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c: Y. BEf JAMDT,
Subscription Aatcst
One Year payabio la advance .....Sa oo
Months." 30
Good roads and plenty of them aro
what builds rjp a conn try and mukes
it prosperous.
The groat need of this country
jast now is a secretary of state like
James G. Blaine.
This is a good week to begin prac
ticing your resolution to promote
home industry by buying home
"So," said she, "the 53d congress
is dead." "Yes," replied Senator Sor
ghum, ''but tho 6Ugar trust still
lives." Washington Star.
According to the San Francisco
Argonaut, for every ?100 in gold pro
duced in Colorado in 18C2 there were
$164 in 1893 and 263 in 1894
The late congress created the
largest demand for chloride of lime
in politics that has been known
since the war. Globe Democrat.
The special fjrand jury of Kansas
City, ilo. found from 25 to 30 indict-
' xnents for a violation of the election
The Coqmlle creamery started up
last week under the management of
the dairymen's union and R. D. San
ford & Co. May it live long and
Senator Edmunds has aptly de
scribed the income tax congress as a
body of misguided gentlemen who
have now vanished from the face of
the earth.
A democratic writer says there is
"gratifying evidence that free wool
has come to stay in this country P
But what about the sheep? llarys
Tille Appeal.
John It. Sullivan is reported to be
preparing his memoirs for publica
tion. They will probably be issued
in the form of a scrapbook. Los
Angeles liecord.
It is asserted that not a single
member of the late congress has as
yet made a return of his income tax,
and it would appear that all are
waiting in the hope the supreme
cosrt will knock: it out
The talk of republican opposition
to Reel for speaker is all bosh, of
course. He will be elected by a
practically unanimous vote of his
paity; and he will wield the gavel in
such a way as to make things con
stantly uncomfortable for the demo
crats. Globe Democrat.
The man who mortgages the soil
not only pledges his own rights and
privileges of "life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness," but he pledges
those of other men, as well as those
of his children, by doing so. Indi
viduals should be denied the right to
mortgage tho soil. East Oregonian.
Reports from the Oregon experi
ment station show that beets grown
in the immediate vicinity of Hilton
contain 274 pounds cf sugar lo the
ton. At the rate usnally paid for
beets at that high grade we have
acres and acres of land that will
yield its owners 200 per year, and
yet that same land can be bought
now in advance of the building of
the sugar factory for 100 per acre.
Cuban annexationists are becoming
as numerous 03 frogB In a swamp and
about as logical. They want to an
nex Cuba for glory, for profit or for
stragetic reasons. They all avoid
talking about the mass of ignorant
and otherwise unfit people who
would be made citizens of the
United States at one plunge. That
objection should outweigh all con
siderations to tho contrary. Stock
ton Independent.
The American market is the best
in the world. The total consump
tion of goods in the United States
amounts in value to $11,005,000,000
a year, while the total amount pur
chased from us by all other nations
of the world is only 7,569,000,000, so
that our own market is worth to us
over 4,000.000,000 more than all the
markets of the world to which we
can possibly have access. No won
der England and Germany rejoico to
see this magnificent market opened
to them and feel grateful to tho dem
ocratic party.
With a spirit of fairness tho
Plaixdealeb has given space to sev
eral correspondents forairiog their
opinions on the gold and silver ques
tion, but space is valuable and unless
they can condense their essays to
half a column, or less, we cannot use
them. Life is too short for an editor
10 spend three hours a day in prun
ing down column or a column and
a half articles to fit tho limited 6pace
at his disposal. Besides it is not ab
solutely necessary to tell all one
knows on any subject in one news
paper article.
