The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, February 28, 1895, Image 2

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Subscription Rates:
One Year pyblc in ad vanoo ,
"Months, " "
" Month.
..$2 OO
... X OO
- SO
Dissolution of Partnership.
JJolico is hereby given that the co-ratt
nerahin heretofore existing between 0.
Y. Benjamin ami .F P. Cronemillcr,
under the firm name and style' of
The Plaiudealer Publishing Company
is this day .dissolved by mutual consent,
F. P. Cronemillcr jetirinc- All accounts
duo the firm are payable to C. Y. Benja
min whoasjumes all indebtedness of the
Dated this 26tb day of February 1S!)5
C Y. Besjauix.
F. P. Ceoxemiixer.
East Orcaoninn: Tho city oE Pen
dleton will not receive any of its
scrip for tines tu tho city. In fact it
bus "deiiiotielizoiV its own pnimr.
Wo were told when this was dono
that it would soon btiujj scrip to pnr,
but instead, city scrip is selling be
low county scrip now whilo it ought
to sell nbovo it, becmiMi county hcrip
remains ont more than four years
whilo city serin is out Imroly two
years If t-crip woro issued .in de
nominational amounts, bearing only
sis uer cent interest, it would soon
Much par by passing into local cir
cnlation and In absorbed by local
people who would draw llu inteiwt
boroo by it, instead of it- Koini: into
the pockets of ontahiont as now. In
order to mako this a practical matter
let tho council give it it txial and seo
to it, as this body is doiug at present,
that tho city's expenses are kept
within tho receipts while it i being
tried, and good results would follow,
to tho benefit of all and :ot done to
suit buyers, as tho present plnu al
Thronch tho changeful events w
life I again come before you as a co-la
borer on tho ViAisnEALEK. Having be
como interested in this paper, I shall
try and add to its efficiency as n good
countv newsDBDer. and to maintain
its reputation for fairness and ro
li&bilifv fn all its utterances. I will
make nu ros tinted promises, fur
ther tban to sav I will do iny best to
increase the Plaixdeaixr's useful
ness in bnildinjr up and. making
known the resources of Douglas
county in particular and of the state
geneiidly. Trusting that the. Plaix-
dzalek will meet with your liberal
support in the fatnre as in tho past,
I greet yon fraternally.
W. F-Bexjahix.
The deadlock in Boise, Idaho, and
-Dover, Del, continues.
Martial law has been proclaimed
in Caba. That revolt-cursed island
is again in the throes of rebellion.
The legislature has adjonrned and
the people may rest assured that no
further obnoxious laws will be passed
till A. D. 1SD7.
The election of G. W. AlcBride
Senator of the United States for Or
eon gives general satisfaction
the people of Douglas connty.
The democrats in congress have
made - -a new departure. Bland
Bryan, Sibley and Coffeen are at the
bottom of it. It is an effort to. free
sflveriza the party.
The Soldier's Home has got
black eye. The mangers have been
kicked ont for maladministration.
The Lord know, possibly, what will
follow the new managmenL
The uvinir democratic congress
consoles itself with the reflection
that it leaves no surplus in the
treasury to be misappropriated
the wicked republicans in the con
gres3 to follow.
The demDcratic congress withi
the two years of its control has re
pealed the silver purchase act, the
Federal election law, the McKinley
tariff act, caused a deficit of about
70,000,000 and increased the bonded
debt $150,000,000, and seems bent in
doing much more mischief.
! ....,., ,l .....1 l.t. nnil w
E-tf I102i;rL'll. ..III! IWI f
hereby authoizod, when lie bits lail!
enid taxes, cxccutinc in case wnore
Slid instrument in writing shall
otherwise provide, to dedtiet ntnl roUtn,
front tho amount of saul iieut, or 01 1110
annual amount of interol thereon, when
ho shall pay tho saitto the amount of tax
which bhall to lovied ajjiiiiist that delt,
anil the. amount, of mich tiix slinll bo a
lien on all piopcrty of tho debtor, in like
ninnner as other taxes aw now ti lieu by
law, and shall be collected as other taxes
arc now collected. "J
This, you will notice, would havo been
a great improvouiont over , the present
syktein, whereby tlm ownor niter being
taxed the lull vsilno of the proportv is
also icquiruil to pay the
tuoittfflt.'o whieh covets it
tax ifpon the
TIjo CliurcltcH.
