The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, March 18, 1895, Image 3

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Tlie ciiurciicN.
BirnfT Church comer of Lane anA Res
streets. Sunday Service: Trenching, U a. m.
aad 7s p. m.; Young IVoplo't Union. 6:30 p.m.;
Mrs. G. X. Anncs, President; Sunday School.'lO
c m.: Junes Chamberlain, Superintendent
Praver Mediae, Thursday evening at 7:30.
Ukv. G. X. Axsas, Pastor.
Residence, Xo. S2I Main Street.
McrnoDtrr Chckcu corner of Main and Lane
streets. Sunday Service: rreachtng, 11 o. m.
nnd :3) p. m.; Sabbath school, 10 a. m.: Dr.
James Itarr. Superintendent; Class Meeting at
loc of the morning service; EpwortH League
6:30 p. m. Clare Hume, President. Prayer Meet
ing. Thursday, at 7:30 p. m.
N. 8. ItccKNcn, t. 1)., Pastor.
Parsonage, comer Main and Lane.
PKKsr.YTEitUK Ciiraru corner of Cass nnd
Kre-e strcvt. Sunday Service: PupUe worship,
11 a in. and TK p. ru.; Sai.kuh School. 10 a. m.;
y.r.S.C.t," p. to. Prayer Meeting. Wednes
day, "20 r, n-
K. B. nawoKTit, Pastor.
T. K.
Keeps tho Fischer nnd Vose pianos.
T. K.
and Hardtnan
T. K.
Sells musical goods for less than Fort
Sand prices.
For Sale.
A fino Jersey hull call for sale cheap.
Inquire at this office.
T. K.
Keeps over forty different kinds of
musical instruments constantly on hand.
T. K.
Has ordered a large shipment of Wash
burce musical goods direct from the
Special Offer.
in Fruitrale
addition, 50x100 feet. Price $20 each.
D. S. K. Buick.
. T. K.
Keeps and Kingsley pianos,
and other makes. Wilcox and White,
Estey, Packard, Chicago, Cottage and
Earhoff organs. T. K. Richardson-,
Iwoscbirg, Or.
All iersoas indebted to 0. K. Hill of
Roseburg are asked to call and pay on or
before March 4, IS35- By so doing they
trill save cot. This is the last notice.
G. K. IIiix.
Novelty Store,
lias jest received a larje line of ladies
dress goods. We invite the public to
call and examine oar stock and prices.
We trill cheerfully send samples and
prices to oar oat of town customers.
At the regular meeting of the Board of
Directors, Saturday, March 9th, it decided
to meet the firs! Monday of June next to
decide on the employment of teachers for
the next tchool year. O. L. Wnxts,
Chairman of Board.
Eyes Tested Free.
Call at A. Salrman's and have your
eyes tested free of charge. If yon need
gl&sees he trill fit yon and guaran'ee sat
isfaction, or money refunded. He is
here every day in the week and every
week in the year, and guarantees a per
fect fit.
A General Clean up.
The city council has ordered the abatc
ment'of nuisances. As the result we ob
serve several of our business men with
shovel in band hearing out from their
cutters the winter's accumulation of filth.
It is well. Let the good work go on. It
is not to soon. The health of our citi
zens is of more concern than ought else.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The tax roll for ISO 4, is now in my
bands for collection. Tax is now due and
payable at my oSce. Ail taxpayers will
be notified by poetal card of the amount
of their tax. Please retain this card and
eead it in with your remittance. If you
fail to receive the notice please advice
me. C. F. Cathcaet,
Sheriff and Tax Collector.
To Whom It flay Concern. '
in order to introduce our catalogue oil
sheet music and music books, we make
this offer: To any person in Douglas j
county sending us name, style, number
and price of piano or organ, bought of
the Wiley B. Allen Mraic Co., eince July
3. 1EH, we will pay 2 in,sb?et music
and music books.
Roseburg, Or.
John A. Strange of Wilbur died Sun
day, March I7tb, aged 70 years, G months,
and 5 days.
3Ir. Strange was z native of South
CarclinJi. He came to Oregon -in 1671.
Pis wife died April 10, 1S34. He has
been ailfng several months with drop
ECil afTection. He died silting in bis
chair as if asleep, thus passing away
without a struggle. He leaves nine
children to mourn their loss.
Mrs. Unrub, president of the State W
C T. TJ.. of McMinyille lectured to a fair
audience at the court horse Sunday at 3
p. m., Social purity was the chief topic
of her lecture. She claimed that the
f.nrfard cf morals for men should be as
I,?. that for women. Until that
tandard is set up, holding men as rig-
idlr to its requirments the social evil will
flourish. Society now allows boys to
"eow wild oats," while girls aro required
la be models of purity refinement ana
moral nerfecion. Conventionalities are
nndermining the social fabric.
United SUtrt LuJ Office.
Eowburi, Oregon, March 11th, Wx)
vf,v U hereby given that the ap-
hereby gtven
proved plats of survey of the following
townships have been receive"
finrcprnr General of Or'gon, towit
Trt-nKt,in Vo. 20 S.. E. 10 west, town
abip No. 30 S., R-10 west, township No.
33 S., R. 4 west, township No. 33 S., E.
6 west, township No. 34 S B. 7 west,
and on Wednesday, April 24, 189 at 9
o'clock a. m.. said plats will be filed in
tbia office, and the land embraced there
in will be subject to entry on and after
eaid dale. K. M. Veatcii, Register.