TLo years are rolling rapidly on
ward, and tho timo is not very far
distant, when Grover Cloveland will
abdicate the exectitivo chair of state,
and a republican capable of manag
ing tho affairs of tho country will bo
installed as president, and tho dis
tressing times now existing will dis
appear, and prosperity will again
reign as formerly under republican
rukx. It is uviilont now to ovory
one, even tho most thick-headed nnd
heretofore deluded democrat, that
tho surest way to bring back the
prosperity of 1892 is to mako it
plain throughout tho country that
tho policies, methods und purposes
of tho. republican party aro to bo sus
tained, by overwhelming majorities,
by the voters in the north and in tho
south, in the east and in the west,
and that tho voters of tho United
States will most sorely hasten the ro
turn of confidence, tho restoration of
prosperity, and tho oxpansion of
American industries, by making it
clear in every way in their power,
from now until after tho votes aro
counted in 189G, that they intend to
trust their fortunes in overy part of
the land to the control of the Repub
lican pariy. It is conceded by most
men in theso days that nothing can
prevent a great republican victory in
November 189C. The democracy has
been struggling in its death throes
for year?, and at last Grover Cleve
land with an iron grasp on its throat
has strangled tho life out of dem
ocracy, and for the future it is
doomed to everlasting oblivion.
If tho wheat growers and the wool
growers had known what was best
for thorn in 1S92, they would have
yoted as one man for the continu
ance of the republican policies, re
publican tariff and republican pro
tection of American industries. But
they voted to turn the republicans
out and put tho democrats in, and
40-cent wheat and 7-cent wool have
been the lamented results of their
votes, but they stand ready today to
retreive their error, and by a united
vote restore tho republican party to
power. So mote it be.
To the Editor: It seems to me
that cither we common readers of
the public press and ordinary citi
zens are densely ignorant about
money or that most of the writers on
financial matters whoso articles we
read have failed to grasp the true
idea of thrift and prosperity. "S.
&." asks in your issue of tho 21st:
""Why is it the wealth of tho country
is rapidly accumulating in the hands'
of the few."
I too would like to ask a few ques
tions and perhaps if they can bo an
swered honestly then his question
will not' be hard to answer.
1st Havo we not bimetalism now?
Tho writer understands that our sil
ver dollars are a legal tender for any
amount, tbo only money in fact that
is so, unless there is a contract other
wise. What is called ''subsidary
coin" is legal tender only for 10 in
one payment, and all senm to agree
that the amount of such, now coined
and in circulation, is needed in the
ordinary retail business of the coun
try, and that we need not worry as to
the "bullion value" of this money.
But how -would it be should the
amount be increased say ten limes?
For my own part I feel 1 am patri
otic enough to say I will receive and
use it just as willingly as I wonld
gold, providing I always find my
neighbor of the same mind. Bnt I
cannot agree to tako it if ho rill not
take it too.
If I am correct as to tho law about
silver as money it is just possible we
are now about as well off as we are;
that is, we poor folk aro as well off
S3 wa are likely to be by any change
in our coinage laws. That is, all sil
ver dollars now being coined are full
legal tender, And all minor coins
are accepted so far without question.
The thing really to be dono is to en
deavor to keep them so.
I have a suspicion that a whole lot
of this talk about freo silver is a
good deal like tho changes which
were rung in our ears a yew yeors
ago about ''smashing the robber tar
iff." "Tho great campaign of educa-
cation" swept over tho country along
that line. We thought surely we
would smash him when ho went gun
ning in '92, but tho result has been
somothing. The Bowery bov before
the days of Bull Run saw n Reb.
going out fronxhis camp for water
carrying bis gun. ilr. Bowcryboy
grabbing his god stepped out re
marking, 'Now yon'l see a fellow
jump," and he blazed away at tho
man. The fellow seemed willing to
return the compliment and surprised
tho Bowery-boy by giving him an
ugly llesh wound in the leg. As ho
returned to camp he was asked if the
fellow jumped "Jump, I should
say he did jump. But it was the
wrong fellow that jumped, that'H tho
Now aro wo sure that wo aro not in
this cry for freo silver voicing,
those few mentioned by "S. S.'' who
own large quantities of silver bullion
bought for 50 cents 011 tho dollar and
want it coined so tboy can unload it
on us poor people for a dollar's
worth of labor, wheat, meat, frnit,
wood, coal or other products which
the pojr man brings to market. I
am not taking issue with any one. I
only ask that wo do a little more
fcolid thinking, Stop talking and go
to work.
I want to ask whero thero is a bet
ter country than this right horo?