3UrTtT roriicr nf;ijinc and lion
streets. Suiiuny Service: Preaching, Uu.iia.
nml 7:30 p. :u.; Young rcoplo'x Union, 6::S) n.ui.;
Mm. O. K. Antics, rrcsiilcut, Sunday Scliool10
c. m.; Jrmes Chamberlain,' Superintendent
Prayer Meeting, Tlrtindiiy evening nt 7:no.
Rnv, G. N. Annm, ltor.
Residence, So. S21 Main Strost.
Methodist Cni' cornerof Main nml Lane.
utreclf. Sunday bcrylce: lTcoclniifT, 11 a. m.
ami 7:30 p. 111.: SubUith tchool, 10 a. in.; Dr.
James Ilnrr, Superintendent; Class Meeting nt
closo ot the morning service; Kpworth league
G:S) p. m. Clare Hume, President. Pmyer Meet
ing, TUunriay, ut:30 p. in.
S. H. Pdckskk, 1). I)., funor.
Parsonage, comer Main and Lane.
l'lifHUYTKuiAN Cnur.cii-coraer of Cass and
Itiwe Rtrvt. Sunday Service: Pitpllc worship,
11 am. and 7:.' i. ni.; Sabbath Hehoul. 10 a.m.;
Y. 1. S. C. K., 7 m. Prayer Meeting;, "iVcilncs
dny, 7:30 (. in.
U. 11. pn.wor.Tif, Valor.
lir limit or l(t iiii(!r tki hcatl 15 cents jur
MwilA; caeh atMilionat line S ctnts per month. .Vu
mlrerihrmail taken far leti thin tS cent s.
Motlcc to '1'rcspaHMerM.
Notice itJ hereby jfiviin that all persons
liuntinv: niton, removing wootl from, or
otherwise trespassuiK upon the "Ihtsliey
estate, will Ikj prosecuted.,
ltoeobuip, Auk. 8, IS9I.
J). S. IC. ItL'icK, Aent.
Tho duty of the hour, says Senator
Chandler, is economy, individual,
state and national. Instances of
individual economy are frequently
to be met with, but as to state and
national we have only to refer yon
to our defunct legislature and to the
expiring congress, to show the folly
of hope for relief from this source.
Anarchy preeoMs u dark picture,
and ho is not ibofcest American who
makes litzbt of its thieatniug fea
tures. All ought to understand that
it is no longer safe to tolerate, in
either of tho political.parties, tho pre
valent tendency to court the favor of
the lawless, and that tho public man
in bis utterance?, or the official in
the performance of duty, should be
held a traitor to free, institutions if
by word or act bo encourages tho
spirit of 1 evolution against lho bal
lot box and its deliberate decisions.
No party can any longer afford to be
tainted, oven m tho least degree,
with that destructive spirit vthich to
many demagogues have fostered for
years. Arnold's infamy was that he
took a bribe for betraying the inter
ests of his country, but the pnblic
man who takes an office as tho re
ward of u treacLery to the true inter
ests of a self-governing people shares
Arnold's infamy.
Tho conservative twvror in this
country, which in the end inu?t be
stronger and surer than any other, is
that of tho farmer. Thei- interests
are not with the property-haters, and
not with those who would rob em
ployes. The men who would con
fiscate property in order to avoid tho
necessity of saving, the men who
want to fix?wages without regard to
tho needs of an industry or the rights
of employes will have to reckon in
the end with the farming vote.
Hitherto this enormous vote has been
inert, divided between parlies by in
heritance or habit, inattentive io tho
true tendency of public measures,
and, in a word, c vast force without
thought or pnrpose, and therefore
almost wasted.
The populist organization, though
one of the most foolish of all human
associations in its aims and methods,
and utterly pernicious wherever it
gets power, is nevertheless render
ing invaluable service to the conelry.
It is wakinc up tho farmers and forc
ing them to think- It is teaching
them what their true interests are.
and what part they ought to play in
a self-goyerning society. Before all
is done, the farmer of this country,
awakened by the noisy antics of pop
ulists, and taught by tho fearful suf
ferings which their amazing folly has
produced, will become tho staunch
and immovable defender of a genuine
national policy, of free mstitntions
and rights of property. It is tho
farmers part to lay the heavy hand
on all communistic and anarchistic
tendencies, on tho lawlessness of
rioters and the shameless pondering
of demagogues to vice and lawless
ness. Tho farmer waked up will bo
the most valuable crop American
farms has over produced.