B. S. Sheeidas, Receiver.
Circuit court now in session,
M. W. Pruner of Riddle is in town.
James Short was in tho city Friday.
T. Cox of Hudson wan in the city Sun
day. W. C. SagaberdotScottsbutgisin tho
Lane county is unanimous for a county
M. Volk of Portland is at the Me-
W. It. Well-, i.i ultilla wus in town last
A. W. Hurt of Drain came up on busi
ness Friday.
J. L. Dewey came down from Gleudale
J. M. Dilliard was registered nt Depot
hotel Friday.
Jesse and W. K. Davenport wore in tha
city Saturd.ty.
Hev. Leonard of Wilbur was in tho
city Saturday.
A. S. Buel of Looking Glass was in the
city Saturday.
John Von Pessl of Cleveland wsb in
town yesterday.
Will Goldman, a knight of the grip
sack, ia in town.
Hon. 0. C. Brown was taking in the
sights Saturday.
Hon. Henry Beckley of Elkton was in
the city Fiiday.
E. C. Palmer and Walter Kent cf
Drain are in town.
G. llooyer and wife of Olalla were in
town last Saturday.
Fr&xier Ward and family were trading
in town last Saturuay.
C. W. Conway and Thos. Nicholson of
Elkton are in the city.
W. H. Juucou of Camas Valley was
visiting in town Saturday.
Geo. K. Benton of San Francisco is
stopping at tho McClallen.
J. R. Dixon of North Umpqua was
trading here last Saturday.
Wm. Brosi of Happy Valley was seen
on our streets last Friday.
L. G. Matthews, deputy assessor came
down to the d'y Saturday.
John Banks and J. W. Shuey of Oak
land are at the Van Houten.
Richards Bros, have hail constructed a
fine show window in their store.
R, B. Dixon the cattle kin on North
Deer Creek was in town Friday.
W. R. Smith and Jas. E. Medley of
Oakland aro guests at the Van Houten.
G. W. Puckett of Canyonville is in
town on business before the circuit court.
Hon. P. Cooper and C. A. Blackman
of Roberts Creek were in the city Friday.
II. L. and J. E. WelJen of Br. kway
were dung business in town last Friday.
M. Fickle's little boy, who was so
badly scalded fhe weeks ago is improv
ing. X. N. Lamberscn and Frank Wilton
came in from Pillard on business last
Hon. Joe Bridges of Drain was in the
city Thursday and returned on the local
Friday morning.
Frank Williams stricken with paral
ysis was brought to the city Friday for
medical treatment.
ino i xaisdeaixe twice-a-week is
daily receivinj subscribers. This shows
its growing prosperity.
Mr. Walderman of North Umpqua left
Roseburg Saturday with eight St. Ber
nard pups for Portland.
J. L. Clough and Luke chapman of
j Canyonville are in attendance at the cir-
cnit court, as jury men.
Rer. Father Sbabot of Montreal, Can
ada, conducted the services at the Cath
olic church in this city yesterday.
A. M. Hunt of Happy Valley was in
town last Friday. He has recently
erected a shingle mill in that locality.
Last Saturday was a lively day in
town. We counted 35 vehicles and 26
saddle horses belonging to farmers that
Bring your job work to the Puusde al
ee office. We are prepared to do the
cheapest and best work eonth of Port
land. D. Looney, the marble man. Is making
, t .u e t
eonntr in the interest of the firm he ren
Rowland A gee, who has been book
keeper at Portland 3 of 4 months for L.
McGregor, r turned home Satutday for a
Karl's C!over Root, the great Blood
purifier gives freshness and clearness to
the Complexion and cures Constipation,
25cls., oOcts., $1.00.
Mrs. N. T. Day after making a three
weeks' visit with ber daughter, Mrs. Isi-
dor Abraham, returned to her home at
Wilbur last Friday.
A street fakir was on the streets Satur
day selling his Giant cement to mend old
boots, shoes, umberellas and "eich."
Only 25 cents a stick.
G. W. Rapp has bought the grocery
store of A. Schloeman and will hereafter
cater to the needs of the people of Row
burg at reasonable rales.
Shiloh's Cure ii sold on a guarantee.
It cures Incipient Consumption. It ia
the best Cough Care. Only one cent a
dose, 25cts., 50cts., and $1.00.
Remarkable indeed. A man was no
ticed rushing around town Friday to find
a man to whom he owed $1 50 in order to
pay him. It is usually the other way.
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego,
Cal., sav?: "Sbilch 'a Catarrh Remedy
is the first medicine I have ever found
hat would do me any good." Price 50c.
31 r. McFadden of Edenbower was in
the city Saturday. He thinks the freeze
of Wednesday and Thursday nights did
not injure tho fruit in his neighborhood.
Farmers are apprehensive of a failure
of the peach crop this year, owing to tho
late freezes. Tho oldest inhabitant says
he never saw such freezing in March be
fore. Harvey Jones of French Settlement
was in tho city Saturday. He tbinka
tho freeze Wednesday and Thursday
nights did not damage the fruit crop
If you try the candies they make at
Niece's you will not go anywhere else
for candy. The taffies, creams, chews,
butter cups and everything are first-class
and equal to anv thing in Portland.
They aro on to their job.
