: also tho
lollowing described attached personal property
to-wit: One stationery engine, one boiler, two
concentrators, one 5 stamp battery, one iron
vice, one set pipe dies, oneIsteam")ump, about
50 cords of wood more or less being all tie wood
at the mill, one cable tramway and appurte
nances running from mill to mine, 15 picks at
mine, 6 shovels, 1 sledge, 15 drills, 3 jacks, 2
pumps, 2 ore cars, 400 feet ore track, aj sacks
ore, 2 anvils, l-vlce,l bellows, 1 grind stone, IS
sacks concentrates, 7 wrenches, 1 giant, 1 water
wheel, 9 chains, and whereas all of the said
property, both real and personal, was duly at
tached on the 17th day ol September. 1S94, and
an order of sale of all of said property was dnly
made and entered at said regular December
term, ISM, of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Douglas Cour.ty, to-wlt; on the 4th
day of December, 1S!1.
Now thercforc.ln tho name !of .the State "of
Oregon, 1 will on Thursday the 4th day "'of
April, 1S05, at 1 o'clock In the aiteroooa "of
said day on the premises of said Anna Mining
Co., sell at public auction to tho highest bidder
for cash In hand, all the right, title and Interest
which the said defendant had in or to the said
personal property on the 17th dav of September.
1S94, or at any time thererfter, and if a sufficient
sum be not realized from tho sale of said perso
nal property to satisfy the judgment of said
James Pitcher, costs and acruing costs.
I will on Thursday the ISth day of April, 1S95,
at the Court House door in Roscburg, Douglas
County, Oregon, at the hour ot 1 o'clock P. M
of said day, sell at public auction for cash
in hand, all the right title and Interest tho said
defendant had in or to tho above described
real property on tho 17th day of September, 1S91,
or at any timo thereafter, and will apply the
proceeds of such sales, first to the costs and ex-
Ecnsesofsuch salo anil to tho costs and dis
ursments herein taxed at 361.25; second to tha
payment to tho plaintiff the sum of $614.39 with
interest thereon at the rato of S per cent, per
annum from December 4th, 1S94, and the over-
Slus if any there be I will pay over to the defen
ant or its legal representative.
Sheriff Douglas County, Orego'a.