(ilcndaic Items.
Win. Hatumerslv of tho llammcrsly
mines at lold Hill spent ton U.ivs at
Glendalo as the uuest of his foster
brother, A. Miller, lie was aecoiniwhied
bv Muck McKeimy, a mining expert
Tho coiitlcmcii spent some days pros'
pectins t the ravines riituiin into this
ulace. Thev (tank several tiro?i)Cct
holes ami in each i?it tilcntv ofcoloisto
justify them in tho belief that this town j
is located over rich placer mines Tiiey i
started on Tuesday to White Horse!
where they will open up tho claim of W.
II. Kcdficld. Thoy werovell equipped'
with supplies and minim? tool, and wo
expect to hoar of rare developments in
tins importaut luuunctmp.
G. G. EllitT of Qiiimlochi has made a
rich uiinin strike at hit) minins claims,
having taken ont in one day last
week, and since that lime hU usiiul day's
work has p aid from iOQ to $iK cr day.
Tho millets in this valley aro doinjr'well,
and lare amounts of coM dust is bfim
shipped from this place.
Mrs. W. J. Plymale, wlu has leen at
Salem during the locitdntivo session
where bhe has U'en employed in the
senate chamber, ia returning tu hur
Immtt ctttnt T.'rfil v ?it f!hntlj1i fln
guest ot Mr. and ,Mrs. A. Miller. She . Kor aIe.-,Uol oak uoct at per
-c .m i,i;..i liv i,r ,!n,i,ora tier,p.03iptiy delivered: leave orders tit
Mifsts Mary nml Kmma, ulioin tliu J- 'WkerV store. Zack Bakkk.
younj; peopld ot liuniau vntertameu oy
ii sociuDie at tne iicineii imu on eri'iny
Miss Kate l'nii'.l- wb. hepis a tioei
sision at tho Stale insane Asylum, was
the cnett of her undo and aunt, 'Mr.
Mr. Miller on Tuesdav where she
irs. David JJtotjcr
ana rever
IJt me emaciated, with distressing cough, no
unneUte. Data in ehc3t, shoulder, back and
(Stomach. Tour hottlrs of Hood's Barsaparlll.i
S,TO rno strcn ;m, kcioii nrpcuio anu ucaiui.
vs. David UniCiu:, 'Wiieox, Kebraskx
Hood's? Cures
For a FeW Days.
Notice is hereby given lhat all ersons
removiiii; wood or cutting wood from my
laud will 1r prosecuted. .My laud is the
S, K. of tho S. W. of
seciion 19,
( weet, in
township -i south, raii0
Douclas county, Oituon. .Iknic.j
I'or Sijilc.
L'lMOr tki I html you atu atlcettht ar mtt nmr
Ctrm ihrty ajt nr njMAN fix mm hum
I im to airpate ty at a cmc oj s iyms jurjmmn.
ror!?Jle A good home of 110 acre?,
12-milea from railroad; 40 acres cleared:
isood wate.-, small orchard in hearing,
IiiCiuv m ciihiii iruiv; lair urt-Kuu nuuse
and ham ; 4 horses, o c.ow and pleuly of
farm tuutluue'i to run tne firm. Pur
cr,tcitaiiie, a pJoas-tnl t.irlh.lay ity. ,,rk4s al h; Ueviv onico or it tllt!
II iwini: wir nin uituKuiy oi j. ij. aui'- ,.,. ....
erts. Tho invited j;iKs,tH were .IS8 M,
Hjmiiton of Glendalc. Mr. nd Mr. E.
Mallary, Miss Nettie Kedfield and lted
tiehi Uras. o! Uoskydcll, Nathan ini'.b
of S.xi'.hfleld aud Will ilanimerslv of
Gokl Hill.
John I'nrdy of I lie Invalid mines was
in town on bunuay. ue Brings soou
ne-.vd from the mines ami brought a nice
lot of gold dust.
J. I.. Dewey -.f th lower tore and
Andrew llatney were ciliei! to Itusebur
to apiieur a? witnesses in ihe case of
eonuty surveyor at the court house.
For shU) or trade, a pxnl three- prinp
Iimk. Will trade for urnin or cows.