Mr. Ronaldson, an enterprising farmer
from Robpulican City, Nob., is in tho city
spying out the fatness of tho land. Ho
seems to bo woll pleased with wlmt he
has seen of our country.
Dr. Davis haR practiced dentistry in
Rosebnr neatly 14 voire, and wo know
tho Dr. to bo a Bkilled workman. Par
ties patronizing him will save tnonoy.
Dental parlors oppoaito Siocutn's hall. .
Services on Clover Creok ut tho Dixon
school houso on next Sabbath at 11 a. in.
Servicos tho following oyentng at tho U.
B. church in this city at 7:30 p. in. To
theflo services all aro cordially invited.
W. Reynolds, Pastor.
J. J. Webb ha3oponed a second hum!
store in tho old Floed building nt tho
corner of Main aud Washington streets.
Second hand goods of all kinds will Imj
bought and sold, and the patronage of
the public is respectfully solicited.
S. B. Cobb loaves today for Grants
Pass where he will establish :ui assay
office. Mr. Cobb is an experienced
assayor and doubtless will fill a long felt
want of tho miners of Douglas. Joseph
ine, Jackson, Coos and Curry counties.
Rev. R. B. Dilworth preached an in
structive and interesting discourse at the
Presbyterian church yesterday. "Sho
done what she could," was his text, nnd
he urged upon all to do what they could
for the cause of God and tho spread of
Don't think that small things are un
worthy of notice. If you do your horse
may not, as was illustrated on Jackson
street Saturday. A billy goat frightened
a team which floundered around nnd
came near running uway, after braking
tho wagon.
Prosecuting Attorney Brown returned
to Roeeburg yesterday, after having been
in attendance on the circuit court for the
past two weeks. Mr. Brown is a gentle
man of first-class ability, and is making
many lriends in Knzen. En go no
W. S. Jefferson of Yoncalla was in tho
city Saturday. He reports that the lato
frosts have slightly injured the fruit
and grass. He also thinks the
Puukoealcr has coruo up to the stand
ard of a good local paper. Thanks, Mr.
Jefferson, thanks.
Quilp 'How did Fiblwr get the repu
tation for truth and veracity when he is
the biggest liar on o irth ?"
Questor "On that's easy enough ac
counted for. He tells every young ladv
he meets that she ia the prettiest, woman
of his acquaintance. See?"
The Fireman's Fund Insurance com
pany is recognized all over the Pacific
coast as being the leading company. Its
policies are accepted by the U. Gov
ernment without question. Place
your insurance in tins old anI well
I - r rs
'uo company, ... wnnon, resi- ,
aent agent. j
The Victor Pacific Mining Co. have I
per uay pump lor their placer mines on
Cow creek. This company under the
management of W. II. Taylor, president,
and J. W. Dyrenforth, secrectary, are !
pressing the work of the mine.
employ 15 to -0 men this summer.
Judge Fnllerton sentenced at Eugene
the 14th J. M. Bennington to 10 years
in the pen for forging a check for $33.
The Judge als-i sentenced Johnny Gray
to 2 years for fortn a check on the
First Natinmi binfc of Eucetie. and at- !
tempting to it: Frank Millet was '
sentenced to tay a tine of $23 for simple ;
larcenr. i
Mr. A. II. Reich, a Portland sculptor, .
has been :n Rosebqrg last week in the!
interest of the Roseburg Marble Com- j
pany. He retnrned home Sunday morn-1
ing after a thorough examination of the ,
quarry and is fully satisfied with the
valuable deposits of stone found in this '
locality. He regrets lo have lo leave ;
here but hopes to bo able to make a i
longer stay in the near futnre.
If you cant find anytLing fust claa3 In
the dry goods line anvwhere else, call on
WollenborgA Abraham at the Square
Dl store. There vou will find the
most fashionable goods of the best qual-
ity and at prices that will astonish yon
for cheapness. New goods received al-i
most daily, and we are determined to
outdo all competitors. The Square Deal
store is the place to gel your money, s
P. H. Harper, in company with J.
Newton and D. E. and II. Usher, all of
Vancouver, Wath., passed through the
city Friday by team on their way to
Southern Oregon, on an observing and
prospectipg tour, with the view of set -
tling permanently if the climate, people
and country proves sufficiently attract
ive. Their initial point of observation is
the Rogue river vallev. They were pro-
vided with a camping outfit, being thus
' independent of hotels.
Our assecscr is at work uow taking the
census along with the assessment: It is
hoped that Mr. Sterling will do this
thoroughly. Take all thu time, Jimmy,
necessary to do both branches of work
well. You need to constitute yourself a
i detective. Fctret out every dollars
worth ot ptopcrty ami every man,
woman, and child, acre of land, town lot.
horse, cow, sheep and hog. Don't be
bashful. Pump every man for all he
has. It will be easier on those who have
not, even that which ho has. Make a
big long list, James, wo are entitled to it.
Koeeburgers ought to trade wholly at
home. If your merchant or grocer has
not the goods you want, request him to
order it for you from the bigger marts.
In this way you will place tiiem under
obligations to purchase your produce in
return. There should be a reciprocity of
interest between tho countrymen and
townpeople. You can mutually benefit
each other by such a course. Bo friendly,
patronize the one tho other. Build up
Roseburg and Roeeburg will build up tho
country. Make one hand wash tho other.
Scratch our back and wo'JI scratch yours.