Where a man is assured better re
turns if ho works his land halfwoy
decently. Ib not tho market as good
hero as elsowhoro! I am told that
good butter is sold for 10 cents n
pound in California today and hero
it is 25 cents. Wheat is worth 10
cents more hero thau 100 miles north
of us. Hams, 2J cents moro. Our
wool stands higher than any in tho
stalo or coast. Now if wo can raiso
all wo nood in such abundance why
should wo worry about tho tinanco
of tho country? Cortainly if 100
million silver dollars wero coined this
year wo would not got any of them
unless wo had something to soil.
But I soo this articlo is getting too
long. I may have 8omo raoro homely
things to say at another timo on this
themo, nnd I am not writing in the
interest of tho few by any moans.
The Kind of Weather We May Ex
pect in April.
Tho following data, compiled from tho
Wearher Bureau at Rosebunr, Oregon,
covers the period ot 17 years, and shoald
provo of value and interest in anticinat-
ingthe more important meteorological
elements, ami the ran within which
such variations may bo expected to keep
lor tho month of April.
Mean or normal temperature. 51.
Tho warmest month was that of 1SSS,
with an average of CO.
. The coldest month was that of 1893,
with an average of 47.
Tiie highest temperature was SG on
-'Slh, 1S90.
Tho lowesttemperaturowasSGoc 12lh,
Averairi ilato on which flrt "i-iliinr."
frost occurred in automn October 14.
Average dito on which last "killing"
frost occurred in spring May 3.
Average for the month. 2.G2 inches.
Average number of tlaya with .01 of an
inch or more, 14.
The greatest manthly precipitation was
0.14 inches in 1SS2.
Tho least monthlr precipitation was
0.63 inches in 1SS3.
Tho greatest amount of precipitation
recorded in 24 consecutive hours was 1.14
inches on IS th, 1S3G.
Average number of clear davs. G:
partly cloudy days, 11 ; cloudy days, 13.
The prevailing winJs havo been from
the northwest.
The highest velocity of tho wind was
35 miles from tho southwest on 23rd and
25lh, 18S3, and 1S31. Tuns. Gibson.
England's Ultimatum.
Washington. March 27. It is claimed
by those who arc in position to know that
mere 13 a misconception of the text of
England's ultimatum to Nicaragua. Tho
words eaid to be contained therein, that
not a citizen of any American republic"
shall be selected as the third member of
an arbitration committee to which differ
ences between England and Nicaragua
be submitted it is now stated are meant
to apply only to the small republics of
Central and South America. It was
thee republics that Great Britain de
sired to exclude from having a casting
vote beltreca tho iticaragtun represen
tative and the commissioner chosen by
Great Britain. It is explained the
English foreign office riever classifies this
great government and people with the
bpaniah and I ortucuese-sneakinz Sonth
and Central Amerioin uoverumcnts.
Wcll-mformd diplomat sav thev do nit
expect any complications will arise from
the course Great Bri -ia will pursue to
enforce settlement of her claim for f75,
000 "smart money." It is not believed
resor, will be had to the extreme meas
ure of threatening to bombard Grevtown.
If Nicaragua proves her inability to pay
at once it is believed the claim will, with
other matters, be submitted to arbitra
flcKinley Recovered.
Savannah. Ga.. March 27. A
from Thomasville says : Goy. McKinley
has about recovered from a slight attack
of the grip, which caused him to spend
several days more in Thomasville than
he originally intended, and he will leave
hero tomorrow for St. Augustine. When
shown a paper which quoted him as say
ing that if tho republican partv declared
for free silver he would not accept tho
nomination for president, tho eovernor
shrugged his shoulders and smilingly
said: "Why. this is absurd." Hb
neither denied or confirmed the state
ment and declined to be interviewed on
the subject.
Emigration Agents Responsible.
Home, Marcli 2G. The Italiau imini-
gartion commission has adjudged that
the steamship aeeots shall indemnify the
two Italian immigrants who wero refused
perniisjion to land at New York, and
were sent back to this countrv by the
authorities. The decision of the com
mission states that the agents wero
guilty of a breach of the law in permit
ling the embarkation of the emigranls.
The judgment has been communicated to
the authorities at Washington, who re
plied with a message of thnnks to the
Italian officials for their co operation in
inforcing the American law.
Diplomats Changed.