Apply tu ' On as. AXZH.E.'
ihxhi iry 04K woiHllormle at $j par
tier, delivered' every Saturday.
orders at .Mrs. Itoyd's arwv.ry More-
John ilorciiait.
ror Sale. Old papers, at this office.
t -ii cents ier nuudre!.
illiama vs.
trial there.
W. 11. ltedtield of the
Hood's Pills win new friends dally.
The Old Reliable
itii Jti.ntgoMtrv St. exiuuiltuK fruut Hue
to llurli St.. Sun Fnuii'iscn. Cal.
l!mtlua vt'iitrf el tliu city, coavenk-nt
ti ntl baufcf. luMimncc Co. offl M
phirrai nl" nmuwmcnU. luntuiKiag JW
J. ti. YOVXtl, l'rop.
Ticks: l.,V, fioo and U.SO jwr tiny Fri.o
coji'h toiiM from the hotel.
Policy Holders.
"""" " Wanted, a relub'.e man or lady; for
-V. l. CWIL-1B IrtlinriM Wilhnr ImwWm fntit.f fW
leceivin a fine lot of new doi which J , 1 Jll ..
. - . . . . 1 ft InnnM r? Cam T)m.h. rT ?
tOClCrS. .Mr. KelDCIlI Ktei the Wt; "i'""' ii riuiis ruimms
Roods in all lines, and -enil and 0n a Sea'-- ,
oblicins and is boildins up a line trade. ! 1720 acres of choice valley anil tow
He is attentativc to all his customers, es-1 hilUiite- bad. all nnder hoard ami wire
pecially to the ladies. Give hint a call. wnee, several iui:nhd acres in cultiva'
C. T.Nail. tha senu! T
dav evening. Mr. Niil is alo tlm mn- w. w, etc.. three
ar of the inorehantile honss ofTnlTA 'from rilrod. Tlie vicinity his Ave or-
Uootb tt that place. - MotUK. chants ami lhn imi rare itiiioc for a
m ; colony ol pijiine cners. Tlw property
' I Iwlonpi tu ali-i:t jurtieri and must
Riddle items. 'U'toltl. l'riceJIU per ncre 4 cah.
Dr. C. E. IJoKne teiwrt Mr. Frank j ll!vo in eiht annual paymenia' with
Cain improvin-; sfowlv. ' tierceni mitre.-L (HiMxnnit allowed
Kcv. Jones preached a very istorest- ' tW'ii?V.iJ ..r ... . .t .
, , . i iiave jants ti vvt Kint tliiotiuoct
in- sermon here Monday nnclit. Hro. I .w., t, .'"..
r - , , . . , ifw oottniT tor low prtve anil eav ti rius
JoneSKalwayssladly weiemetbrevery ; K '
The Northwest Fire and
Marine Insurance' Company
havine p;oue into the hands
of a receiver, the Board of
Directors have made favora
ble arrangements with the
Fireman's Fund Insurance
Company for the protection
of its policy holders.
Call on Claude B. Ca'nnon,
Agent, and bring your poli
cies for exchange.
Boys Suits..'. .7... $i 50
-Men's "Siiits 7 5
Men's Wet Weather Shoes 2 00
Men's Underwear.: ; 75
Latest Style Hats 2 00
Boss of the Road Overalls-Best 50
Doea Up
nackiiitoshes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
Ladie's Dress Goods Reduced 25 per cent.
; These goods have all been received
1 ' .within the last month, and are the
latest styles and not shelfvorn.
, Don't delay this golden opportun
ity., and call on
The Boss Store.
Wo arc always in the Lead, and mean to
keep there.
The Golden Harvest ia npon ns, and farm
ers aro smiling because Woodward
lootts to their interest.
Full Trimmed
These arc all Leather and Warranted.
At Reduced Prices.
I Consult your parse and be enre and see
V oodward before onyicg.
Has jaat received a new and extexuivtf ttoek o
Ladies' 'Dress Goods, Kibbons, Trimming,
Laces, Etc, Etc.
Of the fce& qaalitr and floltb.
Alexander & StrojIG i groce HISS 1
oi'O and 3is 'JacUEon St. ilet. Oak and Washington.
1! r n J T r rx rj T l-i- -et anil JJtst At&irtnienj oyer
VVf iL.l 1 iI Lvlv. iTcuUe to !outhern Oreson. aaJ
M. o.' Wolf lio,, tl,e vc.r5 -"H' lias sootl j
rail on Sur.- ' Dtcrl drainage, rc from frot, jr od I
"Seta. ;K?i?Jtftt&tBM-i?mB!&m
KWTT Ml M W 14 m
S Law al Eii-sont I.lcc
It is said on a -nr.Vo hy an dnur- ,
nistj. It cnrcal,-. J'--suinptics. !
aid i3 tio toot Co-- r -1 J. Cr C an.