We desire correspondents from every
heiehborhood in the county. Stato as
briefly as possible every item of interest,
such as condition of crops, fruit; tho
deaths, diseases, births, marriages and
religious and social gatherings. If you
have decided opinions on the currency
question give us that with ycur reason
therefor. Ideas, not I ho garb or
dress, is what wo want. .Injthis way you
can briug tho advantages of your local
ity to view, which will benefit your peo-
pie and help make the Plainiiealek
medium of ueneral prospority of the
county. Queries upon historical, social
or political questions, etc., will be an
swered briefly. '
A. Salzmau, tho roliablo jeweler.
.1. T. Bryan, tho Btmy Watch maker.
J,, liullils, watcliinuker, ltom-t'iirg, Ore.
Go to tin Ito4tlo.if for tho host i:i.i ru
For a good . wm cigar call on Mm.N.
For lirat-class duuUHUy go to Dr. Little
of Oakland.
Harness of all kimlx nt low priivn hi
G. W. Woodward'.
Eastern oysturs on tho half shell,
tho Katuly Kitchon.
Pino fre.sli candied luuntifuclured
the ICaudy Kitchen.
Prices on wall pucrare just right at
Markers' drug store.
Key West, imported and domestic
r.igurs at the Hoseleaf.
Ahthastine, kalsomine ami whitewash
at Marhters' drug store.
Old newspapers at Hie Plaikmcai.ek
otlice, 25 io nt s per hundred,
If you don't nee what you want oak
for it ut Muratcra' drug store.
Thu latest novels only 10 cents each,
at Geo. Langenburg's uewstnud.
Pacific Coast aud Eastern orsters in
any stylo at tho Kaudy Kitchen.
School books, :i full and complete
assortment at Marsters'drug store.
Hats! hat! hats! Tho latest. Where?
Just arrived at Osburn's now tttoro.
Myrtle Creek flour, only 80 cents per
sack. Delivered freo. A. C.
See steel wrought iron range add in
another column. Don't get humbugged.
Thu best of values in a new line of
gent'n overshirls at tho Novelty store.
You can savo f 20 on steel ranges by
buying of Churchill, WooIIey fc McKen
zie. Royal Rose and Myrtle Creek flour at
Johnston Grocery, delivered freo of
F. W
llayues, dentiit, in Mark's
All kinds of dontal work guar-
For good blackemitbing
cheap, go to McKinney & Manning,
.Meals at all hours at the Kand)
Kitchen, southe-nt corner Taylor & Wil
son block.
A large and choice Kclectioti of the
latest designs in wall aier at MarsterV
drug store.
See new line ot mens, hoys, and child
ren's hats at Ostiums. Next door to
Review office.
We can show the ladies a nice line of
hosiery and summer underwear at the
Novelty store.
Don't forget that J. T. Bryan, the jew-
,t i i.:. .i ... c, 1.
ciur, lias csiauiisjjcu ma niui uv 7uuu; :
furnUuro 6lore.
Ready mixed paints in all shades and j to the drug store of Dr. Hamilton, sup
colors, and auy size packages at Mars- posed to be fatally wounded. Thompson
You get tho best cigar where you get
the bet candy. At Niece'o nndv fac
tory. Don't forget it.
Just itnnK ot it : .Men a cotton
hose, double heel and toe for five cents
per pair. .Novelty store.
Hats in all the latest eyles just arrived
at Oaburns. The new stock of shoes'
will arrive in a fuw das. I
Take your families to the McClallen j
House. Mrs. McClallen w ill
they arc well cared for.
l( you are in need of any thing in the
jla jne jt pj,y vou t0 CXamine the
new stock at Osburn's new store,
Protect yourself against cold and
pneumonia by wearing a chest protector,
Fine ones at Marsters' drug store.
Now is the time to spray vour trait j
Irw. Time, sn nlmrnn. h ue vitriol for :
that purpose at Marsters' drug store.
When you have a social or birthday
riirtv vnn Yi-ant irrvlliifir. fire? f1n4t
i ." " , . ... , " ,, .
Rl Mnile it Niwfl'ii nr mil will nut
it "
j . , ', , , , .
Jack ,t ,4W i aCP
!scncy of Neander. Urshtng & Co.. foi
orders for tal,or "udo 8U,ls of
Uieatly reuucetl rates at the .McClallen
j House. As we all kiiow, D. C. Mc -
Uallco is a first tiasj hotel man. Otvejjoin in harmonious, active and detet
him a call. , mined work for the cause of Christ the
Mrs. I.ynne, a pupil of the late Prof, city would soon lie ablaze with Christi
Speranzt of Milan, Italy, gives vocal and nily and refilling benefits.
piano forte lessons. Terms reasonable, j -
Residence at Mrs. Parties. ! The IT. .?. finvH Rennrts
It you don't w.tul to suiter Willi corns
and bunions, havo your boots aud elioes
'made at L. Lingcnbur'a. Repairing!
neatly and promptly done.
Another installment of those il.oO.
shoes, the best ever offered In the place.
Staple goods of all kinds at prices to suit
the times, at II. C. Stanton's.
When Old Sol cumcs down most un
mercifully, don't forget tho line of straw
and other wide brimmed hats for men,
ladies aud children, at the Novelty store.