Madrid, March 2G. Tho appoint
ment of Senor Dupuy de Lortno as Scnor
Muruaga's successor will bo gazetted as
soon as it i3 known the appointment re
ceives the approval of the United States
Scottsburg Items.
E. H. Burchard has been taken to
H. Weatherly and nieco, MiES E.
Giles, havo gono to Gardiner.
A coyote has been making freo with
the spring Imnn in this vicinity.
Parties who had logs raited took ad
vantage of tho recent high wator to run
them down river.
A reduction of ono dollar per ton has
been Fecured on freight to Gardiner.
Tho grarto near Burchard place is to bo
corduroyed. A piece of very bad road.
Tho grain i? abatit all sown in llm section.
Life with him was real and earnest,
And the grave was not its goal ;
Tho united efforts of six doctors
Failed to put hi in in tho hole.
Attempt to Asslnatc the Chinese
Peace Envoy.
Simonosaki. March 24. As Li Hnnn
Chang, tho Chineso peaco envoy, was re
turning to his. lodging in tins place to
dav. after liavlnc nttcndod fl ronfnrnrtrn
with Count Ito nnd Viscount Mntsu, tho
Japaneso peaco plenipotentiaries, a
younc Japanese fired a pistol nlhim.
Tho bullot sped straight, but fortunately
tiki no moro harm than to inflict a
wound in J.l Hung Chang's face. At
tho timo of Eonding this dispatch it is
impossible to learn whither or not tho
wound is serious.
Tho attempt to assassinato tho rnnre-
presentative of the omporer of China
caused tho most ihtenso oxcitement. nnd
on ovory side thero worocxnresMonn nf
deop regret. Tho would-bo murderer
wxs arrested. It is believed that ho was
prompted to tho ciiuio by misguided
Yokohama, March 23. Resolutions
have been submittod to tho Japaneso
diet legrcttmg the attack upon Viceroy
Li Hung Chang, who was shot and
wounded m tho face yesterday at Simon
The bullet has not yet been extranipd
from I.i Hung Chang's face, but his
condition is fayorable. Ho has no fever
and is Buffering but littlo pain. His
assailant, who is described as a political
nrayo, rushed from the crowd when tho
viceroy's palaquin was passing and fired
at the Chmeao statesman. The bullet
entered his loft cheek. Tho affair has
caused tho greatest indignation'here.
Washington, March 2G. In a privato
cablegram from Tokio received by
member of tho legation here is news
world-wide interest. According to this
dispatch, which comesjrom tho highest
officials in Japan, a German physician,
president of tbo university of Tokio, and
an expert of high standing, was sent yes
terday, .it tho personal request of tho
mikado, to examine Li Hung Chang's
wound. After a thorough, examination
of his distinguished patient, tho physician
reported confidentially to tho mikado
thai Li Hung Chang most die. Tho
wound is in the face, and tho bullet,
which the surgeon had not succeeded in
exttactiug, is apparently beyond reach.
Moreover, Li Hung Chang is 70 years of
age, and, although a giant physically,
tils years are against him. Tho dispatch
which conveys tho information is a pri
vato and confidential one, bnt its trust
worthiness is not doubted by its recipient.
Sijionosaki, March, 2C. Tho condition
of Li Hung Chang is favoiablo. It is re
ported that he now consented to the ex
tinction of the bullet in his tace. His
only fear is a lack of cleanliness on the
part of his physicians in using their in
Tho Continental insurance Comtunv
of New York has refnaed to join tho new
Compsct entitled the board of Fire
Underwriters 01 the Pacific, tolievine
that the board is not a benefit for the
people but lor tho insuranco companies
in keeping up rates. This comuanv has
the best financial stindini: and loss pav
ing record. It was tested in the great
Cmcago firo in 1S71, paying every dol
lar 01 its losses amounting to over two
million' of dollars. Its record of almost
fifty years is prompt and liberal in tho
settlement of all honest claims. Its
motto is for tho interest of the people as
well as the company. You owe your
patronage to this company and should
seo Wayne Jones, Agent, when you take
For Sale. A good home of 100 acres,
12 miles from railroad ; 40 acres cleared :
good water, small orchard in beating,
plenty of small frnit; fair Oregon house
and barn ; 4 horses, 3 cows and plonty of
farm machinery to run the farm. For
prices and terms enquire of S. B. Hen
dricks at the Iteficw office or of the
county surveyor at tho court house.