For Pi!
m f. n-
v Viiu ruts.
The subscription list of tho Plais
dealeb is racidly growing, Ibas mat
ing it a desirable medium for exten
sive advertising. Remember it is a
twice-a-week paper, fall of intorest--ing
fresh reading, gotten np by able
and wide-awake correspondents jn
all parts of tbe county, and well se
lected latest news from a long list of
exchanges -
Providinz for the Assessment
Collection of Taxes.
II. I;. No. IS, introduced by Mr. ISurkc,
and the joint projection of Representa
tive. Barlce and Sehlbredc, ss amended by
Committee on awessment and Taxation,
was adopled by the House sittiaasa
committee of the whole, butalon? nith
Tbe Bepnblicao parly of tbo stalo
are compelled at tbid janctnre to bear
theodiuni of extravagance in tbe
last legislature, on account of its ma
-jority in that body. But npon an
aiyzing me cause 01 lannre to come
np to tbe foil measnro of retrench
ment promised, we find that our del
egation redeemed their pledges.
mi - .
Aney securea in me none tne pass
age of tbe bill exempting indebted
ness from taxation, and bad we bad
as wiae awaice a senator, lue tame
might have become a law.
Now that Senator Dolph has been
turned down by G W. 3fcBride, ex
secretary of state, tho Phixdealeb
will indulge in no unkind criticism
of senator Dolpb. We wish to let
the dead pant bury its dead. Indul
ing in.couaemnauoa or. mi?, tuat or
the other parties who are responsible
for tbe remit will not heal the
gaping wounds, (i. W. McBnde will
be our next United States senator.
Xeither Dolpb'u defeat nor Ale
Bride's election tu succeed him beat
against sonnd republicanism with
sufficient force to kill it. The prin
cipies 01 me repuoncan party are
trne or false. If true they will, as
they ought to, succeed. If, howover
tbo principles of the parly aro false,
they will, as they ought to, dio the
the death of the damned, and tbe
people, the intelligent voterB, wil
duly attend to tbe funeral.
r !
r : A Carload of Wagons and Machinery
Mis Jcnn'm IValcaan milt stay' with j
Mr?. Will .Q Brovu for s fep- uKmth. j
Mr. Ivu Deen ii jtt-i haant frow u j
visit to Itoceterx. !
Mrj. Mry Crmwi 11 1 OdiryotivRia fel
vis-tiu her &b4r li;r, Mn. Thomas 1
Dyer. ' ' '.
Dr. iradle ot Uub ir?: was culleii to '
seo Mrz. Wiiliasi Sndrfawi few days :
ago. She k intruin now.
Mrs. Ijicv Stiver -nl chiWron hure
been visit ins; ner 11m cr, Mr. Hier, for
too just few iy.
Mia? Minnie Wilia!ricV of Dave creei:
has lxen viiiliin; Unde Xoah Curnolt's
faaiily. !
Mrs. Minnie F.-altr went to Kotobor' ;
to ssa& several weeks with her 1ms- ;
bands iireut3. ' - - rjj-z-
Mr.1. Walter Simmons of c!rnls I'aa,
camedown theCtb, to visit with her eeHOEOasHOHUiJOHOnonoUCBenowSOHenOflGilOHOaOiJOCOEeiKJasSn
dauphtcr, Mrv3teo. II. ltkldlo. j g
A. Itidille and son are spraying their i O
otcliard this Keek. 1 5
Mr. William Harrion of Portland is n
bact in this vicinity, attending to busi- I
ness uwtterri. ' a
Mias Alma Vi.rzoe v. ill teach a spring 1
term of school at ICoberts creek. ; a
Mrs. Elizabeth tjnine aad Mrs. Stilly j
Itiddle have been on the net: list, but i
arc better nt tlife jfeeiit writing. ; R
We call the attention of our
friends to our beauti
ful stock of
- Easy Rockers
Bed Room Sets
ejh&&Jl Parlor aud Dinin Chairs
V W Rugs and Carpets
And all Household
Our Stock is
Unexcelled bv Anv House
South of Portland." 'oT70
Vood, Willow and (!Ias3 Ware,
Crockery, Cordage, Etc,
Aim on hnni in Urse quantities and at prices to
juit tne uaea. Also a. laie atocK 01
Gustom-Made Clothing
Which ia oSered at cost price. A full and
select atoclc of
Constantly on hand. Alaothe
General asent for everr Taxiety ot snoaeriction
books and prriuiirak pntlished in the United
States. Pernnu viahicj; reading? matter of any
kind will do t' giTe as a call.
rosuuurg. oieucrox.