Young man keep your eye peeled when
vnn hnv namlv fnr vnnr tirl ?nf it nl
Niece's. The ladies aro judges of i-atnly
and know a good thing when they ee it
T(.n t.'i,0n,nnu pn ........
losses in Roseburg than other otiip.iny
and has held the patronage of many o
or.r leading citizen for more than 25
Dr. F. 'V. Ifajnes has just returnel
from the East and opened dental parlors
in Mark's building, where, ho will he
pleased to welcome persons desiring den
tal work.
L. Laugcnburg is still on top. Ho
carries a full stock of choice music, mu
sical instruments, violin, guitars, accord
eons etc., violin strings ot best quality
always on hand.
Just try Niecu'd candies. If you do
and you aro any judgo you will not buy
candies any other place; There is no
dish rag tnetn and you don't need any
hammer to crack them oither.
D. 0. McClallen has gono hack to the
McClallen House. Everything is in first
class condition. Mr. McClallen has
charges of tho kitchon and dining room.
I,ook out for Hoiuelhing good to eat.
Tlio'ro luivin.' second hand stoves,
furniture, etc., for silo can receive the
highest cash price hv calling upon N.
Rico, tho furniture, and supply dealer,
221-23 Jackson street Roseburg, Or.
As I may ha ahont from tlio uily a
a j few weeks I will nuy to my friends that
1 havo confidoucu in tho professional
skill of Dr. F. R. CofTuiau who will havo
chargo of my praclico till my return.
Dr. N. P. Bunnel.
In the Circuit Court.
Tlio circuit court convened nt li o'clock
thin morning. PnMit, Hon. .1. U. 1 nl
lerton, Judgo; F W. Hnncon, i lprk ; ('.
F. Cathcart, ulieriff; with the iimu.iI imin
hor of deputiep, li.tllilfH, etc.
The drawing of the grand j try re
sulted as follows: Jbs, ,.Medli. foie
iinin, ThoH. Nicholson, John I'Miikx, J.
A. Uunter. 8. J. Chtnowerth, J.n. Mllli
keuaud, W, P. 'I'otten.
The docket is the highest f ir several
The case of Jane Davis vi. S. I. R. R.
Co., the first tn tw tried, U o,n nf great
importance as it will 'ffect and pmliahly
settle the liability ! i-cnnmm i-.irrierrt
under the lawtnof this Htate. The plaint
itr is represented ' K. It. I'reb'-i and
thoS. P. Co. by Bruimuith, MnArihur,
Fehton, Bron ingh A Willl. A,.l;iiurrer
wns to have lueu Hrgued tin's inoruing
but was withdrawn and ilw caw f-l for
trial at 1 o'c'o.'b. U to 2 p. m. lour
juryman beu'ii nccepied.
the uocRtr.
Thos. Hirst el al. vs. Emma Naiherg
etal.; partition. Continued.
Maria Schroten vs. S. A. Cutuiuiugs;
confirmation. Cnuflrmcd.
A. G. Young et al. vs. Chenoweth Park
Fruit Association; foreclosure. Dis
missed. Feudal Sutherlin vs. W. G. B. Dixon
et al.; confirmation. Confirmed.
J . P. Martin va. Perry Duncan ; to re
cover money." Settled and dismiend.
G. Grubbe, executor, vs. Nolen Urithhe;
to recover money, Default and judge
ment, and order of sale of nii iclied prop
erty. FondalSuther in vs. P. A. Harris etal.;
confirmation. Confirmed.
It. A. Fellows vs. S. D. Evans: in
equity. .(. II. Shupe appointed referee.
S. 0. Miller vs. J. Mote; to recover
money. Settled aud dismissed.
fho Oregoniau of tho 14'.h inst., under
thu head of ruiuiuescent refers to a little
affair between the Gale brothers, Tommy
aud Henry, and Bud Thompson and says
that Thompson came out without a
fcratch. It may uot te an ia to correct
this statement. In tno early seventies
the Galo brothers were publishing a re
publican paper in Roseburg. Bud
Thompson started the Pl-msoealer,
democratic, double-dyed at that time.
Hot words in print stirred bad blood,
and one very pleasant Sunday morning
between 10 and 11 o'clock, the Gale
brothers camo walking up Main street
and met Thompson at the crossing of
lKioglas street. Hot words iinmedittely
ensued. There were soyeral shot lired.
Tommy Gale received a bullet between
tho chest acd abdomen. Thompson re
ceived a shot Kelt back in the lowor jaw,
and all of them were prostrate after the
melee was over. Henry Gale appeared
lo be the lesstliurt. Tommy was carried
wis led into the postoffico bleeding pro
fusely and minns two or three teeth.
They all finally recovered, Tommy Gale
carried the lead to his gravo however,
and it is quite probable his days were
shortened by the effects of the shot.
Bod Thompson afterwards went to Prine-
I ville, and after his murderous affair in
( that place, he, by the advice of friends
weni to California. As Eye Wi
Chnrch Services.
Rev. N. S. Buckner preached Sunday
morning from 1st Cor. vs. 53, Chap. 15.
Mr. Buckner dwell upon the im
portance of labor in support of the
church. He said we should Lo fitted to
do God's work, not our own. As dis
ciples of Christ we should forsake every
thingnot to "hunt an! fish." We
should, as Christ said to the rich young
ar i t . . t . i a
ai mou nasi anu give 10
the ioor." This the Christian will Jo if
s be hive the love of Go-I in his heart by
the noly ghost. None, he thought, could
! map out the proper wav of life but Chris-
. 1 1 - w
' tians who aro well grounded in the faith,
Faith was tho indispensiblo article for
! "Ivation-faith in Christ who suffered
dleJ tQ MVB IlumauitJ.