Meals at all boars at tho Kanih
Kitchen, southeast corner Taylor & Wil
son block.
S0et3.xaaMMrm m -B
lOnflcentadom. M M
Itls sold en a Kaarsntco by- all drcir
Eist. It cures Incipient Consummiok
aadUtfcobcst Couth tsd Ctoud Cuxo.
For salo by M. F. Rapp. Druggist.
l:i,r)rnn utowiarj. IVeulUr
ronmlnlefi to lorl
crowen ot elun,
I nnrery
plete V
liwn anil farden.
frclc lndnitrr li to
Important. Oood chines for
ontnt vm rail rr-
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rclla'jlr. h'amoUili paper. Ed.)
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MEALS, 15c. BEDS, 15c.
i.onir Timijci-H
a Specialty.
Write for
The Roseburg Lauhdry
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F1RST-CLHSS a 1. 1. e work guaranteed,
At RcaHonninc prices. FISHER & BRYAN, Proprietors
Days of '49 Whisky.
A r
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BeJbaney & Meyer5
The Celebrated Eoseburg Beer,
All Orders either at Home or Abroad, by Railroad
or omerwise, i'xomptly Attended to.
Plows, Harrows, Wagons & Buggies
Poultry, Fisli and Game,
in Season.
Proprietor of
The City Meat Market,
' Ami bcalcr ia
fS" Orders taken and Delivered Free
to anx part ol the City.
I?fcrnrrr Cif
Farmers Who Signed Notes in Payment for Stoves
Want Satisfaction.
From tho Daily Oregonian, Forlland, Or., Nov. 11, 1S94.
Oregon City, Nov. io. Victims nf tk hnmnc.
w rougiu-iron-cookincr-rance swindle are numerous in i-ic
vicinity. Eighteen farmers at Molalla bought the ranges
at $72 each, civinc notes rlnp AJnvpmlmr T ,,.;.!,
j ..v,vmui.i j.j IUIU LUC Ull-
derstaudiug and verbal agreement that any length of time
u oult uuciuence 01 tne makers ot the notes would
be granted bv the comnanv pvpn tr -
for the company had plenty of capital and never disposed of
aw, Um mi; notes turned up in the bands of third
persons, and must be nnirl. nnrl tW
dozen farmers were in town today to see if the grand iurv
..vumauuiu uitm raici or satisfaction. There were nu
merous purchasers of these wonderful ranges through the
Molalla, Marquam and the Scott's Mills country. The
idine Kinci ot a range can be bought here for $50.
nsist on
of imitation
trade marks
and labels.
406 Jnclcson at.,
One door south I'.O.
Choice Teat, Coflcei,
Tobaccos and Cigars.
And every thine else in
the (Iroccry line.
Highest Harfeel raid for Country Produce.
Give him a call and bo convinced.
Administrator's Notice to Cred
rnHE : underslimcd liftvlnc been appointed by
bo County Court of l)oiicla countr ()rn-
EOn. thn niltnlnl.frtr,, f tl.5 . 1.-.'"11?' "r0
Njterg. deceased, notice I. hereby Rive ton
Admltilatnttnr .1 IV
Ceci ""u UI Jona yberg,
Attorneys for Administrator
ittm son
Costs no more than inferior package soda
v never spoils the flour, keeps soft, and is urn.
j versallj' acknowledged purest in tie uvrld.
'g Hade only by CHURCH L CO., New York.
S Sell by crcccrs cverrsvicrc.
t.. v.f if frt. I., I ir . . .
ff .i.uiurrixnnm vajuaDis Kclpc FKEE. X.
KlD HAAf . A
Alineral, Railroad. Aricultural.
tf. G. POTTER,
HOG G St., X. w: Washington, V. C.
For many years in tho General Land Ofll cc.
Examiner of Contests, Mineral vs. Mineral vs
Kallrpad and Agricultural claims, and Lato
Chief of tho Mineral Division.
tW Correspondence Solicited.
Feoplo with hair that is continuallv
fallinc out, or U108O that aro bald, can
stop tho falling, and got a pood growth of
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Nursery Co.
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