I'oultry, I'tslt mitt Cuiiil',
In Scami
l'fi;.i.ipr ot
The City Meat Market
And Dealer io
Scottsbur? Items.
Roseburg, Or
saturtlsy, aai rf 5-ortwl the atiair a fiitc-
Juiiu3 Hnrit of Klfctou, ;ueset thtwih
town yeatenlay on his way to the Co
fjoillc. A. I., ihitler and wife .vere in town a
few days .since.
Jitninie Graham is more Kinili thmi
eevcral hundred good, bad and indilfer- PSO!"- ? uauKiuer arnveii si im
A giilxctiplioii it belli;; drcnlated for
this Lcnefit of the family of tin.- late I).
Wagoner. We hoiic they will receive a
goodly ainotmt.
The etition a?kiti,' for a reduction of
ftcight rales to -San FranctMX, it W.'itrz
fi'tirfl by everyone in any nay interest
ed. It will Ik: prehctitcil to the tinnliner
Mill Compaiiv for their oiitiderruion- in
ijie near future.
Z2S Orders taken and Ivllvorvd Free
to anr lrt ot Ibc
W. (i. GrubOe ami MUs Ijwy fui-lHiiaBsgBsageBAuaiABcnaaftBKnaBeRftiianQMAiinHnsAcnnaRflRD
u'-ntNi 1 lie loaaic jor Uw nance at uardi
ner, on trie 22nd. They returned home
, and rf ;-ort-d the affair a
ent bills died the death in the Senate. It
tion of taxes and contained many worthy
features briefly stated. Ho far as the
assessment and taxation of debts i con
cerned, it provides as follows:
All debts shall be assessed and taxed
at the same rate other property ia
assessed and taxed in tho district and
coantv wbero a debtor resides. For the
purpose of assessment and taxation debts .
rdiall lie Uivj'ied into two classes;
First A tnort.-ajre deed of triint or
fiber obligation by which a debt ii se-
cure'i enaii, :or inc purpose 01 assegs-
ment and taxation, bo deemed and
treated as an intorett in the projierly af
fected thereby, 'jcccpt an to railroads
and other ijwii public corjiuratiuii. and
in case the letl.s m (-c cured tlie value ol
the property effected by tu.-li mortgage,
deed of trust, contract or obligation, U
the tabie of inch retrUu, Miall he
assessed, taxed to ttie i;er ot the prop
erty, and the value of wich security dial!
be assesteu to the debtors in the coiinly
in which the property nlltckd therehv in
situated. The taxation so levied
shall be a lien upon Ihe property and tu
curiiy, and may be paid hv either pjrty
Upper Olalla Items.
lloaiitiful little flow us are in t-looiii
through the .ooda- here. So much "for
the fine climate in' this pait of Oregon."
Our new county road is filled ii with
several elides, thus making work for the
Mis. Ii. Cooper was the ipiett of Mm.
Aldriuh last TuCjfdav.
Mr. II. ltehifcll is having grain sown
on the Swoany farm.
C. II. Cooper prolongs his fctuy well
over in Camas vallev. Some attraction,
Mr. (J'eoriru Hoover was up one day
last week loosing alter Jits niimrrg in-
We would littu to seo all parties inter
to such security, and if paid by IIik owner j csted put forth plans for the building of a
ot the security, the tax so levied upon
the property effected thereby shall be-1
come a part of tliu debt m secured. If
tho owner of the propirly shall p.-iy
tax levied on such security, it ahull cou
sistiite a payment thereon, and tj the
extent of such payment and fully dis
charged thereof, excepting wlieto trie
parties have otherwise co.ilra':ied as to
who shall pay the taxes on said prop
erty. Second Debts not included in first
classes, that i-h.ill nut be subject to
assessment taxation upon which debtor
shall pay the taxes, means those debts
evidenced by some instrument in writ
ing, and all such debts shall bu assessed
and taxed at the samu rate as other
property is assessed and hixed in the
district and county whcicthc debtor io
sides. The debtor shall pay all
taxes which may Le levied aginst debts
new tchool house.