, pie in the church he said work for pay.
j me.but acti.e, eai nest weakens for God
J uere cllicient in his cause. He thought
1 i,t if ihe clturches ( itoburg would
show Royal Baking Powdci
superior to all others.
Scottsburg Items.
Alice Reed, wife of John Reed of
I Montesano hut formerly of Gardiner,
died in Gardiner on the 11th inst, at the
resiueuce of her mother, Mrs J. H.
Itiitler. Mrs. Reed had been visiting
her relatives in this vicinity for tho last
few weeks accomp'inied by three child
ren, one having remained with tho
1 'tlier.
! to llltll.
The svl news was telegraphed
Mrj. Reed was hurried, in tho
e-tisunru' cemetery, a Urge circle of
relatives and friend nccompanying thu
I rL'"a'n8 to their I mt reatiug place. Tho
syiiip.ilhic-s of the community arc with
the mother and sisters nud other rela
tives, in the sad bereavement.
Hon. Henry Ueckley was in Scottsburg
on the 13th.
An Insane man was brought up from
Coos county in chargo of tho fberiff on
Wednesday, and passsil on by stage to
Scottshurg and vicinity was visited by
a freeze recently.
From Olalla.
En. Plaisuealek: I read Mr. Kes-
tor's letter in the Plmnoualkr stating
that he took no part in dances whatever,
and that "Thankful" hnd belter confino
hereelf to tho truth in the future I
think that if .Mr. Kesler will look in the
Review dated sometime before the last
dauco was given in the school house, he
will find there that Hie directors wero
going to give a school dance in the near
future. If tho dance was not given ami
Mr. Ivueter was not one of the school
directors, I will take buck nbat I said.
Otherwiso I will not. 1 wish to say richt
here that I do not put any thing in the
items that I write that is disrespectful,
or that I think is fnhe, or meaut for any
slur. Thankful.
Farmers will pleaBu luur in mind that
stable room for bating teainb of patrons
is frro at the Depot hotel.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Forty Years the Standard.
It is reported that tho coronation of
the czar will take place in Moscow in
the Intter hall .f May.
1'lin .M.nilmii- 11 I.-f. new '.iiiMing in
M11W V.kil 21 -Mt'H liijl. . Hie Ii ihftt
hrtl'ita In bui.'.lii C i'i '
I!) .1 1 ite order of the .'i-tui.i!-'',i veil-
er.l pntnl elerkN are not Ut be wiven
pHS.nix mi rHilionlH oilier llian on (ficlr
regular ruuAes, w he'ii nlfdnty.
Nouiul.iiJi s iucrkraiii U made nl fac
tories by the ton, and at a niuall town
about fifty mile from Clevelaud, Ohio,
825 tuna weio made last fall at one fac
tory. Kato Fields Washington.
An addition to a cotton mill at Gtlffiti,
Ga., is to bo made costing $125,030 with
5000 spindles and 200 looms. Ai Lang
ley S. C. a new mill with 12,000 spindle
has been decided to be built. Several
other cotton inanufacturies by Northern
Capital is in contemplation.
Baltimore, March 14. Seventeen-
year-old William Bocttler, a press boy at
Dreicbaler's printing office, was electro
cuted today. Ho stood on a zinc floor
with his right hand resting on the elec
tric motor, and turned tho lever with his
left hand. Ho was killed instantly.
riot occurred at New Orleans on
March 12tb. It appears a lot of non
union colored men took the places of
white men at ahiploading at the docks.
Tho whites made an attack npon the
negroes simultaneously at points mileB
apart, resulting in tho killing of several
Washington, March 14. The report
of the bureau ot statistics ehows the
number of immigrants arriving in this
country during February. 1895, was
6,908, against 0,002 during February,
1894. For the last eight months the to
tal was 130,129 as against 199,129 during
the same period last year.
San Fbaxcisco, March 14. The attor
ney for the A. R. U. Strikers stated in
the United States court today that the
man named O'Brien had confessed that
be was paid $400 to wreck the train near
Sacramento last July in which four sol
diers were killed and for which wreck
Worden is under sentence of death.
Governor Lord was for many years
chief justice of tho supreme court of Ore
gon, and does anyone for a moment
suppose ho would have signed the branch
asylum bill had it not been constitu
tional? There is 110 hotter conatituional
layer in the state than the governor, and
as the question was in the courts before
he retired from the bench, the fact that
he signed the bill almost as soon as it
reached him is a pretty good indication
as to what wilt be the decision of the su
preme court no matter in what shape the
question comes up before it. The wishes
of the people of the stato will ite carried
out In spite of the narrow selfishness of
the Salem enjoinera. Union Republi
can. An agreeable variety has been intro
duced into the stories of aged persons
who milk all the cows, clean all the
barns, chop cords of wood, etc., before
breakfast. From WarrenEburg, Mo.,
comes a relation of ono William Long,
aged CG, who seeing a raccon run up a
60 foot tree, shinned up after the em
blem of the Old Line Whig3, caught him
in the top, and brought him down in
trinmpn. Missourians have been known
to lie (I hope Champ Clark has gone
home, and will never see this.) But
assuming that the story ii true, it would
seem that Long's family were awfully
hard up for meat, and not particular as
to the kind. Ex
A report of the inspection of the sev
eral branches of tho National Home for
Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, made by
Gen. J. C. Breckinridge, Inspector-General
of tne Army, has been sent to con
gress. The dutv of inspecting the sev
eral branches of the Home related to
over 15,000 men, and disbursements
amounting to $4,753,173. There is prob
ably nothing, the report says, which
more deserves consideration than the
decorous and comfortable houseing cf the
soldiers. The men who have by their
conduct in war and by their present disa
bility earned a perfect title to all the con
sideration now shown them, deserve
something better than sleeping on floors
or overcrowding in basements.
It has been said that there are more
younfc men in the penitentiary in this
country learning trades than there are
ontside of them. The principal canse of
j tilts is, we are educating our young men
for gentlemen ; trying to make lawyers,
doctors and clerks out of the material
that nature intended for blacksmiths,
carpenters and "hewers of the wood."
It is a mistake, and a big one, 10 teach
boys and girls by insinuations that to
labor is disgraceful, or if labor is neces
sary for a livelihood to follow a genteel
occupation, and that to do nothing for a
living is more becoming the society in
which they expect to more and havo re
spect. Hang such society! It is rotten
to the core, and there are many men's
sons and daughters who are uow being
educated to play the part of ''leading
lady" and "walking gentlemen" in the
great drama of life, who will light out for
a poor houso or penitentiary belore they
have played their part and the curtain
drops. Go to work ! Kiddle Enterprise.
The Continental Insurance Company
of New York has refused to join the new
Compact entitled the board of Fire
Underwriters of the Pacific, nuliecing
that the board is not a benefit for the
people but tor tho insurance companies
in keeping up rates. This company litis
the best financial standing and loss pay
ing record. It was tested in the great
Chicago fire in 1S71, paying eteiy dol
tarof its losses amouuting to over two
million of dollars. Its record of almost
fifty years is prompt aud liberal in the
settlement of all houent claims. Its
motto is for the interest of the people as
well as tho company. You owe your
patronage to this company and should
see Wayno Jones, Agent, when yon take
Four 11 Ik Successes.
Having the needed merit lo more than
make good all tho advertising claimed for
them, tho following four remedies have
reached a phenominal sale. Dr. King's
New Discovery, for consumption, Coughs
and colds, each hottlo guaranteed Elec
tric Bitters, the great remedv for Liver.
Stomach aud Kidnoys. Ittickleti's Arnica
Salve, tho best in the world, Htid Dr.
King's New Lifa Pills, which are a per
tcct pill. All theuo remedies are guaran
teed to do just what is claimed lor them
and the dealer whoso name is attached
herewith will be glad to tell you more of
them. Sold at A. 0. Marsters & Co.'s
Drug Store.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
Republicans Have Full
trol of the Government.
Senator 1'latt, of Connecticut Bays that
very little can ho accomplished in the
way of legislation to relieve the distressed
conditition of the couutry until after
1896, when he hoped the- republicans
would be in power in all brauches of the
government. He said: "If measures,
consideration of which has been blocked,
should be brought foward at the next
congress, they doublesH would come in a
shapeless mass, calculated to do mis
chief. The financial situation may im
prove ; we hope for bimetalism, and we
hope for improved .business conditions.
If we should succeed in securing bimet
alism that would settle the trouble and
diminish the friction which'now prevails
with reference to the silver question."
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great In leav
ening power as the Royal.
Postal Order.
Washington, March 14. The postmaster-general
has issued an order that
hand-stamped alterations of or additions
to price lists, invoices, catalogues, or
other forms of the same nature, as well
as like changes in circulars or other
printed matter, converting the same into
orders for goods or makiogany announce
ment of the character of a peruonal com
munication, are held to be equivalent to
writing or typewriting and will therefore
be subject matter npon which they may
be impressed, when mailed, to letter rate
Mere business cards, however, or other
hand-stamped editions, clearly of an ad
vertising character, may be impressed
upon a third-class matter without sub
jecting it to a higher rate of postage.
Slnrvelons Results.
From a letter written by Rev. J. Gund
erman, of Dimondale. Mich., we are per
mitted to make this extract: "I have no
hesitation in recommending Dr. King's
New Discovery, as the results were al
most marvelous in the case of my wife.
While I was pastor of the Baptist chnrch
at Rives Junction she was brought down
with Pneumonia succeeding La Grippe.
Terrible paroxysms of coughing would
last hours with little interruption and it
seemed as if she could not survive them.
A friend recommended Dr. King's New
Discovery ; it was quick in its work and
highly satisfactory in results." Trial
bottles free at A. C. Masters it Co.'s
Drug Store. Regular size 50c and $1.00.
The Armor of the Oregon.
WtsifTVvrnv ATomt, 14 TT, nan. ifo-
partment accepted 315 tons of Harvey -
ized nickel steel armor for the battle
ship Oregon, made by theCarnagie Steel
company, as the result of a trial of an 18
incli. plate at Indian Head today. The
plate received two shots from a twelve
ton gun. The first was sent at a velocity
of 1,046 feet per second and smashed to
pieces on the face of the plate, which
was scaled a little at tho point of contact,
but was not cracked. The second shot
had a velocity of 1,926 feet. This pene
trated nine inches and then broke up,
but it cracked the plate from top to bot
tom. The plate, however, was pro
nounced to be of good quality.