Our esteemed friend Mrs. Tovebuugl
is having ill hciilth this uir.tcr.
All ni6un: nml attend the school meet
ing nml have Ihe Kchuol houw Uestion
settled. S'o I.o.
Final Notice.
tn tiii: couxtv couht ok tiii: stati:
of Ongon, in Do'igliu County.
In the matter of tliu cutato ot Joaephus
Notice la lmretiv clven Hint the uudcrslsiiivd
ailmluliitrHtor of tliu iitxive entitled eelnte lis
filed lila final account In tvtlleiueiit thereof.
nnd Uie Court liy orilcrutily niftilufttiu ciiIuahI
ol record, lias li ifl Jlonday, Mny r,lh, 1K, nt
o:ie oVin p.m., for IiearuiK olijuctlons II any
Il.ere w, to ?niu nccouiu. ami iiio nuai t.uiue'
in. nt of said estate. JlWEfJIUri IlItOCK,
J V. Hamilton, Admlnlitratlmi.
Attorney lor the Estate. Vzsia
I 1 I 1 I
i ' I
Is what wc give to every cus
tomer, for wc believe the best
advertisement possible is a cus
tomer pleased with what we
have sold thein, the', will come
again and again, aud their friends
will come too. -
he hong
is Here
Prepare for it wisely. We offer,
unusually good reasous jwlnr you
should buy from us.
Everything offered for sale is fresh;
bought for the Holiday Trade and
sold at very reasonable prices.
Wc have a very choice stock of
canned goods, including both fruits'
and vegetables, to which we invite
your special attention.
Our line of Olives, Gherkins, Pick
els, Sauces, etc., is also complete.
Wc carry the largest stock of to
baccos in Southern Oregon.
C. W. PARKS & CO., Grocers.
MAKUTa cream bt
I. D. HOLDEN, Stockton, Cal.
The Turf and Sportsman's Autboritv of
the 1'aeiQc Coast.
All the Latest
Racing News
ot the Countiy.
The Best Meduni for
Advertising Stallions.
Wc are not heir for a
or for a month.
Wc arc Here to Stay.
-lOjRoseburg, Or.
Arc now located in their new shops on
Stephen Street, between Oak and Cass,
are prepared to do work in their lino with iicatneBH and dispatch,
(live them them a trial and ho convinced
And evervthinir :iimprtaimnr in ili Tr
and Field Snorts as vp11 n
Goods, Medicines for Horses and other
animals. Uacing bear. ChamDtiiraesfitr-
Tho leading paper of ite class west of
CI iTfIS T'iHa onicago, and tho representative of the
fp LPL. a ,-Ztmi& 5 vast oreeuin- interests in Californis.
M .V N U F A t'T V 1 1 K Its Or
Special department conducted by
Jos. Caiks Simi-sox.
fall Sixes :iticl Stjlcs.
Window ;mtt IJoor Vrnnics
?lale to Order.
Turning and Fruit Boxes
A sii;
It W OQPnttnllv o nnivm.. i T T
the Gossip aud Sportind events of the
day, giyon in such a bright, cntertieninir
rp!l t;lhlf lilltinn. c t.! ..... 1.
,,0 ivj luaau iuu pa
. .w uunuuut tuinje&ieu lu
horso matter and legitimate siort. Sam
ple Copies aro free, and will be sent on
application to any addres3.
Water' motor.
Of capacities varying from.i to 25
. horse power affords the most con-
venient, economical and reliable
power for all light service. One of
these may be seen running at this
office. Scud for circulars.
121 Main Street, San Francisco, Cal.
313 Bush St., SanFrancisco, Cal.
F. V. Kelley, Manager.
Alineral, Railroad. Aricultural.
HOC St., N. W. Washington, I. C.
For manv vcars in th. itrr.rm 1 I ini nm..
Exnmlncr of "Contests. Itinera! vs. Jlineral vs.
Iiaitroml nml AKrlcultumt claims, nnU Late
Chief ot the Mineral DUisioa.
9B9BeBegeiE9BSnCHQaE!Oa9SeieB$KaB8l0KeiieB0KaaaB&ICH 1 Sff- CorrtsponJence Solicited.