Eggs For Hatching
From thoroughbred fowls bred for
health and profit not inbred. Buff,
White and Brown Leghorns, Light Brah-
mas, Black itngsuaws ami ttiacK .Minor
ca?, the great eg-producers summer and
winter. Eggs for sale at Barker's i
grocery store, Roseburg, at $l.C0 per 13. j
Address Umpqua Poultry Yards, Rose-1
burg. Or. Fhso To'-les, Prop.
The reiton "Water Motor I & Co. ; otherwise the same nill lie placnJ
Ot capacities varying from 1 to 25 horse in bauds for collection. Pleas-j give this
power affords the most convenient, eco- call prompt attention and thns avoid d
nomical and reliable power" for all light j di'ional mists. AsiiKit Mares,
service. One of these may be seen run-' Adminis-trator of htjt 4 S. Mart
ning at this office. Send for circulars. ' .
The Pelton Water Wheel Co., 121 Main or. Price's Cream Baking Poweer
St., San Francisco. Cal. World's Fair HIefaut Medal aad Didssuu ,
Its Fame
ipmu""itii; I '- i.ii'TnTx
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
It received the highest award at the fair from a jury headed
by the Chief Chemist of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Dr. Price's was officially commended for highest leavening
power, purity, keeping qualities and general excellence. C
Lego Still in the Swim.
Lego u'aim a sm jll space in yoor col
umns to make a short reply to X in the
Flainokaleu of March 14th. X makes a
feeble attempt to criticise the article of
Lego in your issue of March 7th, but
fjils to controvert the position taken by
T-:o, with tho exrention of making the
declaration that thv free coinage ot silver
would result in disastrous consequences
to agriculturists, and to all classes in the
various pursuits of life. He might have
excepted the banker. X u much con
cerned because Lego does not give rea
sons and argument in the presentation of
his views expressed. We might retaliate
in the samo terms, but as X in his article
is devoid of reason and argument in the
presentation cf his declarations, we deem
it a waste of time, and a tresspassing on
your columns to elaborate our views to
any great extent, merely to gratify his
curiosity. We will give the views of one
as eminent and distinguished ab a HUles
man, and one as sound on financial ques
tions as X could po3siblv be, even in his
own imagination. Lego presents the
views of the Hon. J. G. Blaine, given a
short time before his demise, and i-o give
X an opportunity to make the declara
tion that Blaine Was advocaiiog a policy
that would bring disaster and ruin uj-on
tho country.
We copy from the Congressional
Record. Mr. Blaine said: "On the
much-vexed and long-mooted question of
a bimetallic standard, my onn views are
sufficiently indicated in the remarks I
have made. I believe tho Htruggle. now
going on in this i nuntry ai'd in other
countries for a single uold standard
would, if snccessfnl, produce widespread
disaster in and throughout the commer
cial world. The destruction of silver aa
money and establishing gold as the (!
unit of value must have a ruinous etfert
on all forms of property except throe in
vestments which yield a fixed return in
money. These would be enormonsly en
hanced in valne ami would gain a ili
proportionate and unfair advantage over
every other species of property. I be
lieve that gold and silver coin to be the
money of the coiu-titutiou, indeed the
money of the American people anterior
to the institution, which the great or
ganic law recognized as quite independ
ent of its owu existent:. No power was
confered 011 congress to drclare eiiher
metal should not be money. . Congress
has, therefore in my judgment, no
power to demonetize either, any morn
than to demoneliza bolh. If, therefore,
silver has been demonetized. 1 am in
favor of retnouetizing it. If its coinige
ha? been prohibited, I am in favor t
having it resumed- If it has been rr-
1 stricted, I am in favor of haying it en-
These are tho views tfJ. G. Elaine,
once tho ideal of the republican , party,
and now his memory is held in high re
gard by all American citizens. Although
the view's of as humble an individual aa
Lego may be, yet, the views of the dis
tinguished statesman just quoted from
may have a tendency to lessen the parti
san prejudice that may possibly exist in
the mind of X. X prays to his God to
deliver us from thu calamity that the
free coinage of silver would bring upon
us. Possibly, the God to whem he prays
may be the idol, gold, which is designed
ere another decade of years to be hurled,
from its base, and the servant of the peo
ple, silver, assume its wonted soverignty.
Friend X, please give us some of your
reasons why gold should te the sole and
I only standard of viluj in monetary
affairs. Lego.
Final Call.
All perrons are hereby iioti'icd to
. !- ... . r .. .
j muse imuicouiR reiiiement or inetr in
; debtedness to the lute firm of S. Marks
Will Live.
The World's Columbian Expos
ition marked the climax of hu
man achievement. It will live in
memory of the crowning glory of
modern times. No other devel
opment of the closing century
can compare with it in practical
benefit to mankind.
"Who that exhibited is not
proud of it ? Who that failed to
exhibit does not regret the omis
sion ? The former are the people
of to-day. The latter are relics
of the past.
No honor so high as that em.
bodied in an award at the fair.
Competition was world-wide, the
fruits of ripest experience and
noblest endeavors were submit
ted for examination.
Honest tribunals, composed of
eminent scientists, examined and
passed upon the claims of exhib
itors. Their judgement based on
f inquiry and justice, proves con
clusively the value of any article
they commend.
Their approval was stamped on